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  1. Every year under Chansiri, Season Ticket sales have increased by twelvety percent, based on the same period from the year before, even if they went on sale at a different date. Surely you know this?
  2. Big George there next to Tango, used to be on half the doors in Hillsborough.
  3. I think the only fair way of sorting this is to get the mascots to fight each other Wrestlemania style. Ossie Owl is a big lad, and he can always tag-team Sausage Arms to help close-line That horrible Blade doings, and that stupid Boiler thing.
  4. Other option to playing in Hazmat suits, is for us to just play players from our naughty step. Westwood in goal Bates Left Back and Centre Back Hutch Centre Back and right Back Winnall midfield Rhodes up front Reyt side.
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