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  1. Admittedly it’s a few years ago, but I was involved with trying to help finance the purchase of a football club who’s wage/income was 158%. It quickly fell into administration. I have very serious concerns for our future. I’ve no idea if the figure of £100k per day is correct, but that’s in no way sustainable pre-covid, let alone now
  2. My guess would be that the EFL would like to see a tough penalty, but no so tough as to see us relegated. If we were, we’d appeal and the whole thing drags on at a time when another club which may or may not then remain in the championship, wouldn’t be able to plan for next season. Perhaps we’d accept any penalty we thought wouldn’t threaten us with the drop? The longer it takes, the easier to judge what points deduction might satisfy both parties. I doubt the likes of Barnsley have the financial wherewithal to go through a legal process. probably utter nonsense, but that’s what I’m hoping for
  3. Monk certainly likes to play a certain way. Just one that isn’t very successful
  4. At least we know what David Blunkett’s doing since retiring from politics
  5. Really enjoyed the interview. Great player for us, I always thought you needed to see him play in the flesh. Watching on tv, you could appreciate all the work he got through and the number of opposition attacks he broke down. i was confused when he talked about going to Leeds having just signed a new contract, but sounded like he’d agreed to join Villa before he signed.
  6. I remember chatting with him about David Hirst. He’d played with both him and Shearer with England, U21 I think but might be wrong. He said that at that time, he rated Hirst as the better player. I’ve met a lot of people in football, players, managers, even owners, but without a doubt, Jemson has the least issues with self doubt!
  7. By far and away our greatest ever manager! Gave us our pride back, wonderful times Absolute legend
  8. I think the whole story is rubbish. MA has wanted out of Newcastle for years and hasn’t particularly enjoyed the experience. He’s a retail and logistics genius but those skills haven’t transferred to football as I think he expected. He’s got more than enough on his plate with his core businesses to even think about buying another club. If he did, I really don’t think we’d be on his radar.
  9. The right man at the right time. without a shadow of a doubt the best manager we ever had. You needed to be around at the time to appreciate the dire state the club was in and how he pulled us back up and restored our pride. Great, great man.
  10. The football landscape is going to look very different when all this is over. If we have a phased release of the lockdown measures, I’d expect events such as football where people crowd together to be at the end of the queue for returning to normal service. How many fans, particularly the elderly and high risk will want to attend before a reliable vaccine is available. Attendance/income will be decimated for a lengthy period. the thought of all 24 clubs doing simultaneous pre-packs is crazy, but I could see it happening to save the clubs from going bust. I’m struggling to think of an alternative
  11. The way they’ve performed this season, I’d quite to see them all on universal credit!
  12. And then tell the world that you’ve done it! the self importance of some of these overpaid idiots beggars belief
  13. Tony Cunningham just has to be in that team, along with Mick Lyons
  14. It may have been paid, that doesn’t mean there isn’t a potential breach of contract issue. Similarly, sky may have received advertising revenue from a company who want to advertise during football. There’s potential for redress.
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