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  1. Our half time routine has been the same for years. I see other teams doing proper drills and then the likes of Nuhiu and Matias having a giggle doing keepy-ups and taking pot shots at an empty net (and missing). Not they’re fault entirely cos they’re lead by management and coaches and no ones out with them to instruct them to do anything but what they were doing. But they just didn’t look like players chomping at the bit or ready to try and make a difference in the second half of a live on Sky derby that’s 0-0 with all to play for. I do think we’re still possibly one of the unfittest teams in the league & our injury record is probably the worst. What worries me is the reoccurring injuries. Look at Josh Onomah for example. Comes here as a young fit lad with no rep for injuries really, soon enough he’s injured and we can’t even be trusted to get him for again. He returns from Spurs ready to go again....and gets injured again. Theres something systematically wrong.
  2. Massive feeling that Hutch will score. Also can’t wake to make wankkkker signs at Dean Henderson. UTO
  3. Instant owlstalk ban awaiting if you’ve jinxed this.
  4. Got there before me. Unremarkable Wednesday loan spell. Two derby goals. Legend. Other than him though, would I be right in saying that Spurr has the record for the quickest steel city derby goal? 48 seconds?
  5. Paterson can play anywhere outfield in fairness and seems more useful further up top. Would allow them to move Paterson forwards if they found a capable RB.
  6. Hey Jude as we come out for the second half
  7. Poor wording but that is what I meant. Skint in terms of we won’t be able to spend much next season. I know that DC is ready and willing with funds but if he’s not allowed to spend them then, in theory, we’re ‘skint’.
  8. Point is they’ve been beaten a few times this season. They’re not unbeatable and we’re not the mugs we were under Jos. And even under Jos they failed to score against us...they had a free hit almost with a penalty and still couldn’t. This is the best team that’s played them since they got promoted. That said. They should be beating us if they have top two hopes. Norwich swept us aside and they SHOULD be doing that. I just think we’ll sneak it. 2-1
  9. The main thing is that, whilst we’re almost definitely skint, there’s no point letting him go because I’d imagine he’s nowhere close to our highest paid player. Doesn’t even touch the sides on our wage bill. We’ve learnt that he’s definitely not a RWB but we’ve always known he’s a steady RB...with potential to get better still under the right manager. Maybe he’ll end up doing a Buxton here and end up a complete fan favourite. He’s also one of our own and that DOES make a difference to have a few spattered among the team. Definitely improved recently and deserved.
  10. When he’s fully fit he’s our best player. And him and Fletcher together would be the dream right now. End of the day none of us have a real say and I trust that Bruce will take a proper look at him and make the right decision for us on and off the pitch come May. Cant see him being rushed back just as a surprise for the United game but you never know. Certainly would offer more coming off the bench than Nuhiu or Matias.
  11. I’d say Palmer. He played well last night there and, mainly, I wanna see Iorfa at right back. But not at the expense of dropping an in form Palmer. So this works for me.
  12. Definitely has a hint of the Reda’s, but quicker. Ran the length of the pitch in about 7 strides.
  13. Probably the best performance I’ve seen from him in his years here. There was a moment where the forward had his back to him, ball rolling towards them and I feared the worst that Palmer was gonna get turned and be light weight. Palmer literally grabbed the forward and flung him to the ground. Clear foul tbh but ref waived play on. Never seen that nasty streak in him. I liked it.
  14. After 3 months of recovery from this leg break I’m finally able to get to a game. And just in time it seems for our season to get half decent. I reckon 1-1 tonight. We may be cautious with half an eye on Monday.
  15. Still one of the best keepers in this league. I’d give him another two years.
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