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  1. He also needs a false moustache and Mr Magoo glasses next time he goes to Glasgow.
  2. He really needs to change his name. What about Liam McPalmer?
  3. Atdhe Nuhiu............he’s got the Swazz.
  4. Mind The Gap, Mind The Gap, Mind The Gap. Play-off Final 2019 Sheffield United 0 Sheffield Wednesday 4 Sheffield Wednesday, demonstrating the cool, yeah me Irie mon, no problem mon, way to promotion
  5. Wish I could find my previous post when I suggested we should try him up front, and stating he could be the new Warhurst.
  6. Betfair. Looks like they might’ve closed hat market down now though. Adopting the Just In Time method
  7. And this morning, at odds of 17-1, I put £30 on us finishing in the Top 6. Won’t be 17-1 now though.
  8. To hell with it, I’m going for it, bring on The Chaser.
  9. That brings 3 out of 4 of my four-fold up. Only Man Utd away at Wolves to go. Potentially £49 back for a £2 bet. Offering just short of £20 to cash out. Hmm, what to do?
  10. Well done Wednesday. Winning in 2nd gear. Let’s hope those injuries aren’t too bad.
  11. Blackburn commentator - “No way are these top 6 contenders”. Shut up you tw*ts.
  12. As much as I appreciate a win, and four goals, that’s crap defending twice.
  13. Yesssss! Get the foooookity foooooook in! Get Iorfa up front. The next Paul Warhurst. I keep saying this, and nobody takes any notice. He’s a natural.
  14. Why are we looking to defend our lead? Attack, attack, attack, attack, attack.
  15. Blackburn commentators complaining because we’re just nothing opposition, and they shouldn’t be losing against teams like us apparently. Nobs
  16. Yessssssss! Get the foookity fooooooooook in. Binned the tea, changed to coffee by the way. The granules were saying Nuhiu. I knew summat was wrong when the tea leaves also said Pelupessy and Palmer were going to score.
  17. Diversified after the punters stopped watching Jurassic Park for the twelfth time.
  18. Good tackle Lees, he’s rediscovered his form hasn’t he?
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