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  1. Well, would you Adam and Eve it, we already have a summer transfer rumours thread for 2019 pre-dating the upstart thread. Merge the imposter with the early bird thread please mods. Tut. These young immitators.
  2. Sorry, erased from memory along with the clueless Dutch Plum
  3. A three year deal is a no brainer. He will get it. I told you him leaving to go to Huddersfield was a pile of shyte.
  4. I know the official stance from the EFL. The EFL held a meeting on April 11th at the Hilton Preston. It was decided that we were Sheffield Wednesday and we'd do what we want. Furthermore, we'd be allowed to after Mr Chansiri's Elev8 brand would be used to sponsor the league.
  5. Did I not start a thread for summer about three months ago? If not, I’ll do one soon in association with guest rumourmonger The Penguin. Rhodes to Huddersfield by the way. Abdi to S2. Everybody else to Rotherham.
  6. I could see Rhodes going back home though. He’d do well there too. Certain players and clubs seem destined for each other. I bet he’d recover his form at Huddersfield. And a bargain at just £13 million
  7. Not convinced about this rumour tbh. He would be the main player I’d want to hold on to and I think Bruce is a fan. Plus, seriously, Westwood would prefer playing for Huddersfield rather than Wednesday? I don’t think so.
  8. Not sure I’d go that far but he finally looks comfortable in the team, and has been digging in, rolling his sleeves up, to demonstrate he’s an excellent team player. All down to Bruce and his coaches I’d imagine. They’ll have worked on him, and his confidence, to build him up, and get the best from him. The future is bright under Bruce and his team, that is for sure. Whatever they have to work with next season, I’ll still feel confident under Bruce’s leadership.
  9. Palmer deserves some credit. He’s the most improved player on our books this season.
  10. Ref is a cheating b’strd. Supposed to be 5 mins of injury time, but went way beyond that. Gave a free kick that was a “bought” free kick, a dive over a leg, last kick of the game, then the ref blows the whistle after he’s done his bit for Norwich. I’m gutted
  11. Bazza coming on for Dawson. We don’t need a keeper against this shower
  12. I take it you all put your money on 3-1 when I told you?
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