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  1. royalowlisback

    Sheffield Star

    That Joao was injured and needed some Lucas Aid - proper headline and punnery to boot.
  2. royalowlisback

    Simplify how to buy tickets at #SWFC

    Regulars have season tickets.
  3. royalowlisback

    Simplify how to buy tickets at #SWFC

    Wouldn't it just make the 'cheaper' games more expensive, and the more expensive games slightly cheaper, but potentially lower revenue because you could have still sold the same number of tickets, but for more money?
  4. royalowlisback

    SWFC Crop Circle !

    You have some weird stuff on your computer.....
  5. royalowlisback

    Simplify how to buy tickets at #SWFC

    Ooh - you little minx.
  6. royalowlisback

    Simplify how to buy tickets at #SWFC

    I am sure all of the above are true, but if everything was super-duper easy to use and understand - how many more tickets do you think we would have sold for last Saturday?
  7. royalowlisback

    Simplify how to buy tickets at #SWFC

    If the prices came down, buying tickets wouldn't be seen as a problem. There were 23k there on Saturday because of the price, if the tickets were a lot cheaper - a thousand clicks wouldn't be too much of a problem. Maybe things could be slightly easier, but it is hardly rocket science as it is.
  8. royalowlisback

    #SWFC team for Sunderland

    Wildsmith Palmer Neilson Van Aken Throniley Boyd Jones Bannan Hunt Matias Dave Westwood Pudil Reach Preston J Lee Borokov FF
  9. royalowlisback

    Todays attendance at #SWFC

    That's not unlucky - that will be the tracking device we implanted in your zimmerframe…..
  10. royalowlisback

    Forestieri "We played as a team"

    FF was quite strange yesterday, his body language throughout large parts of the game was poor, then all of a sudden there would be a huge surge of energy from him, and chase a ball down 40 yards away, then stare at his feet again - he was almost bipolar, one extreme to the other. When he works hard for 90 minutes, he is without doubt one of the best players in the league, when he doesn't, you can see why the likes of Bannan and Hutch find him so frustrating at times (there words - not mine). It must be hard, being a player that is way more talented than most of his teammates, but he shouldn't let his head drop - you see how it lifts the crowd when Hutch, Bannan and FF chase down the opposition, if he maintains his workrate, he could easily be as good as Knockart (or however you spell it) was in helping Brighton achieve promotion.
  11. royalowlisback

    Todays attendance at #SWFC

    Just negged you as a joke - please don't be angry. ^^^
  12. royalowlisback

    Palmer & VanAken

    If having a poor game means you get dropped from our already very depleted squad, then I expect Fox and Joey to be nowhere near the teamsheet for a while...….
  13. royalowlisback

    Joey Pelupessy

    JP was quite awful yesterday, was like he had his legs in back to front. He is nowhere near Championship standard, and whatever we paid for him, was too much.
  14. No Palmer, Van Aken, Joao and Westwood?