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  1. FlyingOwl

    New song for Adam reach!!

    We’ve got Reach Adam Reeeeeach Hes our midfield Geordie genius And he’s always scoring screamers Running down the wing Hear the Wednesday sing (made of Stone - stone roses)
  2. FlyingOwl

    Team for midweek

    Dawson Hector Lees Thorniley Palmer Pelupessy Onomah Penney Reach Fletcher Nando Fed up of chopping and changing. Strikers can’t build consistency and the team can’t build cohesion or play patterns etc. Let the lads build an on the field relationship rather than looking like strangers. That front 3 can be terrifying IF they learn more about how each other work and where they want balls played, flick ons etc. They’re all intelligent. But that only comes with proper game time together. Palmer for baker if he’s injured. Onomah for Bannan as he’s suspended.
  3. FlyingOwl

    tom lees

    You’re meant to have a few captains on the pitch. Doesn’t really matter who wears the armband on it. Whoever does that will be doing more work off the pitch. Lees’ seems no more or no less vocal than Loovens tbh. I think he’s growing into the role. I thought he was one of our better players yesterday, bar the second goal. Hes constantly talking to Thorniley too which I like.
  4. FlyingOwl

    Bannan Bodyguard Rota

    A delight to watch. Agree with Jos though. Amount of times Penney started going forward and all I wanted for him to attack the wings, like he did late on and nearly scored, and he turned backwards to Bannan. Happened a lot with other players. Lads need to put more trust in themselves. Bannan’s great but needs to be used more wisely...otherwise we’re very predictable in our play. Players look scared sometimes to just have a run at it.
  5. FlyingOwl

    FF Praise

    Fernando is a lot of things. Is is stroppy. He is sulky. He does get frustrated and he is a player who needs to be handled differently. A bit of a prima-donna. He can be all of the above and still be a nice guy, & still love being at the club and interacting with the fans. Dont think people should ever question the guys love for the club or whether his heart is in it. A player of his talent is always gonna get frustrated and sulky though when things aren’t going the way he wants. He deserves a premier league crack and a footballer’s time is short.
  6. FlyingOwl

    Team for Wolves game

    Wildsmith Baker Nielsen Pudil Fox Jones Kirby Hutchinson Preston Fletcher Boyd .
  7. FlyingOwl

    Penny / Thorniley

    Penney was fantastic. Just behind big Jud in MOTM for me today. Cannot wait to see how both progress this season. And I do want to see more of Preston and Kirby.
  8. FlyingOwl

    Jos changing the team

    Fletcher was a long term absentee & did get a knock against Millwall...yet played the full 90 in the end. think it’s as simple as that. we won.
  9. Last time I slagged off a line up we won. I can understand the thinking behind it to be honest. But it simply HAS to work. Dropping Forestieri is very very bold. We have to see the reasoning behind this, on the pitch tonight. I hope is thinking is we go back to basics, attack the flanks and get balls into Fletcher in finishing positions.
  10. FlyingOwl

    Team for Millwall

    Thorniley wasn’t great against Brentford...but he’s also not exactly a model wing back. Not the quickest so wasn’t great getting forward and then, when he did, we were left open at the back. He’s much much better at centre half. No nonsense.
  11. FlyingOwl

    Team for Millwall

    Whilst reluctant to play three young players in the back four, and feel like it asks a lot of Lees to guide them...I do feel like it’s our current best option. Dawson Baker Lees Thorniley Penney Matias Bannan Hutchinson Reach/Boyd Forestieri Nuhiu subs: Wildsmith, Palmer, J.Lee, Pelupessy, Kirby, Preston, Fletcher im assuming Joao and Pudil won’t make it and hoping Reach does. back to basics, give FF as much freedom as possible. And Bannan for that matter. Never seen so much talent be limited so badly by tactics. Bannan can do more than just spray Hollywood balls about, and Hutchinson can do more than just tackle. He’s actually got an excellent passing range too. Use them better.
  12. Penney came on yesterday and within a few mins put in the best cross of the game. Looks a natural wing back (however I still wanna do away with the wing back formation anyway) i wouldnt mind seeing more of him. Thorniley is a better centre half than full back. Preston looked eager and keen when he came on and showed good touches. Managed well and a few youngsters could really lift the squad. I just think we’ll fail at the managed well part of that.
  13. FlyingOwl

    #SWFC team for Sunderland

    Wildsmith Palmer Lee Nielsen Penney Matias Jones Kirby Boyd Nuhiu Preston
  14. I'm not saying it hasn't. Got Wildsmith to thank a lot though, minus his blip vs Birmingham. We've got to play so many teams now, attacking teams, that are gonna be smelling blood. As well as our defence has done to stop things getting embarrassing...I'm not sure how much longer it can last. It is a glued together defence.
  15. Genuinely don't see where we're getting wins from at the minute. Don't see where we're getting the goals from to get these wins, or how how glued together defence is gonna stop the likes of Villa and Derby...or whoever else comes along. Conceding three to teams like Burton and Birmingham. We've got Sunderland away to come and Bolton at home. Huge games for us now. I think these teams have more fight than us. We're not too good to go down.