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  1. Not a conga fan then? Yeah I remember my mate banging the drum for the band, before the seats went in and wanting to sit near us while he did it when we all had to get seats on the Kop. We all bought seats over the other end of the Kop and didn't tell him!
  2. Got my Amazon lead for me pitbull. Well done Amazon!
  3. Why's that funny? Wearing mine while tekkin me dog Zultan out for a walk down tatooists for a new tat. Looks greyt on and I reckon even I could score in this!
  4. It's not as though throw ins are a rare thing either. You get loads every match, so they can play a big part in a game. Anybody remember seeing a player take throw in off a defender, when alone high up the pitch? I remembet Peter Beardsly doing it and a couple of other players too, but just a bit of crafty coaching and a throw in can be lot better than they are at the moment.
  5. Been saying this for years. No matter who the manager is we do not seem to practise them at all. There is no strategy or method to us taking a throw in, yet if taken properly a throw in can be a real bonus. No offside from a throw in , so a good throw can take a winger behind the last man. Long throws can create havoc in the box and a well timed run can give a player a clear chance to cross from a throw in, or run in on goal. We just pick the ball up, look clueless and often lose possesion. Not so much lately, but we are still lacking a plan when taking them, plus a few in recent games have been close to being foul throws.
  6. It's our ground and we dont know how to play on it! The head groundsman should know which studs they need in, doesn't anybody think to ask him? If the manager wants the pitch drier he only has to ask, so you would suppose that the watering of the pitch is a known, controlled part of our preparation. If we could stay on our feet we would have a definite advantage, because it has been going on for a while. Several players have had problems all season, but we actually seem to be getting worse at selecting the right footwear. Could be worth a few more points this over a season.
  7. Yes. This would help all our attacking players. The quality from Harries wasn't there today. A pull back from Harries could easily have put Brown in first half and better balls into the box from either wing would have made a big difference today. Unfortunately the Watford defenders were a match for Harries and Penney and I thought that Reach should have been put on, on the left much sooner. He was our best attacking threat in the midweek game, going so close with the free kick, making the keeper save, having two shots blocked, hitting the bar and providing a quick assist for the winner, I think he is in a different class to Penney and Harries and hopefully coming back to the form that saw him make a clean sweep of all the player of the year awards a couple of seasons back. Another classy winger on the right and a classy goalscorer up front and we could be one of those teams nobody wants to play against. Watford looked pedstrian against us 1st half today and we should have gone in at half time at least 1 goal up.
  8. Well thats a third of our point deduction gone against two teams fancied to finish on the play off spots this season. If we can keep this going the faith of the majority of Wednesday fans will be repaid by our manager, our players and our coaching staff. They very nearly pulled off a 100% record too! I am glad that our owner has seen sense at last and picked a young ambitious manager, backed him with the coaching staff he needs and the players he wants to make our team more dynamic and hard to beat. Leicester, two teams in the cup and two fancied teams in the Championship have all failed to score against us. If we can keep those performances going and our back room boys can get one of the goalscorers that Monk wants, we could have the kind of exciting season that none of us dared dream about. It's still early days yet, but this is the most convincing looking team we have had for a few years and I think a few good records could be set if Garry Monk and his staff can keep the players battling. Well done Wednesday. UTO!
  9. I totally agree with that, but wondered if he was kept out against Walsall to keep him fresh for this one, maybe? His goal was remiscent of the ones he became famous for. A proper poachers goal. I hope Monk and JB can keep him doing that.
  10. Definitely and the same goes for them when the goalie is enjoying his game. They all looked very confident, especially from the point when we scored the goal, but this time we never really looked like anything would panic us did we? Watford could be a much tougher test, but most of the teams in this division will be easiesr to break down than Cardiff away.
  11. Any time mate. Thank you! Hope you get to enjoy the next one as much against Watford!
  12. Had a steady game. Didnt get out of position and struggle to get back, like Borner has in too many games recently. Nothing too fancy or over the top, just steady, solid and against Cardiff at their place, a really good result. One Swallow doesn't make a summer and all that, but the signs of a very solid team were there today. Dawson looked more commanding of his area and full of confidence. Tom in the middle looking back to his battling best, Van Acken and Iorfa both solid either side. The midfield were tight out of possession, fluid and threatening, in possession and we had a good mix of movement, guile and accuracy from , Windass, Rhodes and Kachunga, when he came on. Lots of goods signs there. Just got to do that every week and we are in for an entertaining season.
  13. BTW did anybody else think that Monk looked quietly satisfied, when he came on the pitch with that wry smile? Good for you Mr Monk, your player choices this window, the team choices in the two games so far and the up and at 'em tactics all combined today to get that result. Even Van Acken looked at home in his role today. Well done!
  14. Well done Sheffield Wednesday. That was one the most convincing opening day performances I have seen for a while. It is not very often that a team makes Cardiff look pedestrian, but we did that today and thoroughly deserved the three points. As the commentator said, minus nine definitely sounds a lot better than minus twelve. UTO!
  15. Sorry I have been working away and have heard mixed reports on what is happening match wise on ifollow, so have paid £10 for todays game, but have heard that outside the UK it is only £7 and that there is a deal going with the club that involves trading off £10 of your season ticket money for each game watched on iFollow. I think the £10 deal is ok, but why are we not just paying £7 per game? People are skint and we could all be skint for a very long time if C19 issues carry on as they are. Also, has anybody had a refund yet on last season's tickets? That money would be very handy right now.
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