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  1. Nope ..we haven't hit a brick wall We got 2 sell outs this season The pies were the same,the seats were the same,the match day experience was the same The difference? A chance of doing something on the pitch Only requirement necessary to fill the ground. Now your points are valid mate ,when it comes to week in week out stuff But The main driver is winning football games
  2. Mate...Thats the criteria tho The MAIN criteria Its not a day out at the movies Its the main driving force I will be the first to admit, you have a point, but its a peripheral one Yer not gonna go to Hillsborough cos the pies are nice, or the seats are comfy, you can go anywhere to get a better comfort an' comestible experience. Its the football...I would honestly have sat on a bloody wasps nest to get the win Monday night We just need to make it more affordable
  3. Its not incorrect mate Those fans , who want creature comforts, a nice meal, a comfy seat etc, would go nowhere near a football ground come a Saturday mate otherwise...How come it was a sell out V Portsmouth and Sunderland...f.ook all had changed in the catering and entertainment....
  4. Then..I mean surely Wednesday could make a mark, make a statement, drop the prices and make it affordable I mean its radical, and ive already got next years season ticket, but heres a bit of philanthropy iit wouldn't bother me if they sold tickets for a fiver next year Fill the bloody ground!! We have done it twice this season, rank upon rank of empty blue seats Then you read this forum, the politics section, the "Tories" section The anger about whats happening at the minute Mention cheap tickets at Hillsborough? and some season ticket holders kick off about it What in the name of f.ook is that all about? Sure some will take advantage, but sod them, some will benefit and if it brings a few Owls fans back, or breeds some new Owls fans What on earth is the problem?
  5. Nah.its true Neil...next season its gonna be harder and harder for fans to ante up. cost of living etc No matter what the club do, folk will not be able to justify it. You have your say in the politics section about whats happening, its no different on here No matter what the club do , its going to come to affordability mate
  6. So..They gonna pay someones f.ookin' electric bill then?
  7. Matron like women wiv large bosoms, cradling your head in their voluminous breasts sayin "There there" after we lose in the last minute and summat similar for our female supporters, thats err...the opposite of whatever the f.ook I'm on about Just sayin'
  8. But..If yer not a fan..why bloody go anyway? I would bring back back the brown guttered toilets that overflowed with P*ss..., simple mincemeat pies. cold....terraces, ozzie owl club. fat lads kicking balls into wheelie bins at half time It breeds a proper supporter FFS! I mean..."Comfortable"...waddya want sodding recliners on the Kop?? Remember when they did that "Healthy option " thingy...on the menu "Wednesday have Taglietelli" I thought we had signed a midfielder from Juventus Too much thought going into it Heres a starter..a Winning football team...f.ook the peripheries
  9. Ffs They should have lost that by 5
  10. Think Sunderland initially started in blue and white quarters or summat, so I can let that go Hope they smash 7 shades outta Wycombe, Sunderland fans have stayed constant, remind me of us...Good luck Sunderland
  11. Really?..and it was the bloke who's posted as Mackem 1 on here that did it? Give over mate, he's been nowt but respectful
  12. "Is that Robbie Savage on 606?" Yes..waddya want to say? "I was at the Rotherham V Fleetwood Town game today" "Was it a good game" "Well thats not what I wanted to talk about actually" "Oh Right what do you want to say then" "Well Robbie ,,There was a chant from the Fleetwood end "We are by far the finest team , the world has ever seen..and it annoyed the hell out of me" "Why" "Well its patently obvious Robbie, ...they aren't?"" "I think..I know that, Fleetwood Town fans know that...and I suspect you have an inkling yerself" "Yea but its just reallly annoying Robbie" "Thanks for your comments ...Now we have a caller from Brazil wanting to chat...Lee Gregory...............
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