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  1. Football shouldn’t make you feel like this I can deal with supporting a team that’s poor and gets relegated . Let’s face it we have done it before on several occasions But this feels very different Its really bad and could get a whole lot worse
  2. It just looks terrible and neglected It typifies the club in general. The stench of decline I have to turn my head driving past Leppings Lane so I don’t catch sight of that truly awful stand. We shouldn’t underestimate the psychological impact of it all. Like when you gut a room in the house and decorate to a high standard. It lifts your well being no end Collectively that’s what should be done at Hillsborough . Like I say psychologically your environment needs to lift you. Ours depresses us despite the potential we all see Thing is... in the
  3. Oh man That my friend is a thing of beauty Why would anyone want to spoil it by putting the current fussy badge on it
  4. We all know what we would like chansiri to do but can anyone see it happening? Heart in the right place? initially I would agree with that catdog1121 but do you know what.. I’m not so sure now . Integrity and honesty are not dependent on success . if we had got to the premier league I wouldn’t presume everything would be ok I think it would mean his incompetence would have been taken to a whole new level and when decline set in it would have been twice as catastrophic I don’t want to sound patronising or like I’m some sort of sage but yours is another post t
  5. Sadly this is the way footballs gone There really are some great posts in the Chansiri threads from fans who just want to be proud of the club again Fans don’t expect to win the champions league. They don’t expect owners to love the club as much as they do. They just want to connect with the club and see players enjoy playing for Wednesday as much as we enjoy watching them Always remember Mick Lyons at the 150th Anniversary saying words to the effect “ talking to the lads over there and we all said we played for many clubs but we never enjoyed it more than at Wedne
  6. Another great shout Thing is .. I can accept the rough nipple rub material but I just can’t accept the press stud collars when choosing the best shirt ever. It’s just not right
  7. That’s one that i had in mind when I said some have come close and it’s easier on the nips
  8. True But boy they were great on the eye They are just over 40 years old now and while a couple have come close nothing since has surpassed them Bet they wouldn’t make the current lots nipples bleed . You gotta move for that to happen
  9. Apart from the last two or three years (oh and Ola Tidman) Wednesdayites have very rarely had to debate goalkeepers Despite seeing some poor sides over the years Goalkeeper is one area we have consistently excelled in whether they be permanent goalkeepers or loans
  10. I held my judgement until today but.. We are down Today was massive. A chance to get 3 points and look at the table more positively and gain momentum but we blew It spectacularly I understand fans are desperate for any sign of positivity and there’s nothing wrong with that but sometimes it distorts the bigger picture This site has been almost bipolar in the space of a week On Monday it felt like some were wanting to dole out new contracts right left and centre Don’t be fooled For me 90% of them can go and no one off wonder show between now and the
  11. What a game he had on Monday But... needs to go. I can’t forget what I’ve seen ( or should I say what I haven’t seen) for way too long now
  12. Love Hillsborough and never want to leave But ... A lot of the ground from the outside looks terrible. It is just cheap corrugated cladding . The Kop is terrible and while the south looks great from the inside and stood on the bridge it also has terrible cheap cladding round the sides. The West Stand once again terrible cheap nasty cladding However... The North is a work of art It surpasses any era of change the ground has had
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