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  1. I think we have signed all the players we are going to sign I’m afraid.
  2. Going back to what kicked this off your response to someone saying they would keep going to the game with his daughter was: “Than your part of the problem,blind,unseeing loyalty.....”. I 100% characterise that as ‘slating someone’. I had to laugh at the link though. Genuinely? The deep insight into Thai culture is from a ‘a few things you should know about Thai People’ site!? Genius!
  3. The problem I have with your comments is that you are telling people what they should and should do and that if they don’t agree with you they are a problem, while simultaneously quoting your own right to free speech. You also don’t see how and why other people might make a different decision based on criteria that are very valid to them. In my case I either go or my blind dad doesn’t go. He want to go, so I am going. I also believe boycotting the club would probably be counter productive financially and would accelerate our decline. On the Thai culture piece I just don’t buy into the not
  4. If people want to go that’s up to them. If people want to get tattoos of Chansiri on their bum cheeks it’s up to them! You can’t quote a right to free speech and then say people shouldn’t exercise their own right to freedom of action!
  5. This comment baffles me. If someone feels more inclined to go than not, based on the fact that it’s a family event and they like going then they are part of a problem? What a load of drivel! If you feel it so strongly I shall look forward to seeing you on a picket line on matchdays shouting at anyone who is going to the ground?!
  6. I go with my dad who is in his 80s and pretty well on his way to going blind. I’ve asked him if he wants to go. If he’s going then I’m going. For the first time in his whole life he had to mull it over for a bit. I won’t quote him exactly as it won’t make it through the swear filter but it’s was along the lines of ‘I’m not gong to let anyone else ruin our days out’. So that’s that. When fans are allowed in I’ll be there. I don’t blame others if they don’t want to go. But also would defend anyone who feels they want to go.
  7. Administration is a risky thing to wish for. An administrators role is to try and stop the club from being wound up. If they succeed the club survives. If they fail the club is wound up. I would hope we would survive and new investment would be found. But I have a rose tinted view of how attractive Sheffield Wednesday is as an investment prospect. If we go into administration post relegation and DC leaves us with huge unpaid bills and no real assets other than the brand then it could be the actual end of the club. Maybe it’s better than the current shît show but it’s not a pain free cure
  8. The plot isn’t worth £30million. Your calculation method is flawed. You based the valuation on non comparable areas. To value land you take the sale price of the completed property, then take off the profit a developer needs to make (normally has to be an absolute minimum of 15%, remember you’ve got to finance the build and cover the running costs of your company. Really you want 20% in case property prices fluctuate). You then take off the cost to build. You then take off the costs of getting planning etc. You then take off other costs such as surveys, legal, QS etc etc.
  9. And I build properties here. But the place is what it is.
  10. In that kind of location you would want to be paying £30k or so per plot if you were going to build houses. The area is not desirable for any other reason than the tram stop is there. Win Gardens would be your neighbour! Cant imagine you would get anything like enough houses on it to make it get close to £30million. I strongly suspect that’s why it hasn’t been done before.
  11. Having just read the whole thread yes, it appears the OP is very much correct. There is a unified desire for Chansiri and his advisor to go. There also seems to be unity in the fact no one seems to think it will happen by any positive means and that Administration might very well be on the horizon. Is there anything that can really be done? Chansiri has to get rid of Paixao and replace him with a DoF but the fact he hasn’t so far can only make we assume he won’t in the future. The mad thing is these nothing good in the situation for anyone! It’s not like Paixao can possibly be getting
  12. The best thing for Shaw is to be getting games. This is the thing that increases his value and his wages the most. I thought that was us a few days ago. But now I think it probably isn’t. How do we balls these things up so bad? (Don’t answer, I know how and why).
  13. I like Windass and think he is a decent player but 100% agree that up front on his own is definitely not going to keep us up. He simply and evidently isn’t a lone striker! It’s a joke that we stick with it. But in all honesty it’s hard to see an alternative in the current squad that would work any better.
  14. We were bad at football tonight. Only three sleeps till the next game!
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