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Community Answers

  1. Surely we can keep a clean sheet with 3 keepers.
  2. Signing a new Keeper and the main striker injured get the feeling might be a few low scoring games this season.
  3. We have a continual problem going back before the Pandemic paying the wages so Chansiri is perhaps not as wealthy as he likes to pretend.
  4. I love to see local lads playing for Wednesday but sadly have to admit they both have had enough chances and not the standard we require. Also note that Cameron Dawson is 26 and Joe Wildsmith is 25 they are not inexperienced professionals anymore. To use a popular phrase at the moment if not now then when? Would be better if we moved them on but are unlikely to do this as the clubs they are likely to attract will not be able to match the wages they are on here.
  5. Lets hope we can now afford the refunds for the games cancelled 18 months ago.
  6. I vaguely remember us playing at a game at Bramall Lane v Sheffield United for Derek Dooley and Chris Woods came on a sub up front for Wednesday. For the life of me I don't remember the score.
  7. Fans are not in charge and 99.9% of them are not trained accountants with access to the clubs accounts and know in detail EFL financial rules. When we make a big signing like Rhodes the majority of fans trusted that the club and Chansiri knew what they were doing. The fans trust has been sadly misplaced. I personally never warmed to Chansiri and the adulation of him even when we were doing well but I never would have predicted the sharp decline in 3-4 years ago. Things seemed to have calmed down a bit now but will have to see what this season brings.
  8. Jack Charlton wasn't a great player. He even said so himself. Think the grestest player who made a great manager was Johann Cruyff
  9. Still think the different categories complicate it for a the casual fan but glad prices are a bit more reasonable.
  10. Obviously didn't rate him as a player during his time at Wednesday. Being a journeymen player at best doesn't mean though he is not a talented coach. But do find it a little sad that someone would walk out on a league club to take over as youth team boss somewhere else. Guess he is doubling his wages so don't blame him.
  11. I have no problem with the club be self sustainable, in the long term it will probably be a good thing for the club. But to have this strategy and be successful you need to have an owner / Chairman who knows what he is doing. Chansiri is not that man.
  12. I am not against Liam Palmer having a testimonial as long as all the money made goes to local charities. Think Niall Quinn did something like that a while ago at Sunderland. I remember going to Mark Smiths, Lawrie Maddens and Nigel Worthington. Think Mel Sterland had one v Leeds but was played at Elland Road for some reason. Of course I remember David Hirst getting a testimonial, I declined to attend that one as didn't think it was really in the spirit of testimonials when Hirst was already financially well off.
  13. Think this has already been on ITV with Micheal Sheen playing Chris Tarrant. Was a good watch 8/10.
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