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  1. Could tell that it was the captaincy weighing him down. Now he can focus on himself without the pressure. Too many fans were quick to forget how good he was when he wasn’t captain.
  2. Torn between literally not caring about the cup in the slightest and wanting us to focus on the league, and not wanting to be knocked out by Rochdale which could dent our confidence. Id go for: Wildsmith Shaw Lees Borner Moses Dele Reach Pelupessy Palmer Kachunga Rhodes
  3. HAAAAAAAAAAAAAA and I would also like to add Ha!
  4. Will take a while for Bogle and Lowe to learn the full back role that Wilder will expect from them, so not surprised they’ve not started tonight. Think it would be incredibly harsh to drop Enda Stevens anyway. O’Connell been injured so surprised that Ampadu doesn’t start. God I hope Ramsdale is a massive butter fingers and they don’t sign a striker.
  5. Rhodes needs to be played regularly with a regular strike partner. It’s up to Monk whether we can allow him a few off games in the next 10 to build up a rhythm and relationship with Windass.
  6. We’re gonna win or draw. I know this Cos I’ve got us to lose on my accumulator. You can all thank me for the points later.
  7. Favourite Atdhe memory is the Man City away goal. Standing behind the opposite goal at the Etihad watching that big giraffe gallop through the middle of the pitch and slot home first time so majestically to give us the lead was really a sight to see.
  8. But he gets to play Europa League football and live in Cyprus rather than Sheffield. Think he’s done well 😂
  9. End of an era. Wish him nothing but the best. Hope this thread doesn’t turn weirdly nasty/petty.
  10. Brilliant. I’ve not read it properly then. That seems more acceptable 😂😂😂😂 I thought I was gonna have to fork out another £10 per match out my pocket. Ill crack on and stop moaning then.
  11. A lot of clubs have had delays on saying a public farewell to players due to not knowing for sure if they’ve definitely left or not. i would hope that the reason we’ve not issued a public thank you - good luck to Nuhiu/Lee is that there’s still a chance they’re returning and not that we’ve just pied them off. I’m not saying I want either to return mind. Just that I hope we have a sense of class about us & I would also think both would take a minute on their socials to thank the fans etc too once it’s all underlined that they’re not returning.
  12. Aberdeen having a trial game tomorrow with 300 fans in the stadium and singing is prohibited.
  13. Apologies if I’ve got this wrong, my maths isn’t amazing. So my ST is £355 - I pay monthly. Say I purchase each home ifollow stream pass @ £10 each which would end up being £230 At the end of the season I’ll have spent £585 on my season ticket and streaming match passes? I have no plans to attend games during this crisis. The club have said they’ll deduct how many games/streams you’ve used in a season and credit you the difference off your original ST seat. 355-230 = £125 So I’ll only be credited back £125 even though technically I’ll have almost paid twice? Once for my original season ticket and again for match passes that are getting deducted off my credit balance? Seems off. I get that with sky and ifollow being all separate companies with their own regs then our hands may be tied. But I’m edging closer to requesting a full refund if this is the case. Unless I’ve not understood things correctly. Maths isn’t my strong point.
  14. I understand the complications and nothings perfect. But I’m paying monthly for my ST on finance. £35 a month or something like that. So to watch games on ifollow I’m gonna have to spend another £20-30 per month if it’s £10 per home game and have it credited back to me next year? Doesn't seem right. Im happy to keep my season ticket and not request a full refund Cos I know the money is important to the club. I’m happy to watch games on ifollow if we can’t get into the stadium. I’m not happy about basically having to pay twice and then get credit back next season. Surely there’s a way ifollow can operate like last season where it’s free of charge for season ticket holders? Or the club need to look into getting away from ifollow and doing their own streaming service. Bristol do it.
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