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  1. Willie doing his best Ante Mirocevic impersonation... almost gets away with it but his legs are the size of Ante’s whole body.
  2. I remember hearing that we had signed him from Celtic and I thought “ oh that’s good, he’s probably quite handy”.... I had no idea what a bundle of talent, attitude, and charisma he was. One of our best of the best. I remember seeing him and Carbone tear the Spurs rear guard to shreds at White Heart Lane, wonderful stuff. ( they sacked Christian Gross about twenty minutes after the final whistle ! )
  3. Can’t imagine not hauling myself up to Hillsborough, it’s in my DNA... I love the club, the city, the people, the drive, the hotel that I stay in, the funky little cinema that I visit, the restaurants that I chow down at, ... I feel good up in Yorkshire. The only thing that spoils my visits is loosing, I hate that and it puts a little downer on the trip, but when we win ... heaven on earth. A points deduction or even relegation won’t get halt the pilgrimage.
  4. Last night was one of those Wednesday moments when you go to bed in a grumpy mood because you’re irritated at what might have been and , in this situation , what might come to pass ! Woke up this morning with one of those “ did I dream that impending sanction, I bloody hope that I did “ and then the reality of it sunk in. Still, we will take it on the chin, we always do. But it got me thinking, surely there was an emergency board meeting today, got to have been, and I wouldn’t have minded being a fly on the wall for that one. The non executive directors have a right to be given sight of all business matters to enable them to arrive at sensible and legal decisions but I wouldn’t mind betting that the Chairman and Chief Financial Officer used a few smoke and mirror techniques in this strategy ! Which non exec. Director would have had the balls to stand up and say “ So Chairman, we find ourselves in a position where our club faces the real prospect of a debilitating sanction of some kind or other and the buck has got to stop with you... it’s gross misconduct “ Chansiri mutters something to his interpreter who then says “ The Chairman says that he owns the ground , the players and the clubs debt so please sit back down “
  5. Got to feel a little sorry for Monk... trying to manage a club that is hit with some sort of.sanction once in your career is unlucky, but twice must be pretty hard to accept.
  6. Absolutely agree with you about those comments, they pretty much sum up the toxic state of politics in this country. Political comment can be compared to a swimming pool.... most of the noise comes from the shallow end.
  7. It would be helpful if you could make a list of everyone that in your opinion doesn’t deserve to support Sheffield Wednesday....colour, race, gender, nationality, political persuasion, religious beliefs, sexuality, any other prejudices that you have... and I’ll see whether I fit in.
  8. Don’t forget to practice throw ins too, we’re not very good at them.
  9. That is a quite brilliant philosophy and , with your permission, I am going to adopt it in my life from this point onwards. Wife... “ Why don’t we try that new restaurant that’s just opened on the harbour front “ Bouncing Owl Philosophy... “What’s the point in that, you’ll only be dumping all the food out in the morning “ That’s going to save me a flippin fortune.
  10. Shame that a minute after this shot was taken the mood changed considerably !!
  11. Maybe Colin knew more than he let on... he has Harris for long enough but never gave him game time.
  12. Don’t give up... we’ll get back into this.
  13. “ morning Snoots, lovin’ your work as ever, We may not have deserved three points against Blackburn but to have it snatched away like that was very irritating. Saying that the defeat hasn’t done us much damage puts an admirably positive spin on the fact that we couldn’t hold on and maybe more of us, if only he our own sanity should adopt that stance. But it’s lapses like that which might sting us in May...if we had have held on then today we could be playing in the hope of sitting equal top ( unlikely I know ) as apposed to 5th . The top of the table is beginning to stretch.
  14. We’ll probably use all three subs.
  15. My point exactly. We had a bloke in our team who ran the Beach Cafe... he took our corners and he put it 8 feet high on the penalty spot every time, maybe missed two a season when there was a force 8 blowing..... it was great for me as I was a centre half and used to bag half a dozen goals a season !!
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