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  1. We have circa 15 first team players out of contract in a few weeks. Once all those contracts are up, Darren Moore won’t be able to put together a League One standard XI. Yet we have certain fans on here talking about promotion next season. This embargo situation could quite easily result in another relegation for us in 2022 IMO.
  2. It happens to the best of us mate. That Cardiff result at the start of the season all gave us a bit of hope. This thread is proof of that. I agree that having Luongo, Brown and Iorfa missing for most of the season has caused us all sorts of problems. Me bumping this thread is just banter/gallows humour.
  3. Good job we’ve had quality in most positions this season.
  4. It probably isn’t much better, no. But I think it’s only fair that we judge Moore after a full pre-season and a summer transfer window. Sadly Pulis wasn’t afforded those ‘luxuries’ either. Which kinda proves your point. Its difficult to read too much into Pulis’/Moore’s respective results. Especially given that they both came in part-way through the season and also, this club, under DC, is a mess.
  5. And the standard of our football since Christmas Day 2019 has been... I’ll take your word for it. Are you aware that about half of our first team squad are out of contract this summer? Whatever fan’s opinions are of the likes of Rhodes, Reach, Lees, Westwood etc, we are going to need a big rebuild this summer, to make up for the number of key players we will inevitably lose. How many signings do you think we’ll need to have a squad capable of automatic promotion in 2022? Does this number change if Bannan, Windass,
  6. Don’t want to blow my own trumpet but I reckon I’ve nailed it with these pre-season predictions from all those months ago.
  7. Neither Pulis or Moore are to blame for our impending relegation. Only one man to blame for that...
  8. I pray that SWFC’s hierarchy doesn’t have that same arrogant and out of touch opinion as you. If the club continues to balls things up in the same manner they have, we won’t finish top half.
  9. The players aren't responsible for failing to assemble a competitive squad. The players aren’t responsible for 2/3rds of our squad being out of contract this summer. The players aren’t responsible for the financially mismanagement that caused us to have our first ever points deduction in our 150 years history. The players aren’t responsible for the instability that SWFC’s financial mismanagement has caused. The players aren’t responsible for the several transfer embargos we have had. The players aren’t responsible for not paying club
  10. I completely agree with that prediction. And there’s one man I blame for that. And it’s not Darren Moore...
  11. Cardiff needed the points more (when we beat them 5-0 last week) than Swansea do (currently). Swansea are likely to finish in the playoffs. They won’t drop out of the top 6 now. And their top 2 aspirations are over. Swans’ players will be focused on keeping themselves fit and injury-free for the playoffs next month. Which could actually be an advantage for us tonight. Effort beats talent... Difficult game? yes. Can we get anything tonight? yes, Swansea have lost 4 of their last 5 games.
  12. If Moore gets the sack/walks at the end of the season, DC will blame him.
  13. It’s a total none issue in relation to Chris Waddle’s recent comments. Any chance we can get back on topic?
  14. This Watford side have lost to both QPR and Bournemouth in the last couple of months. Failed to score against a dismal Coventry side too. Just saying like. They’re hardly Bayern Munich.
  15. Reyt, so we’re on the verge of relegation to League One, SWFC is up to its neck in debt, we don’t own any players worth selling/building our team around and the club’s infrastructure is Conference North standard. Yeah, but Palmer said summat daft apparently. Nice to see you’ve spotted what’s the most important issue. Muppet.
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