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Community Answers

  1. Christ. Only young too. not that that matters but. Yeah. christ Best of luck to him.
  2. ‘’Hoof ball’’ doesn’t even have to be unattractive/not entertaining. I think it’s a style that would suit the team to a tee. But Moore will never.
  3. Wildsmith Hunt Iorfa Gibson Palmer Bannan Hutchinson Dennis Theo Gregory Brown Subs: Render, Dunkley, Johnson, Wing, Patto, Shodipo, Berahino Id prefer to start Brown at LB but that isn’t gonna happen.
  4. Lewis Gibson has been back in training for weeks now. If he’s not fit enough for what is effectively a friendly then just send him back. Thats not a dig at him either. Just that we can’t afford to wait around for loan players to get fit. I’d rather call Brennan back.
  5. Majority will slag him off again in two weeks. Our fans are exhausting.
  6. I’m not Moore out. Just because I’m fed up with changing managers and ultimately we have to leave DC to hiring another manager again which I don’t trust. But I’m a bit peeved with his interview today. Tiredness?
  7. DM moaning about tiredness so bloody rest them ALL. Wildsmith Hunt Declan Thomson Gibson (has to be fit by now to start in the pizza cup?) Brown Will Trueman Dele-Bashiru Sow Berahino Corbeanu Kamberi
  8. Hearing the match potentially could be delayed due to traffic
  9. If anyone has the strength to get through such a tragedy it’s Jose. But I hope he’s got the right people around him at a time like this. His poor young kids as well, my heart aches for them all. RIP Mrs Semedo.
  10. I still feel like Bannan’s best position has always been left midfield which is what he played a lot in the 2015/16 season as we had Lee/Hutch/Lopez in the middle. Not that this makes any difference to where we’re at now as we have too many wide midfielders as it is and don’t play the same system as 2016. For what it’s worth I do think Bannan is still a starter.
  11. Got to give him at least the full season. We’re not after a quick fix. They rarely work effectively anyway. We need to stick to a long term plan and we need stability. If that means we have another season in league one then so be it. We tried the short game and it nearly ruined us. Now it’s time to sit tight and pursue with the long game.
  12. Was this also the game Will Buckley ran around for 5-10 minutes with a dislocated shoulder because we’d made all our subs?
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