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  1. 1867 Club

    Hopefully the silver lining to this scheme will be future ways to raise money will be better thought out. More focus on getting better return on merchandise etc.
  2. Put down the Kool-aid, please.

    I dont go on other clubs fans forums but find it hard to believe they all dont have a few that go a bit OTT when side hits a bad patch and we are no different. People enjoy stirring part and parcel of social media.
  3. Even if players keep away from social media and radio phone ins they must know what a great slagging off they have been getting this week. Hope it motivates them to shut a few people up (myself included) tomorrow. Predicting 2-1 win.
  4. Fickle Fans

    Chairmen is pumping millions in but that doesnt mean he is running the club well. Dont think you can ask fans to be patient when everything is so over priced even by footballs standards.
  5. #boycottthekit

    I have never run a Government but know Theresa May is making hash of it.
  6. #boycottthekit

    I don't think anyone can seriously say DC hasn't put his hand in his pocket. Issues to me is has the money been well spent, is the club being well run, are fans getting value for money. Would say no to all these 3.
  7. #boycottthekit

    You could work for the Daily Mail with the selective reporting!
  8. #boycottthekit

    I am not buying the kit, not brought one for years. But always think people can do what they want with their own money. Seems a bit daft organising a boycott against buying it, more important things to worry about. Still think with the delay, no stripes and high price they will sell well. Wednesday fans are too loyal for there own good sometimes.
  9. He just simply has to go if we lose tomorrow

    Depends how the match goes. If its an unlucky 1-0 defeat to a dodgy pen then I don't think anyone will have changed there minds on weather he goes or stays. Our record v Derby is really poor and we are on a bad run of form. Both of these have to end sometime so predicting 2-1 win.
  10. I know some people will say no one is forcing you to buy a new home shirt but don't like way everything about Sheffield Wednesday is really over priced even by football standards. Feels fans loyalty is being exploited. Yes I want to see Sheffield Wednesday buying good players but don't want to re mortgage my house for it.
  11. Tempo

    Always thought out tempo is very lethargic at the start of most games. I wondered if this was with Wednesday trying to play a more Portuguese style where in the hotter climate you have conserve energy otherwise you are a spent force after an hour. But either way it isn't half dull to watch when you have been brought up with the more high energy British style of play. Not just Wednesday but you rarely see a blood and thunder game anymore which I really used to enjoy.
  12. Van Aaken

    Probably needs some games under his belt in this league. Problem is though when a team are on a bad run every mistake is magnified. Loovens is a miss but like Hutchinson we have gambled a bit on their fitness and its not come off this season.
  13. Think its just a bit of bluster from CC. Can hardly say owt different if asked the question.
  14. The real reason there's a meltdown at SWFC

    Sheffield United doing well doesn't help but the reason people are cheesed off is because the team is underperforming and we are paying through the nose to watch it. The Steel City Derby game was awful.
  15. Saying players have got a 'mental thing' that prevents us from playing well is a reason not an excuse to me. Yes I agree players are only human and no human is immune from stress but they are paid big, big money to deal with that stress and perform. Great managers like Brian Clough and Ron Atkinson would find ways to relax players before games and get them into the right frame of mind something CC is failing to do.