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  1. matthefish2002

    Getting the best out of FF

    I don't think many people would say he is isn't a very good player at Championship level. But has shown in the past to be a bit temperamental and injury prone. I hope if we do make him the fulcrum of the side we have a back up plan for when he is not available.
  2. The English league has got more foreigners as players, coaches and owners then any other league in Europe so you cant say the English game is not open to new ideas. I would say biggest problem with England football team is no one is that bothered about how it does (apart from 2 weeks of the World Cup) compared to club football.
  3. matthefish2002

    Ticket Prices 18/19

    Please make sure you are sat down and have a stiff drink to hand when the ticket prices for the new season are announced.
  4. matthefish2002


    If the club did have an Embargo how on earth would you keep it quiet. Surely the FA, Football League would have to issue a statement regarding this. This is not to say we might be close to an embargo soon. My guess is not but you get the impression Sheffield Wednesday is going to have to cut its cloth according next couple of seasons.
  5. matthefish2002


    Sounds like bad business sense by Chansiri to me. Soon as you get into an argument with a customer they will take they money elsewhere.
  6. Hang on a minute we have had 2 non English managers recently.
  7. matthefish2002


    Dont think we are in any embargo, would surely be in the press. Dont think they is that much danger of Chansiri walking away at the moment but not impossible he will look to sell as nobody can fund SWFC current loses forever.
  8. matthefish2002

    Post World Cup

    I think all clubs have a bit of a duty to try and bring through local talent but think its very hard to put quotas on number of English players on the bench etc. Clubs will always find a way round rules like this and would be very un-PC of the FA to clamp down on anyone flaunting the rules. Also are people like Chansiri, Abramovich or the Glazers really that bothered about the area from where there club is located, I would suggest not that much.
  9. matthefish2002

    £99 or £59 for the new shirt

    £60 for a shirt from Next!?!?!? I will stick to Primark.
  10. matthefish2002

    Signings or no signings

    Think Wednesday will make a couple of signings but wont be anything to get exited about. Club going to have cut its cloth for a couple of seasons which might not be a bad thing. If turns out to be a mid table season expect some criticism as it will be 4th season in a row the club is charging eye watering prices and no nearer going up.
  11. England are an ok side Not brilliant but not outstanding either. Had rub of green with the draw to get to semis basically.
  12. matthefish2002

    £99 or £59 for the new shirt

    Have to agree that a lot of the reason clubs charge so much for tickets, kits etc is people always end up buying them. If people didn't pay any more then say £40 for the new club shirt that is what the price would be.
  13. Glad he has moved on. Don't think you can describe his time at Wednesday as anything other then a flop. Fault probably on both sides. Please no more signings that are 'Gifts to the Fans' if that was what it was.
  14. matthefish2002

    Remember when

    I take pride that Harry Maguire a kid from Sheffield is doing so well playing at a World Cup. I get bored of people trying to bring the Wednesday v United rivalry into everything.
  15. matthefish2002

    Team Spirit at #SWFC

    I agree with Steve Archibald when he said 'Team spirit was an illusion glimpsed in the aftermath of victory'