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  1. Should imagine a phone call might be to suggest you take another option that benefits the club...
  2. To be fair...If I recall correctly...The 'Boro goal went in just before the Lucas injury...I could be wrong on that tho''''I had been drinking
  3. If you really wanted to know what Wednesday fans thought of Lucas...You needed to be at the away game at Peteboro' when he got injured and Ola Tidman came on.. Fans were screaming for Lucas to stay on, even though it was obvious he couldn't and Tidman was met with dogs abuse...1-1...Bullen equaliser late on
  4. PLAY UP THE WEDNESDAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  5. So they want a virtually closed shop Prem...and now a totally closed shop European "Champions" league??? Owt else....? "Guaranteed home wins"? "2 Penalties per week clause" "No Oppo slide tackling in the week leading up to a European fixture"? Absolute joke!
  6. European super league? I hope so...f.ook off and lets have football back
  7. Scenes on the Kop when that Carlisle goal went in were mental...
  8. Maybe an iffy penalty, but Paterson did well to get in front of the defender...Only seen the quick highlights, but especially first half the pressing and tenacity looked spot on. Good claim for a pen to us after Windass shot came off the post.....Keep it going Wednesday!!!
  9. Wycombe Wanderers...WE're coming for you... (Yea I know...one step at a time tho)
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