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  1. Fernando Forestieri

    Not a big fan of Carlos Carvahaul but he would hardly make up a player refused to play. Think if untrue FF would have sued him. Yes I know its modern football but still leaves a nasty taste in my mouth and one of reasons I go to less games now.
  2. Fernando Forestieri

    Sorry refusing to play is crossing a line for me. Dont forget wasnt a one off tantrum as had to be talked round playing v Villa week before. I went to Norwich, £35 a ticket and rearranged a family occassion to go. When someone on a reported £20k pw goes on strike for more money and then is given a pay rise for it then sorry sticks in my throat.
  3. Fernando Forestieri

    Sorry cant stand him. Not saying he is a bad player but embodies a lot I dislike about modern football.
  4. What stopped us?

    Think a lot of clubs you can say were among the best teams in the country for a period of time but never sustained it over a longer period. Villa, Leeds, Newcastle, Derby, Forest have all had periods of success but then fell back to be just another big club. Think some clubs have advantage in modern football of being based in London. Liverpool and Man United really stand out as iconic British clubs think they had they success at the right times in the media age to capitalise on support outside they area.
  5. Think lack of fitness while I don't doubt there is room for improvement is used as an all encompassing excuse for being poor this season. Maybe the players are not as good as we think they are.
  6. When you take a deep breath and step back I think you can see next couple of years might be 'transitional' seasons for Wednesday. The problem is to me that football fans are not a very patient breed and add in high ticket prices I can see a bit of flack coming Wednesdays way in the near future.
  7. Cant see us shifting him even if we wanted to with his current injury.
  8. Surely should have said nothing decided until after last game (even if untrue). If some players feel they are not going to be here next season they will be unmotivated.
  9. I don't lose any sleep over if Wednesday will win anything big ever again. (Although I would like them to). Just enjoy the day watching football and having drinks with friends.
  10. Sean Clare future in doubt

    Good luck if Sean Clare takes best contract offer he gets from Wednesday or another club. Hasn't done anything wrong IMO and don't blame him.
  11. Dink

    Sheridans was a proper celebration as well. None of this badge kissing, making heart with your hands, kissing the ground and thanking god type crap that makes me cringe.
  12. I think a lot of people define what is a big club based on Wednesday had a good run in early 90's so must be bigger then clubs like Middlesbrough. In last 20 years Middlesbrough for example have had many more years in the Top Division then Wednesday, won a cup and played in a European Final. Probably has a lot more fan attending as well.
  13. ffp 2018/19 season

    If gamble next season and doesnt come off Wednesday are f****** for about the next 5 years.
  14. Hutchinson. Keep or release

    99% certain of being at Wednesday next season as still got a year left on his contract.
  15. Modern Football

    I know the reason the laws on strong tackling are more strongly enforced is to help skilful players but I really cant remember more injuries in the 80's and 90's. Watch any game from then and stands out a mile the game was more psychical and IMO more enjoyable to watch. Still got skilful players like Gazza (His injury was to himself), Waddle, Glen Hoddle, John Barnes. Embarrassing to watch Pudil on Saturday go down like been shot and then not got foul, get up moan to linesman an then get on with the game. Fulham were even worse as well. Sometimes think WTF I am paying £30+ to watch grown man do that sort of thing. If anyone says I am looking back with rose tinted glasses I agree I am a bit guilty of that but not totally.