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  1. FlyingOwl

    Wednesday 1 - 0 Wigan OMDT

    Still in a bit of pain and it’s sitting with my leg bent that’s the issue. Then there’s a problem with me not being strong enough to get from the car to the stadium on crutches. I don’t wanna get there and not enjoy it any less than necessary Im hoping to make it in time for the United game.
  2. FlyingOwl

    Wednesday 1 - 0 Wigan OMDT

    Umpteenth home game in a row that I can’t go to due to a pretty serious leg break. Season tickets been a waste of money this season. Massive shame, not strong enough to go to the Chelsea game either. Wigan are no mugs at all, however I think we’re due a really convincing win and that could come today. 3-1.
  3. FlyingOwl

    Chelsea fixtures

    Remember when Nuhiu scored to put us 1 up vs City. Who was in net that day? Caballero.
  4. FlyingOwl

    Frederick Nielsen

    He got a serious injury early in the season and is now working on his fitness. Thats why he’s not playing for the u23’s. Dunno how anyone of us can tell how good he is from the handful of games he played, filling a gap, in either cup games or when desperation happened with injury problems. I also don’t want to judge any player on the JL era at this club anyway. Doesn’t matter whether you’re a senior pro or a youngster. JL got most things wrong and his coaching style was horrific. I’m glad that a number of youngsters got their chances but I’m gutted for them that it came under his leadership. Kirby’s the biggest example of mismanagement I’ve seen in a while, and I’m annoyed at the Penney situation with playing him here there and everywhere...but I’m digressing. I’m definitely not saying we have a good player on our hands in Nielsen. Just that we, as supporters, are in no position to judge a player like Nielsen just yet unless, at a push, you’re one of few who have seen him regularly for the U21’s.
  5. FlyingOwl

    Frederick Nielsen

  6. FlyingOwl

    Kieran Lee

    Every team has their injuries. but our injuries, and freezing individuals out, make our squad look like night and day. Horrific shame that Lee’s injury problems started the season after his best one for us. Was transforming his game and adding more and more goals Would love to see him back. But there’s little point rushing him when we’ve been without him so long. THIS time it has to be done properly.
  7. FlyingOwl

    Is Steve Bruce the answer

    Could work. Could also not work. Like any managerial appointment...so let’s just see rather than go into this negatively. Mourinho had all the success football brings to you and fell flat at United. CC was an unknown and came here and VERY nearly took us up. Bruce is no mug and knows how to get out of this league. But first and foremost I just want him to come in and make Wednesday a happier place for players and fans to be around again. Steer us into a respectable finish and see what next season brings.
  8. Think everyone from Rhodes (regardless of family connections) to the rest of the forgotten men will all be given a fair look over by Bruce...or whoever comes in. Too much talent within the squad to not see if a promotion challenging squad can be found within....with a few tweaks and additions.
  9. FlyingOwl

    Jos storms out

    If Jos can’t handle the pressure then how does he expect his players, a few of them inexperienced, to handle the pressure on the pitch.
  10. FlyingOwl

    Cardiff in for Forestieri

    As great as hindsight is, and it’s not something I preached at the time, we should have sold whilst his stock was high. Two failed promotions & a player that wanted out. Any other team would have sold him, or agreed to, before he got to a point where he refused to play...got big bucks for him and used that to invest in the squad. Like I said. Hindsight is great. But you see the likes of Derby who have had multiple failed promotion tries...and fails, they reassess...sell players that they have to and bring in fresh blood. We would have HATED it at the time. And I do have the benefit of hindsight now. But I’m not DC or his advisers and I don’t earn my money to run a successful football club. What’s obvious to a fan a year and a half later should have been picked up at the right time by the people in charge. Id put a few players in this category. DC’s no selling policy is biting us because we’re now stuck with too many players, wrong side of 30, on big wages who we can’t get rid of and maybe can’t afford to even play. Players who haven’t played in ages and other managers know were desperate to sell or shift for fractions of their genuine value. Only player we’ve sold is Hunt. Ironically, that was probably one of the last players who should have gone if we knew we couldn’t replace him in the market.
  11. FlyingOwl

    Ageing squad

    United have spent the past year and a half building a competitive championship side, plugging away with their style of attacking play, fixing weak points but still remaining true to that core group of players. Not particularly exciting players on paper but they’ve worked at it and they have something as a unit. weve spent the past year and a half doing the opposite. It’s no surprise we are where we are and they are where they are. Go back to the old argument of Bannan or Fleck. Yes, I’d pick Bannan. Bias, maybe? But we’re not going to win games just cos Bannan is probably a better player than Fleck on his day. Or that I’d consider Reach to be better than Duffy. Individuals mean nothing if the team look like strangers on the pitch. Individuals can’t shine.
  12. FlyingOwl

    Ageing squad

    It’s about finding balance and cohesion. And playing a similar looking squad, week in week out if and where possible.
  13. FlyingOwl

    Christmas Megastore Video

    One of the owls reaalllly wanted a toy car for his Christmas and would have gotten a lot of enjoyment out of it. The other owl tried making one himself, a cheaper version. That failed so he just got him something he didn’t want or need as a last resort. Is this video a metaphor for our club right now? Very weird video with no a lot of product promotion. Focuses heavily on something we don’t sell
  14. FlyingOwl

    Name one thing...

    Reda was an ‘affective’ left back. Pudil was great in the play off final season in fairness.
  15. FlyingOwl

    Name one thing...

    He does being youthful better than Palmer.... Honestly that’s all I can cling onto is that he’s got room to grow. Loads of room. And I’m trying to keep in mind the start Buxton had here. However, we probably don’t have the time to wait for Baker to turn good. Saying that, we probably don’t have the money to get any better. Palmer is better as he’s got more experience at this level and it does show. Both not good enough though. Might be stars for our league one campaign mind you...