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  1. He's old enough to know how to 'play the game', Westwood isn't going to come out and make his true feelings known, he's on a good contract and wont want to jeopardise that. No idea what's happened between him and Monk, but something has or he'd be on the bench.
  2. Hillsborough seems to drain any confidence out of the players as soon as they walk onto the pitch. It's becoming more than a coincidence they are reflecting what's happening in the ground. I know it's not the done thing for managers to do, and I know it's the team that should ignite the fans, but Monk should make a plea for the fans to make a noise to spur the players on, it wouldn't hurt to give it a try.......at least for the first 10 minutes. Then we should sell 2000 tickets in the center of the kop only for people who want to sing, at a reduced rate.
  3. Have a feeling he might today, he's putting the effort in, hopefully it'll be rewarded.
  4. Can't really argue with that...........although.....
  5. Keep, like Costello said, the lads got character, we need someone with bottle to back Reach up, who will hopefully stay on the left. As for people saying a 1 or 2 year contract, why would he sign a 'short' term contract at 26? We should offer him 3 years, if he carries on improving he'll still be a saleable asset after 1 or 2 years.
  6. Some posters in this thread are a lot older than I gave them credit for.
  7. Funny old league, after a 'bad week' we still have more points in the last 5 games than the top two.
  8. It seems quite reasonable in theory as it's over 15 years, so just over 300 quid a season on the kop. But what happens if we get to the prem and then become a yoyo team, in the prem for 5 years and the champ for 5?
  9. Great to see my cunningest of cunning plans worked perfectly.
  10. Really smug knowing the ruse of choosing Weeds in The Last Man Standing went to plan.
  11. He's getting better, hopefully he needed games and isn't quite as crap as I think he is.
  12. It is, hopefully we'll see us go 4-3-3 occasionally...... COME ON WEDNESDAY!!!!!!!!
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