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  1. Grasping at straws. We should be beating the likes of Shrewsbury.
  2. Bannan isn’t to blame for yesterday’s result. I’ve no idea why he’s taking penalties when we had experienced goal-scorers like Gregory and Berahinio available to take it instead.
  3. The last 3 performances and results show that’s not happening.
  4. How do you know Hughton wouldn't have been a great appointment for us? His sacking at Forest doesn't mean he couldn't have done a decent job had he been made SWFC manager.
  5. When did Hughton manage us? Some actual critical-thinking and self-awareness there. You sure you're a football fan?
  6. I'll be the first to admit that I'm stunned by the fantastic job that Moyes, Irvine and co have done at WHUFC in the last 18-20 months. Totally took me by surprise that one.
  7. I reckon Houghton still wouldn't touch us with a bargepole right now. And I couldn't blame him. Because of DC's mismanagement, we're set for a few years in the League One wilderness. Houghton's next job will be in The Championship IMO. Where he's been proven to be a decent manager over many seasons.
  8. Talk is cheap, so let's see what he's like on the pitch. I hate the "Moore-o" nickname for DM though. Doesn't reflect well on SB or DM.
  9. If DC has any sense (yeah debatable I know), Moore won’t be sacked anytime soon. He’s an average manager. But realistically, Moore is probably one of the better managers in League One.
  10. Isn’t it funny how certain millionaires can avoid doing time behind bars.
  11. Sounds like another Bothroyd/Ravel Morrison type. Why are we signing this clown?
  12. He will be a Championship player in 12 months. Whether that's with SWFC or another club, time will tell.
  13. Except that we’re averaging 1 goal per game, which will never get any team promoted. 1 goal per game is basically what you’d expect from a relegation-threatened team. Early days and all that but nothing to worry about? Deluded pal.
  14. Adeniran, Byers and Brown - Appropriate contract lengths given their respective ages. Gregory - He’ll be 33 years old tomorrow. Anything longer than a one year deal is daft. Hunt - what’s a 1+1?
  15. The tickets would still be valid for the rescheduled date should the fixture be moved, so what's the harm in having them on sale now?
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