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  1. I dunno whether anyone else is of the same mind, and I respect everyones opinion on Rhodes, FF, fletcher, Joao, Winnal...Nuhiu but I can't make me mind up... Apart from maybe Fletcher, I don't entirely trust any of the others... Nuhiu is total marmite.. Joao..."God if we sell him and he starts firing?" Rhodes....Same as above.. Winnall...Simply doesn't seem to have it..but f.ookinell..."What if...(same as above) FF?..well its the same scenario isn't it? I reckon the best couple to partner Fletcher.... Joao to me is probably a bigger enigma than any of 'em... You can see he has it in him...one on ones...cool as f.ook....can hit a ball like a missile...but....20 step over, drag backs...that rolling it wiv his studs thingy.,.,.then... nowt! Its frustrating..Cos you can see him going somewhere else...a manager saying..."Stop it wiv the rollin' stud stepovers"!!! all of a sudden he's Harry Kane! See?? Thats the situation....the whole post sums up me frustration.... i could have posted.... "dunno"
  2. Or anyone IN Newcastle...no names no f.ook all stuff like "The Telegraph understands" Its easy to do...mainstream story.... I'm not saying its wrong...I'm simply saying I find it hard to trust owt that comes out mate
  3. Did Newcastle start the stories...Or did the media? Honest question...cos there is a difference.. and tbh..I won't accept "Sources from Newcastle"...cos thats simply press bllx for making a story up
  4. Runs over to Daveyboy and applauds...before he gets narky
  5. What annoys me about the Embargo..whether it be soft, hard..or even semi erect..is... Don't the EFL have a duty towards supporters....even if the club don't? You have supporters shelling cash out...dunno whether they are going to get new signings...don't know whether their club is allowed? How is that fair? I know, like myself, the vast majority will buy them..if affordable..but what about yer casual Wednesday fan who just wants to see football at a fair price? Should he not be informed..by the EFL, whether his money is being spent in vain?
  6. To me it all smacks of a Chairman learning the arts ..Ive been a critic and I still think his pricing policy is ridiculous...recruitment at times has been apalling...but here he still is, and to be fair to him, he faces it... He is quite prepared to face down fans, listen to fans...he by no means will roll over, but he lets fans have a say..When he could honestly just ignore us. This latest thing with Bruce..No-one could have foreseen...and it left Chansiri in a cleft stick...Drag it out and go into the new season with everything hanging over us..or sort it as quickly as possible and get the season on track under a new regime. Its hardly ideal for a Chairman, its hardly ideal for the players..and its total utter.................... "here we f.ookin' go again" from Owls fans. Its Ok Sally in the above post saying getting players from Newcastle is great business.. but the f.ookin' caveat... "I want so and so and so and so". ....is patently ridiculous from a football supporter!! I'm sure we will try and get the best deal we can...It would have been self defeating to put Bruce on gardening leave, cos it gets us nowt bar revenge....Thats not going to take us up...It simply means we can snicker up our sleeves at the two faced f.ooker...Its a laugh until the season starts..after that...Who wins?
  7. Closely followed by "Ball jugglin'"................ Then I realised it was a football thingy
  8. One of the best moments I can remember is driving back over The Snake after beating City at Maine Rd...Under Wilko.. listening to the post match radio.... They interviewed the City manager or coach at the time..he said "it was like being by a lorry load of bricks" Not stylish..but it gave me a warm fuzzy feelin' "
  9. I believe Chansiri has sent each family of a fan that attended a telegram, much like the black bordered ones of the great war... It reads "Sheffield Wednesday Football Club appreciate the sacrifice of your Mother/Father?Daughter/Son in attending a game that they f.ookin' wanted to go to anyway"
  10. Oh aye..Bernard Cornwell is the new AJP Taylor............
  11. I went down..stood there ..nobody clapped me................. so i f.ooked off....
  12. Wyrd bið ful aræd Taken from the last Kindom eh snoots? "fate is all" or summat? I suppose you could only liken Wednesday to King Alfred f.ookin' about in a swamp while all goes fookwhittery...Burnin' the cakeball...eatin' frogs...beset with the sh *ts since he was 10 or whatever..... Heres us...lookin' for a bit of dry ground and a fair fight... There was a stone the Saxons met at at ..wasn't there...Egberts or Aethelreds stone...or whatever.... Lets call it Hillsborough corner...devil take the hindmost..and f.ook all the f.ookers... Sharpen yer Seaxes..The season is upon us!!!!!!!!!!!!..... Crikey...Its gonna be a shieldwall wiv Pulis at the front in a f.ookin' baseball cap ..instead of a winged (pronounced wing-ed) helmet..never strayin' out of our own half in case we lose Wessex..errr..I mean possession
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