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  1. Brilliant post mate Thanks for taking the time to write it It’s sometimes mentioned that we look back on times with rose tinted glasses but I don’t accept it with this era True the football wasn’t free flowing in fact it was difficult to watch at first Big Jack stated in an interview some years later “ it took me time to figure it out” But figure it out he did The guy was so down to earth but yet a HUGE character. Saying it how it was , talking to fans in the local pubs, he had the respect of everyone , Choosing Wednesday bottom of the 3rd when he had just walked out on Middlesbrough after doing a brilliant job he could have taken his pick of jobs. Football from a different era? Yes But boy I wish it was back There’s no characters in the game anymore Clipboard managers who talk a good un but are weak and hamstrung by contracts ( oh Jack didn’t bother with those by the way). Charltons sheer presence got us out of the mess we were in. We may have achieved more under Atkinson and Wilkinson . But nobody put their reputation on the line for Wednesday more than Big Jack We all have opinions but in my lifetime Jack Charlton, everything considered, is Wednesdays greatest manager
  2. Amazing isn’t it we offloaded players in the summer who had no fight and were mentally fragile and replaced them with a new squad of players that are mentally fragile and seem to lack fight Morepork’s post could have been written and applied at any point over the last 4/5 years. Ive stopped trying to get my head around it all
  3. This We haven’t had a plan or anything that resembles a plan for donkeys years
  4. System, Game Plan, There is none Its simply change the personnel move their positions and call it a system or a game plan I think today Moore has tried to make us think he’s a tactical magician saying he only had 48hrs to change the system Crackers innit Manager after manager saying the same things overthinking it Football really isn’t this complicated
  5. Laws is bang on This is the point in the season that your finding a rhythm which builds momentum We still don’t have a clue what the best 11 is
  6. This is the problem nobody has a clue what that formation is How on earth can players get any rhythm with all the chopping and changing Still here’s hoping…..
  7. I would rather us be a progressive club with a plan and an owner that gets it im not a fan of who’s got the most money wins the league because essentially that’s what it boils down to this day and age Ideally I would like a level playing field for everyone but I accept those days are long gone and my post is a reflection of a old goat who doesn’t like the way most things are going these days.
  8. I think this is a real interesting post and one that maybe underlines the thinking of more fans than we realise We have been appalling for decades. The fans deserve so much better. The thing is you become apathetic and accepting that things will never change When you have endured it for so long and the football reaches the point that even that doesn’t entertain you you start asking the question that eightbelow asks Ive asked it and for me that would have been Unthinkable a few years ago Ive already started missing the odd game because being frank I can’t be bothered. When I look on here after the game when I’ve not been I think I’ve made a good decision. Often the frustration in the posts is plain to see. Entertaining sometimes but very sad But thats football I guess. I still love the game despite hating the money and politics around it and hating the fact that nobody knows what formation we have played for donkeys years
  9. Just thinking same mate That 83/84 season What a great season that was Wednesday City Chelsea and Newcastle battling it out. One of my favourite seasons following Wednesday If you could for tell what would happen nearly 40 years later you would not have believed it
  10. Thanks Punky Your right mate ultimately we are only interested in what happens on the pitch but like you say this guy seems well thought of and might just help us make it happen on the pitch. Moore is certainly being backed that’s for sure Enjoyed that
  11. I’ve been saying exactly the same This obsession with crazy formations and “ shape” drives me insane A well drilled 442 the “ shape” takes care of itself and players should know there roles without looking bewildered or overloaded with information incidentally , to start with, that’s exactly the team I would choose to execute it
  12. He’s spot on Too much Faff with managers overthinking it We we’re called a Kick and Rush team int 80’s Tell yer what …. Give me kick and rush any day of the week. At least it generates a bit of excitement
  13. If it was Darren Moore’s plan to play this way from the start then his recruitment was not as good as we thought
  14. Well that’s cheered us up Only kidding Thanks Andy Good post Great times
  15. Over complicating things with crazy formations. We would all like to play like Brazil but get real The players look confused to me The fans certainly are The number of posts where fans say they don’t know what formation we play If a team is well drilled the fans watching from the stands know what happens next But we may say…. That’s ok but the opposition will know too…….That may be true but if your so well drilled they struggle to stop . In the very least your going toe toe with the opposition Just ask anyone who watched Wilkinson’s team in the 80’s
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