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Community Answers

  1. I hope we do our business early. But it never happens. Cardiff have signed three players already. I really want Harry McKirdy from Swindon but will command a fee. Perfect replacement for Windass though if he’s offski Aden Flint or Harlee Dean also a must. Ben Marshall having a medical tomorrow.
  2. Grateful for the effort he put in. Definitely a good defender but injuries taking their toll. Wish him well
  3. I think you’re being harsh with phase four. I don’t think it was realistic for Hutchinson to continue his ‘phase two’ self. Yes we loved seeing him fly into tackles and run himself into the ground but that ultimately lead to him missing huge chunks of the season through suspensions and injuries. To prolong his career, we saw a calmer and more measured Hutchinson in a more neutral position for him. I think any player is gonna lose a yard or two as they get older, especially someone who’s had to retire previously through injury. But I thought, apart from one or two moments, he had a good season. Not the best season we’ve had from him, but not a shadow of himself either.
  4. I will say that I am kidding and I don’t think it’s realistic. But there’s bound to be rumours and sillier things have happened.
  5. Released by Bournemouth. Bring him home?
  6. It was But it shouldn’t define his career here. Nor is it the defining reason we didn’t go up. We had enough chances in that second leg to right the wrongs of the first. Id say a bigger reason we didn’t go up is not being able to hang on in the final minutes of games.
  7. Yeah I’m totally baffled by the decision. Unless he’s planning on hanging up his boots or wants a move back down South? I dunno. He played a lot of games this season for someone with a knackered knee and also really cleaned up his act discipline wise. We always said he did better at CB. But my god. What an inspiring and legendary guy he is. And that really cannot be understated. I really will miss having him at the club and it was a total PLEASURE to watch his career thrive here. I would absolutely want him back in a coaching capacity if that’s where his career eventually leads.
  8. He’s a young lad and more and more footballers are, through their own choice, sharing their lives on social media. Some players only need to sneeze and it’s front page news, rightly or wrongly. That’s just the world we’re in now. Even without that aspect, you get end of season walks round the pitch, awards nights where players are seen with their partners. This announcement means he can live his life privately and publicly the way he wants to. And also will help other players see that it’s okay. He also seems at peace with the idea that he’s bound to get comments. Which he will. But I think we’re at a point as a country where the support will outweigh the stupidity and ignorance.
  9. Dads a gills fan and he’s rated very highly. Id actually be a bit surprised if a promoted team didn’t go for him. Like a Rotherham or a Wigan.
  10. Broom and Grant id be interested in on Peterborough’s transfer list.
  11. Feel awful for him really. We all know he’s an emotional passionate player, he’s been through A LOT but found a career here. The first time he left he was frozen out and never got to say goodbye properly. And if he leaves this time it’s off the back of a play off defeat where his mistake has been crucial. He’s also lost a play off final here and missed a penalty in the semi vs Huddersfield. I’ll have a lot of great memories of Sam and he’s served us well. I just hope he picks himself up psychologically from another setback.
  12. Final home game of the season and we finally manage to field our best 11. That said. I’m really not sure Baz or Windass are fit. What will be will be UTO
  13. It’s not like we’d be sticking some random youth in net. Wildsmith is a senior goalkeeper with plenty of games under his belt and will be looking for first team football somewhere next season. Let’s not throw a wobbly if he needs to play.
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