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  1. Not what we needed at the time, which was speed to get around the back of defenses, and still isn't what we need now. So I'm not Reach's biggest fan, not his fault, he is what he is. But he's an honest lad, a trier, and when played on the left he can be effective
  2. If that's the case then just tell them to stop training, especially the ones with contracts running out. Preferable to your club going out of business.
  3. I had an answer to the tax argument this morning when I first read it, but it's been a while and can't remember what it is now:) But I hadn't considered the 40 x 2500, it's a good point. Suppose it all comes back to the players, in an ideal world it would be nice to see them volunteer to pay the non-playing staff themselves.
  4. If he was a pass and go player I'd love him to bits, but I actually think the pass and retreat waiting for the return ball holds us back.
  5. I believe he's making up the difference. Still don't understand why you can't furlough playing staff?
  6. Bit of an enigma is our Barry, there's no doubting he's a good little player, intelligent too, can spot a pass and has the 'will to win'. But, and for me there's a few of them, he doesn't score enough, he can't tackle and he's become too pivotal, in the fact everyone looks to pass to him to make something happen, not all his fault, he needs better players around him, but he's a poor mans Tommy Craig. Stoop's right, when we signed him I looked at his stats and just presumed he was a defensive midfielder, he isn't apparently.
  7. aah, Pearson crying nearly set me off.......he was awesome that day.
  8. Forgot about Seeley's knee, it was a reight mess, fair play to him for wanting to carry on,
  9. I think you need to watch it back just to remember how immense we were defensively, Pearson and Shirtliff never gave an inch, just rock solid.
  10. It's just great to see no histrionics, diving and arguing with the ref, just pure football. We love you Wednesday is by far our best song too.
  11. While you're waiting you could watch the Brentford extended highlights.
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