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  1. Glad we renewed ours on the South a while back, gone up £65 each for the next stage.
  2. Both suffered their fair share of flooding in recent years.
  3. Need a root and branch investigation into this.
  4. Richard Madeley off Richard and Judy, got 'done', then acquitted about 30 years ago of half-inching some booze from Tesco or Summat - a real up to date story, and much funnier when you have to explain it!
  5. Aye, ever since he nicked that bottle of wine, I've not been too keen on him.
  6. Gone for Reach, plenty of goals and assists, versatile (like a waffle) and rarely injured, just ahead of Hector and Palmer (honourable mention for Fletch).
  7. If and when Rhodes returns, he will have to be accommodated, he, in my opinion can only play in a 2, off a big man, therefore maybe a 3-5-2 formation may be possible?
  8. Much better all round player than Rhodes, but his fitness record, and the amount of games it takes to get him anything like, count massively against him, as does his wages (and box) unfortunately.
  9. There isn't, but I would guess in a race, Rhodes would just about beat Hooper over 100 Metres, maybe they would both just about duck under the 4 minute mark.
  10. FF still here next season then? ^^^^^
  11. Kin ell, £12 for a cup, 25 quid for a towel? F OOK that.
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