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  1. Wasn't the San Marino v Scotland game on grass?
  2. Why dont they charge people a small entrance fee (Say £2) and make even more money for St Luke's?
  3. We got relegated that season we beat Man City 2-0 at Hillsborough- 1989-90 Season.
  4. I guess if they break the FFP / P&S again it would be a something like a 20 point fine.
  5. I get the impression while Wednesday are not innocent of breaking FFP / P&S we are not as guilty as Birmingham. Got a feeling we will get a smack on the wrist as we didn't take the Micky once we over stepped the mark like Birmingham. Maybe we will get a points deduction but have it suspended, something like that.
  6. I think Rugby and Cricket crowds pride themselves on them not being tribal like football. Its one of the things that people love about football but think the culture of Rugby and cricket is that people see it as you are there to enjoy the day and the game and the result is secondary.
  7. The 6 Nations games are totally different to a run of the mill Championship match. The Rugby is a big occasion with people planning going for months before hand and making a weekend of it. Normal Wednesday game everyone normally has they own routine after the games of either going to the pub or home. Can see people wanting to stay behind to drink expensive beer out of a plastic glass in the winter months.
  8. I don't think Reda Johnson was a great footballer but surprised he has not played for a league club for 3-4 years now.
  9. I think all those people hoping he will be sold will be disappointed. His wages will be too high for another club to want to match, only way he will be not on the clubs book next season is if we have given him a generous golden handshake to go.
  10. Love to be proved wrong but think its unrealistic Hooper coming back and having any real impact this season. Must be touching 16-18 months out with injury so anyone who thinks he will hit the ground running is not being fair to him.
  11. Sure you could POTG as well. I remember getting there early for the 3rd Replay at home to Everton and were already long queues to get in. Just were patient and waited I guess.
  12. Miles more likely that it was Ryan Giggs ghost writer and the proof reader that got the names mixed up then Ryan Giggs himself.
  13. Cant believe we will offer Matias a new contract. His contribution has been minimal.
  14. Still not forgiven him for joining Villa. Happy Birthday Big Ron!
  15. Was going to do it at the ticket office before Saturdays game but thought might be a big queue so decided to do it today online. After reading this thread thought it might be a bit of a chore using the club website but took 2 mins.
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