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  1. Westwood 5 Patterson 2 Palmer 5 Hutch 6 Borner 5 Reach 3 Bannan 5 Joey 5 Harris 1 Windass 4 Green 1 And that is being generous. Harris and green were absolute dogshit, Patterson is a fat old man and Reach played with his eyes closed. WTF was the point of Windass up front on his own. Awful selection, awful performance, awful season. Get rid of the ******** lot.
  2. That is without a doubt our best side, wtf was that yesterday?
  3. As long as you don't get too angry, and Buster Bloodvessel.
  4. It's like waiting for months for the pubs to reopen, then finding out they only serve Fosters.
  5. Have they sorted the glue-sniffing out yet?
  6. Good riddance, and good luck finding the kind of wages they are on now.
  7. Unless they get hammered in the other 2, they usually lose 1-0 though.
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