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  1. I believed you, it just surprised me...Crewe for example must have used all their squad plus all the U21's, I suppose getting relegated early wasn't a bad time to experiment.
  2. Really?......I'm surprised other teams have over 30 players to chose from.
  3. He's been pretty good all in all, I'd just like to see a younger faster player in that position.
  4. In all fairness it was great skill and anticipation by Roberts, wish we had someone like that.
  5. Primarily, we need some youth. We need a big, fast target man or two to play alongside Gregory(so I'd keep him, but Berahino, NML, Kamberi, Sow, even Windass if he's replaced can go, Paterson I'm inclined to keep just because he's a nutter and can play in a few positions) We need some young, fast wide players, preferably ones that score a few(so Johnson and Hunt can go for me, although if I had to keep one it would be Hunt) We could do with a young, tricky, goal scoring midfielder( not sure who I'd give up, Byers isn't that old and might still improve, Luongo came back from injury like a man possessed, but seemed to tire as the season wore on, Bannan will be buried in the centre circle so wont be leaving, Dele's raw but has potential......but we need something else, someone that can burst forwards and create havoc) We need defensive height and strength in L1 (so I'd keep Palmer, Hutch, even Iorfa and Dunkley if their fitness is ok, try and resign Gibson and Dean, Brenan out on loan. We need a keeper that doesn't make me nervous(so I'd look to bring in an experienced keeper, keep Dawson and get rid of Wildsmith) Reading back it reminds me letter once wrote to Santa.
  6. I've watched it back a few times, Roberts starts off running from outside the box and is at full pelt by the time Liam notices him. Maybe he could have anticipated it better, but for me the main damage was done by firstly NML not busting a gut to get back, Storey not getting close enough to his man to block the cross......and it was a bloody good goal,
  7. I should have packed it in after the 66 FA cup final, the writing was on the wall even then.
  8. The Alex Neil shithousery thing is a myth imho, it stems from his time at Preston, he played the hand he was dealt and did what he had to do due to limited resources, it's the sign of a good manager for me........not dissimilar to what Gareth Ainsworth is having to do at Wycombe.
  9. Please do Mackem, we have quite a number of opposing fans who chat on here and it's been heart warming reading this thread. Best of luck to Sunderland, if not tonight then for next season.
  10. Thanks Alan....it's good of you. A quick question, are Robin's fans still behind Nigel Pearson? It's just that from the outside looking in he doesn't seem to be doing too well.
  11. We were fortunate in the away leg, but maybe the footballing gods are looking out for us....
  12. To be fair John Pearson could have reffed those any we'd still have lost.
  13. We'll all need it by Monday evening.......did they defib you like they did with me? I got diagnosed 2 years ago and I'm fine.
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