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  1. York Roast Co are Wednesdayites

    £3 tops..its a Yorkshire pud.....
  2. York Roast Co are Wednesdayites

    £9 for a pre match snack...Oh me sides....I bet you would sell about 3..to drunks in the directors box
  3. Hutch abdi loovens

    Going to be a test for Joost, but thats football.. Hutch?/...Dunno I'm nervous enough, be like waitin' for a f.ookin' bomb to go off
  4. Its true..Mates a Blunt...he got a photo https://www.imageupload.co.uk/image/DUZd
  5. That idiot Kevin Gage

    "We engaged Gage before he engaged in the outrage that Gage engaged in. Obviously Gage gauged wrongly the feelings that would be engaged when his misguaging of the matter lead to outrage on a gauge that obviously disengaged Gage from Wednesday fans... I hope this settles the matter" Bob..........
  6. Football Heaven Boycott

    Listen Costello mate...Keith Macklin will NOT be on, due to the reason I told you about in yer other daft thread
  7. Were you there Boxing Day 1979?

    Walked from Gleadless Valley with 2 other Owls and 2 Blades...Walked home with just the 2 other Owls....
  8. Football Heaven Boycott

    Rarely listen these days, same old weary format, same callers, Brian the blade is a charicature too far now, used to be funny, now its a bit tiresome...
  9. Football Heaven Boycott

    Brian the Blade did that once,,,Then he called in to say he wasn't going to call in...I believe he also made another call in..to say he still wasn't gonna call in... Lets not get like Brian...
  10. Colin's Comments

    I'm a Carlos in bloke...But I will admit Colin has a point with the "Caution" comment..We have started doing it regularly. The Huddersfield game last season was a prime example, had them totally rocking and took our foot off...Brentford, all over them second half , got the second...stopped. Cardiff sounded pretty similar to me. I know that its the championship and its hard, and teams will have their share of the game, especially away from home, but Carlos actually changes the team and sets up defensively once we get a lead. Maybe going for it, and then continue going for it, could be the icing on the cake this year
  11. Flares on Sunday

    If we lose, I'm gonna self immolate anyroadup...f.ook the consequences..........
  12. Shiney Dockers.

    might wander aht dahn London Rd, early Satday neet, clad just in Burberry underpants wiv dockers on me feet paint a nipple blue an' paint the uvver nipple white accostin' sundry passers by.... "Do you want a fight?" Early Sunday mornin', i'll arise an' brush me teef and head to Hillsboro corner..see if someone wants some beef Then follow t'mob to Hillsborough, singin' "Come on the Wednesday" I have to follow t'mob you see........Cos I don't know the way
  13. So..... The game next week

    Atom?...errr..i mean .At home?