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  1. To get rid of someone like Palmer means we’d probably need to bring in two or even three players as a replacement. To the extent, Palmer is fairly invaluable. Palmer is cheap wages wise, can now play across the defence and probably across the whole midfield if you asked him. Unspectacular but not got many clangers in him either. I’ll echo what someone else said in the fact that we’re no longer a top six club, The only way we’re gonna break that top six is if we get lucky and scramble together a really cheap team that does the business. So yes. Palmer probably isn’t ‘top six quality’ in any of the positions he plays. But our whole squad next season is gonna look massively different and no longer ‘top six’.
  2. Think Monk will go for an extra midfielder tomorrow. Want Hunt to get a start. Itll be Joey.
  3. Last summer I suggested Billy Gilmour from Chelsea, months before his broke into the first team. Wanna carry on that theme and suggest George McEachran from Chelsea.
  4. I still stand by that two of our weakest managers have had problems with some strong dressing room personalities. A good manager handles and relishes that.
  5. Us signing Windass to allow Wigan to sign Whiteman would be the most Wednesday thing ever. And that’s not me saying that Windass isn’t a good player, I don’t like him or he wouldn’t be a half decent signing. But if Wigan need the money from selling Windass to us, to sign a better all round promising player in Whiteman....we’re missing a trick. Players like Ben Whiteman should be what we’re looking to sign.
  6. Nixon saying that Wigan may sell Windass to us as they’re wanting Ben Whiteman from Doncaster. Would see this as us missing a trick because Whiteman is exactly the player WE need to be after.
  7. Hull have announced that Eric Lichaj and Jackson Irvine won’t be playing beyond their June deals. As well as Marcus Maddison on loan. All very odd. sidenote that Jackson Irvine is a player we should be in for!
  8. From what I’ve read we’ll be offering Ifollow as part of a total bundle that could include a merchandise voucher and ticket voucher for a future game. I’m fortunate that covid hasn’t affected my finances, so will likely accept that IF the ifollow bundle includes the away games. Completely understand why people will want a refund though. And I may think differently if the 2020/21 season has to be played in this manner.
  9. Personally I’ll accept a stream for the remainder of this season and re-evaluate what I want to do when the new details are released for the season start. Due to injury, not been to many games this season at all anyway so being able to stream it actually puts me at an advantage to where I was before 😂😂 Cant wait to watch Pelupessy dribble the ball out of play for no reason in HD.
  10. The way they’ve worded it is that they’re not offering refunds and it’s a bit of a ‘begging statement’ for fans not to ask for refunds. Reading between the lines, if you demand a refund for the games left....you’ll likely get it. They’re just hoping the majority don’t bother.
  11. Personally I’m happy to not take a refund. I’m in a fortunate financial position that I’m not desperate for the money back, understand all clubs are on rough times, don’t wanna see any clubs go under through this and I’m happy to take the stream option. But I can’t see how a club can NOT offer a partial refund for those who would prefer that. We have four season ticket holders in my house. Realistically we only need two streaming passes, the other two don’t need one. What about the elderly who don’t rock with technology. Of course in regular circumstances there could be a way round that with family members assisting in setting things up. But if they’re elderly they’ll likely be shielding and it’s not a safe option. Not all elderly supporters will have that help either and it’s discriminatory to assume. Theres so many issues with this and weve not even touched on next season.
  12. Let’s just all remember that league one is actually quite fun...
  13. Think you’re hitting the nail on the head though. I personally think we are gonna start sliding down the league. I think we’re preparing for that. Need to start saying our goodbyes to our better players.
  14. It’s a no brainer from a business perspective. Anyone who thinks otherwise is kidding themselves. To let him go means we’d have to replace him. Bare in mind that our other CDM’s are Sam Hutchinson who’s deal is also expiring and won’t be renewed...and Luongo who’s injury record speaks for itself. The club will be more aware than anyone as to how bad our financial situation is, the likelihood of a transfer ban (or even worse a points deduction) - and therefore how the land lies in terms of being able to sign players and of what standard in the next couple of seasons. Joey is cheap. Clean injury record. Keeps himself in good condition. Happy to be here. Seems like a good enough bloke around the club. Id have been shocked if he wasn’t offered a deal. It’s not ideal and I bloody hope he’s not a starter. I hope he’s a ‘just incase we need him’ filler player. I would much rather trust a youngster. BUT we’re not the club we were back in 2016. We’re really on dodgy ground and it’s gonna take a whole restructuring to get us back to where we were. All in all I think we’re gonna have to go backwards to go forwards, and accept that players like Joey are gonna be a part of that.
  15. He’ll end up staying. He’s cheap, he doesn’t get injured often, a good egg. Not good enough. But in our financial position he’ll be signed up because he’d likely be more expensive to replace.
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