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  1. Carlos is a diamond geezer. His heart is in the right place and he wants to stay at the club. He’s done the spade work and deserves to stay and finish off the job. It’s alright for you jokers to slate him, but let Mr C deal with it. He’ll sort the situation out when it suits him. Cards on the table now, I see no point in simply shuffling the pack. King Carlos is ace.
  2. Van Anken

    I’ll drive him here myself
  3. Van Anken

    I do hope poor old Steven Felcher never upsets you.
  4. I’d go for a five card trick
  5. Van Anken

    You’ll be picking on Tim Lees next.
  6. If you’re talking about the Owls Talk poster James O’Connor I’d rather just forget thanks. He’s anti-Owlsman, anti-Carlos and anti Mirocevic
  7. Final Payment Due in December

    Picturing Milan with a nice glass of red wine and a big fat Cuban cigar.
  8. Is that it then?

    Remaining positive is my domain. Clear off Grandad.
  9. A bit like being a wife.....

    Ooh, look at the knuckles on her.
  10. Craig Shakespeare

    Don’t bash it up and scrunch it.
  11. Craig Shakespeare

    And clearly some are unaware that Sheffield Wednesday already have a manager who is going nowhere. Actually, scrub that, most ARE aware that he is going nowhere. Presumably, that’s why they want him gone?
  12. A bit like being a wife.....

    If this was a Blades site, a bit like being a wife = getting beaten regularly
  13. Shedloads of games left. The season is not over rover.
  14. Time To Start A Fresh?

    Dabbling in FM / CM is a good grounding for all budding managers. You should get your CV ready Phil.