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  1. Uncle took me to a game when I was 6 or 7 and all my mates at School supported Wednesday. Of course watching them win and play well is all part of it but to me supporting your local side and going with mates on the bus (or when l got old enough going for a drink before and after games) is another big reason I have carried on following them.
  2. Of course I want a strong Sheffield Wednesday but beyond that I think football is healthier when they is a variety of clubs who do well. Apart from a the usual clubs only Leicester and Wigan have won major trophies this century. I always find big clubs floundering very entertaining (Apart from Wednesday).
  3. I see Jurgen Klopp came out and supported Liverpool Fans with the booing. Thought he would have stood up for the Royal Family with them being fellow Countrymen.
  4. I am as bad as anyone for feeling nostalgic for old football grounds and places like Millmoor did have a bit of grisly charm about them. But in 2022 for the cost of a ticket people expect a lot better facilities than Millmoor could offer. Do remember once we did play a reserve game they in the early 90s during the School easter (I think) holidays v Rotherham. We won 1-0 with a late goal and about 6 fo us ran on the pitch, happy days when you are only about 14!
  5. Rotherham beat us 3-0 at New York Stadium last year that was most memorable for the delay for 10 mins for the Drone flying overhead. Games behind closed doors though don't feel like 'Real' games though.
  6. Yes was a good season and piping Sheffield United to the last promotion place made it a memorable one. But you know how crap Wednesday have been for last 25 years when getting out of the Third Division is seen as a vintage season.
  7. I respect Arsenal, Spurs, Man U, Liverpool fans who actually part with they money and attend games (Although I guess tickets are hard to come by). But people who just see Football clubs as a bit of a fashion accessory and don't have any connection to the area the club is based in and only follow them on TV feels bit soulless to me.
  8. If I was Chairman wouldn't sack Darren Moore but if another club came in and offered good compensation I wouldn't stand in his way.
  9. Yes I thought Paul Cook would be a good manager for Wednesday. 3 Promotions with 3 different clubs shows he is not a complete novice at being a manager. I remember a time when David Moyes was linked with Wednesday and people were indignant about it and he was seen as a bit of joke. I do admit he comes across badly in that clip and you feel he is finding the pressure difficult to handle.
  10. I suppose if asked yes or no if I wanted to see Wednesday in the Premier League I would say yes. But cant say I am that fussed. I can bore the hind legs off a donkey abut the things I dislike about the Premier League. One thing I do enjoy about League 1 is 3pm kick off times on a Saturday. (or at least don't get moved abut as much). I am in my 40s and I doubt we will see wins at all the grounds again in my lifetime.
  11. People in general love a good moan: They football club, the weather, what's on TV, public transport, the council.
  12. If you are going to play this way and be successful nearly every week your players need to be a level above every other side in the league. Very very rarely does a side have this.
  13. Bloke is 35, Gregory will be 34 in August. You might get away with 1 aging forward but 2 you are askng for trouble with the long grind of 46 game League 1 season. Also why are Wednesday fans so obsessed with past players.
  14. I know we feared 12 months ago this season could be a complete disaster and it didnt turn out that way. We have no right to be promoted at all but finishing 4th in Division 3 and being in this league again next year is not over achieving.
  15. I am sure if it was obviously the training pitches that were causing injuries the players would have said something by now. I cant believe a player would be happy to train on a pitch if it was causing so many injuries and put they career at risk every time they went training.
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