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  1. He’s got plenty of slack from me... I like him and I also have a sneaky feeling that he is going to organise Wednesday into a top six team for next season. Wish he’d sort that tash out though... either grow it or mow it.
  2. Has anyone actually tried offering him toffee ? They do like toffee in Scotland, I reckon that he could shoot for toffee. He can’t shoot for tofu, but then again who would shoot for tofu... I bloody would’nt, but I’d shoot for toffee. Offer him some, could be the missing ingredient.
  3. Jeremy helan

    Thanks for that information. I thought that he was out with a bad hip.
  4. Hull City fans tho....

    There was a close up of the Birmingham fans at Wolves today... my god, they made the Hull fans look the people who grace the red carpet at the Cannes Film Festival. I swear that Tubbs from the league of gentlemen was there, plus a herd of bottom feeders that would be denied entry to almost any form of civilised public emporium.
  5. Almain Abdi

    You’ve got to hand it to Watford though, they managed to shove him out the door and get four million in return.
  6. Hull City 0 - 1 #SWFC - OMDT

    Pieeeeze don’t bring Butterfield and Jones on to “ protect our lead”.... it will end in tears.
  7. That bench looks like the withdrawals from the Grand National.
  8. Don’t mind the look of that lineup.
  9. The Battle for 16th Place

    Well done. I knew that we would win something this season.
  10. The Battle for 16th Place

    Wait till they start producing “ Underachieving Crock Team of the week “, there will be Wednesday players scattered around like goats sh*t and then we can all feel very proud.
  11. Almen Abdi at #SWFC

    If I was the Chairman of Watford I would announce a “ They’ve been hadbi day “ to celebrate ,firstly getting a big wage earner off the books, and even better, getting four million quid for him. When they saw the taxi disappearing over the hill they must have been a lot of high fiving going on with shouts of “ they bloody fell for it”
  12. I think that you are right. Leeds were at home over Easter playing a mid table team... can’t remember who, and they pulled in a crowd of 35,000 ...ten thousand more than us for a comparable match... I dislike Leeds as much as the rest of you, but they’re a big club, marginally bigger than us.
  13. Positives

    Three and a half thousand spectators at Burton, goal difference of minus 47 , get them out of the league. Hang on... they beat us 3-0 at Hillsborough, Christ it’s been a depressing season.
  14. Kid-friendly songs

    I’m all for child friendly chanting...how about “Nellie the Elephant “ “The ref and his lino’s packed their trunks, And wondered off to the circus, Off they went with a bung and bribe, Bung, bung bung.” I can see it catching on.