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  1. Fessi on a yellow... if he finishes the game it will be a miracle.
  2. Mr. Owlstalk, Chis Waddle is in radio five saying how full of character Sheffield United are... we’re doing the usual... can you please give me a list of swear words that I can post please, flip, tail, rotten etc are no use to me, they have to be foul and degrading and illegal. Thankyou in anticipation.
  3. Well , one of these weeks the “ stick a pin in a list of names “ approach to picking our first team will pay dividends and we will all be made to look like sceptical fools.
  4. Very topical weather analogy Snoots, however it is a meteorological certainty that come April and May some more agreeable weather patterns will arrive... sure , it will go bonkers for the odd day here and there... flash flooding, snow etc, .. but all will be comfortable and pleasant in the end. The forecast for Wednesday is less certain and just as when I go out fishing I can only hope for the best.
  5. It’s the photo that they’re standing in front of that I’m concentrating on... brings back some great memories.
  6. This is the “Prosecution Derby”... the two Chairman and CEO’s will be huddled in the Boardroom comparing legal defence strategy, giving each other tips on how to avoid points deductions, expulsions, fines, etc.
  7. Agree. By the way, you’ve been burning the midnight oil ! Good stats Stato.
  8. Pressman was a fantastic goalkeeper, as was Martin Hodge. All keepers drop clangers... look at all the multi multi million pound Premiership keepers at this present time, all of them have made some basic crass errors. We just seem to remember our own keeper flapping around as it means more to us. Paul Williams who came to us from Charlton was an effective striker... may have been a bit early for this debate but he’s worth a mention in dispatches. I remember everyone else that you have highlighted so well. Carlton was probably our most underrated player of all time, the Waddler was so on top of his game at Hillsborough that he won the players player of the year in the same season that he was overlooked by Graham Taylor for England... scandalous. Shezzer... to think that one or two actually booed him !!! Bannan should study some of those clips of Sheridan influencing games , might pick up some tips. Great days.
  9. Are you sure ? She could have been eating a hob nob.
  10. Was there any Ginsters packaging .... as a Cornishman I was just wondering if we were represented.
  11. Do what we always do...hope that things improve, think about what a sh•t situation we are in when we lie in bed at night, think what a sh•t situation we are in when we wake up in the morning, visit Owlstalk to have a bit of banter with your Wednesday family, wish Monk all the best even if you’re not sure that he’s the right guy for the job.... you know , all the usual.
  12. At 39 you might have just missed out on seeing Sheridan and Palmer ruling the middle of stadiums up and down the country, hopefully your Dad might have taken you along, but there is a lot of sense in what you say. I would point out that it’s not just Wednesday fans who have a slightly inflated view of Bannan’s ability, when Wednesday are playing well every manager and pundit is singling him out for lavish praise.... premier league quality some of them say. I can tell you he’s no John Sheridan...
  13. I understand what you are saying but it’s clear that Westwood and Hutch are difficult characters to handle and Monk is in a perilous position. I really feel for him as he is trying to make a stance but it is costing us on the pitch. Reading between the lines it looks like he’s going to stick to his guns and try and improve things without them. I hope that they are the only two who have become exiled and that Winnall, Reach Rhodes etc are all beavering away trying to force their way into the managers reckoning. The depth of Wednesday’s desperate situation has taken me by surprise, I knew that we were riding our luck here and there but I didn’t see this implosion appearing on the horizon. I know that I’m getting old but managers are like policemen now, they all look so flippin young ! Monk isn’t that much older than Westy and Hutch and I’m sure that must upset the alpha male situation . A traditional old Big Ron, Fergie, Shanks type of “ firm but fair” father figure would be useful in this situation.... now, where did I put those Worthers Originals...
  14. I went to my favourite restaurant the other night, the new chef was useless, the waiting staff were disinterested, and they served up sub standard food . I didn’t complain though as I didn’t want to upset the other diners so I just said “ very nice “ and left.
  15. Nope , I wasn’t surprised... in fact I’d have been amazed if we had won and surprised if we’d managed to scrape a draw.
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