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  1. I love pointless new signings... some of them eventually turn out to have a point like Laurie Madden, Carl Shutt, Viv Anderson, Guy Whittingham... bring on the pointless signings. ( not the Larry May and Jim Holton type of pointless signings though, not quite so keen on them )
  2. scilly owl


    He’s looking nice and slim... is he being treated for a poorly hip or worms ?
  3. scilly owl

    Breda Video

    Good god, I wish that I hadn’t seen that.
  4. scilly owl


    I didn’t get the opportunity to be offended and that really offends me.
  5. scilly owl

    The incompetence of journalists is a joke

    Imagine having to listen to Joey Barton’s warped philosophy on football, motivation and life in general on a daily basis. The training will be tough too, throwing chairs through restaurant windows, chasing innocent pedestrians, I hope that Ched is up for it.
  6. I wouldn’t be adverse to looking at plans for a new , modern, Amex type of stadium with a 40,000 capacity. I still go weak at the knees whenever I visit Hillsborough, and when it’s rocking there are few better environments, but I’d still like the debate about “new and modern v old and traditional “
  7. scilly owl

    Retail Manager

    Gerald Ratner and Walker from Dad’s Army are the dream team.
  8. scilly owl


    Flirting around the eighth/ tenth position. We all seem to know where our weakness’s are ( vulnerability in the air, no top championship full backs, naff all pace) but we don’t seem to address it. I’m all for shipping out huge wage earners who are either injury prone or ineffective within our style of play, but I would like to see two or three new guys coming to the club. I get a bit nervous relying on the likes of Huch and Pudil at centre back, Boyd at full back etc. That said... if the whole troop were fit then we do have one of the better end squads in the championship, a couple of the youngsters will come in and surprise us all.
  9. scilly owl

    Why the negativity

    I ain’t negative....this is the time of year that I am full of optimism and expectation. Injuries cleared up, blue and white stripes, decent away strip, Fessi, Bazza, Hoops and three good stoppers still on the books... it’s going to be at least the first week in September until I become negative.
  10. scilly owl

    Potential new signing...

    Donald Trump’s love child
  11. It’s not his hair that concerns me, it’s smoking a ciggy during a game that I think is simply not acceptable.
  12. What a pile of cr•p , I don’t waste my time talking to Manures... you should know better. As for why I support Wednesday, I don’t know why, I just do, and I was born and live in the Isles of Scilly!! It’s certainly not for the glory. Had a family in the shop last week from Bristol and their ten year old supported Bristol Rovers. Had a great chat with him... he had more knowledge and passion than any glory hunting, brand associating, shallow man yoo tart.
  13. “ Our star players are aging “.... So is Roger Federer but it doesn’t seem to make him any less effective.
  14. Totally agree. We were playing so well that when Warhurst was running at Hendry I can remember thinking “here comes a third”. There wasn’t a seconds doubt in my mind that he wouldn’t slot that one in.
  15. I remember watching that match and being I seventh heaven.