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  1. Thank you for your report, you have a flair for it. Sadly, a naked Chansiri bouncing on the kids' trampoline has put me off my dinner.
  2. Harsh but fair. Thanks for spending money on us Mr Chansiri, it's just a shame that it wasn't on the club's infrastructure, that you messed up the club accounts, cost us points, sent us down, and wasted millions on crap players not fit to wear the Sheffield Wednesday shirt. Furthermore, the club has had no clear direction or business strategy, and club communications have been dire. Ps - The club is worth about £25 million only if you want to sell and Ian Holloway is still waiting for your call.
  3. I couldn't be bothered today. I went to the local dump to get rid of the kids' trampoline and slide. I thought at the ages of 17 and 14 they were probably past the trampoline and slide stage. Talking about slides, how did we perform?
  4. No it was a "Gawd I'm bored, how can I possibly make a pratt of myself again thread"
  5. What about the nice and tight snack attack then?
  6. With Westwood struggling to keep as fit as he used to be, and the other keepers being a bit day and night, have you got any reasonable suggestions we could bring in on the Bo Peep? Attributes required - Ability to command their Brian Coxes. Excellent communicator, a proper Des Walker A good body snatcher Gets half a crown well Excellent blood and snot dirty copper Old Nick off his beer and wine. Good with his plates of meat Got a good stop and go Sorry, but I was dirtywhored.
  7. "Utility man is what utility does". Forrest Gump.
  8. We've got a squad full of shyte. Add Iorfa to Bannan and Urhoghide and that's all there is to build with.
  9. If just 300 of us put in a million quid each, we could buy it.
  10. Old Bolton ground. Pitch was at eye level. Burden Park was it?
  11. Was just trying to work out if I needed to count your fingers that's all
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