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  1. I like how the other bloke runs in to get the ball as if play would go on...mind you Sheffield Sunday Nomads league ..it might have done
  2. I suppose we could say it was more than a "banana skin" ..Given the bloody year we have had... Well played lads
  3. 3 coaches...thats nearly as many as united would take..........
  4. Cos we all bought them little "Angel thai cakes" on the Kop outta reverence.....They tasted like socks!
  5. Psalm 23 is "The Lord is my shepherd!!!! He makes me lie down in the pasture wotsits...Not He makes a massive cakeball...and Yea though I walk through the Valley of acute indegestion.....
  6. I could make "mini" ones...I mean to make one that size!!!...You need a f.ookin' cement mixer an' a skip!!!!
  7. Maddogbob did the fireworks ..accidently...He was doin' a Souffle.................
  8. Thats no endorsement Gaffer mate....may as well have been a 7ft fish finger sandwich!!! after a few pnts...
  9. Remember when we had the "Healthy option" a few years ago.... Got into the ground...Folk saying "We've got Taglietelli" I thought we had signed a midfielder from Juventus.....reight disappointment!
  10. On the evidence presented I would suggest "Neither"
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