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  1. I remember though we beat Cambridge away in third round in FA Cup in 1993 midweek rearranged game after a postponement. Also got knocked out by Cambridge in League Cup in 1998 that prompted Danny Wilsons 'Fancy Dans' comments aimed at Di Canio and Carbone.
  2. Another piece of sad news after the weekend. RIP Tony Toms.
  3. This made me laugh although the punchline is from Eric Morecambe. Jimmy Greaves met up with comedian Eric Morecambe at a ‘Goal Diggers’ charity event. Eric asked Jimmy; ‘What would you have done if you hadn’t been a footballer and able to score goals?’ Jimmy replied; ‘I had a job lined up as a compositor at The Times. ‘What about you Eric? What would you and Ernie have been if you weren’t funny?’ ‘Mike and Bernie Winters’. Came the reply.
  4. Thats correct. Spurs signed Jimmy Greaves with the extra money made from winning the double. Jimmy Greaves was just a born natural footballer. He didn't train obsessively or think deeply about the games tactics etc. Just turned up and was instinctive. Would put in alongside Stanley Matthews, Bobby Charlton and Bobby Moore as the greatest England players of all time. He came across as well as a naturally warm bloke and witty bloke who was great mates with nearly everyone in football.
  5. I wouldnt trust Chansiri as far as I could throw him.
  6. This is sad news to hear this morning. A truly iconic player and came across during his broadcasting career he didn't life seriously at all. RIP.
  7. I gave Moore a free hit last season with the circumstances of when he took over along with him getting Covid. We have signed 14 players within last few weeks so its has to be given more time, at least until the New Year probably all season. But so this season far would give hm Par, think people were getting really carried away with a couple of wins at start of season. Yesterdays performance though was worrying.
  8. People getting carried away with his first few performances. Some of the hype on him was way over the top on here. They is a reason he is on loan (I think) to a Division 3 side. Is he better than Wildsmith and Dawson? Not so far.
  9. Social media doesn't lend itself to people with a balanced, sensible middle of the road opinions. Think people take a more extreme view just to get attention.
  10. I can see peoples point about the missed pen and the goal given offside yesterday but thought they last 60 minutes of the game we were awful. Nowhere near looking like a promotion side. Still early in the season and think we wont know until about Christmas if things are working out with the new players and Moore.
  11. Our playing style lacks identity. We also seem to have players waiting for something to happen rather than making it happen. Still early in the season with players needed to gel and settle in but that last 60 mins performance today was very worrying.
  12. No need to apologise, I am sure he didnt to miss on purpose. Missed penalties happen form time to time. Make sure you score next time or let someone else take is the best way to apologise.
  13. Thought it was a good point in our effort to stop up this year.
  14. Think if the Abu Dhabi royal family had brought a similar sized London club like Spurs they might get more support being in London basically. Manchester City don't have the glamour for whatever reason Man United or Liverpool have so don't pick up that sort of fan who has a club as a sort of fashion accessory.
  15. I'ts all to do with money. Instead of the Indian side spending 3-4 months in England playing county sides in between Tests they can have a tour for 2 months at most and play another International tour elsewhere or at home instead with the time saved. They was a famous tour by the Australians in 1948 where they played 34 games (including Tests) for 28th April to the last game was on 18th September. Played some games in Scotland and some counties twice. They didn't lose a game either.
  16. Yes was a disgrace. Feel it was a bit of a watershed moment in cricket where Tests was no longer the main priority of the game.
  17. Only play 14 games a season now with most of the games in April, early May or September when more danger of being rain effected Best part of season given over to T20 blast or 100. Six in each league would only mean 5 home games a year so not worth anyone getting a county Membership. I would go with 2 Divisions or have either T20 blast or 100 but not both. Cant stand T20 or 100 (yes a bit of a cricket snob I am afraid) but understand why they exist but to have two domestic short format comps is too much.
  18. Sadly I think cricket is going down the same road as football where it has sold its soul to making money short term. County Championship will soon be reduced to 10 games I predict to fit in more T20 / 100 games. IPL now more a priority than Test cricket.
  19. Bruce Grobbelaar was only ever an used sub for us on a couple of occasions. Was a great goalkeeper for Liverpool but think the match fixing allegations make him a person I would have little time for. I don't think anything in particular was proven but plenty of evidence he was up to no good. A stain on our game.
  20. Think that's one of the reasons football clubs know they can get away with high prices and poor service as fans are too loyal sometimes for they own good.
  21. Glad to hear that the club are doing still doing refunds as I got the impression from the now deleted thread the club had stopped doing them again. Still not got mine and feel a bit insulted it has taken so long when all the excuses for the delay had basically been BS. Very reluctant to get another season ticket after this season with the appalling customer service no matter what division we are in next year.
  22. I had tickets for the Saturday, had train ticket booked for £12 return which I wont lose any sleep over but felt so flat over the weekend after having tickets booked for over 18 months for Old Trafford. No matter what anyone had said it was all about players wanting to make sue they were available for the IPL and the money on offer. Felt like a bit of a watershed moment for cricket where T20 has become more important than Test cricket. You are dead right about cricket has to be careful with incidents like this will chip away at peoples enthusiasm and good will at a time when Test Cricket is struggling in someways.
  23. I have heard people say asking for a refund is a bit like chasing money from a family member. To me its like asking money back from a family member who says it's delayed due to cash flow problems but has just got a new car and his house redecorated. The club (Chansiri really) is taking the urine. If we we signing and playing 18 year olds released by Walsall then I would be a but more reluctant to be moaning about not getting my refund 14 months after requesting one. But we are in League 1 and signing players plenty of players on Championship wages.
  24. I have a confession to make that when I was 14 I shoplifted a Green 'Un and will now be handing myself into the Police this morning.
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