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  1. Hard working and organised. Need that to continue and have a bit more edge up front.
  2. I can see why Pulis called him back. When you are struggling you look to your experienced players. Best Westwood is not what we need. Too injury prone and slightly over the hill.
  3. Decent result and performance. If we can take that as our minimum performance level we should just about be ok to stopping up.
  4. Modern football though. I dont think Wednesday are the only one to have a stat like 15 manager in 20 years. When we do get a decent one like Steve Bruce they soon get poached by someone else.
  5. That was season before 1982-83 season. The 1983-84 season we got knocked out of the cup by Southampton 5-1 after 0-0 draw at Hillsborough I think in the QF. I also think the 0-0 draw v Southampton was first time Sheffield Wednesday game was live on TV.
  6. 27th August 1983, won 1-0 with a Mike Lyons header.
  7. Monk was an average Manager who took over a team on the slide and wasn't good enough to arrest to arrest that slide.
  8. If he did slip it was a mistake by Westwood having the incorrect stud length.
  9. Think Tony Pulis is a better man manager than Jos Luhukay. Knows you have to offer the carrot as well as the stick to get player to respond and is more experienced working with Championship players. Although ultimately its about results, if Pulis doesn't do the business he will be mocked as well.
  10. Not 100% sure Westwood will play. Last time he came back after being frozen out he withdrew from a second game in 4 days as he said he didn't want to get injured. I suspect he wont do that this time as Pulis wont stand for that sort of nonsense.
  11. I wouldnt boo or clap him. Was our best player last season but did think way he refused to stay extra month after receiving full pay during the lock down left a slightly bad taste in the mouth. Although I can see his reasons for this.
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