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  1. Having played for Leicester for a decade it’s inevitable that he would pick up a Midlands lilt.
  2. I can’t understand the meltdown about Danny Bath not signing for us. For years now, we’ve bemoaned the signing of players out for one last big payday and now fans are decrying the fact that we haven’t signed such a player. I’d prefer us to sign someone with some resale potential; not someone potentially two years away from retirement.
  3. FFS! Come on pal. I’m not saying you are a racist but can’t you see how that comment could be taken as being racist language itself?
  4. You see, these are the type of responses that p155 me off. I was only try to indicate that Stoke isn't just around the corner like some people think it is. I'd love it if my working day from home to work and back again was only 6 to 8 hours long but, hey, you just keep on replying out of context, smart arse.
  5. It becomes a 6-8 hour day with travel.
  6. Danny Batth is a class player and would improve our team no doubt but he’s 31 now so there’s no longevity or resale aspect to his transfer. I’d prefer us to sign a young up and coming player.
  7. Travelling between Sheffield and Stoke is an absolute pig of a journey.
  8. Exactly, if Salah (or any other top Prem player) does that the it’s goal of the month. If Messi or Ronaldo scores that, people would be saying that only Messi or Ronaldo can scored that type of goal. Windass’ goal in absolutely “top drawer” and why I put it forward as Goal of the Season in my OP.
  9. I disagree with this ^ For this reason ^ And this ^ Technically and in respect of awareness, Windass’ goal was the best I’ve seen for a long while. It was sublime.
  10. Could Windass' goal against Plymouth be the Goal of the Season so far? He's not gone on a mazy run and curled it into the top corner, or finished off an intricate passing move turning the opposition defence inside out, or hit a "howitzer" volley from a dropping ball, but what he did showed ultimate technique - he's brought down a long forward pass with his first touch, set himself up perfectly with his second touch and then scored with his third touch, surprising the opposition with the speed of his decision. That, for me, Ladies and Gent's, makes that a real contender for our goal of the season.
  11. Man of the match by a country mile.
  12. That was brilliant! How can you not love Bullen?!!
  13. Beat me to it. This is what I was referring to in my previous post.
  14. Just the simplistic Owl from the top and middle badges with nothing else ala late 70’s early 80’s.
  15. Exactly. There will be people that will have taken an option they really didn’t want to, to then discover that they didn’t need to.
  16. Some people may have committed to credit debt to purchase before the deadline though. I didn’t purchase mine on credit but I was considering it and probably would have done so if I hadn’t managed to get my cash together.
  17. This^. It’s so frustrating! I haven’t had the best couple of years money-wise but just had enough disposable income this year to renew my season ticket at the final reduced rate (phases 1 and 2 were before my payday so they weren’t an option). If I hadn’t had the full amount, I may have been forced into taking the credit finance option (which could have cost more in the long term). I wonder how many took the credit finance option only to find out that they didn’t need to because the price wouldn’t be increased after Christmas. It’s a bit scandalous really.
  18. Complain to the club. I believe that ticket sales are outsourced to a dedicated ticket sales company.
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