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  1. Can’t believe that. Daylight bloody robbery. Ref might aswell have played in their no.9 shirt.
  2. If the Murphy’s swap shirts at the end we might never see Jacob again.
  3. Love how the pundits say Murphy should run at Palmer more. Are they overlooking the fact that he is a Scottish international?
  4. Unless the ref abandons the game because his feet get wet
  5. Hopefully the weather kills the game for us at 1-0
  6. Tea leaves say we get one. Dawson from 80 yards.
  7. I’d leave things as they are until the last 15 mins, then bring Forestieri on to exploit the fact that Cardiff will be pushing forward leaving gaps at the back, by that point. 2-0 at that point of the game kills it
  8. I fancy Dawson for a clean sh.....ould I stop at this point I ask myself?
  9. It is the weekend. I think Clarissa looks good in them. Not sure about his blouse though.
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