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Community Answers

  1. That the guy that smacked our Keeper? Transfer fees have gone crazy if it is.
  2. We are quite used to this league, next season will be our 6th season in League One in the last 18 years or so - there is no novelty, no new experiences and nothing that much to get excited about...
  3. I have one pair, that I bought 26 years ago, I wear them at funerals. All the rest of my footwear are either trainers, or Homer Simpson slippers.
  4. £20 shoe cleaning voucher? I don't even own a pair worth that much.
  5. What happened in in 2004 and 2011 are completely irrelevant, and the squad we had this time around, along with the wages being paid are far and away better than the previous campaigns mentioned.
  6. Depends what the conditions of the lease are. On most occasions the person/business/tenant is expected to decorate and maintain certain parts of the building, sometimes it is on a full repair basis where you even have to be responsible for the roof etc....
  7. Actually, it was said through a large chunk of the 90's as well, hence getting shut of Waddle, Wilson, Anderson, Sheridan etc, and replacing them with absolute dog toffee!!!
  8. We didn't know we would be relegated, same as we don't know we will be promoted - the fact is we were in the championship, which is what we tried to get into this year, and will try again next season, so how can it possibly be worse, we were already there?
  9. That's one of the wing-back positions nailed down then.
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