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  1. The Weakest Link. Anne Robinson looking at our poo squad with all the distain that she can gather, like she’s found a skid mark on a hotel towel, then she looks over her left shoulder and witheringly barks “ You are the weakest link.... goodbye “
  2. Your memory is serving you well... Dublin and Riley bullied the Wednesday defence all afternoon.
  3. I watched Wednesday at Cambridge in the FA Cup... lost four nil if I remember rightly. They had big George Riley up front and we couldn’t handle him. It was a windy day and a shi•y bobbly pitch. Can’t wait.
  4. No Issy Brown.... that’s a disgrace.... just when we need a committed scraper and he’s overlooked. Must be injured.
  5. A robust “ we’re doing it for the gaffer” win. ( they should do it for the gaffer every week) But if we do come away with three points could we please refrain from all the “ it’s on, could we, it’s still possible “ delusions... I can’t take all that false hope.
  6. Hold in there Hodgy... I know exactly how you feel ( I’m 55 years with the same affliction) Try to remember the feeling when we won the playoffs and pray that it happens again. Footy has changed so much recently, it’s almost a sanitised non contact sport now and I’m well and truly in the “don’t care anymore “ camp at the moment but we both know that Wednesday is in our blood and come the start of next season we will be emotionally invested again.
  7. The mob mentality would have probably gained traction if we were allowed into the ground... there would have been lots of shouting and finger pointing. Although online criticism may be irritating to Chansiri he can choose not to log on. It is much harder to ignore the chanting faithful, both home and away. The media pick up on that sort of visual activity very quickly and they stick it on the television. But it’s difficult to have a zoom protest.... the season will just fizzle out and we will simply have to accept our fate.
  8. I know exactly what you mean... I turned that off after the “ we go again “ comment. He seems like a smashing bloke and I’m sure that his footy knowledge is up there, but God almighty, how can that drivel be inspiring. I suppose that there is little that he can say to the media... he must save his motivational rant for the changing room. I would love to hear him say “Look, we’re as weak as p•ss, we have little or no chance of staying up and we don’t deserve to, our strikers are a spent force and the ones on the bench are worse, apart from Bannan we have a third tier midfield, our defence
  9. Exactly what the commentary team on talk sport said... “ no reaction, no fight “
  10. Listened to it on Talk Sport and the overriding opinion was “ I was expecting a reaction from Wednesday when they went one down and at the start of the second half, but there’s nothing ... absolutely no reaction “ Well f•ck my old boots.
  11. I the short term, no. We’re going down thanks to his general incompetence and stalling when management decisions were needed . And given the perilous position that we find ourselves in he is conspicuous by his absence and leadership. Long term yes. If he accepts the error of his ways and gets some proper football people to advise him then his shattered reputation might begin to be patched up. I get the feeling that our current manager is a step in the right direction.... but it’s going to take some time to erase Jos, Monk and Pulis from my memory.
  12. The very chap. Do you think that he would have taken the knee for all the people that he called “ fuzzy wuzzys” and “ slitty eyes”.
  13. Apparently it’s because we’ve signed Prince Charles on an emergency loan to replace our keeper. He’ll be flippin ace batting away everything with his big ears. He’ll come charging out shouting “ ones ball” which is more than Wildsmith does.
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