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  1. Dc and Jos must realise..

    Predict 2-0 to Swansea.
  2. Ross Wallace

    I remember some cracking goals he got for Wednesday. Sorry he probably wont play again for Wednesday. (But overall for the best)

    Think he was too obvious to be bent!!
  4. Was it Over the Line?

    95% of time time your first reaction is right. My first reaction in my seat in the North Stand was goal.

    Think ref incompetant rather then bent today.
  6. We are gonna win

    0-0 is my prediction.
  7. Fernando Forestieri rehab

    Agree 100% with this. Went to Norwich last season £35 ticket, 4hours there, 4 hours back and rearranged some family time to go. FF head 'Not in right place' as only on £20k per week refused to play. Sticks in my throat short time later was still here and got a pay rise. Shameful.
  8. Fernando Forestieri rehab

    He is a very good championship player when in the mood but he is a high maintenance player think its fair to say. Sorry dont like the bloke. Start of last season was disgusting. Will be glad if he goes in the summer.
  9. Fernando Forestieri rehab

    Think this has been dicussed on here before. Someone wrote its some sort of Human Rights law that you can choose your own rehabilitation and not have one forced upon you. So I guess thats what has happened.
  10. If you could only win one game

    Thats actually a difficult question to answer. Going to say Villa as will be there rather then Swansea when I will be sat at home.
  11. Loovens, Nuhiu, Wallace, Pudil, Matias If it was up to me would not offer any player on that list a new contract. Need some fresh blood into the squad. None of this he can have a contract because he is 'Good for the dressing room' nonsense either. Not way to run a football club paying people thousands of pounds a week to be basically a cheerleader.
  12. After sat there watching a dull game last week I think any season ticket holder who didn't turn up got it right.
  13. League one football

    Millwall played just as many games this season. Got a much lower budget then SWFC and they played ok. Football is not a lot quicker then it used to be. You got miles more blood and thunder games 25 years ago. Not saying players never get tired just think it used far too often as an excuse. When doing a dull and low paid job all week and paying high ticket prices I don't want to hear that best player from last game is not playing because fitness chart says he is below his 'optimum level' so playing with zero forwards.
  14. Basically FA Cup not as attractive as it once was. No real money in it so big clubs don't take it seriously. More important for clubs like Swansea to stay in the Premier league then go far in the FA Cup. Not for any football reasons but for money reasons. Had a knock on effect with the crowds.
  15. League one football

    Yes fitness has improved on players in last 15 years so why cant our players manage 45mins play in a week? Need players and managers to show a bit more rounduns at times and not hide behind graphs and fitness charts.