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  1. By bringing in and paying another constantly injured player? Why are people saying we are paupers, so this is a good deal? Making deals like this have made us paupers!
  2. I think we should put some money into the Chansiri, Paixo and Alonso slush fund, sorry, player buying pot, by buying 10 year season tickets and joining a club we can all pay loads of money into to be spent now and paid back when we get in the prem. Who's in?
  3. This mess is all the fans fault, fans shouldn’t be concerned or complaining because we got to Wembley five years ago. Signed DC a real fan (not Dejphon Chansiri, another DC. Dave C, or something) .
  4. So you chose not to count all his tackles, interceptions, completed passes, assist and goal, just the 3 unpunished mistakes. A nicely balanced argument?
  5. If he comes on less than half his original salary or the same wages as Shaw, then I might give him the nod as a stop gap for Lees, or possibly Palmer in a back three, but playing only 133 games in 6 and a half years, in all competitions just shows how many games the younger Hutch missed. I cannot see that improving.
  6. You have been asking for an alternative signing. I gave you my suggestion. I do not want us to sign Hutchinson. I've tried my best to be clear. If he comes back as a defender, I would be less worried, but would prefer us to sign a younger, fitter player. Our wage bill has always been a problem and I do not think we had good value for Hutch's wages last time. I can hardly imagine him doing better this time, and whether you like it or not, there were questions about his temperament too. You disagree, which is fine. If he was such a good idea, there would not be so many people saying no would the
  7. I would bet on Shaw completing more minutes in that number of games than Hutch and contributing more towards our points tally too. I would rather save his wages and put them towards getting Pickering, who looks like a very handy player who will improve our squad and more importantly our team. Yes Luongo is the other half fit player I meant in that position, I personally do not want to see two players like that, because there will be games where both will be unavailable. Pickering would be my choice, because he could be a key signing, making us a better team. I really d
  8. The thing is, yes I do want Shaw, Luongo, Hunt, or Pelupessy to play there because they look at home there and are more likely to be able to play all the games, Saturday and midweek. I do not like to see one injury prone player making way for another, week in week out, always worrying that when they do come in to the midfield they probably will not last the game. There are a lot of games to play, we have enough cover in that position and I would rather see us bring a stronger, fitter defender, or striker in than another half fit, half a season (if we are lucky) player.
  9. If there is a strong possibility of him coming back, I don't think Bannan's comments could really be anything other than positive, could they? In midfield I would personally rather see Luke Shaw on the pitch than Hutchinson, because although young and inexperienced, he is already looking more reliable than Hutch all through the game and all over the pitch, while looking better every game. I would also choose Luongo, Hunt and Pelupessy before him although he could possibly do a job to the end of the season on the right side of defence with Iorfa out. I just really don't want to see
  10. So many people said the same at the time. We had the good run taking us into the playoffs without him, with Bannan just in front of the defence, spraying through balls to either wing. Hutch becomes magically available and we lose two players, because Bannan ends up on the left and the balls through to the right wing dry up. Bannan may be able to play that role now, but he made us tick on that run in to the playoffs. Hutch has never looked like a midfielder to me. He has a defenders brain and attitude, which is one of the reasons why he gives so many fouls away when players go past him. He thin
  11. I know a few people that preferred the old shareholders meetings, but whatever they want to call these, and as I said previously, the government told EFL clubs that they had to meet with fans (not saying "engage" unless through taking the P) at least twice a year, yet as far as I can remember we had nothing at all last season. BTW the season was nearly over when Covid stopped it so we should have had at least one meeting by then. The club are only going to do what they were told to do before DC spat out his dummy! He thinks that he does not have to answer to anybody. I went to the
  12. Are you hinting that they paid you off? ...or that you are really a female duck?
  13. The use of Twitter, as an out there communications media, the choice of font, the choice of font colour, the choice of words and the deep meaningfulness of it all just smacks of a very professional Psychologist doesn't it. I mean how much classier can a guy get? He is obviously ambitious and willing to say or do anything to better his bank balance, surely we should not worry about such an amazingly bad bullshifter should we? Mr Chansiri trusts him, so why shouldn't we?
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