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  1. I think that he would make quite a good waiter... he’s very presentable, doesn’t sweat and is smiley and harmless. On his evening off he could play badminton to burn off a bit of energy.
  2. Wasn’t the Swansea manager in the film Deliverance ? I’m sure that he was one of those mountain men in the woods screaming “ Squeal like a pig”
  3. Good hall from the boys... even Reach tackled someone. Wickham isn’t on it so far but he’ll come out in the second half after a Monk mauling and stuck one away. Monkmiester will tell him to be more of a fwet.
  4. I’d have kept Rhodes in the starting lineup as I keep hoping against hope that he’s going to click into gear ( although my patience has been tested ! ) I ain’t a big Reach fan either, Harris carries more threat in my opinion. Whatever, I love ‘em all... come on you Wednesday.
  5. I endorse your best wishes... but what memories ? I just about remember his name.
  6. I’m more worried about my own financial situation.
  7. Customer...” Fish and chips twice please” Chippy Owner... “I heard you the first time”
  8. Too right.... there’s too many broken Harts in this world.
  9. He seemed a bit desperate on the TV... he basically said “ I’ll go anywhere that will show some faith in me” It’s quite a change from his days at City when he was almost unbeatable, England’s No.1 and all the pundits were raving about him.
  10. In a recent thread entitled something like “ what happened years ago that still makes you mad “ this incident was my offering. I watched it on tele and I can remember Wilko barely being able to contain his anger in the post match interview. Of course this was well before the internet so I took it upon myself to sit down and write Bennett at letter telling him was a coward I thought he was.... recorded delivery too ! Dont worry, he read it.
  11. When I heard that they refer to their substitutes as “ game changers “ I knew that we had dodged a psycho babble bullet. If they’re not prepared to hurt their players feelings by calling them substitutes then they’re hardly going to throw a tofu sandwich at a workshy centre half who pulled out of a challenge.
  12. Lots of committed performances today... they look like a team who are playing for each other and the manager. I’m going for Palmer, and for what it’s worth I don’t think that he was at fault for their goal. Wells got the jump on him from behind and there’s not a lot that he could have done about that. Wildsmith was really good today, we can forget the goalkeeper debate now... it’s his.
  13. Bring your good ‘uns off and put your dodgy ones on... that’ll work.
  14. I’m going to say it in the hope that he proves me wrong but Jordan Rhodes is a bit of a plodder.
  15. City will have Stephen Merchant in goal and use Vicky Pollard as a battering ram up front but Borner will have her in his pocket.... Wednesday win 2-0
  16. Hair in a bun ... nose in a cheese sandwich.
  17. Nuhiu was worth it for the comedy value. Borner has promise.
  18. With everything else that’s going on worldwide and Wednesdaywide and given his limited impact when it comes to Wednesday expectations and memories I really couldn’t give a f*ck. I’m fairly sure that when I wake up tomorrow morning it won’t be the first thing that consumes my mind.
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