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  1. Thank you Neil. I’d rather know twice than not at all.
  2. Getting More Positve By The Day

    Booooo! Negative Nelly
  3. Fernando today

    Who, George?
  4. Getting More Positve By The Day

    I still have Freddie Eastwood’s crystall ball remember, never gave it back.
  5. Fernando today

    Wrong thread, thought I was in the George Hirst thread.
  6. Dc and Jos must realise..

    “Some days it is the training shoes, yes. But always with the ball. I want my players to be in the training shoes but always with the ball, to sleep thinking about the ball. And today they wear the carpet slippers, but they have slept with the ball, and this is ok. If we have the sleep with the ball, sometimes it is ok to have slippers. I ask you what goes 80 metres first, the ball, or the training shoes? And we are small, we have a lot of injuries for sure, but that is normal. My players they know what we have to do, but they work for each other, and they have love for the ball, and they know that sometimes a small team can be big heart and win. Next game small team but big ball and no slippers and Tammy he feel fine”.
  7. Getting More Positve By The Day

    Especially now Carlos’ bubble has burst. How long before Swansea are chucking Carlos’ meat on the fire, taking his lobster and prawn off him, and offering him a jumbo sausage instead?
  8. Getting More Positve By The Day

    You tell em son
  9. Fernando today

    He played against Leeds for the U23s midweek Maxine
  10. Getting More Positve By The Day

    Positive. Bleeding iPad. Apple sheeite. Android from now on.
  11. Fernando returning, new hero in Clare, young Hirsty possibly signed up on a new contract, a manager who is slowly pulling things together, other youngsters showing some promise. And we still have about 15 players to come back. Let’s get this fuckup of a season out of the way and start again next season, ripping the division to pieces.
  12. Fernando Forestieri rehab

    The sooner we can confirm we’re not going down, get this fuckup of a season out of the way, and prepare properly for next season under Jos, with a full and fit squad, incorporating all the blossoming youngsters, the better. Had it up to here ^ with this bleeding season.
  13. Young George Hirst

    Would be the best news of 2018 so far once official
  14. Ross Wallace

    I hope that bit isn’t true though. Note that your Wednesday family still loves you, especially if you show more respect to players who have given their all for the club. I love you even if your Dad doesn’t.