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  1. He scores goals from midfield, that's it really.........can't see what's not to like.
  2. If it's pedantic Sunday, how did you burn straw without a flame?
  3. Surprised people forget Hinds, he played a couple of seasons for us and was a decent player......a Wednedayite too!
  4. He did get some unfair stick, at times he was trying to hold that defence together on his own, he ran his gonads off and I still believe he made himself look worse than he was by trying to hard. Will always remember him with affection........good luck Tommy in whatever you do next.
  5. Don't what to be pedantic.......oh go on I will.......moles are insectivores not rodents.
  6. I'm personally keeping my powder dry, at least until the accounts come out and mkowl translates it into english. But even so, it's a big ask of Bruce to transform this squad 'overnight' into championship contenders, I think we all need to show some patience, don't get too giddy too early just in case. I'm all for the long haul, give Bruce some time to sort us out, or we'll be in danger of potentially hounding out a manager that we like and know can get us up.
  7. We didn't christen him Useless for nothing.
  8. Happy belated birthday wishes Leon!.........and DC.
  9. Seems a bit petty asking for the trophy back in the first place.
  10. 15$........robbing gits! Little known fact, or at least it was to me, the dollar sign was used for dollars and pesos in Mexico.
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