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  1. Well done you Blue & White Beauties. Time to get Blotto now, UTO.
  2. Netflix special on how other clubs feel about Sheffield Wednesday. Schadenfreude, 153 years in the making.
  3. Based on what? The charges that were brought against us could incur a maximum 12 point penalty. A 12 point penalty is exactly what we got, which is the exact same penalty had we not bothered fighting it anyway. Would suggest the lawyer's were on a par with the players to me.
  4. Maybe that's what happened in his medical, and why in turn he only got a 1 year contract? 😄
  5. And this trick with my Yoyo is called around the world, Oops, sorry about that.
  6. As it stands with this squad, and this manager, I can't see us ever being outside of the bottom 3. A couple of proper forwards, a nasty bugger in midfield and another wide player, think we would just about stay up.
  7. He's 6ft 2, quite a way taller the other 2.
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