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  1. Great to see someone make a stance like that. I’ve met him a couple of times and he always struck me as a decent guy.
  2. I’ve got a couple of mates who work out in the Middle East. They do it because they make a fortune. Good on em I say and the same for Carlos.
  3. Im sure you’re right mate. It’s just that with their owner’s ‘history’ these things are joked about a lot down here
  4. For me, two definite penalties. Makes you wonder about the integrity of football sometimes with the vast sums of money involved
  5. No doubt they’ll be busy deciding who to blame for what is clearly a travesty of justice
  6. They keep getting away with so they’ll keep doing it!
  7. Carlton Palmer was a really good player, no doubt about it. Debating who was better than him or not so good etc is for the fans, not for him. Just makes him look a bit daft. Relax Carlton, show a bit of humility or just shut up
  8. Gary Shelton. Covered every blade of grass, tackled like a demon and never gave less than 100%
  9. I’d like to see him stay, it wouldn’t be easy to replace him with a player of similar ability in L1. The key though is that it gets decided quickly to give the manager time to plan for the coming season
  10. He’ll be on nothing if he’s been released, surely? He may demand fortunes, but I doubt there’ll be a big queue of clubs willing to pay them.
  11. There are children who don’t have clean water to drink. Makes you think…………
  12. It’s so sad that some ‘fans’ are desperate to find something, anything, to criticise our own players. I’m struggling to see what he’s done wrong. Just having a bit of banter on Twitter. He’s a football fan too.
  13. It’s the pigs, they’ll screw it up They always do
  14. A third would be no more than Forest deserve
  15. Surprised it’s not ‘kids for a quid’
  16. It’s so bloody awkward, not to mention expensive to pay on the gate. Living away from Sheffield it’s just doesn’t make sense to have a season ticket. Night matches when people have to leave work, fight through traffic before even getting on the motorway and heading to Sheffield needs an easy entry to the ground. The club needs every pound of income it can generate. There’s a lack of commerciality around getting bums on seats
  17. I hope Forest don’t end up regretting all these missed chances
  18. I’m struggling to remember a worse kit than Forest’s today
  19. Aside from any FFP issues that may or may not arise, I can’t see there being much additional spending on the playing side. I expect we’ll operate with a smaller squad than this season and see the departure of our better players to further reduce, what are huge trading losses
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