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  1. asteener1867

    An Ode To Gary Megson

    In the rustling trees above greno As the ginger dry leaves start to fall We remember the reign of the Meggo and dream "did it happen at all?" As the gap closed on porcine pretenders hoping for Sheffields crown As they trotted to Hillsboroughs portals and then by O Grady ..cut down Chest thumping our Red headed hero... Turned to them... showed them the badge As the Eastbank it heaved, had his heart on his sleeve Now he's after a job on the cadge Can we truly as fans of The Wednesday, Ignore this great hero of ours? Has it not come the time, although he's past his prime to remember his ginger haired powers? He'd sit 'em on Kop and talk history he'd run 'em from from Wharncliffe to Storrs they just couldn't take anymore If you want to be Sheffield Wednesday, then act on the blue hallowed stage sadly though lads it went ever so bad when they f.ooked it all up... Stevenage
  2. asteener1867

    Please assist ...

    OK...I'll f.ookin' 'ask then....... What in the name of all thats Holy is a "Tail gate ripper"......some sorta demented motorist?
  3. asteener1867

    An Ode To Gary Megson

    Wilkos, Meggos, Imre Varadis?? F.ookin' Owls fans!..... want a Tardis? The only place we head to fast? flyin' off into the past Harry catterick sadly lost (probably still win more than Jos) tricky trevor, big fat Ron? wantin' stuff already gone Sheffield Wednesday R.I P killed by hope an' FFP
  4. asteener1867

    SWFC - The Future. Do we have one?

    Hope he's a poacher turned gamekeeper then...............
  5. asteener1867

    Forcing high earners out?

    Maybe mate....Will it help enough?..I doubt it, but you could be right...Take the haircut...
  6. Trouble is mate, the less players you have,,,,adequate players..The harder it is to actually use them to match up the opposition...too many variables. We need a system and play to it...let the other side do the thinking...We honestly can't.......... and it shows
  7. asteener1867

    Forcing high earners out?

    Problem is Bert, the "big time Charlies" are the ones we are going to try and offload this January, now say the boot was on the other foot and your club was after Westwood, abdi, hutch, Hooper for instance... any fan would think..."They can't even get into a Wednesday side...17th in the Championship!" The only selling options are gonna be Bannan,Reach, FF maybe Penney, Dawson and a couple of others...That leaves us in reight state
  8. Thats what we haven't got, the ability to force a style of play on anyone, we play tactics the team aren't suited to, we don't seem to have any sort of game plan, bar the one used at The lane the other night...Last ditch , don't lose mentality that won't work most of the time. We were lucky against Stoke and Leeds, and tbh United woeful against QPR and birmingham, struggled against Millwall and Ipswich, ...Decent against Villa, now thats a fair cross section of the league we are in, some good'uns some bad 'uns...and by and large we have been totally reactionary, see what they do, then we'll do this...ran out of time cos its playing "Second" all the bloody time. I'm not saying we should have gone Gung ho against United, but I bet me bottom dollar the last thing Wilder expected us to do was have a go, every other manager in the division will no doubt know the same...It leaves us on the back foot, especially at home. Theres an arguement to say we haven't got the players to do it, but nor have we the players to pass the ball about at the back, any opitions we have are either injured, or in and out of the side as Jos mixes and tries to match every bloody game
  9. I'd like to think its a "rebuilding" process, sadly I think its gonna take a lot of actual dismantling first. Now if I was a cynical chairman , I would let a bloke already bordering on unpopular do the actual dismantling, sack him after the hue and cry of "Look what he's doing"...!!!!! Then bring in a builder...(Insert Meggo Mccarthy etc here) That way yer builder gets a bit of an honeymoon period (Fans don't try and let the tyres down on his JCB etc)..Cos it wasn't him that did the unpopular part of a job that has to be done first. Although reading that back it looks too much like an actual plan....and I honestly don't think there is one
  10. Wasn't part of the "Sky" original idea to lower ticket prices? That went well then?
  11. asteener1867

    Definition of support

    agree....You can be a supporter of the club, and still criticise the running of it, Mr chansiri probably believes the club is his...It isn't, he goes the club carries on. Maybe DC has a "Blind faith" he's doing everything right...when common sense shows he probably isn't. Do we dispense with common sense because as a "Supporter" we shouldn't bother with it? There are many ways of supporting something such as a football club, part of that is surely saying your piece when you think its going wrong.
  12. asteener1867

    SWFC - The Future. Do we have one?

    Its a fair enough post mate. I reckon the glory years have gone for a number of clubs, not just Wednesday. Take the Premier league, peopled by about 5 clubs that are ever going to win anything 19 years outta 20, maybe once every 20 years someone will do "A Leicester" I honestly don't see much of a difference scrabbling around in the Premiership like most do, and scrabbling around down here, unless you think somehow the amount of money you get is a "Trophy". Most premiership clubs are over the moon to simply stay where they are....how f.ookin' exciting, its ludicrous. A European league will probably be in place by the time we turn our toes up...As far as I'm concerned City, United,Liverpool, Arsenal Spurs are welcome to go...Then Wednesday move further up the pecking order, and who knows. Escaping relegation from the Premiership is more important than winning the F.A cup..most clubs won't admit that, but even WE play weakened sides in that now, in the hope of reaching the Prem, it won't be long before clubs like Burnley, Bournemouth Watford, southampton , Newcastle etc put it on the honours board for want of owt else... "Escaped relegation from the prem 2018/19" doesn't read well does it?
  13. Unlike us on here wiv our clear cut direct source material
  14. God!..itsa like leafin' through "Conspiracy weekly " on here lately... At this rate we will all be trottin' down the lepp in tinfoil Bobble hats" Shoutin' "Get the bast**d ..Its Lucan!!" Pattin' police horses and saying "Hiya Shergar, why did you shoot Kennedy?" Its bloody mental.... Hutchinson opens up to someone in an Italian restaraunt?...really, just suddenly pushes his f.ookin' Pasta aside an' says "Ey mate...Guess what?? "I know a player...."..WHO??..FFS! "Theres a bloke who knows a bloke who's window cleaner says............"...Give over Then we shout at the club..."Smoke an' mirrors" Honestly?
  15. asteener1867

    Forcing high earners out?

    Wasn't really my point mark... What Mr Farrel posts is his point of view, I might not agree with all of it, but to me its not so much sh *t stirrings as worries a lot of Wednesday fans are having at the minute. Do you honestly think the club is being run along the right lines at the minute? If you do...fair enough we agree to disagree, My point was... I was a bit p*ssed off to buy a season ticket , then find out about the "Embargo"..Well I only found out when the f.ooker was lifted...Is that the right way to attract the fans? I would have bought one anyhow, but I still think it slightly underhand from a bloke that calls us "The Wednesday family".... I don't want platitudes, it makes no difference to me, ..he's running it as he likes, I don't like it..I say so..I don't hide behind a "wednesday family" type of superficial curtain... Tell it like it is and forget the ornaments...Wednesday should have done that at the beginning of this season, they chose not to, and the price will be paid...(Or a lot of it won't) ..next season