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  1. Wow I didn't realise this had happened. Does that make the EFL complicit in the act of bankruptcy, or are the new owners pulling a fast one to write off debt? Whatever's been going on, you have to feel for the fans, who have got no say in what happens and no recourse regarding bad decisions made by their owners.
  2. An awful thing to happen. After 8 seasons in the prem, they have folded in just their 6th season after dropping out of it (the prem). That is really sad, especially if the current virus situation has tipped them over the edge. I suppose the EFL would argue that these are extenuating circumstances and that Wigan were already sailing too close to the rocks, but they still have a fighting chance if they can hold their form. Let's hope the EFL have used up all their point deductions now! On a serious note, this could be used as an extra incentive for us to get more points on the board. Hopefully starting tonight. UTO!
  3. The Star's version is better. Only two or three wrong words in it, but not bad for a newspaper. Who said standards were not falling....😘
  4. and perhaps JJ, was too quick for the picture. If you look closely there's just a faint blue and white steak on the right
  5. Same here on both counts. There are plenty of favourites to choose from all the black players we have cheered on for us over the years and if you only see blue and white, not black or white it does take a while to remember them all.
  6. Yeah, maybe his contract finished sometime about 3 years ago when he first withdrew his services. That would have been the end of him for me. I remember being really gutted when I heard that and he has not really been the same since.
  7. I thought he looked a different player pre-season and really thought he might get another run under Monk. He certainly looks to have kicked on again and has given players on the ball an option, or opened play up for others in the last few games, as well as working the oppositions defenders hard, he has also made good runs and helped out in defence with several good headers and clearances. I think he is a good professional team player all round, but it would be a lot more pleasing to see him hit the back of the net a few more times. Having said all that if da Cruz is looking likely in training and he can keep delivering corners like he has been doing from all those Harries runs down the wing, we could be in for some fun. He did well to get a powerful shot in late on in the last game and could easily have won a penalty late on against Forest. Perhaps Monk thinks he deserves longer on the pitch, especially if we are seriously considering signing him, as reported elsewhere. Rhodes coming off the bench when defenders are tired might even benefit him and us? It's a tough one to call, but it must be hard to break up a partnership that is just starting out when we are picking up points and putting lots of pressuring on opposing defences. Having said all that, if it's da Cruz's birthday, definitely get him in. That's at least one goal guaranteed.😜
  8. You would have thought that perfect reporting would be worth catching up on wouldn't you? Maybe "Owlstalk" has had a word with them?
  9. I do not jump on bandwagons like hating Star newspaper writers, but they have definitely not got better! I used to buy the Star when it had sports writers that wrote interesting articles about Sheffield Wednesday and apart from the Henfleet fiasco towards the end of his career, I found most of Paul's articles worth a read. Since then I am afraid the Star's reputation for S6 football reporting has really nosedived. If you think it is so good now please let us know, but even my mum and dad, who were always loyal supporters of the Star, stopped buying it a few years ago, because the writing is amateurish and it is not worth wasting the paper it is written on apparently.
  10. What a strange reply daveyboy! Are you related to DC, or do you work in the same branch of the circus? DC himself has told everybody that he has only followed the EFL's advice, do you not read the press? If his statement is true we are in the clear. Only if he has lied to us all and not followed the EFL's advice, are we in any trouble. Not difficult logic that, unless you get distracted easily by stuff like your car falling apart when you press the hooter, or balloons going pop! The following statements seem quite clear to me whether spoken by a clown or otherwise and surely the law will uphold the truth and if we have not been telling the truth then lies have been told (a lie is the opposite of the truth and misleading statements are classed as lies, ignorance may be blissful, but in the eyes of the law even ignorance does not protect you from the full weight of the law, so hopefully the truth will out and we will be in the clear). These are the statements made by the way, in case you were busy doing matinees etc:- Everything I do in business I do legally, this is very important to me, this is the way I operate. I have never done anything illegal, I always consult, it is not me or the way I work. The Club maintains that it consulted with the relevant executive officers of the EFL in connection with the stadium transaction and that it acted in good faith. The Club has in its possession numerous emails, letters and other documents in which the EFL gave authorisation to the transaction, and on which authorisation the Club understood it could rely. That authorisation gave rise in law to a legitimate expectation that the transaction would be accepted by the EFL, which is binding on the EFL. The EFL is acting in breach of that binding legitimate expectation by retrospectively treating as misconduct that which it had itself previously authorised, and this makes the charges themselves unlawful. The Club is accordingly bringing its own claim against the EFL to establish that it is acting unlawfully, as well as standing ready, if necessary, to vigorously defend the charges.
  11. Let's get next weeks headline into the press... "SHEFFIELD WEDNESDAY HAVE OVERPAID PLAYERS FOR YEARS", says EFL, but have remained within their budget due to the lawful sale of their ground. Let's see the Star print that one!
  12. I do not think the club are too impressed by the shoddy appearance, manner and professionalism shown by any of the Star's reporters and let's face it they are illiterate, boring ill informed and low in motivational skills, doing very little in any way to get into the club and the players, or put the effort in to get a story that has not already been released by the club to dozens of other press outlets. Even some of the shoddy internet news outlets have made a bit more effort to spice up the stories than the Star. When I was younger the Star and telegraph was owned by a unitedite. I knew two of the grandsons, years ago, both of whom were left shares and season tickets when their grandfather died, but only one of them was really interested in football and he supported Wednesday. You very rarely see too many stories in the Star even now that criticise the ridiculous stuff that united and their players have done over the years, but even when Wednesday are doing things right the Star editorial seems to tinge everything, or dig something up about some obscure ex player. Well we have certainly given them plenty of negative stuff to report in recent years. It has been so bad that even Owlstalk had to start a charm offensive to get people to post more positive posts. Well I think that when most of the money grabbing players have gone, at the end of the season, we can start to rebuild a more positive team under Monk, playing the more positive style of football that we have had recently from players that actually want to play for us. If our clown of a chairman has not lied to everybody about the advice he has been taking from the EFL then we should also see positive news from the hearing and get a zero points deduction, so we really can make a positive start next season. let the Star make of all that whatever they like, very few people buy it, or can even read their online version!
  13. If this has anything to do with bonuses, maybe some of the players have been told that they owe the club money. Some certainly owe the club and fans something. All the talk about players like Fletcher and Forestieri being such stars for us and it is as patently clear that they only ever came here because we were the only ones too stupid to pay them way way much more than they are worth. If Fletcher's £30K a week without bonuses is true, we have paid him over £6.25M over 4 season's, yet he is not prepared to play for us for the few extra weeks to the end of this season, during which you would assume that we would be paying him extra. He has picked up wages and walked away without a care for the club or the fans. Admittedly he has not gone on and on about how much he loves Wednesday and how much he loves the fans and wants to spend the rest of his career with us etc like Forestieri, but after just appearing in 136 games for us (more than half of those subbed, or as a sub) and scoring 38 goals, he was effectively paid £46K for each game/part game he appeared in, or £164,473.00 per goal. I have read articles where he was described as earning over £8M while with us, so these figures could be much worse. As for Forestieri, he is earning not much less than Fletch apparently, at £25K a week, or £1.3M a year, even though he has played in less games over the last three years than Adam played for us in one season. Of the possible 230 league games that FF could have played he has so far only played in 128 games and scored 40 goals in all competitions in 5 seasons! He cost us £3M and over £6M in wages, before bonuses, but again like Fletcher he cannot be bothered to turn out for us for a handful of games until the end of the season. These players are millionaires and never have to work another day of their lives, so they are not doing this to protect their livelihoods or families, they are just greedy, shallow leaches. I am actually looking forward to seeing our skint club pay younger, fitter, more hungry players, more realistic wages in future to players that play for us because they really want to play for us and not just for the money. I feel that I can get behind players like that 100%, sing my heart out for them and wait for the day that the club can get somebody in to buy better quality players that are actually worth all the money we fork out and more, because we have seen a very poor return for our money over the last 5 seasons, with at least three of them being very poor in terms of all the extra entertainment and success that we were promised by Chansiri. As for getting the team that we deserve, week we have got the team that a fool of an owner deserves, but the fans deserve so much more. UTO!
  14. The cynic in me suggest that it's just a sneaky leaked press release before we are given the various options to reclaim any ticket money The cupboard's bare lads!
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