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  1. I went in Pets at Home ( or something like that) the other day. All they had was friggin fish. I could tell that they didn’t have the usual collection of Rabbits, Rodents and Birds because there was an absence of that musty smell of sh*t. Granddaughter was most disappointed.
  2. I wish him well ( except against us ) The statistic that really surprised me was that he played 32 games for Rotherham last season and didn’t score once….or was even credited for an assist !! That’s lean pickings for a striker.
  3. My abiding memory of Reach is him flinching.
  4. What is the amount of loan players that can appear in a match day squad… any idea ?
  5. Blimey… it’s like having Big Ron back …. People coming in left right and centre !! I couldn’t give a flying fig that I haven’t heard of any of them… with luck it will freshen up the squad and we’ll have a “ band of brothers “ mentality. At least one of them has got to be a gem.
  6. I agree with the big and lump part but require more evidence of him being stupid.
  7. Took my grandson…. Cost me over £40 for a sh*t quality away shirt… glad that he doesn’t want to come again.
  8. The keeper. If he can consistently do the basics right, restrict himself to a couple of glaring gaffs a season, and pull off a dozen or two gravity and logic defying saves between now and Christmas then we are in business.
  9. You’re quite right Bolton Owl, we obsess with almost tunnel vision on our own club ( I know that I’m guilty of that) and it’s clear that other clubs have had it as bad as us…. and several have had it worse. Bolton, Sunderland, Portsmouth, Ipswich, Wigan, Charlton, all sizeable clubs that have been up there. If you add Oxford, Oldham, Wimbledon, etc into the mix then there are a lot of supporters who feel that they are underachieving and deserve more.
  10. Excellent little preview of tonight’s game… short and sweet but an entertaining synopsis.
  11. Regarding moving them on, what club is going to take a gaff prone keeper off our hands… at any level ?
  12. There’s no point in analysing his intentions or decisions ….past , present or future…. he’s a man that knows absolutely nothing about football. He doesn’t understand the passion of the fans or the all consuming importance that Sheffield Wednesday plays in our lives . If you sat down with him and started talking about football at Hillsborough from the late ‘60’s to current day he would look at you with the blankest expression imaginable.
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