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  1. Our lot should have at least done the honourable thing and refunded the 1645 poor fans that went down to Brentford to watch us be routed 5-0.
  2. Fletcher, Forestieri, Winnall, Nuhiu, Hutchinson, Lee, Pelupessy, Fox, Stobbs, - all out of contract this June. Wickham, Da Cruz, Windass, Murphy, Bates - all have loans coming to an end too. Our manager is also out of contract. I hope we get rid of the f*cking lot. Our squad needs disembowelling. 2 wins in 14 is a sackable run as far as Monk is concerned. Whenever the football resumes, I hope we appoint a manager of a decent pedigree. Sell the likes of Reach, Rhodes, Odubajo, Bannan, Dawson or anyone else likely to raise a transfer fee. Replace the above with young, athletic, injury-free, hungry players with a point to prove.
  3. Making yourself sound childish there. No true Wednesday fan wants a points deduction, or relegation. That reality of our situation is that we've been so badly ran under DC, that both are a real possibility. It didn't have to be this way and our fans are right to criticise given that we are up to our necks in sh*t right now. If we end up in League One will you still be absolving DC of blame? Maybe if we'd sold players to reinvest in the squad & balance the books over the last 5 years, we wouldn't be in this messy situation.
  4. Thank god that one of our club icons has come out and nailed the elephant in the room.
  5. No disrespect but let’s leave the history lesson for another day. After 6 months in charge, you have a good idea of what direction a manager is taking you in. If we’d appointed a good replacement straight after Bruce left, we could be battling for a promotion spot right now IMO. Sorry but this division is poor. Our plight this year has distorted some fans’ perspective on that. The standard of the Championship is the poorest it’s been for many a year. And in that context, Monk’s record speaks for itself.
  6. The key is to appoint decent manager in the first place. Not stick with a guy that you know is rubbish, because of ‘continuity’.
  7. It’s the manager’s job to get that extra bit of effort and ability out of the players. What isn’t open to debate is our embarrassing record over the last 14 league games. Very few managers would survive a run like that. Like you said, a serial failure.
  8. Birmingham - Not Monk’s fault they had a points deduction. Let’s just say he was sacked for “of the field” matters. If those allegations are true, I cannot blame Blues for binning Monk off. They’ve not exactly missed him since. Leeds United - Had a really good team there and a 30 goal striker in Wood. Capitulated in a hilarious manner to crash out of the playoffs when the pressure was on. A better manager would have had that club promoted in the top 2. If you don’t think there’s much point debating it, why bring those clubs up? Pulis might not come here under these circumstances. Point taken. But he isn’t going to get another Prem job anytime soon. Is Pulis going to look for employment abroad? Doubtful. So he will be keeping an eye on the Championship, won’t he. And we are one of the biggest clubs in that division. We have a squad of players I reckon Pulis would be able to get decent results with. Get behind the team, aye. But let’s not delude ourselves about our manager’s past failings.
  9. Monk isn’t the main reason for our problems. He’s certainly not the answer though. His track record of underachieving at other clubs was always a red flag. Should never have got the job here. Right now, we’re in a relegation battle and we need a muck-and-bullets man IMO. Tony Pulis until the end of this season would be my shout. Then reset and assess the damage in the summer. When it was Steve Bruce coaching them, there was little talk of such extreme measures. Wonder why. It’s embarrassing the lengths some will go to defend Monk. The harsh reality is that DC has appointed another duffer. What hasn’t helped is that Monk has been hamstrung by not bringing in his own backroom staff. Having said that, it’s possible that Monk fell out with his previous staff after the Birmingham debacle. Perhaps he’s happy enough with Bullen. Who knows?
  10. We’re in very uncertain times. But one thing is for certain, the football authorities in this country are not going to just pretend like 2/3rds of a season didn’t happen. This season will be concluded, whether it is before the summer, during it, or after. To assume anything else is wishful thinking. Almost delusional.
  11. Might as well not bother with a manger then if players can’t be coached, or tactics can’t be discussed, or substitutions can’t be planned to support our defence. Thats what a manager is paid to do. Players have to take responsibility, of course they do. But if they aren’t responding to the manager’s instructions, then it’s Monk who needs to go.
  12. Palmer is no Roberto Carlos that’s for sure. Even his biggest fans will see his flaws. I was very critical of the club for not signing reinforcements at full-back last summer. Got slated for voicing those concerns on here of course. A player promoted beyond his limitations. Palmer tries hard his best, plays out of position when required and will be on a fraction of the wages that some of his colleagues are on (some of whom can’t even get in the team). The club have let him down. Think you’ve been overly harsh on Palmer personally.
  13. We’d still have to finish the season once it resumes. The football authorities aren’t going to ‘cancel’ this season though are they. They might have to postpone it. They aren’t going to call it off when it’s 2/3rds done.
  14. I think Monk should be sacked. 100%. Even prior to Christmas, we were getting results despite his dire brand of football and tactics, not because of them. Throw in his crap January signings, his ‘disagreements’ with senior players, his inability to manage seeing games out without conceding late on etc etc
  15. Cancel the season because it’s going badly for us? Oh dear, some of our fans are turning a bit desperate.
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