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  1. I will be surprised if it is Tony Pulis. I dont mind his brand of football but it does feel like he is yesterday's man.
  2. Think Steve Bruce was a very good fit for Sheffield Wednesday and we are unlikely to find anyone as suitable. But I agree that no one is irreplaceable and we move on.
  3. I don't think people are being negative about Lee Bullen just that people don't have faith in him being a successful manager for Wednesday. Passion, love of the club and loyalty are not to be sniffed at but want the club to employ someone who is more than that.
  4. I get impression most fans would say no to Bullen being Head Coach / Manager. Think you have to accept its football and no one is 100% loyal.
  5. I think a lot of fans (myself included) would be underwhelmed by Bullen appointment. Sort of appointment we made in the past when our financial situation meant we could not attract a named manager. Think once he is manager thought most fans would give him a chance for a while.
  6. We are only playing a couple of warm up games, I hope we are basing it on more than that.
  7. Has Bullen been looking into getting into management? Has he applied for jobs at say places like Bury or Chesterfield when then have become vacant? If he hasn't I would ask him why not. Not saying a first time manager can not be a success but would much prefer someone with a bit of experience.
  8. No disrespect but hate it when other club fans like Man City have a soft spot for us. Means they don't see us as a threat or in any way a rival. (Which I know we are not really)
  9. Didn't Richard Keys have an affair with his daughters 18 year old friend? But after reading this I have now lost respect for him.
  10. Doesn't mention Sheffield Wednesday once or has opinions on the rights or wrongs of his resignation. Just shows the Media are obsessed by the Premier league, anything below that might as well not exist 99% of the time.
  11. I doubt Danny Murphy and Rudd Guillit even remember the discussion now or the match at Stamford Bridge.
  12. This will be 5th season Joao has been at Wednesday, how long do you wait on potential. Lads got talent 2 or 3 games a season he will win you game by himself but you always think they is a lot more in him then he shows, Time to move him on for me but think £8m is asking too much.
  13. Think you are being a bit harsh on Moyes style of play. His Everton sides were usually hard working and well organised.
  14. Think if Moyes was offered the job he would come. Not managed for a year and that was only a temporary position at West Ham. Must know its unlikely he will get offered a Premiership job again.
  15. Its results that will galvanise the fan base not who is the manager. Cant afford to hang around with a foreign coach until he finds his feet. Club really is living beyond FFP rules so need to get up ASAP.
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