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  1. Westwood 6 - wish he would speed up his distribution Odubajo 5 Iorfa 7 Borner 8 - mom Palmer 6 Hutchinson 7 Reach 7 Bannan 6 Murphy 4 - Really disappointing. Harris 7 Fletcher 7 Winnall 7 Nuhiu 7 Lee n/a Thought it was same old same old until Murphy went off. Much better after that.
  2. I kind of agree but if we are not careful we will have the players picking the manager. That can’t be right.
  3. Playing against Iorfa, my Gran would have done a job on us today!
  4. Westwood 6 Palmer 5 Iorfa 3 Borner 6 Fox 6 Reach 5 Bannan 3 Hutch 6 Fernando 4 Harris 6 Fletcher 6
  5. I disagree. It’s not the tactics that gave away 2 daft penalties. It’s not tactics when our midfield players can’t execute simple passes. Bannan’s passing in particular was poor yesterday.
  6. It’s all very well blaming Bully but some of the players need to look at themselves. Moses, Bannan, Murphy, FF all very poor today.
  7. Westwood 6 Odubajo 2 - oh dear. Lees 6 Borner 6 Fox 7 Hutchinson 6 Lee 6 Bannan 5 Murphy 5 Harris 6 Fletcher 6 Forestieri 5 Reach 6 Nuhiu 8 Dreadful first hour. The half time sub didn’t really work. FF looked lost. Midfield generally poor. Never got into the game. Credit it where credit is due. Nuhiu injected some much needed urgency.
  8. I don’t get all this “it’s not pretty “. Some people have short memories. The football so far this season has been a damn sight more exciting than Carlos’s last season and the whole of Jos’s reign. And we we are winning. Not a lot to complain about so far.
  9. Great to have a manager interview that is actually honest, straightforward and understandable. Whats not to like.
  10. Westwood - 6 Odubajo - 7 Lees - 7 Börner 9 Fox - 7 Murphy - 7 Reach - 6 Hutchinson - 8 Bannan - 5 Harris - 8 Fletcher - 6 Winnall- 5
  11. Maybe in a minority of one but not for me. The way Preston play is not good to watch. Great if you like cheating and diving.
  12. Tbh I didn’t think Palmer did anything wrong. It’s all about opinions about the best 11. Id prefer a left footed left back. I thought Moses looked a bit vulnerable first half and I’d probably put Palmer there. Great to have competition for places.
  13. Bring Bazza back, move Reach to left back then choose between Palmer, Moses and Iorfa for right back.
  14. Noticeable that the new signings all spoke very positively about their discussions with Bully.
  15. Interesting that the new signings all spoke very positively about their discussions with Bully. For me, no doubt Bully has played a part in the best transfer window for ages. All in all, very impressed and a job well done.
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