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  1. trotter

    Nuhiu: Player of the month

    Maybe its more to do with the team starting to play balls into his feet rather than just lump it at his head because he is 6'5
  2. Dawson decent, Hunt, Loovens, Boyd and Joao average. Rest utter shuffle.
  3. Eric Taylor - Served the club all his life
  4. Have to agree to disagree on this one. Willie was widely regarded as one of the best british players of his era in that position, something that would never be said of Wallace. Anyone who saw his two seasons at Hillsborough knows just how good he was, and that was when he was past his best.
  5. If Wallace had a tenth of Willie's talent he would be a far better player than he is
  6. How refreshing to hear a straightforward, thoughtful conference. No gimmicks, no bullshit. Accepting responsibility. It's early days but I think every wednesdayite would want him to succeed. Simply a class act.
  7. trotter

    Player Ratings

    Westwood- 6 Palmer- 3. If there was an award for hitting the first defender with a cross he’d be world class Loovens- 4 Van Aken- 5 Fox- 4 Wallace- 3 Jones- 3 Bannan- 4 Reach- 4 Rhodes- 5 Hooper- 4 another dreary performance. The whole of the midfield were dreadful.
  8. JJ - Pace, passion and aggression - he'd be another Carlos bench warmer.
  9. trotter

    Man of match poll

    And his final ball is pants. Loopy crosses with no pace
  10. trotter

    Tonight’s performance

    Joking surely....couldn't cross a road
  11. Hmmmm. That was certainly born out at Bolton