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Community Answers

  1. Sounds like a protest chant. Who are we playing? - Oxford What category is it? - A What do we think about it? - Crikey and repeat.
  2. Go on then I'll bite, I've not missed a home game for 40 years, until this season (last season was covid so doesn't count). I decided not to attend any more because I don't like the way DC runs the club, I have never asked nor wanted anybody else to boycott games, and therefore, categorising Oxford at home as cat a is taking the ******** - is that alright with you?
  3. Cracking player, when fit, that's probably why he was with us.
  4. What is it supposed to be? Pass it out slowly from the back, get closed down, then what?
  5. We do have a lot of wingers/widemen - but scoring goals has been a bit of a problem to be fair, keeping them out is a doddle. Once everybody gels and gets up to speed/full fitness we will be fine though.
  6. Once he left for the lead role on 'Resident Alien', both parties were better off.
  7. As far as Wednesday signings go, Urby was bananas.
  8. On Footballgroundguide.com (don't know how reliable it is) it states that away allocations can be increased up to 2022. So there may be more available later.
  9. Kamberi will be the odd man out imo, he isn't near the standard of the other strikers, Paterson will be a utility player.
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