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  1. I know quite a lot of Ukrainians. The main thing they say about the Ukraine is about how freezing it is in winter. Also it’s in the middle of a conflict with Russia, particularly on the eastern side. But they do really good cakes there, which is nice.
  2. It certainly seems like the past was better but I guess that’s because I’m old. I try to explain how it used to be better without social media to my kids but they just smile at me in that patronising way that I used to smile at my dad and grandad when they use to tell me that things were better before colour TV, chewing gum indoor toilets and and when houses were £500. My youngest summed it up nicely for me the other day. ‘If social media is that cràp Dad, then why is everyone on it all of the time?’ I don’t have an answer to that, I guess I’ll have to Google it to find out…
  3. I’m pretty sure my kids only go for the pies and the Chinese we pick up on the way home. My youngest recently asked when we were playing Sheffield United because they had been demoted from the prem. He didn’t even know we weren’t in the Championship any more.
  4. I definitely think we should put a team out against Ipswich, probably even 11 players. Beyond that I haven’t a clue who our best team is….
  5. It was only the end of last season where there were genuine and legitimate concerns about the future viability of the club. Now people are doing there nut because we aren’t top of the league and destroying all comers week in week out. Of course Moore needs to work on things and get us playing better and picking up more points. But surely there must be a tiny bit of patience while we give him a chance? There are no guarantees Moore is the right man for this job, but I can guarantee firing him before we find out won’t help us one bit!
  6. Moore will be here for the whole season IMO. I think we will make top six which will probably keep him in role for the next season. My assumption is that he will sort out who our strongest 14 players are and get the system he’s playing working a bit more like the first 30 mins of the game on Saturday with a bit more direct stuff in the mix for when things aren’t working out. If my assumption is wrong and we are bottom half at Christmas he’ll be a gonner. But I think he will sort it because he’s a bit inexperienced, not totally stupid.
  7. All price rises are due to: Brexit Pandemic Lorry driver shortages Panama Canal delays or the new one to choose from… Not enough CO2 n the country due to fertiliser factories shutting because the price of natural gas is too high. In the round that’s only a50p rise per issue so not too bad really.
  8. Lower leagues mean lower standards I’m afraid. Yes all teams suffer equally but it makes for a frustrating watch, particularly things like an obviously onside goal being ruled out. I actually met a former ref at a BBQ the other day. Told him I was a Wednesdayite and he actually laughed and said to get ready for some shocking refereeing as it’s a nightmare down in this league and below. In essence no one wants to do it. Its low prestige and low pay. The linesman for a game like yesterday might be on £80 plus expenses. This league is a long way from the £70k retainers plus £1150 per game of the prem!
  9. I can’t be arsed with hysteria when we don’t do well or hyped up excitement when we do. I’m just going to enjoy the games as much as I can and chill out. I like the squad and I like Moore. He needs to sort out his best 14 players pretty soon and he needs to learn how to positively affect games through substitutions and tactical changes. I never thought this would be a promotion season but would like a top six finish. If Moore doesn’t learn fast we will be mid table. We have assembled a pretty good bunch of players on frees and loans. They need to become a team. When we were good today it was because we moved the ball fast and with accuracy forward. But when Shrewsbury regrouped a bit after the pen miss we seemed to crumble. We then misplaced passes and got caught in possession. For me we are going to have to be able to mix it up as well as play through teams. Refereeing/ linesman decisions like today’s are inevitable so we are going to have to learn how to take things on the chin rather than losing focus when things go against us. A bit of long ball as well as fast transitions from defence to mid to attack on the ground. Keep opponents guessing. But as I said at the start, it might come together or it might not. Moore is unproven right now and can become a hero or villain from here. Fingers crossed it works out!
  10. When we were good for the first half an hour we moved the ball very quickly from the back to the attacking players via the midfield. That’s what playing out from the back is supposed to be. Fast, accurate passing to players who are making themselves available for the ball. When we start to look ropey it’s because our passes go astray, we get caught in possession, we struggle to win the ball back and the defenders look like they have just met each other! Our substitutions don’t have any positive impact on the game. I can almost see our style of play in patches but I really don’t think Moore knows what his best 14 players are never mind best 11. He has to figure it out soon though or a mid table finish looks certain.
  11. Shodipo. Good goal ruled off and looked lively and difficult to play against
  12. I don’t think we are heading for relegation mate. Mid table if we don’t sort ourselves out seems most likely.
  13. I didn’t understand that change at all. Thought we would go two up top when he came on. Stick some crosses in to him and Gregory. Instead he’s out on the left making very little difference to the game. Moore has to watch these games back and think through how he could have done things differently. This league is going to be full of rubbish decisions like the offside goal and of big organised teams full of players desperate to make it to the next level. We have to be able to change the outcome of the game with subs.
  14. I think he will be here for the whole season. He’s done well to get a squad together and you can see in patches that we can be good. Where he seems to struggle is in making changes that will affect the outcome of the game. If he figures that out we will make the playoffs. If we don’t we won’t. Either way I don’t think he’ll get the boot during the season and there isn’t much point sacking him given how he’s tailored the squad to his playing style. If we don’t make top 6 he’ll be fired in the close season.
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