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  1. Sure Jordan Rhodes is a nice bloke but football wise he is an expensive bad smell we can't seem to get rid of.
  2. Think the club should have an idea who they would like to move on and who they would like to keep. But like others have said a lot depends how they play this season and final decisions made in the new year. Think players like Fletcher, Hutchinson and FF have had good games for us in the past but will have to play really well to think about offering them another contract.
  3. Think minimum we should give Monk to make a judgement on him will be end of the season. I doubt he will he will be afforded that though. Many people will have made mind up after first home game. Although in some ways this is not unexpected with the hype and cost surrounding football these days.
  4. Well not Premier League stars but think we have a few big egos in the dressing room. Think all big clubs in the Championship do, just a fact of modern football and doubt Cowleys man management skills have been tested in that respect.
  5. Time well tell if Cowleys or Monk would have been the better choice. I feel Cowleys are much better coaches than Monk, much more forward thinking but would be worried if the had come to Wednesday that they wouldn't know how to handle big name players we have. Think overall Monk is a more safe choice, he can employ someone else to coach them in training while he is the manager to make to tough calls.
  6. I am sure Bullen has the necessary qualifications to coach, otherwise we would have problems with things like insurance. I don't mind Bullen staying on but if Monk in a few months doesnt think Bullen has a role with the first team then so room sentiment.
  7. I agree it a little annoying people already made mind up about Monk but if thats there honest opinion I have no problem with them expressing it.
  8. Bullen has not managed enough games for any serious examination of his win ratio. I respect what he has done for Wednesday in his time as coach and player.
  9. Think Cowleys are flavour of the month at the moment. Be interesting to see how they fare when they move on from Lincoln but not convinced they can deal with big ego footballers you get at Championship clubs and above.
  10. I am not so sure Lee Bullen is respected by the players. They certainly were not playing for him last week v QPR.
  11. I agree. Think Monk is a step up from Bullen being caretaker but a step down from Bruce. I wanted someone with Championship experience so the realistic choice after Hughton turned us down was Monk, Pulis or Rowett. Didnt want Pulis and not much to choose between the other 2.
  12. Think we spoke to Hughton very early but he turned us down as waiting for a Premier League club. Think we spoke to Pulis but sticking point were his wages and him wanting to bring in all his own backroom staff.
  13. I cant say I feel excited by Monk but glad we have got a manager with Championship experience. Problem is with modern football that your are only ever 3 games from the sack Might work in his favour that we are not expecting miracles.
  14. Cowleys are current flavour of the month. Hope they do well were they move next but wouldnt surprise me if in 5 years time they are managing somewhere like Southport.
  15. No point appointing a new manager and not backing him by not letting him bring in some of his own backroom staff. If he wants his assistant to be James Beattie then you have to pretty anti United obsessed to object. Also if after a while says he cant see room in his staff for Lee Bullen then fair enough. Bullen is rightly a popular bloke and everyone knows he is a big Wednesday fan but that doesnt mean we owe him a job for life.
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