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  1. Dawson - 5 Palmer - 4 Lees - 3 Iorfa - 3 Börner - 3 Lee - 5 Bannan - 3 Windass - 3 Da Cruz - 4 FF - 5 Wickham - 3 Nuhiu - 3 Murphy - 4 Harris- 5
  2. No wonder there is a lack of application from the players. There is no sanction. Dismal performance Saturday and just one change. I really don’t get it.
  3. You can’t blame the defence or his midfield partner when he can’t get a corner past the near post.
  4. Dawson - 5 Palmer - 6 Lees - 5 Borner - 5 Iorfa - 5 Bannan - 3 Peupessy - 3 Da Cruz - 7 - MOM on a very poor day. Hard to choose. Windass - 5 Forestieri - 6 Wickham - 5 Murphy - 5 Lee - 3 Something has to change in central midfield. Creates nothing. Service to forwards non-existant
  5. Midfield shocking again. Zero contribution from Pelupessy, Bannan and FF. Be great if we could get a corner beyond the near post.
  6. Obviously a mistake but the 10 in front of him hardly covering themselves in glory either
  7. Felt sorry for him yesterday. He was constantly fouled and got nothing. Their centre half was even bigger than Atdhe yet we continued to ping the ball in the air. He is decent with his feet but we never play the ball into him.
  8. Worst I have seen for a long time for both sides. Not all physical contact is a foul and not every foul is a yellow card
  9. Dawson 6 - Did what he had to do Palmer 6 - Steady Iorfa - 7 MOM. Got his head on everything Borner 6 - steady Moses 6 - Still frightens me and frequently out of position. Better today though. Murphy 6 - Decent early but faded Jp - Far too deep and poor distribution Reach - Good energy but no end product Bannan - 5 Too deep and poor distribution Harris 5 - never got into game Nuhiu 6 - Got no change out of a very poor ref or two huge centre backs. Playing this system, we should be playing balls into his feet not just drilling them into his head. FF and Da Cruz - 6 Both brought a bit of energy. Ref 3 - worst I have seen for a long time for both sides. Not all physical contact is a foul and not every foul is a yellow card Monk - 3 Not true to his word. Was expecting wholesale changes after his comments on Wednesday but he bottled it. Poor tactics today. Ball into Dave's feet and people running off him would make much more sense.
  10. Hutch seems to get injured less and booked less when playing at centre back. He reads the game well and has the ability to play out from the back. Best centre half at the club by a distance for me and can't understand why we don't play him there more often
  11. Only for the elite few. It's a lifeline for such as Shrewsbury
  12. Its about time they asked the fans what they want. Has football really changed for the better. I'm not so sure. I was quite happy with my team playing 42 games a season, primarily on a Saturday at 3, or Tuesday and Wednesday night. A squad of 15 or 16 players for the whole season. As for the cup, it used to be magical. I was fortunate enough to see 4 of the 5 games v Arsenal in 1979. Those nights at Leicester were fantastic. I don't recall Big Jack or any of our players moaning about fatigue or a winter break. Footballers don't know how lucky they are and at the risk of sounding like my Dad, money has ruined the game.
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