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  1. I think you will find that I posted my opinion in a way that decries it being in any way flippant or comic mate.....If you actually read the thread..I reckon my posts have a basis in which way Wednesday have to go to progress...Now you might not agree with it ...Thats your perogative..but don't set up some f.ookin' ridiculous straw man arguement..where "Some say this..and some mean that"..Say who you mean..If its me..Ive no problem arguing the facts..If theres some flippancy in it?..Thats how I think..thats what I post..and I'm f.ooked if I'm going to frame my posts in some sort of sanitised situated rule you want me to abide by
  2. Happy Birthday Ron... I will always be grateful for the football I saw, always be grateful for the league cup and promotion..What a season that was... I will always begrudge you're leaving...I will always begrudge the the way you left..always be angry about what you said about "I'd be stupid to leave this club" Then leaving. Then you came back..and we built something again... When you think about it it If you hadn't f.ooked off in the first place..Where do you think The Wednesday might be now? any road up no hard feelings.... Happy Birthday..
  3. Ive not got a problem wiv Torres..he's a great fan...its just him trottin' down Penistone wiv the Parasol an' "gone with the wind" exclamations.. Theres only a certain number of times you can put your hand over yer bosom an' say "Oh Wednesday Why???..I'm so bebothered"
  4. Ohh you just nicked Torres' next line....he was just fannin' his breast .............ready to gasp it!
  5. I presume thats an exclamation..Have a bit more confidence mate..do it in bold or italics...makes you look rather timid.. Or use FFS!...more manly.. I mean you say "my".. It sounds a bit like an affronted damsel
  6. If that was the case me comments wouldn't be in it ...would they?
  7. I reckon the club KNOWS next years budget mate....freakin' moths flyin' outta the transfer kitty would have given them a hint.............
  8. I hope so mate.......but I sadly doubt it I say I "sadly doubt it"..cos we have to accept that... 2 years we gave it to go and fell at the finish..WE all joined in..we missed out Now depending on yer point of view...We missed out cos of Chansiri being naive..cos of Carlos being cautious..or whatever the f.ook it was... Lets at least take a bit of responsibility...We bounced..We filled Wembley..We came close...We failed. Look at United, they built carefully , cautiosly..They have crept up on promotion, where we went full on naked waving our wangs about...Looks great when it works...sadly it didn't. Under Bruce, we can do it properly..but it will take a couple of years in my opinion...We have the fanbase ...for a time... Another 3 years of these prices , in this division?..The fanbase won't be there...and if thats not something the club can't see..They are blind ..
  9. I think next seasons going to be really difficult, both on and off the pitch, if the FFP stuff is accurate. It could be a season of Bruce working on a virtual shoe string given the finances..and the fans getting over giddy about the end of this seasons campaign. You can ally that to The blades probably going up..no f.ooker will be happy about that. So..what a melting pot of misery all that is. Then you have the pricing, its not gonna go away..no matter how many times you divide the number of games by a Kop season ticket....Up towards £40 for one game is too high... So there we go...take yer spoon and stir it around given those ingredients. What we don't want to do is blame the Chef....(The Chef is obviously Steve Bruce for those who haven't kept up wiv me culinary capers) So in keeping wiv the cooking , eating an' restaurant stuff... What happens next Season when your favourite dish has been sold to another chain, when "Spagh Bannan" is offa the Menu..and all yer other favourite dishes have gone West (wood) We have what we have..and what we have..minus some..is what we may well start with next year. What i would say to Owls fans....and by all means take no notice..call me a conker or simply disagree...is.. If the worst comes to the worst finance wise? The club will need us next season, and we will have to step up..in full realisation of the situation we are in We will also have to understand the situation Steve Bruce will be in as well...and I reckon we will have to back him...I'm not talking sycophantic , drooling acceptance of everything...I'm saying we will have to recognise the constraints he is under..and not end up chuckin' the Bruce out wiv the bathwater.....
  10. I posted "member extension" in google...can't afford either
  11. I'm fine with this sorta argument...The old Lady wotsit...I suggest nether of you calls each other "Dot" tho'.....just a friendly warnin'
  12. Bloody hell....just have 'em on at the same price all the bloody time.... Its like a staring out contest and the fans know the clubs gonna blink.... Anyone who can't afford a season ticket at the price..ain't gonna get one...and anyone who can't afford a season ticket at this price...is rarely going to ante up for the POTG prices..is he/she? It needs a total bloody rethink..All we get is more fans sayin' "F.ook it" unless we get through the eye of a needle this year. If we don't..who knows next season? Chansiri promised "Big trouble"..I expect trouble...FFP etc...Its going to be difficult next season...a lot more difficult than this one I reckon... Getting as many fans on board for the fight seems to me a sound strategy..all the rest is a wing an' a prayer in my opinion
  13. Simply forget who we are playing..We need 3 points, the championship is mental..could be Stoke , coud be Norwich, could be anyone in it...Take yer eyes off it..it bites yer nuts off
  14. Got mine first day of sale online..no promble.... So me consiracy theory is...Not selling too well, but we can't admit that, So.. Wednesday decide to make it difficult with staff told to hang up suddenly..or simply walk around the comps pressin "esc" randomly.... Deadline passes...complaints come in...and Wednesday say "Ok we will extend the deadline this once...but don't go f.ookin' buyin' Jordan Rhodes again...you little rascals"
  15. Honestly thought he was innocous mate....I rarely slate players for the sake of it, but he has no flair...you glimpse , at times the skill he has...but I dunno if its confidence or under instruction...he rarely uses it
  16. He looks a yard faster....his ball control at times is remarkable...
  17. I fully understand all the criticism he gets....but I always give him a little leeway...Simply for the fact he's always available...Never limps off an' you don't see him for a month..and sure I agree thats the least you should expect from a paid footballer.....doesn't always happen at Hillsborough though does it. Well played today Adthe....
  18. Westwood 7 ..Took a couple of good crosses under pressure Palmer 8 ...Blokes coming on leaps and bounds my Motm...(although it was really bannan) Lees 7...A rock Hector 7 ..Another rock Iorfa 7...Ive never seen a ball go into the net at the Kop end..so slowly ..looking like a Reda with more talent Aarons 6...Made some decent runs and was ignored a couple of times...went missing for periods Bannan 8 Hutch..........N/A Reach 6..Same as Aarons Winnall 5..Just never got into it...bullied and it simply didn't work Fletcher 8...Took some stick and got nowt from the ref...battled well Pelupessy 6....ordinary Matias 6.....caused more trouble than Winnal Nuhiu 8 ...Took the game over...simply more suited to the roughouse stuff than Winnal,,his sort of game
  19. Pelupessy? I hate slating players...but what does he add?...Its just someone to get in the way isn't it?
  20. I bet Jos is in f.ookin' disguise in Belgium! Imagine him goin' into a pub in..err..Bruges or wherever... Landlord.."If you want serving mate..yer gonna have to stand up and ask for it!" Jos.."Half a lager an' lime and could you turn the English football on " Landlord..."Was just goint to...Do you mind if we watch The championship..its more exciting?" "k" Landlord..."That Sheffield Wednesday eh?..Always liked the name, they have come from bloody nowhere haven't they?" "Well it depends on how you look at it, the foundatioins were put in ... Landlord "Abject sheeite they were a few months ago, going down..that Steve Bruce eh?" "Well there were some foundations laid before to give this push some momentu... "Landlord.."Who was it that totally ballsed them up, sure he was from over here somewhere...small bloke wiv a mousta... "mumble burble mumble" Landlord..."I can't hear you if you put yer hand over yer mouth mate...................
  21. He's really steady now isn't he....I wonder if he has so much confidence in Hector?...dunno, but its a pairing I'd love to keep next season
  22. I gave it to Palmer for the same reason...It was Bannan
  23. Hutch the King...of the crocks? Has someone ABDI cated...F.ookin' hint hint
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