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  1. Genuinely hope he gets his act together But based on what he was like with us they are welcome to him
  2. Thanks Barry Wonderful free transfer signing We have been good for him and he has been very good for us But…. get yourself gone We are all stuck with this mess you don’t have to be
  3. Funny what you remember isn’t it Dont ask me why but I always remember it being on the scoreboard regarding stopping smoking it said …. Low Tar ? No Ta I don’t smoke it used to scroll round and always made me smile
  4. I think your right Which means the sunny day one can’t be the Forest game because there is no score board but there is on the bottom one
  5. The sunny day at Hillsborough…. I would say looking at the gait of the players is Mike Lyons leading us out and John Pearson following behind Lyons used to charge onto the pitch What a leader i notice the little Shhhhhh scoreboard isn’t there that should give you a clue of year Absolutely love photos like this. Thanks for posting mate Great them
  6. I don’t think there is mate i put “ model “ but probably wrong turn of phrase I was just trying to point out that a decent owner with a bit of clout who is in it for the right reasons seems to work Im not a fan of consortiums Too many opinions to satisfy Fan input? same reason really in an a deal world yes of course but you would have to be very careful who represents or it’s anarchy
  7. In a nutshell this And be left in no doubt there is way more to this guy than providing pies and happy clappers He has done so much in the community too When Leicester won FA cup they were throwing him up in the air on the pitch. A right they normally reserve for the manager He is a much loved owner and not just because of the tragedy that befell his family
  8. Leicester model is perfect Probably best run club in the country And it’s not rocket science or complicated A guy in charge with a bit of financial clout who genuinely engages with fans and the community.A guy that realizes the club belongs to the fans and who gets football people in to help him achieve success That would do for me
  9. Agree completely From day one the club have put the emphasis on ST holders with a myriad of deals to entice them and that’s fine to a point But…. POTG have been been treated appallingly with nothing to entice them to go .In fact they have been driven away by the prices Now.. If the momentum of season 1 had been maintained with promotion all this issue around prices would have been buried BUT that’s not the case. We have gone the other way Suddenly due to failure and a pandemic prices are a massive issue . Fans are disgruntled ( even season ticket holders)
  10. Great being a Wednesday fan these days isn’t it You don’t have to waste your time talking about football you just need to have understand law, accounts and section 75 . Original prices were outrageous for Sheffield folk to pay After years of decline and relegation they are still way too high but because they have reduced slightly from the original outrageous prices some think it’s a great deal
  11. "It was obviously devastating for myself but life led me down a different path I guess. Throughout it all Ian Knights dignity shone through Never heard him moan once when he had every reason to be bitter A class act destined for a top career A cultured centre half His comment above says it all Alan Smith… also class
  12. It’s an interesting thread and quite revealing It shows that nothing divides the fans more than ticket pricing Especially when you are starved of entertainment value
  13. If if if Uncertainty destroys morale in any walk of life and it’s destroying Sheffield Wednesday We know no more now than the day the season ended Guess work Guess work Guess work Thats all we get I’m sick of talking about it
  14. I predict we will still be paying those players that no longer play for us
  15. Surely we can’t sign players Not while we are still having to pay the ones who don’t play for us any more
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