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  1. Choose the correct missing word or words, from the options below and you could win a prize (or maybe not?). According to the OP, above, Carlos had 15 what in 14 years before us, or something ?? a) Wins b) Screwed up £20 notes c) Bottles of Hendo's d) High class prostitutes e) Football grounds blessed by religious figures to impress his gaffer
  2. Yeah, I can remember us sliding down from the to flight when I was kid, but my dad worked shifts and I only saw a couple of top flight games before we dropped to the second division and then the third, for the first time in our history, but there was still an air of optimism about the place occasionally. I was lucky enough to see us go up through the divisions then and spend 15 years in the top flight with just a one season blip, when we went down and straight back up again, before dropping out and yo-yoing between the second and third flight a couple of times over the next 20 years. The last 20 years has seen some dour days, but saddled with £20M-£30M debt did make it a lot more depressing at times.
  3. To be fair though Turner also made some very good signings too and some of the best signings we have had for donkeys years in terms of what they did for us and how much we got for them..
  4. I remember now why I used to drink a lot more back then, but only just!
  5. I totally agree. At Rotherham Bates got knocked about quite a bit, but seemed to get better and better as the game went on, nothing dramatic, just nice and steady, but with good positioning, blocking, heading etc. Just what you need from a good no nonsense centre half. Like you Gurujuan, I am not sure quite where Iorfa and Odubajo are best suited to play, but of the tw,o Iorfa would probably just shade it as the better full back defensively (?), with Odubaju edging it as more of a winger than full back. I sometimes wonder if, with our full backs being the weakest points in our team, and with Borner, Tom, Thorniley, Hutchinson and Bates all able to play centre half, we might be better off playing 3 at the back, with more attack minded wing backs. With a solid defensive base you then get the options in midfield to be more attack minded, or make substitutions to shore up the middle of the park when we have to see a game out.
  6. Yes, the whole team lately have looked like a subuteo team. NOBODY making runs. OK occasionally somebody will make a run, but that's no good if the rest of the team are static. In the last few games we have been too easy to defend against and too disorganised at the back. We need to adapt quickly to Tom Lees being out and organise the defence midfield and attack so that they work together as a team. Lee Bullen commented that the 11 on the pitch have looked like a group of individuals and he is right. Hopefully Monk can get them playing as a unit with players moving and covering for each other as required. The players need to use their brains a bit more, but only a few of them seem to have proper football brains and we lack proper cool headed captains on the pitch to keep things organised. Again hopefully Monk can instill that in them.
  7. Yeah wi one sub, no footy on Fridays, Sundays, or Mondays and a squad of 16 players that would play every game, league, league cup and fa cup. The players drank, smoked, didnt dive and had long hair. Wi sideburns! My son thinks I'm having him on.
  8. A very good post that (and much shorter than mine), but you did that on purpose didn't you (use of the word Shortly with reference to Bazza and Lee in midfield)? The fur & feathers will fly now after that one! If you have a big strong midfielder that can boss the middle of the park, tackle and provide pinpoint balls out to the attack, you are a very lucky team aren't you. The fact is that these kinds of players are not so easy to find and lots of successful teams operate very well with small lean midfielders. I wish that we could have a really good dead ball specialist. Somebody to take good corners and free kicks. As for the Bannan/Lee combo, they seem to have peaked a couple of seasons ago and while still having something to offer, right now if we did go up, we would have to get some younger, fitter replacements in there for the future. I am a big fan of Barry Bannan, but if you have to be honest about him, he is possibly not capable of producing his best football every game now, he has been having a very indifferent season so far and has never really been a consistent free kick and corner taker either, so a player in that mould would be useful, if we can bring anybody in this winter, with Luongo possibly a fairly natural replacement for Kieren Lee, who is 31 now? Having said that Lee could possibly go on for another 5 years, but you get the feeling that sooner or later all that running is going to catch up with him. I also agree with the Hutchinson and Bannan fiasco. I think this combo failed mainly because, as you say Hutch has a defenders brain and instinctively prefers to play there, while Bannan also likes to play from the back, which leaves the whole of the midfield wide open. I would prefer to see Hutchinson play in a back three, if he is going to play, or even in a back four if Tom lees is going to be out for any length of time. The running that Reach has done in that midfield spot, doing the running for Hutch and Bannan has been admirable, but for me he is wasted there and should be used where he creates the most threat to the opposition and that is on the wing. I think there was too much of a rush to get Murphy in there and we would be much better off having Reach and Harris on the wings, swapping them over every now and then to totally fry the brains and legs of the opposing fullbacks. Also regarding midfielders, I don't mind us having loads of midfielders (and I include wingers in that description), as long as some of them are natural finishers, but the only natural finisher we have in midfield is Reach, yet he has been utilised more doing the running in midfield and setting other people up who are worse finishers than he is. This leaves only Fletcher up front, who can possibly score 12 in a season, but is by no means prolific there. He works hard but misses a hell of a lot. I know this sounds a bit controversial, but I would rather see Fletcher or Nuhiu alongside one of our more natural finishers like Forestieri, Winnall, or Jordan Rhodes. We always said that Rhodes was not getting on the scoresheet regularly enough because of the lack of service, but with a target man to play off and two wingers, he may even start to get back to being the player we thought we had signed with more chances available to him. I thought he looked lively and hungry pre-season bagging a few goals and working the defence hard. The cup game against Rotherham used a strange looking eleven that had never played together before, against a very physical team that fouled Rhodes twice to stop him from scoring, which in the end gave Big Dave the chance to score. I thought there was some merit in trying out that combo again with the full backing of Reach, Harris, Bannan, Lee etc. All of our tactical discussions are probably going to be blown out of the water with the new man however, as he gets to grips with the players and best formations, so lets hope he hits the ground running with a good win against Huddersfield. UTO
  9. 1. My Pink Gas Mask 2. I Only Laugh When It Hurts 3. So Many Ways To Hurt You 4. Sadist in Sequins 5. Imagine What I Could Do To You 6. Violence is Golden 7. Merchant of Menace
  10. I used to love wrestling when I was a kid. The ITV wrestling introduced by Dickie Davies on World of Sport was always a must watch programme for me until all the daft wrestlers started to take over like Giant Haystacks and Big Daddy. I lost interest when the showmanship and acting became too obvious and took over completely, in a badly advised attempt to become more and more like the American version. I didn't mind the messing about before and after the wrestling, but not too much during the actual bout. The staged stuff took over from the actual wrestling, more and more and eventually affected viewing figures, but every now and then you would get a proper title fight and although you would still sometimes get a bit of showmanship in those bouts, the wrestling was much better. The Royals were my favourite tag team (Bert Royal and Vic Faulkner) along with The Cortez brothers, I also loved Les Kellet, who messed about, but was one hell of a wrestler when he got going. Kung Fu, Jackie Pallo, Mike Marino, Kendo etc were also brilliant to watch, as was Adrian Street who was actually a very good wrestler. I seem to think that he just had long blond hair and started out winding up his opponents by combing his hair with a huge comb and just got more and more OTT as his career went on.
  11. Easy this one, any order you like, all tasty and satisfying 1. Roast Potatoes 2. Dauphinois Potatoes 3. Colcannon 4. Chunky Chips
  12. He also signed Green, Ayling and Antonsson, so turned an average squad into a very good one and had them challenging at the top of the division despite being hated by everyone. Eventually his own hatred for them got the better of him and he told them to get stuffed and left. Two big pluses for me, but one big minus regarding his transfer dealings via his agent, which should now be finished, so if he is coming, we should be in fairly good hands and may possibly be in very good hands. Wait and see time, I reckon.
  13. Got the same name as except for the onk instead of egson!
  14. And yes Merry Monk may well be a euphemism for Jelly Jewellery, which is best avoided. Unless of course he is very merry and the unfortunate phrase is unavoidable.
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