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  1. This is the enigma that is Delphjon Chansiri. Ive got my gripes about the prices, the shambolic recruitment, the .How in the name of God does he not realise EVERYBODY hasn't got as much money as he has....What sort of city does he think Sheffield is... Then..You look at him continuing to pay staff, when bigger and richer clubs aren't...his reluctance to sell players....his offers of compensation for thye missed games last season...EVERY option...from full refunds to putting towards the following season. You have to come to the conclusion that the bloke is as fair as you could want a chairman, he has a sort of honesty that is missing in other Chairmen. Theres a disconnect somewhere, that surely could be mended. You honestly cannot criticise his intentions, you can howl about the way he is going about it....and you can maybe say with some certainty that he is stubborn.....If only he would give an inch regarding the prices, If only he would get someone in with an in depth knowledge of how football is..If only!! The bloke obviously wants EXACTLY the same as we do, but we simply can't come to some sort of solution of how to do it...Its not in the realms of E=Mc2 is it? All it needs is a step towards each other
  2. Ive already taken the option to put the refund towards the next season ticket....As things are going I'm gonna be doin' this for bloody years.. So you pay the cash...and you don't get to watch them... Which laughably makes me think ..."bargain"... What a way to follow a football club! This is what happens when it goes beyond football... This coming season now is bloody enormous....We know the remit, its simply survive it and remain in the Championship...hardly much to look forward to is it?..But its a goal we have to fight for
  3. Its bloody frustrating though Neil....If DC had allied his obvious intent on taking Wednesday forward with someone with some footballing nous...We would be in clover..... If his money had been spent under advice from from a Director of football...instead of self serving graspers with an agenda....We wouldbe miles away from this mess!!!
  4. What sodding choice have we got? No players will want to come owing to the 12 point deduction New manager?..Who in the name of all thats holy? Its up to us and what we have at the minute Its like you look into the larder and what you got....? Two slices of bread and some cheese.... You have to decide its a "Cheese sandwich" don't you? Thats what we have.... Lets all get behind the "Cheese Sandwich"!!!!
  5. Missed a trick really there didn't we? Maybe there was a reason....................
  6. Sammmy, Sammmy... I'd walk a million miles for one of your smiles Oh Sammmmmy Ought to be our anthem for next season...No f.ooker bar us will understand it...but get a siege mentality, f.ook every other f.ooker in the league....and belt it out!
  7. R.I.P Sammy, part of Wednesday history in the 70's...... Home and away
  8. Would be great to get him back, but I can't see it. He had a few games when he wasn't on it, but arguably our best threat towards the latter end
  9. like ive said before..all the EFL have to do is demand a bond thats worth more than the deliberate dismantling of the said club is. That bond is forfeit if the owners mismanage the club ..That would stop any assett stripping....
  10. I don't think that actually ever enters Delphjons head mate...lately I feel he thinks we are a set of bloody plastic soldiers he owns and will march to whatever tune he sees fit, but the army that went to Wembley have lost a fair few battles since, and its a bit like Napoleons retreat from Moscow at the minute....
  11. Well, theres a decision that should take careful thought, but I wouldn't hold yer breath
  12. I stand by what I posted.... looking at the manager and The Chairman we have, I honestly can't see us survibing a 12 point deducton in The Championship. Nor do i think we have "played by the rules" with the selling of the Stadium and trying like others to circumvent what are the rules of the league we play in. We shouild be bigger than that. Its the fact Wednesday are out of the Premiership that grates on most, and whether we are paddlin' in League 1 or struggling with 12 points missing in the Championship...Its bloody rubbish...cos its not the Premiership. Neither do I mind the shouts of "idiot, numpty orwheteverthef,ook anyone like to name me..The club has f.ooked up and the club has broken rules that the club should have abided by...If ANY other club had done it and affected us, the bloody pitchforks would be out. Same as when leeds upped their prices...Oh how disgusted we all were by it...when Wednesday did the same, We get a plethora of "mitigating" circumstances, excuses, Mr Chansiris gambling with the football club, instead of seeking proper footballing advice, in the end have cost us dear and not only that, have been nowt short of embarrassing. I'll still be there whatever..whats probably more upsetting for some is...I'll probably still be on here as well
  13. Have a think about that... So its a season of "meh"....on top of several seasons of the same banal tat. A season of going for promotion from league 1..is not a million miles off a season of going for sod all bar survival.... all we need is chansiri to buy into it....because lets be honest...We want the premier league...and league 1 is as just an house down the rd from the Championship...owt outside the Premiership is simply looking into the toyshop window...
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