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  1. Did he have thick pebble glasses and a mac? Could have been me.
  2. Saw that. Hope that he doesn’t do an Atkinson and give it all that “ it’s the club that I supported as a boy “ twaddle. Our chairmen had better get the accounts filed and the soft embargo lifted if he wants Bruce to stay.
  3. Had this since I was 16.... I’m 63 now ! When I was aro 14 years old I had a great ruler that I got out of some footy mag or other... it had Sheffield Wednesday right ac the fro and all our fixtures listed on the back... flippin brilliant it was... I wouldn’t lend it to anyone.
  4. A bloody good start.... I’m fed up with being six points off the top two after half a dozen games. Good , honest pressing footy with super fit players.... and to cap it all off a full Hillsborough with the fans giving it everything... singing us to promotion. Not to much to ask is it.
  5. I wouldn’t be surprised if we’ll start with three or even four players that we haven’t even considered to be potential targets yet. There will be Brucie Bonuses that will make us think “didn’t see that comin’, thank f••k we’ve got a proper manager again “
  6. I’d go for the ten... but she’d probably leave after one... after all I am 62 and beginning to shrivel.
  7. Can he adopt that line like they do on the Tele... ” Is your name Fernando Forestieri “ ”No comment “ ”Were you playing against those morons at Mansfield in a pre season friendly “ ”No comment “ ”Did you call one of their talentless players a nasty name “ ”No comment “ I’d go with that line of irritating responses, they’d soon get tired of it and drop the case. Obviously this is just my layman’s advice... he might want to seek council from a qualified member of the legal system.
  8. Weren’t we enquiring about Alan Hutton last season.... I remember that it split opinion ( what doesn’t on OT ! )
  9. I think that the statement from Norwich is pretty fair , they value his tallent and personality but are not prepared to help mitigate the ridiculous price that we stumped up for him. I agree with Mr. Tom... I think that he would be very prolific when given an effective pacey supply chain. I’m quite relaxed about the situation, we’re undoubtedly going to have to take a financial hit if we move him on...but if he stays then it’s fine by me because given the right circumstances he’s a 25-30 goal a season man.
  10. What’s that white strip of masking tape above Fletch’s ear ? Are they going to paint it on. Too much bloody time on their hands. ( and not enough hair on their heads)
  11. Here’s hoping that he’s got another McGinn waiting to sign on the dotted line. I enjoyed the game yesterday and thought that Villa displayed a lot of Bruce’s footy philosophy... bodes well for us. On another point, if Wilder is shown the door at the stain after conceding thirty goals in their first six games then he’s always got a job in punditry... “ He’s come in and told them that they’ve got to win football matches “ With insightful wisdom like that he can’t fail.
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