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  1. Bullen would be the best alternative if our only options are the likes of Tony Pulis etc. If Chris Hughton isn’t available then I’d be sticking with Bully.
  2. It’s a proper sheffield Wednesday kit. not much else to say than that. Just screams Sheffield Wednesday & promotion.
  3. I’d assume he’s one of the shrewdest signings tbh when you weigh up how often he plays and how much id roughly assume he earns compared to our ‘big hitters’. Can play a number of positions, local lad, no fuss, reliable. Not an exciting player but you need to stock a team full of players like Liam who you know can do a job if and when asked. Don’t see him as a starter for a promotion chasing side but he’s useful on the bench cos he can play either full back role and CM...meaning we can free up space on the bench for an extra ‘game changer’. No qualms about giving him 3 years. Every team needs someone around whos ‘part of the furniture’
  4. Came here to say that for me it’s probs Johnson but you beat me to it. Im a post 2000’s supporter & he’s the pick of the bunch I think in terms of actual performance.
  5. Nick Powell would be more effective on a more consistent basis than Forestieri with the type of football Bruce wants to play. Id class it as an upgrade. Even more so if we sign him on a free and sell FF for 10mill+ No brainer for me
  6. Strikers are the last thing we need
  7. Should move to America and become a legend whilst making money to set him up for life. With the slower pace of the game out there and his ridiculous footballing brain...he’ll be an asset.
  8. Wildsmith Palmer Lees Hector Lazaar Aarons Lee Pelupessy Matias Hooper Fletcher Subs: Dawson, Pudil, Thorniley, Onomah, Forestieri, Joao, Nuhiu Would definitely like Pudil to come on as it’s pretty certain we’ll not see him again. Very good servant since he signed & never really let us down, deserves the similar treatment that Loovens and Wallace got last year.
  9. Yep glad it’s over almost. Saw the start of the season. Hated it. Broke my leg around the United 0-0 at there place. Seen 3 games since so actually missed the majority of the good games even with a season ticket. Waste of money but couldn’t be helped. Just glad that I think next season will be the start of a genuine new era under Bruce. The football he plays may not always be exciting, but he plays to win. He’s a fantastic motivator. He may not have the quips of CC but I think he genuinely cares & wants one final success story before he retires. Truly believe we have our man that’s gonna pull everything together and drag us, probably kicking and screaming, into the PL.
  10. There’s a deal to be done if we can afford it. Quite clear that he’s settled in well...not just with the team but into the city too. Makes complete sense for him to make roots here. My worry would be that teams coming down will naturally have the pick of the litter for available players. Would not be surprised if defensively frail Fulham hit their neighbours up to sign the championship experienced Hector and tempt him in with higher wages than we can afford and the big advantage of still being able to live in London. Does Hectors affinity with us outway the ‘easier’ decision to sign for money & not have the pain of up-rooting his family permanently from London to Yorkshire? I bloody hope so but I’m not confident.
  11. Its all what could have beens. Bruce coming in earlier or us hanging on in both West Brom games and the game against Villa, and getting the results we should have gotten against Rotherham etc may have seen us achieve a minor miracle. With Jos at the wheel we all thought relegation wasn’t at all out of the question. We played half a season without our best keeper and defensive midfielder for NO reason & looked like a team who couldn’t really defend and were toothless in attack. Who knows what happens next season in terms of FFP but with Bruce in charge I really think that whatever side we end up with can and will challenge next season.
  12. They’re far and away a better team on paper than us, and probably possess two of the best talents in the league in Grealish & Abraham. Hourihane is a midfielder I’ve admired for ages too. We have a selection of fantastic strikers and none of whom, bar Nuhiu, are absolutely fully fit. We’ll have a right back at left back. A defensive mid in Hutchinson that only does the odd training session to stop his knee falling off, and were probably without our best winger in Aaron’s. Its not exactly gloat worth if a team such as Villa beat us. Bruce has had us climb up to somewhere I didn’t think this set of lads, and the injury problems we carry, could reach this season & it gives me hope for the future... But footballs a funny game and I hope Hooper scores six Bruce boots a cabbage into the away end
  13. Thorniley hardly put a foot wrong so if we didn’t sign hector I wouldn’t be necessarily be looking to ‘replace’ hector. I’d be looking to beef up our strength in depth and make the position competitive. But Thorniley has every opportunity now to be a great CB here. Reminds me of Maguire
  14. We didn’t expect to be in this position at the start of the year. So I still think everything’s a bonus and Luhukay could have taken us down if he wasn’t sacked. Mathematically it’s still possible so let’s keep at it. And if we don’t then we push on next season, whatever that may bring in terms of FFP sanctions.
  15. Iorfa woaaah Iorfa woaaah He is the special one He’s reda Johnson’s son
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