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  1. The accountants just need to sign them off as ‘a true and fair reflection’ of the business as of the date. just saying.............
  2. Good to know Did he give any indication of where his brain is hiding out??
  3. Nothing in his record to get excited about, but in view of the state of the club and the owner, probably as good as we could hope for
  4. I guess a quick look at our latest accounts would confirm the amounts paid to agents. Oh, hang on a minute.........
  5. It’s looking pretty grim now. we were never going to win tonight, it’s defeats to the likes of Rovrum and Coventry that will ultimately see us relegated
  6. Looking at Florist and Toytown scores, this has become a ‘must win’ game
  7. Pay the players their full wages, on time, every month
  8. I’m no accountant but I would have thought the tax and NI would fall due when the wages fall due, not when they are eventually paid? it’s never good to be in debt but particularly bad when the creditor is HMRC To be so late, again, suggests something very serious is going on
  9. Looks like things aren’t going too well for old Mick at Cardiff. He’s still 25/1 to be our next boss on Skybet.
  10. Suspect you’re not even on this planet
  11. Maybe it’s the presence of said sharks that made him steer well clear!! Too much self respect to be seen working with certain people at the club
  12. I get your point, but when we clearly can’t afford to pay the players on time, money is a huge priority right now. It’s possible we need the cash from a player sale to keep the business afloat
  13. Needs to be someone with enough cash to not be distracted by not getting paid at the end of the month
  14. We are up the proverbial creek without a doubt. The business is wholly owned by DC, he makes the decisions and takes the consequences. He may or may not have thrown £350m at it and heaven knows what he stands to lose if he looks to sell up. Maybe all of it? Where’s the motivation to sell, he might as well hang on, pray he makes a successful appointment (that’d make a change) and slowly crawls forward. The financial performance suggests the business has little value and it could be questionable whether it’s a going concern. As fans, we are just powerless cust
  15. The compo will be minimal. Very little is paid nowadays outside of the premiership
  16. Mid 70s was absolutely awful. The football was, give or take, a similar shocking standard, but this is more worrying and depressing somehow. Even as we were hovering on the precipice of Div 4, it didn’t feel as bad as this
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