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  1. I disagree Club aren’t stupid and know full well the fans are unhappy. Protests that actually raise awareness & sometimes make an impact involves publicity. Not publicity limited to Sheffield but national. I’m not saying fans should storm the pitch Man Utd style. But it’s typical Wednesday really to just silently grumble at what’s going on but ultimately do nothing. I’d be looking at Charlton fans to see what fan action can do. The current pandemic would mean people need to get creative for a while... But fans voting for a hardly fe
  2. Told you all that it was a waste of time voting Marriott cos they’d just give it to whoever was the runner up. No way was the club announcing Marriott as POTY. Was a stupid way to ‘protest’.
  3. Reffed the game well though. Arguably Leon Clarke’s goal could have been disallowed for a foul. Was borderline. If we are relegated it won’t be because of one referee.
  4. Kazim carrying an injury which he’s playing through. Hutchinson to target him
  5. I think James O’Connor was bleeding and, again as per the rules, Mike Dean told him he needed to leave the pitch till the bleeding had stopped and his shirt was changed. it was a corner or free kick delivery that lead to Alan Lee scoring that opener. 4ft nothing JOC was hardly gonna impact matters. I also can’t remember who but I vaguely remember we had a man on the post who ducked the ball and if he’d have just stood there it wouldn’t have gone in. Maybe Potter? I feel like that’s a potter thing to do.
  6. Reach has to play on Saturday. Especially if Rhodes starts, which statistically he should. Reach is one of the only players we have who CAN put a cross in for our strikers to attack. He’s a potential match winner if Moore/Smith can fire him up for one more game because he’s one of our only players who can strike w ball from distance out of nowhere. Again, if he’s fired up and goes in with the correct attitude he’s got the legs in him to get up and down the pitch for the full 90 as well. Ive been critical of him for most of the season but logically he’s our better option
  7. He reffed our relegation game against Palace fairly and Undramatically. Blew for full time when we had a corner which annoyed people but the time was up. If he was all about the drama he’d have let us take the corner and he’d have been HAMMERED in the press if we scored from it. This doesn’t really matter. If we go down it won’t be because of Mike Dean.
  8. Rhodes has to start. And if Rhodes start then Reach also has to start. Regardless of his recent performances, he’s the only one capable of proper wing play that Rhodes can feed off. Also one of our only match winners cos he’s actually got a shot in him. Just hope he can be arsed.
  9. It’s a one game ban if you’ve received 5 yellows before match week 19. So he’s fine.
  10. I’d be specifically studying exactly what we did against Cardiff. Im not saying we could ever replicate a 5-0 win. But the attitude and application was all there. We attacked them. We crossed well. Set pieces were perfect. This is why I’m not a manager though. As I assume it’s not as simple as pointing at our highlights and telling the lads ‘just do that again’
  11. We’ll hopefully see more from Green next season. But I’d rather have a plan where he comes off the bench on Saturday to stretch Derby’s defence if we’re chasing a goal...or be someone who can just run with the ball if we’re holding a lead.
  12. I hope I have that same feeling on Saturday. That team had one or two gems in them but overall it was simply a team of grafters who wanted to do well at this club, the fans and each other. I’d rather have Chris Lines in midfield on Saturday than any of the other midfielders we have, excluding Bannan maybe. I’d rather have Ryan Lowe up front than any of our current strikers. Rather have Llera at the back than Borner. I just hope whoever starts on Saturday can dig deep like those men did.
  13. Westwood Hutchinson Borner Dunkley Palmer Bannan Pelupessy Luongo Reach Rhodes Windass Reach only gets picked because he DOES have something in his locker. If Rhodes starts then he’s the only winger we have who CAN provide service if he can be arsed.
  14. Surprised with Hagan as he’s been out injured the majority of the season hasn’t he? Ah well. All hands on deck next season
  15. I’d also love Joey to recreate the thunderbolt he scored against Millwall i have a feeling we’ll get a penalty though. Do you let Bannan or Windass take it?
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