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  1. So none of the defeats count then? In that case, we are on along unbeaten run against them.
  2. He couldn't really pick a more attacking line-up than he has, we will be going for it from the off.
  3. They have beaten us 3 times in a row, they are no mugs.
  4. I'm sure that if any 'National' was bothered, they would just run a piece on what a death trap Hillsborough is, then show a picture of Yosser Hughes or summat.
  5. They daren't stock the sox, in case they get booed.
  6. I thought he was poor in the 1st half (as were most of the side), but excellent in the 2nd half. Still prefer Palmer there, but it is probably our weakest position
  7. No, just a generic price list - the North Stand is still 'Greyed' out.
  8. Harris, just ahead of Borner, Hutch and Fletch.
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