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  1. Doubt you'd like to know this, but I was curious so checked. A midfield 3 of Hutchinson, Bannan and Luongo have between them scored 33 goals in around 680 games. Really wished we'd offered Hooper some sort of contract now.
  2. With a front 3 you need the wide players to not just cross, but to come inside and shoot, so for me Harris and Reach are being used correctly. However......Harris has a career stat of 8 goals in 113 games, Reach has 35 in 316, and we can't expect them just to cross to Fletcher, who has 145 in 534 and has never scored more than 14 goals in any one season. We are always going to struggle for goals no matter which wings Harris and Reach play on, especially as we don't get many from midfield, we're fortunate at the minute because the defence is doing well, so for me if FF doesn't find his shooting boots before the end of the season we'll be extremely lucky to make the playoffs, unless we can grind out 15 or so 1-0 wins. The January transfer window wont help us either, doubt there's many '20 goal a season' hidden gems out there that no one wants.
  3. We only needed height because we let them attack. Bannan going off left us with no one to link the attack, hence us not having any......my subs would have been Lee for Luongo and FF for Harris, cant help feeling FF could have given them the run around in the slippy conditions. Monk got the subs wrong imo, he looked to defend our lead and gave them the initiative.
  4. That it then I'm voting Fletch, he deserves it overall anyway.
  5. Are we going for Bannan or Fletcher? We need to know this before we start or it gets confusing I think Fletcher.
  6. Rip Rita. A club legend and far more deserving of a minutes applause than any player.
  7. It will also be a quiz question of the future........'When was the last time Sheffield Wednesday were allowed to have had 35,000 supporters in Hillsborough'.
  8. Still can't make my mind up if Milan was a genius or just lucky........but one of the best seasons ever, we could even take decent throw ins.
  9. Who the bloody hell came up with those lyrics!.......gordenbennett anyways, love the guy, cooler than a frozen cucumber.
  10. Sorry for bringing this up, but I'm not right very often(so our lass thinks), just want to bask in the glory of it,
  11. Monk's already sussed what we all know. we have a crap midfield, so going long to Fletcher and Nuhiu isn't the worst idea ever. If he told Harris and Reach to tuck in it might just work.
  12. That and a second brain cell, when Joao acts on instinct he can be sublime, but he lacks intelligence.
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