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  1. I don't think the captaincy played a part in his poor form last season, he seems to be thriving on being the 'old guy' in defence so far this season. It could well be he just doesn't click with Borner........which by the looks of it Monk thinks that too. Lees was imperious yesterday, shame he didn't score that header, he deserved it.
  2. I thought the taking off of Penney for Palmer and switching Harris to the left unsettled us and we lost impetus. Plus we should have brought Reach on earlier, but apart from that it was okay.
  3. It's being streamed today, so after wasting 10 quid trying to access from abroad via a VPN for the Rochdale game and only getting the commentary, no.
  4. I am slightly surprised Dawson is in goal, thought Monk would have gone with Wildsmith(who makes me slightly less nervous).......but It's basically the side I was expecting. Happy he's kept Harris on the right, he's far more effective there.
  5. Hope Harris isn't on the left, he's far better on the right, I'd persist with Penney on the left in the hope he can recreate his Walsall cameo on a regular basis. Although it would make our left side very inexperienced if Van Aken plays, so if we were going to play that team I'd switch Palmer for Harris. Haven't got a scooby really....
  6. What I like most about Josh is that his enthusiasm gees everyone up, praying he can stay fit, because he's quickly becoming our most important player.
  7. I laughed at that, but it's not funny really. ifollow seems to have it's own consumer laws, the no refunds under any circumstances can't be legal, it's like it's run by the mafia. The mafia would also increase the cost by 25% for an inferior service(no commentary in the first half, due to Rob being told his services are not required anymore for away matches), especially now they're racking it in with probably a 2000% increase in subscribers, plus bloody ads at half time.......any idea where I can buy shares?
  8. Tommy Craig. He was far to good for us, he could have literally played for anyone. But the daft git jumped on board as we got relegated to D2 the year he joined and D3 just before he left.......often wondered if he regretted the move.
  9. Blackburn please WO, and ta for taking time out to do this again.
  10. I love Josh already, just for the fact he looks like he just wants to play. He's instinctive and always on the front foot, always looking for space and quick enough to find it, and has that rare commodity of being two footed. Think he's going to be massive for us this season.
  11. I went for Izzy Brown, but everyone played their part, nobody had a bad game. Got to give Monk credit, he'll always have a face I'd want to punch, but he had us well organised and everyone knew their job. Onwards and hopefully upwards sooner than expected.
  12. There's not been many players over the years that I'd like to hug, but I'd love to give Atdhe a reight cuddle. Good luck big man, all the best.
  13. I'm usually bricking it in 2nd halves, especially when we're in front, but we actually played better than we did in the first and was cacky pants free. I am awake aren't I?
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