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  1. And the win before was a last minute pen from Bannan, just before Christmas last year.
  2. End of November pencilled in according to the Star for Dunkley.
  3. In the Star today it said they hope Dunkley may be available at the end of NOVEMBER. Brilliant.
  4. Wednesday, where players get minor injuries, and then disappear.
  5. Looking at our 'midfield' on Wednesday night, it was more Jackson Pollock than Jackson Irvine.
  6. I know, but I think it was more emergency than actually likely to play, where as now he is fully in contention.
  7. The old girl just needs a bit of a face-lift, she is over a Hundred after all.
  8. Monk said in the Star this morning that hopes Lees, Iorfa and Brown could be fit for Saturday, but then said they might be back in training at the weekend, or next week. So take your pick He also said Palms (he really said that) is fully back in contention.
  9. To be honest I don't think Hunt or Dele are ready to start games yet, but we have so few options in central midfield, they will probably do so quite frequently. Luongo has been our best player recently, but seems to have contracted biscuit-legs so can't be relied to play week in week out.
  10. Guessing it was the keeper, he definitely drops the F-Bomb.
  11. It's just bizarre. His throws never reach a Wednesday player, don't go far enough, fast enough and are too loopy. Other than the Centre Halves, he is the best header of the ball we have, we need him winning the flick-ons or converting any chances that land in the box. We may as well have signed one of them tennis-ball machines to take throw-ins.
  12. The players could see Tidman warming up though, and their heads dropped allowing an easy goal for Boro', Lucas had no chance.
  13. Should have just laid Lucas down on the goal line, he would have still been more use than Tidman.
  14. Chucking it down in Hillsborough at the moment, remember your waterproofs and brollies folks.
  15. He was a bit of a biscuit legs If I remember right. Decent Goalie, but quite prone to injury - we've had a few of those. Remember when Tidman pretended he was injured, when it finally dawned on him that he was out of his depth?
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