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  1. If you’re a good player at this level, you command a fee. Not really heard of many of our signings. My view at the start of the season was that a mid table finish would be a good achievement I haven’t changed my view
  2. I like to see centre halves playing at centre half
  3. Seems a really good bloke, but I’ve yet to see much to convince me he’s a particularly good manager
  4. Did we actually have any fans at all in the ground?
  5. What happened to all the parachute money?
  6. The lad is probably looking to come home to the UK and he needs a job. He’s just about young enough to give it a go, if he’s got the appetite. He’s unlikely to be anything like good enough nowadays, but what the heck, if Moore can get one good season out of him, it could be the difference between promotion or stagnation.
  7. Suspect they’ve employed too many physio’s and now need to keep them busy
  8. Disappointing he didn’t score with that amount of possession
  9. And never have to work or worry about money again. You can’t fault him really, just the mugs who sign him
  10. Must hurt to lose your cup final so early in the season
  11. Away to probably one of the league’s strongest teams and with a new team, we’re all square. Id say that’s pretty good
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