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  1. I would estimate that photo was taken about 1991. Happy Days!
  2. You always get the odd isolated incident but you get a lot less laddish behaviour and obscene chanting then you used to. Some things sang 25 years ago and no one batted an eyelid would get you arrested today.
  3. I got the impression he was saying to a Maidenhead fan who I assume was giving him some stick.
  4. Think it's a lot different at games today. At time shouting you French so and so at Eric Cantona was just seen as part of the day out.
  5. Think a lot of people are overestimating the standard of players we have. A few have had decent careers but are a bit past it, some are too injury prone and many are unproven. Think Moore should be given until end of the season.
  6. Thought Roy Hodgson had retired. Was quite a few tribute programmes to him when he left Palace. He is like Warnock though and cant seem to give it up.
  7. One of my favourite sportsmen of yesterday year Wille Watson who was born and bred in Bolton-On-Derne pit Village which would be classed as Rotherham these days. Played 4 times for England including the 1954 World Cup and football wise managed Halifax and Bradford in the 50s and 60s. Club football he played for Huddersfield, Sunderland and Halifax. I think I am right in saying he was the last double international for football and cricket something I don't think will ever happen again. Played 23 Tests for England as a batsmen and over 400 times for Yorkshire and Leicestershire. Fantastic sporting record!
  8. Andrew Duncat. Played for England 6 times in the Edwardian era and managed Fulham in the 1920s. Also played for Middlesex CCC in over 400 First Class Matches in 1 Test for England. He is also the only man ever to die at Lords Cricket Ground while playing. He had a heart attack while playing in War time match in 1942.
  9. Haven't they stopped playing at Hampden Park now?
  10. Also his great colleague at Blackpool Stan Mortensen who managed Blackpool in the late 60s.
  11. I don't think I could follow another professional club apart from Wednesday. As I have got older I don't mind other Yorkshire sides (Minus Sheff U and Leeds) have they day in the Sun with a Play Off win or a good cup run. I don't see a problem with people having a second club which is a non league club as well. But having a second club which is a big Premier League club isn't for me.
  12. I think one of the worst things to happen to football in the 21st Century is when Mega, Mega Rich people from abroad starting taking over English Football clubs. This was basically for ego or 'Sports Washing' reasons. Think this has been to the detriment of the heritage of the game. When Roman Abramovich took over Chelsea and they started to dominate because of they financial advantage it lead to other clubs having to find a rich Billionaire sugar Daddy to be able to compete. Think this has had the knock on effect of clubs having to gamble to try and join the Premier League and with the amount of money at stake a failed gamble could send a club to the wall. If Derby survive you feel this time next year it will be some other club instead.
  13. Think most Wednesday fans are a bit indifferent about changing managers again. If Moore went I don't think they would be a big outcry nor much enthusiasm that it would see an upturn in a fortunes. We must average a new manager every 12 months but apart from an initial spurt they usually they don't seem to make much difference.
  14. Got a decent pedigree but guess would have got a decent pay off from Hull so will probably take a couple of months off first before deciding which club next for him.
  15. I don't think any professional football club in the last 30 years has ever had a fully fit squad. Best you can hope for it that your 3 or 4 key players remain available. Think if we do move Moore on we are gong to get a manager with a couple of failures behind him. Realistically I would like Paul Cook or Chris Houghton, two managers with more successes as managers than failures.
  16. I know my views wont be shared by everyone but I have been to Derby, Stoke, Middlesborough, Coventry, Huddersfield, Doncaster, Shrewsbury and a few others and what bland soulless experiences they were. Hillsborough and meeting people for a few drinks is about the only reason I still carry on going. Just think West Ham and probably Everton will lose something when they move, something they will never get back. Not going to make big bold statements saying I will never step foot inside a new Wednesday stadium but would probably not go as often. Although think chances we will move within next 10 years are pretty slim.
  17. I know I should be bothered but cant get that fussed about Derby might be going to the wall. Nothing really against Derby just it happens to a different club every six months or so now and you feel a buyer will step in a last moment when price is low enough to save them. Cant really have a go too much a Derby being mismanaged when you support Wednesday.
  18. It is always more of an art than a science signing players. Batth could have been the solid experiences pro to steady the back 4 we needed or the player blast his best looking for 1 last pay day, we have had both in my time watching Wednesday. You can never be 100% sure when you sign a player which way it will go. Mistakes are inevitable but if you do your homework on someones injury record and someones attitude you can cut mistakes down a bit. I think in Chanisiri time we have forgot to do the homework part that has led to some terrible and costly errors. We missed out on Batth so you move on to the next one.
  19. I think it's his families money. I don't think Chansiri is mega rich because he is fantastic business man. I think he is mega rich because his Dad is a fantastic business man.
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