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  1. If those are the rules then fair enough if a club breaks then they know the punishment. But you know that Football League will talk tough but the clubs will then mount legal challenges and will all get messy and then will get off with a slapped wrist.
  2. matthefish2002

    #OnThisDay in 1933

    Fascinating again! What is that strange thing in the near the corner flag, looks like a large dolls house?
  3. matthefish2002

    #OnThisDay in 1933

    The 1911 photo is fascinating. I would not have know it was Hillsborough (Or was it still called Owlerton then?)
  4. matthefish2002


    Not the worlds biggest JL fan but if up to me sacking him would not be on the agenda at the moment.
  5. matthefish2002

    #OnThisDay in 1933

    I think I am right by saying Frank Froggatt was Redfern Froggatt Father? How old would he have been in that photo? Looks about 50.
  6. matthefish2002

    Time wasting...

    Time wasting only seems to annoy people when its there team losing. Think time wasting has always gone on, 25 years ago brought in no back pass rule to stop teams passing it back to goalkeeper and slowing the game down. Time wasting does annoy me but not half as much as players constantly faking injuries and fouls to get other players booked or sent off. Worse offenders for Wednesday are Matias and Fletcher. Makes me cringe every time.
  7. matthefish2002

    Barry Bannan

    Bannan at moment is our key player, in fact seems to be our only player we look to to make things happen. Problem is other clubs will know this and put things in place to negate Bannans effect on the game. Need more from other players to help share out the burden of hurting the opposition.
  8. matthefish2002


    Hutchinson is a decent Championship player when fit, not never 100% fit enough. Think JL prefers to have more reliable players available.
  9. matthefish2002

    Club's Best Moment

    Slightly frustrating that similar size clubs like Derby, Forest and Villa have all won the league plus for European Cups in last 50 years. But beating Manchester United in a major cup final at Wembley is nothing to be sniffed at.
  10. matthefish2002

    Howard Wilkinson quote 84

    As I have always said look at the table after 46 games because that is where you will finish.
  11. matthefish2002

    Sky Sports Red Button

    No replays on the red button. Was answering a call of nature when Fletcher scored and ran back in the living room unzipped standing there for about 5 mins waiting for the replay.
  12. matthefish2002

    Luhukay - Sacked or Backed?

    A lot of truth in this. I am not a huge fan of JL but cant see point in sacking him. Hands are tied a bit financially and doubt anyone with a big reputation would take over.
  13. matthefish2002

    How did we make them look so good

    Think the team deserve some stick last night for a very flat performance but maybe not a vicious as some I have read.
  14. matthefish2002

    We’ll play worse and win this season

    Thought was a very flat performance tonight. Got what we deserved.
  15. Think we were due a defeat as 10 points from last 4 games flattered us a bit. But from what I have seen been a poor performance.