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  1. Don't be daft, Reach is the worst fullback we have, I'd sooner play Bannan there.
  2. Kinell, that was very impressive for and old bloke, always knew Fred was a slice short of a loaf, but that was insane. Done a bit of climbing up refinery flare stacks in my youth, but there would be no way I could have done those last 2 overhangs without some oxygen first. Hats off to him, fecking mental.
  3. 'I wish he was a little bit taller, I wish I was a Börner'...... He's that good he needs a song. I've started one off, but got stuck....,...
  4. We missed him tonight, his link play is so important to us and without him Fletcher gets too isolated.
  5. Mine too, in the middle, just left of the left hand post looking from the kop. It was the only way of finding your mates in the good old days of no gsms.
  6. He frightens me to death at fullback sometimes, not sure my ticker could handle him in the middle.
  7. I still haven't forgiven Bullen for siding with Allen that time, so I'm far from being romantically involved. Any manager's a risk, but he's doing well so far, we all love a high press 4-3-3 don't we? If we don't give Bullen the job I suspect he'll eventually leave anyway.
  8. I totally understand the reasoning for not wanting Bullen in as manager. But we might just be on to something good here, every manager has to start somewhere, Bullen in his 3 spells in charge has gradually got better at it. The players are playing for him, they might actually want him to get the job, a new manager might totally upset the old apple cart, there's too many unknowns, especially with the ones available. I'm all for giving Lee a run, we have 7 more games before we have to give him it permanently, ......although I'm pretty sure this is exactly what's happening. Will everyone still want a new manager if he wins them all?
  9. You don't know that, no one knows that, even Bullen........but he deserves the chance imo.
  10. A like for like replacement for Lee, got high hopes for him and grateful that he's not a defensive midfielder as everyone first said. Lee would have scored that chance mind.
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