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  1. Thought this was about a coffee pod for a nespresso machine
  2. New management team Semedo and Loovens. A little bird told me. She was only 5'2"
  3. Wasn’t missing it at all, since you been gone, oh no
  4. Just heard Marcus Tudgay has cut himself badly at a barbecue. Not going to be able to play a while. Sorry to be the bearer of bad news.
  5. He is the Arthur Daly of football management. We were just missing Terence.
  6. Manchester United must’ve been watching how the EU operates. Sueing Football Manager to put money back in their budget FFS (Fernando Forestieri’s sister).
  7. The third test, and the one appropriate here is to see if the players have heard of it. Not sure about Dawson but I reckon Börner will be on the ball.
  8. Been too busy trying to stay alive to keep up with the football. Which 6 players have we got left to start next season with?
  9. I’m not going to disagree. Ps - Overheard on the Kop a few years back - “I’m not bothered about promotion. We’d have to arrive at the ground earlier and I’d struggle to find somewhere to park”
  10. The above stories are a bit contradictory. He told me he loved training every day, his knees have always been fine, and the only time he suffered with depression was when he was dropped to the bench when he wanted to fight for promotion with Sheffield Wednesday. He also said Jos Luhukay was a fruitcake, liar, and trouble causer.
  11. Past tense? ”You jumped on Nando’s back you two hat. You could’ve damaged him for life. I can’t work with you any longer. That’s it, I’m done here!” Storms off to the Jobcentre indignantly......
  12. The thing I was looking forward to the most was the comeback of the Beatles’ pudding bowl haircuts. I expected all footballers to return with them. Especially with tariffs being lowered on scissors.
  13. So, with a 12 points reduction, we’d be relegated falling 0.23 points short of survival? Sounds about right. Nightmare scenario. We’d argue the T055 for months as to which dropped clanger on the pitch sent us down.
  14. “Who’s that knocking at the door?” “It’s Aunty Vi Russ” Russ - “Well let her in then”.
  15. I wonder if anyone has an Aunty Virus?
  16. There was an Argentinian, They called him Forestieri. He didn’t show up at Norwich Cos he’s a f.ookin fairy. He likes his wages does our Nando, Saw Fletcher’s wages spike. He wanted the same, but failed to gain Owt but a bleeding bike.
  17. Nice to see him smiling again after a decent break. Must’ve got wind.
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