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  1. I can see where he's coming from. Can you imagine a top championship quality player languishing in league 1.
  2. That's why they've named the whole club after him. Not enough to have a Wayne Rooney stand, it's now officially Wayne Rooney's Derby County
  3. Such a shame, but all careers come to an end at some point. Highly unlikely he could play a meaningful number of games at any level
  4. I think we need to wait for the findings of Sue Gray’s inquiry before we decide if he’s guilty of diving
  5. I don’t particularly like ITK threads and comments, but I’ll do one anyway (probably my first since joining in 2004). MA would always want Wednesday in the same league as any club he owned, because we sell out our ticket allocation He thinks our travelling fans are great. He’d never be interested in buying Wednesday as he doesn’t view us as a big club, with the potential to make money. I don’t agree and I wouldn’t want him as our owner, but its a shame he wouldn’t be interested in us.
  6. We remain under a transfer embargo with probably very limited resources to attract new loan players, therefore realistically, promotion this year is unlikely even with a change of manager. I expect he’ll stick with Moore to the end of the season (unless we go on a long losing run) and review then. We’re not a very attractive proposition for any manager looking to build a cv right now. I guess the only other option is to roll the dice and bring in someone like Colin to the end of the season, if he thinks he can do anything with the players we have.
  7. Well, the transfer window is open. No doubt a coincidence that our three best assets are out injured
  8. I’m never sure if we move on, before or after we go again?
  9. So if you put the work in on the training grou, you get the results Darren, why haven’t you been working hard on the training ground?!
  10. This game was always going to be a sign of the mental strength of this bunch, so important to react from the Sunderland game.
  11. Hadn’t realised that. They’re going to have a hell of a job trying to cut costs in the current year if they’re going to try and stave of penalties. Must be all but impossible to chop £3m/month out of their business
  12. Another very worrying set of results for a Championship Club - £38.4M loss! Will be interesting to see what action the EFL will take and if they'll be lenient in view of Covid https://www.bbc.co.uk/sport/football/59797491
  13. I think I’d go with Souness before Keane in that role and Brian Robson too
  14. There isn’t anywhere bigger or better, that’s why!
  15. Yep. All the more reason to hate the scrubbers and the stain they bring to this great city
  16. Not that daft, no. why call them Blades? Pigs is so much better
  17. What a bloody daft post! Cant help wondering what it’s based on, certainly not any kind of logic looking at stat’s and likely transfer activity in January. I’d suggest the dirty piggy scrubbers will be joining us next season if we don’t get promoted
  18. Either that or he’s a really poor manager
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