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  1. Will the Bruce money (compo) be due for this years accounts, or will it be next year?
  2. Or worried about that guy growing out of his neck.
  3. Surprised that the number 21 could fit in a 2-seater Bentley, with a name that long.
  4. Isn't the story a spoof story, and he is not really joining a 12th tier club- or am I being whooshed?
  5. Dawson 5 Urhogide 3 Iorfa 4 Borner 4 Fox 4 Murphy 3 Reach 5 Lee 3 Bannan 4 Luongo 3 Winnall 2 Dave 2 Hutch 5 Lees 3
  6. Until today we had gone 33 games since we were last beaten by more than one goal, a stat bettered by only Liverpool in the top 4 divisions.
  7. Getting changed ready for the match, and done my pre-match poo, it was one of those that squeaks on it's way out, squeaky bum time, or do I need to see a Doctor?
  8. If correct, that is still £3m a year for Rhodes, is salary plus the £2m per year transfer fee.
  9. Seen him run the show a few times at Hillsborough in the last few years.
  10. Or just buy 10,000 half season tickets now, the money could be used immediately. The 10 year ones we be apportioned per year, so are of no use for this season anyway.
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