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  1. if We can replace Monk, the season is still alive (if true)
  2. He wasn’t up to the job yesterday. One slim victory doesn’t change that
  3. Compensation is much lower than you’d expect nowadays
  4. Not a chance of staying up. With a very average squad, being fairly blunt in the goal scoring department, it would take a phenomenal effort to reach safety. I wouldn’t fancy us to stay up without the points deduction, whilst the current manager remains in charge. Maybe someone like Pearson might give us an outside chance, but realistically, we’re heading for L1
  5. It’ll be ok once monk gets his own coaching staff in and builds a squad
  6. Simply out of his depth nothing in his record to suggest he was ever good enough
  7. If you look at our performances and results under Monk, we’re well below average
  8. I honestly thought I’d never see a worse manager than Jos every week he he stays in his job is another nail in the coffin
  9. FFP regulation will have to be adjusted to reflect the covid effect going forward. It’ll be interesting to see how the authorities choose to handle it. With the EFL in charge, it promises to be interesting.....
  10. No doubt if he has a poor game v Cardiff, he’ll be short of games, not match sharp etc Monk works in mysterious ways, that’s for sure!
  11. Agree with most of the OP, although I felt the football was better under Jack than Wilkinson. Trevor Francis was a far better manager than he got credit for, he was building a really useful side, we’d just got too big for our boots and didn’t afford him the time to achieve greater things.
  12. It’s probably his age that’s the problem, Monk certainly appears to want a younger and cheaper squad. Maybe they spoke to him, who knows, maybe he didn’t fancy the slog this season will undoubtedly become
  13. Looks to be heading to Bristol City on a one year deal must be getting on a bit so probably a good deal for him
  14. Because he’s a dirty scrubber who hates us almost as much as we hate him!
  15. Rhodes certainly wasn’t in the right position - he was on the pitch!!
  16. The days of signing players anybody has heard of are a distant memory
  17. Good luck to the lad, hope he can stay injury free
  18. How do you quantify Beattie’s influence? What’s to say another coach wouldn’t have achieved more? trying to think who our ast mgr was when Hirst was banging all those goals in so he can take the credit
  19. Having achieved bugger all when they’ve worked together before, I can hardly contain my excitement. Monk isn’t the man to keep us up next season whoever he brings in to coach
  20. Great footballer, but disrespected the club and the fans. Never understand why people blame the manager and chairman. He pushed the ref, no one else!
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