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  1. Weshallovercome

    Leeds Utd 18s v SWFC 18s

  2. Weshallovercome


    Happy belated birthday everyone!
  3. Weshallovercome

    Wednesday - V- Rotherham OMDT

    Well done, at least we can rely on you Snoots. Dreading this game, a 'relegation 6 pointer' we'll probably lose, trying to fear the worst, but secretly hoping for the best. Very much doubt it though.
  4. Weshallovercome

    Nathan Jones

    You were late!..........was expecting it to be you.
  5. Weshallovercome

    Nathan Jones

    Please stop with the Nathan Jones rumours . Not sure I can stand another he's been gone too long quip.
  6. Weshallovercome

    Ian Holloway

    So we're all agreed, it's Holloway? It's good to see we're all lowering our expectations to a reasonable level, it's advisable and for the best. Guess he wouldn't be anybodies first choice, but he's likeable and got a decent track record, doubt he'd take the job to be honest, doubt he needs the hassle, but he'd do me.
  7. Weshallovercome

    why is he still here

    I do know that you know, Hoots.........but it's sarcastic humour or razor blades, sarcastic humour got us through the 70's and seems fitting once again.
  8. Weshallovercome

    why is he still here

  9. Weshallovercome

    FA Cup 3rd Round

    There's a joke here somewhere........but I just can't be arsed...
  10. Weshallovercome

    Bohemian rap DC

    Simply the worst Worster than all the rest,,,,,,, I've started you off asteener, it's all yours now.
  11. Weshallovercome

    why is he still here

    Can't help thinking only we could blow up the way we have, just our luck to get some money thrown at it and it misses. Sadly, I think the 'Jos situation' will be the same, DC hasn't a clue what to do and it'll feel like death from a thousand cuts as he dithers.
  12. Weshallovercome

    Bohemian rap DC

    Understandable, at least I try to sing with an american accent.
  13. Weshallovercome

    Bohemian rap DC

    I just love that song!.........it's one of only a handful I know all the words to, if Wonderwall had come on I'd have probably had a vvank. Handy, cos it takes about 2 hours now.
  14. Weshallovercome

    Bohemian rap DC

    Ironically, there was an accident on the motorway this afternoon and I was stuck in traffic for 2 hours, Bohemian Rhapsody came on the radio quickly followed by Miss American pie. Had a right old singalong grinning to mesen........there's just more to life in't there?
  15. Weshallovercome

    Extended Highlights

    We'll struggle in L1 defending like that.