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  1. With what DC would want for the club he'd have no chance selling it, with or without the stadium......and he's not Chinese. p.s....I wasn't one of the 48%.
  2. It's tragic what's happening to Wigan, wonder if there's a way the supporters can sue the EFL for negligence?
  3. They asked the question, he answered by not pointing the finger at anyone, I didn't take it as mud slinging. *didn't see Look North, so can't comment on that*
  4. For me Reach needs to play on the left wing or nowhere, he's totally ineffective in any other position(apart from those 2 worldie when playing right so long, long ago) Never been his biggest fan granted, so don't expect that much from him, but he's been shocking this season even by his own standards.
  5. I think Sam Hutchinson would understand what's going through Sam Hutchinson's head, due to being Sam Hutchinson. He probably understands the mental side of the game more than most, he'd do ok.
  6. Thought it was a cracking interview, Sam was open, honest and magnanimous, there was no mud slinging, just him telling it how he saw it. We miss him imho, he was having a really good season, shame how it all ended(which I'm still a bit confused about), he deserved better. Good luck to him, think he'll make a decent manager when he finally hangs his boots up.
  7. Think we could have won that with Borner and Lee. Got to feel a bit for Odibajo, he actually played half decent tonight, just needs to visit an exorcist....the lads jinxed.
  8. She'd fit right in here if she can talk out of it.
  9. I like Massimo, didn't play that well in the first game back, but was good yesterday. Just a shame he decided to cut his own hair during the lock down.
  10. No. But I'd be very happy if we managed to finish 13 points from the relegation zone, just in case like.
  11. The ex Mrs had one for a few weeks, it was a right off that I'd repaired, not a bad little car, but sold it and made a grand. She went out and spent 2.
  12. You read my mind, although to be fair it's the only thing worth nicking! Happy with the way we've been playing after the enforced break, like the fact Monk's going 3-5-2 as it's our only real option with the players we have. Maybe we should give him a chance, there's been a fair few positives and I'm interested in seeing who his agent mate can bring in.
  13. Thank Ethel, I've enjoyed your take on our loanees, hopefully you will do it again next season, no pressure though and preferably without Covid interrupting.
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