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Mansfield Town V Wednesday - EFL Trophy OMDT

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Oops posted originally in wrong forum, but cannot remove!


The defence needs sorting out tonight, with a few changes making, in my opinion. Unfortunately our one mobile young centre half, Brennan, is out on loan now, so hopefully Gibson can fill in and bring some sharpness to the back four.


I can't believe the extra high ratings for Iorfa recently in the MOTM threads and the extra low ratings for Dunkley. Iorfa has been way below what we usually expect of him, in recent games, especially against Oxford where Dunkley won everything in the air and did not mess about losing possession, or wandering out of position anywhere near as often as Iorfa, who should be standing out in this division. Quite frankly he has looked well below average in several games so far. Yes Dunkley is slow and Iorfa is faster, but overall Dunkley has defended much better in my opinion although he is still not good enough yet, although coming back from a leg break must take time.


Dunkley was bottom of my list of players last season, but Iorfa's bad form and Dunkleys small improvement this season are two of the reasons we are struggling. Our midfield cannot go forward without us looking flaky at the back every time the opposition, no matter how poor, manage to break back towards our goal.


I hope Gibson plays tonight and plays well, because we need to be more confident and solid at the back. I also think that Brown should start at left back, if he is fit. That is where all his coaches have played him up to now and that is an area where we still look weak. 


Attack wise I would not play Shodipo again until Sow has got himself fully integrated with the team. Shodipo has had a couple of lazy games already and is a loan player, while Sow is our player and from what we have seen so far Shodipo, really needs to pull out a good run of performances with end product if he does manage to get back in because our solitary strikers are see too little of the ball in dangerous areas. Gregory's assist for Patterson saw him having to go wide left to take the ball off the defender and put in a perfect cross for the goal. That is the kind of service that he should be getting from the wings and Shodipo is not delivering consistently. 


I am hoping to see Bannan, or Wing in midfield, preferably Wing, but not both, no Hutchinson and maybe an outing for Kamberi, who at least runs into space and makes himself available and may complement Gregory, Patterson, Berahino, or whoever else is chosen to play up front. Lets see this high intensity football we keep getting told about because Saturday's game looked like walking football or subuteo at times due to the total lack of movemeny or initiative.


The team is still coming together, but we need a steady line up with players playing in their best positions and only if they can fit in with the faster style of play that os expected. That way everyone will get to know what they are supposed to be doing and can get on with winning more games. 



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2 hours ago, Musn't Grumble said:


I live near Mansfield...


Travellers beware! Language is not their first tongue.

I went to college with a bloke from Mansfield who was voted the man most likely to marry from outside his own species. I didn’t keep in touch with him so I can’t confirm whether he fulfilled that prediction.

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Lewis Gibson has been back in training for weeks now. If he’s not fit enough for what is effectively a friendly then just send him back.


Thats not a dig at him either. Just that we can’t afford to wait around for loan players to get fit. I’d rather call Brennan back. 

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