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  1. Sadly Neil..it HAS to be about the chairman...Interaction and an understanding of the folk that actually live in the City where "his" club is. Until that starts, or he leaves..I honestly can't see how we even begin the process of dragging Owls fans back
  2. Wednesday fans were "Drip fed"...Keep paying the prices , improve the squad, ..Loads went for it, at first the only dissenting voices were the prices, while a load agreed, there was a welter of folk saying "Its what we have to do" Its now pointless, pointing the finger at who was in which camp...because we were ALL deceived in one way or another...A sector disenfranchised, a sector led like the kids with the pied piper down a path of mismanaged absolute tat. Are we gonna stand here pointing and laughing at each other now....The ragged and the ripped off? Sadly the answer is.....
  3. I'm not going to go down the road of "We should have known after the first season"...Lets ALL be honest 70'000 plough down to Wembley???? You haven't a choice as an Owls fan have you...with such as that. The main point is... Chansiri is the custodian of Sheffield Wednesday football club..(sadly he's more than that), but for the sake of argument. Would the toys have been thrown outta pram by the fans if that hadn't happened? I very much doubt it, We have stood it for years... The fact that is... the prices led to the expectation, it would happen EVERY year...
  4. Bury supporters, Cov fans etc...bet they all said the same thing as the post your're answering mate....... Wednesday are NOT a big club anymore....Potential yadayadayada...means nowt.. Its NOW...and quite frankly we are one of the worst basket cases in the league
  5. Anyone wanting to buy is gonna wait until we are totally on our uppers....best time to buy,,,,
  6. The fans who look on this sort of thread as scaremongering...Forget who started the thgread, forget who is posting on the thread...and just read the facts that are in front of you. You don't pay your employees late, even if they are pro footballers and in your opinion earn too much anyhow...You pay them late because you have cash flow problems. Do you think DC is paying them late to give 'em a "gee up" or something?...Doesn't happen. You don't sell your stadium back to yourself, You don't manufacture unicorns as sponsors..Its staring us all in the face, but some don;'t want to l
  7. Its becoming increasingly obvious, there is no "pattern" to be had with this lot There is no "Right" formation...They are f.ookin' woeful footballers for the most part. Worse than that, theres not enough that can battle instead of play...We have absolutely nothing going for us.... apart from, that............... FFS!
  8. I dunno how the f.ook I get up for a game lately...all excited, even after the last result...I reckon ive got f.ookin' Rabies or summat!
  9. What a f.ookin' listless set of sodding philanthropists we are...just keep giving to tyhose in need
  10. GET at 'EM The WEDNESDAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  11. THought Brown might keep his place...Line up looks very..sorta "careful"
  12. Now yer talkin'...11 a side spicehead football!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I would walk there to watch that!! (Joke FFS!)
  13. A result tonight and they can grass fargate for me....Have a good'un
  14. PLAY UP THE WEDNESDAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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