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  1. theowlsman

    Darren England

    Ten twutty thotty fotty fifty
  2. FFSFF Oh yeah, and get the fookity fizz in!
  3. I’m off for a pint of petrol and a fag
  4. I’m with you guys. My eyes are hurting, I’ve had enough for now, need to re-charge the batteries for next season. Time to do more fishing. Starting with a match tomorrow.
  5. I watched Semedo play for Setubal the other night. He gave it 100%. We could’ve done with that today
  6. Not playing for the fans who idolise them is a crime punishable with a one way ticket to Somewhereelseville.
  7. Need a complete rebuild in the summer I think. A total shake up. Not impressed
  8. theowlsman

    Our settled back 4

    Think I preferred Lawrie Madden’s views on life. We all know it’s single-handedly down to Kieran Westwood. He just stares at the opposition, runs his fingers across his throat, and their legs go all wobbly.
  9. theowlsman

    Streams for tomorrow

    ITV are showing Steve Evans bouncing on the cab rooves of Monster Trucks if anyone is interested.
  10. theowlsman

    Positive slant

    I thought they were very carefully crafted tactics on Tuesday night. Lull the opposition into a false sense of security, get them nodding off, then wham, bam, thank you mam. He is very cunning is our Steve no.1. He’d have got away with it too if it weren’t for those pesky kids Millwall had playing for them.
  11. theowlsman

    Positivity on a night of moaning

    Love how Bruce acknowledges the positive change from bringing in Westwood.
  12. theowlsman

    Positivity on a night of moaning

    Nuhiu is fresh for the Rotherham game too
  13. theowlsman

    Millwall - V - Wednesday OMDT

    Need to start from scratch. Flog them all, or move them on, and start again with pace and youth. Leave Bruce to sort it.
  14. theowlsman


    Can we offer a deal to yound George Hirst? He’s not doing owt at the moment. I reckon he’ll become a free agent soon.
  15. theowlsman

    Man of the match - Millwall (A)

    I’m giving MOM to one of the Millwall ball boys