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  1. The difference is Van Gaal and Mourinho both won trophies at Manchester United. They both qualified for the Champions League too. Moyes took a team that had just finished as champions and took them to finish 7th.
  2. If we get offered anything near to £15 million for any of our players, we should sell. Sorry but buying and selling players at the right time is hugely important for any Championship club not receiving parachute payments. It’s not like we can flog our ground again to keep the P&S wolf from the door. Sadly, I’d be willing to sacrifice selling Reach if it keeps out of being embargoed or more severe sanctions.
  3. No I pointed out to @Rhubarb n Custard that Bruce did own the situation when he resigned. Then @Rhubarb n Custard clarified that they were referring to Bruce’s interview a couple of days prior. Which is fair enough. Do keep up.
  4. If you read my post again, I’ve stated in plain English that I didn’t like how Bruce went about it.
  5. Tbf, that’s b*llocks mate. There were plenty on here dishing out abuse to Bruce this time last week before SB had showed his hand. There’s a lot of scorned Owls fans, that can’t handle it that our former manager saw Newcastle as a more appealing job. I mean, he did resign here. Bruce was the guy that brought the uncertainty to an end. You might not have like how he went about it, I certainly don’t, but he did ‘own’ the situation.
  6. He inherited the same players that had just won the league and 12 months later, Moyes left them in 7th. The club’s worst end of season table position in a generation. It wasn’t expected that post-Ferguson, they would deteriorate as rapidly as that. Even if you think his Manchester United spell is remembered to be worst than it actually was, what has this bloke done in the last 6 years to make you think he’d be a decent appointment? Van Gaal and Mourinho both won trophies at Manchester United. They both qualified for the Champions League. Ridiculous to state Moyes’ spell was on the same level. Moyes is a large part of the reason why Sunderland had been in a downward spiral. He got them relegated after a decade of Premier League football. He did well at Everton but FFS, talk about digging up the past, that was a long time ago. If we’re going to start talking up managers that did well 10+ years ago as potential managers at Wednesday, you might as well throw in O’Neill, Allardyce, Jol and Curbishley.
  7. Plenty of teams have got promoted with big budgets in recent years. Plenty more clubs have failed to get promoted, despite making large losses as a club. At Aston Villa, Steve Bruce had a humongous budget, and he failed to take them up. Yet our fans welcomed him with open arms, rather than picking holes about who he signed and for how much and what wages they were on. Likewise, Carvalhal had an unsuitable wage-bill at Wednesday that was much bigger than many of our league rivals. He was given three bites of the cherry here and still couldn’t take us up. Middlesbrough did have a big budget in 15/16. Karanka proved that he could deal with that pressure and expectation. They got promoted. The bloke delivered what his club’s target was with flying colours. Does the manager not deserve any credit for that?
  8. Failed at Manchester United. Failed at Real Sociedad. Failed at Sunderland. Did okay at West Ham. Been out of work for 12 months. Hardly a glowing endorsement for what he’s been up to for the last 6 years is it.
  9. Not trying to push my opinion. Although this thread has confirmed to me that Karanka would be a decent option. When you look at the pros and cons, the negatives that posters have pointed out about Karanka, as a potential manager, are pretty flimsy.
  10. So Karanka’s promotion with Middlesbrough doesn’t count because they spent a few quid?
  11. Hughton - Would have been ideal. Reported to have already rejected us. Neil and Johnson - Very good Championship managers. But they’re settled at Championship clubs, so very unlikely to join us, especially when everybody knows Bruce leaving will have derailed our pre-season and transfer window. Jokanovic - Also a very good Championship manager. Already has a club out in Quatar. The standard of football will be terrible but I bet he’s earning an absolute fortunate out there. Is he really going to want to switch to an English club for less wages? Pearson - He’s a loose-cannon and a yesterday’s man. In the last 4 years, he’s managed 9 league games in England. Given that the majority of those you’ve listed are unlikely to be available, why would the club waste time pursuing them? And if Karanka was such a bad tactician, Middlesbrough must have had superstar players to get promoted with 89 points. Remind me again, how many of those Middlesbrough players have gone onto better things since 2016? Also, remind me again, how did Garry Monk and Tony Pulis do in the Championship with more or less, a very similar squad of players?
  12. Any Wednesday fan turning their nose up at Karanka needs to seriously lower their expectations. Took Middlesbrough up, despite being run close by a very decent Brighton side. Remember that 2015/16 season; Carvalhal’s first year that everyone gets all misty-eyed about. Well Karanka yielded 15 points and 7 league wins more than what Carlos achieved. And Boro weren’t receiving parachute payments at the time either, which makes their promotion that bit more impressive IMO. He played at the very highest level, was assistant-manager at Real Madrid for several seasons and has a promotion to the Premier League on his CV. What’s not to like?
  13. Did a great job at Fulham and Wales. Had a shocker at Sunderland and Coventry. His spells elsewhere weren’t exactly brilliant. But he does know the EFL well. Would probably be a safe pair of hands. There’s been far worst suggestions mentioned on here.
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