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  1. Short-termism

    Exactly.... Sat here having the autopsy before the bloody life has left the bloody thing... "What did he die off" "Dunno..he's out shoppin' at the minute" Take it for what it is at the minute, what it was a couple of seconds before..Its football... Posts on here fishing for hindsight before owt happens? Hows that work ? "I reckon its either gonna be reight good, or reight bad" Thanks for your f.ookin' input Einstein... "I would play a 532 wiv an holding....... "F.ook reight off...total whittering nonsense..." "Ahh but when I said the 532 wiv an holding thingy...I meant it could change to 352 wiv an overlapping wotsit in the hole" F.ook off" Its the way the whole season has gone..Its how it always happens....Its Sheffield Wednesday..its why you go... No f.ooker knows what they are gonna do...Its half the attraction. Read the matchday thread....its like watchin' dwarves doin' acrobatics All it takes is one shot on target from the opposition...and its "I f.ookin' knew it..got all on now..5 minutes in..they had a shot..We're down...." Or "3 passes on the trot an' a corner".."We are premier league we are..... Immerse yerselves in it...Its Sheffield Wednesday....Its what we do...its what we have always done.... You want a happy ending..watch a jimmy stewart film... Total set of fookwits..all of us..Me too and if you weren't... I wouldn't give you the time o day.... Wednesday are what football is all about... Apart from the prices.... Have we had a thread about that?
  2. Agree..If Abdi could step up like Matias did the other night....I know it was Carlisle, but he looked totally up for it
  3. Short-termism

    Be specific then Clint FFS!
  4. Short-termism

    I dunno...Where were you when you took the selfie?
  5. Pelupessy Price

    Topic sounds like a Wild west legend...Calamity Jane...or summatt... Pelupessy Price rode into Hillsborough after cleaning up Dodge... "Who's that?" said the fan on the Kop... "That theres "Pelupessy Price"..and you need to keep yer voice down, unless you want to end up on Boot Hill"
  6. Short-termism

    Why haven't we beat Cardiff tomorrow yet.............. FFS! Get on with it Jos...yer not the only fish in the seas for the sake of fookery!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  7. Would You Rather

    Think so..Though Brum came close by winning it just before they went down....
  8. You can't expect owt more this season than consolidation TBH.. Next year i expect to go up....
  9. Would You Rather

    Win the F.A cup.....Its there forever then. I mean, who remembers who got into the play off places...who remembers who up, who down? Get into the Prem and its more than likely we win nowt, where avoiding relegation is a feather in yer cap..Win the Cup...Its steeped in history... Then go up the season after...............
  10. Short-termism

    Pelpussy has been here a day...whats he done...Nowt...another lazy signing... Sick to death of players takin' the p * ss
  11. Short-termism

    I fully expect to win tomorrow...Come on FFS!... He's had over a fortnight!! I will begin to seriously question his ability should we lose to Cardiff, they have some injury problems to boot. I mean Whats the point of changing the manager if its simply gonna carry on being dreary!
  12. Short-termism

    Ok.. Rightio no f.ooker post for a fortnight, yer opinions are worthless... Neil?....Could you put some interlude music on ...or summatt?