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  1. We offered him a new deal and he turned us down cos he felt ready for first team football in the championship. Went to Bolton and slid down the leagues
  2. I don’t mind it. Makes it look more unique and less copy cat bowl it anything. Absolutely vital for Leicester to remain a top 6 side competing in Europe regularly.
  3. Hayden White at Walsall. Unspectacular lower league career after being hyped up in our youth ranks. Least it’s a career though.
  4. Nah. The video shows him looking to the ref for support then walking off with his head down and he shakes his head too. If Forestieri had done that the FA would slap him with a retrospective 10 game ban probably. Hope they throw the book at Fisher.
  5. The club post a video on social media of a few players coming off the bus.
  6. Had a dream last night we were at a play off final and took an early lead after a three headers were cleared off the line, Matt Penney finally bundled it home. Take from that what you will.
  7. Agree. Other than the whole ‘he’s better than’ - I don’t think anyone’s been seen in the right circumstances under Monk...really. I’d be more inclined to say that all of the above failed under Monk and now it’s Pulis’ time to see who he can get firing. Rhodes is the most experienced. Rhodes scored in his first game. Didn’t score in the next game. Then was weirdly left out. Rhodes suits the Pulis style the most. The long and short of it though is that we’ve got a plethora of failed strikers, we can’t really get much worse in front of goal, we’ve got a month and a bit ti
  8. I really think it’s not ‘blind hope’ in Rhodes that prompts people calling for him to start. More that none of our strikers have been scoring & Rhodes has had the least opportunity. Paterson’s only been here a month or so, but had double the minutes of Rhodes and yet still only the one goal. Tomorrow it’ll be Windass and Rhodes up top I’m sure. Whether that’s a forced hand due to injury or Tony’s preferred two, we’ll soon see. But Rhodes, in this current crop of strikers, deserves a shot. Pulis is a great man manager, if he can’t drag it out of Rhodes th
  9. I think you’re missing the point that NONE of our forwards are scoring goals and haven’t for a while. They’ve all had ample opportunity this season. Rhodes really hasn’t. And he’s suited to a Pulis style of play. It’s almost impossible for us to score less than we are doing, so we’ve not got much to lose in trying him again.
  10. Final chance. But he needs a long stint in the side. He scored against Cardiff after starting, didn’t score the next game, and has fallen out out of favour for whatever reason. Carvalhal’s style didn’t suit him. Jos was a crap manager. Monk was a crap manager with a crap formation. He SHOULD work under Pulis. I hope he does. We know he’s a good egg but he now needs to finally justify the price tag and the wage.
  11. I see it as a good temporary move whilst the schedules are what they are for a lot of teams, the lads didn’t have a proper pre season and things are all just a bit weird. Also means more youngsters getting a sniff at the first team. Yes, like everything, the top teams get an advantage. But that’s nothing new.
  12. His brother. But Craig was always the better player. Happy with this though. He’s left his boyhood club to work with Pulis so must think that highly of him?
  13. We only have 24 registered players (think under a certain age doesn’t count toward the number) So Westwood, if registered, can play Saturday. I don’t think registering takes long to clear. It’s not like a signing where we need international/FIFA/FA clearance. Just a literal case of registering him as our 25th squad player.
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