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  1. DC is a nasty little man with nasty ideas and no love for the club or the fans just his ows nasty pride. Take off your blindfolds and see the light Wednesday fans. He has put a club with zero debt into massive debt. sold its only real asset to himself without actually paying for it, so we cannot spend the money. We now have an extra big bill every year for renting the ground off him. He put us down into L1 with points deduction and DM could not spend a single pound on players because DC did not pay the players wages on several occasions. (One of which we were doing quite well at the time, but then slid down the table to be relegated). Forget all the nasty ticket timings, shirt fiascos, lack of communication and not even attending games. DC got himself banned from spending money on players, not the pitch, which we no longer pay the upkeep for with Desso, not the North stand which needs a lot of work to bring it up to standards, not the Kop and triangle which also need work doing to them not the changes that need doing to the training ground. I personally think he has had enough, but lets see how quickly he backs DM in the summer with all the replacement players for all the old players DM has had to make do with. The team looked knackered before the 90 minutes wete up against Sunderland, we would not have lasted the extra time against a much younger, fitter team. Lets see if DC puts his money where his mouth is. I dont think he will.
  2. When many fans on here were sticking up for Moore and pointing out all the areas where we were still improving (& getting points in the process) despite all the problems being faced, there were still plenty of little princess fans crying on here because we were not top all season! Idiotic comments about how good our squad was, despite all these so called world beaters not actually being fit to play. Then we have a dip in our fortunes when we had Covid in the camp and the boo boys jump on it and demand that Moore is sacked! I am so glad that I started following the Owls when I did, because there are so many of these spineless "fans" hanging around the club now that really do need to put their dummys back in and keep quiet because the holes they are digging for themselves are gaping. The poor little things, will all flock back and start cheering again when everything is rebuilt and rosy. That's what good time fans do. Hide when the going gets tough and pop up when all's well.
  3. Dont know about you, but a lot of people were slagging off Moore even when all the signs were there that things were getting better. As for Bannan, he and lots of other players that did their best for the club have been slagged off in their time, but some people just do not know a good player or manager from a bad one. Its not your fault. It' fashionable to be wrong these days and could even be the fault of bad genes. Just blame society and your parents for being a bad judge and on no account admit to being a total d!ck!
  4. Thank you, so much for that. My mate in Edinburgh said Ford, but couldn't remember the year. Sorry for not replying sooner, but I am locked out of my account on two devices, since clearing my cookies etc to try and get some daft app working! Can only access it now on my old phone (8 year old Samsung, still doing the business!). Looking forward to tomorrows game at Sincil Bank. Went there for the friendly, but last went in the league, back in 78 when we dipped 3-1, under big Jack. Hoping for revenge on this season's home fixture. 2-0 would do me, but with Bannan's new found goal scoring, maybe 3 or 4 would be more like it! UTO!
  5. Watching the game on Saturday and us putting on a 4th sub again, in a home game and we chatted briefly about how the number of subs has escalated since we were first allowed to use a substitute player. Can anybody remember when we used our 1st substitute and who it was?
  6. When I say I had a glass half full view I actually mean I had drunk more than a glass half full and therefore probably had a very happy and optimistic view! Seriously though, going one down didn't worry me, nor did the missed penalty. I always thought we were going to win the game, although the style we won it in was a bit of a surprise in the end.
  7. Yeah, we all see different things in games and of the positive display and positive tactics I had a glass half full view of the way things were played out. I understand that there is another view and that these things do not always work out, but on Saturday they did and I think Darren Moore deserves a lot of credit for that. He read it well and it worked a treat. Maybe you see things differently to me mate, but I dont mind telling you what I saw. I saw slightly better passing from Sow and Kamberi as a pair and more possesion from those two first half. That puts defences under pressure, but that kind of pressure, with everybody back does not create lots of chances. Kamberi and Sow had some poor efforts on goal, the wild shot over from Kamberi and the soft header from Sow, particularly, where Sow couldnt get the power on the header, but they were under far more pressure from the Donny players and had less space to work in. Second half I saw good passing and possesion from Berahino, but generally less between the two of them and more direct play instead, because the play was more stretched out. Donny's defenders and midfield really looked tired as the half wore on, especially in the last 15 to 20 minutes. I saw all four forward players work the same channels and have shots on goal, but two of them played in the first half against a decent defensive Donny, with everybody behind the ball. Then in the second half, I saw us hitting Donny on the break more often with them having less men behind the ball and their defence looking tired and oeaving more gaps. It was a good all round attacking display, but as a relay race, we had 4 runners to their two and our four runners, unsurprisingly, came out on top. I did not think that Moore took our front two off at half time because they had not done their job, I thought he put Pato and Berahino on for the second half to finish the job already started and they did that admirably. I can imagine that a similar tactic may be tried again and maybe the other way around, or with different personnel. Their manager actually said that they ran out of steam and our players were much fitter. I think our manager has played a good long game this season, bringing players through and keeping them fit as far as he is able to and he came up with a good short game plan on Saturday to break them down, which paid dividends. We chatted about what was going on during the game and my view was backed up by others, by the manager's comments after the game and by the stats, so thankfully I didn't miss much, or imagine anything. Well done players, well done Darren Moore I say. UTO!
  8. Good to hear that Moore keeps all the players involved though, despite having to cycle the tired/injured ones out and the up for it/fit ones, back in. With Wing and Corbeanu gone it sounds like all the squad are pushing each other hard for places. Berahino playing the way he did on Saturday really surprised me. I thought he was a spent force with no real fight in him, or desire to get us up, but his interviews and more importantly, his last couple of outings, have shown that he wants it and is glad to be getting back to his best. If we can get Laing, Windass and Gregory competing for places too, we should be in for an exciting helter skelter finish. UTO!
  9. Mate, if Pato and Berahino had not looked so good second half, Moore would have been labelled a fool again, but because Kranberry and Sow had worked the defence hard first half, Pato and Berahino had the chance to run them ragged and finish them off second half. Maybe it would have worked the same the other way around, but Moore started with one pair and finished them off with the other. I dont think any of this was a coincidence. Moore had already said that Donny's midfield was solid and hard to break down the last couple of games. Well this method definitely worked because their own manager said they ran out of steam for the last 15 to 20 minutes and we made them pay for that with some well taken goals.
  10. Or Berahino firing on all cylinders? He has looked sharper lately and had a great 2nd half last time out. I had written him off, but on Saturday he was a nightmare for Donnys defenders. I'm hoping he can fill in the gaps until the others return, maybe with our midfield and defenders chipping in too. Surely Storey is going to get one and maybe Gibson, the way he was getting forward. Brennan was unlucky too. We have not had goalscoring defenders, for a while, but I reckon a few more are on the way and hopefully the midfield and wingers will chip in too. UTO!
  11. WAWAW? They can have the top tier at Wembley and the away end when MK Dons can't sell their tickets. UTO!
  12. If we'd used more of those 100W filament bulbs though, the flood water would evaporate in no time, the stands would be warmer, we'd all go home with a tan and Tango would be orange again!
  13. Like watching grass grow reggae man and I don't mean god's own herb now.
  14. Discussed this on a similar forum, but I reckon the table could finish:- Rotherham Wigan The Wednesday MK Dons Oxford Plymouth Sunderland Still hoping we can keep enough players fit to do this, or go one better and swap places with Wigan for the second automatic spot. UTO!
  15. If we had the Desso,vGrassmaster pitch, they are supposed to last up to 15 years
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