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  1. We would be laughing our nuts off if this was Sheff United with the wages.
  2. Not lost any sleep over yesterday but you do wonder where club might be in 12 months time and beyond. Cant shake feeling we have not bottomed out yet. But yes worse things in life.
  3. Not defending Wednesday financial dealings over last few years but 90% of clubs have done some rule bending at one time or another.
  4. Funny how other clubs hate Wednesday while our own fans are apathetic towards the club.
  5. I kind of wished I hadn't knocked on the head going to away games now. Being a proud anorak I love to going to new grounds and proper old school grounds in particular. But home games are going to be a right slog. 14,000 on a grey November afternoon to watch a uneventful 1-1 v Crewe is going to test my patience.
  6. If Chansiri has got a virtually bottomless pit of money and was only restricted by FFP why has he struggled to pay the wages on numerous occasions? Once you could give him benefit of the doubt and was an admin error but its something like 5 times and counting now.
  7. The players are always more then happy to take the cheers and congratulations when things are going well. But typically dont want to know when things are going wrong.
  8. I got an early bird season ticket 2 weeks before Covid so that will carry over to next season. Will always call myself a Wednesdayite but if ticket prices carry on being as high they might come a point where I have to call time on going to games.
  9. I have no doubt we will be back in the Championship but it might not be in my lifetime.
  10. Think it would have been harder to stomach if we felt it was undeserved and unexpected. If truth be told we rode our luck to take it to the final game.
  11. Can he do a job for us up front next season?
  12. He has had his time. We need a team builder, someone who will put in the hours scouting and coaching with the backroom staff. Whatever Carlos strengths are being a team builder over 3 or 4 seasons isn't one of them.
  13. We cant keep changing manager every 15 games. Ron Atkinson is one of the greatest Wednesday managers in last 50 years and he took us down in his first full season. Jack Charlton took about 2 years to get us moving upwards. Have to a give a manager time to get things right.
  14. We have just got relegated, not sure if that's the positive attitude we are after myself. Must be watching different games to some people. Not saying he has been terrible but average at best.
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