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  1. theowlsman

    Alan Nixon

    If we hear it’s Bruce tomorrow a)It’s a bold move b)Mr C still means business c)The managerial appointment is better than I expected d)Well done to Mr C for listening i.e. for eventually appointing a manager experienced in getting clubs promoted from the Championship. e)We still need to stay up first. No getting carried away. f)This squad should be capable of delivering sooooo much more.
  2. Forestieri’s Mrs - “Theowlsman, he’s hot, I’d give him one” Dear Mrs Forstieri. Please keep your blue and pink cakes to yourself. I prefer sausage rolls and pies. Ta.
  3. theowlsman

    Club response required

    Thunderbirds are go
  4. theowlsman

    Alan Nixon

    He was so rough. Never gave me a moment’s peace. Look at the state of me now.
  5. theowlsman

    Kenny Jacket

    Can’t see him swapping a club on the way up for a club on the way down.
  6. theowlsman

    Bannan at full time

    Bloody hell, only just seen this. That doesn’t look like a team going out feeling confident or with a roising pre-match rally behind them.
  7. theowlsman

    Alan Nixon

    Ps - I wouldn’t say no to Megson
  8. theowlsman

    Alan Nixon

    Ollie’s views on badgers.
  9. That’s a lot of words you’ve used there simply to say he’s shybo
  10. theowlsman

    Alan Nixon

    Hopefully will be back in Holland eating strüdelwaffel and drinking mulled wine or whatever their equivalent of fish and chips is.
  11. theowlsman

    Two full backs needed

    Ollie will put it right once Bruce joins Reading
  12. theowlsman

    ‘We Must See The Reality’

    I’ve seen the reality thanks. You’re a plum, a feckin prize Dutch plum. Tried to listen to your post-match assessment and had to turn off after about 40 seconds else the iPad would’ve been chucked into the garden. I’d rather invite the Jehova’s Witnesses in for tea and biscuits and a chat than listen to JL. Last time the Jehova’s Witnesses came calling btw, someone stole my son’s bike from the front of the house. I asked if on their rounds, they’d seen anyone suspicious lurking around the neighbourhood. They said they hadn’t seen anyone. Bloody witnesses that saw nowt, they’re bloody useless too.
  13. I still have Freddie Eastwood’s crystal ball lest anyone should forget.
  14. theowlsman

    Alan Nixon

    The changes going on in the background were first alluded to about three weeks ago by DBOwl by the way. I haven’t asked for an insight though as you lot would kill me. Nice lady though.