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  1. Old gypsy women laugh in the face of gold elephants.
  2. How awful, so sorry for your loss, my heart goes out to you and Emma's family and friends. Macmillan is an amazing organisation, the care they gave to my mum before she died was exceptional, consequently it's a charity I donate to every year usually around Christmas time, but will do it now via your link. RIP Emma.....so young, so sad.
  3. I've looked at it a few times and I'm not convinced it's hit his arm, it's come off his chest and he lifts his arm up so the ball misses it.
  4. It's not just the passing, the moving bit is crap too........we're a reactive team not a proactive one. I use the word team quite loosely.
  5. You could say Oxford were our bogey team, if it wasn't for the fact that every team in the early 70's could claim that accolade. Welcome Brookhouse1867.
  6. Reckon the white marble tiles might have cost a fraction more than a bit of Axminster.
  7. Can't not shed a tear thinking about this, it's all so sad, life can be so cruel. Noticed in a report that Ronaldo's flown over to be with him, feel he's going to need it. I'll be singing in Belgium on 6 minutes. A tragic lose, Rip Soraia.
  8. Never noticed before, but who ever put that video together had a great sense of humour. When the caption ''We are proud'' comes up it's accompanied by the photo of Waddle with a boner, edited, but we know.
  9. 15 behind Plymouth........come on, don't let them beat us again.
  10. I like Ciaran, he's a good player, Notts County are lucky to get him. Good luck lad.
  11. We're behind now, looks like Plymouth are going to beat us twice in one week.
  12. You are probably right, his contribution on Saturday was undeniable. But.....the team in general especially the midfield rely on him too much, everyone looks to pass it to him and it becomes the easy, fail safe option to them, they stop taking any responsibility. Without a doubt Bannan is the most gifted player in this league, but that can be detrimental to the whole team performance.......I'd just like to see how we'd fare without him, just to see if the other midfielders we have can grow some balls.
  13. An iconic figure in the history of the club during the 70's, really sad news. RIP Tony.
  14. I've changed me mind already.........Dunkley out, Hutch at the back and Adeniran in the middle.
  15. ................................BPF Palmer.........Iorfa............Dunkley...........Johnson Shopido.........Paterson......Hutch...........Sow .............Berahino.................Gregory .........maybe, god know's really, but we need to find a team that don't look like total strangers once we go a goal down. Leaving Bannan out will trick the opposition and the 2 midfielder designated to mark him will get really confused.
  16. I like the word floppy, been using it to describe us when we concede for ages, it sort of sums us up, we get nervous and forget how to play footy.
  17. I thought Johnson and Sow linked up really well against Newcastle Boys, I know the opposition were crap, but I'd like to see that again.
  18. I'm pretty sure Mandaric did a deal with HMRC and didn't pay the full amount owed.
  19. It's got a purpley tinge to it, so I recon it's more orchid than pink, so we'll be reight.
  20. Not sure why we didn't wear the blue and white one, doesn't clash.
  21. He reminds me too much of Reach from last season, having problems endearing myself to him. Like me with my heart meds, he needs some Viagra to stop being limp and ineffective.
  22. I was gutted for them, travelling all that way to witness a really poor performance.
  23. He's made such a difference, his presence alone has pushed the whole team 20 yards further up the pitch. Never really watched Pope play, but if he's better than Bailey then wow. Well deserved.
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