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  1. It didn't particularly do Huddersfield and Blackburn any good.

    Great to see he obviously has no side effects from his operation, that tackle was Hutchesque.
  3. Shame the 3 MP's didn't get together before he was hired.
  4. Keiran Lee has had a babby

    Congratulations to the Lee family.
  5. A 1.83 points average over 7 seasons is pretty impressive no matter what league it is.
  6. REACH.... for the staaaaaars

    Shame me can't vote again.
  7. Jack Hunt injured?

    Blue Ball.
  8. Shine on you crazy diamond.. WTFNOC18

    Painting a smiley face on the inside of a portaloo door probably makes him deranged more than troubled.
  9. Today's match on TV

    Don't think there is a stream anywhere........you could pay the $9 to watch it on ifollow?
  10. Suppose that's a good thing in a way, he might not be then.
  11. Got his finger on the pulse our Dom,
  12. So David Hirst regrets

    Should have read that first before I posted, would have saved me 5 minutes of typing........ok 10.
  13. So David Hirst regrets

    I hope the 'George fiasco' doesn't taint the memory of David Eric Hirst, it certainly won't mine, yes he might have regretted not going to Man U, but how his career panned out it's not surprising. Hirsty was the best striker most of us will ever see at Hillsborough, he was fast, strong, brave, instinctive, two footed and a great header, he had everything, almost every goal he scored had an element of footballing magic in it.......a Legend.
  14. Maybe Jos doesn't rate him?.....he's been good so far at identifying who's 'under performing'(being polite), hence Butterfield. Jones and Rhodes not getting a look in.