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  1. I saw signs of activity remaining in this thread and immediately wondered if Carlos was still on Talksport and hadn’t finished talking.
  2. I reckon he’s going to cave in on fisheries and being under the jurisdiction of the ECJ too. That’ll be the end of the Tories in addition to the end of Labour and the Liberals and we’ll be voting next time for the Let’s Just Shag Party
  3. Hat-trick nailed on. Then tomorrow we argue we need to keep him.
  4. Happy Birthday pal. I’m working on a job application so shall probably miss the game.
  5. I’ve heard City are crapping themselves.
  6. Firstly I give you Wayne Rooney Followed by Conor McGregor
  7. This is a sign. 4 is the date of my birthday, and also my lucky number. Just saying.
  8. Anyone noticed that Wayne Rooney looks like Connor MacGregor by the way?
  9. He’s cup tied? We don’t need him then. Tell his Mrs to keep him at home. Get the shed tidied out Conor.
  10. Think about your own circumstances. Do you perform better at home with the Mrs, or when you’re playing away from home?
  11. He’s signing for QPR now? How short-sighted of him. He’ll not get to the FA Cup Final with them.
  12. Another soft, shyte, set of Southern wusses please.
  13. Bit of a tease this one. Is he here yet Dad?
  14. A striker gets good service and scores. I think Monk is on to something here.
  15. A good three points in the end. Well done Wednesday.
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