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  1. asteener1867

    Chairman’s statement

    Think you may be right...but...Why not just say it? I think most Owls fans realise we had a tilt, it didn't work, we need to rebuild..Why all of a sudden were we "Staving off relegation"..What by spaffing millions on players who arent playing? it doesn't add up...nor does it add up that Steve Bruce is coming in, having being acquainted of this dire situation. So now we have a second version of a plan that hardly anyone took up. He's either preparing us for raised ticket prices or selling players..or even both...I honestly don't think the fans will stand for raised prices, I suspect thee are many that actually can't afford it, and more that are unwilling to after having "The questionnaire" from a previous ramble. Try simply telling it like it is, instead of this confusion of contradictory rubbish....In fact..Tell us what you told Steve Bruce
  2. asteener1867

    Chairman’s statement

    I totally agree abd that's simply all DC has to say We gave it a go, missed out, let's start again Not this ridiculous "We got to Wembley in a mad effort to avoid relegation " Just tell it like it is instead of spinning a story to suit each circumstance as it pops up
  3. asteener1867

    Chairman’s statement

    Clarity? tried to get us promotion? hes just said he was trying to avoid relegation!! Not very clear is it?
  4. asteener1867

    Chairman’s statement

    It's either selling players or more raised ticket prices. If it's the former , he can't in all good conscience do the latter after his questionnaire regarding maintaining a competitive squad. The problem? We haven't even got a competitive squad to start with Bit of a mess eh?
  5. asteener1867

    Chairman’s statement

    He's right though "There are far too many people at Sheffield Wednesday who think they are experts who are really no experts at all " I suggest he stops fookin' employing them
  6. asteener1867

    Well done Nuhiu

    Everyone understands we need better than Nuhiu....and I respect your opinion on him, he's not the best . I'll admit.. He happens to be an option, that option earned us a fair bit of cash last night..allied to the fact that opposition managers have also said "They found him a handful" in the past...I would suggest their opinions carry more weight than yours or mine. We need better..We need better all over the field..but once they..whoever they are , trot onto the field in a blue and white shirt, I swallow me misgivings and shout them on. He's a divisive character amongst Owls fans, but at least he has been there time after time to let us form our opinions..unlike some others that sit there wasting money
  7. Bandy legged Alan Smith..fastest physio in the world. Tony Toms and a fattish bloke that was on the pitch home and away in the 70's...in a tracksuit..never actually did owt...
  8. asteener1867

    Chelsea fixtures

    Thats how we sank the Bismark..Them old planes we used, sorta played f.ook with their quickfiring guns or summat...i don't know the physics of it... But its like yer Eden Hazard comes up against yer Premiership defender, throws a dummy to go one way, then another dummy, to cut back to the same place, thus befuddling yer quick premiership defender.. NOW yer Eden Hazard throws yer dummy to an Owls defender , then cuts back to find the Owls defender still stood where he was in the first place... "Christ thinks yer Eden Hazard...He's as fast as f.ook"..Throws another two dummies to find the Owls defender is STILL there!!!" "F.ook me I give up" ...yer Eden Hazard thinks and crosses it into the stand...Still unaware of the fact the Owls defender never even f.ookin' moved!!!!
  9. Can get mine monday..think it will get to general sale, bloody daft KO time..If it had been the saturday it would have been a struggle
  10. asteener1867

    Chelsea Allocation

    Mine would be , i can't be ars*d..although I think I will...does anyone really need a better one?
  11. asteener1867

    Well done Nuhiu

    We KNOW Nuhiu isn't good enough , but he's what we have. All the "Hooper is better threads" are total flippingnonsense cos he's not available. , ergo It's Hooper that's no bloody use isn't it? or am I missing something ?
  12. Brucie "Hiya Steve ...Its Steve Aggers.."Hiya Steve, its Steve" Brucie "Hows Steve?..err Steve?" Aggers "Steve ? Steve?..he's fine Steve" Brucie "Great Steve..Listen I might be able to start a bit earlier than I thought" Aggers.."Thats brilliant Steve its got bit 'airy, but me and Steve are doing ok" Brucie "No worries Steve, theres not a lot in football that frightens me...Who we got next" Aggers "luton in the cup.... Brucie..."I'll be there in 4 hours" Aggers..."And if we get past them.............. Brucie "WHEN! we get past them Stevie c'mon lets get it going " Aggers..."Yea sorry Steve..when we get past them ..Its Chelsea ..away..." Aggers..."You still there boss???" Brucie.."errrr..listen mate ...summats come up...might be feb after all ...................................................
  13. But you have to take into consideration what role they play at the respective clubs... Does Hourihane have to track back and link the back s to the midfield, then be expected to link the midfield to the attack, take full responsibility for the whole length of the pitch? cos thats what Bannan has had to do this season for us, lets be honest he has been MOM for Wednesday week in week out..that may be a testament to how bad some of the others are...but How would Hourihane perform given Bannans role here? Thats the question
  14. asteener1867


    To say Rhodes "didn't get a chance" at hillsborough is bit strong, he didn't take the chances he got is nearer the mark...He showed nowt did he?. Now theres various theories about why that is, The reason there are various theories is because we all jumped up and down when we got him, so his honeymoon period with the fans lasted longer than mosts would, in fact its still ongoing. Sam Winnal is the other end of the scale, shunted out to Derby after getting few chances, rumoured to be because he FFell (sic) out with our star player. We all badly wanted Jordan Rhodes to succeed here, it didn't happen for whatever reason, whether its not fitting into the system, bullying, too much pressure?...Who knows... It didn't work, and I doubt it ever will..If he is worth that much, lets see how much Norwich offer eh?
  15. asteener1867

    Efe ambrose

    Good answer