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    Brentford rearranged

    Looking forward to it.
  2. matthefish2002


    Didn't go Saturday but get the impression it was a load of rubbish. Think we have to wait a few more performances before making a judgement on anything. If a lot of players are not going to be here next season and we are stuck in no mans land of mid table it wouldn't surprise me we have a few more lacklustre performances before May.
  3. matthefish2002

    It's a good job.

    Maybe the Hull game was a sign that Wednesday problems go deeper then just the old manager. (Although I am still thankful he has gone).
  4. matthefish2002

    its the managers fault apparently

    Looks like new manager bounce is over before he actually takes charge.
  5. matthefish2002

    Cost Of Production

    Seen Hallam FC sell Replica shirts for £25 each. SWFC retail at £60 and must cost a lot less to produce per shirt as must produce thousands more.
  6. matthefish2002

    Mr Chansiri

    They are a few people who are not fans of Chansiri but think majority are in favour of him (or at least his money). Think if the type of things described in the OP were widely publicised by the club it would come across as the situation was a bit manufactured and rightly and wrongly staged.
  7. matthefish2002

    'The Deal' - start to my holiday book

    Think at times you are best sticking to being a fan and just concentrating on the playing side of the club. Shining a light on the dark corners of football ownership, finance, agents etc and you are likely to lose some of the magic and appeal of the beautiful game. (I just mean as an individual fan. Investigative journalists play an important role to under cover murky stuff happening)
  8. matthefish2002

    Injury Update On Hooper And Lee

    Yes if he wants to become a coach, gained the qualifications and shown a talents for coaching he should go and prove it somewhere else and if a vacancy opens at Wednesday in a few years then I would welcome him back. Even Bullen had to prove his worth at Falkirk first. If overly sentimental Wednesday fans had they way the coaching staff would already include Semedo, Reda Johnson, Loovens, Ross Wallace, Kevin Pressman, David Hirst, Chris Waddle, Terry Curran, Migel Lera. In fact every popular ex player.
  9. matthefish2002

    Owl burns Madine shirt

    Bloke burning his shirt comes across as a bit of an attention seeker.
  10. matthefish2002

    Luton manager joining Stoke today

    I guess Stoke have doubled his wages. Was only a lower league player and will see this move as making him financially secure for life so cant knock him. Its when already super rich player and managers are greedy its annoys me.
  11. matthefish2002

    FA Cup replays

    Be an interesting question ask people whether they would prefer seeing Wednesday in a play off final or an FA Cup Final this season. Think many would rather see us in a play off final as getting to the Premier League is seen as the Holy grail. I am 99.9% sure Chansiri would much rather go up then anything else.
  12. matthefish2002

    FA Cup replays

    Watched this the other day on youtube: You dont have to be a supporter of the clubs involved to get a sense how big the FA Cup was and the semi finals and how much it meant. Now cup semi finals are just another game to fans of the big clubs. Yes agree giving the winner a Champions league spot would help put some life back into it.
  13. matthefish2002

    FA Cup replays

    Yes I agree. One of the saddest things about modern football is the way the cup has been devalued. I remember seeing a documentary recently about Bill Shankley at Liverpool and even though they had won the league Everton fans used to taught Liverpool that it they were not a big club until they had won the cup (Which they did beating Leeds in 1965). You would never get that now. Love reading also about the Matthews Cup Final in 1953. Real legendary game. Feel sad its a 2nd rate competition now.
  14. matthefish2002

    FA Cup replays

    I wouldn't mind betting that Wednesday fans above 35 still value the FA Cup and are sorry that many clubs dont take it seriously anymore. While fans below 35 see it as a second rate competition and would rather get to Premier League then win the FA Cup.
  15. matthefish2002

    Injury Update On Hooper And Lee

    Bullen will have got the necessary qualifications. Has Kieron Lee? If not then end of contract its a handshake, wish him good luck and goodbye. Plenty of players have served Wednesday well, cant keep them all on coaching jobs.
  16. matthefish2002

    Injury Update On Hooper And Lee

    Like I said if during his spare time and absence he has looked into and gained the coaching qualifications and the club has an opening then I have no problem with giving him a role. But if its just because he was a decent ex-player who you feel a bit sorry for then then no way should we employ him further then end of his contract. I wouldn't be a bit surprised at all if you were not allowed to employ anyone as a coach without qualifications these days as regulations are a lot tighter. Plus employing anyone without qualifications as a coach is a smack on the teeth to those people who have took the time and money to gain them.
  17. matthefish2002

    Injury Update On Hooper And Lee

    If we employed every ex player I have seen mentioned in posts that should be given a coaching club job we would have a staff of about 400. Cant be giving people well paid jobs on the basis of sentiment. If he wants to go into coaching, has already been on some courses and the club has a vacancy then fair enough otherwise move him on.
  18. matthefish2002

    Injury Update On Hooper And Lee

    Why should Lee be brought into the coaching side? I honestly dont know but has he taken any qualifications to coach?
  19. matthefish2002

    CHELSEA AWAY - Fa Cup 4th round draw.

    Went to Stamford Bridge 7 or 8 times in the Premier League days. Was a real dump when first went. Football and Chelsea changed that much since last time we played there its almost a different club.
  20. matthefish2002


    That is very bad English. Double negative.
  21. Did we really need to sell? I thought Bruce coming might indicate FFP problems are not as bad as we were lead to believe.
  22. matthefish2002

    CHELSEA AWAY - Fa Cup 4th round draw.

    Probably be on some foreign internet channel and kick off at daft o'clock.
  23. matthefish2002


    I have seen people estimate Hoopers wages are £400k between now and end of the season and better to let him go now and save on that money. Not as simple as that as I doubt any player would give up £400k especially as unlikely to ever earn big money again with his injury record. Only way Hooper would leave now is if we paid him up the remainder or the vast majority of his contract.
  24. matthefish2002

    CHELSEA AWAY - Fa Cup 4th round draw.

    Yes Wim Jonk scored it. Remember Emer Thome playing for Chelsea in this game and getting a heros welcome from home crowd and Dan Petrescu getting booed when they more or less did the same thing of forcing a move to from Wednesday to Chelsea.
  25. matthefish2002

    Steve bruce and FA cup

    I am glad that the Luton replay will have a bit more edge to it now. Found myself strangely unexcited by Chelsea away. Dont think we will get hammered but probably just be a routine 2-0 defeat by Chelsea's squad players.