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  1. asteener1867

    Away kit 2018/19

    Well worth £20....love it!
  2. asteener1867

    WORLD CUP 2018 - Matchday Thread

    France looked solid...bet theres a bit more to come as well..Uruguays crossing was terrible....
  3. asteener1867

    What constitutes a succesful close season

    Simply hanging on to the nucleus this close season... Hunt going?...I'm not sure whether i'm bothered or not. I always worried about him going down and then limping off after virtually nowt happening, its happened a few times over the last 2 seasons...and I was worried whether he was carrying an injury that kept breaking down. The lad who played right back last game of the season looked a prospect...(Yep...forgot his name and can't be ar*ed)
  4. I don't celebrate England goals like Wednesday goals...I always support England and went a bit daft when we got the win in the pen shoot out, but if THAT had been Wednesday i'd probably still be chewin' the rug
  5. Yea, but to be fair what does Curran expect....? To get the pulling power, you need to be in a position to attract a big name manager, We aren't, Birmingham sacked Rowett and tried it, that went well..... We need a manager who can make a silk purse out of a sows ear, not someone who's on 5 live 3 times a week. Jos has deserved his chance..See what he can do
  6. asteener1867

    Safe Standing at Hillsborough

    Also, the naysayers who think because of its past Hillsborough should be the last ground its brought into, maybe if its taken seriously...It should be the first
  7. Coughlan...head bleeding, trying to pull his shirt over his head while actually trying to either head or kick a ball he could no longer see.....left hand side of the Pen area looking from the Kop Hilarious, worrying.... and rather heroic, all at the same time..............
  8. asteener1867

    Creating new fans...

    I dunno about the "Students" thingy...I mean if you get of an age to attend University and haven't got a football team already....I mean.. "What in the name of f.ook is wrong with you!" Its a transitory attendance thingy that...isn't it? Families..local inhabitants and their families, thats the long term wotsit.....surely Do Wednesday do enough?...are the prices competetive compared to the Lane? I dunno ..I don't go on their websites cos of the Virus thingies.... I know my season ticket would be £200 cheaper at the lane...but thats still a lot to pay for the One game when Wednesday visit
  9. asteener1867

    Bloody football

    I'm a rare visitor during the close season, i look through, but don't post much. I'm not really a football fan....I would happily sit on the ramp behind the Eastbank eatin' crisps if you could guarantee a 1-0 win ... I like to be there, and I love to see them play well, but.............. A bag o crisps and a 1-0 win, sat on the ramp not watching?..worth the season ticket . Don't bother replying telling me how f.ookin' pathetic that is..Cos I KNOW it is.... I honestly don't know when I stopped being an actual football fan and morphed into this "Wednesday only" thingy, but it happened.... I used to be a sort of "universal" fan...Liked Liverpool to win the European cup, any English side besides the Blades , I'd take a side... F.A cup finals...I'd pick a side.... All outside of Wednesday now?..Totally not mithered. I was away in the Yorkshire dales last week...Couple of Owls, couple of Blades..all shoutin' for Liverpool,,,Got told off for spittin' lager all over the carpet at Madrids first I mean..If thats not f.ookin' funny when it happens to anyone bar The Wednesday...I dunno what is.... I get Costellos initial point...I hate the close season, but only a little more than when it all fookin' starts up again..apart from Wednesday.....mind. .I f.ookin' hate that worse than the other 2 scenarios at times....
  10. asteener1867

    The farthest out #SWFC headed goal?

    I would venture to say Colin prophet..think it was against 'boro, but might be wrong...around 35 yds, might be me memory playing tricks...
  11. asteener1867

    Blackburn Rovers v Sheffield Wednesday

    Worst Matchday thread ever # 1-0! Nuhiu
  12. asteener1867

    How are you holding up? Hmmm?

    ITS BORING!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  13. asteener1867

    Matias wants to stay..

    Not that impressed either..He's similar to Abdi, totally capable of doing a job, but seemingly hasn't got the attitude. Lopez was similar for a few months, but once he got his head down I was sorry to see him go, but the length of time its taken Matias and Abdi? jam tomorrow......again
  14. asteener1867

    So that survey

    Meh...Let 'em chuck us out of europe...Not bothered in the slightest
  15. asteener1867

    Surely bloody not!

    "A straight swap"...really? No have Jacob back lads , and if you want Winnall, simply go through the normal channels............