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Community Answers

  1. Thanks Punky, the cheque is in the post.
  2. Always with you mate. Carry on the good work. Good lad is Neil, he knew I wasn't that confident with women so introduced me to all the Owlettes back in the day. Had a great time. Lovely girls the lot of them and taught me a thing or two. Thanks Neil. Ps - When are you reintroducing the Owlettes, I'm still shy around ladies?
  3. Gets all his info from me though I've had to bar him a couple of times on Twitter for not believing my news stories.
  4. Don't worry Steve, we've had him watched all last season and he was much improved. Plus, if he's crap he is going to fit in well anyhow. We can't lose with this one.
  5. I know I shouldn't say it but I don't think Hunt is a League 1 player yet. Got plenty to do. Running around a lot, nipping at people's ankles, and neat passing but no end product of significance, isn't going to get us promoted.
  6. Told a Blackpool mate Johnson has passed a medical and agreed terms here. He said he is not bothered, he was carp anyway. So it's not just us that uses that phrase. Lol.
  7. Bannan wasn't our young player of the year a couple of seasons ago. Or if he was, he found it stressful, his hair started falling out. Byers has a nice parting down the middle. And on his head too.
  8. Was Swansea's young player of the year a couple of seasons ago, their version of Shaw. Good footballer, a central midfielder, one of those who everything goes through. Keeps receiving the ball, finds his passes, keeps play flowing / ticking over. Not a box to box midfielder, tends to sit in midfield and conduct the orchestra. You're welcome.
  9. Moore seems to know what he is trying to build, which is a good start at least. I think Cosgrove is going to get that no.9 shirt btw. Call it a hunch.
  10. So did I. The highlight was watching Bannan sprinting back 80 yards to get a last ditch challenge in.
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