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  1. FlyingOwl

    #SWFC team for Sunderland

    Wildsmith Palmer Lee Nielsen Penney Matias Jones Kirby Boyd Nuhiu Preston
  2. I'm not saying it hasn't. Got Wildsmith to thank a lot though, minus his blip vs Birmingham. We've got to play so many teams now, attacking teams, that are gonna be smelling blood. As well as our defence has done to stop things getting embarrassing...I'm not sure how much longer it can last. It is a glued together defence.
  3. Genuinely don't see where we're getting wins from at the minute. Don't see where we're getting the goals from to get these wins, or how how glued together defence is gonna stop the likes of Villa and Derby...or whoever else comes along. Conceding three to teams like Burton and Birmingham. We've got Sunderland away to come and Bolton at home. Huge games for us now. I think these teams have more fight than us. We're not too good to go down.
  4. Would rather just play Nuhiu... Any forward signings need to have pace.
  5. FlyingOwl

    SWFC Loan Watch Returns! (part one)

    My Dad's a Gills fan. He won their MOTM yesterday. They love him there. He's a touch of quality they just don't have otherwise. He's also been very versatile, played right back, wing back, wing, centre mid, and up front. They'll be wanting to extend his loan deal & I hope we let them.
  6. FlyingOwl

    Marco Matias

    This. Literally zero point in starting him today if CC has no plans to keep him involved in some playing capacity. Even if it's as a used sub.
  7. I just fear that against a team who pride themselves on 'athletic' 'strong' players with 'pashunnnnn', we'll be undone again.
  8. I'm in Scotland for the next few days. Genuinely not that bothered about missing out.
  9. FlyingOwl

    Should Carlos sit up in the stand.

    Think he even said himself that he had a better view of what was going on from up there. Makes sense.
  10. FlyingOwl

    Millwall up next

    I'm away. I'm not bothered. I'm sure it'll be more of the same performance. Whether we win, draw or lose. We're not going anywhere anyway.
  11. FlyingOwl


    Didn't go. There's no point.
  12. FlyingOwl


    Next time there is one PM me & my seat is yours. Good luck.
  13. FlyingOwl


    Never thought I'd feel how I feel about the club right now. Felt numb and disappointed, yet proud & hopeful for the future, at Wembley after the Hull game. Cried my eyes out after the Huddersfield penalty shoot out. Angry at a season of could have beens...I cared so much. Last night I made the decision that I really couldn't be bothered to go to this game. And sleeping on it hadn't changed my mind. I don't feel an urge, or a need to be there. When my family left today I normally feel a bit of jealousy. But I didn't. I didn't even listen to the game. I checked sporadically at twitter. Reach put us a goal up...I felt apathetic still. I knew what was coming...and it came. And even if we'd won...I don't think my thoughts or feelings would change that much. Because our fortunes won't change much. I know that. We're predictable as a team, and now as a club. I'm not going on Tuesday because I'm away anyway. And, again, I'm just not bothered
  14. FlyingOwl

    Which Ex-Wednesday player said this?

    I feel like it's one of Madine, McCabe or Maguire... McCabe?
  15. FlyingOwl


    There's a player in there. Still not quite convinced that he has what it takes at this level. Or that we'll give him the time to turn into the player he could be.