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  1. Within a few minutes of the sending off you could see that some players thought it was a done deal. We wanted Rhodes, Green, Hunt and Dele Bashiru on for Windass, Paterson, Harries and Pelupessy. They all looked tired and we were losing too many midfield situations. That's it then. Ah well. We had never been in the third flight when I was a lad and now we will be going there for fourth time.
  2. Yes, I think that we have suffered at least two season's worth of threat hanging over the managers, players and fans, instead of just one, or less even.
  3. I think if you just check back a few years you will see that it is common knowledge that we fiddled the accounts in 2017-18, in a clumsy attempt to avoid a completely valid charge of overspending. It is also common knowledge that we then handed our accounts in very, very late after delaying matters as much as we possibly could. Then when the EFL finally got its act together and took us to task we argued our case instead of taking the punishment, which then meant we had to go to a tribunal, which again delayed things to the point that even when the deductions had been announced they were not ap
  4. Yes, so what happens then? Do we get leaway from the EFL to carry on paying the high wages, or do we get deducted points again for breaking the fair play rules in league 1 and go down another division and so on until all the high earners are off the books?
  5. Yes that was my original argument, we could have taken the full 12 point hit in 2017-2018 and still stayed up! Although, because of the delay in handing in accounts, there is always at least a single season delay, but you could argue that going down at the end of the 2018-2019 season would have helped us to clear out the chaff and start rebuilding. The rules as they stand do not punish clubs the way they should, in the same season, or save other clubs they way that they could if the cheating was stopped altogether. It is similar in games with a team getting
  6. Yes, that's pretty much what I thought, but would we have been forced to sell players to meet the fairplay regs in league 1? As there are no parachute payments made by the football league for clubs dropping down a division, to cover existing wages and contract terms, do we get a certain amount of grace, or an allowance for a certain period of time to get the wage bill down?
  7. There are three points here really, but all three are to do with the points deduction we fought so hard to postpone last season. I just wondered what might have been if we had just said, ok, fair's fair and gone quietly. Could we have taken the points deduction last season? Should we have taken the points deduction last season? Would we have been better off, or worse off now, if we had taken the points deduction last season?
  8. I seem to remember Chester's ground and Bradford City's old ground were both tips, but I think the view was alright at those two. I seem to remember Boothferry Park (Hull's old ground) being a bad view, but I might have been confusing it with Scunny or Grimsby, I only went once to each and none of them were brilliant, but for one reason or another the memories are a bit hazy.
  9. I remember standing there a few times, with an Arsenal mate, on their end when we lost 7-1, but years before on the away end when Mariner was playing for them (and scored) I was surprised that I could get pints of beer and take them out onto the terraces at half time.
  10. ...and the yellow rain. What a pig sty. Refused to go there again after that and watched the double game at Hillsborough on the big screen. A much better view etc and a brilliant atmosphere for a beam back.
  11. The first of the games there against Arsenal in the FA cup run was a right crush. When the crowd jumped up and down you went up and down whether you jumped or not. I had to press the button on a blokes LCD watch to show the time near the end because he couldn't get his other hand over to press it without wrestling everybody around him.
  12. Cambridge was pretty bad too. They had quite thick fencing that you had to keep moving around to try and see the action.
  13. Yes Loftus Road was a bad one, especially when we went down there and had to play on the plastic pitch too. Not having a good view would have been a blessing. I remember the stewards trying to stop us from throwing the footballs kicked into us by Mel Sterland pre-match. We were chucking the balls around but I think some lights or other fixtures ended up being a target. Tut tut.
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