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  1. Weshallovercome

    Vote OUR Charles Hagan for GOM

    Our game needs upping, we used to rarely get beaten at stuff like this.
  2. Weshallovercome

    Combating Middlesbroughs physical threat..

    Has anyone mentioned an AK47 yet?..........or pogo sticks?
  3. Wiki says not, but I could add it in if you want?
  4. I know for a fact he has a County shin pad on his left leg.
  5. Vedat Muriqui is Atdhe's twin, plays for Çaykur Rizespor Kulübü(copy and paste, obviously)....... Scored 10 in 24 this season, only 24 and 1'' shorter than Atdhe, probably undernourished due to the war.
  6. On that basis maybe the team his twin plays for want to do a swap?
  7. only 6 minutes left and the crowd is singing his name.........well it sounded like Atdhe.
  8. bugger.....was certain they'd replace Atdhe mk2 with the real one, but they didn't.
  9. It's a monstrosity, to be fair his twin is playing the Atdhe role quite well.
  10. Kosovo have made 2 subs, sadly no Atdhe.
  11. Mifsud off, second yellow........Malta down to 10.
  12. yay.....2-1, Atdhe's brother scored. a very Atdhesque goal I might add.
  13. He's 37, just saying....