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  1. Man in top Premiership job, supports player that shocks football by pushing over ref mid tantrum and spitting his fancy dan dummy out, while also pushing for top job on FA board? Nah. Richardson was never going to back Di Canio. He wanted shut of PDC and his wages, had already criticised his attitude and desperately wanted (and got) his big job with the FA. Whether Richards made a simple political decision for his own personal benefit, or whether he thought Di Canio had pulled his last dummy spitting stunt for SWFC, who knows, but Richards spent way too much on older players wages, rather than encouraging the signing of young talent, which is a lesson that our club obviously has still not learned.
  2. The OP is about Di Canio and Carbone and how much Mr Owlstalk loved them and didn't like them being called fancy dans, as was my reply. Agent Wilson's managerial skills are not really a topic for scoring points or is Owlstalk having a kids hour? A childish topic with some childish responses, but nothing changes on here no matter what eh?
  3. My comments were related to the attitude of Di Canio, not how good a manager Wilson is or was. Wilson was nowhere near as a good a man manager as Francis in my opinion and he couldn't match Atkinson, who was one of the best at getting players to work for him.
  4. Just as they do now in my opinion. The only reason so many foreign players came to England and still cone to England is the wages. This whole thread started out as a love in for Di Canio and yes he was a gifted player that could get you on your feet, but he came with a lot of baggage, had some very strange ideas and had internal battles between being talented v being a nutter. The saying art for art's sake can be applied to footballers. Its no good doing silly tricks or trying to take on the world single handed if the team doesn't gain anything from it. Some might call it fancy dan football some call it arty farty or whatever, but it's the same thing. I think Di Canio was brilliant footballer with a very high opinion of hinself and a bad temperament tgat was prone to playing a lot of ineffective arty farty football at times. At other times he could look like a football god, but not even he knew which Di Canio would turn up and it could change in a flash.
  5. So his man management was brilliant at Barnsley and good for nine out of our starting 11 and that is Wilson's fault? I loved the two italians, especially when they were on form, but if you can remember or rewatch some of the games again, both players used to spit their dummies out and their performances suffered for it. That is down to their personalitiies and temperaments and once they cross the line there is very little any manager can do about things like that other than try to remind them of what they should be doing, hope they will cool down, or take them off.
  6. Apologies all round or are we about witness a classic Owlstalk U-Turn? They were brilliant at times, can't remember whether they ever played for Italy though.....?
  7. You are obviously still too upset that you didnt get a touch, but never mind. Next time we get some fancy dans in we'll send them round.
  8. Dave Richards was also the one that famously told us, in a matchday programme I think, but also in the local press, that the more successful clubs paid higher wages and then proceeded to pay older players that we signed up way more than they were worth with little sell on value. That killed us as a team with most of them in the sick bay and left the club with massive debts, massive wage bills and no parachute payments.
  9. I loved him too. Carbone was also a very good player and they both entertained us and did some amazing things thst none of us that saw them will ever forget, but that was just one side of the coin. The other side to their play and their personalities was still there and is obviously much easier to forget.
  10. Yes maybe if we had not played so much, fancy dan football, before then, we could have hung on and stayed up, but like I say, with the benefit of hindsight of course, we would have been better off investing the money spent in four players rather two players that ended up trying to play on their own. Did you really never question any of that?
  11. Oh sorry didnt realise you were wanting to be pedantic about just two words in your post, the majority of it is more of a romantic fantasy, with few facts to back it up. We all loved them when they played well and loved the entertainment that they brought, but it all went very sour in the end. I dont care whether Danny Wilson called them fancy dans or fiddly farts, but we were all having similar thoughts obviously, apart from those blinkered by their love. Quoting people that come up with a good phrase tends to happen quite a lot in football, I'm surprised that you are, or were, so affronted by it Apparently Bromance can do that!
  12. Yes, we were all there reading the papers, Italian papers as well as English ones. Do you remember how the team reacted to DC being sent off in that game?
  13. What rubbish! What gives you the right to criticise people for remembering things that you have obviously forgotten? The players had ability and passion, more when it suited them than when it didn't, but in my opinion we would have been better off as a team if the level of skill had been spread out through the team and all the players played as a team At times it was like watching a kids game or a syreet game where the self appointed best two players try to do everything on their own! Even the mighty Chris Waddle admitted that he had to play the team game and sometimes pass the ball instead of trying to take the world on just for a few seconds of entertainment. There has to be a balance in a team, for it to havd long term success, with entertainment and results going hand in hand. This was not happening often enough with these two in the team, which you forgot when things went well, but was blatantly obvious after the bad games. Hence Wilson's comments.
  14. Oh Owlstalk, if only these things were so black and white! Sorry, but I strongly disagree. You cannot rewrite history out of love for two players, above your team, however much better they were than the rest of the team (and clearly thought they were). Deary me, what a selective, rose tinted memory you have of such events! I remember the thrill of watching them play, but I also remember the disappointments too. Some of the pairs' antics and behaviour left a bad taste and showed very little loyalty to any part of the club. Danny Wilson did a great job at Barnsley and I wished he had stayed there, for his own good, not for ours. He was a true dedicated Owls hero and was only ever going to be onto a loser with us at that time. Our club was in a steady decline and we took Danny Wilson on when we had a strange mixture of players. Nobody will ever question the skill of the two Italians, but they alienated themselves and seemed to treat the rest of the squad, the manager, the club and the fans with contempt at times and that was going on a long time before Danny Wilson came along. Two players do not make a team and you got the feeling sometimes that the team was breaking down, although, similar to some of our better games recently, like the l**ds result, there were highlights too, but we were definitely on a downward curve after the much better start to the nineties under Big Ron and Tricky Trev. They could both play when they wanted to though. Both were gifted, both gave their all in some games and both had bad games too. When they were both at Wednesday they were insular off the pitch, spending a lot of time together and with their Italian mates at Nonna's, but they were also sometimes too insular and predictable on the pitch too, messing about looking only for each other and losing the ball sometimes rather than making a simple pass to one of their other team mates. Both players also messed the manager, club and fans around by not coming back from holidays when they should especially at Christmas and there were cases when both players were self diagnosing injuries, I think at least one of those was during a holiday break. If you interview a manager or a fan after a game where your two star players are taking the pee, along with the rest of their messing about, then irrespective of the skill they can produce when they feel like it, you are likely to get a slightly negative response when interviewed.
  15. Believe it or not, before a lot of these modern football mad owners and foreign owners came on the scene, owner/chairmen did just run the business side of clubs, while managers managed the football part of the club. Managers were generally given a budget to spend on transfers and players wages etc and the manager only went to the chairman if he wanted something more than that, maybe for a "special" player, or changes to facilities, training staff etc. Many of these chairmen knew little about football, even the ones that loved their clubs, but were very good business men, respected the professionals and left them to do what they did best. Unfortunately we have an owner who admittedly has spent his life prior to buying SWFC, knowing absolutely nothing about football, spends a limited amount of time at the club, makes all the major decisions and likes to change or influence every little tiny thing at the club that he can from ticket pricing, to changing the squad numbers based on his gut feelings, to changing the club's badge, to changing the club's shirts, to changing every little thing that he can, so I personally do not find it surprising at all that on one of the few occasions that he decides to grace us all with his presence, he should make the occasional team talk, especially when the players have been showing such disrespect for the club that pays them so handsomely and now he has to answer awkward questions about their lack of effort etc. Like most other posters, I do not think he should make team talks immediately before games, but I am not at all surprised if it turns out that he does. Every one of us probably have something we wanted to say to the players and this guy has absolutely nothing to prevent him from doing exactly that. No self restraint, no class, no respect for his manager.
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