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  1. Hanging and banging. Everything’s standard and mint. At this point, my 14 year old daughter says “Dad, shurrup, you’re embarrassing”. I retort with “I don’t care, I’m a Dad and that’s my job”.
  2. And furthermore..... ”Boyakasha, Westside, where’s me Julie?”
  3. theowlsman

    Next season

    Reckon its certain promotion for two of the teams you mentioned, and that the remaining teams will all be up for a play-off push (and I am rarely wrong on these matters).
  4. Love this thread. Always full of sheeeite but entertaining nontheless.
  5. theowlsman

    Rhodes to ranges

    Home, home on the range, where the deer and the antelope roam. Bugger, it’s been done already. Pffft. That bloke with all the razorfish
  6. theowlsman

    Rhoys Wiggins

    Don’t like to see legs in disrepair. Good luck Rhoys. From the TableGazers (c)
  7. theowlsman

    Big Atdhe haters

    Know-nowts in denial.
  8. theowlsman

    R I P mum and fly high

    So very sad Tinks. Hope you can stay strong. You know where your friends are if you need them.
  9. theowlsman

    England squad - What might have been.

    An interesting view OP.
  10. theowlsman

    Colin Dobson

    Just signed for Rotherham United. You’re welcome.
  11. theowlsman

    New Spirit

    My mate works at the training ground too. He’s building a wall with two other brickies. All three of them are having a laugh issuing tweets about Gary Hooper and the like. You don’t believe me about the wall do you?
  12. Nothing like reminiscing. Sit back and watch the re-runs. Here is the action from Day 2. Surely you can remember this? Halcyon days.