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  1. Definitely deserves a second crack at it on Friday in a zero pressure game. If he has another solid game then it’s something worth thinking about as a permanent option. Were not gonna win the cup. We don’t have the squad depth. So may as well use the game to try new things
  2. Desperate is exactly what it is. Saw Nuhiu warming up yesterday to come on and put my head in my hands. And that’s not Cos I’m a Nuhiu basher. I’m a fan of what he brings to the table and think he still has a good part to play at certain moments. Yesterday was not one of those moments. Would have rather brought Harris on and just told him to hang off the last man & sprint as soon as a forward ball is played.
  3. Still give him a two year deal. Everyone was awful yesterday. Fox no different. But players have their awful games.
  4. Worth trying Harris up top if we can’t bring a forward in? Id rather have a small pesty player play off the shoulder off the last man and continuously have Bannan play channel balls than watch Winnall look exasperated. Even if we played him up top with Rhodes to play off? Cant be any worse
  5. Yesterday was my first game since April 2019. I’ve had a season ticket throughout but I haven’t been able to go till yesterday. Whilst I wasn’t going I hadn’t ‘missed it’ as much as I thought I might. The last full season I saw was 2017-2018 and apathy had started to set in. And I’m usually a typical ‘happy clapper’. Finally got to the game yesterday and it was quiet. Very quiet. I wasn’t confident in a strong home performance with Winnall up top on his own. None of the strikers available actually struck me with confidence at being able to be a lone striker. I’d have much preferred us to just chuck Harris up there. Play channel balls and have him on the shoulder of the last man at all times ready to sprint. The performance was the worst I’d seen in 16 years of going to games but it wasn’t an enjoyable experience from start to finish. My mind drifted a lot to think about the young right back. Home debut and I’m sure he’d have been a nervous wreck when any bad touch from anyone was met with groans and moans and abuse. Now that’s not a dig at our support. But this has become a culture at Hillsborough. I don’t think many fully enjoy coming to home games anymore and I don’t think the players enjoy playing here.
  6. Winnall needs to have an amazing second half of the season or else he’s off. Dawson and Fox need tying down. Both figuratively and literally.
  7. Whilst I agree that Dawson is not only just our future now but clearly he’s our present, and deservedly number one, and I believe our time with Westwood is coming to a close cos quite simply we can’t afford a keeper of his wage to sit on the bench....I don’t like the underhanded slagging off of Westwood and would hate for us to part ways negatively. Been the best keeper we’ve had in the 21st century. Served us very well. Always seemed a likeable bloke No one truly know what happens behind closed doors, though tbh I wouldn’t think negatively of him if he does want away ASAP Cos he’s no longer number one. He’d walk into a lot of championship sides as their number one keeper & he’s not got many years left.
  8. We all should know Nuhiu inside out by now and yet people are still surprised that he’s never gonna be a striker that hits double figures. He’s a very specific type of striker and there’s gonna be some games where he’s completely ineffectual. He is much better suited coming on for the final 15. And I’d be confident in saying that most managers in this league would love an Atdhe in their squads. Not their first 11...but definitely their squads. He’s had some horrible games this season and yet the positive contributions he has made have ALL been invaluable to our promotion push. He’s a funny one. But I love him for what he is.
  9. In fairness, all players will have a summer programme to complete and have to come back with a certain level of fitness, body fat percentage etc. A lot of personal trainers or coaches will run warm weather sessions out in Dubai or wherever and groups of players from different teams will join up. Remember seeing Jack Hunt post pictures about the work he was putting in during this pre season and Tom Lees was in the background. Of course Fox does generally look fitter and stronger than he did previously and has put a hell of a lot of work in across the summer. Just making a point that others in the team and across the leagues will have done similar.
  10. Nothing to worry about at all. Massive Wednesday fan now the number one at his boyhood club who are on the hunt for promotion? No brainer. He’ll sign.
  11. I’d love to dig out the post I made where I said that I didn’t get why he was number one scapegoat and that he reminded me of when Buxton first came to us. I didn’t know he’d come as good as he has, but I still stand by that he was never ever as bad as what was made out. He lacked a lot of confidence & was another victim of the era of Jos. People still say that they think we need better at LB but I disagree. Fox is more than good enough, been one of our most consistent players this season. Great crossed of the ball and would run through brick walls for this club. Needs a song.
  12. We played our game in a way to frustrate Leeds. However, both goals were well worked & if Leeds had scored them they’d be tweeting about ‘Bielsa Ball’. I hope more teams get ‘Monked’ this season.
  13. Think we’ve finally found our midfield three. all can actually play and drive forward, pass and tackle which means it takes so much pressure of Bannan to do it all.
  14. We’d be getting a striker in on loan who knows the area, could settle fairly quickly and at least gives half a throw about the club. Fitness questionable but that’s the case for all our strikers anyway...
  15. We know Bannan’s many strengths and also highlight his weaknesses as we have the pleasure of seeing him play week in week out. One of the first names on the team sheet, vice captain and one of the most well thought of centre mids in this league. £4mill would be bonkers to accept. That said, he’s someone we should maybe look to offload at the right place ASAP considering his age.
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