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  1. "Goes for it again"? Well he can't really can he, not whilst staying within the rules,I'm afraid its time for DC to take it more cautiosly, Its no longer gambling to go up..its gambling with the club isn't it? Theres a difference
  2. "Premiership return ticket"...bought one...had one ever since..How long was that ago... Luckily it was superseded by the "Europe in 5 years" season...got one of those... apparently I can't claim owt back, cos I had a week in Torremelinos with the missus...(Gotta read the small print lads.) And if DC spouts about lack of support ..this that and the other...Have 20 f.ookin' years of it Delphjon....Youve been here 2 minutes mate. 20'000 tipping up...given hardly anything back...dropping down to the 3rd division...f.ook "League 1"..Its the sodding 3rd division...STILL 20'000 tip up We get up... 39'000 tip up!!!... If a set of fans deserved more than being charged upwards of £40 to watch their team play...Its Wednesday fans
  3. And just how many years has that been trotted out Mycroft....Don't get me wrong...I agree. But ive been nodding like a dog to that mantra for 2 decades...I nodded like a dog to that mantra all the way through the 70's I can't argue with it, sadly nor can I argue with any Owls fan who says "FFS!...give over" There are some Wednesday fans, me probably among them, who don't help the situation by blind loyalty and sad obsequience
  4. Can you imagine workin' in an old rolling mill with Ola Tidman...? If your mate didn't catch the white hot iron rod rolling through in the tongues provided...It went straiight through yer f.ookin' leg!!! Theres you...and Ola Tidman!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  5. I'm no accountant by my trade, me moneys all being labour made strength by sinew, not by brain Its money!..so its all the same One day, although I forget when I sold me house back.... to me sen! and as the cash did not flow in I sold it............to meself......again This money makin' foolproof scheme was not the cast iron fing it seemed bewildered by financial strain... I sold , then bought it back ............again Me balance was plunged in the red so I thought of sumfink else instead.. I charged meself a massive rent each week a massive cheque I sent unto meself, i paid me loads... I now live on...Jordan...Road (s)
  6. I feel for the fans..Even the bu**ers I disagree with on here..Say what you want, we are all Owls fans, but its more spitting and spatting amongst ourselves.. Its like being hit over the head every week. I doubt we will ever know the full story, the stuff with Roeder, Katrienne Meir, Carlos and Doyen, but summat went t*ts in a short time. From walking out of Wembley thinking we would be back, to Huddersfield and the fall of Carlos, after that it was more like a mad scrabble up scree. Jos..lost it, We got Bruce, we lost Bruce, it all looks hopeless....Then we sit higher than we thought we would, playing decent, if not exactly storming the league.. Then...This! We got fans railing against the prices, rightly so in my opinion, and fans exhorting other fans to stop bedwetting and get on with it, I can see the point. None of it helps does it? What we have in Delphjon Chansiri?...I honestly don't know. He seems remarkably loyal in some ways, and a complete dictator in others..total marmite. The fans respect his culture and traditions, stand in , and lets be honest...a mute mystified 2 minutes silence cos his king died...but he seems unable to grasp the concept that Sheffield is a working class city mainly and folk balk at £40 odd quid a pop for second tier football...How do you square the circle? How do you explain to a multi millionaire that £40 is a lot of money? How does he explain he's put millions in and £40 is nowt? square the circle?...You can't. any sort of meetings simply seem to widen the divide....We get mardy, he gets mardy, pram toys all over the shop. Head down keep going...If you can afford it... Hillsborough half denuded cos of pricing, policing and profligacy offa the pitch... Every..and I mean EVERY time Jordan Rhodes trots on..I think "FFS!..get an hatrick, score a goal..."..It doesn't happen. Home you trot... "Never mind...We're still 4th 5th 6th 7th then this! I wish i had the answers and I apologise to anyone ive happened to upset with comments that are sometimes ill thought out but well meant.... A bit like Delphjon really Eh?
  7. Gambling big?..after reading through the EFL thread Mr Farrel...Some folk never learn
  8. We're through anyhow...Go out there and cause carnage Adthe!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  9. Me too One English pound!!! Ive got confidence in Adthe!
  10. Proof of funds.... prepared to take losses incurred Whats the problem Thats more or less the "Fit and proper" persons thing Heres us, ground sold, and maybe floundering... I suppose when asked how come Hillsborough was suddenly worth 60 mill Chansiri could say "Rhodes and Abdi were inside at the time......"
  11. Everybody understands season tickets are cheaper Mal...sadly some can't fork £500 out and can't go further into debt....
  12. You would think theres a way around it, If a club has a chairman like ours, who is obviously willing to plough the money in, you can't fault him for that. How come the EFL don't simply seek assurances in some sort of contractual form, that if for instance he overreahes, the actual club isn't liable...The Chairman is. In some ways, if Chansiri is willing and has the money FFp is a sort of restriction of trade is it not?
  13. If there was a meeting, how could you be sure of getting the answers...Its a one question wotsit, no follow up, its totally on chansiris terms and usually gets nowhere, who wants him to throw his toys outta the pram? Just lead to more trouble
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