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  1. Known for wild behaviour at clubs, particularly at foam parties.
  2. I had Penny Arcade by Roy Orbison in my head whilst reading this...
  3. To be fair, he's probably cost us about 12 points already.
  4. Yes, those giant trams that they used to run, none of that social distancing back then, pile em' on, like the 8.15 to Delhi.
  5. I got married at Hillsborough 14 years ago (7th July 2006), me and our lass had to sign the paperwork in an Executive Box (I think it was the same box as in this picture) Don't think we were smiling as much as he is, he must have been paid!
  6. Are we in danger of administration, like Wigan? Not scaremongering, but not paying players on time is never a good thing, then saying it will take 2 weeks to resolve doesn't fill you with confidence.
  7. Exactly, you've got to keep up with the jones's.
  8. Waiting until the end of the hearing, then Matt Bianco is going to serve us some cake-ball and some of his online recipe tips.
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