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  1. I hope he recovers ok but not sure paying £250.00 to home test yourself out of curiosity when they is a shortage of test kits should be encouraged.
  2. I thought Mick McCarthy left Ipswich a season before they were relegated?
  3. One of the problems we have is a 'Big Time Charlie' attitude amongst the players. Mick McCarthy wouldnt stand for that and have the authority and experience to sort it out. I agree the football would be more functional then anything else but so was Megson and Sturrock and both those managers were popular. I dont see anyone else we could realistically get who would be better.
  4. I get the point that players making a pay cut / deferral will only really save Chansiri money. But to me the point is players still getting paid £30k pw when we are asking for tax payers help to pay non playing staff on very low wages.
  5. This is sad news. I guess clubs like this struggle anyway and with the double whammy of the floods & Corona virus probably wont be the last place to close.
  6. If Wednesday players agree to 30% wage deferral then big wow, still get all they money just 30% a few months later.
  7. Think they should just avoid the season. By no means a perfect solution but think the best one available. No guarantee season will start in August so cant see how they can finish this season.
  8. I do remember being surprised when we won this game. Sounds a bit cheesy but was just happy we were playing at Wembley and thought it would be a good day out and Man U would win.
  9. Should show the 1993 FA Cup Semi Final today.
  10. Will remember him for his previous loan spell where he was a cut above anything else on the pitch but this time around its been a non event. I bet only a few Wednesday anoraks will remember this loan spell in 5 years time.
  11. He got asked by a journalist about footballers wages at this time, not sure how he is supposed to answer it. Was more rubbish gotcha journalism to me.
  12. Think it is morally wrong at moment of national crisis for Premier League clubs to be paying players £150k per week when some are laying off non playing staff on low wages & asking the taxpayer to pick up the bill.
  13. Think it would be a PR disaster for football in this country if players in the top 2 divisions didn't make some sort of financial sacrifice in the current circumstances. Especially as a lot if players seem to put out virtue signalling tweets about the NHS and staying safe.
  14. I agree that at the time every thought Danny Wilson was an upcoming young manager, I cant remember anyone saying appointing him was a big mistake at the time.
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