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  1. Caretaker manager’s barmy army. Just doesn’t have the same ring to it.
  2. Don’t know how you ITKers can anticipate these situations so early
  3. I wouldn’t have my four day old skidders sniffed either. How embarrassing.
  4. Meets the profile we should be looking at. And with more resources at his disposal might do a good job, and there are other similar options available fitting the same profile i.e. experienced Championship manager with a record of having got teams promoted to the Premier League. I believe using the same profile resulted in Steve Bruce becoming our manager.
  5. I’m with you on accepting Hughton as manager by the way. He’d be a good option once he realises his dream job of managing Huddersfield Town is no longer available.
  6. As a player, you’d want certainty. Uncertainty creates conjecture, rumour, an uneasiness within the camp. Players perform better when they’re settled.
  7. Someone else can update the table today. I’ll beef hooked if I’m going to do it after 70 minutes of shambolic nonsense today.
  8. Hurray. We can all join in again. Well done winner. Hard luck to the other useless gits
  9. The pundits will now increase the pressure by asking the same question i.e. Why haven’t Wednesday sorted out their new manager yet? It’s a very reasonable question too. If Mr C thinks Bullen is the answer, then he needs to give it him, otherwise get someone else in. Allowing a caretaker to carry on long term is not the answer.
  10. No problem with Bully staying on in his old role. Not as long term manager though. No problem with Bully at all.
  11. You’re saying Bullen is better than all the out of work managers? Really, are you that clueless?
  12. There is no fooooking sentiment in football, not if you want to be winners. Get the managerial position sorted sharpish please Mr C. Bully got us some useful points and thanks Bully, but we all know, yourself included, that you are not the man to take us to the Premier League.
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