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  1. matthefish2002

    L***s Fans Want Westwood In January

    Think Westwood is a decent keeper but reading some posts on here you would think he is Lev Yasin, Peter Shilton and Dino Zoff rolled into one. Still very confusing why he is not feauturing at all at Wednesd aybut if Leeds want him they might as well have him.
  2. matthefish2002

    Forcing high earners out?

    They were a few players at the same time as Tommy Miller who the club didnt want to play at the time due to another game or 2 would trigger a new contract. Clinton Morrisson and Darren Purse were two of the others.
  3. I have a feeling of Déjà vu.
  4. matthefish2002

    If we were relegated...

    Not sure fan numbers will stay the same. Be a big drop off in season tickets and the potg prices will almost certainley mean we wont get a lot back even if doing well.
  5. matthefish2002

    If we were relegated...

    I think we will stay up but plenty of teams have got relegated who people at Xmas said were 'too good' to go down.
  6. matthefish2002

    This Weekend

    Not sure I will be awake for the first ball but will be up early to watch this and then probably watch Hallam FC in afternoon. Really good to see Sheffielder Joe Root doing so well today (We will put aside his football allegiances when he plays like that)
  7. matthefish2002

    Half season tickets

    I have a season ticket already but a thing that is putting me off getting one next season is the amount of Saturdays we dont play at home. Friday nights, Sunday lunchtimes. Bet out of 25 homes games a season only about 10 are 3pm Saturday afternoon games these days.
  8. matthefish2002

    Are you always on the same side?

    If up to me would move JL on but cant whip up much enthusiasm for wanting him out. The club is on a bit on a downward momentum and normally a new manager makes little difference after an intial spurt.
  9. matthefish2002

    Ferguson out....

    I dont think the majority of fans have faith in JL turning things around or giving him 2 years to rebuild. Once you have lost the fans its next to impossible to win them back.
  10. 53. Getting ready for the pitch invasion when we stop up on last game of the season.
  11. matthefish2002

    Jokanovic Anyone.

    Would be a good choice but I guess he doesn't need a job straight away. If I was in his position and money would take a few months off, escape the English winter and see what offers I get in the Spring. Not sure I would be prepared to wait for him that long.
  12. matthefish2002

    Ferguson out....

    Football Fans are very impatient anyway these days, add to that Wednesdays ticket prices and expectations fueled by a couple of play off finishes recently then you are pis$ing in the wind asking fans to give JL a couple of seasons to turn things around.
  13. matthefish2002

    clive betts

    I cant believe in this day and age that no one filmed what happened on Bramall Lane before the Derby.
  14. matthefish2002


    Think with benefit of hindsight the club got carried away after getting to Wembley in 2016 and instead on pushing the boat a bit for new signings pushed an oil tanker out. I dont think anyone can seriously say the CC should have got moved on after the loss to Hull in May 2016, would have divided the fans and the club no end. But dont need hindsight to say he should have been moved on after going out of the play offs to Huddersfield in 2017. Was obvious by then things had gone stale and that 6 months afterwards is when the current rot set in.
  15. matthefish2002


    Was thinking the same when I saw the OP.