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  1. Westwood Odubajo Hutchinson Borner Palmer Bannan Luongo Lee Harris Fletcher Reach
  2. Always been a big fan of Jud and, as much as Borner is rated, I was disappointed that failing to sign Hector didn’t mean a more permanent position for Thorniley. He’s getting to the age where he does need regular football and I hope he doesn’t get fed up and wants out. He’s got a touch of the Harry Maguire’s about him. Only games I’ve think he’s performed badly in have been the times he’s played LB. He’s thrown out some fantastically solid CB performances in the past couple of seasons...mostly in a sub-par shaky defence. Ill echo that I do see him as a future captain - and definitely has the potential to make the step up to the next level.
  3. 2-0 away to Plymouth on a midweek night in the 03/04 season where Plymouth were the league one world beaters under KPS. I was only eight but I’d been looking forward to my first away day for weeks. Don’t remember us touching the ball. Didn’t ever want to go to an away game again. Next away game was the 3-2 away defeat the following season to Swindon where we were 2-0 up with 15 mins left. As a young child I genuinely thought I was cursed.
  4. Can’t wait to see Nuhiu bombing down the wing. In all seriousness it could be a very good tactic - he’s the typical ‘good feet for a bit man’ and has a trick in him. Is in no way quick but how many 6ft 7 bounding wingers do full backs face? It will be very awkward to defend against. He’d be more effective out there than Winnall or Rhodes.
  5. Might be Bullen not wanting to rely on FF too much and have him become a key part of the line up - and then have him missing for six games and we fall apart cos we’re missing said ‘key player’. Thats my only explanation
  6. Been going since 2003. 0-0 vs Rushden and Diamonds was a low. Huddersfield play off semi final was emotional. Can remember getting battered at home to Peterborough under Irvine/Megson - can’t rememher who. We made Lee Tomlin look like Messi ill think of others.
  7. I did use to think there was something in us never getting penalties. And to an extent I do think that the likes of Nuhiu, with his sheer size, and Fernando with his reputation don’t get fair treatment. But as someone’s said further up, we just don’t get enough people in the box regularly dribbling to increase our chances.
  8. I’d go Westwood Moses Lees Borner Palmer/Fox - not fussed really. Hutchinson Bannan Luongo Murphy Fletcher Harris Subs: Dawson, Iorfa, Fox/Palmer, Lee, Reach, Forestieri, Nuhiu Nuhiu makes the bench over Rhodes as he tends to have good games against Preston over the years.
  9. Ironically. Ive had a broken leg since November. So it doubly winds me up when I see kids running round annoying people - they clearly deserve a broken leg. Whilst I don’t.
  10. Parents who use Hillsborough as a children’s playground. im all for the next generation of supporter coming to watch a game, if anything I encourage it. But there’s a few parents on the Kop who literally let their kids run riot through out the game. After 15 mins of running riot they go mad at the kid effin and jeffin for them to sit down....5 mins later the kids are on the run again.
  11. Think it’s a huge overreaction from some. We’ve lost a game. We’ll lose again at some point. Thats the league we’re in. Probably the worst thing to happen today was Millwall going down to 10 men. It panicked us into silly changes and tactical moves that we wouldn’t have made. Too desperate to win. Lost our heads. Wish we’d just make a decision on a manager. Can’t be bothered with our fans bipolar attitudes. Last week Bullen was god. This week we need a proper manager ASAP before our seasons lost. If we beat Luton then Bullen will be our saviour once more. Personally would give it to Bullen. But regardless. Our start to the season has been good. 6 points from 9. Six points from two tough away games and a home derby. One of those games missing our first choice keeper. All after a mess of a preseason cos of how Bruce left us. Ill guarantee that we’ll have more ups than downs this season. But the downs will happen and we can’t react like this every time!!
  12. Westwood Moses Lees Borner Palmer Lee Hutch Baz Harris Fletcher Murphy Subs: Dawson, Bates, Fox, Luongo, Reach, Forestieri, Rhodes
  13. Guaranteed that kick off will be delayed. Its all a bit baffling. These are meant to be professionals in safety. All other clubs seem to keep fans back 10 minutes. The argument they’re making is that our concourse isn’t safe for people to be held back in? Then hold them back in their seats? On 88 mins put a couple of stewards or police on each gangway exit to stop people filing into the concourse - it’s really not hard. Reducing the north stand capacity and having the majority of the stadium exit onto a main road isn’t the answer. Their solution only causes more danger for fans - and doesn’t actually solve the problems that arise with fan trouble. Our lot who want to get the tram or whatever will still exit onto Penistone Road and walk straight round to Leppings Lane via Vere Road or whatever. Daft.
  14. Think some fans criminally under value our own players. Realistically Reach should only be worth 3-4m but in the current market I’d be disappointed on less than 13mill. Arguably one of our biggest players in terms of impact last season. If we did sell him id be looking at Marcus Maddison to replace him.
  15. We need a centre midfielder if 3 in midfield is the plan going forward. Hutch and Lee, I doubt, can play week in week out and teams that get promoted don’t constantly change formation. Regardless, we need a plan B option if someone’s off form in that midfield. We’re not the ‘attractive option’ for bigger loan signings that the likes of Leeds can attract so we need to be cherry picking the new talent in the academy’s. Players who have been taken on their clubs pre season tours whilst the international stars have had extended breaks. Billy Gilmour looks like the Mason Mount of Chelsea last season. Played and impressed on their pre season tours and is probably looking for a loan out to prove himself. They’ve got George McEachran too who’s been tipped to have a much better career than his brother. These are the type’s of avenue’s we need to be looking at. We’re not gonna sign the stars of today, we need to look at stars of tomorrow.
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