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  1. Been a couple of times and really got fed up of all the stuff they did to try and make it more interesting. The best bits for me were all the breaks in play when the players keep swapping over and the breaks when everybody goes wandering around for ten minutes while the players have another breather. As you may have guessed, ok every now and then, but not for me. Especially the shoe violence, whixh was probably instigated by a disgruntled united fan.
  2. Ante's Bubbly

    Anyone consider this 'their' squad?

    A man of steel maybe?
  3. Ante's Bubbly

    What is really behind decisions?

    Allegedly, he also cant fish to save his life, gets sea sick easily and he prefers a KFC to fish & chips, but dont trust all you read in Sunday Sport.
  4. Ante's Bubbly

    #SWFC Six Match Ticket Bundle Deal

    So this Thursday is out?
  5. Ante's Bubbly

    What is really behind decisions?

    Don't try and put your words in my mouth Heppers old chap, I quite clearly stated that the club have come out and said very clearly that "young players are our future", that "we must lower the average age of the squad" and that older players on high wages are going to be phased out, so either you understand that or you do not. As for your appearance money theory, it may well be true, but as Manderic and other SWFC staff will have advised DC on the way not to write players contracts, I am guessing that the Madine lesson will have been passed on. Good grief if we have a load of older players about to earn even more money if they play too many games we are in even bigger trouble than we all thought. Wasn't it bad enough last season when all the older players were too knackered to play any games at all? I think it is just as likely that some of our older, high wage earners may be off loaded out on loan to lower our wage bill, which in case you have not heard, is because we have an embargo against us due to FFP/P&S.
  6. Not surprised you cannot remember what you said, it was very funny, if meant as irony, but I think Neil is talking to you if you are serious! (I did include your very words in my reply, so there was a little clue there). Happy to help.
  7. Ante's Bubbly

    Anyone consider this 'their' squad?

    Yes they were a decent bunch weren't they. I went to school with John P and his younger bro, Bobby lovely lad. I remember standing next to John and his dad in the cage at Leicester when we played one of the replays against Arsenal. The squad that got me hooked though was the one with Roger Wylde, Richard Walden, Ken Knighton, David Sunley, Brian Joicey, Hugh Dowd, Peter Fox, Colin Harvey, Ian Nimmo, Phil Henson, Eric Potts, Mick Predergast, Bernard Shaw, Jimmy Mullen, Dave Cusack and a couple of others that I can't remember. I think Nimmo had a younger brother (David?) who was a small attacking player (?), but I don't think he played until a bit later. We used to drink with Hesford, which he did mainly because he was injured and not playing, because Hodges form then kept him out, but a decent bloke that could tell a good story. Drank with Hugh Dowd too and Ian Bailey, whose Mrs had the Wadsley Jack for a while, a pub which had previously had Jack Witham as landlord when it was the Star Inn. Dave Sunley came up to our school a couple of times, when he was out injured I think, but it was a long time ago in another episode of dark days for the club. Apart from the recent dips in our fortunes with a couple more short stays in the third division, this was our first drop down to the third tier and hopefully that can be our last for a long long time. UTO!
  8. Ante's Bubbly

    What is really behind decisions?

    Is another circular discussion about our current direction really necessary? Jos has been told to tell everybody that the young players are the club's future and he has repeated the mantra often enough now. Where exactly do KW and Jones fit in with the, young players are our future, philosophy? You can surmise as much as you like about how the decision was made,but unless you asked DC this very question at the forum last week and appearance money was the answer, then I doubt it very much. Didn't the club vow never to follow that route ever again after all the messing about with Madine? While we have young players at the club that deserve a chance to play and show what they can do, I for one would rather see that, than watch the older players break down, get subbed and then get slated on here for not being fit enough, and/or being a waste of very high wages. Maybe the two are being kept in mothballs because another club is planning a wonderful double loan swoop!
  9. Ante's Bubbly

    SWFC Strange Claims Thread

    Did his, 'thinking aloud' get a few more people to buy season tickets though? I think Milan must have taught him that old trick. Worked on me every time. Apparently this is the way family clubs behave these days. He certainly learns some things faster than others our Chansiri!
  10. Ante's Bubbly

    SWFC Strange Claims Thread

    Looks like my old tank top.
  11. Ante's Bubbly

    SWFC Strange Claims Thread

    Could Mr Meadows please contact the Foundation Bar, his rubbery noodles are ready.
  12. Ante's Bubbly

    SWFC Strange Claims Thread

    Jos Luhukay allegedly told radio Sheffield 'off mike', during the Kieren Westwood questioning session, "You've heard of the three tenners, yeah, well we've got the three oners", followed by zany giggles from the cheeky chappie and then, "I'm off for a shmoke and a pancake", followed by more raucous laughter. Top lad, if true.
  13. Ante's Bubbly

    SWFC Strange Claims Thread

    Noodles are now available on match days!
  14. Very funny. The amazing list of similarities, yet they keep having long breaks, stop playing every two minutes, get a little rest on a bench every now and then and have such massive crowds, because it is so exciting, er hang on... ..How about long to middle distance runners that have to jump, change directions, sprint, change direction, stop quickly, kick a ball then get tackled while running for the finishing line? Hey hang on ... ...Is it time for the Tiger v Shark debate yet dad?
  15. Hopefully, after Sunday's game, Brentford will complain that after playing Thursday, our players were in better shape than theirs. I detect a bun fight!