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  1. Oops. Well and truly shone yourself up there. Log off ultra fanboy.
  2. What a poor comment. Do you ever stop slagging off our fans?
  3. *looks at the person that owns our club* Yep, that theory checks out.
  4. You don't think running the club in a better manner would improve the fan's relationship with the club, and therefore lead to better attendances? Our attendances are fine for League One IMO. It's a shame what we've had to put up with though.
  5. Imagine how good our attendances could be if we had been ran professionally for the last 5 years.
  6. Why would we want to sign a 23 year old, English striker who's just scored 10 goals in his last 14 starts. Trust in - has he ever let us down before?
  7. The club were stupid to award Iorfa with a contract extension this season. When Iorfa joined SWFC, the player had potential on his side and the transfer fee invested looked to be good business. Had we sold the player at his peak value, the club could've made a nice little profit to re-invest into the playing squad. Yet here we are - 3 and a half seasons later - the player hasn't improved since the day he arrived, if anything he's a liability - and he will turn 27 this summer. Amazing how this club, under DC, repeatedly makes the same type of mistakes.
  8. Playing devil's advocate here, isn't that just what thicko fans of other clubs were saying about us this time last season?
  9. These accounts are relevant if we've got aspirations of returning to the Championship though.
  10. My concerns for long-term prosperity of SWFC are higher up within the club than Darren Moore.
  11. It doesn't suggest anything about next season really. With some key players at SWFC coming to the end of their contracts (some of which won't be renewed), loan signings going back to their parent clubs, and the inevitable uncertainty that the summer transfer window brings - our squad next season will probably look very different. We're in a decent run of form, that's all. Shame it had to come once our automatic promotion hopes had already been extinguished.
  12. ‘Hi Ho Silver Lining’ is a f*cking dreadful song.
  13. If we're in League One next season, I'd be content with signing Alfie May. Our whole striker department will be a concern in the summer - we'll be left with two strikers: 1) A soon-to-be 34 year old Lee Gregory. 2) Josh Windass - constantly injured, barely kicked a ball this season, can't be relied on, most likely on big wages. Mendez-Laing and Sow - Unknown if out of contact. Paterson and Berahino are believed to be out of contract and so, big questions marks over their futures with SWFC. Kamberi returns to his parent club in the summer.
  14. Think most Owls fans are annoyed and inconvenienced at this, rather than shocked. And just because it's happened many times before, does that ever make it right?
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