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  1. Is any club at Championship level sustainable without injections of cash from outside?
  2. I do remember about 15 years ago when Dave Allen was Chairmen we were trying to lower Wednesdays debt by selling the training ground. So has the ownership of the training ground changed since then?
  3. I am sure its been asked before but why cant we sell the training ground instead?
  4. Think its to do with smaller clubs in the football league who prefer local derbies to be on the weekend as they believe attendance will be higher for travelling support. So longer away trips are more likely to be mid week.
  5. I think wiggle room yes, mass spending spree of 2-3 years ago no.
  6. I don't doubt Chansiri motives but think his business abilities and football knowledge are very questionable. Yes he has wasted his own money but he has also wasted the fans to money when he asked us all to accept eye watering ticket prices. If the sale of the ground is also added to his mistakes then we really are in trouble.
  7. Think this was the season Manchester United won the treble. Sheffield Wednesday were one of only about 3-4 teams throughout the whole season to beat Manchester United.
  8. So basically the sale of the ground would be to plug the black hole already in the finances that is largely down to getting carried away signing dud players 2 years ago?
  9. Will only be able to tell if its a good decision in about 5 years time. Not sure how you know if most supporters are in favour or not. Up to Chairman not supporters to look into it thoroughly before making a decision.
  10. Poor article. Not up to the supporters at all. Desicion is with Chansiri.
  11. Not now but think this could cause problems in 3-4 years down the line if we are still a mid table Championship club. Chansiri been badly advised on transfers, badly advised on giving out new contracts to players, badly advised on appointing Joss's Lukaky as manager, badly advised on kit manufacturers, badly advised on ticket prices and badly advised on things like 1867 Membership scheme. Are you that confident he has not been badly advised on selling the ground to get past P&S rules?
  12. Thought Gary Megson had a reputation for being a difficult manager for Chairmen to deal with?
  13. I know its the transfers of Rhodes and Abdi that stick in the mind of supporters most but I think the signings of Urby and Lachmann looking back are far more worrying. Players coming in on big wages who were deemed nowhere near good enough for the first team.
  14. I am not sure this is a realistic. No one is going to plough thick end of £100m into the club without having 100% control over it.
  15. I would have liked them to have asked Carlton Palmer about the times he came back to Wednesday later in his career on loan. Seems to be forgotten that the club sacked him when Terry Yoarth was manger and would have interesting to hear what happened there. Palmer does seem to be a bloke who isn't afraid to speak his mind so I can hazard a guess what happened though!
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