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  1. If putting money on it would say we will stop up. Seem to have enough in us to grind out enough results but no going to be pretty.
  2. They is a good reason behind its wheather its disproportionate or not that's up for debate.
  3. Sad to hear other clubs value the ordinary supporter as low as Wednesday do.
  4. Have a feeling the club will pull its finger out now about the season ticket refund money because of the bad publicity it is starting to generate.
  5. I am not annoyed by the club being against some illegal streams that stops them receiving income. Any business would want to stop something like this. But I do agree with people about it all going quiet about the season ticket refunds. I am certain we will get refunds in the end, I don't think the club are trying to keep the money and hoping we forget about it. More like good customer service towards ordinary fans is a low priority at the cub.
  6. Club did not continue to pay all non-playing staff. The Taxpayer was paying 80% of their wages. Just for balance and all that.
  7. Wasn't one of the reasons we were a crippled side because CC kept rushing back his favourites too early from injury. Think its not rare for managers to have a short term impact just that with CC its so stark that he gets his sides playing well, the media and the fans love him and then form quickly levels off and goes the other way nearly every time.
  8. A decent players but offering someone £40k per week in the current circumstances at the club and there country doesn't sit right with me.
  9. Hasn't the number of away wins increased? I think this has also happened in Germany. Think also they has been less gamesmanship with no fans there.
  10. Think when Government makes rule as simple as possible for people to understand they are loads of strange contradictions and illogical things. If they make the rules more complicated and try to cater for a lot more scenarios then people get confused and dont understand them. Think they was a good feeling I'm March of people pulling together and doing their bit for the greater good, was slightly inevitable it was going to turn a bit sour after a while.
  11. You can watch games of football at the moment. Plenty of non league games can let fans in (max of 600). Hospitality suite has to follow Covid guidelines.
  12. To me the restrictions in the medium areas feels about right at this moment. I dont think I would support Sheffield being moved into Tier 3 as seems very likely (Although I would still follow the rules) Think a second lockdown only puts off the infection rate for a few weeks and the knock on effect is too great. Everyone seems to be pinning their hopes on a vaccine due at earliest Spring 2021 with no guarantee. I wouldnt be confident of the Government implementing the vaccine programme successfully after the Track and Trace embarrassment.
  13. I think it was the last couple of months starting with that Sheffield United loss that sours his reputation. Made himself look a right berk claiming we should have a penalty v Hull (I think) even when the replay showed it wasn't. And the press conference with the crumpled £20 note was embarrassing.
  14. Its difficult to know how many fans will go back. Crowds will probably be limited at first to a few thousand. Some of our fans I think would pay double they are that desperate to see Wednesday again. While others that once they have got out of habit paying expensive tickets will never get back into the habit again. I guess some older or people with health problems might not feel comfortable coming back for a while even when allowed to.
  15. Think its just a case of being poorly run and not seeing paying back fans as being that important. I don't think the club don't want to pay back the fans due to a cash flow crisis more they cant be bothered to. Its seen as a low priority.
  16. I dont think EFL clubs are in a strong enough position to do that. Premier League clubs would say ok than done play and don't have the £250m, what then. Some clubs would go bust before Christmas.
  17. Think the official statement said 'By Mutual Consent' but I think CC wanted out as he had the Swansea job lined up.
  18. Fans back at professional football clubs is a dead duck. Not going to happen until after Xmas most likely a while after that as well.
  19. Think if it did work and we got passed Hull at Wembley we would still be where we are now.
  20. Think it will boil down to if Bannan wants to go or not. No point keeping an unhappy player.
  21. Carlos Carvahal was a decent coach with a bit of a charmer about him. But his methods only had a limited shelf life of a season normally. Think his CV shows this. Signs were there a few months before the play off defeat to Huddersfield things had gone stale. The appointment of Jos Luhukay was a poor one, he wasn't suited at all to an English Championship club. But most of the damage for our current situation is the scatter gun recruitment policy after the 2016 Play Off loss to Hull along with us being far too generous with players contract demands.
  22. Maybe one of reasons Bruce left was he could see the storm brewing about FFP?
  23. A lot of Football League Clubs would argue they dont have the luxury of being unambitious to get to the Premier League. They No.1 ambition is to still be in existence in 12 months time, anything apart from that can wait. Financial problems in football go back years but Covid has brought things to a head. Keep saying it but wages are ridiculous even at League 2 level, totally out of all proportion to the clubs income. Hopefully this will make clubs a bit more sensible but predict it will only last a couple of season before clubs get over stretched again.
  24. Think the biggest losers of this deal will be clubs like Wednesday, Forest, Derby. Clubs with a decent fan base and wouldn't look out of place in the Premier League and still have a small hope they could emulate Leicester and be a top 6 Premier League side but now that chance will be next to impossible. I dont blame clubs like Fleetwood, Walsall or Gillingham going for it, they need the cash injection now and dont really has realistic ambitions of being in the Premier League.
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