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  1. Having lost a son I sadly know the pain he's going through, it never leave you and can be all consuming. My heart goes out to you Paul, if you ever feel the need to talk to someone you can always message me.
  2. Think this lad's now the new world record holder for words spoken in 18 minutes.
  3. I very much doubt it, but I hope he stays.
  4. Can't stop laughing at this, no matter what you think of Paters as a footballer you can't help but love the bloke.
  5. Good, one frustrating player less to get annoyed at.
  6. Must admit I'd have preferred a younger, better keeper, preferably someone who can still get to low shots, but we are where we are. Good luck David.
  7. Good luck Joe, you'll always be held in high regard by me, purely for being able to kick with both feet.
  8. Funnily enough that was my first ever game.
  9. Sorry, I was mixing him up with Callum Smith there.......it's an age thing. I watched far too much online boxing in lock down.
  10. I suppose that's true enough, but he does come from a big boxing family, his brothers have won 2 world titles and his dad's his trainer, so you'd hope he'd resist Hearn pushing for a title fight just yet, because he could do with a few more decent opponents under his belt(so to speak:).
  11. I think he's better than just alright, he's got laser sharp concentration and a wicked left hook, he does need bringing on steadily, but can see him going far.
  12. He's a strange bloke, not unlikable, but even when he's doing well he never sticks around at any club very long, even in his playing career. He's on his 19th different club in 24 years now as manager, with him coming from Braga you'd expect them to feature heavily, but 3 separate spells as a player and 2 as a manager must be pretty unique.
  13. I love the Bannan that plays further forwards just behind the strikers, not so much the Bannan that plays on the toes of the centre halves.
  14. I'm not confident, but it was reported in the Star.
  15. He was offered 500 quid a week to stay Shandy, when the likes of Wildsmith and Dawson are/were on 6k and 4k, that offer was an insult.
  16. I've gone for never, in my case never isn't that far away. But whilst Chansiri is the owner I just can't see it happening, his ridiculous valuation of the club rules out selling us, so our only hope becomes young Att.
  17. The flag bit was very misleading as flag 86 on the International flagometer is Ghana. Really disappointed it's not Junior Agogo now. Did you concocted these clues yourself WO?.......if so well done, but well done anyway, it was a nice distraction.
  18. Gordon Watson. Gordon.....because I'm sticking with the chef theme. Watson.....because you'll need a good mate to solve this bugger.
  19. Peter Johnson. Peter as in the Pierre from the chef. Johnson as in Colin.
  20. Was going to go Marco Matheus due to the chef thing. But Matheus translates to 'gift of god' in english which rules Colin out.
  21. He's got a twinkle in his eye, that alone gives me hope for next season.
  22. Marco Pierre White.....is an anagram of Mr Hairpiece Tower oddly enough, or is it?
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