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  1. Ah so it’s the whole, question that you’re not a real fan shtick. Got ya. Well I’m definitely a SWFC fan. Sorry to disappoint bud. Ok. Cheers for telling me to p*ss off then. That really adds to the discourse.
  2. Eh? Oh I cracked a smile. But let’s not delude ourselves. Haha yeah I just don’t get it. Ok then. Tell me about the rivalry thing? Just my own point of view. Nothing superior about it.
  3. Yeah I get it alright. Lived in Sheffield my whole life and I can’t stand them. But I can also see us in a lower division to them for the foreseeable future. The truth hurts. Your hostility to those that express a different view is quite something. I just choose to use some perspective on the situation. What’s wrong with that? Been a paying fan of Wednesday for many years. I don’t really need your analysis of me - someone you’ve never met. Cheers anyway mate.
  4. Will do. Can see I’m in the minority. I can also see that this thread will come back to haunt us. Well I raised a smile. Was no more than that Tbf. Yeah I’ll see how I feel when the transfer window is over.
  5. Thing is, it’s not that fun when we are staring relegation to League One in the face. Still amusing when they lose like. But not really the same when they could be 2 divisions above us next season.
  6. For a browse on the general reaction to a decent couple defeats to the pigs. In fairness, I should have known that some of the replies would be total hyperbole.
  7. Just seems a bit small time to start w*nking ourselves off when they’re 0 points in the Premier and we’re -8 in the Champ. Each to their own I guess.
  8. Some right embarrassing posts in here. I mean, it’s amusing that the humble ones have 0 points from two games. But let’s not forget they didn’t exactly get off to the best of starts in 2016 or 2018 and look how those seasons turned out, They’ll end up 10th - 15th this season. Not exactly much to laugh about IMO.
  9. You’ve seen fouls given for similar but there really wasn’t anything worthy of a pen, with or without VAR.
  10. Been saying all summer we need to sign a LWB. Seen nothing from our games to prove me wrong.
  11. Not Reach, no. He does have pedigree in the Championship, so that’s an oversight on my part. Although he’s a player totally lacking any kind of form for a long time now. Well I’m not going to start tearing strips off our players after 2 league games into the season. But put it this way, from mid-October to early-November we have 7 league games in 3 weeks. And from mid-November to 2nd January we have 12 league games in 6 weeks. Having strength in reserve is going to be key this season. Do you think honestly think the squad we have now
  12. Concerning IMO. Ok our first XI is fine, not brilliant but about average at this level. But our bench today was weak; Wildsmith, Palmer, Shaw, Hunt, Dele-Bashiru, Reach, Kachunga. Nothing against those players and I’m sure most of them will have a part to play this season. But that’s the standard of player you’d expect a League One club to have on their bench. Not sure enough quality in depth. And with league fixtures coming thick and fast throughout autumn, it will be those teams that don’t have decent rotation options in reserve th
  13. In fairness, I don’t remember him being sidelined too much by injury between Bullen bringing him back into the team in December 2018 post-Luhukay and then Monk binning him off (but the club still paying his wages, while our team couldn’t buy a win) earlier this year. So he went a year there without any major layoffs.
  14. Sheffield Wednesday 19/20 results - all comps. With Hutchinson in the starting XI: Played 21 Won 9 Draws 4 Lost 8 Without Hutchinson in the starting XI: Played 30 Won 9 Draws 7 Lost 14 So statistically we won 13% more when Hutchinson played. And we lost 9% less of our games too. Dopey Monk was daft to bomb him out when he did (I’m talking about the timing here, rather than the decision not to renew his contract), given that CM was a big weakness for us last season IMO. Strange th
  15. 6 months on from the Forest game being postponed/cancelled in March and fans still not refunded. Disgusting.
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