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  1. Mel Sterland, doing a car boot. Nice bloke, chatted ages. Chris Waddle, at my sister’s 40th. Another down to earth nice bloke. Nigel Pearson when he was still playing for us, approachable, chatty, nice bloke, joined in taking the pish out of Dave Bassett. Supposed to be getting physio from Alan Smith’s son for my latest footie injury, but cancelled it when coronavirus kicked off. Ian Holloway. Drinking buddy when he’s over in Blackpool. Still wants to manage us.
  2. 1971. Assuming this is a Saturday 3pm kick off, the shadows suggest it’s September, so September 1971
  3. Lives in Lytham near a mate of mine. Was telling him how all the players were on silly money.
  4. A full programme of games is still being shown on dodgystreaming.net
  5. Imperial College believe they've found a cure already and wish the Government to invest in human trials that are now necessary. Already worked on mice. Would still be a year or so before becoming available to the public.
  6. In times of trouble, and coronavirus may go on for some years, people tend to go home, where they feel most comfortable. I expect the Chansiris to return to, and remain in, Thailand, and their association with the club to dwindle. Expect Mr C to sell the club else put a team in place to run it on his behalf. Assuming the EFL restarts anytime soon.
  7. As mentioned previously, I’ve already calculated the number of deaths at just over half a million. That’s just the UK. And that’s just for the current strain of the virus, which may mutate as they often do. UK Population 66,500,000. 80% infection rate. 1% death rate. Death is the business to be in over the next few years. Forget burials and gatherings for funerals. My guess is cremations only on a conveyor belt basis. Not understanding why people aren’t getting this, but fully understanding why this site now needs to evolve to talk about more important things than football. The world has radically changed overnight. This site will have an increasing role to play in maintaining spirits, a feeling of togetherness, providing support, and encouraging people to help others out. The same applies to all other online communities.
  8. When he got caught out, didn’t he say he was looking for a fish and chip shop that was open? It was some daft reason for driving about in Havelock Square, late at night, at 10 mph anyhow. Or maybe he just got the rough end of the deal at Monty’s Motors? The worst car in the showroom?
  9. Looking for a new pair of beige slip on shoes?
  10. Made me a bit peckish that earlier video. Don’t know whether to have marmoset soup, a fried pangolin sandwich, or rat and bat nuggets.
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