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  1. I want a man in charge of the team who knows who he wants in, how he will play to get the best out of his players, and has the man management skills to get everyone on board, and who will also say to Mr C “if you want promotion, then don’t interfere, give me the players I ask for, and trust me to get in with it
  2. Not using ST next Friday

    Will be on a Chrimbo do in Derbyshire. If there’s a telly in one of the pubs, I might watch a bit, but seeing as there are only two of us who are owls, and the rest of my mates are pig fans, if we’re fecking it up again, it might not be pleasant viewing. I was looking forward to this Christmas, being at the top of the league, with United struggling near the bottom. It never panned out that way. Grrrrrrrrrrrr! More stick and banter to endure.
  3. New Manager & Doyen

    There for all to see and find easily enough. Why you’d wish to get in bed with them I don’t know, especially as they’re already under surveillence with an erm, interesting back history.
  4. 33-1 for Promotion

    Yes, Mr Farrell shared his vision with him
  5. Flounce Post

    Worrying times. Well played OP. Hat off to you.
  6. Derek Dooley sacked on Christmas Eve

    Disgraceful decision.
  7. 33-1 for Promotion

    I won betting on Wednesday last night. Had a 6 game accumulator come up when we were 1-0 up, then cashed out. Best decision I’ve made all week.
  8. New Manager & Doyen

    I tried to find out last night. I failed to find an answer. Read lots of worrying stuff about Doyen though. Won’t share, people have the ability to use Google
  9. If it were my money........ 1)I’d be more prudent with it, making sure that I was getting VFM from my investment 2)If not, would be quicker to make adjustments, to ensure that moving forward, I was getting VFM from my investment. I wouldn’t carry on spunking money away, unless spunking money away wasn’t a concern to me, or there was an intention to do so from the off, for whatever bizarre reason.
  10. Carlos Sacked...............?..

    How it works at the top (finding a new manager / Head coach. The Chairman will just be starting to pick up on the noise at punter level. He’ll say to his cohorts, let’s talk about this. They’ll consult their diaries, and depending upon availability, will arrange a meeting sometime before Christmas or more likely, after. Then the discussion, have we a problem here, do we need to do something about it, or leave it a little longer, and see if the noisy punters quieten down. Then they’ll give it another couple of games to see how the land lies before getting back together again (at a future point in time when their diaries are next free). Meantime, having had some advice, goodness knows who from, a couple of names will have been recommended, perhaps on merit, perhaps because someone’s friend is currently out of work, and someone will have had discussions with them to see if they are interested, fit the club’s profile (able to work in the way required, within the club’s operating structure / model etc). Then another meeting to discuss, once everyone is available again. Do we wish to release Carlos and make an offer to the preferred new guy (once agreed - if not agreed, further searches and discussions). By the time a change of manager / Head coach has been agreed, it might make sense to avoid the January transfer window, keep our fingers crossed that we avoid relegation, and appoint a new man at the end of the season. By then of course, we may need to search again if our intended replacement has accepted another job offer in the interim period. Been said so many times now, Carlos is likely to be here until the end of the season. Things don’t happen overnight. Not unless Mr C started looking for Carlos’s replacement weeks ago. If he did start looking for a replacement a while ago, there’s nothing to suggest this is the case so far. You’d have expected to see a list of ex-managers watching our games, and taking a look at us. Apart from the Ginger one, perhaps being wise enough to show his face at a convenient time, who else has been seen around the club, watching our games? Let’s keep an eye on it.
  11. I’ll let you float that one past him.
  12. Dunno about that but we have a bloated squad of underperformers. Would be better with a smaller squad of hungry players. Was all for a big, quality, squad of players at the outset, just didn’t expect most of them to turn out crocks or crap.
  13. Still on that shortlist with Strachan and Dennis Wise
  14. Chilled? No, not enjoying the overall direction of travel at all. Bad day yesterday? We’ve been on a downward spiral all season, things are unravelling, Mr C needs to be clear he needs to do something about it. Mr C is just a fantastic Dad. Knows nothing about football but loves his kids. Currently, his kid’s toy is malfunctioning. He might not know how to fix it, but he has the ability to find a man or men who can. Chuck him a yellow pages.