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  1. Did they complain we bullied them Megson team style though?
  2. His Dad, Les would’ve been proud of him.
  3. We’ll never be mastered, by EFL bast***s, we’ll keep the blue flag flying high
  4. Don’t do graphs me, but we do have a resident graphsman on site somewhere. Just forget who. There’s a graphsman waiting in the sky, I’d like to get to know him but I think he’d blow my mind. Or summat like that.
  5. As Smokey once famously sang (almost), “Harris? Harris? Who the f*** is Harris?”
  6. They’ll just send us down anyway, even if we get 100 points. If Mr C doesn’t win his court case that is. Still, no more salmon or sea food for the EFL’s Christmas bash. That’ll show ‘em.
  7. It was on Swedish channel Sport TV3, with an English commentary. Hope this helps. Sorry it’s a bit late. Blame the Christmas rush. Been busy.
  8. I see again we have a line drawn between those who know their football, and those who think they do (normally those that have rarely played the game). Iorfa all day long despite an excellent two goals and great performance from Fletcher.
  9. Sometimes shoots when a pass is a better option, but apart from that, he’s been a great player for us and fairly consistent too.
  10. League Table prior to the EFL making us their latest scapegoat, in order to minimise the damage to P&S rules via the sale of your ground to your owner loophole.
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