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  1. Think this shows you his body is not up to playing Championship football.
  2. That seems a lot of fuss for Tango to go to those lengths to try and get his ban over turned. He must have known he hadn't a leg to stand on. I am not sure Tango would enjoy games when having to sit down and keep his clothes on. Ironically in the circumstances he probably hasn't got a season ticket so might struggle to see a game in the flesh at all this season. Hope he behaves himself this time and enjoys his football though.
  3. I thought Tango was banned for 2 years? Not a bad bloke but he is a bit of an attention seeker which will always get on some peoples nerves.
  4. We have not had a change in fortunes yet, we are still on minus 9. Although I am glad to see the back of Hutchinson and FF.
  5. I always thought Connor Wickham in his second loan spell with us looked a level above rest of our side.
  6. Think if Wednesday stop up in the circumstances of points deduction and state of the playing staff end of last season it would count as the clubs greatest achievement in last 20 years. Fans get carried away after 1 good result, any talk of top 6 is laughable.
  7. If we do have a bit if leeway in the transfer market then there really has to be more thought and strategy behind then 3-4 years ago.
  8. I think Monk is right that clubs can get relegated and they can change forever. Wednesday have never really recovered from the wretched 1999/2000 season.
  9. I was there at Hallam FC on Tuesday when they won 16-0. I have a feeling the RAF side under estimated them and thinking playing a side from step 6 of the Non league pyramid that Hallam FC would be all balding pot bellied blokes from the local pub side. I like non league but it does miss all the extras of Wednesday games of the reading team news on a Friday, the sub plots of ex players playing against you, looking out for your rivals scoreline, debating the crap referee in the pub afterwards. But it is more a more homely and cheaper experience.
  10. I agree. We are still a long way from stopping from stopping up this season. Still on minus 9, no strength in depth and still lack goals in the side. Last season we beat Reading 2-0 away first game and had a retched season. But I am a lot more optimistic then I was this time last week.
  11. Think some people have become so entrenched in they view that Monk should have been sacked it will take more than 1 win to convince them.
  12. Windass seems our key player at moment but teams will pay him more attention if he carries on his current start.
  13. Also a full international for St Kitts and Nevis.
  14. One swallow doesn't make a summer and all that but I am more optimistic about the season then I was this time last week. Still think our lack of depth will be a problem as time goes on and still don't think we have enough goals in us. But at moment players do seem organised and spirited which is already an upgrade from end of last season.
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