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Mansfield Town V Wednesday - EFL Trophy OMDT

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16 hours ago, pazowl55 said:

We beat a league two team full of kids.

Bolton would easily beat that second half eleven we had out. 


Bannan is the only player we have got that even remotely looks like a half decent footballer.  

He has to and will play every game if fit.

And we will fail to win more games because with Bannan in the team we look awful attacking, we are slow and predictable. He is no longer a goal threat. 1 goal from open play in 70+ games that makes Nuihu look like Messi in comparison.

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16 hours ago, Mike Hunt said:

Yeh after tonight leave Bannan out for the rest of the season 


take it you didn’t watch it 

This season not about pretty football, it's not even about enjoyable games it's about getting the job done. And with Bannan the focal point of the team that is not happening more than it does.


He's goal return and assist record is awful for such a talented player 1 goal from open play in 70+ games. 2 assists in 32 league games.


Not exactly the stats of a world class midfielder.


He it talented, but very rarely shows it's and never consistently in games, he is being allowed to be consistently mediocre because he used to be good 2 or 3 seasons ago.


But we will play him again in Saturday and Kieren Lee will have a field day in comparison.


Kieren Lee in comparison this season. Has 2 goals and 3 assists in 9 league games.

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