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  1. Excellent thread as per Pauli. Probably your best ever. I shall read it later when I can be arsed. In Florida at the moment so will probably read with an iced tea and a piece of key lime pie. Good news about Tay Tay and the Shadow Llama aka Carlton Palmer. Both have recovered from their terminal illnesses after visiting that medical company Hooper, Nando and COG used and recommended on the Westfield Scheme. The one in Barcelona. Tay Tay was going to meet me for a coffee and a day out at Busch Gardens but in the end suggested a threesome instead. Bringing her mate along with her. Some tart called Spritney Beers or something like that. Anyhow about the football. I reckon The Wednesday 23 The Cat Flaps 0 (Nuhiu 23). UTO FTB WTID WAWAW SOS
  2. Snakes and ladders innit.
  3. theowlsman

    I just go

    Any responsible business owner will respond to moaning from his / her customers in a positive way designed to address matters of concern. By definition, moaning is a vehicle for the delivery of improvements.
  4. theowlsman

    I just go

    And I don't sit mystified that some wish their team to be run well, managed well, with a team performing to its optimum. Everyone's different and those who know how to run businesses well will be inclined to point out that ours isn't. And those who have played the game will wish to point out the deficiencies in our playing squad and our tactics. Especially on a forum designed to discuss such things. The attempts to tell others to STFU, however subtle, or from whatever source, should be treated with the disdain deserved.
  5. Atdhe is at least as good as that big Russian lump in the World Cup.
  6. Get through a couple of Premiership Teams and we make a bit of needed wonga. Time to take this competition seriously, and go for it with a very strong side.
  7. Don’t mention a cask. Things are bad enough.
  8. Oh, and if Westwood plays, that would be good too
  9. Let’s get this party started. We have a game coming up and everything can start to look a little better after a win. A great chance for a win, and to boost the confidence levels. Not only a win, but a cracking performance, would all help. I just hope we take the competition seriously and don’t send out a dishevelled, unorganised, team of 2nd stringers, young uns and misfits to get beaten by Sunderland. A good win and a good performance is required please. It’s what we need at the moment.
  10. theowlsman

    The Sheffield Wednesday Card

    Card’s fecked too.
  11. Our shirts are fecked too
  12. His only signing though. Bound to justify it. Not going to slate him is he?
  13. So, I’ve only just got up, and from this thread the only thing I discover is that we are focused on winning the next game? That’s great news. Thanks. A reyt rivetting read.
  14. theowlsman

    SWFC Crop Circle !

    The circle of strife?
  15. theowlsman

    The Tash is well and truly back

    But then sack him. Poor old Stuart.