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  1. Oxford was a ‘must win’ (or at least a mustn’t lose) and that worked out well. The run of games between now and the end of Feb is ‘Last chance saloon’ for DM. He’s managed to attract more players and if he can’t get us performing with the squad we now have he never will.
  2. Agreed. We have the personnel in all areas of the pitch and should have enough squad depth to get the points we need to get into a playoff spot over the next dozen games. If Feb is a washout DM should quit because if he can’t make it work now he never will.
  3. I’m guessing we will stick to the system we’ve been playing. We have so many games coming up there is little chance of Hutch playing all of them. As for up front we’ve been lucky Gregory hasn’t had any long layoffs so far but he’s knocking on a bit and theres going to have to be some rotation up front as well.
  4. He is a centre back. We need centre backs. What’s not to like?
  5. There are 27 points to play for between now and the end of Feb. Wonder how many of those we will grab and how the table will look then?
  6. I hope he is exactly what we need to push on for promotion. I have no reason whatsoever to think he might be but here’s hoping nevertheless!
  7. I suppose a worse outcome would have been a manager who could even assemble a squad. But on the second part I’ve thought the same myself a few times. Would having no manager and letting the team chose their own side and tactics be any worse? Quite possibly not.
  8. Ok. So I’m on board. I’m impatient. I don’t accept failure. What next? What do we, the humble customer do to make things change? I’ve already not bought next seasons ticket. And now I’m out of ideas…
  9. It is entirely possible that sticking with Monk, Pulis or even Joss would have had a better outcome than we got from appointing Moore. It is also entirely possible that sticking with the above managers would have had a worse or indeed absolutely identical outcome. There is never ever any way of knowing. What I can say for certain is that we will struggle to get anyone decent to come and manage us for the foreseeable future (Redbull takeover notwithstanding). We might get lucky and appoint a player as a manager who turns out to be a terrific manager but that doesn’t happen that often. We are in horrible shape as a club. Moore clearly has massive shortcomings as a manager. But I suspect he will be here until, the end of Feb at least and be given the chance to get us into the playoffs over the upcoming nine games. If he pulls it off he will save his job. If not he should and probably will get fired. IMO.
  10. Thanks for the recommend on this pal. Cheered me up no end and now I understand Bully’s reasons for going there!
  11. I love a Sheffcam vid. Quote of the vid: ‘just fûcking head it’. Exactly this. You have to have someone in there, who can and will just get their nut on anything and everything that comes into the box. I was glad DM started the same team. Why wouldn’t you? But the mistake for me was putting on Brown for Mendez Laing. At 2-2 that’s when Storey should have been coming on. By then it was obvious what was working against us and the extra height in the middle would have been the way to go IMO. Story on for NML, switch Johnson to wingback or even move to 4 at the back. Then we would all probably be moaning about a draw rather than a loss.
  12. I only have interest in Wednesday. I don’t even look at the other league tables other than the one we are in. It’s not because I’m a super fan or anything. I just think football has become a bit of a shîte sport really. I support Wednesday because I always have and I enjoy matches with my dad. My two sons are notional Wednesdayites but actually have been to our local non league side twenty times more than they have been to Hillsborough.
  13. It’s a bit of fun to think of Carlos coming back but it will never happen. He’s now unattainable for us. We are in such a mess I doubt any decent manager would want to come here. The Di Canio suggestion is the type of thing that has legs because whatever you think of the bloke he would probably actually come here. New owners is the only chance we have to turn things around. God knows how likely that is though.
  14. I love the idea of a pork pie snake. Is it a string of small pork pies laid end to end to look like a snake? Or a snake that loves a pork pie? Either way it’s a winner.
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