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  1. To be fair to Dunkley, even if he's been arrogant and seen himself above the rules, then he's just like those who set out the rules in the first place. And surely Hillsborough is his place of work so the rules don't apply.
  2. And let's not forget Pompey had an injury crisis with 2 or 3 missing.
  3. He is the Onen and only, nobody he'd rather be
  4. Wish I'd have stopped watching after seeing us win the cointoss. Probably only thing we'll win this series. Australia won't need 2 innings this match.
  5. Without their versatility, where would we be right now, honestly? Both will happily fit in anywhere, no complaints and give it their best. Model professionals.
  6. Can't reveal my sources, but I've received a photo of the equipment our physios have been supplied with
  7. Give youngsters game time and they'll aways come good (just like in fifa) A 2 goal lead is a comfortable cushion. What are yours?
  8. Paterson and Shodipo in might be a good move against a physical side. Paterson always up for a battle, and Shodipo might be a better option than Theo early on, hopefully he can come on and make an impact.
  9. BPF Hunt - Paterson - Dunkley - Brennan - Shodipo ----------- Luongo - Bannan --------------- Windass ---------- Gregory - Kamberi
  10. Live on HBO in the states as an exclusive Pay Per View event. "The Wednesdays vs The Wanderers battle it out to see which W will take away the W. Watch it here, live on HBO for only $42.99"
  11. How about: Lee, Lee, Gregory He kicks goals in for Wednesday Scores with his left, scores with his right, even on a rainy Tuesday night. ... No?
  12. Think he just needs to mark Vokes. No point battling with Akinfenwa. Let him bring it down, he's not exactly technically gifted, fast or prolific.
  13. Dunkley, on current form keeps Iorfa out of the squad, if/when he returns. Dunkley is a leader, and when given that role has been more commanding this season than Iorfa. When he partners him, Iorfa is the main man and Dunkley looks a shadow of the player he is now. It's like you take that responsibility away from him, you stifle him.
  14. I agree, we haven't cracked it yet. But the last two results have put a stop to the rot, where we seemed weak mentally throwing away leads and not grinding out results when things aren't going our way.
  15. Late winners are always much more satisfying against teams who waste time from the 1st minute. They didn't go down so easy, or take their time with the throw ins after the Windass goal did they?
  16. Could the last 2 victories be season defining? Not just the performances, but the manner of the victory. After a bright start at Accrington, we all thought "here we go again" when they pulled it back to 3-2. But we stayed composed and claimed the win. Yesterday, by far the most confident, probing and dominant performance of the season but we couldn't get the break we needed, then a superb goal against the run of play. Usually that's a sucker punch and we crumble. Yesterday we kept at it, kept on top and fought for the result we throughly deserved. From a mentality point of view, surely the manner of those victories are healing some of those past scars?
  17. I don't think so. Dunkley could easily have had a hatrick. Corbeanu himself could have had one too. Like their great goal, on another day Bannans effort flies in. And out of those countless corners, another day one drops for us in the 6 yard box. A couple of times Gregory almost got a toe to a cross to guide it in. All I'm saying is MK Don's couldn't do much to stop us, we just couldn't find the finish ourselves, and their keeper had a very good day. Did really well to hold on to a couple he could have spilled into danger.
  18. A lot of them saying if they held one they'd be praising the manager for a dogged performance. No matter the result, surely they couldn't be happy with that? They were dominated by a team bellow them in the league for the full 90 minutes. On another day, it's 7-0 and that doesn't flatter us. They didn't defend well like they are suggesting, we created chances at will just couldn't finish it off. They were by a distance the poorest side we've faced all season, we looked a complete class above which we haven't done against anyone so far this season. But credit to the MK Don's Team, after 93 minutes of falling over from gusts of wind and time wasting, after 93 minutes they saw the error in their ways and turned over a new leaf. Good luck with the new found attitude and sportsmanship.
  19. Best half I've seen all season. Imposing, positive performance just not got the goals. Look like a real team, probing with confidence and control which we haven't seen too often this year. Dunkley is a leader and looks so much better when he is that. Alongside Iorfa he looked lost without the responsibility but looks much better now. Possibly our biggest areil threat since Reda? Corbeanu has been quiet but there's always some magic to come from him. If this team is finally starting to click, and we can phase in Windass, bring Luongo and Adeniran back in, we're still in the chase. But obviously, this is Sheffield Wednesday, I was so positive after the Sunderland game but then Plymouth happened.
  20. Looks like we've got 3 defenders in back 3. Surely can't be right. Unless Corbeanu is centre back today with Bashiru left and Palmer centre mid?
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