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  1. Players not without blame

    I agree the players have got off a bit lightly with the flak flying around recently with much of the focus on CC. I am surprised he says the players have a lot of autonomy on the pitch as they seem really over coached and play like robots.
  2. SWFC Chairman

    To me not really a question of how much money he puts but more that there is a lot more thought to how the money is being spent. Seems a real scattergun way to recruit players. The gift to the fans of £10m Jordan Rhodes while at same time floating the 1867 scheme is bonkers.
  3. SWFC Chairman

    If DC brought a football club and never expected any criticism at anytime he was being very naïve.
  4. Karanka next boss

    Think CC will be in charge v Wolves. Got feeling some part of next 2 home games we will be behind and crowd will snap making his position untenable. Will predict be a name unknown to 99% of us to take over but Karanka be favourite to me of names I have heard of.
  5. SWFC Chairman

    Mid table in Championship with cheaper tickets, stripes on the home shirts and no ego stroking chairmans name everywhere I look on match days.
  6. Recruitement

    Said on the commentary last night we had looked at every centre back in the football league. Cant believe a better one was not avilable for £4m or less then JVA. Yes not every signing will come off no matter how much due diligence you do. But our transfer record in last 18 months is truely woeful.
  7. SWFC Chairman

    No. MM cleared those debts. Yes DC put loads of money in but serious lack of thought behind it and very, very little business acumen. Added to this giving club highest ticket prices in the league, taken away stripes a vital part of our identity and ridiculous 1867 Scheme. Coming across as one big ego trip for him.
  8. SWFC Chairman

    Yes DC has put shed loads of money into the club about £80m-100m I see banded about on here. But have we really seen £100m worth of improvements?
  9. Portuguese pay-off?

    Chanairi mentioned a few times in regard to 1867 Scheme that we were close to FFP and would be a problem soon if we didnt go up this season.
  10. Flounce Post

    Got a season ticket so will be going on Friday but would never pay POTG prices.
  11. A few ‘outsider’ thoughts..

    I really dislike us ditching the stripes, ticket prices, pricing out local sponsors, Chansiri flashing out at you a million times on matchday but all those can change fairly easily and quickly. The biggest problem I believe is poor recruitment and giving out over generous contracts. We are going to be stuck with these for 2-3 years and be a hamper on future spending. Chances of getting to Premier League in next 2-3 years with its financial windfall is very slim.
  12. I believe he will turn it around and get promotion from League 1 next season.
  13. Not using ST next Friday

    Got a season ticket so will be going on Friday. Groaned when I saw that had moved the game for TV but a chance of a few drinks around Hillsborough corner afterwards without having to worry about work next day. Not going to boo or anything but cant gaurentee I wont if game not going well.
  14. I dont agree with singing Carlos out during games or at least when the result is in the balance. At the end or near the end if result has gone then you are in your rights to boo etc and make your feelings known. Would have joined in at the end if I was at Norwich yesterday.
  15. I did think the moving on of the medical personel end of last season was a grubby thing to do. What medical qualifications does CC ( if it was him) have to basically say they are all incompetant?