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  1. Why do they bother when Wednesday aren't playing? cricket going well tho' F.ook kiss of death..Denly gone on 94 FFS!
  2. Got me ticket..Don't blame anyone for not going...Don't blame anyone for not going the last 2 decades to be honest... "true supporters" only go cos they want to...This "hair shirt" wearing is getting beyond laughable
  3. I'm surprised Belgium have fallen into the obvious trap.......................
  4. Ahh............ May The Month of rebirth...when spring..err..springs..all is hale and hearty..the countryside flourishes... Went well didn't it? Made some good runs though
  5. Moving on from sleeping dreams to imagination... I can lie in bed and imagine meself getting 200 for England against Australia in the ashes.. But if its Wednesday in the cup final against..ANYBODY...I run from right back ..Go around 10 players...shimmy to send the goalie the wrong way...walk it to the line.. Then!!! Hoof it over the bar!!!!!!!! What in the name of all thats holy is that about?
  6. Absolute shoe in then Hooks matey...Thanks for the research
  7. Bullens obviously happy at the club...Even if its just handing the bibs out and collecting the cones. He's been in a the deep end a couple of times..and handled it..maybe he has his limitations, but his intentions...I believe have ALWAYS been in the best interests of the club. Are we now in a culture when we simply let that sort of devotion go? I don't think DC sees it like that..and I admire him for it... I would feel rather uncomfortable and a little guilty if Bulen was shunted out of the set up... He's a Wednesday fan...he is loyal..and if you don't occasionally reward that....Footballs f.ooked..Because we as fans are forever lauding our loyalty to the club with .. "oooh I went all the way to whereverthefook" But don't seem to recognise it in others...
  8. Should settle down now surely? Delphjon looked tired at the presser, but surely he can sleep easily now. Its taken a while to get in place...and I still think the Elephants are facing the wrong way....but thats easily rectified. I know we went for a Cowley...but a Monk wears a sorta Cowl..and I think DC realised this before it was too late...and pulled the plug..Once a REAL Monk tipped up. I believe I speak for most superstitious Wednesday fans who thought, like meself..that a Gypsy p *ssin' on the corner flags might not be quite enough...and the Thai Monks, while having the good grace to tip up..have since left and were never intended...unlike the Elephants (facing the wrong way) to be a permanent fixture. We just have to pick a team based on this premise now... I would go ..defence wise.... Wildsmith...(theres a "wild hunt " and a smith was "Weyland" in ancient briton.... a legend Palmer..as in "A reader of Palms" Hector ..would have been perfect...Greek legend So at a push....hercuLEES Fox...Reynard, clever calculating...can't cross I'm really struggling with the midfield... But I believe I have found the way forward... The rest will simply fall into place along the lines of superstition I have proposed. Obviously some will disagree wiv me theory..but I can't find a fault...Even if I do say mes...ELF
  9. I was born under a wanderin' star I was born under a wanderin' star Teale he had a Bentley, can't see the match there If it was up to me... just maybe...a second hand Corsair I was born under a wanderin' star Wednesday make you prisoner, and the hope it makes you die promises of next days jam, forever draw the eye A light at tunnels end it seems, is always the refrain then every bloody year...a f,ookin' Train!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I was born under a wanderin' star I was born under a wanderin' star Do you know where Hell is? Hell is in Helan Heaven was Waddle and Hirst and Williams Palmer and Sheridan I was ..etc
  10. I was Born in the wagon of a travelling show Momma used to dance for the money they'de throw Take me down to Hillsborough, on the cash she had gained Thats how I saw Kim Olsen, Bothroyd and Potter and its why I'm insane
  11. Yea...But you can't take someone seriously when they are talking in their sleep
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