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  1. Mate of mine..who was pretty athletic and did running and weight training went to a training session with him...sure it was for Wednesday fans at the ground, but can't remember...He told me he was throwing up after half an hour...He asked me if I wanted to go to the next one.... Dunno if he went or not R.I.P Tony Toms
  2. That Lino in front of the South was bordering on Sheffield Nomads league..."Askin' yer mate to run the line"....Seriously he was abysmal....apart from the offside "Goal"..which was maybe understandable...his whole game was simply abysmal
  3. Fair enough OP....and for the first 20 minutes or so...probably borne out... I'm no manager, I say it as I see it, and found the second half a worry..Sure there was the penalty and and the "goal."...but Shrewsbury were also through a couple of times...one was a sitter....and we struggled most of the second half. Balls played behind players, sluggish movement off the ball, prevarication and square "Nowt" balls on the ball. Its too early to be worried, but its concerning...I thought we simply ran out of ideas when we made the subs, they seemed to me...mainly aimless You can see the promise..When we take the game to sides....but we stopped doing that, and it became really stale, bereft of a spark, Hopefully it will gell
  4. Theres certainly more pressure today than there was back then...I mean you wrote a letter to the Green 'un...and it was at least a week before someone replied "CN ut" Its straight away now The manager has to explain his tactics almost immediately and every single one of us knows where he went wrong and tap it out fans who simply had the 3 shouts of "Away"!!!!!!!!!!!!...."Handball"!!!!!!!!!!1 "Offside"!!!!....now whitter about "playing a roamin' number 10 in the hole"...Can you imagine coming outta Hillsborough in the 70's..sitting in the Beehive post match..and a bloke takes a sip and says,, ,"Ashurst though..his game management...no roaming number10 playing in hole FFS!" You would simply escort him to the door and ring a taxi...........
  5. It was f.ookin' "SHREWSBURY" FFS!....take yer life in yer hands!!!!....not worth the risk!!...could have really kicked off...I was happy to get home!
  6. absolute rubbish..Corbaneau was obviously signed for the amount of stepovers you can do in a distance of 3 metres without actually accomplishing anything..... bar the aforesaid stepovers to distance ratio.....well worth the money
  7. That mate..Is a fair enough comment...and one I have myself thought about..is he actually too good for the team? But...what then are our aspirations? are they not ALL professional footballers? Does ONE small Scots bloke..send them all into hiding, fearful of a misplaced pass...fearful of the wrath of a 5ft 6" caledonian? We are absolutely f.ooked if they think they think that way...Cos Hillsborough can be a bearpit...todays "rumblings" are sod all Are they fearful of bannan?,,,,what in the name all thats holy are they gonna be like if this season goes t *ts up..they are gonna take 45 minutes longer to come outta the tunnel then they did at kick off...If they can't cope with Bannan shouting at them...How on earth do they react to 25'000 screaming abuse?
  8. Yer well allowed mate...but I find most of the anti Bannan posts limp and rather pathetic,...but do crack on
  9. Wing..isn't half the player Bannan is...I honestly get your point about Bannan shouting at other players....he did it again today...but at least he shows it bothers him....The worrying thing for me today was when Bannan gave up on that ball that was running outta play.... I reckon Barry Bannan actually cares about our club..he could do half the work he does and still get plaudits....but somehow a minority of Owls fans see him as some sort of bit part antagonistic flaw in the whole set up... He created the goal...he missed a pen...he created the goal "That should have been"..he's the focal point of the whole team...and its time for the rest to bloody step up and show the same passion....they f.ookin' don't...thats not Bannans fault...its theirs...cos they can;'t cope with Hillsborough..they bloody hide...and theres legions of so called footballers that have been startled by Hillsborough and the fans...Bannan isn't one of them....Thats why we are are where we f,ookin' are
  10. Fair enough mate...but you must see that commenting on a "Family" picture, might not rest well with someone.... You have every right to comment on how well you think he might be playing, but leave the personal stuff out of it...Its simply a f.ookin' game mate
  11. I dunno mate....I can't see the whole conversation...what did you say about his family pic?
  12. To be bluntly honest...If we have "Better" players than Bannan at the club...Its about time they f.ookin' stepped up...cos I haven't seen one
  13. Whoa mate....I NEVER head for Hillsboro' "deliberately"....I get up of a Saturday...pretendin' to just go out for a stroll...I obviously put a blue and white scarf on "In case it turns chilly"...I then wander out....Due to me geographical circumstances...Hillsboro' is "downhill from where I live, so due to me advanced years...I wander "Downhill"...I invairiably feel like "Sit down"...around the bottom of the valley...in which "Circumstantially"...Lies "Hillsborough"..So I sit down on the Kop...for a rest...F.ook knows why it keeps happening...but it does...its an enigma...
  14. Nah....he's hated Schadenfreude since Beckenbaur left 'em..............
  15. Its been frustrating for 2 decades...its gonna carry on being frustrating.....but times many we get so frustrated we jack it in to get less frustrated and end up frustrated....yea..its frustrating....but a Donny fan simply posting to get us more frustrated ain't gonna help with the frustration...They don't like us...no f.ooker in South Yorkshire likes us..I'm not mithered, and don't take offense...its football...but believe you me....If its not sour grapes...its always summat similar
  16. No doubt....He could have joined when we played Donny....
  17. Funnily enough you decided until we had lost a couple to offer these pearls of wisdom....no sour grapes mate....simple hindsight really
  18. She was probably a mental health nurse or summat....I mean she was doing her job the way we played played second half..she was simply ever so politely ministerin' to the sick and needy "Would you like to be removed"?? I think it an exemplary understanding of the situation....
  19. But Prowl mate...We have been at it for sodding decades now..with this desperate battle back to the big time...Its not working.... Hillsborough brings pressures on on players that can't stand up to it...Its a day out for away teams....but listen to the angst poured down from 3 sides of the ground today....surely a few whoppee cushion sounds would have lightened the mood and led to more expansive football...
  20. Thats what I mean mate...Why not spend a couple of seasons looking at it like that? We trip on down there...desperate for a win, gagging for points, hellbent on climbing the tables and getting back to where we think we should be... Pressure, pressure, pressure When we could just go "WahhaaaaaaaaY!.....when bannan misses the Pen....make fartin' noises as we miss from 10 yds and shout "He's behind you!!" as bannan pirouhettes in midfield, passes it to Hutch who decapitates a winger...its theatre isn't it?
  21. This might initially sound like nowt really, in fact in the grand scheme of things..it might benefit the club. My Grandson now has season ticket....and has attended with my lad and myself this season...he went to Alfreton pre season as a "tester" But.... I Got a bit worried today post match today, walking up Parkside....he said "I enjoyed that one Grandad".. Well I immediately f.ookin' stopped..as did his Dad....I said we should check his temperature, but mainly his bloody eyesight.. His Dad said "You mean the first bit when we scored, and went close a few times"...I breathed a sigh of relief, cos that was obviously it....he had drawn a veil over the whole other 60 minutes, as kids do when something awful happens..but no...He even said it was "Funny" when the whole kop was screaming at the Lino I believe he thinks its a circus, there for his amusement...come whatever...I'm a bit worried....Is that any way to follow The Wednesday? Should we ALL do it?
  22. A wheelchair would come in handy Neil thx................................who sh * t in the polsteyrene?
  23. Second half...If I had been asked "If I wanted to be removed from the stadium"..I would probably have bartered for a couple of add ons...free pint...a pie..a bag of crisps...there has to be an incentive...although come midweek january against whoeverthefook at home in a night game...I might accept the initial offer
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