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  1. Nuhiu’s and Iorfa’s goals could have been Steve Bruce himself 30 years ago.
  2. I can’t see the point in playing Palmer in midfield. He hasn’t played there for years and may be rubbish there now plus he’s the best fullback in the club. Leave the back four unchanged; it’s settled now and should only be changed because of injury to a player. I’d stick with Pelupessy if Hutchinson is out as he has the mobility and fitness over our other backup midfielders. Bruce has just under a fortnight to drill into Pelupessy what he needs to do and (as some have already pointed out) how he needs to position himself defensively. Pelupessy has played well before and, at the time, some were suggesting he was s future captain. Let’s see what Bruce can do with him if Hutchinson is out.
  3. That’s a really good point. Bannan has a natural instinct and a natural talent. You can coach those things. Obviously, he still needs to train as much as the next player though. When normal training has finished, I’d get him and the first teamers that are his set piece targets spending an extra hour each day practising set pieces against the younger lads.
  4. My apologies. Palmer takes such a beating at times it’s hard to see valid comment from unwarranted criticism.
  5. Let’s not make it a criticism of Palmer (who arguably is our player of the season and definitely is the player that has responded best to Steve Bruce’s tactics), it’s really a thread about the phenomenon that is Dominic Iorfa who is fast becoming an irresistible force and an absolute bargain at £200k.
  6. I’m assuming that you’re fishing, however, you can twist the argument a thousand ways to get your answer. We’ll never know whether it was Jos or Mr C that decided that Westwood and Hutchinson shouldn’t play and I think whoever it was had us all fooled for a while. It’s futile to discuss - we’ll just go round in circles. Jos is gone now - thank god. It’s time to move on. Everyone seems to be thinking sensibly now Bruce is here. The future is bright.
  7. He was on it against Bolton also. Four assists for the last six goals.
  8. Strong contender for Player of the Season in my opinion.
  9. It’s fine. It happens. Thank’s for the plus to even it out though. Much appreciated.
  10. Hector was excellent, so was Palmer but, my god, Barry Bannan was outstanding. MoM by a country mile.
  11. Shandy: “Four chairs!!! I can’t believe it!” Will.i.am: “Your verse is Owlupicious. I think you should join my team” Jenifer: “What’s you’re name honey?” Shandy: “Shandy....err....ShandyPants” Jenifer: “Well you can shandy those pants over to Team JHud sugar. I know exactly how to handle you baby”. <Shandy actually shandies his pants> Shandy: “fwggg fmnnnn nnnnnnn ahhh” Jenifer: “What was that honey?” Shandy: “Errr” <Shandy strategically places his hand over the front of his trouser> Ollie: “Wibble” (Mr) Tom: “YEAH!!!” Ollie: “Wibble” (Mr) Tom: “YEAH!!!” Ollie: “Wibble” (Mr) Tom: “YEAH!!!” Ollie: “Wibble” (Mr) Tom: “YEAH!!!” Ollie: “Wibble” (Mr) Tom: “Your Welsh aren’t you?” Shandy: “No” (Mr) Tom: “Well you sound Welsh. Come to my team and I’ll make you the best singer to come out of Wales” Shandy: “I’m not Welsh” (Mr) Tom: “YEAH!!!” Ollie: “Wibble” (Mr) Tom: “YEAH!!!” Ollie: “Wibble” (Mr) Tom: “YEAH!!!” Ollie: “Wibble” (Mr) Tom: “YEAH!!!” Ollie: “Wibble” Jenifer “It’s time to choose honey. Who are you going to go with!” Shandy: “If I choose you Jenifer, can we do the sex thing please?” Jenifer: “No honey, no!” Shandy: “In that case, I choose Mr Tom”.
  12. He is s big hard b45t4rd He really fvvcking is and when he fvvcking scores i do a little p155
  13. Can someone answer me a question please? When a player is selected to train, does the training last for a season or a week or some other timescale? The reason that I ask is that my funds are decimated when I select squad to be trained. If the training is for one week only then I only have enough funds to train for one week.
  14. I like the old adage “They can’t score if the ball’s in Row Z”.
  15. Outstanding tonight. Man of the match by a country mile.
  16. Does our Steve not do press conferences for midweek games? Unless I’ve missed something, today is the second midweek game he’s not done a press conference for. It’s no great hardship but I thought clubs were contractually abliged to give press conferences before each game.
  17. The “potential banana skin” is right up there with the “damp squid” and “must of”.
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