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Community Answers

  1. I believe there is always value in assessing our chances for next season after releasing players and in advance of any new recruits. Always a good benchmark.
  2. There is no money in Argentinian football. There is no money in Argentina full stop. Serious economic problems and they blame Dean Windass for the Falklands War. I'd stay here if I was him.
  3. I reckon Moore will already know who he is bringing in, will have spoken to them. Seems organised and professional.
  4. If Sunderland win, their fans may never come back here. Come on Sunderland!
  5. Good luck Saido. May the goals be with you.
  6. If he calls himself a Wednesdayite, and with the money he has earned for himself, he should wish to finish his career with us playing for nothing. Who could argue a case for that?
  7. No, got no interest in any football apart from ours Or matches I may have placed a bet on.
  8. If he was going to make a big impact, he would've had a call from Celtic by now.
  9. All the best Dunks. Ps - Have you ever had a "quiet" night in?
  10. Sorry to see you go Sam. All the best for the rest of your career. Much love
  11. Get him in. Yup we'd be saying that a lot. Get him in, when he's fit. Yesterday's player, move on.
  12. Unless Dawson will be allowed to sign for another club, possibly Exeter, if he wants to leave, Wildsmith is regarded a cheap option for the reserve keeper position, and that frees up enough cash to bring in a decent no.1? Anyhow Dale, if you hadn't been so optimistic with your play off prediction and jinxed it, we would've gone up. I blame you
  13. I think Moore should be trusted with our transfer dealings. Sad to see Hutch go for sentimental reasons, but him, Dunkley, and Berahino going seems good decision making to me if you put head above heart. Wildsmith though. I'll think about it for a while.
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