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  1. Because we could so easily have taken this league by the cojones with the points we’ve dropped. And this is the third or fourth season on the spin where we’re playing predictable football, slow build up and not really getting at teams. Not all Monk’s fault at all. This has been a trademark of Sheffield Wednesday for a few years. We don’t give teams much of a headache. I thought we’d started to crack that against Leeds. Two up front and we were really at them. But then the line up today screamed negativity against a poor Blackburn side. Yes we were missing Bannan, but we should still have enough in our midfield and forwards to cause them problems. But we didn’t. And that’s cos of how we set up and played, not because Blackburn nullified us. We’re the product of our own downfall. No team in this league is out right better than us. But we seem too scared to make our mark
  2. Regardless of people’s personal opinions on Nuhiu’s talent or Forestieri’s attitude. What you can’t deny is that they’re both pesty forwards and give defenders something to MASSIVELY think about. Thus this opens space for the likes of Harris and Fletcher and co’. Its of imperative importance that at least one of FF and Nuhiu start the game. I despair seeing the team sheet with just Fletcher as a lone striker. I know what’s coming and know it isn’t going to work. And that’s not because Fletcher isn’t pulling his weight. He just can’t do the lone striker role.
  3. Not sure wether you didn’t get what I meant or are being deliberately obtuse. At no point did I say he’s PL quality. I said that every team at this level, and the premier league, will have their Pelupessy equivalent. As in they’ll all have a player who’s possibly third choice in their position, keeps themselves fit and is genuinely positive around training...isn’t really good enough to be a mainstay in the match day 11 but he’ll do a job if asked upon. You cannot fill a 30 man squad with 30 players who are all first eleven quality. You need squad depth, and the back ups need to be reliable, fit, ready to go at the drop of a hat & relatively content with knowing they’re not going to play much. Pelupessy fits the bill.
  4. Yes. Cos Massimo is better. We signed him because he’s better than Pelupessy. But these are living human players. They get injured or can’t play sometimes. Squad depth is important for that reason but, unfortunately, these depth players aren’t going to be amazing. They keep themselves fit, they’re cheap, they work hard and are happy to be on hand when needed. Like Semedo in his final season. To call Joey a passenger yesterday is harsh. It suggests he didn’t put a shift in. He did. He did his job, without the extras that you’ll get from Hutchinson and Luongo in the same position. Cos they are better players. We didn’t concede yesterday and our forward line created enough chances that we SHOULD have won the game. Our failure to win yesterday isn’t because Pelupessy was playing and Luongo wasn’t.
  5. Who then? If you can find someone within our small budget, who’s happy to come to us just to play the odd game here and there & is also of a championship team in the play offs standard....then send your CV into the club to be a scout and an accountant all in one. In all the games I’ve seen Joey in my only thought have been ‘he’s steady’. He’s unspectacular, he’s average, he works hard’ etc. He’s not horrifically bad. At no point this season has he played particularly badly. So why are you wanting to spend money to replace him? He’s not someone who needs replacing. He literally wouldn’t have played yesterday if Borner didn’t get a knock with half hour to go...and if Luongo didn’t get injured mid week. That’s the circumstance that came together for him to play. And he played fine, we didn’t concede and desptite his attacking limitations...we as a team still created plenty opportunities and should have won the game. I don’t see the issue. Look at every single team in this league, even the PL, and they will have a Joey Pelupessy equivalent.
  6. Of course he isn’t good enough. He’s third choice CDM and fills a gap for a game here and there. We literally brought in Luongo cos Hutchinson isn’t reliable with his discipline and fitness....and...Joey isn’t good enough to plug the gaps he leaves long term. But every team at this level will have players like Joey. Who don’t really play but they’re cheap and add depth. They’re not good enough, they’re chomping at the bit to go when needed & keep themselves in good shape. Hes not a bad footballer. He’s just not promotion material, and he’s limited. But we don’t need him to be. Cos he rarely plays. Unfortunately few teams have the budget to have a squad full of first eleven standard players. This isn’t a game of FIFA. Sam Winnall is gonna play at some point cos someone’s injured and he’ll get comments about him not scoring enough blah blah blah. Ashley Baker might get a game here or there. We might see David Bates one day. All these players may not be good enough for a side pushing for promotion. But they don’t really need to be. They just need to be ready and willing...and put in their best. And they will. They’re not players to get in a twist over. Every club has them...
  7. Do we? We really need a better 3rd choice CDM? Where are you finding one for our budget who’s also happy to not even be on the bench most weeks, and only appear there if there’s an injury or suspension? Unless we have a ready made unit in the under 23s who’s not gonna get blown over by a gust of wind....I’m perfectly happy with Joey playing 5 games a season. We have so many other areas in the team that need improving. A third choice CDM replacement doesn’t even make the list.
  8. He had an unspectacular game yesterday but didn’t make any mistakes of note... For a cheap defensive midfielder, who’s probably third choice in that position for us & was thrown in last minute, I’ll take it. He can make a tackle and be pesty. He’s not got Hutchinson’s range of passing and won’t go driving forward like Luongo. Not sure what others expect. Yes there was a moment yesterday where we’d been barraging Leeds with attack after attack, the ball broke to Joey and he turned around and passed backwards. Yes it’s frustrating. But not many teams are going to have third choice CDM’s who play like Busquets
  9. Bizarre comment. basically saying that nobody talks about how good we are defensively....if we conceded goals today. I mean. Correct. But we didn’t... and havent conceded much at all... which is the point of the thread...
  10. Keith Andrews comments pre game was bizzare. Was announced that Hutchinson would move into defence and he said that’s a massive advantage for Leeds - and went into one about it not being his natural position & how he didn’t understand the move. Its literally his natural position
  11. Emmanuel Diserwuve deserves more of a mention. Never really hit our radar in our reserves. Scored very important goals in Salford’s rise to league football. Now playing league football again.
  12. Dawson Palmer Iorfa Borner Fox Luongo Hutchinson Forestieri Bannan Harris Fletcher Or a 4-3-3 variation
  13. Wasn’t it Tomlin who broke Beevers’ eye socket or jaw or something like that with an awful aerial challenge against P’Boro at home in league one? Hes always had that nastiness to his game. Yet it seems like it’s the like of Sam Hutchinson’s getting booked constantly - honest players putting in honest, albeit sometimes late, challenges. But with the likes of Sam they’re always aiming to play the ball over anything else. The elbow he put in on Borner last night was disgraceful. It was the act of a player who’d maybe been in several tussles with the same player for the previous 70 minutes and he finally snapped...not something you do within a couple of minutes of coming on. Unless, deep down, you’re a twatttttt.
  14. Yes. And, whilst he can plug a gap in an emergency, he’s not a natural LB at all. Shame really for him really cos the amount of players ‘in front of him’ at CB isn’t a reflection on his ability at all. Id say he’s ready at this level. I’d be knocking on the managers door asking for a loan move to league one to get his name out there.
  15. Westwood Odubajo Hutchinson Borner Palmer Bannan Luongo Lee Harris Fletcher Reach
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