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  1. Every sides supporters do this, at every game. Along with your grounds to big for you, insert name is a 5 hit hole and lots of pointing..
  2. North Stand is where most of the atmosphere comes from, but it is half empty because nobody is allowed to sit on it. Plus, the football - in general, is pretty crap.
  3. Westwood 6 Palmer 5 Iorfa 6 Lees 6 Fox 7 Harris 6 Lee 5 Bannan 6 Murphy 7 Dave 6 Fletch 6 FF 7 Reach 7 Rhodes 6
  4. What's happening to our players in training? It's like random injured player generator dot com.
  5. No heavy petting in the deep end - that includes on the Kop.
  6. Yet you took the time to respond - must have hit a nerve with Netball flag waving comment.
  7. Yeah, you're right - I get that worked up before the England Netball Ladies play in their finals that I can barely sleep, I attach a flag to my car and everything.....
  8. I'd rather have a good crap then we win at Rugby - So I think I'll take the 3 points.
  9. Just looked on their OS - all their games appear to be that price, or at least the next four home games which as far in advance that you can buy tickets. Don't they still parachute payments though, just for balance?
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