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  1. I wish it’d bloody hurry up!
  2. 40 Years Ago - 8th October 1977

    Big Jack restored the pride in our club. We were rock bottom of the league, playing the most dire football imaginable. It makes me smile, reading some of the rubbish the youngsters post on here sometimes about how awful some of our current football can be, they’ve no idea.......!! for me, Jack was without doubt, the best manager this club has ever had.I understand why those who weren’t around during his reign can’t understand why he’d be above Atkinson, I guess you had to experience the total change in the atmosphere around the club and fans having smiles on their face again.
  3. Forest's bogey team

    Nottingham is a shithole, beating Forest twice a year makes it a little more bearable
  4. If We Can't Beat Burton Albion

    Not wishing to wee wee on anyone's chips, but I'm fairly sure we've never beaten a team managed by Nigel Clough its about time we did!!
  5. O'Neill wants Westwood to leave

    makes you question the true motivation of anyone in such an influential role, potentially unsettling a player doesn't it?
  6. The Owls Shop 1970s

    I so loved that shop
  7. Poll: Should Carlos Stay?

    Carlos has made some mistakes this season, there's no doubt. The way we played in the playoffs was a real disappointment and after all the excitement of Wembley last year, it made it doubly difficult to swallow. BUT, players have bad runs of form and so do managers; the key is can he/will he learn from that and be able to take us forward to achieve promotion next season. Are there really better alternatives out there? For me, despite the bitter disappointment and my belief that we didn't really progress as we should have done last season, I'd like to see him stay, work with the squad he assembled and see if we can make a really strong start to next season
  8. Gary Monk

    Sorry but when I said this year, I meant this year. What on earth has Dave Jones got to do with anything?
  9. Gary Monk

    So let's say next season we finish in the same place but with an additional point, having invested heavily, I'm guessing you'd still see that as progress?
  10. Gary Monk

    In what way has he improved us this year. We start next season in exactly the same place as we started this, except for a significant reduction in our bank balance.
  11. CC's body language is awful. He looks stunned, should be firing everyone up
  12. Forestieri's Wife

    If it's 5, it's TEA!
  13. Abdi

    welcome to owlstalk
  14. Broken Leg

    What particular question?