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  1. royalowlisback

    Sheffield, city of students

    Suppose it's better than smelling of lentils and eating wee?
  2. royalowlisback

    Sheffield, city of students

    According to a recent survey, 29% of 16-24yr old's don't drink alcohol. So almost a third then, add to the fact that many don't follow football, and them that do have no affiliation with Wednesday - then it is probably a waste of time trying to attract them. Imagine being stone cold sober, with no real reason to be there, freezing cold in your Chez Guevara/Joy Division T Shirt - being bombarded with trumps and worrying if somebody was going to try and shuffle you off?
  3. Potentially good news - but the tweet is 6 days old - Abdi could picked up any manner of ailments by now.
  4. royalowlisback

    Teamsheets, appearances and goals

    mmmmm graphs......
  5. royalowlisback

    Teamsheets, appearances and goals

    I effing love you.
  6. royalowlisback

    Almen Abdi

    Isn't there a limit to how many over age players you can use, maybe 3 - but I could just be making that up?
  7. royalowlisback

    "Top of the league, yeah?"

    Yes - you are a disgrace to the Blue and White three quarters of the city.
  8. royalowlisback

    "Top of the league, yeah?"

    What the fishcake? Seriously - On loan footballer, speaks to another On Loan footballer - both happen to be On Loan in the same city , but for opposing teams. What did they expect him to do - drop kick him in the face and pour molten Lava down his neck?
  9. royalowlisback

    Jos v Carlos - 38 games in

    Don't forget though, that a lot of millions spent by is now part of the squad inherited by . Just saying.
  10. royalowlisback

    Las Vegas for Boro Game

    Yeah the Resort Fee is a killer, right sneaky 8uggers with all their taxes there. We've stayed at the Aria 3 times, and the Bellagio, Caesars and Cosmo once. My 1st trip (when I didn't know any better I stayed at the Strat). We prefer the Central Strip, but spend a fair bit of time near Excalibur - or off strip Palms/Gold Coast - and Downtown - love the 'Old School Vegas' vibe.... Enjoy.
  11. royalowlisback

    Las Vegas for Boro Game

    Where are you staying in Vegas?
  12. royalowlisback

    Credit to Reach's fair play

    That will be the prunes.
  13. royalowlisback

    Red Button Coverage

    Just use the nail scissors like I do, oh you mean actual gardening...….
  14. royalowlisback

    Red Button Coverage

    Usually about 10 mins before.
  15. royalowlisback

    Red Button Coverage