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  1. James O’Connor - zero skill and minimal talent but would have run through brick walls for this club. Good leader. Was WILLING that overhead kick to go in. His time at Wednesday probably hindered by playing next to Darren Potter too many times. Graham Coughlan & Graeme Lee. Both old school centre halves. Loved Coughlan ever since that game he got concussed and tried to carry on. Lee chipped in with a few crucial goals and his time with us was hampered by injury. Grant Holt - to this day I’m adamant that 9 year old me saw what Chris Turner couldnt. I really liked him. Adam Proudlock & Leon Clarke - I’ll throw both of these in the same bucket of ‘what could have been with a better attitude towards their career. Both were very talented goalscorers when they could be bothered. I also remember thinking that Proudlock’s blue mohawk was the coolest thing ever. Am I right in remembering that Proudlock scored four against Barnsley at home but two were ruled out by the ref? He also had a fantastic game away to Bristol City in the promotion season. Clarke was very strong and his goal against Palace optimised what he COULD do.
  2. Considering our financial state, I would say that he’s bordering on the irreplaceable. Which I know sounds daft but hear me out. It’s not due to his quality. But because he’s a ‘steady Eddie’ and can fill a gap in various positions. Either full back he’s comfortable. He came through the ranks as a playmaker centre mid. I really liked the look of him in the 2011/12 promotion season before he went out on loan. The highlights of the season shown on YouTube really show his midfield qualities. Now he’s defensively experienced I’d also trust him to fill a gap as a CDM too. Senior, experienced, not a bad egg. If we have promotion ambitions then of course he shouldn’t be a starter each week, and we can hopefully bring it better. But he’d likely be fairly low on my list of players I’d be getting rid of. Can’t imagine he’s ‘stealing a wage’. If we did sign a better RB we’d be stupid to get rid of Liam because you’re then potentially gonna have to sign three players to replace what Liam’s flexibility gives us. In this league experienced squad players, who can fill a couple of positions, are important.
  3. This league is horrifically poor and Fletcher was in a massive purple patch of form. Bar the Forest game we didn’t exactly blow anyone away. Or dominate. Im not saying that I saw THIS coming. But I did keep saying that we didn’t have the bottle or nerve or quality for a sustained promotion push. We benefitted from all the other clubs around us struggling and that everything that Fletcher touched turned to gold.
  4. Reckon the league would have to decide together whether to issue refunds or stream the match for free to ST holders, and offer pay on the day folk an option to pay for a stream. If we were allowed to stream the game then I assume you’d have to use you client ID to see the game free of charge on ifollow. Personally had an ST for nearly two full seasons now that I’ve hardly used, renewed again out of habit, & the hope that I can actually go to games again. So the option to stream online using my season ticket ID would be handy.
  5. He’s invaluable at times. Inconsistent and ineffective at others. I like him for what it is. I think people expect too much from him. Id be keeping him Cos we’d struggle to replace what he does offer, and other teams in the championship would benefit greatly from a player like him.
  6. Won’t spit my dummy out just yet. could be a master stroke. (I doubt it is)
  7. A public forum is just that, a public forum. That said, whilst I think it’s okay to say a player had a poor game/you don’t rate them etc etc, there’s often times here where the line is crossed. But if the players read what’s on here it’s Cos they’ve actively looked out for it. The line is MASSIVELY crossed when players are hounded on their own social media pages. I find negativity directed towards players counterproductive. Frustration is one thing, getting angry at games another, but screaming out so a player can hear you ‘you’re shitttt’ isn’t exactly gonna help.
  8. Has his pick of the litter in terms of clubs chasing him. Why on EARTH would he come here. People are kidding themselves.
  9. Or that Westwood and Hutchinson are just as frustrated as us, and are sick of DC hiring two absolutely clowns in Monk and Jos. Both of our opinions have potential to be accurate. But I just don’t want fans to hang players out to dry when we have no proof as to what’s gone off, other than Monk’s version of things. All I know is that we’re sorely lacking in leadership on the pitch and theres a massive gaping big hole in our CDM spot where Hutchinson would be massively handy.
  10. We literally have no idea who’s in the wrong here. We’re only getting Monk’s POV... But... Bullen, Carlos, Stuart Gray and Bruce clearly saw no issues with Hutchinson or Westwood. Monk and Jos did. Our worst football has been under Monk and Jos...
  11. Palmer injured meant we had a problem at RB that we’ve been trying to solve. Fox being injured mean we’ve still got a full back issue and it’s left as completely unbalanced. and then we’re missing a championship level CDM due to Luongo being injured and Hutchinson being blacklisted. Pelupessy is what he is but not good enough to play week in week out as a long term option.
  12. Most of our players are too old and tainted by lack of confidence that has come from failure at this club. Furthermore. We don’t really have a ‘team’ - we mostly have a squad of individuals who don’t get the best out of each other and have just about enough individual moments of quality to tick us over floating around mid table, with peaks of form flirting us with the play offs. The league is also incredibly poor this year so that helped our promotion charge in November. Bannan, as one example, is a quality individual midfield player who doesn’t really trust any of his other midfield counterparts to produce. This is why he’s not playing simple easy passes or through balls when he picks the ball up deep and just wants to ping the ball high and long....hoping something happens. I also truly think that a lot of them don’t want to be here anymore. So yes. The squad is poor. We need a massive personnel change and a culture change
  13. If Forestieri at LWB is true it’s either gonna be a genius move that no one foreseen but it changes our season. Or...it’ll be just as bad as JJ at right back.
  14. Dom Howson says Forestieri is LWB tonight and we’re playing three at the back. Dunno what to say on that
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