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  1. Don’t tell our medical team, you’ll be replacing Hector if they find out.
  2. Expect a call if he needs picking up. I’ve heard there’s a delay in getting D Taxis off the ground.
  3. Don’t forget to tell them what they can do with their withdrawal agreement while you’re there.
  4. Du vill not eat zee mushrooms, zee saurkraut ja, zee mushrooms nein. Und die plumpenfitsunderderliberhoseneinsundzwanzicvorsprungsheissehause.
  5. Of course, when creating this thread, which is definitely not a mega-thread, I already knew about the increased player budget. As Snodgrass said 2-3 months ago, speaking to Uncle Biggsy, “I have a bit of banter with the Wednesday fans, and Wednesday are a great club. I would never say no to playing for a great club like Wednesday, and playing for Steve Bruce is a no-brainer, he’s a great manager and anyone would jump through hoops to play for that manager and club combo. Who knows, me and my agent were talking about a possible move this summer, let’s see what happens.”
  6. Let Bruce loose aboot this hoose. (aka Viv Nicholson - at weekends only). Now, let’s out spend The Blades’ premiership budget. Just to upset them. Cheeky bid for Billy Sharp?
  7. All hail the King of Thailand. A very keen Wednesday fan I hear.
  8. I asked an Irishman what a third of 100 was once. He said “Dirty tree and a turd”
  9. Is anyone’s red button working? I can’t get mine to work.
  10. He was crap anyway. Never wanted him. Though I suspect he would’ve helped shift those comedy wigs in the club shop.
  11. Strudwick has been named as the replacement for Hector. FACT
  12. I reckon there’d be some interesting results from using Strudwick’s name to form anagrams
  13. Cheers, not seen him play. Don’t know what to expect. Thanks for the heads up.
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