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Community Answers

  1. I wouldn't stick 100% rigidly to those rules but generally think in League 1 is better to have a settled side especially in defence and goalkeeper whenever possible.
  2. I agree but people naturally have stubborn streak and some people don't want to believe he is a bit of a charlatan after they were giving him hero status in 2016.
  3. Used to prefer the days of clubs being sponsored by Crosby Kitchens, Arnold Laver and Shaws Carpets.
  4. On evidence of Sheffield Wednesday this season they struggle to. Every game I have watched you get the impression the players have only just met 10 mins before kick off.
  5. Yes but League One players cant adapt every game to new tactics and formations so its no wonder we looked disjointed every game.
  6. Thomas Tuchel has top internationals at his disposal who are good enough to adapt to each slight tactical move and formation every game. Darren Moore has a bunch league one player who play better when they know they roles and have an understanding (particularly in defence) with they colleagues. This can take a few games to develop. Trying to change formation and tinker with tactics each game is just trying to be too clever in league 1 IMO.
  7. Not financially minded so afraid I cant follow all the ins and outs but with Chansiri track record of running he club over the last 2 or 3 years I get a bad vibe about this.
  8. Its possible but I don't think this group of players is as good as some people will have you believe. Think we will finish 12th.
  9. I don't think it sounds far fetched at all. Nearly all takeovers start with a sense of optimism for the new club and about 50% go sour after a while. Newcastle under Mike Ashley being a good example.
  10. Have replays up to and including the 4th Round this season. https://www.skysports.com/football/news/11095/12356398/fa-cup-replays-to-return-for-2021-22-season-up-to-and-including-fourth-round
  11. If it's a draw I take my hat off for anyone who travels to the replay.
  12. Think Big Mick would have been a decent manager for us 10 or 15 years ago but you get the impression he is a bit too long in the tooth now.
  13. I am sure at points in 2004/05 and 2011/12 seasons fans on social media would have said thats it another season in Division 3 (or whatever it was called then). We are 25% into the season so loads of football left. Yes some performances have been a bit uninspiring but looking at table its far from a disastrous start if we are aiming for promotion. But if twisting my arm to make a prediction I think we will finish about 12th, some decent players for this league but think overall we are a mid table side.
  14. The only way Lowe would come to manage Wednesday would be the terms we offered him would be so strong, same reason Darren Moore came here. He is probably an ok manager but would cost a wedge to sack Moore and all his coaching staff, pay off Plymouth, give Lowe a generous contract plus all his backroom staff. Think Lowe has just as much chance of being a success as Moore at Wednesday so not worth all the money and hassle to me.
  15. Think Pulis has a particular style of football and man management that had got him a lot of success in the past. But those techniques are sadly out of date now, football has moved on but unlike someone like Warncok who has adapted Pulis hasn't. You got the impression the players never took to Pulis at all. Last season just felt we were doomed from the start, I am still surprised we were so close to stopping up in the end.
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