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  1. You don’t need to isolate any data to see we’re in deep trouble.
  2. Then you realise how far we’ve fallen in such a relatively short space of time.
  3. Is there an echo in here? I haven’t mentioned wages. I’m not sure why it matters to us fans what they’re earning. I predict those 5 players will get offers from Championship clubs this summer. Probably Nuhiu too. Just sayin’.
  4. You’d have to include when these decent players were released at the end of their contracts for nothing too. That could be quite time consuming. We’ve had a few of those over the last 5 years. That’s been one of our biggest problems. We haven’t moved players on while they still have some resale value.
  5. The 2016/17 season was also the right time to cash in on Forestieri. But we didn’t. Many mistakes made in the transfer market that season..
  6. Call me old fashioned but I come on here to discuss my club, not to have charity bet challenges. That’s not refreshing to me, I find it weird. Back on topic now?
  7. Embarrassing post. Now take your daft childish bet and get lost. Or debate the topic without making personal attacks, your choice.
  8. No thanks. I’d feel bad for you. Does betting large sums of money mean your opinion is more important or something?
  9. Straight into the starting XI and then straight into League One next year. The kid would probably rather sign with any of the other possible suitors than us. Not going to happen.
  10. I was very much in favour of bringing in Rowett after Bruce left. I have the posts to prove it. Got plenty of negs for it too. But yes, lots of posters on here were very dismissive and critical of Rowett’s track record. They seem to have gone very quite on talking about the bloke for some reason 😆
  11. Decent watch that video. Knowing what we know now, if you were Fletcher, Fox, Winnall etc would you want to be on board this sinking ship right now? Its hardly the player’s fault that the club allowed them to run down their contracts and walk away for nothing. Fletcher, Fox, Winnall, Hutchinson & Forestieri will all get themselves another Championship club for next season IMO.
  12. Leon Clarke was our 5th choice striker that season. He’d get into our XI at the moment, even at 35 years old But yeah, let’s wait and see what our squad looks like in 6 weeks time.
  13. Its funny how very few were saying we were overachieving when we beat Bristol in December to go third. You could argue Monk’s poor ability to manage the players over holding onto leads prior to New Year had us underachieving. Conceding late goals (87th minute or later) against Cardiff (A), Blackburn (A), Swansea (H), West Brom (A) & Stoke (A) cost us 11 points from Monk’s first 18 games. We’d have been comfortably in the autos over the Xmas period had we not thrown away those 11 points.
  14. We had a better squad and manager in 07/08 than what we have now. Derby won’t have points deducted IMO.
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