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  1. Showing my age here but Paul Cooper who played for Ipswich in the late 70,s had an unrivalled reputation for saving penalties and he was five feet ten. Also, I played with a keeper who was nineteen stone and he was diabolical, especially on a Sunday morning after a heavy night. On many occasions he was late for kick off .
  2. 47 games for Plymouth…. If he signs for us he’d be crocked after six games, come back for the Christmas fixtures , aggravate his injury and be sidelined for the rest of the season. ( sorry about the negativity but I’m still grumpy, I’ll be full of the joys of spring after our first signing)
  3. Excellent post. I agree that the refereeing has been sub standard, I’m convinced that some of the officials have never played football in their lives and are just doing it to get out of the house for the weekend. The other modern day affectation that you didn’t mention was the hilarious sight of defenders with limited ball skills trying to play it out from the back with often calamitous results. Premier league defenders often come to grief with this pompous strategy so god only knows why third tier managers would instruct their defenders to give it a go.
  4. I’m just plodding through the day without the extra zing that a win would have brought. I keep getting flashbacks of Gregory’s goal and their equaliser. I have to say though at no point did I think that we would win the tie, either of them, not even when we scored . I absolutely expected them to nick the winner.
  5. I’m looking forward to signing some players that I’ve barely heard of who turn out to be real match winners.
  6. Definitely…I hope that we can bring in some young players with pace and tenacity.
  7. Let’s storm into this game and keep the tempo going for the entire duration….if the final analysis contains the sentence “ we just didn’t turn up “ then I’m gonna internally combust . Up the Owls, let’s make it a night to remember… for all the right reasons !!
  8. Interested in signing him…. I’m sure that they are. I’m interested in having a crack at the Duchess of Cambridge and Megan Golddigger but I think that it’s unlikely to happen.
  9. Yep, I had one of them… superb, sounded like you were being mugged by a gang of rattle snakes. We had some American friends come to stay and they bought all sorts of noisy anti social sh*t over with them including a tin bat , exactly the same size as a table tennis bat . Attached to each side was a small piece of metal on an five inch long bendy spring. When you waved it back and forth the two pieces of metal on the springs would clatter into the hollow tin bat and make the noise from hell. Whenever I used it someone standing within ten feet of me would invariably threaten to stick it up my ar$e. As I was only 7 I took those threats quite seriously and stopped using it.
  10. We’ve had more practice playing on an awful pitch than almost any other club in this division, we can’t use that as an excuse.
  11. “Playing” out from the back…. What a crock of sh*t… the single most ridiculous affectation of the modern game.
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