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  1. even if they do - not good enough. Theyre in a relegation battle. A win at home against Fulham (who are pish) is a must.
  2. He moved to Hull and then had a HORRENDOUS spell of luck. Ruled out for ten months after a sore calf actually turned out to be a DVT. Then he was diagnosed with bowel cancer. Got the all clear eventually and played a few times for Hull in their relegation battle. Was out of contract pre season and got signed by rotherham. As for the challenge. It was horrendous but I don’t believe malice will have been intended, the last thing he’d want to do is seriously hurt someone. Just a full blooded tackle that went wrong and he was rightly sent off.
  3. Flint is a leader, a character, a bit of a wind up merchant/sh*thouse, and tonnes of experience at this level. Very happy with the deal and very surprised we’ve managed it.
  4. In other news Blackburn have signed Barry Douglas from Leeds Id have been interested in him considering Monk seems reluctant to play Penney at LWB.
  5. Cardiff media reporting that Flint to us is on. Sky reporting that JCS to us is on. If we can get both in I’d be chuffed.
  6. Then its the Jan window at least and we can either put in a bid for him & hope he forces a move through if he’s enjoyed it here, or we move elsewhere for someone else. its worth the risk.
  7. Good pedigree coming for Peterborough, scoring loads of goals and then bought for £££ by Derby. Scored some big big goals for Derby. Think if he gets a regular run and the service he’ll hit double figures. I’m happier with him than any other striker we were linked with.
  8. If we did get Flint it would remind me of when we brought in Rob Jones to help us stay up in league one. Absolute mountain. Leader. Loves a goal. Proper defender. It would be a cracking deal. I just really hope he’s properly sulking at Cardiff and Calum Paterson can tempt him our way. They’re meant to be good mates.
  9. Funnily enough he now doesn’t follow Zahore on Instagram.
  11. Well young Att has just started following him on Instagram so I dunno who to believe
  12. Clarke Salter can hopefully have the same effect on us that Hector had. Can’t say I know much about him other than John Terry rated him highly. Id prefer Marriott over Gregory but I think Gregory wouldn’t be the worst either and probs more realistic.
  13. Cos his contracts up, he’ll be 31 soon and looking for a final opportunity to play higher or challenge for promotion again. We aren’t gonna be doing that. That’s not me questioning his loyalty. He could have (and probs should have) left a while ago. But footballers careers are short and he’s got every right to have his head turned and go in search of a last hoorah.
  14. Sell him if it’s over £5mill Final year of his contract. He won’t be here next season, regardless of if we stay up or down. Invest the fee and wages in some loans that’ll ensure our safety. We’ll miss him but he deserves a chance somewhere better than us and he’s mentioned before that his style would suit a team like Brentford better. What we don’t need is to stop him from going where he probably would rather be and end up with him sulking...as our captain.
  15. Good to have him training here to keep fit. If Dawson or Wildsmith got injured then that’s a great back up to sign on a short term deal. An improvement on Paul Jones. Really experienced and meant to a character. Need players like that in a relegation scrap.
  16. The relief of Wallace’s fluke goal in the second leg vs Brighton after they had BATTERED us for the majority of the first half. Killed their momentum completely and I knew we’d won.
  17. Cant see that being a very reliable sources considering Liam Palmers not been a midfielder for 7-8 years. He’s been carrying this back issue for a while which is why he’s been in and out the side. A non-story.
  18. Considering I’m still recovering from a double leg break I sustained in November and 2018 then this signing is ridiculously baffling. Granted, I don’t think he’s been treated by a dodgy surgeon at Doncaster Royal Infirmary. But even still, even with the best medical treatment money can buy, double leg fractures are nasty and full of complications. If he only sustained it at the end of February then it doesn’t fill be with confidence.
  19. Jota will have been released by mutual consent Cos his agents found him a club already who will take on his wages & give him game time and Villa will be happy to cut their losses and get his wages off the books. Not a cat in hells chance he’ll end up here. Norwich be my bet if he stays in England. Both Cantwell and Buendia possibly off so a creative player on a free will suit them down to the ground.
  20. If Bilic is saying that Zahore & Austin are free to talk to other clubs I’d much rather go for Austin on loan than Zahore.
  21. Not out of the ordinary at all for us to take a couple of extra players incase of injury - I’ve just never seen the extra players take part in the warm up. Maybe someone has a niggle and Penney may end up on the bench
  22. Odd that Penney is warming up unless someone is touch and go
  23. Think it’s a good deal for us. Hopefully can get to double figures. He can slot in many positions. Experienced. Big dressing room personality.
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