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  1. I think I need a lay down in a darkened room after reading that.
  2. I am sure this would be against consumer law. If he did pull a stunt like this I doubt they would get crowds more than 5,000 next season.
  3. I would much rather Moore come out with these bland platitudes and cliches than air dirty linen in public. I agree with what is said in the dressing room is private and no matter how badly a team plays great managers like Alex Ferguson always, always supported his players in public. But things like 'We are all in this together' and 'Team Spirit is great' is just dreary media speak at the end of the day. Do your talking on the field. If Izzy Brown plays tomorrow I will be looking for him to improve and not repeat same mistake twice.
  4. I really, really like to see local lads coming up through the youth teams etc and making a mark in the first team. Only bit of local pride we seem to have left. I have given Wildsmith and Dawson enough benefit of the doubt but have to agree I don't feel confident when either of them is in the net. Feel a soft goal is not far away. Westwood not the same keeper he was 5 years ago and seems too injury prone as well.
  5. I remember when Yoarth was manager and we lost twice to Rotherham at home in the last minute to long range shots in front of the Kop. Strange it happened again.
  6. Was such a poor game. I bet half the neutrals watching had fallen asleep by the end of it.
  7. Is he allowed to meet everyone at the training ground under current Covid regulations?
  8. Yes I agree with this. Many things Howard Wilkinson did at Wednesday were ahead of its time. Graham Taylor was similar at Watford where it was a pressing game trying to force you opponents into mistakes by giving them less time on the ball.
  9. I remember one of last away matches of 1993-94 season at Oldham (I think) when we drew 0-0 and bloke being refused to clap side at then end as we were only going to finish 7th in the Premier League. Shows you how after a couple years of success some fans get a sense of entitlement.
  10. Along with ballsing up the sale of Hillsborough to try and get round the FFP rules.
  11. Yes. We drew that game 1-1 with an Andy Booth header from a corner with about 10 mins left.
  12. I wish Monk was main person to blame and then it would easily be solved by a good managerial appointment.
  13. I think a lot of clubs Portsmouth, Bolton, Sunderland and Ipswich have had a bit of a fall from grace. Leeds as well have had some pretty low periods last 20 years. Think with the huge finances involved clubs taking gambles are putting more at risk than they were in past eras. So when they lose that gamble like Wednesday the fall is more severe.
  14. To even have a 5% chance of stopping up now we need ALL players to look interested. Some are more bothered about next big move, daft hair cuts and tattoos I am afraid.
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