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  1. I hope we have done our homework on the signings for next season already. Really need most of these to come off.
  2. He scored on his debut v Birmingham. I also remember him scoring v Norwich in front of the Kop with a header that he made look so easy not long after signing him. But yes the biggest thing I remember is refusing to take a pen v Huddersfield in the play off semi, a dereliction of duty in my opinion.
  3. Unless Palace are willing to give him a year long loan next season then next to no chance he will be at Wednesday next season. Shame as a fully fit Wickham would be a great player at the level.
  4. I take your point that from a footballing point of view many clubs have not really suffered from going into administration in the past. But I would be embarrassed when stories would emerge of local businesses who had delt with the football club in good faith and lost out. As well as HMRC would have to take a loss. Unless they is a real danger of the club going to the wall going into Administration is immoral in my view.
  5. Unless he is prepared to take a massive loss we are stuck with him.
  6. People have been saying that for years about wages and they just keep on going up.
  7. 13th is not a disastrous season (barring points deduction) but just feels the club is on the slide a little.
  8. Wasnt surprised we lost tonight. West Brom are a good side for this league. But no shame in the performance. Games behind closed doors and being mid table makes the games a bit flat.
  9. Hutchinson was a good Championship player when fit but wasnt available enough. Said at time handing someone with a poor injury and disciplinary record a 4 year contract was madness.
  10. Had a good 2019/20 and was worth offering a new contract to, but before this season would have said he has been another signing that has not quite worked out. Not as much as some of the other though that I could mention. Overall looking at his 4 years as a whole and his reported wages he has not been a bad signing but not a brilliant one either.
  11. Probably not a bad bloke but someone who comes across as having an immature attitude and is a bit self centred.
  12. I think you are confusing him with the late Phil Garside who was Boltons Chairmen and argued for a closed shop Premier league.
  13. Being selfish this is potentially good news for Wednesday. But Wigan do have my sympathy and I wonder how many other clubs will go into Administration soon.
  14. Think this is a case of people being influenced on a players performance by the result. If we would have lost 2-1 and Jordan Rhodes had exactly the same game very few people would be saying he played well.
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