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  1. He’s a good player, got a goal or two in him as well. It begs the question, who’s there to sell the club to him and explain the teams long term ambitions ?
  2. You’re right ! And there’s more where that came from but I don’t want to appear to be deranged.
  3. Feigning injuries. Players screaming in mock pain when they throw themselves to the floor to feign their injury. Players who fall over when they know that they are going to loose possession. Referees who buy it EVERY TIME. Kicking the ball out of play when a player is pretending to be injured. Players praying to an imaginary god when the come on, score a goal, are substituted. Players who cover their mouths when they talk to each other. Payers who hold a water bottle six inches from their mouths , squirt a stream of water into their mouths, spit it out and repea
  4. Someone took a dump in my pint once. All I said to the barman at the microbrewery was “ this beer tastes like sh*t”....mardy tuss.
  5. You have a point, but in reality who could work with Chansiri ? People can work with him, Carlos proved that but I suppose it depends how well the manager is doing . Chansiri has shown a degree of patience with one or two managers, there was clearly a huge clash of personalities, cultures and a breakdown of trust between him a Pulis. If the shortlist is Cook and Pearson then I’d be happy with either. Chansiri is less likely to be grabbed around the throat by Cook so he would probably choose him. What we don’t want is a timid yes man who is frightened to speak his mind .
  6. Less hype but more talent than George Hirst.
  7. He’s a Wednesday fan... even though we’re owned by a nut job , play on a quagmire and still haven’t got a manager surely he’ll sign .... won’t he ?
  8. Guffers in one coach, people who listen to rap music in another and gamblers in the third. Guffing gamblers who listen to rap music will be left behind.
  9. It’s probably a little bit like picking teams when we were kids. We’ve turned up late and all the good picks have been snaffled and were left with a choice of the fat kid with glasses and a couple of others who you don’t recognise.
  10. Could be worse, they’ve got a nasty outbreak of rickets and diphtheria in Rotherham.
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