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  1. Think it’s time to look at who’s out of contract in the summer in the league one and two teams. Not that I think we’re in any position to cherry pick. Hopefully Sunderland go up so we’re more of a bigger fish....but we’re still not a majorly attractive club to sign for due to the circus behind the scenes. One player I would be after though is Connor Ogilvie from Gillingham. Steady left back and loves a goal.
  2. Pelupessy was generally ticking along nicely and playing just fine. Gave a penalty away and the idiots were out again for him and only him, regardless of who else played badly. Hutchinson has, and always has, played his best football in defence. The back three system fits like a glove for him as he has a pass in him as well. We were stupid to change that. Back three HAS to be Lees Hutchinson and then one of Oz or Dunkley. I wouldn’t want to drop Uroghide though as he’s done nothing wrong and been playing quite well, but then I think Dunkley is more experienced
  3. I literally can’t remember any of our midfielders offering him a cat in hells chance of doing anything. He’s a striker that needs service. He isn’t a creator on his own. Hoofing the ball up to him to control, turn and run at goal ain’t gonna work cos he doesn’t have that in his locker.
  4. I’m disappointed that we’ve not started Rhodes. What chance do we have at getting a run of goals going if we keep changing our strikers round. I don’t know any other club who does this as much as us.
  5. I read it as Wildsmith Uroghide Lees Borner Harris Bannan Hutchinson (holding) Brown Penney Paterson Windass
  6. What’s annoying is that I genuinely believe we’re the worst team in this league, overall, and the least likely to stay up. I say this because I just believe Wycombe are more likely to scrap than us & I just think there’s an aura of negativity around the club. And yet, even with the points deduction and even with the recent losses...we’re still nowhere near ‘out of it’. Realistically we’re down. And part of me wishes we’d just have it confirmed so we can start planning for next season. It’s the hope that really kills you in the end, and maybe it’s the s
  7. In our current state we’d ruin Lowe, and in turn ruin a very promising manager and taint a man who’s well liked among our supporters. Id like him to come when Chansiri is gone. But then he may be too good for us by then.
  8. This. We had some good goalies on loan during a time period, Carson, Crossley, Weaver off the top of my head. Turner goes under the radar, I guess because of his lack of career afterwards. But he was fantastic in the short time we had him, didn’t we go unbeaten?
  9. Jesus wept You play your best players. I don’t think it’s in Shaw’s character to not give 100% in the remaining games. He’s still a fan & he still needs to play well to impress Celtic. They’ve signed him For a minimal fee and any drop in performance could see him loaned out to Falkirk quicker than you can say fried Mars bar. It’s not like he’s established. He’s still very much an unknown quantity.
  10. If memory serves me right, he was brought in under Irvine’s regime?
  11. I saw it. It was stupid. Doesnt warrant the abuse he’s getting though. Doesn’t warrant the calls for him to be dropped. He’s been playing well. He’s made one stupid error. Players make errors, I’m just not someone to throw a hissy fit about it & call players pathetic names. We’re watching a lower end championship team. You need to expect some stupid mistakes.
  12. Was gutted when I saw it was Joey who have the penalty away cos it just gives the idiots an excuse to spew their garbage. ‘’Pelepussy’’ ffs. People need to grow up. He’s been absolutely fine until that one mistake. A stupid mistake. Hutchinson made a stupid mistake midweek too. just chill out. It’s half time. We’re playing fine.
  13. I tried to make this point when his contract was extended. Hes a good squad player for the level we find ourselves at and you need squad players that can ‘do a job’ when called on. We were always gonna get injuries and he’s filled in absolutely fine. Hes not amazing. But he’s fine. I also imagine that he’s a cracking influence off the pitch and is important in the dressing room. He’s had bad games and bad moments for us. But who hasn’t? He’s just a scapegoat and I’m sick of our fans jumping on any little mistake of his.
  14. I’ve not lost my love. That’ll never go. But I’ve completely lost my enthusiasm. What was once enthusiasm is now apathy. If we win, it’s good. But it doesn’t reallllllly matter. Cos he’s still there. And we’re still gonna go round in circles hitting disaster after disaster until he’s gone or there’s a massive shake up in attitude. Same if we stay up. I’ll be happy for the players and the staff etc etc. But it’ll be no thanks to DC and we’ll end up in a similar crisis next season.
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