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  1. I believe I once hypnotised a Goldfish..... See I got all the practical stuff....
  2. I dunno how a Wednesday player...or Moore even would deal with a Sports psychologist I mean Moore is frightened to f.ook of the slightest thing seemingly *KNOCK KNOCK* DM...."Come in" Sports P..."Hello Mr moore I'm the new Sports psyc... Moore "Mind that chair...you don't wanna fall ove.... Sports P "Its the other side of the room Mr Moore..I'm sure DM "Theres a ruff in the carpet...you could trip over that, bang your head on the chair , then theres me..up in court cos... SP..Darren Darren..can I call you Darren? DM.."make it Darra..if you tried the extra syllable an' swallowed yer tongue..then theres me up in court cos... F.ookin' players will be in an even worse state FFS! .
  3. Thats the general description given....laughable isn't it? 20 years of calling yer fellow fan a Happy Clapper or Bedwetter or whatever...while you are sat there next to the f.ooker suffering the same bloody thing. Its a sort of irony really
  4. anyone who still bloody goes is a Happy Clapper"... Its hardly a "short term" thing with Wednesday is it...2 bloody decades...yer daft Happy Clapper!!!
  5. Seriously..We should only EVER lose to Cambridge if its.... "University f.ookin' Challenge" FFS!!!!
  6. see thats all ok for people of a certain age...I'm bloody 63.....Now yer can have yer "build back better" plan..How long...5 years?...10 years?...Now i'm advancing in age and simply see me sitting there, incontinent in me seat, with a season ticket for me carer and meself...as we hit the Championship. I remember "Europe in 5 years"...How many years ago was that?..."premiership return ticket?????.."..I mean the f.ookin' statute of limitations must have seen the end of that crock of sheeite!!!. So I want it now... Don't wanna be sat there "trying to bounce If 'm not a blade"..cos me bowels would open!!! They sodding OWE me!!! EVERY incumbent asks for "Patience"...Sorry mate...its not impatience..its bloody desperately wanting at least summat, while watchin' Buzzards circle over the hallowed halls..Half expecting the 4 horseman of the apocathingy to trot out the tunnel instead of our back 4....(Which is more or less the same bleedin' thingy lately)..Death...to Famine...to .War...actually its just the 3 cos bleedin' Conquest has been out injured....(Back in 2 Decades)..War back to Death To Famine...who slips...etc etc etc You sit there through yer youth...Then its Bunions, piles f.ookin' gout..they spout... "patience!!" I mean..this is me on the Kop!!!!...Whats it gonna be like when I shrug off this mortal coil...and sit on The South????????
  7. F..ook a Psychologist for the team..They should employ one to do home visits for the bloody supporters
  8. Lets be honest...We start off worrying about Wimbledon...We take the lead and STILL worry about Wimbledon...We go 2 up...but STILL worry about Wimbledon...Its bloody abject. Its Alan Irvine mark 11....Isn't it? Worry yourselves sick all week about opposition players, don't take into account our players or squad....Even 2-0 up...Its lets be really careful...Bloody ridiculous and no way to get out of a league
  9. PLAY UP THE WEDNESDAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  10. I don't think we are "Unpredictable"...nor should we be...our problem is the "System" is extremely predictable Play your best players in their best positions..then its the opposition that have to worry about it.
  11. Might be like a "Manchester United community service" thingy..... If you don't buck yer ideas up...this could happen
  12. i'll admit aimless long balls up to nobody also annoy me...but not as much as ridiculous 50/50 balls on the edge of our own box....do it when its available...do it quickly and do it accurately,...or simply don't do it. Anyone notice last 2 home games ...just how high paterson has jumped to flick a ball on?...That could work...and even if it doesn't....you are not on the edge of your own box
  13. Ahh we're counting Mansfield on the bloody disney channel then......*looks for hoop to jump through*
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