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  1. I’m in agreement that that game was the turning point. I’ll never forget walking out of the ground with my brother and nephew in total shock. I think the turning point was a bit earlier than the pen though. We approached the tie with such negativity we deserved to fail really.
  2. You don’t need to wait mate. There are two on the go at the moment
  3. Nothing is going to save us from the drop. This particular piece of money grabbing crappola is about an alternative competition to Champions League. It doesn’t prevent domestic competition still going ahead. The whole thing stinks to high heaven! The founding clubs have a lifetime membership! What kind of league is that?? Where you can never loose your place!!! Total horse manure!
  4. I don’t want him to come back as he’s just a reminder of the sort of stupid decision making we’ve employed for the last few years. Didn’t sign him for £800k, paid for knows how much for Van Aken etc etc. Would rather forget about it all.
  5. To be fair you do say we need extra midfield cover in case of injury and Luongo did get a long term injury which has been a huge problem for us. You also said we need a striker, which we didn’t get. If Luongo had been fit and we had a good centre forward then this season still wouldn’t have been a raging success but I’d bet we wouldn’t be going down.
  6. I just watched it. It wasn’t a good pen by any stretch. Obviously I have seen worse pens, in particular where the player sky’s it, but it was a bit crap. Not many people seem to be calling out Paterson’s shot. In truth he should have absolutely buried it.
  7. Trouble is anyone in the current squad who is good enough to start next season will probably be sold anyway. I think Windass, Bannan, Paterson, Iorfa (if fit) will all be flogged. Even the likes of Penney, Palmer, Urhoghide will probably be gone. Mass exodus is coming our way.
  8. Brown has not been a good signing. When he comes on as a sub he looks absolutely dreadful. The oddest thing though is when he’s started games he’s been Ok. Even in the Luton game he wasn’t at fault for the loss and played Ok. The Rotherham corner was a shambles but it’s not like he lost us the game single handed. What a waste of money and yet another baffling signing. Bet he’ll end up at a championship club next season.
  9. We are going down because we are the third worst team in the league. We have played 42 games, won 11 and drawn 9. That’s the reason. It’s because we are rubbish. If we had got more points we wouldn’t be going down. What more is there to say?
  10. You can’t post something like that mate. Now I’m going to spend all afternoon wondering what you are having!
  11. That was definitely an error on skybets behalf. I’m glad some people managed to punish them for the error but gambling doesn’t ever pay in the long term.
  12. So your saying our football teams are rubbish because the people of Sheffield are a bunch of moaning tightwads who are horrible to our players? In one sense I kind of agree. I am certainly a moaning tightwad and I know many fine Sheffielders who would happily admit the same. Where our views probably differ is that I just don’t think that makes much difference to the clubs in the modern game. Blades are going down because they didn’t spend well enough. We are going down because of the club’s financial mismanagement. The tightness and moaning of the fans doesn’t really affect the game as
  13. They are just so different it’s hard to compare them. I like Paterson and think he’d benefit from playing along side a target man. He isn’t a skilful player but he’s a handful and at least he seems to care! Nuhiu was a good servant of the club. I think if we’d have kept him there would be more points on the board. But would there be more points on the board if we had Nuhiu instead of Paterson? I’m not sure. Reality is we should have kept Nuhiu on a 12 month deal. We’d then be moaning about how close to relegation we had got rather than actually going down.
  14. Brilliant I think Joey Pelupessy is a bit duff. But not the worst in 50 years at the club. I think Adem was worse, particularly as he played for us when we were good. Might be wrong of course. But I’ll take your word for it that he was a bellend!
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