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  1. It was very surreal at the time and still feels surreal now. LOVE YOU JORDAN!
  2. Don't know to be honest, probably, but maybe we could get all 24 clubs to commit to a 'gentleman;s agreement'? I hear Steve Gibson's keen.
  3. I do think the suggestion of a salary cap in the Championship is a good one, but it should go hand in hand with the end of parachute payments. It would kill many birds with one stone.
  4. We were never going to do much in January, Monk has already said he's just looking for 2-3 loans. Unless it's all changed due to the EFL 'vendetta' and Mr C is thinking fuckem. But regardless, the availability of decent players is zero on a limited budget, especially when we're not the most attractive because of the impending......erm......whatever it is that's impending? For me we need to address the right hand side(the imbalance)......two decent options at right wing and right back would be my guess at Garry's wish list. p.s.......forgot.......plus a fast, goal scoring forward......not holding my breathe on that one though.
  5. He isn't........I think it's possible Mr Mason might have alzheimer's.
  6. He's proved me wrong, I thought he could be a disaster at centre half........just going on the gangly showing at right back. Love him for it, my favourite player at the mo. LOVE YOU DOMINIC!
  7. I'm struggling to chose between him and Iorfa, both awesome, but I guess goals win you games.
  8. I'd have made it -13 reps, but I don't neg posters, we're all entitled to our opinion..........but I must say yours is consistently shizen.
  9. Chillsborough..........or Hope Killer Arena. anyways......who have we got in the quarter finals of the European Champions Cup, I can't make it out?
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