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  1. I hope in someways for your sake we have a poor season and games are not moved about too much for TV for you. I take my hat off to you for the effort you will be putting in.
  2. I can remember a time when being a football fan didnt mean you also had to an expert in International finance and taxation.
  3. Actually its not that impossible. I doubt any really big name would work with Mike Ashley so a chance it will be an experienced British manager like Bruce as a stop gap whilehd sells.
  4. Think this is nice idea in theory but too unrealistic in practice. Chansiri has put £100m into SWFC so he has 100% control over it.
  5. Still waiting for our 150th Year Anniversary Match to be announced.
  6. Promotion is the only acceptable season. Not paying highest ticket prices in the league 5th season running and selling the stadium off to say happy with 8th as its progression. Steve Bruce not come here on big wages for mid table consolidation.
  7. Once we had a bit of money to spend I think the crowd would have been very impatient with Gary and be wanting someone more glamorous.
  8. Andy Blair was on the bench when Villa won the European Cup in 1982.
  9. Overall I dont think Francis was a great manager and I dont think he was a terrible one either. Must take credit for best football we have seen in living memory at Hillsborough but also must take blame for breaking up the side far too quickly and making some poir signings. I dont think it was a mistake sacking him when we did, things had gone stale and from the outside he seemed to have lost the respect of our key players.
  10. I think the FA were not be able to charge him until after the court case has finished for legal reasons.
  11. Stands for Black and Mixed ethnicity. Not sure what you do if no black person applies. All a load of identity politics crap to me.
  12. Think they have announced the 'Rooney Rule' will be used over here next season when you have to interview 1 BME person for a managers position. Not sure how this will work in practice as you dont really have a formal interview for a job as you would in normal life.
  13. To me if FF has been racially abusive to another player he should be kicked out of the club. However the evidence would have to be pretty conclusive for us to do that, beyond reasonable doubt which I don't think will exist in this case.
  14. Nowhere near justifies his star player status last couple of seasons.
  15. He can't Iive off 1 good goal or performance each season.
  16. I dont think its true a Liverpool player wouldnt get charged. I remember a high profile case involving Luis Suárez 3-4 years ago similar to FF and he got an 8 match ban.
  17. When it comes to accusations of racism think the FA feel the need to be seen to not sweeping it under the carpet. Does seem a bit daft when it happened last pre season.
  18. Think Womens footy is decent to watch and admire effort and dedication the players have to put in to make the England side. But this is just stupid: https://www.bbc.co.uk/sport/football/48535933 Mens game has more prize money because more people want to watch so generates more revenue with TV, sponsorship and spectators. If say womens tennis produced more revenue then mens game I think women should be paid more. Supply supply and demand.
  19. Think the goals should be reduced by a third in women footy as some of the goal keeping looks a bit daft at times. I dont mind Womens footy and standard is quite good but really do get annoyed by virtue signalling BBC who make Womens football the main sports news story when the interest doesn't justify it.
  20. I think they is a 92 Club that these grounds don't count once they have dropped out of the league. Also once they have reentered the league you have to visit them again for them to count. I count it if grounds are on https://www.footballgroundmap.com so you can include local non league grounds like Hallam FC and Sheffield FC.
  21. Think it was because he didn't feel confident taking one. IIRC he didn't take for Huddersfield for the same reason in they play off shoot out win on the play offs v Sheffield United in 2012. Still find it strange and for me a black mark against him.
  22. Still stand by it, think Lucas Joao is a talented player but under achieving.
  23. Stand by comment on Lucas Joao. Think he is a very talented player but like Leon Knight has nowhere near made the most of it.
  24. Leon Knight reminds me of other player we have had over the years like Jay Boothroyd, Owen Morrisson and perhaps Lucas Joao. Got enough talent to have a very good football career but let down by a lack of application.
  25. Think transfer fees can be quote complicated these days. £4m is probably the maximum we would have to pay for him after initial fee, certain amount of appearances and if we get promotion. Will have to have an excellent season for him to turnaround his time at Wednesday. That game v Sheffield United we lost 4-2 he was all at sea.
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