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  1. I don’t think he’ll last long. I don’t think any manager will last long under Chansiri. The role is a poisoned chalice atm. There isn’t an environment in place to become successful. If we find a manager capable of turning our fortunes around, he’ll be offered another job somewhere else very quickly because he’d have to have exceptional management skills.
  2. We’ve got Bannan A wee Scottish man I just don’t think you understand He’s gone for a shower In less than half an hour We’ve got Barry Bannan
  3. Was a special piece of football that was. First makes a critical mistake. Then has chance to bring his opponent down outside the box but doesn’t take the opportunity. The keeper comes out and may have just got the ball, but Börner decides instead to give a blatant penalty away and compounds the situation by getting sent off. What a ****er.
  4. I also went for Bannan. Protest vote. It was either that or a hunger strike and we’re having an Indian tonight.
  5. Wildsmith - “Just give us advanced warning when I’m going to need to pick the ball out f the back of the net lads” Defender - “Joe it’s coming your way mate” Wildsmith - “Cheers”. *Bends down, picks the ball out of his net, and kicks it back towards the centre circle*
  6. Wednesday want to play nice football but forget they’re in a relegation scrap and don’t play battling to get out of trouble football. No aggression, no hassling of players, no running their nads off, just going through the motions. None of them want to play for us.
  7. Now you’re gonna believe us, now you’re gonna believe us, now you’re gonna believe us, we’re gonna win the league.
  8. I’ll tell you something else I’ve noticed over recent games. Paterson doesn’t seem to like playing with Windass. He gets frustrated when Windass shoots and doesn’t pass the ball to him when he’s in a better position.
  9. And I was thinking back to the U23 games I’d seen thinking go on Penney, hit it lad.
  10. Anyhow....... Try and keep Shaw and Urhoghide, looks like Bannan is staying, get rid of all the others, and it’s the start of a team for a League 1 promotion push.
  11. We’ve got Bannan A wee Scottish man, I just don’t think you understand He’s gone for a shower In less than half an hour We’ve got Barry Bannan
  12. I accepted that when Chansiri appointed Pulis. I knew that wouldn’t work, then after sacking him, Chansiri basically said “I can’t be bothered any more”. He took over two months to replace Pulis with a League 1 manager, and in the interim managed not to appoint Cook, who wanted the job, and although not my first choice, seemed to be the type of manager we needed at the time. I’m just hoping Moore turns out to be a better manager than I think so far. So far, he looks like another with a short reign in front of him. How can you say that after less than two games blah, bla
  13. Went to my sister’s 40th birthday did the Waddler. Used to see him regularly in the Devonshire Arms in Dore. Top bloke, down to earth, just one of the locals, and left alone in peace to get on with his life by the locals as it should be. We’ll not mention the time he was visited by Gazza and Jimmy Five Bellies and they popped into the Dev though. Oh deary me Gazza.
  14. Reading eh? Well, I’ve tried to read the tea leaves but the outcome was inconclusive. I’ve read some parts of this thread, but will read the rest later over a pint and some spicy nachos. I’ve read that the kick off is definitely 3pm so hirstyboywonder can sod off today. Finally, I might read a book instead. But will probably put myself through the pain of disappointment instead as its becoming a drug. A bit like monks and their desire for self flagellation. Stay Up The Owls!
  15. I don’t feel as confident Dale. Sorry mate. I hope we do win, I just can’t see it happening.
  16. The fact that Dawson and Wildsmith haven’t convinced anyone about their claims to be our first choice keeper, is more to do with them not being good enough rather than being an issue with the coaching.
  17. Fluff chucking rod (that’s no me swearing btw). No thanks Snoots, fly fishing is for Toffs like the Squire of Preston. I’m more a maggot man. Don’t even like the taste of trout, too earthy.
  18. Supporting Wednesday is turning into an absolute nightmare. I said I’d only keep two players and we should bin the rest, and we’d have a good start with our League 1 promotion push. Those players were Shaw and Urhoghide. I’ll stick with my fishing next season I think.
  19. More like yet another bad Chansiri appointment. If we were going for a League 1 manager why not Ryan Lowe who a lot if people fancied?
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