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  1. Noted. If he is going to slot in at left back then he would definitely have to ditch the Alice Band.
  2. I’m sure that the opposing right winger would be petrified when he came up against the snarling beastly take no prisoners shin thumping Reach.... he might even refuse to take the field when he found out that he was on a b line to destruction with that wrecking ball Reach.
  3. Ok friends, just a quick call to arms !! Should Palmer not be fit for tomorrow and Bully goes for Fox... PLEASE, give him a right royal welcome and an extra cheer when his name is read out. If we do that then I’m convinced that we will have an effective full back on our hands. Go on, try it, you’ll notice the difference !
  4. Great thread. By the way... I know that you didn’t write “wee pipe”...what did you write ,pi$$, **** or k4ob ? I’m so thankful to our guardians of decency for keeping us sanitised and protected from the mind decaying filth that Owlstalkers would undoubtedly inflict upon our sensitive feelings.
  5. Given that Sky bets had us down to finish 24th at the end it the season it’s quite interesting that you think that the first four fixtures were “easy” and that we should have 12 points in the bag already. The gulf in expectation between fans , pundits and betting analysts is often quite remarkable !!
  6. ‘Bout says it all really...you don’t need a degree in psychology to understand Bully’s explanation and the sooner the boo boys get it the better.... I fear that it will take decades though.
  7. Anyone booing a Wednesday player is a prize tvvat.... pizz off and support someone else. We’ve all seen some horrendous Wednesday players in our time, but I for one has never booed any of them. And for what it’s worth I thought Fox was pretty good last night.
  8. This thread title is symptomatic of the sort of demoralising clap trap that the “me now” brigade trot out if we don’t win in style by at least two clear goals every week. We’ve got a caretaker manager... I repeat, caretaker manager, who’s had to pick up the baton that was dropped by a disloyal shyster at a far from convenient stage of pre season and I think that he’s done an amazing job. I truely hope that Bullen doesn’t read this tosh as I would imagine that it would irritate him somewhat. We’ve won two out of our first three and the match we lost was no battering, so where’s the worry in that scenario ?
  9. Did you see his press conference after the Norwich game.... dear me . ”We knew it would be tough “ ”We knew that they would be buzzing, their first home game and all that “ ”We weren’t really good enough, but hey, we go again next week “ ”We know that we’ve got to be better than that “ Now come on fellas, with an insight and deep understanding of what needs to be done evidenced in those comments Newcastle will be fine.
  10. I assume that he got it done at the klub shop. I acpekt that he is intitled too a reefund.
  11. Let’s hope that you can post a thread with the same title in April.
  12. Pleeeeese don’t concede.... I hate that 2-1 nightmare lead!! Lets get a beautiful third .
  13. I shall look forward to seeing them all turn up on their rafts made of turnips.
  14. Goodness me, that’s a slick production, watch out Charlie State and Naga Monchetti. So many banjos so few thumbs.
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