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  1. Trialist Moses Odubajo has just scored for QPR against Man Utd. Could he do a job for us.
  2. My Mum is still waiting for her 19/20 refund. Also emailed the club three times in line with their ‘email us if you have medical issues stopping you coming to games’ as credit for last years ST is no use to me. No response.
  3. We’ve lost out on Paul Mullin….to Wrexham. I say lost out. We were probably never in for him. I know Wrexham are quids in. But a very odd move still.
  4. I bet the away one is a record seller for us.
  5. Anyone genuinely not liking the away kit cos of a hang up over the ‘pig pink’ jabs we’ll likely get from United fans, needs to grow up.
  6. If the home shirt had stripes on the back & the stripes were an inch thicker then it would be a 10. That away shirt is beautiful though and I’ll be purchasing.
  7. 100+ games at the club already - knows his surroundings and fan expectation. Chose to come back over championship deals so clearly wants to be here. Has been promoted from this level Ridiculously experienced. Rarely injured. There’s no real downside. We’re not gonna get perfect players at this level.
  8. Im usually against re-signing players. That said. He’d automatically be one of the best full backs in the league. Experienced. Bristol fans liked him -he just stopped being good enough for championship level.
  9. Palace set to sign Guehi from Chelsea for £10million. Surprising. And cheap. I imagine there’s a tonne of add-ons though & probs an option to buy him back. I too was impressed with the signing of Olise though. That, plus Guehi are two excellent pieces of business. Palace very much rebuilding and rebranding I think. Shame Eze will probs miss the start of the season I imagine. Would love to see him get that England call him cos he really is a special player.
  10. Hmm. I think he was an upgrade on Potter in terms of ‘strolling about doing nothing’. I quite liked him. Felt like he was just someone who’s confidence dropped like a stone ridiculously quickly & once that was gone the ‘strolling about’ happened. Nowhere near hitting the black book of players who couldn’t give a **** about the club though.
  11. Didn’t he score 4 in his first 3 games or something daft? One on his debut, two in the cup, one away to someone…maybe Hartlepool? Also scored that beaut against Brighton. Wasn’t it also him who took a penalty in that 2-2 draw with 9 men Yeovil? Scored the penalty but had to retake it and missed. Never seen someone look so gutted. I liked Coke. Limited footballer, limited talent, but for the most part he was a trier & probably played his best football with us. Prefer that to some of the wasters we’ve had recently. Exactly why I’m looking forward to signing ‘’nobodies’’ on cheap deals this summer. Zero expectation. Only way is up really.
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