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  1. Women were joining in. Some bunch called the Pointer Sisters. They kept singing a lot too.
  2. As Mötley Crue once nearly famously sang, "Goals, goals, goals" is what we want.
  3. So the instructions are get a goal and defend the lead, is that what we're saying? If so, I'd have to point out we're incapable of doing that, and we'd be better having a go at the opposition for 90 mins as these players are that type of player we've brought in, they are not defensive minded. Attack is the best form of defence. Let's go all Kevin Keegan. We'd all enjoy that more.
  4. Oh Frankie Frankie Frankie Frankie Frankie Frankie Simek.
  5. I believe he has created the fear factor. They all crap themselves when the opposition come at them.
  6. Most improved player at the club. Impressed me too, as he has the last few times I've seen him.
  7. I was going to say "Pooh sticks" but then you would've said "Yes we were".
  8. Is it his balls into the box or the numpties on the end of them? After all, if they keep going in the same place, you'd expect the numpties to get on the end of them occasionally?
  9. If it doesn't get any better I'm going to do that thing where you cut up an old credit card and throw the bits into the air to pretend it's your season ticket just to make a point. That'll teach them.
  10. Or you can have mine. I couldn't be bothered again today.
  11. Monk was no better, they are tactical twins, tinkerers.
  12. Not according to me, but what would I know. He occasionally shows some pace, and that's it.
  13. By the way, when it's clear to most of us, why can't Moore see that Brown adds nothing to the team, you shouldn't mess about with your keeper and defence, and Corbeanu should be in the team?
  14. It's like watching the same movie over and over again. Not good enough Wednesday. Didn't try to win the ball back in the first half. Got a rollicking at half time, got a goal, played 10-15 minutes more football then went back to not trying, and gave the game away again in the last ten minutes. Lazy play, lazy players. Not impressed.
  15. Corbeanu should've been on at half time. You can't mess about with the defence btw and expect it to remain solid. Poor defending for the goal.
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