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  1. Why torture yourself even thinking about it? We’re dead and buried. look forward to summer, pubs, bbq’s etc
  2. The players have been pathetic None of the managers were good enough For me, Chansiri is 100% to blame. He employed four poor managers and had the final say on player recruitment. He cost us a points deduction. A half decent owner would have seen us comfortable this year. The frightening bit is what he could do next season. The man doesn’t know how to run a football club and doesn’t know how to learn
  3. Rovrum are just mini pigs, they’ll be loving our current plight. can’t wait wait for them to go down
  4. The only time I’ve been to the stain when Wednesday weren’t playing. I had to be there just in case. Pigs crying at the end. Priceless!!
  5. Let’s get this season out of the way. If we can’t find anyone better, keep him on. But five years, bloody ridiculous!
  6. There’s no way MA will buy Wednesday. It’s a club he likes and he would love to see us in the premier league, but only because of the number of fans we’d take to St James’
  7. The chairman is an absolute liability for the club, clueless in every department. But let’s not deflect all the blame away from the players, they are an absolute disgrace and had they played to 80% of their ability, we wouldn’t be playing in the pub league next season.
  8. Great player to have in your side, someone the fans love to see, skilful & flamboyant. Maybe his work rate stopped him playing at a higher level.
  9. And that’s the coaching team to try and stabilise us next season. You can’t blame DM for the calibre of the squad, but he’s done little so far, particularly his substitutions, to give much hope for next season
  10. If you can’t accept it now, give it a couple of hours and it’ll sink in. We’re down
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