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  1. I really want to believe in Darren Moore, thought he did well with a bag of nowt pre-season, but he needs to turn in a run of consistent results and stop us throwing points away. At the moment he isn’t convincing me he is a good manager.
  2. I agree. See my thread also identifying Brown as a weak link today. Going forward, he keeps stopping with the ball, then looks to pass the ball sideways or backwards. On the other side, Hunt knocks the ball past their defender and gets a good cross in, or gets a good cross in with his first ball. That’s how to do it Brown. Watch what Hunt does. On another matter, Hunt should be a starter every game.
  3. To be polite, I am a tad frustrated today. That should’ve been three points converted to a single point again because 1)The players weren’t professional enough in making a two goal lead count. They should’ve taken a leaf out of Oxford’s book and killed the game at that point. Stopped Wimbledon playing 2)Moore made incorrect tactical choices. Brown should’ve gone off before the 2nd goal, he wasn’t very good today at all. Paterson was playing well up front with Gregory, between them they were keeping Wimbledon defenders occupied and we had the ball in Wimbledon’s half. Dropping Paterson back into midfield allowed the ball to keep coming back into our half. We chose to play Wildsmith in front of a good international keeper? Really?
  4. You don’t go up doing that. Poor goals conceded through a lack of concentration, and chances not taken due to bad decision making. Never the same team twice, strange line up choices, some unfathomable substitutions, some substitutions that should’ve been made and weren’t. Same old, same old.
  5. Brown was at fault for the 2nd goal and should’ve been taken off earlier. I thought he was crap today.
  6. Mrs says its my turn to tidy the kitchen and I must do it before I watch the football. I asked what happens if I don't. She said no sex until I do. I might leave it until next June. UTO
  7. It's like doing the pools. Perm any 11 from 23.
  8. Lol. OK thanks. Lifetime ban for being a bit daft. Hardly seems worth it. Then again.......
  9. The poor bugger had to sell Marcus Tudgay and Lee Grant when they were the last good players we had left.
  10. Didn't see it, what happened? If the answer is just that a fat lad went on the pitch, then don't bother replying. My extra sensory perception got me that far.
  11. Yes and as I said midweek, I couldn't understand why he wasn't playing every week.
  12. Went for Wildsmith, just to prove I can be fair and balanced, and recognising he gets few chances to keep clean sheets. Didn't look flustered today.
  13. Gregory timed his run right, went across the front of the defender, one touch, bang, 1-0. Now that might not have looked like a spectacular goal but it was an excellent poacher's goal. A true poacher. Hardly ever in the game, gets his one chance and in it goes. Pointing out the good stuff today. Feel ashamed of saying earlier I hadn't been impressed by him this season so far. To be fair, he's not had much service has he?
  14. Still says "we" when talking about Wednesday. Bring him back.
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