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  1. Being able to get more money without having relocate his family (made more important by the fact his wife is pregnant) and play in front of bigger crowds and probably be the first name on the team sheet. Sounds like the kind of decision it’s not that hard to make….
  2. I used to love a player manager. No better sight than a manager bringing himself on for the last 20 mins. Apart from watching a player manager subbing himself off after having a shocker.
  3. Maybe he could managed Brum and play for us. We are in different divisions so no conflict of interests.
  4. Of course it will have an affect. As to what the affect will be depends on the who comes in. If for example Dean is made player manager then I’d say our chances of signing him are diminished.
  5. Good for him. I cant see him as the first choice keeper really but if he is I hope he makes a good go of it. If he is reserve keeper I wonder if he’ll sit on the wrong bench by accident when he comes back to Hillsborough…
  6. Fortunately we will be getting promoted this season as champions this season.
  7. The key bit is planning for as many eventualities as you can. You can’t plan for too many though, because it’s cost prohibitive.
  8. 24 appearances in the last three years! It’s a yes from me. We need some more injury prone players in different positions.
  9. Main positive is half the team didn’t get stretchered off. After our recent injury nightmares that’s more reassuring than anything else…
  10. I hear what you are saying and don’t massively disagree but the thread is about separating needs from wants. In the CB role in particular I really don’t think we want three spare CBs in the squad. I think our need is for a strong starting 11, plus a strong 5 subs and then players who can cover a number of roles (like Paterson/ Palmer can). Sure I want 2+ high quality players for every slot but it can’t possibly happen given FFP. As for the injury problems that’s something we are just going to have to solve if we are going to go up. You can’t possibly base your entire recruitment strategy around assuming everyone we sign will be a crock as soon as they walk through our door. Because there no way we could afford it!
  11. I agree we need an extra CB and wouldn’t object to two, but the biggest problem that led to the above was the CBs we had were injury prone. Iorfa, Hutch, Dunkley were always a risk. We then brought in Dean and Storey and Dean immediately got injured. We need cover but more importantly we need players who are fit and available. We really shouldn’t need 6 players for three slots.
  12. Given that I’m absolutely fully expecting automatic promotion this season then for that to happen I think we ‘need’ at least two players. One left footed centre back and one backup left footed wingback. I’d then like a couple of young fast players to give us alternatives in attack. To go up automatically we will need to absolutely max out on the five subs rule that’s coming in. Fresh legs at wingback are going to be crucial. Palmer/ hunt are good on the right. But left sided we need backup for Marv. We also start so many attacks from centre back a left footed CB to overlap with the left wingback is also going to be crucial. Up front and in minefield we have good options already but a bit of pace to bring on late in games is also going to be useful.
  13. I guess it will be a generic Macron top with an iron badge like last year. They auctioned off last seasons pre-season kit I think for charity and I hope they do the same this time around.
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