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  1. Ante's Bubbly

    Player songs - non existent

    To the tune of Night fever, Matt Penney, Matt Penneyyyy, He knows how to do it, We've got Matt Penney, Matt Penneyyyy, He is going to do it!
  2. Ante's Bubbly

    Player songs - non existent

    Thought our fans were poor against l**ds and have been in a few games this season. Half the Kop stayed away and the rest went mad when Reach scored, before going back to sleep. Too many of our fans still prefer to criticise our developing young players than get behind them. No band, no noise from the Kop end. Its the quietest Kop I have known for many a year. Cant believe Reach hasn't got a song. Voted player of the year, scoring wonder goals, setting them up and putting on 100% every game. "He's here, he's there, he's got fantastic hair, Adam Reach, Adam Reach".
  3. Ante's Bubbly

    Injuries - so it wasn’t Carlos

    Cheers sw1867. I do go on a bit. A kind of typed rant. Unluckily for everybody I type quickly.Luckily for everybody that was the shortened version!
  4. Ante's Bubbly

    Injuries - so it wasn’t Carlos

    A very good post that, unprejudiced and to the point, surely Owlstalk readers like posts like this even if many posters do not. I would also add that the club's policy in bringing new players to the club has been fundamentally flawed right from the start of our owners tenure. Under MM, we clawed our way back into the Championship using a sizeable number of loan players, older signings and battling players. That was all that MM could afford to do, but this approach kept us in a very tough division and punching way above our weight when we were one of the bottom handful of teams, spending wise. We went from being a club battling to survive, never mind stay in the 3rd flight of English football. We had to sell players to pay the taxman, on one side, while battling off creditors on another and trying to stay together as a club. Yet we survived all those horrors, built a team that won promotion and against almost all expectations, Stuart Gray settled the defence and managed to get us into our second highest league position since our drop from the top flight. To get to that position we had been very lucky to have people that could spot players with huge amounts of character and determination. Players like Llera, Reda Johnson, Rob Jones, Semedo, Lines, O'Grady, Marshall, Antonio, JJ, Barth, Madine, Buxton were all prepared to battle to the end to get us up. Managers like Laws and Megson, who had contacts throughout the football league brought the vast majority of those spirited players to the club and all on a very low budget. They were able to do this because they are footballing people. Born, bred and brought up with lives totally immersed in football. When our, then, 'new' owner, DC decided to sack our manager and bring in a head coach, he took on the responsibility of signing players. We have been over this so many times, but it always boils down to the fact that our none footballing owner, his advisors and his 'players for sale and rent' agencies, have been the ones bring players into the club. Maybe footballing advice was there at the beginning from the short lived player purchasing committee, but whoever was responsible for blowing all the money, on the whole, we brought in a lot of unfit players, with no pace. For a sustainable team with a chance of finishing higher up the table we needed 4 or 5 quality players, who were young, fit and had the battling qualities required to keep going to the end of every game. (I really hate to say it, but l**d's brought that kind of team to Hillsborough last week and they looked very powerful didn't they). Two defenders, a winger, a central midfielder and a 20 goal a season striker and we would have been there or thereabouts. All other players should have been loans and we could have been there or thereabouts I reckon. If those players had got the right levels of fitness, hunger, skill and that special X factor that the trained football minds know (and the untrained none footballing brains know nothing about) we could have built on the squad if we had managed promotion, or if we had got to push again. Unfortunately, the ages and fitness levels of many of the players brought in were such that when we failed they were not up to another push and subsequently we tried a similar plan and then added to the mess by blowing what was left of the treasure chest on one player. To a lot of our untrained eyes many of these players were unecessary purchases and to make it worse, we are still missing some of the quality we needed in the same positions, as we did when DC first came to the club! Surely one of his advisors has eyes and has some understanding of football?
  5. Yep posted similar when Jos arrived.
  6. Yep we called him Tigger and Graham Hyde, Taz, because he came whirling about around the midfield like an ankle biting Tasmanian Devil.
  7. Ante's Bubbly

    The playlist for this weekends match

    I enjoyed the local music played last time out. What is the play list for Friday against l**ds? Is it going to appear on another thread?
  8. Ante's Bubbly

    Jordan Rhodes

    Your bad what?
  9. Ante's Bubbly

    Jordan Rhodes

    Is that a Stuart Gray quote?
  10. Ante's Bubbly

    Jordan Rhodes

    This is your opinion only and not exactly backed up by hard facts is it? The facts are that only 5 players have made 9 appearances for Norwich this season. One is the goalie and another of the remain 4 is JR.
  11. Ante's Bubbly

    Paris on Friday for Ryder Cup

    Hillsborough. Bad planning there, but just a short flight back and you can watch it in style.
  12. Ante's Bubbly

    The playlist for this weekends match

    Good to see Clock Dva on there Neil, it was an unususl idea for a band name, but they were unusual dudes and unusual times back in the old Hallamshire weren't they. Will the Stunt Kites, Artery (my good mates and favourites), Chakk, Hula, Cabs, Vice Versa (before the facelift), etc all get a play. Some top stuff yet to come if so.
  13. Ante's Bubbly

    Hurricane Florence

    Is the big lad an ex copper? I can't remember his name and we were never on speaking terms, but seen him around a bit and exchanged a few comments with him on occasion. An old mate of mine who disappeared a few years ago called Sykes, reckoned he got mistaken for him once by the PBC down town. Sykes couldn't understand the attention he was getting and after a few comments were exchanged, before he knew what was happening he got knocked to the floor and booted everywhere apart from in his face. He was in a right state but his mates got him out of there and somebody told him afterwards that he had been mistaken for the big man who apparently was an ex copper that was sometimes a bit heavy handed with the boys in red and white when on duty at the lane. Any of this ring true? I'd forgotten all about it until I saw the photo and read some of the earlier comments. UTO!