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  1. Thank you Alan, good to hear the point of view of a Brighton supporter. That pretty much kills my hopes in that direction then. How come you have an Owl on your badge? Are we your second team?
  2. Yes, according to a Mirror he has and I would not bet too heavily on everything that they say, but if true there is no need to make things up about him are there? If you don't want him just say you don't want him, don't try to hide behind false facts and statistics, the real ones support the case for him being ideally suited for the job. When he took Brighton up automatically they only lost two home games all season and one of them was to the eventual champions of the division who were odds on favourites for promotion that year and pipped them by one point.
  3. Sorry Hoops, the whole point is that his record is not just OK, it is exceptional and a good bet for getting us promoted this year, before the proverbial brown stuff hits the fan next season, when we cannot sell the ground again to balance the books. Out of the three Championship clubs he has managed he has either; won promotion in one season, automatically with two of them or got to the playoffs with the third. Your example of Pullis does not compare. He has done well in the lower divisions, struggled in the prem and has only taken one team from the Championship up to the prem and his football style has got more and more dour over the years. Now I would not mind that for one season and I admit that Hughton is no shining light in the prem either, but Brighton and Newcastle both played great, bright, attacking football to get promoted under Chris Hughton and Brighton's football has only suffered when they were struggling in the premiership last season, which happens to at least half the teams in the prem. Wednesday were one of the most boring teams to watch in the prem for the last few seasons seasons that we were up there and there were far more boring teams to watch than Brighton last season, some of whom still ended up getting relegated. We need somebody to get us up and then if they don't look capable of keeping us up we will need a manager to establish us in the division, if possible.
  4. Record aside!!! I know we all have very different personal opinions, but this is a managerial/head coach appointment and really as long as Chansiri feels he can trust him (preferably for at least one whole season) we have to try to keep our personal opinions aside, which just leaves the potential manager's CV's. What else can we judge a manager on on Owlstalk? His looks, his dress sense, whether or not he has a nice moustache or well kept beard? These are all ok for a laugh, but mate, haircuts etc aside, it is generally accepted that any sensible chairman should look first at what he wants his manager to achieve and then find one that he is pretty sure can achieve it. It helps quite a lot if the manager he is after actually has some experience of winning promotion to the prem, because it shows that the chosen one can do it and either knows the championship well enough to get to the top, or knows how to get the very best from his players. Which kind of involves looking at the manager's/head coach's record as a manager/head coach. How can you ignore a record like this;- He has only manged three Championship teams, taking two up automatically and another to the playoffs, before being poached by Norwich (who were hanging on to being a prem club). In his first managerial role he took on a Newcastle team that was in freefall and took them up, turning a young unknown, under used Andy Carroll into a £35M (in 2011) premiership striker, playing a style of football that won him several manager of the month awards and Carroll 19 goals in his first proper run in the team. He took them up winning 30, drawing 12 and losing just 4. According to Newcastle, Hughton's league start to his managerial career was the best in Newcastle's history. Before he was sacked, against a tide of protests from ex players, the media and supporters, he had guided Newcastle to their first win over Arsenal for 5 years and was already showing that he was learning quickly how to get his team to cope in the prem. He took Brighton up automatically with 28 wins, 9 draws and 9 losses with a goal difference of +34. The only other club he has managed was Norwich in the prem, who were struggling at the time, but he kept them up and he got them up to 11th spot, but unfortunately took them down the season after. So not the best with a low spending prem club, but a definite front-runner for a championship post I would have thought, based on his football managing abilities. He is definitely my number one choice, because he gets the best out of the players and plays to his players strengths. On a none footballing side, he seems to be a straight talking nice bloke, who knows how to get things done and conducts himself in a dignified way while others around him are losing their heads. No wonder the Newcastle fans loved him so much looking at what they (may) have now! If he genuinely does not want to come to us for whatever reason, then persuading him to come will not work and if given another opportunity in the prem, or whatever he really wants to do, he may do a Bruce, or an Atkinson and jump ship. If DC can persuade him however, then as long as the compensation clause is watertight, I would definitely take Chris Hughton over any of the other candidates, even if they got together and decided to work as a collective. My personal take based also on the CV's of the bookies favourites, availability, current form and DC's possible criteria is that I and am dead against Zola & Olly and although I once thought Monk was OK, I really hope that his recent shenanigans rule him out too. Of the rest of the usual suspects, if DC is after UK football experience to help him as well as coach the team, he could consider Moyes, Big Sam, or Pearson, if he is after an outside bet he might fancy Bronckhorst, Jol or Stendel, but if he wants Championship Promotion then the only other likely candidates for me would be Rowett or Karanka and there are question marks next to Karanka's nerve and staying power. It is really tough for DC especially if wormtongue Paixao is still whispering names from his own manager menu in his ear.
  5. With the news that Chris Hughton is not interested in joining us, should we pursue him and attempt to change his mind, or maybe look at somebody younger who is doing well and may appreciate the challenge of taking up a club of our (once massive) stature. How much compo would it cost to get Lee Johnson in as manager and would he be worth it? His dad was a very good manager, but I reckon that Lee, given the right backing, could be a huge success for us. Bristol City have slowly turned around and crept up the division in the last 4 seasons that he has been in charge. They were 18th 4 seasons back, then 17th, then 11th and last season finished 8th. I reckon that with the squad we have, Lee could take us that last step into the top 6. With a couple more players, he could get us in the top 2 maybe? Rather than taking a gamble on some of the wannabe manager muppets being mentioned like Olly, Zola etc I would much rather go for a good solid one like Lee (or possibly Gary Rowett).
  6. Yes, losing face in Thailand and many other Asian countries, is very bad and a sign of weakness or lack of respect from others. If one person challenges something, how many others believe it, but do not act and all that kind of thing. Also in may Asian countries people in positions of power expect to get what they want and when they don't they can be very unpredictable and are not averse to throwing a strop in public or behind closed doors. The more cultured and controlled people, are inclined to wait as long as it takes to execute the perfect act of revenge and if DC has a mind for it I would definitely not bet against Ashley taking a tumble in the not too distant future. Being honourable and respectful also used to be a very English/British thing and was practised by 'people of good manners' and in pretty much all English sports, which, before football were largely played and ruled over by 'people of good manners'. Indeed it has been cited that the English FA have argued for many years that FIFA was corrupt and that our lack of corruption and unwillingness to offer bribes to prominent officials had stopped us from having another World Cup since 1966. Yet there is still an intrinsic corruption within our own FA and League system from the top officials, referees, clubs and so on, all the way down to the players and fans. It was originally taken for granted that players would play and conduct themselves honestly and act with respect for their competitors, the officials and the spectators and is even written in to the rules of the game for football players and the league rules for the teams. Unfortunately football quickly became regarded as a slightly more uncouth sport and has become less and less honourable year on year. Now practically every team and practically every player, shows very little respect for their fellow players, competitors, the officials, or the rules, with very few teams conducting themselves within the true spirit of the game, or in a way that should befit a member team of the English Football League. Many teams appear to have a well practised style of cheating and against weak officials are happy to take every opportunity to stretch and bend the rules without any consideration for the league rules and guidelines, their competitors, the officials, or the paying public, who have to watch their bad mannered, childish, nasty, anti football antics. If league rules and player rules were adhered to closely and properly policed by the football league and the FA we would not be in the horrible situation now, where every player cheats as much as possible and tries to get away with as much as they can until stopped from doing so, usually right at the end of a game when maximum advantage has been made by their cheating and any bookings or sendings off provide minimal reward for the team that has been cheated against for the majority of the game. As for the greater game, we too have twisted the rules and used loopholes in the system, which can hardly be classed as playing or participating within the best spirit of the game, or showing respect for your fellow competitors. OK precedent had already been set, regarding selling off bits of the club and let's face it, the teams that have been mentioned recently for selling their grounds, like Derby County and Aston Villa, were not the first to do so by a long way. Leeds, Coventry and I dare say that there is a list of others had already sold their grounds. So unfortunately, although we hold the moral highground regarding Bruce, we are not without sins ourselves are we? Stuff him and his assistants, I never liked him, until I was forced to change my tune and actually started to like the idea that we had Bruce on our side. I hope somebody has put his whining son right on the matter too, because he should have know better than us that his dad is actually a stinking rat dressed up as a pumkin. I now wish him every future failure in every aspect of his life from now on in, the lying Judas! Go get him Dejphon.
  7. Unfortunately, according to the latest rumours, DC wasn't available for a shmoke and a pancake, he was already out with Joao at Pizza Express. I have heard that Joao has decided that the player manager position would give him the best opportunity to get more game time with us and has thrown his hat into the ring along with Van B, Carbone, Supertram Pet Rescue, Big Sam and Gary Megson, according to my sauces (Fruity, Tom & HP).
  8. Unfortunately we all say he is underused when he has just come on and scored, but we also say that he is overused when he starts a game and looks tired out before half time. If somebody could get him over that and get him playing more consistently he could be a top quality player. Gary Rowett maybe?
  9. Apparently, Van B came over because he was interested in the Newcastle job, heard how badly Ashley behaved had second thoughts, saw how badly Bruce was behaving and how well Chansiri had treated him and told his advisor and agent, "Thish Sheffield Wedneshday are the only team for me, lets take Dejphon out for a shmoke and a pancake to seal the deal". Honestly this is a genuine story!
  10. Bruce has set us a new transfer record for departures and never kicked a ball for us in anger! Apparently the delivery man arrived at Hillsborough with a brown paper bag full of money! The deal would have gone through earlier, but he'd had to call in at all 470 Sports Direct stores to raise the cash!
  11. So if Ashley does not want to follow the basic principle of paying the sum stated he can pay more, not less. Price negotiations can go either way depending on the circumstances. I know it is extremely unlikely, but another club could jump in and say, we'll have him for £5M give him a load of money to spend, etc and what would Ashley have to do then? Drop his price? DC has let SB talk to Newcastle knowing that SB wants to go there, but in SB's contract there is buyout/compensation clause. The fee size in the clause would have presumably been agreed by DC and SB as an offset cost for us losing our manager at any time in the season. Any time would be bad to lose your manager, but, as Bruce is only on a rolling contract the amount may possibly be negotiated down towards the end of the season, but DC is quite within his rights to suggest that this is the very minimum amount we would want right now, because we have only just started preparing our team for a promotion battle and this is the worst possible time to lose your manager. If we are to go through the same scenario as Newcastle, but a week or so later, we too may have to pay compensation. SWFC and DC, just recently, have been mugged in both directions with people coming and going from Hillsborough. We pay top whack to get people in and then have to let people go for next to nothing!
  12. DC should deal harder with Ashley; tell Ashley the deal is on the table until the end of today only, but tomorrow it goes up by a million and then half a million per day, until we get all the money in our bank. Ashley wants to negotiate down, but he is the idiot trying to poach our manager at the last minute and Chansiri will be the one trying to find a replacement when we should be buying players. Irrespective of whether Bruce goes there or not, Newcastle deserve to go down next season. The way they conduct themselves is shambolic. If they want Bruce then prove it and pay the compensation, it is there for this very reason. If we do things this way it will either hurry Ashley up, or drive him away. Regarding Bruce staying, or not, the economics of the situation suggests that getting 4 or 5 million for Bruce and getting Chris Hughton in, would be a fantastic deal for us. If we did not get Hughton, I would be very worried, especially if we ended up with another Amadeu Paixao recommended manager. I would rather Bruce stayed than go down that slippery slope. Regarding Bruce talking to his boyhood club, I cannot imagine any Wednesdayite who is a football manager, not wanting to at least talk to Wednesday's management when they ask you to consider the job, so I cannot criticise Bruce for considering Newcastle's approach. However, if he ever manages to sit down and go through all the different scenarios, he may well come to the same conclusion as us, that he is far better off staying with a club like ours that is heading back in the right direction, than going to his childhood favourites, fighting relegation, fighting Ashley and the board, fighting the press and fighting the growing number of fans who do not want him there. UTO!
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