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  1. Yea..Like I can look up the skirts as they go DOWN..to the sex dungeon...
  2. Got bigger priorities in me loft FFS!!!!!!!!!
  3. The above post was made without the poster being in possession of any coaching badge(r)s..doesn't play F.I.F.A whatthefook and only played Sunday league football in a comical fashion
  4. He's midfielder that can score...not like Reach or Bannan...but the simpler type of goal by running, or staying in space....We haven't got a midfielder who does that. Look at his last gasp goals at Rotherham, or against bristol City...or the second one at hillsborough against Brighton in the play offs...hardly spectacular..but very clever... Its a knack no-one else in our current midfield has....Worth a gamble...for what it will cost us? I reckon so
  5. Only good thing about that whole evening was an Owls fan dressed as Orville wanderin' down the M1 pre match askin' what the hold up was
  6. and...instigator of that f.ookin' hilarious winner against Millwall
  7. Not a criticism punks...But if you sorta named the folk who are asking the questions...presume its on your you tube site..you might get a bit more interaction.... Its a decent format though...pertinent questions...you giving your opinion... Works ok for me
  8. Dunno John... If we have actually sold the ground....I would expect some sorta return on it
  9. Me neither mate...Only ever seen it live....nearly caught it once when I wandered in from the kitchen and SKY were showing highlights from that season...recognised the game...saw the corner coming over..ran back in the kitchen
  10. Oh I would with family...thats my remit...I'm f.ooked if I'm going to be responsible for every other mindless idiot... Where I sit...I never hear it...only thing I ever had a go at was the "die die Piggy" stuff at Sharpe the other year...and even that was with someone I know. I have never once seen anyone go out of his way to pull someone up on racism, cos I havent heard any for years where I sit...and I'm f.ooked if I'm going patrolling to look for it... ....Ive not heard anything homophobic apart from the "We can see you holding hands" at brighton fans...who sing "You dirty Northern b* stards" That sort of thing doesn't bother me....I don't sing it...but I'm not that bothered by it.
  11. We can't police it...The Police can control the Police....You and me can do absolutely Jack about how other fans behave...Its not in our remit.... You see posts on here about "Well I said to this racist/ hooligan/ mysoginist" ...total crap...No f.ooker hardly does it..Its to garner plus points on here and in all honesty..Its not our remit is it ? You don't finish yer supper and say to the missus "I'm just off out to catch a rapist"...Do you? Its not your job...
  12. Well the police sayin' "Via Vere Rd"?............. in itself is a bit confusin' Wed /UTD? It has more problems than any other match doesn't it?..So maybe thats when you take extra precautions.... Its the over exubrance when its just a run of the mill game thats the problem
  13. Dave Clements started with us at left back didn't he...He was decent... Moved into midfield
  14. I wanna go up..... I hate everything about the Prem...but I'm an hypocrite.... I wanna go up
  15. Exactly...Unless of course you want to treat shoppers on oxford St the same way..in case 1 in 50 are shoplifters.......
  16. We know..but the Police by and large know who these idiots are.... I missed 40 minutes of a game away at QPR by being kettled in Wood Lane pre match..Me and the sodding missus...both middle aged football fans... How on earth do Police see me and the wife as a threat...and why the f.ook should I be held ? Use common sense...I actually approached a copper and complained..Nowt... Should I have to get lawyered up to walk down a f.ookin' street? Its not just SYP..Its a fair few... Blackburn away a few years ago..Owls fans singing..cue bloody riot police.... Its stupid..its over the top... Yes there are idiots...but be honest...Its not hard to identify the f.ookers...most fans can...Why can't the police?
  17. Look at anfield, palace...loads of other grounds...Atmospheres...home made flags etc... Hillsborough? Bring a f.ookin' wrong coloured balloon in and its a f.ookin' flagrant breach of whatever the f.ook! Its ludicrous...Its all about what happened in '89... Wednesday fans were not even in the ground..No matter where you want to lay the blame..and lets be honest..You don't f.ookin' change statements and be on the sodding dodge for 30 years if you don't somehow think theres might be summat iffy. Heres Joe Wednesday fan...suffering for summat he had absolutely sod all to do with for a third of a bloody century? Theres a "Guilt" that hangs around Hillsborough that will never change unless we all do. That incudes SAG, SYP.and all of us.... Instead of having the outlook Hillsborough should be the last to instigate, flags balloons and safe standing...Make it among the first... to show how far football has come since the 80's To show how far football fans have come..since the '80's Its gone on long enough now...Wednesday fans did nowt... SYP? Thats a different f.ookin' story....isn't it?
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