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  1. Westwood 5 - 2 great saves but irrelevant when you make two errors. Distribution so slow again. Palmer 5 - Just off form, needs a break Iorfa 7 Lees 7 Fox 7 Murphy 7 Bannan 5 - never really got into the game Lee 6 - still not the player he was Harris 5 - struggled again Fletcher - 5 missed good chances, and some of hold up play ineffective Nuhiu 7 - put a shift in and some good link play. Should have stayed on. We lost our shape when he went off. Reach 7 Forestieri 6 Didn't get the subs today. Nuhiu and Murphy were two of the better performers. Fletcher and Harris should probably have been pulled.
  2. Agree with much of what is said here. Social media has a lot to answer for but people have forgotten that this is supposed to be entertainment. The season we went down under Big Ron, I don’t recall people calling for his head. That was because we tried to play football the right way. It was entertaining and enjoyable. We continued to play that way in the then, second division and reaped the rewards. Yes we had better players, but we recruited well and had players that wanted to play for the club. We didn’t always win but it was a lot more fun than the majority of games we have seen over the last few years.
  3. I just don’t get the tactics. 2 upfront and the best performance of the season against Leeds. Then go to bottom half Blackburn with one upfront. What’s wrong with taking the game to them and letting them worry about us.
  4. Just watched it back on sky. Red card all day long.
  5. Westwood 7 Palmer 7 - improvement on recent games Iorfa 9 - terrific Hutchinson 8 - apart from one scary run, immense Fox 8 - has continued his recent form. Reach 8 - fantastic energy. Bannan 7 - some good touches but some frustrating set pieces Pelupessy 8 - gets an extra point for putting a great shift in as a last minute replacement Harris 7 quiet at time but always dangerous Fletcher 8 - if only. Needs a bit of luck. Nuhiu 8 - a beast but with some great touches Forestieri 6 Lee 6 Gutted we didn’t pinch it but the best game I’ve seen at Hillsborough in a long time.
  6. He did but missed the clear elbow on Joey.
  7. I think it’s his best position. When he had a run there a while ago he hardly got booked. Apart from one risky run he was immense today. He reads the game brilliantly.
  8. Dawson - 7 - Did everything asked of him Palmer - 5 - Poor again, seems to have slipped back to his old ways Iorfa - 6 - Not as assured as recently Borner - 7 Fox - 8 - MOM for me. Much improved Luongo - 7 Hutchinson - 7 Stupid booking again, and could /should have been booked much earlier Bannan - 6 Reach - 7 Fletcher - 5 Inefective and spent too much time on the floor. Needs more support though, was totally isolated Harris - 6 - Looked a bit jaded Lee - 6 Forestieri - 6 Nuihu - 5 Didn't really understand the tactics in what was a hard watch. No support for Fletcher at all. If they had got any deeper in the second half, they would have been sat in Leppings Lane. This was Cardiff waiting to happen again and would have been had it not been for Dawson's brilliant save.
  9. Dawson - 6 Palmer - 4 - His worst game of the season, lucky not to concede a pen Iorfa - 7 Börner - 8 Fox - 7 - Solid performance for me Reach - 6 Hutch - 8 Luongo - 5 Bannan - 7 Harris - 7 Fletcher - 6 Nuhiu - 6 Murphy - 3 Unless Bannan was injured, didn't understand the substitution. Luongo was anonymous. Less said about Murphy the better. Good first half but we really disappeared in the second, not helped by the strange substitutions and really poor refereeing but that game was really there for the taking
  10. He ended up on Iorfa's left in the centre of the goal. His reaction suggested he knew he was at fault. Both goals against Everton came down the right hand side. Suspect defensively for me.
  11. Westwood - 7 - Decent game Odubajo - 5 - good attacking intent but awol for the goal. For some reason he was on the left hand side of Iorfa. Iorfa - 5 - also culpable for the goal Börner - 7 Palmer - 5 - final ball poor Reach - 4 - am a Reach fan but that was the worst game I have seen him have Bannan - 6 - started well but faded Hutchinson - 5 - unusually anonymous Harris - 5 - never really got going Winnall - 4 - seems off the pace and slow Nuhiu - 6 - battled away Rhodes - 5 - Mistimed header apart, contributed very little Murphy - 6 A few encouraging signs, great pull back for Reach Lee - N/A
  12. Bang on. Hutch does his job. Bannan isn’t playing well and drags us so deep but is apparently undropable.
  13. Dawson - 7 no chance with goals, distribution ok Moses - 5 two diagonal balls into the right back area, two goals. Says it all. Fox - 6 defensively sound, crossing poor Thorniley - 7 steady Iorfa - 6 missed an absolute sitter Murphy - 4 flatters to deceive still Joey - 7 broke up play, didn't get dragged too deep. Luongo - 7 broke up play, didn't get dragged too deep. Reach - 7 - created the best chances we had Nuhiu - 7 - linked play well Winnall - 5 - yard off the pace and missed two good chances Rhodes - 6 - held ball up, no real chances Fletcher - 6 Harris - 5 Didn't really get into the game Overall, I thought we did ok. Certainly didn't get dragged as deep as in recent games.
  14. There is no agenda. It’s all about opinions. I think at at the moment he drags the team far too deep and I do not agree that so far this season he has been one of our best performers. I would like to perhaps try Luongo in there, or maybe a central 2 of Lee and Hutch if fit. Respect your view though.
  15. I wasn't at the Reading game but I would say that the performance against Barnsley was better than the Huddersfield game, significantly so. We pressed and played with an energy that has been sadly lacking in other games.
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