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Mansfield Town V Wednesday - EFL Trophy OMDT

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5 hours ago, Brommers said:

Wanted tickets for this but we sold out.

Must be the first time in this competitions history those words have ever applied. 

You can have mine n lads if you still want to go? We can't make it now. Is this ont box at all? 

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I genuinely could not care less about tonight’s result.This is such a pointless tournament.


The only benefit we will get from this is giving some fringe players a chance to sharpen up their match fitness.


I’m hoping Wildsmith has a decent game as I think he needs to be pushing BPF for the number 1 jersey given the number of points he’s cost us in recent weeks.

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15 minutes ago, WalthamOwl said:

Stupid competition, could really do with not being in it.


Considering the size of our squad I think it's quite good we're in it, gives the backup players a good chance to experience competitive first team football. Yes 4 from the last game need to start but there's quite a few that will appreciate a quick chance at redemption after pretty abhorrent displays on Saturday.

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Difficult to be bothered about this one. I watched the last cup game, curious about the new players who would be playing. 


Not much to gain from this one, it's a waste of time competition and nothing new to see. 


I say that now, but come tea time and I realise there's nothing on TV tonight (as usual) I'll probably waste another tenner on ifollow. 


Hope we win, as I always do, but that's as far as my thoughts go this morning.



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10 minutes ago, Silkstone Owl said:

Tonight Moore will change the team again

to give him yet more selection headaches for the league 





Eh, At least we will be done with this cup distraction by 9:30 your time...

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