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  1. I am being pedantic and its not really relevant to this thread but the second oldest football league in the world is the Northern League which was founded in 1889 a year after the English Football League. Its at levels 9 and 10 of the football pyramid and includes clubs such as Bishop Auckland, Ashington (Home of the Charlton brothers and until recently managed by England bowler Steve Harmison) and North Shields.
  2. All results went for us last week which has given us a fighting chance now to stop up. But got feeling law of average will say results will go against us this weekend and we will be down before we play Derby.
  3. We beat Norwich 4-1 at home last game of season in 2007/08 season where a defeat would have seen us relegated. Think the match is more remembered for the send off Dion Dublin got being subbed on his retirement. Also last game of 2012/13 Season we beat Middlesborough 2-0 at home to stop up with Steve Howard scoring I remember in front of the Kop.
  4. How would a salary cap work? The FFP / P&S idea was tried to make football clubs be more sensible with finances but that was flawed or just ignored by clubs like Wednesday. Many people on here were always moaning that club chairman should be allowed to spend what they wanted. Football is unscrupulous and clubs would do everything they could to find loopholes in any rules. I really dont know what the solution is. Many fans are not really bothered as long as team are doing well.
  5. I agree. The players like Messi, Ronaldo and Harry Kane are the players we will still be talking about in 20 years time. Although the figures are eye watering the top players should get a good whack with all the money in football. Its the average players who are on serious money that is spoils the game. At Sheffield Wednesday someone like Tom Lees a bread and butter Championship centre half is probably on £1m per year.
  6. Rotherhams back log of fixtures has caught up with them. A bit unlucky with the games being postponed with Covid but less sympathy with games being called off because of no under soil heating. If you have no under soil heating you are bound to have a back log of fixtures every few seasons,
  7. I think players either love him or hate him no in-between. He is very similar in a lot of his management style to Gary Megson, Which is ironic as they cant stand each other. (Probably going back to the Battle of Bramall Lane video on a previous post)
  8. Before the games behind closed doors I thought celebrations on goals were getting a bit daft. Seemed to go on a good 5 mins ands involve all the team and sometimes the subs as well. Got the impression the players were playing up to the cameras and proving how much they LOVED THE CLUB. Prefer the ones now with a punch of the air a quck handshake with team mates and get back on with the game.
  9. I think stay up and worry about next season then, Bt no matter what league we are in I an expecting s to struggle.
  10. Agree. Give me Neil Warnock over Gareth Southgate who is so wishy washy and PC its untrue..
  11. I know the argument that if you don't give Jordan Rhodes service he wont score. But I never got the impression that Rhodes has tried adding else to his game so if he doesn't get any service he still has something to offer. Yes he had been a bit better since Xmas but been a big flop overall.
  12. He sorted out Brexit. He sorted out Covid Now he sorted out the European Super League!!
  13. Its impossible to say. Moore still wouldn't have been able to bring anyone in the January transfer window.
  14. I think he is just like Donald Trump and says the first thing that comes into his head a lot of the time.
  15. DC said he is open to reducing prices but the club must be sustainable, the owner cannot continually make up shortfalls In other words he has ran out of money after telling us before he had virtually unlimited funds. If we are a club that had to balance budgets then fair enough, its actually not a bad thing but then you need someone who has experience running a club well. Need to make every penny work for you. I simply don't think Chansiri has the skills set for this. His big selling point was he was mega rich and could plough resources into the club, not that h
  16. Ticket prices were an issue to some but I remember many people on here and people I know personally defending them. 'If you want good players' 'Don't like it don't pay' 'You wont be moaning when we are in the Premier League' Didn't the results of the questionnaire say people wanted high ticket prices for better players? Fan ownership is good in theory but dont think it would work in practise. Would only take 1 club not to do it and be owned by a billionaire and they could buy all the best players.
  17. Sheffield Wednesday were kind of owned by the fans up until about 2010 and we nearly ended up going bust. I knew a few people who had a few small shares that they had in there family for years. I thought it was a sad but necessary day when it ended. Don't forget as well when results were first good under Chansiri many, many fans were not bothered about fan ownership, high ticket prices, no blue and white stripes, owners name on everything except the club cat. These things are only really an issue to many now we have nosedived on the pitch.
  18. When Wednesdayite had 10% share in the club it caused enough problems, I dread to think the falling out if they had 51%.
  19. I do take your point but this is one of the things that first attracted me to football when I was a kid. LOVED that fact people could shout the most obscene words and no one would bat an eyelid. Also the dark and non PC Humour that would probably get you arrested these days. I LOVED IT!!!!! Not saying we should go back to those days just saying how times have changed.
  20. The Championship is a poor league. We have been embarrassingly poor on and off the pitch this season and we still have a fighting chance of stopping up. Even our own dyed in the wool fans say we deserve to go down.
  21. Also think the gap between the players and the supporters is too wide. Maybe I was a little naive when I was younger but they was more of a sense of we are all in this together. Even when I was a kid late 80s / early 90s they was a gap between players and fans but now its like we live on different planets so cant relate to them anymore.
  22. Think that part of it but not all of it. In some ways football on the pitch is 'better' then it was 30 years ago. Players are a lot more technical and a lot fitter. But its all a lot duller then it was. Games are a lot more tactical now and a lot less psychical which I don't find as interesting. Also football is a lot more saturated coverage then it was, its everywhere and so people have become bored with it a bit. Before a game on TV used to feel like an event and now they can be 20 games on TV over a weekend.
  23. Chelsea ground was a dump then. Being in London was a big advantage for clubs like Chelsea with the changes in football over last 30 years.
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