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  1. Sure there was something in the Times last week saying Red Button games will have 4 cameras from next season - it didn't mention just Ifollow games.
  2. Don't forget it was from 2 years ago though? He might look right rough now.
  3. I've been to Vegas 7 times, love it.
  4. Spoke to a few Barnsley fans this week, they say a lot are boycotting the game - expecting at least £39 a ticket. They won't pay any more in pounds, than the number of fingers on their hands - so we must be expensive.
  5. Isn't the £50 the same price as the Silver membership last season - with the same benefits? Genuinely can't remember.
  6. How many x's will your shirt size be then?
  7. Fishcake tackling Hutch - "So Hutch, who would a game between Lithuania Ladies versus The Three Merry Lads"?
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