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  1. I haven’t voted because I honestly can’t pick out one good performance from our team.
  2. Which tells you everything about the recruitment of left backs at our club.
  3. Palmer’s a great player and one of my favourites but he’s a right back. He should’ve been competing with Hunt at right back and we should’ve brought in two leftbacks able to compete at this level.
  4. …equates to no width on our left meaning Shrewsbury’s right back having an easier game than he should have had and us only able to effectively attack down the right. About eight forwards competing for three places and no left back in the squad. Shocking!
  5. Don't it always seem to go That you don't know what you got 'til it's gone They paved paradise and put up a parking lot
  6. I wish him all the best. We should keep our fingers crossed that it’s broken bones only. Bones will tend to repair solidly and, typically, just as strong; it’s ligament damage that can curtail a footballing career.
  7. They’ll line up against the changing room wall and Bannan will pick the team like we all did at school. Each player that gets picked will shout “YES!!!” and line up behind Bannan. Hutchinson and Iorfa will be picked first because they are the “hardest” and Bannan is secretly scared of them. At least one of those that doesn’t get picked will storm off in a huff claiming the ball is his. The slightly overweight effeminate player whose kit is immaculately laundered and pressed by his mum (but is a little on the tight side) will not be picked, but he will be glad about this as he can’t see the point in sport if he’s going to realise his dream of being a YouTube/Instagram fashion influencer.
  8. I really feel that we have a manager that is tactically impotent at key moments. Sterling had one of his frustrating games, Walker swung back and forth from good to bad, Rice and Phillips were great defensively but offered little offensively, the play was slow and torturous. Southgate ought to at least try to be progressive. His over cautious nature fvvcks me off.
  9. Indeed but it shouldn’t have taken that move for Grealish to become a regular.
  10. Sterling is the very definition of an enigma. He has been woeful so far tonight but he could pop up and score a goal.
  11. Stirling needs to learn how to play the final ball.
  12. Moore took no prisoners when he played and he was a quality defender that played to a higher level than the vast majority of our squad. He appears to be a balanced thinker and not a “shouter” - but do you need to shout when you’re built like a barn door? He wants to plays an entertaining brand of football mainly based on keeping the ball on the grass and keeping possession - my guess is that’s what players generally want to play. He appears to be a person that wants to help players rid themselves of their footballing weaknesses through coaching and development rather than ridiculing them (ala Sturrocks “ more Victoria Beckham than David Beckham comment to Chris Brunt). All of that can only equate to respect IMO. Furthermore, my guess is that a black person would feel more comfortable joining a club that has a black person in the predominant position of Manager.
  13. It is what it is. If it’s spelt “Sow” but pronounced “Rhubarb”, it will still be used as a banter weapon against us by that lot. It’d be good to hear from Sow himself how to pronounce his name and not a commentator that might be trying to avoid the obvious.
  14. It would be good if the fund could be kept open. I didn’t manage to contribute to this one. I’ve had no wage coming in since the start of July but have just started a new job so I’ll get paid at the end of this month and can chuck something into the pot then. It was great when we did that stuff with Trev’s paintings (and the stuff we did before then that led Trev creating his masterpieces).
  15. I wish Kane would take up a forward position rather than wasting his talent messing around in midfield.
  16. This would be the same Liam Palmer that has starter every game so far this season? I think that Moore really rates Palmer. Also, Moore has listed Palmer (along with Hutchinson) as a deputy captain when Bannan is not playing - that gives the impression of faith in the player. . TBH, you’re post feels like a bit of the old classic veiled attack on Palmer - I could be wrong but it has that feel about it. He’s the best defensive right back and Hunt is the best attacking right back IMO. If you could combine the best attributes of the two then you’d have one hell of a player. I think that he is playing left back purely because he is more adaptable than Hunt and I personally wouldn’t know who to pick if they both were competing for one place. Palmer is definitely one of the best players in the club.
  17. Bannan: “…but I’m selling my Porsche to Pato for seventy five grand and that’s at mate’s rate!!!”. Chansiri: “No, Mr Schofield told me he’ll give you fifty thousand pound so you’ll sell it to him”.
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