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  1. How’s he reached that might be a better question
  2. Orland Trustfull for me. he was bloody marvellous in the warm ups, just struggled once the game kicked off.......
  3. Suspect he’d have stayed on the bench if we had a buyer lined up.
  4. I agree it’s been men against boys, we haven’t tested their keeper and all that, but we’ve run our socks off and I really don’t think they could have done much more.
  5. We need to be positive. could end up conceding a hatful
  6. We’re still in the game after 45mins. I’d have taken that
  7. Before we start feeling hard done to by the ref, Hutchinson could have been sent off by now!
  8. If he's the right choice to take us forward and ultimately to promotion, a four week wait should be well worth it I've no doubt he'll be working away in the background
  9. I doubt we’d pay him more than three months salary if we sacked him. That’s fairly normal unless we did something stupid
  10. Why would it cost us anything to sack Jo’s. seriously, does anyone believe managers outside the premiership, have their contracts paid up nowadays?
  11. We are in a right mess, ageing squad, low morale, facing a relegation battle. We need an experienced manager to settle things down and move us up the table without a transfer budget. if Bruce can come in for a couple of years and make us an attractive proposition for a younger more progressive coach and even make us attractive to a new owner, he gets my vote. I’m struggling to see many better, realistic alternatives
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