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  1. Basically he's saying Rhodes is an old fashioned forward, he's right.
  2. There was a group of blokes singing it on the tube going to Wembley, me and my lad just turned to each other and cringed. Although you're both right, I've not heard it being sung at Hillsborough for years.
  3. Fernando Forestieri

    Andria must be tiny, well suited and lovely couple. p,s is the baby(not Fernando......or his missus) a boy or a girl, the balloons are a nice touch if it's a girl,
  4. Just need to ban the ones singing it at matches now.
  5. Happy Birthday Howard!

    Happy birthday, Howard x
  6. Since Snoots has been doing the 'GIZ THE STRIPES BACK' campaign, I'm swaying towards the off centre stripe look, it's quirky......quite partial to a bit of quirk. But central blue will do.
  7. Gary Madine

    That's 2 mistakes.
  8. Gary Madine

    If you scroll down you'll see this; 'Verified by #bwfc that Gary Madine was arrested on Friday night after an incident in Birtley, Gateshead. I understand no further action will be taken - but awaiting confirmation.' Let's not build the gallows just yet.
  9. If this shirt was available at the same time as the home shirt, they probably wouldn't have sold many home shirts. Can see why it's 'delayed'.
  10. Best Sheffield Wednesday Kits Ever

    Bothroyd and De Bilde used to wear them.
  11. No stripes here at all

    Yes, Peter. My first ever Wednesday kit that, wore the shirt and short as jim jams.
  12. Even if you weren't old enough to ever see him play, you'll have probably heard about him from your dad. This is one position who's greatness can never be contested. Ron Springett.
  13. Look at the Size of it!

    Noticed some of those shirts have alternating blue/white off centre 'middle' stripes.......some have blue on the left of centre, some have blue right of centre(thought I'd better elaborate:) Wonder why?........like them even more now.
  14. SWFC U-23's v Sheffield United

    Can bet the trufflenudgers will put a strong team out, Brooks will play for sure.