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  1. Tony Cunningham just has to be in that team, along with Mick Lyons
  2. It may have been paid, that doesn’t mean there isn’t a potential breach of contract issue. Similarly, sky may have received advertising revenue from a company who want to advertise during football. There’s potential for redress.
  3. We’re either committed to a clear out or we aren’t. If we are, then he needs to move on with our best wishes, because he has given us some good times over the years A one year contract is just pointless. If he’s worth keeping then we want him long term, otherwise let’s move on and rebuild
  4. No one knows how this season is going to pan out and let’s be honest, in the scheme of things, football is fairly insignificant right now. But, if the season is cancelled, or as seems likely postponed for a lengthy period, then the football clubs will be in breach of contract with the TV companies, with an inevitable knock on effect for clubs finances/ffp etc. How many premiership clubs can remain in business without TV money, advertising, sponsorship etc What will happen to our own already stretched finances? Wages must be paid but no revenue coming in
  5. There’s no one in football I dislike more than Colin There’s probably no one in football better placed than him to turn this club around. If he came for a couple of years, I can imagine we’d be in decent shape for a young manager to take over It would be a very difficult pill to swallow
  6. There may be other issues going on at the club, but the bottom line is, he is paid to motivate and organise the team. Sometimes other things can provide convenient excuses
  7. Looked a threat is perhaps stretching it a bit
  8. Quarter final of the FA cup on offer and we never went for it. How long before we get another chance?!
  9. Embarrassing. No shame in losing but we didn’t try to press them Disappointing
  10. Who cares if we concede three or four more. ATTACK!!! Does he want to be able to point to a 1-0 defeat to City as making progress I wonder?
  11. If we’d have come out and given it a real go tonight, we’d probably be five down by now. Strange, but I think I’d have preferred that
  12. I’m looking forward to him starting his next one!
  13. Pitty we can’t substitute a manager........
  14. Shame he’s taken FF off. Probably our brightest player tonight
  15. They can’t keep missing all these chances. We need to keep the ball better if poss. Easier said than done
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