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  1. Weshallovercome

    Blast from the past

    Hi Leofric, how's it going?........how's Hereford doing?
  2. Weshallovercome

    Adam Reach

    Thanks, thought it was something like that. I'm hoping if Bruce ever gets a couple of speedy wingers in Reach can play in the centre again, for me his best performances have been there.
  3. Weshallovercome

    Adam Reach

    Just out of interest, how many goals and assists are when playing centrally? Mainly because I think he gets more involved played in the middle, out wide he becomes a peripheral figure, especially as we're playing so poorly.
  4. Weshallovercome

    Extended highlights

    I would be if you conceded 0..........sorry.
  5. Weshallovercome

    Extended highlights

    It really is, Lee too, we still have problems linking midfield to attack, we're showing endeavour, but lack that bit of nuance. *sorry torres, but in my defence I did watch all the game*
  6. Weshallovercome

    club crest

  7. Weshallovercome

    "Steve Bruce's Sheffield Wednesday"

    ..........I'm astounded I actually managed to do that, it's getting easier this computing malarkey......
  8. Weshallovercome

    club crest

    I think the new badge is unlucky, it should go, along with the 2 gold elephants.......our decline over the last 2 season is obviously down to them.
  9. Weshallovercome

    Megson - worse than Jos

    We haven't had one manager worse than Jos.....FACT. He was that bad I'd have swapped him for Irvine at the time.
  10. Weshallovercome

    Today’s friendly at Scunthorpe

    Is this the school dinner thread?
  11. Weshallovercome

    Nando Number Ten

    I do tend to agree as he played full back at Wolves, tried to find out what positions he's played for England youth, but failed. Just trying to understand why he sees himself as a centre half, apart from the height thing that is.
  12. Weshallovercome

    Nando Number Ten

    Why does it worry you?........we're going to need a centre half next season when Hector goes back, and can't help thinking 6' 4'' is too tall for a full back. As for FF, I'm in the Holmowl camp, for me his best position is left side of a front 3, but.........we don't have many options up front and Fletcher on his own is always too isolated, he needs someone to play off and link up with, hopefully FF can learn to be less greedy and make that role his own, or at least until Hooper is back(prays).
  13. Weshallovercome

    Another owl gone

    How sad, so young. RIP Mark.
  14. Weshallovercome

    Holloway - well said

    I think I love him a little bit........although some of my best mates are Bristolian so could just be his accent.