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  1. Would say elite Tennis Players and elite footballers are the same fitness. Probably they training etc is geared to being fit to do slightly different things but in top level sport as little is possible is left to chance.
  2. That is right. Wednesday were losing 3-0 to Forest so needed Luton not to win at Derby. Luton were 3-2 up when the A-Z board was changed to show the Luton v Derby game was now 3-3 which was incorrect. People were celebrating but sadly I can remember sitting on the Kop after our game had finished and being told it was really 3-2.
  3. Wednesday are from a financial point of view badly run for last few years but even I cant believe we are the worst. Surely Derby are worse then Wednesday. Also Man City must be making losses of millions every week.
  4. If we are ever in debt to the Taxman then that is the time to really worry.
  5. Think the 93/94 season was a bit of a levelling off after the success of the early 90s. Not a bad season but after the previous year unless we won a trophy was always going to be an anti climax. The success of the early 90s was built on back of some fairly experienced players that was never going to last forever and players bought in to replace them were never as good.
  6. Think Howard Wilkinson (and Graham Taylor at Watford) used some tactics that Klopp uses at Liverpool and before in Germany. Think its called Counter pressing, that you put pressure on sides in they own half so when they make a mistake you are quite near they goal. Howard Wilkinson used virtually the same tactics and man management methods at Leeds hat he did at Wednesday but was allowed to bring in better players, especially in midfield and won the league.
  7. Think he was a bread and butter defender we signed when he was slightly past his best.
  8. Southgate will still be manager going into he World Cup. A poor performance in Qatar and is time to give someone else a go.
  9. Has Company been appointed because of his coaching abilities and record or because he was a big name player? You always the feeling if they go on sticky run Company will think sod this for a game of soldiers I dont need hassle of Rotherham away on a Tuesday night in November and be off by 'mutual consent'.
  10. Think when parachute payments started it was designed to give clubs a softer financial landing when being relegated. As the financial differences widened between Championship and Premier League its created 3 or 4 clubs who just yo yo between the 2 Divisions. I doubt the real heavyweight clubs of the Premier League give much thought if at all the parachute payments as it doesn't effect them. Plus I think some Wednesday fans parachute payments have become a convenient excuse for our club being badly run. Majority of problems in football can be traced back to money and power.
  11. Featherstone Rovers ground is a cracking place and full of character.
  12. I don't think Barnsley are the only club to have a bit if a merry go round. Must be very few managers that get 18 months anywhere these days.
  13. I know what you mean by saying football in the Northern Premier League is a much more wholesome experience. Feels more of a sport to enjoy being a sport rather than about the money. Think the advantage with watching Wednesday is it feels more like an event, with people interested afterwards in the pub discussing the talking points of the game. Also waiting to see the highlights on TV to see if you were right on things like it want a penalty. You also get all the little sub plots on if we lose will the manager be sacked and things like ex players playing against Wednesday. I enjoy watching both non league and Wednesday both for different reasons.
  14. I think streaming games will more likely effect mid week attendances than Saturday ones. Even I find mid week games a bit of a chore especially during the cold winter months with rushing from work etc. Think many people will think sod the hassle of the traffic and getting back late at night when can watch in front of the fire at home.
  15. Thank you!!! I was watching the excellent documentary 'One Day In September' a few days ago about the 1972 Munich Olympics and seems to have stuck in my brain.
  16. Think it would be very bad PR if the question never gets asked. I think it might be like the 2008 Beijing Olympics when the explanations were 'We hope our presence here we give publicity to the human right abuses'
  17. World Cups should be in the Summer. Even putting aside the problems with Human Rights we know that the main reason it is in Qatar is because they greased enough palms. The whole thing stinks.
  18. I am sure Gareth Southgate and the FA will be having meetings to discuss how to handle the inevitable questions about Qatar human right records when it comes up But I get the feeling it will all come across as they are more motivated by image and making sure they is less disruption to the teams preparation rather than any genuine concern. If they don't make a proper stand in someway even going as far as refusing to play in Qatar than the whole issue of taking the knee, rainbow laces and support for women's football will come across as insincere and opportunistic.
  19. Not sure how you enforce a 5 year ban of owning a cat. (Cats own you for starters)
  20. I am sort of person who believes that politics should stay out of sport where possible. But don't think it can at this World Cup. Think the 1978 World Cup in Argentina was a bit controversial when the country was run by a military Junta but communications and the media were different than and England didn't qualify.
  21. Arsenal moved there in 2006 and we would not have played them in any league game or cup games. Also pretty sure we wont have played there in any pre season matches. So no we have never played at Emirates Stadium.
  22. Someone has probably already mentioned it and was a pre season friendly so could argue it doesn't count. But remember us playing Rotherham at Don Valley Stadium in a preseason game. Only stadium Wednesday have played that we are still paying for after its been knocked down!
  23. A football match only lasts 90 mins, if you really need a drink in that time you should seek professional help. ******** Heads at T20 games is one of the reasons I stopped gong to them and Wednesday away games. At Test Matches at Headingley they do have a non alcohol section and another section 'Party Zone' at the End of the Western Terrace where fancy dress is allowed and the ******** heads know to go there. Its a system that's always worked well when I have been.
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