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  1. Yes I do .It would be good to get the forwards firing but I think that will come.
  2. He deserved a double red for that “ tackle “
  3. He’ll bring Pelupessy on for Luongo and we’ll concede in the 93rd minute.
  4. Forgot what a liability Chris Woods could be at times.
  5. I enjoyed the away day at Birmingham when that boggle eyed bloke was being baited by the Wednesday fans. Even his wife was laughing at him .
  6. John Sheridan. Got back off holiday, picked up a paper at Heathrow and he’d starred in a win whilst I was flying home. Could not believe that he had signed for Wednesday. Before the interweb of course, so much better than the current protracted speculation on all the click bait websites.
  7. Sometimes my wife says to me “ I had the strangest dream last night “ and then comes the dreaded description. Usually, about ten or eleven seconds into the story I either walk out of the room or if we are still in bed I start snoring. Sure, I get a bolshy reaction but I’d rather suffer that than listen to her fu•kin dream monologue.
  8. That’s the cast of Deliverance.
  9. In fairness he did quite well at QPR but we had the best of him. He’s a maintenance man in a hotel now. He should be living in flippin luxury in my opinion.
  10. Fair point. In answer to your question Rhodes and Windass.
  11. I don’t want to dodge the question but once you’ve seen Bannister & Varadi and Hirst & Williams it’s difficult to appraise the current crop.
  12. I love the way that at the end of that incendiary list of weighty topics you add cake ball !!!..... bloody funny..
  13. The lady in red looks so calm and demure. i wonder if during the course of the match she turns into a screaming foul mouthed banshee, lashing out at anyone who disagrees with her and ends up being carried out by two coppers....probably not.
  14. Even if we had held on we would still be an ordinary team with an uninspiring manager.... sure , the fall out would be less vitriolic but it wouldn’t change the dynamic of the club. ( we’d have two more points I suppose) I expect that we’ll all dance a victory jig if Kenneth Zohore signs on Monday but he’s still recovering from a calf strain, hasn’t played for ages and will probably join Dunkley and Brown in the treatment room.
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