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  1. Really!!? I do love the vastly differing opinions on Owlstalk, that’s what makes it so entertaining....as long as we respect each other’s views. For what it’s worth I thought that he was tragic today. I admire his commitment to the cause but I despair at his lack of ability.
  2. Got to be one of my all time favourites. I can remember the photo on the front of the programme when he joined, him , Meggo and Big Jim Holton. How times have changed....couldn’t afford a house in London, now working as a hotel maintenance man ! Just think, Abdi could retire today ( he probably has) and never have to work again , yet Banno, who gave so much to Wednesday and QPR, is scraping by in hotel maintenance. Wish I knew which hotel he was in, I’d stay there and when I checked out I give the receptionist £100 for the tip jar and when she said “ ohh thank you, the kitchen staff will be very pleased “ I’d say “ f*ck them, it’s for the maintenance man”
  3. We got no jobs, we got money.... our pets heads are falling off
  4. If they go up Wilder will sound like a broken record after every match... “ And, and, they’ve got players on £150 grand a week “
  5. You’ve got that right friend....plus two daughters and five grandchildren. I’m like a friggin cash dispenser.
  6. Those new stadiums, they really lack the traditional gravitas of concrete cancer, corrugated iron, barbed wire and the scattering of thistle and dandelion.
  7. Well, it’s the classic six pointer on Saturday.
  8. Being a Wednesday fan is always great, but some times are greater than others. Spring is in the air, we’ve got a brilliant manager and if we can’t have it now then we’ll have it tomorrow.
  9. Sky highlights didn’t even show our disallowed goal.
  10. All this sanatising by our puritanical overlord takes a lot of the impact out of potentially humorous comments.... wee wee , tail, poo poo, cheeky monkey...who’s doing the editing, Valerie Singleton ? ( look it up kids) This is a footy forum for big boys and girls, we can take a bit of swearing... if we couldn’t then we wouldn’t go to f•cking Hillsborough. Can one of you please post a big long list of circumnavigated swear words that I can refer to please... thank you
  11. His autobiography is an entertaining read.,,,he’s no John Steinbeck but it brings back lots of memories.
  12. Yep, that’s a stylish watch. I love our club and I love the Wednesday tribe that makes it what it is. I also love happy endings. ( no smuttyThai comments please, I’m trying to be genuinely sincere here)
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