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  1. Gibson didn't even bother to show up to his own meeting. https://www.bbc.com/sport/amp/football/48042278
  2. I missed the game, so cheers for that. Hector has been brilliant, can't remember another loan signing as good as him, he fits us, he has his iffy moments, but he adds so much to the team it can be forgiven. He's looking for a 'home', so I'm sure he'd sign for us, just praying we can afford him......guessing Tom Lees is as well.
  3. Probably should have gone with concerned instead of worried. but being a hair aficionado the trend of shaven sides and a mop top is horrendous, in my view of course.
  4. Brilliant effort from the U18s, but slightly worried they all go to the same hairdresser as Pelupessy.
  5. The images of people getting crushed that day will live with me forever, such a terrible tragedy. Still can't get my head around why quick release gates weren't fitted as mandatory......anyways... RIP the 96.
  6. The first record I ever bought, loved it that much I bought it without having a record player......aah the good old days.
  7. The dream is still smouldering, we're not out yet.
  8. I just don't like twitter, Hoots.......or any social media really, it only encourages people you haven't seen for years to 'get in touch'. There's a reason I haven't seen them for years, I don't like them.
  9. Boyd won another slide tackle on Saturday, that's 3 this season, so he could play the Bannan role and FF on the left.
  10. I can't either.......but at the bottom it's got the time and date as 12.54 PM on the 6th, which is Saturday, there'll be a reason for it, but I'm buggered if I know what it is.
  11. I don’t know how bad the injury is I will find out Monday when I have a scan 12:54 PM - 6 Apr 2019 but,,,,but ....it says 12.54 PM.......which by my reckoning is 2 hours and 5 minutes before the game. never understood twatter to be fair.
  12. After the game Saturday he did twaat he was ok, obviously was struggling getting his leg over at night and posted that. after rereading that it was posted at 12.54pm on Saturday the 6th....which is before the match...isnt it?...confused.
  13. If it was a Dave Allen formation they would have beaten us by 8 goals.
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