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  1. Tango in goal, the band back four

    We never need the band.
  2. York Roast Co are Wednesdayites

    They look tasty, but I'm not totally convinced I could eat 3 Beres sandwiches and a Yorkpud wrap, will give it a go though.
  3. Think he was being quiet so not to wake his mum up, considerate that.
  4. Spot the ball

    Everyone can see it's on top of the south stand roof, too easy.
  5. Were you there Boxing Day 1979?

    I was in my usual place half way up the kop, just to the left of the left upright as you face the pitch. With no mobiles it was only way to meet up with your mates, although with the surge when the 4th went in I ended up just behind the goal. God I miss those days.
  6. Honest opinion on the derby

    He's already scored his one for this season, so don't hold your breath.
  7. Honest opinion on the derby

    I'm not sure crossing me fingers for 5 days is very scientific, but I'll give it a go.
  8. Honest opinion on the derby

    The theory of relativity was a good call, but Bannan scoring a volley is just being silly.
  9. BREAKING - Forestieri Update

    Reach is improving but he's got a long way to go to be better than FF on the wing, as good as that cross was on Saturday.
  10. Extended Highlights: Cardiff v Wednesday

    I'm still gutted, their goal was a reight clusterfuck', what could go wrong did.
  11. One thing holding us back

    I said pretty much exactly the same thing at half time. They always had to come at us in the second half, having a speedy outlet to expose the space behind would be a handy option. For whatever reason Carlos doesn't seem to agree though.
  12. Today's Team

    Maybe Lee insisted on playing again?
  13. Today's Team

    How do you know this, torres?.........you're generally always right, so just curious. It does make sense, Lee is so important to us and needs to be managed and given a rest now and again, hopefully Butterfield can impress so we're not so reliant on him.
  14. Derby + Stag Do? Local advice needed

    It used to be, I stayed there a few years ago for £22.....now they want nearer £70.