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  1. Was this also the game Will Buckley ran around for 5-10 minutes with a dislocated shoulder because we’d made all our subs?
  2. You’re in luck. It’s reduced at £8 - was £14. Get in there quick.
  3. Yeah it’s bad. Even worse is the product range. Still can’t buy training gear online (unsure about in store). This ball always makes me laugh though.
  4. The encroachment didn’t affect the result of the penalty. If the keeper parried it back out/it hit the post and came back into play and the Shrewsbury players got to the ball first then there’s a case for having it retaken. Otherwise it really didn’t matter.
  5. Don’t get people slagging him off. Reminds me of the stick Brunt used to get. Even if he had a ‘poor game’ yesterday. He got an assist, would have been two assists if it wasn’t for a dodgy linesman. He also got the assist for winning the penalty. So regardless of his overall performance, he’s still the most influential player we have on the pitch. Probs shouldn’t have taken the penalty as LG is a specialist in that area. But ultimately that’s not his decision, that’s a management decision as to who takes set pieces.
  6. Do people not know that they can bring food into the ground with them? Club won’t do better until more fans stop buying what’s on offer.
  7. Best - Brighton home semi final Worst - A tie between derby last season & Huddersfield play off semi’s. Both were horrible ways to, essentially, get knocked out of a competition.
  8. There’s a whole host of international games across the weekend including Englands second qualifier against Andorra
  9. Yes Many signings but I think they’re mostly, if not all, the right signings. Clever signings. Correct blend of youth and experience. Depth. Squad togetherness Fans are well on board
  10. Luongo was fit as a fiddle before he came here. And it’s a totally different injury to what he’s had here previously. Anyway. I’m gutted for Massimo. He’s a great bloke, terrific defensive mid & he’s just been hideously unlucky. We could have really done with him this season, as the Rotherham game highlighted.
  11. Worried about this one tbh but fairly happy that it’s the final league game before our enforced international break (thanks Sunderland) so if we do lose it we can somewhat regroup. They’ll be WELL up for it. Their fans will be noisy. Totally different type of atmosphere to anything we’ve played in so far this season. They’ve also got a striker in form. I dunno. My arrogant top of the league swagger has disappeared. This is due to years of trauma from supporting Wednesday. We SHOULD stuff them but I’ll go for a conservative and yet optimistic 2-1 - reckon we will definitely concede today but I think we have enough to dig a win out.
  12. I knew we needed a new keeper but I just kept saying it wasn’t a priority and due to our finances we’d probably have to suck it up with the keepers we had and make signings further up the pitch instead. In hindsight, I had no idea that Darren Moore was a god in the transfer market & we didn’t have to pick one over the other.
  13. For what it’s worth. I didn’t have a problem with the competition previously. Was a great chance for a team in the lower leagues to win a trophy. It’s a trophy I personally don’t care about as I think it’s a distraction from the league. But I understand the need for it & I think we have the squad depth to make a go of it without knackering our star players. I’ll support however Moore wants to approach this competition. However, The introduction of the under 21 sides cheapens the whole thing. I understand that it’s the FA’s way of supporting the development of youth players in this country but there’s got to be a better way.
  14. So we’re playing on the evening of deadline day? I’d start Bannan then so DC isn’t tempted by some audacious panic bid from Bournemouth or someone.
  15. …we slip and slide as we fall in love & I just can’t seem to get enough of Do do do do do do do do do do do do do do do do do do do do do AD-E-NIRAN
  16. Yeah not a case of he sparked into life AFTER leaving us. More of a case that he wasn’t here long enough to spark into life. Gutted when he got injured cos he was a bit of a coup to get in.
  17. There’s usually a relegated prem team that struggles and I said before a ball was kicked that it’d be them. Ageing squad who all LOVED Wilder. I don’t rate the new manager. Played the same system for years now with the same nucleus of players. Coming back from one of the worst ever premier league seasons by a club. And I knew they’d lose the keeper and they’ll be lucky if they keep hold of Berge. Their strikers are rubbish. I think they’ve got enough to stay up mind you. But it’s gonna be a long slog of a season for them.
  18. Another one who’s thriving and has bought fully into the club. He loves it!
  19. Plus Corbineu, Sow, & Gibson who haven’t kicked a ball yet either. Scary what we could end up like.
  21. Two goals for Gregory where he follows in a long range Adeniran strike, anticipating the fumble from the keeper. Quite nice to have an intelligent striker
  22. BFP Hunt Iorfa Hutchinson if fit - Dunkley if not Palmer Wing Byers Bannan Corbineu Gregory Adeniran Subs: Wildsmith, Brown, Luongo, Johnson, Dele-Bashiru, Kamberi, Dunkley/Gibson
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