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  1. Yesterday has gone now but we need to see a big reaction in the next few games. I dont think that is too much to ask for.
  2. Football fans overreact when a team plays well and wins. Football fans overreact when a team plays badly and loses. This has been happening at all clubs since I can remember, its nothing new.
  3. We have lost 4 out of last 5 league games. Leeds was a bit of a one off that happens in football.
  4. Was not a sending off offence but that doesnt make an excuse for a woeful performance.
  5. Think the word I would use for the running and culture of Sheffield Wednesday is dysfunctional.
  6. I dont think the swear filter would be able to cope with my assessment of todays game.
  7. Wouldn't blame players for losing todays game. Sending off and Dawson own goal probably meant a loss was a bit inevitable. But what I will heavily criticise the players for was the lacklustre performance. Body language was unacceptable.
  8. Reading between the lines its seems Westwood and Monk dont see things eye to eye. You have to say odds are against Westwood playing for Wednesday again.
  9. Ignoring we might get a points deduction I put our chances of getting a play off place at about evens at the moment.
  10. One thing that strikes me reading this thread is that some fans (as well as Chansiri) see getting to the Premier League as the be all and end all of Sheffield Wednesday. Of course I think getting up, and staying in the Premier League should be a big priority for a club like ours but just seems to the owner and some fans that nothing else matters or is important at all. If the price of having a chance of going up is gambling financially in a big way and having to ask supporters to dig deeper and deeper into they life savings then to me is it really worth it? I don't even like Premier League football that much.
  11. I dont mind Chansiri and the club having a gamble on getting promoted but it should be calculated risk. I get the impression when we signed Winnall and Rhodes in the same week that it was never discussed what the plan was if we didn't go up in the play offs. After we missed out then the club should have sold a player or two and balanced the books a bit. Putting out things like the 1867 Scheme and stockpiling players because we are 'One Big Family' was not just a mistake it was in my opinion incompetence.
  12. Correct there is no finance option available. Thinking loads of fans have £5,000 plus available to splash out on 10 year tickets is not living in the real world. Think people are being critical is because we have had multi year season tickets sold in the past on top of things like the 1867 scheme and the club has still had major financial issues.
  13. Asking ordinary fans to take out loans and get into debt for 5-6 years for a short term cash injection to fund badly run football club is not the way forward.
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