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  1. I wanted to contribute to this thread but I’m afraid that I’m struggling to remember any of our players. Anyway, here goes... Bolder Pearson Hutch JJ Fessi That bid Gypo I’m afraid that’s all I can do. Hang on hang on...that guy with the Alice band that shoots from the halfway line cos he ain’t got the pace to beat his man.... ooohhhh, what’s he called, Leach, Beach, something like that. Him anyway.
  2. It will be interesting to see how much each club it affected by not having their fans behind them. It might adversely affect our away performances...It might help with our home performances as away fans like to come to Hillsborough and make lots of noise whilst we can be a bit flakey. I should imagine that Leeds will be adversely affected both Home and away ha ha
  3. Football is within my DNA, but in a seasonal way. It’s over now.. my footy body clock has ticked on, the momentum and interest has waned... like a fabulous supper that is interrupted by a lengthy and disappointing phone call,you return to the table and your wife has done her best to keep it warm but it’s just not the same.... you bin it and look forward to the next fresh serving.
  4. YES, I am a big fan of Big Ron... the best in my time, edging Wilko into second place. I wouldn’t buy that statue though, I thought that it was George Bush Snr. Should have the three quarter length camel overcoat on.
  5. Stobbs and co eventually find work picking fruit, the Wednesday kitchen buy in a consignment of cheap strawberries that are past their sell buy date and serve them up to the first team, the strawberries are rancid and the whole first team go down with gastrointestinal flu...the fruit is traced back to the farm where it is found that Jack Stobbs was the only picker on duty that day.... the Wednesday way.
  6. True enough. There are so many irritating things about Man. Yooo “ supporters. Another one is the hopeless excuses that they come up with for being a genuine fan. ”My uncle was George Bests postman” ” I said to my Dad that the first team that I see on Match of the Day I will support for the rest of my life “ The one that really exposes them goes like this, ” So you like football then” ”Yeah” “Where are you from” ”Bristol” ”So is it Rovers or City then?” ”It’s Man Yooo actually “ ”Why don’t you support one of the Bristol clubs?” ”Because they’re rubbish “ That about sums them up. Tvvats
  7. The most self obsessed, unknowlegable , temporary, disappointing, glory hunting, only child, spoiled brat football supporters I have ever met have been Man.Yoo morons. Too much ?
  8. Do you know panda... I can’t remember. I don’t recall OT being referred to and I can’t check because I posted the book off to another Owlstalk member when I had finished it. What I particularly enjoyed about the read was that it contained dozens of affectionate anecdotes by people who had worked with or simply knew Jack. I would highly recommend getting hold of a copy.
  9. Christ, is he 85 !! I was hoping to tempt him back. ( as a player)
  10. The issue was marketing Cornish Pasties that were clearly made in Devon. It was either make their own or poison people with Ginsters and they got caught out.
  11. Look, I’ve had three glasses of excellent Malbec but I’ll still try to be kind because I love all wednesday fans. That’s a fu•kin stupid idea.
  12. Staring at the League table after three games and praying to the wish fairy that the season could end there and then.
  13. Aiken South Carolina. I was wondering down the street in this one horse town, had a Wednesday shirt on and this bloke came up to me and said “ the guy who runs the menswear store is Sheffield Wednesday fan..... off I went for a forty minute chat.
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