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  1. Dawson -6 - Baker - 5 Fox - 6 Lees - 6 Thorniley - 7 Matias - 4 Bannan - 6 Onomah - 4 Reach - 3 Nuhiu - 6 Joao - 5 Pudil - 5 Fletcher - 6
  2. Penney needs a rest! Come on. He’s just had a week off. Just when you think Jos can’t surprise you. Fox for Penny. Poor decision for me unless he’s injured.
  3. trotter

    Matt Penney

    This....Tom Lees was in no mans land for both their goals
  4. I think he ended up our top scorer that season
  5. trotter

    Who's the second toughest

    After Mick Lyons, I'd go with Lawrie Madden or Jeff King.
  6. trotter

    Youth Players Tonight

    Thought Preston, Baker and Neilson all did ok to be honest. Lee composed on the ball and a bit too defensive but probably told to play that way
  7. trotter

    Man of the match & scores

    Wildsmith 5 constantly put defenders under pressure with short kicks, (although probably down to tactics) misjudged the shot that hit the post I thought. Baker 7 (motm) Nielson 6 Hutch 6 Fox 4 Preston 6 - decent first half but faded Jones 5 - (decent first 15 minutes) Lee 5 Boyd 5 Forestieri 5 - For me, ineffective in that position, looks so much more dangerous wide and cutting in. Fletcher 5 Nuhiu 6 Just never felt like we gave it a go tonight even though Wolves were decent
  8. trotter

    Man of the match & scores

    I was at the game and am finding it difficult to answer that question. 11 defenders I think.
  9. trotter

    Fox, Boyd and Jones

    Thought Jones had a decent first 15 minutes, after that, not so good. Fox is just out of his depth.
  10. Even if you are playing a better team, in a cup match, you want to come away feeling like your team had a right go. There was none of that tonight. Devoid of pace, tactics and ideas. I don't know where the three shots on target came from. The only one I can recall was the deflected header in the first few minutes. For all Jos's talk of passion yesterday, I didn't see much evidence of it tonight. Really disappointing but you can't blame the kids, it's down to tactics for me.
  11. trotter

    Man of the match and ratings

    That was Penney.
  12. trotter

    Man of the match and ratings

    Dawson 6 Palmer 6 Lees 5 Thorniley 7 Penney 7  Bannan 6 Pelupessy 6 Reach 5 Matias 6 Nuhui 5 Joao 6 scrappy today but take the win. Thorniley and Penney for me with Penney edging it for me. Great foot in near the end. Lees form a concern for me.
  13. trotter

    Player Ratings

    Dawson 7 Penney 7 Thorniley 7 Lees 6 Palmer 7 Pelupessy 7 Preston 6 Bannan 8 Reach 8 Fletcher 7 Matias 7 Nuhiu - 7 FF - 6 Boyd - 5
  14. trotter

    Marco Matias

    We really missed him when he came off both for his defensive tracking back and for his running the channels between their defenders. Didn't give their defence a minutes peace.
  15. trotter

    Man Of The Match

    Reach for me but honourable mentions for Bannan, Penny and Matias.