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  1. scilly owl

    Lost Jacket

    I saw a bloke leaving the ground without a jacket on... could be his... didn’t get his name though, sorry.
  2. Have we won a header tonight ?
  3. Can we go back to the international break please, it’s sort of grown on me .
  4. I’d put him in goal.... right now.
  5. Every village has got one and Middlesbrough have got Pooless
  6. Same here.... thought that he was a star performer against Bristol City
  7. scilly owl

    Fernando injured

    If he spends “half the time injured “ and “ half the time unavailable “ by my calculations he’s not available for 100% of the time .... blimey, in that case he’s done reasonably well to chip in with a goal or two and chase down all those opposing defenders.
  8. I’m not going to justify this thread with a repl..... oh boll•cks.
  9. John Pearson, Simon Stainrod,
  10. scilly owl


    If we had a much needed makeover at Hillsborough do you think that it could be completed between August and May ? If not would we be in that unsightly limbo of starting the season with areas of the ground closed off and friggin’ great cranes hanging over the ground like gallows... hate that. Still, no pain no gain and all that.
  11. scilly owl

    Favourite Wednesday Goals

    Lee’s last minute winner at Rotherham was a belter.... especially when Pearson commentates on it. ( lovely little assist by Stevie May)
  12. scilly owl

    Sold out

    So he’s flippin moonlighting is he... typical, he looks shifty and his wife looks high maintenance.
  13. scilly owl

    Sold out

    God I love that video. What do you think that bloke does for a living ? I reckon that he sells shower curtain rings and that his area is the South Midlands... he’s asked if he can have Wales too but the management don’t think that he’s dynamic enough. He will have an air freshener hanging from the Vectra rear view mirror as he drives around his patch listening to Phil Collins.
  14. Print off a picture of the current Championship table making sure that the top club is cropped, then bluetack it to the fridge. Write to the BBC telling them that you don’t give a flying f•ck that Peterhead came from behind to snatch a draw at Stenhousemuir. email match of the day and ask Alan Shearer to stop using sentences like “ If that football player wants to play for Newcastle United football club again in a football match then he is going to have to show his football manager that he is good enough to play in that football team” Write to the FA and ask them to stop players pulling their socks up to their thighs... they’ll be using bloody suspenders soon. Email the health and safety executive and ask them to put a stop to players holding a water bottle six inches from their mouth, squirting a stream of liquid into their gob, spitting it straight out and then repeating the filthy habit three more times. My ten year old grandson has started doing it at tea time which is very irritating. Thats about it for now. Stick your international break up your ar•se.
  15. scilly owl

    That Referee

    All referees are talentless egomaniac cvntz who were single children that were bullied at school ... and for good reason cos they were geeky little tw•ts. Is that a bit harsh, we’ll I’m not saying sorry. Tw•ts.