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  1. It’s nearly November my friend and that makes your point even more pertinent.
  2. Look, if we’d deserved to win then we would have flippin won.
  3. Pleeeeease don’t let Darren Moore speak after the game. His comments are insulting our intelligence and loyalty. Why can’t he get his team to play competently for more than 45 minutes? Are we supposed to be heartened by his view that the team grew into the game.
  4. You wouldn’t think that our manager used to be a defender would you.
  5. I think that he’s missing his vocation as a sports journalist. That is an excellent in depth synopsis of the game, it paints an accurate picture of the day’s events. Well done Darren, you’re clearly on top of things.
  6. When they scored you just knew that they were going to capitulate. As sure as night follows day….
  7. I have two good friends that are season ticket holders at Exeter and they LOVE Dawson. I don’t think that he feels the same pressure at St James’s Park. He started well there and he receives lots of praise…. great for his confidence.
  8. That’s like my cooking abilities… all my best work is without the ingredients, when I am given them I’m crap.
  9. Exactly. And Morecambe didn’t even have any players with a pantomime name.
  10. We’ve simply got to beat a team who have one player called Assal and ten others who I’ve never heard of.
  11. Darren Moore of course. I’m surprised that you had to ask.
  12. Until the Nellie has packed his trunk and said goodbye to the circus.
  13. Didn’t do us any harm under Wilco’s management. All the “ purists “ used to moan about it as we disappeared into the night with three points.
  14. I agree, his post match interviews are worrying. Hate to say it but most of the time he talks utter crap and if he’s spinning that nonsensical babble to the players then there’s little chance of things improving.
  15. It’s the mind numbing stuff that I enjoy the most.
  16. I don’t think that yesterday’s win papered any cracks.
  17. The Talk Sport commentary team are saying, in the nicest possible way, Sheffield Wednesday are hopeless without any plan, system or cohesion .
  18. Director of football…. What does that even mean ? What’s the job description ? Will he get a new flip chart ?
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