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  1. Surely if SWFC win the case the points deduction will be zero?
  2. I think that's the biggest sanction the EFL can give a club breaking the rules we are alleged to have broken. I would safely bet my mortgage though that it wont come to this.
  3. Think the bucks stops with Chansiri. Hand on heart if someone gave me £100m to spend on Wednesday 5 years ago I reckon I would have done a better job. If I had made a complete balls up of it though I would expect to some criticism and by the same token if I made a success of it and SWFC were a Premier League club I would expect to get the plaudits.
  4. Got a season ticket for rest of this season. But if we got a big points reduction start of next I would find it hard to pay thick end of £600 for another season ticket. Heart wouldn't really be in it with club being badly run.
  5. I don't think Chansiri can afford to just walk away. If he wants out he will have to take a big loss on the money he has put n and sell the club. Chansiri has been a bit quiet lately, normally do a fans forum about this time of the season. Might not be a bad thing he is keeping a low profile at the moment.
  6. Think previous penalties will still stand. Otherwise knowing Chansiri he would just sell SWFC to his wife who will appoint him as Chairman.
  7. I dont accept the argument if we beat Hull at Wembley everything would be hunky dorey now. That was 3.1/2 years ago and think same mistakes are likely to have been made except we would have had more money to wee wee tail it up with. Would have been more vultures circling with the Chairmen known to be a soft touch and easily led.
  8. I agree the rules are flawed but if we have broke them then we have to reluctantly accept a punishment. Clubs like Barnsley can argue the rules are flawed but have kept within them so Wednesday have had an unfair advantage.
  9. Predict 10 point fine but with amount of time it takes EFL to sort these things out it wont come into effect until start of next season.
  10. Hope whatever happens its sorted out quickly but with anuthing like this it will take months.
  11. We are 7th and deserve to 7th. Yes frustrating we are conceding late goals but its a skill to finish games off that we don't seem to have lately.
  12. What abuse? If Rhodes has had any then I have not seen it. Yes he get criticised but that's part of job description of being a professional footballer. People are paying expensive tickets and seeing clubs most expensive ever signing not performing. Blokes on a reported £2m per year and doesn't look interested.
  13. Rhodes has been a bad buy, whether or not it could have been foreseen before we brought him is up for debate. Overall Wim Jonk and Gilles De Bilde were poor buys that stand out in my mind. But think the worst buy in my time supporting Wednesday was Francis Jeffers. Basically blew money we didn't really have on him in a panic buy two days before the season.
  14. Probably thought it was 1-1 and concentrate and trying to get another.
  15. Think Rhodes deserves some criticism since joining Wednesday but wasn't really on the field long enough today to have a go today. Needs 3 -4 games starting under his belt if we are ever to see any form from him but obviously not showing enough in training to be given the opportunity.
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