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  1. Van Aken can pass - it's his defending that (so far) has let him down. Bringing the ball out in a back 3 would probably be beneficial to him and us.
  2. royalowlisback

    #SWFC Fans living in other countries

    They tour the world performing the Riverdance.
  3. And a left wing back to provide cover/compete with Reach.
  4. royalowlisback

    Bell of the season -Championship

    Snodgrass every day.
  5. Neg away. But a FAN who stumps every season, despite the price, performance or division - is a TruefanTM, when compared to somebody who goes once a season. Fan is short for fanatic, meaning they are fanatical and will attend come hell or high water - not if everything falls into place regarding price, league position, form, whether there are enough stripes on the shirt or they like the managers catchphrases or not. I get a Season ticket every year without fail, I would if we played the Dog and Duck in the Poundstrectcher North League, they could double the price and I would stay get one - because I am fanatical about Wednesday, I would have to be dead not to attend an home game. So to say that somebody that might attend a game occasionally or rarely, is as much of a truefanTM as me - is quite frankly stupid. They would though, have every right and justification to say they are a SUPPORTER - supporters and fans are two entirely separate thinks - but the club, and every club, needs both to survive, especially a relatively crappy club like ours.
  6. royalowlisback

    Caption competition

  7. royalowlisback

    Caption competition

    Trust me, everybody will wear their trousers this high - it gives you a real X Factor.
  8. Indeed it is. We've sat on the North for years, but we have moved to the South for next Season. Hopefully it will improve our luck - the last time I had a ST on the South, we won the League Cup and got promoted.....
  9. royalowlisback

    R I P mum and fly high

    Our thoughts are with you Tinks.
  10. royalowlisback

    #SWFC Fans living in other countries

    Malta, in my humble opinion is horrible, like Darnall by the sea. Went once and hated it. No disrespect to Darnall btw, I grew up on council estates in Deepcar, Norfolk Park, Arbourthorne and Stannington - but I wouldn't go on holiday to any of those places either....
  11. royalowlisback

    Empathy for Penguin...

    Don't p-p-p-p-pick on a penguin.
  12. Every year people say it will be the hardest - then during it they say it is the weakest. I expect the same predictions for next season.
  13. They only offer pork.
  14. royalowlisback

    Wednesday inspired kids names

    A young lad had a birthday greeting on the giant screen on Sunday - his initials were O.W.L.
  15. royalowlisback

    Midfield STILL Our Problem Area

    Not overly convinced by Joey so far, I would love it if we signed Ryan Woods from Brentford, him, Bannan and Lee, with Reach and a good Right Wing-Back and we would be laughing.