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  1. Love to be proved wrong but think its unrealistic Hooper coming back and having any real impact this season. Must be touching 16-18 months out with injury so anyone who thinks he will hit the ground running is not being fair to him.
  2. Sure you could POTG as well. I remember getting there early for the 3rd Replay at home to Everton and were already long queues to get in. Just were patient and waited I guess.
  3. Miles more likely that it was Ryan Giggs ghost writer and the proof reader that got the names mixed up then Ryan Giggs himself.
  4. Cant believe we will offer Matias a new contract. His contribution has been minimal.
  5. Still not forgiven him for joining Villa. Happy Birthday Big Ron!
  6. Was going to do it at the ticket office before Saturdays game but thought might be a big queue so decided to do it today online. After reading this thread thought it might be a bit of a chore using the club website but took 2 mins.
  7. Jos only good point was bringing young players into the first team. Sadly I am not sure any were good enough for this level.
  8. You can argue if it wasnt for the 'Boo Boys' we would still have Jos as manager, not playing in stripes and ticket prices would be even higher.
  9. Think we need a clear out as squad size is miles too large and with FFP/ P&S unsustainable.
  10. Think possession stats can be very misleading. What you do with it that counts.
  11. Think Bruce is a good solid manager but not getting carried away.
  12. You are pising in the wind if you think Kieran Lee will make a difference this season. Its a shame about his injuries though.
  13. He wont be sold as no club would be daft enough to take on his wages. Only way he will not be on the clubs books next season will be if we pay off his contract. I don't blame the player if he doesnt accept a move elsewhere, what we are paying him will probably set him up for life.
  14. Think Gray has said that signings such as Bus and Melo were not his signings but made by someone else. Think when they were his signings Gray has a not perfect but very good record in bringing players in. I still think in hindsight was correct decision moving Gray on and bringing Carlos in but the biggest mistake was keeping Carlos when it was obvious things had gone stale. Should have gone after the Huddersfield play off game and an experienced Championship manager similar to Bruce brought in then.
  15. I remember when I was a kid in early 90s people setting a few fireworks off at games, thought it was brilliant. But now I have grown up can't believe anyone would be that daft to bring them to games and set them off.
  16. I am almost certain the players brought into the club when Chansiri first took over and Gray was still team manager were not brought in by Gray.
  17. Think people will have brought Train Tickets for this up to 3 months before game.
  18. I don't think many Premier Clubs would have been interested in Steve Bruce. Maybe someone like Fulham or Huddersfield at a push might but that's about all. Thats not to say I don't think Bruce is not a good manager, think he is best manager we have had for a while. I do get the impression the club did have to pay a bit over the odds to get him though.
  19. I don't blame anyone for not going on Saturday at £30+ a ticket. Yes I know its a big game to people on Owlstalk who supporting Wednesday is a big thing in thing but to casual fan its a lot of money to watch a bread and butter fixture on a rainy Saturday afternoon.
  20. Team are on a good run of form but club has issues ahead of it that will better determine if Chansiri is a decent owner / Chairmen or not.
  21. With 5k more in the crowd it is easier to get a better atmosphere but think its largely to do with how the team are playing. If we play at a good tempo like the Brentford home game then the crowd will get behind them.
  22. I thought they had to give so much notice when changing kick off times?
  23. Wednesday are in good form but like any business is much, much easier to lose customers than gain them. Once people have stopped coming you need to work 5 times as hard to win them back ordinarily but with our POTG prices think you have to work 10 times as hard. People will come if its last match of the season and we need a win to get into play offs but otherwise 90% of supporters without a season ticket will stay away until then.
  24. Cant deny we have a fighting chance of getting into 6th place now. Always think its a bit pointless looking back over games months ago and saying if we only we didn't lose to them or we should have beaten them. Its a 46 game season and you finish where you deserve to finish.
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