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  1. Ante's Bubbly

    Wigan Press conference breakdown

    The game against Bolton U23s was played Monday 14th at Middlewood Road, with Damba playing most of the game, taken off for Borukov in the 82nd minute and Van Aken coming off for O'Grady in the 45th minute. Stobbs scored our first and Connor Grant the second. With the SWFC report and Bolton's report making no mention of Abdi, I suspect that he did not shine, but you never know, all that slate cleaning may have made him a bit stronger and more determined....
  2. Ante's Bubbly

    Wigan Press conference breakdown

    The Star reports it as;- "He's had that under-23s game but it's in the hands of the players and when Steve comes in we'll have a look at that". Which to me, is referring to the fact that Abdi was given a game against Bolton in which he had the opportunity to prove himself. We lost 3-2, conceding the winner late on and Abdi was taken of in the 65th minute for Hunt. So with SA saying nothing else, either Abdi did brilliantly (without getting a single mention in the match report) and could be in line for some squad time, or he let the chance slip and his future will be decided when Bruce gets back. Is it hello Abdi, or goodbye Abdi and is anyone here still that bothered? He has joined the growing list players who seemed to be brilliant before they arrived and became rubbish shortly after pulling on the blue and white stripes!
  3. Ante's Bubbly

    Wigan Press conference breakdown

    Sounds like sexual abuse to me. The other players should keep their hands to themselves. If Abdi has been played with, by the other players, maybe that is the rot, often referred to, that is within the club. I would rather SA did not touch any more on this. It's put me right off my late lunch!
  4. Ante's Bubbly

    Wigan Press conference breakdown

    I liked the sentiment, but there wee too many, "and"s for my liking.
  5. Ante's Bubbly

    Joao, Hutch, Bannan injury update

    so DO YOU KNOW OR NOT ......wait for it........................................wait ferret................? (Ah) I really struggled there! I put in a question mark automatically and had to delete it! Not using capitals, bad grammar, etc is a sign of the times I'm afraid, like bad spelling and bad manners (not the group led by a large, bald, long tongued bloke). I also really hate the effects of long term, "East Ender's syndrome", where Northerners make themselves sound like total idiots, by changing their speech patterns to try and sound like a Southern/ELondon East End dumbo. They do this by saying words like free, instead of three, not pronouncing the letter "t" in the middle of words like tattoo and party and other such stupidity, believing that it makes you sound cool or interesting to talk like a total wee pipe. Young people talking like this is bad enough, but when you get people like Chris Wilder, doing it in interviews, he being a man that is supposed to be proud of where comes from (allegedly Stocksbridge or Sheffield, depending what company he is in), you really do realise how totally thick as pig sh!t they are!
  6. What is your balanced view of lovely reformed big boy Colymore trying to make his brutal wife beating and kicking sound like a solitary slap and saying that it was portrayed as a big black bloke beating his little white wife? My balanced view of him based on what he has actually done, rather than based on what he says about himself or how he has managed to get his life back on track with privileged job positions and putting himself firmly back in the public eye, is that he is still a nasty man, with more than his fair share of lucky breaks, who is lucky not to have been taught a few tough lessons in respect, the way he showed his wife. The t055er,
  7. I'd like to know what Villa fans think of Dean Smith. His win percentage so far, is a full ten percent lower than Bruce's for the full season last year.
  8. Womblecock? Orinocorooster? Rubbish munching pecker?
  9. I have managed to find a whole host of reasons why I should forget my old anti Bruce prejudices (based mainly on a certain infamous game at Old Trafford); Being an English manager, he is ideal to take us successfully through a Brexit season. I can now see that all his annoying comments after matches could be quite comforting if he was your manager and not the oppositions He will help our whole squad to complete the "manning up" that they are going through now with Bullen He could attract some players who may not have come to us if we had an unknown foreign manager, or lesser known British manager Our lass wont be fancying him He appears to be more in line with a lot of our fans diet and booze wise The press are far more respectful of him even if the fruit and veg shop owners are not The BBC/Gary Lineker seem to love him, so our profile could be on the up again The pigs are bricking it now he has been appointed, my gobby pig fan mate has become very absent and very quiet lately, just the way I like it Last but not least, he is as determined and capable of winning games as a manager as he was as a player and with our total support he could do that with us and make us massive once more
  10. I wanted him out before he came in, but when you see his credentials and what he has had to work with, I think he deserves a chance, don't you? The second coming is going a bit far, but compared with our previous couple of managerial appointments from DC, Bruce strikes me as the most qualified of the three to complete the job, considering that he has already done it four times, knows the country, the division, the players and styles of play and knows how to manage players with egos and young players who are trying to make it. I would imagine that he will do his job with the minimum amount of interference from above too, or he will be off. I am happy to accept that my initial response to him coming could be well wide of the mark and that he could be exactly what we want, but none of us will know for sure until he has had a decent run and a transfer window or two (which could be very interesting, if the rumours are true). I remember too well what l**ds fans said about Tom Lees coming to us, so if the sour grapes comments are justified you would expect Villas overall win percentage over Bruce's 102 games to be a lot lower than the 45% overall record he had with them. He did considerably better than that last season, when he took them to the play off final against a very attack minded Fulham, so he was actually improving the team and their results, as his tenure went on. Maybe a lot of their fans, like a lot of our fans, simply expect far more than they should from a team that had wallowed in the bottom half of the prem for a number of years before falling down to the Championship.
  11. I don't have many good things to say about United, but I cannot imagine them giving Cheddar Vans much press time in the future, despite his name being "cleared". A reporter who was actually an eye witness to the Collymore incident, stated publicly that the attack on Ulrika was so brutal that he can never forget it, when Collymore tried to, "airbrush over the past", recently,. He even tried to make out that the original report was mildly racist and over-sensationalised! The nasty Sh!t.
  12. Two writers that share their names with ex-footballers, have written, or said what they think about Bruce joining us. One is called Stan Collymore the same as the disgraced footballer who infamously appeared in newspapers after he beat Ulrika Johnson to the ground before giving her a shoeing on the floor, see his lovely comments below.. https://www.birminghammail.co.uk/sport/football/football-news/steve-bruce-collymore-aston-villa-15622174 The other is by Peter Swan, who shares a name with a certain SWFC player who became famous playing for the Owls and England, before becoming infamous for the betting scandal, as follows... https://www.hulldailymail.co.uk/sport/football/football-news/steve-bruce-sheffield-wednesday-manager-2383058 I've gone for lovely Pete's opinion. Now that he has been confirmed as our manager I am 100% behind the Brewster. Last time we had a Bruce involved with the first team squad, we got promoted. Bruce IN!
  13. Ante's Bubbly

    Ground Sold !

    Excellent post and good points. If Player purchasing budgets were restricted to a percentage of the previous season's profits, with all extra player spending coming out of the owner's/shareholder's own pockets, all clubs would be able to trade correctly and the money now dished out as parachute payments could be scrapped and shared out according to the final league positions finished in the season before, because the clubs relegated from the Prem would only have to pay their relegated players the Championship wages. This would negate the Premiership's insistence on heavily funding failure in the prem for three years and help reduce over-inflated wages for under-performing players, while ensuring that relegated clubs do not have to continue overpaying the players that have not been good enough to stay in the Premiership. This would also show fans and managers the type of players that they are signing. Players who have kissed the badge then put in transfer requests when relegated, or chosen to go with the reduced wages and try to get their club back up will show their true colours and whether big transfer fees are justified, or not.
  14. Ante's Bubbly

    Ground Sold !

    I'm even more confused now there are three options! Which did they do before/during/after the meeting? ; - a) Eat chocolate b) Play a game where you pass a message around the people present by murmuring it quietly into the next person's ear, until the message gets to the last person (Dom from the Stir?), c) Have certain song by George Micheal playing carelessly in the background
  15. Ante's Bubbly

    Ground Sold !

    Thai whispers?