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  1. It's hardly been a challenge for him, he's a natural.
  2. Giving Wildsmith and Dawson thousands a week and offering decent prospects like Osaze and Shaw peanuts is just crackers. Could a club be run any worse?
  3. I've gone 1-1 too, still quietly confident........although I've done crap so far. Even England let me down by winning.
  4. I was thinking L1........not much decent footy being played.
  5. There's so many countries in Europe that could have hosted this match, but as we all know it's all about money and no doubt Azerbaijan offered the most, credit to the Welsh who've made the trip.
  6. Can anyone explain to me how Azerbaijan is in Europe?..........it's like Israel being in the Eurovision song contest, bloody annoying.
  7. Mancini has totally transformed them, they're very Man Cityesque, gone is the dour defensively minded Italy we're used to, they're closing down higher up the pitch and always on the front foot. It's a pretty good competition this year, there's so many teams in with a chance, but Italy unbeaten in 28 games under Mancini will take some stopping.
  8. I'm finally in, tried to register on my phone before the Italy match but failed, would have gone 2-0 Italy, so playing catch up. Italy is my tip to win it and after yesterday I'm even more sure.
  9. I live here so every day, well once the missus has gone to bed.
  10. DC keeps finding ways to shoot himself in the foot, his insane 'wage structure' insures he'll lose another toe.
  11. Actually it was assayed in Birmingham, the makers mark is the first one, don't recognise it any idea who it is?
  12. Hate Marmite, but love that top......made in Birmingham in 1970 is my guess.
  13. Sorry, was having a bit of the old devil moment........the 'r' was to add to nice(r).
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