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  1. Ante's Bubbly

    Fans forum

    I reckon that the agenda for the forum is already set up. Maybe for DC to inform us about the new crowd funding incentive? Apparently all we have to do is give him a few grand each and he will do the rest! Oh and maybe to introduce the ticket price scheme for next season and the next 5 seasons if we want to buy in advance. Maybe a vote for which players we should move on in January and the summer. All of course preceded by a short film about family Chansiri and how all they wanted to do was be accepted into the Sheffield Wednesday family. Take tissues it's a real tear jerker!
  2. Ante's Bubbly

    The 'Technical Area'

    Or paint the away dressing room pink
  3. Ante's Bubbly

    Carlos Twitter

    I know. That's late night whisky for ya. Thought I'd drop have a rant of my own before bed. Sleep much better now.
  4. Ante's Bubbly

    Your Questions for the fans forun

    Is the guy still alive that blessed the club? Can we get a refund from him, or get him to do the other 23 clubs? (Maybe the lane twice?)
  5. SWFC SUBUTEO sets are available, made locally, but you have to:- Pick up the pieces. Glue the legs back on. Buy the shirts separately at laser cut prices. Use a random formation generator. Pick the best eleven out of a hat. Strike up a deal where you pay the shop double for all future players (that they found at the back and patched up). Buy an extra box of players in case some of the first team you bought, don't work properly. Find out that the second team you bought is exactly the same as the first, but with names you've heard of from years ago. You get the drift.
  6. Ante's Bubbly

    Carlos Twitter

    Yep despite it being written in bold as a quote from the man who wasted everybody's money. The same man who's going to treat the fans to another monologue about wanting to be part of the Wednesday family, after acting like the drug addict brother that sold the family telly to try and get a quick fix from his Dodgy rip off dealers! I reckon he will end up spitting out his dummy and going before our stocks fall too much lower. Is the bloke that actually owns a taxi company still around Only Wednesday could get saved from going bust due to 15 years worth of debt, be totally debt free, then end up in even more debt after just 3 years, be lower down the table than when the new guy started appointing managers and buying players, have to pay top prices instead of bottom prices for tickets, be unable to buy any players and looking more like relegation fodder than promotion candidates while there are still a load of super thick, fickle t!ts on here still blaming the one bloke that actually had a song sang about him because he nearly took us up! Did he use his special charlatan powers to magic a once in a lifetime fluke of a goal against us? Get real! Are the same people that wanted Carlos out now wanting Jos out too? Surely these people are partly responsible for Jos being here then? Who are they blaming for all the players missing now? Still the head coach/manager? We had the managers coming and going so fast not so long ago that we had to have revolving doors fitted in reception. It did not do any good. The only time it changed was when we had a change of ownership and MM came in and without wasting millions of his and our money he got us back on our feet, because he knows about football. That is what we need now. Either that or a new fair play spending deal that takes into account a clubs spending on players over the last 20 years! If the cosy chat with DC is not going to turn into another fiasco we need to be organised and come up with at least some kind of plan. DC will delight in separating the turnout by getting some to nod their heads while the rest are shaking theirs in disbelief. Rant over!
  7. Ante's Bubbly

    Carlos Twitter

    Apparently at the next owner/fan love in session, DC wants us to approve his next manager recruitment plan. My source tells me that it's 6 candidates in a cage, last man standing gets the job, plus the purse to spend on players in the Lidl January sales
  8. Ante's Bubbly

    Carlos Twitter

    Careful I got stalked on here for saying that!
  9. Ante's Bubbly

    Lees goal “celebration”

    My god the world has gone mad, have we really gone from always looking on the bright side, to this! Does fan mean vocal, vulgar hateful, critic mmmm... not according to the Collins English Dictionary. Pretty much the opposite really. Fans! Fans! Fans! 1. countable noun [usually noun NOUN] If you are a fan of someone or something, especially a famous person or a sport, you like them very much and are very interested in them. They are both ardent Elvis fans. As a boy he was a Manchester United fan. I am a great fan of rave music. [+ of] Synonyms: supporter, lover, follower, enthusiast Antonyms and Near Antonyms of fan non-fan, nonadmirer belittler, carper, critic, detractor
  10. Ante's Bubbly

    Lees goal “celebration”

    Just as an aside to all this, when Tom gave his steely eyed stare after scoring, I am certain that pretty much all the fans who had been supporting the team just carried on celebrating without feeling a hint of guilt, whereas all those who had read what Tom had to say pre-match and knew they were guilty, probably felt a bit... guilty?
  11. Ante's Bubbly

    Lees goal “celebration”

    No I didn't. I would never criticise the fans, because fans support our club, but the crowd that Lees stared out after scoring and the support generally, which has had far too much negativity lately, was my reply to the post. Constantly slagging off young players, from early on in games after the very first mistake and many of us know this is true, as Tom Lees has said in the press recently, is in my opinion disgusting mate. The levels of hate are unjustified and must surely be born of something a bit more sinister than over expensive tickets, because trust me Tricky, the young players and even the older ones who are on a lot more money, have got no control over that. That is purely down to one man. To you the poster who says that I think "the fans are good awful (whatever that means ) and disgusting", I say, stick to commenting on the post mate not what you suggest I might be thinking. I think the fans should all turn up and support the team more positively, so that our captain can cheer and clap the crowd he stared out, when he next scores a vital goal, for getting behind the team rather than for slagging off young players who are doing their best to get results despite their lack of high wages and experience, which some people insinuate and actually state, as a perfectly good reason to air their growing hatred towards certain players. I think the fans should turn up and support the players, you think the fans (in your own words), "should just stay away", but either way, I think you will find that my explanation of Tom Lees celebration, ie the post that we are supposed to be commenting on, is not that far from the truth. Why do you thin he reacted the way he did, because that is the actual post being discussed isnt it?
  12. Ante's Bubbly

    Lees goal “celebration”

    I agree that our fans have been patient for years. Like I said earlier, more than twenty years of patience with Chairmen who have spent way too much on players wages and sometimes spent way too much on players, without really getting behind the managers of the club and letting THEM manage the players and the areas of the club management that affects the team. We have definitely been very very patient with them and given the a free reign to keep on doing it. The nasty criticism and hatred towards several of our players, early on in games and sprinkled all around the ground from certain fans and sections of fans though is not a good way to support your team though really is it? Sorry mate but our wonderful, usually honest and supportive fans have been quiet for a long time now and let's ALL be totally honest about this, a good number of fans have been much quieter since we failed at Wembley wouldn't you say? We were all still arguing on here the season after, many trying to get fans back behind Carlos while he struggled to get the most out of a bunch of players who were struggling themselves for form, and struggling for fitness, with many of them losing those struggles altogether. Yet fans were having a go at the manager and players so badly on social media and at some of the games, that the head coach and players stopped using social media. On the terraces, the atmosphere was nothing like the season before and despite saying we would never reach the playoffs, everybody then wanted to turn up at Hillsborough and support the team when they had a chance of getting to the finals again. Fair weather fans are easy to come by, but Wednesdayites have always, ALWAYS stuck by their team through thick and thin, yet the knives were out all season for Carlos and some of the players, which very quickly came out again after we lost only after extra time and penalties, to a team far fitter than we were and the knives have been kept sharp ever since. I said like several others, soon after losing the game at Wembley, that something powerful died that day. We stood, bounced stuff around and sang our hearts out, while Hull fans sat down, in silence and watched their team score a worldy goal and become fair weather fans, by suddenly waking up for ten minutes and making some noise, before going back to sleep. A lot of that hope that had been growing over the long years away from the prem and a lot of that love for Carlos seemed to evaporate, followed by another big chunk after the Huddersfield game. We cannot blame Jos, the new young players or, the old players who are still battling to get us points for not being good enough. They do try and they do want the same as us, but when enough of our own fans are so hateful towards some of our players the whole team feels it. The injustice and the criticism is shared throughout the team and anybody that has ever played at any level, knows that the support must always come fist and the criticism afterwards. The players have got to be encouraged and given the chance to make up for what has gone before.Like I said before, the younger players especially, but every player to some extent or other, feels the criticisms and hatred, whether it is aimed at them or not. If fans really want to have a go and have a go for all the money that has been wasted and spent watching poor levels of football, they should man up and have a go at the one person who really can change it and criticism him for wasting all that money. Also for lying to us and getting us to waste more of our money this season, when he knew that this season would be an even bigger waste of money than last season and next season might yet be an even bigger waste of our money than this. If people want to influence what is happening and really want to have a go at the man who is actually responsible, rather than just his appointed scapegoat "manager" (not head coach, oh no this one has the authority to take responsibility for all the signings he has made in the ywo transfer windows since he arrived, how kind) who has his hands tied behind his back feel hated, before getting the sack. Not to mention the group of young lads who have been brought in for first team experience in front of a ground full of "supporters". They are all easy targets aren't they compared to having a go at the bloke who actually brought us here? Are we still thanking him for letting us watch him spend some of his and all of our money, or are some of us wishing that he had brought in less players, for the same or a little less money, but with a bit more talent?
  13. Ante's Bubbly

    Lees goal “celebration”

    Unlike you mate, I am not on here to write any old rubbish to fish for likes and thumbs up from fellow fans by misquoting other fellow fans. You know you've lost the argument when you misquote, or quote somebody totally out of context! I think our fans on the whole are brilliant, especially considering that we have put up with some real rubbish for the past twenty years or so and I after all am one of them. A lot of us also put up with a load of rubbish before Big Jack started to turn things around too, so in my lifetime of support, so far, the 20 year period from the end of the 70's to the end of the 90's, have been the only true glory days. As I know you understand, I am only criticising the fans who turn up intent on criticising the players, doing it without encouraging the players and supporting them firt and foremost. Just like I actually said in my post. The one I wrote, not the fictional one you are pretending to disagree with. Are you feeling a bit ashamed of yourself, or is that too much to ask of somebody who likes to twist words? .
  14. Ante's Bubbly

    Question time...

    Yeah I was going to say Roy Keane. They were bottom when he arrived and he had them up to 11th by Christmas, brought a couple of players in and took them up automatically as champions. Not sure he could ever manage it again though and he's assistant head coach/manager at Villa now isn't he? It would be good to see Stuart Gray come back to sort our defence out, but whether he would want to come back as manager, or assisting Jos might prove a problem. I always thought that we might struggle to pay Jos off and get somebody else in without incurring the wrath of the EFL, which we do not want to do if there is even the most remote of chances that we can get some money and players in this January. When does Jos's contract expire? We suspected that he had a rolling contract, but is it a year at a time or a season at a time? If Jos is going to be shown the door, then I suspect that it will be at the end of his tenure, or so close that the payoff small enough not to cause DC any further problems. If so why not bring Stuart Gray in now and let him start remodelling the defence. Fulham certainly lost all their defensive nous when he left them in the summer. My choice as manager would be him or Gary Megson, because they both have strong connections with the club and hopefully, both would settle for undramatic wages with huge incentives for getting us promoted, with cup revenue bonuses, or whatever? The only problem is that I cannot imagine how Megson would get on with DC. If Megson took the post it would have to be with him as manager and co-ordinator of the club. He fell out with MM, because he get sticking his nose in, not providing funds and then bringing in players that Megson did not want, which all sounds a bit too familiar to the way DC likes to operate. If DC does not want to sell up just yet, or raise extra revenue by issuing shares, then other than selling players, the only way he can radically change anything would be by getting somebody in like Megson, to have more say over running the club.