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  1. The catering department would only have to buy a couple of fish and one loaf... we’d be quids in.
  2. Trump contracts Covid 19 and food poisoning in Mexican restaurant...admitted to hospital where his one to one nurse is George Floyd’s sister.
  3. It’s not hindsight that he should have been using, it’s foresight. If he thought that buying a ground that he already owned , registering the “ sale” in completely the wrong year and not paying for it anyway was the right thing to do then maybe we are well within our rights to question his methodology.
  4. I’m not sure that the chairman “ appears to want to do the right thing “....he’s landed us with a twelve point deduction by doing the wrong thing.
  5. Thank goodness last nights playoff final has been sorted ( two cracking teams) because once lines have been drawn underneath things it renders them more complicated to change ! The EFL now know who to factor into the fixtures computer and the sooner that they get on with it then the better it will be for us. Can you imagine the kerfuffle that would take place if they had to rub out our name and insert Charlton Pathetic in its place... their tiny brains would implode... so hopefully they will tell Charlton, Barnsley and everybody else in the “It’s not fair Club” to grow up and accept that they were a bit crapp•r than us.
  6. And the owner of that F1 team is a tuna fisherman who’s cooked the books and won’t take any advice.
  7. Laudable post, but I’d rather sneak into the playoffs by one point despite the deduction. I’d also rather finish mid table and point to our points tally and say “ if we hadn’t have had twelve points knocked off we would have finished sixth” That’s the moral high ground that I would prefer.
  8. That’s pointless on Owlstalk... people just think that you’re messed up .
  9. Are we excited having Garry Monk as our manager ? .... No Does the prospect of finding a shiny new manager excite us ? ... Yes Do we have a Chairman with the insight and support team to procure one ? ....No Is Sheffield Wednesday a place that a good new manager would want to come to ?... Yes, I still believe it is. The points deduction will rule out one or two but the fans and the size of the club will still be a hell of a draw , particularly for one of the young recently successful ones that we’ve all mentioned on OT before. I think that we will begin the season with Monk. Chansiri would have fired him after the Middlesbrough game if he was going to do it. I’m prepared to get behind GM , partly because I don’t trust the Chairman in the recruitment process and after the relegation “ let off “ I’m hoping that the tide of cr•p that we have been swimming against might finally have turned.
  10. Normally poo falls from a great hight on Wednesday....today it’s landed elsewhere and I am thoroughly delighted.
  11. Let’s hope that he keeps aspiring to reach the levels of his former teammates rather than his new ones.
  12. I’ll join you with my bare arse.... with a Sheffield United flag sticking out of it.
  13. It was designed for middle aged men with beer bellies. If the away end at any ground is full of wednesdayites wearing that abomination it’s going to look like a farmer has driven through with his muck spreader and deposited a load of slurry on the terrace.
  14. If this manager can procure and motivate an effective championship team within seven weeks then I will be ( pleasantly) surprised. With pre season and familiarisation crucial then it’s really less than seven weeks. Given the current circumstances there might be a larger pool of players looking for gainful employment and hopefully we will avoid the usual scenario of bringing in new blood the week before and the week after the season begins. Get ‘em in, get ‘em fit and get ‘em Wednesday... fighting for the shirt.
  15. The away kit looks like it was designed by Jackson Pollock ( during his dark drunken depression stage)
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