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  1. We are bobbar, we have injuries and suspensions coming out of our ears, we can't score, rarely keep 11 men on the pitch, and Swansea are fantastic at home. 0-3 Wednesday.
  2. Mmmmmmmm - Patersons. mmm mattessons - Bing video
  3. Strange appointment, no experience in the role, but it's TP's call - must see something in him?
  4. Brian Laws, Dom Howson and Alan Biggs walk into a bar - not surprisingly though, it is a special night for people with only 9 letters in their name.
  5. Iorfa is probably out, same Van aken (neither appeared in training) and Harris is suspended, Pulis also said he doesn't see Paterson as a striker.
  6. It's only the ELEV8 keeping him upright.
  7. Yep, he has no ankles or feet, and only one shin.
  8. And I'm saying he's not training with the 1st team squad yet, two confirmed legs or not.
  9. According to the Star this morning, he is not training with the 1st team squad yet.
  10. Left his parcels at the neighbours house, but didn't leave a card to let them know.
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