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  1. Ok, so I’ve calmed down now so can give a calm, considered opinion. We are shyte, clueless, absolutely diabolical. And we’re led by a clueless plonker of a manager, and an even more clueless owner. We have no immediate future without significant change at every level. Apart from that we should be ok.
  2. To be fair, we’re only 23 players short of a decent squad.
  3. It’s shouty shouty night, don’t go causing consideration and debate, it’s not what we need tonight. We need shouty shouty and fisticuffs. Just STFU and join me for a pint, I’m off to Whitby.
  4. Balls to it. I’m off to Whitby for a pint.
  5. I’d rather have David Icke as our manager.
  6. A good manager can get a performance out of an average set of players. This chump can’t though
  7. I’m fuming. That wasn’t just poor is was bleeding pathetic
  8. You f***ing shyte useless set of bottling c***s. F*ck off and take that useless pr*ck of a manager with you.
  9. Got to admire Monk’s substitutions though. They always make an impact.
  10. Checks iPad and TV screen. All ok. IPad bounced off the TV screen and nothing smashed.
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