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  1. I actually think that Bannan needs to be more consistant and we need another creative mdfielder to push him and for when he is off form.
  2. Looks back to front to me. Should have used super glue!
  3. Sorry going on about Ivan Toney again, but from an interview where he is praising the Peterborough midfielder (Maddison?) for his through balls you can only guess how he could do with Bannan, Reach, Harries and Luongo feeding balls through to him! He sounds very intelligent and handles himself as well in the interview, as he does on the pitch too. Get him into Hillsborough DC / Mr Monk, sirs, if he doesn't work out he will not break the bank the way Forestieri, Fletcher and Rhodes do and he will still be saleable. Every time I see a clip of him on the league show he is scoring a different type of goal; from the half way line, in the 6 yard box, from free kicks, from penalties, running in on goal, heading into the net, chipping the goalie, smashing it past the goalie, taking it round the goalie and so on. He just has a really good eye for getting into the danger areas and for getting goals.
  4. Because Hutch is a very good defender and a mediocre to rubbish as a midfield player. We have experimented for 4 seasons with him there now and it does not work, because he is simply not good enough, or fit enough to play there for anything other than the odd game. Fine at coming on and making cameo appearances when everybody else is knackered, but seriously, he was always a defender playing out of position and still is a defender, in my opinion anyway. I would personally rather see any of our midfield players play there other than him and if we have to play a defender there, I think the bloke that has more natural and instinctive talents suited for that position, would be Iorfa, who likes to push forward, run with the ball, can cross, pass and block players and occasionally tackle without using his hands. But barring having players out of position, I don't know why we haven't played Hutch , Lees and Borner as a back three with Iorfa and Fox moving slightly further up the pitch to support midfield a bit more we would at least have people in or close to the centre of the pitch when Bannan drifts back and stays back. With Luongo in the middle, Reach and Harries on the wings and Murphy/Rhodes/Nuhiu/Winnall up front (ok Winnall is the only one of those four not to score three goals, but you never know), we would have a solid shape, that could quickly change from being defensive to attacking, with more pace and bodies up front when we need them, especially if Murphy worked out there (more height if Nuhiu was up top and more experience if Rhodes was up top). Then again after considering our striking options at the moment, we really are desperate for a natural goalscorer. Mr Monk please go all out for somebody like Ivan Toney!
  5. 4 managers have tried pushing Bannan up the pitch, but a) he can't shoot, even from a deadball and b) he keeps coming back to hold Dawson's hand and kick the ball long. We have been after another creative midfield player since everybody decided that Bannan had been found out at Wembley!
  6. I am not bothered at all about paying massive wages for half the season on 3 out of favour prem players we cannot afford to buy and would rather blow a similar amount, or less on at least a couple of players that we can play now and maybe for years to come, or sell them on if not, whether it be for a profit, or a small loss, anything would be a bonus compared to blowing all the money on wages again! I know that professional scouts are much better at picking players for us, because we only see glimpses of these players, but I really like the look of Peterborough's, 23 year old striker Ivan Toney, who has scored 15 goals so far and had 5 MOTM awards this season and another decent looking player is Lincoln's attacking midfielder, 23 year old Tyler Walker, who likes to bang them in from distance and already has 14 goals. OK both of these players are currently league 1 players and probably the star players of their clubs right now, but players like these that our scouts can uncover for a reasonable amount have got to be better value than miscreants, injury prone players and has beens like we used to sign wholesale, back when Dave Jones was our manager. If we get somebody that really suits us on loan with a potential deal if it works out well for us, fine, but otherwise we definitely do not want to make any rash knee jerk signings, or wasters and crocks on big loans. We have had a couple of half decent ones, but for me, especially not Nile Ranger, Sidibe, Bothroyd, Steve Howerd etc. They all cost money and did next to nothing for us. There are loads of players available like that, who are getting paid whether they turn out for us or not and have missed the boat for one reason or another.
  7. Isn't our midfield said to be too lightweight as it is? We could do with somebody like Tomlin, or Fatty Foulkes in there, so the opposition have to run further. Nobody under 12 stone should even be considered, end of!
  8. Whens the last day, bargain bucket, pre-owned, high-mileage-but-still-working, closing down sale, blue ribbon 50% off, handled goods day? We'll get one or two then. Maybe one we think will be ok, but half like him, half hate his guts and want Monk out because we've signed him (remember Borner signing?). We will pretend to be excited about another signing that we've never heard of and there may also be one that sounds like somebody else that is good (maybe his twin brother, or distant cousin), but turns out not to be. Alternatively we could get two or three players who turn out be the difference between us going up and staying where we are. ...
  9. Yeah same bloke that said, "Some people are saying they think I am the son of god, but I'm not. . . . . . Our Nigel is!"
  10. According to the stats we only made 3 key passes, ie passes that lead to direct chances on goal;- Adam Reach 2 and Urhoghide 1, with ) key passes from any of our other players at all! So all those people that went OTT over Bannan against l**ds must now wonder why he thought that sitting in the middle of our defence launching balls up in the air towards Winall, who was nearly a foot shorter than the defenders around him, could possibly lead to us having a chance on goal, unless the defenders got fed up of having such an easy game and decided to launch one for their goalie to get some practise in.
  11. Reality check required for the, "End Is Nigh"ers.... https://www.thestar.co.uk/sport/football/sheffield-wednesday/statistics-show-how-much-chance-sheffield-wednesday-have-promotion-season-and-prove-how-close-years-championship-really-1371229 Still just 3 points from play offs because of our superior goal difference and still 11 points of the top two! So what really happened? Our goal difference went down by five and we lost 3 points, but there are still 54 points to play for!
  12. Why do some people just hang about waiting for their latest excuse to have a go at Reach? I Why didn't our captain for the day give an interview? If the rest of the team had put as much into the game as Reach did we would not have lost the game in such a devastating fashion. Our captain for the day disappeared into his shell as happens too often these days and had an absolutely appalling game compared to his fantastic performance against l**ds! Why put so much effort in against l**ds then not bother to turn up against Blackburn? There werre too many slackers, underperformers and deadweights against Blackburn, but of all the players that deserved heavy criticism Reach was not one of them. I gave Reach man of the match based on what I saw him do over the 90 minutes, but I have just checked out the player stats for the game and Reach was by far our best player from the starting 11, with Hutchinson and Nuhiu doing better that the rest too when they came on from the bench. Also, this upside down idea about his lack of tackling that has bred amongst the Reach knockers needs putting to bed too, because yet again he made more tackles than any of our other players, outside the back four. For those who have no idea what he is doing for the team, just ignore him because luckily most of us know that he is one of our very few star players. PS who is Noone?
  13. We were saying similar a few weeks ago when he looked off the pace and was getting knocked off the ball too easily. He may get some of his old mojo back, but like you said, most likely at a lower level. I can see quite a few players going in the summer if we can afford to replace them, but will be sad to see Lee go. He has been amazing for us for a long time now.
  14. Anybody that remembered the total commitment of players like Mick Lyons and Nigel Pearson will be able to remember how they drove the team on when the going got tough and how they were respected by players and fans alike. The fact that they were still able to play and bossed the opposition as well as their team mates is just one of the reasons we were so succesfull with them in the team. They also both contributed a goal or two which never hurts either, and like Loovens (who was past his best as a player, but a good captain of a mediocre team), they would also encourage the players in the team whose heads might go down a bit more easily. This season we have had at least half a dozen games where a good strong captain shouting the team on would not have hurt and could have earned us a few more points, which is what a good captain can do. We simply dont have one at the moment, but Borner definitely looks the most likely, if he can stat fit long enough unless Monk brings in a player that can do the job?
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