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3 minutes ago, NorthernOwl said:

Would be a great move for both Bannan and Brentford and a terrible one for us.


No doubt Monk will be keen to move him on and replace him with another talentless hard worker.

How to jump to conclusions on a turned down bid, quite funny really. 

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Just now, Lump On said:

Has everyone just decided now that our best players over the last 4/5 years are now bobbins?


Westwood - Bobbins get sold

Lees -Bobbins get sold 

Bannon - Bobbins get Sold 

Reach - Bobbins get sold 


If a player as 2 good seasons and 1 bad season does that make him a good player or a bad one?


Reach..one of our best players for the last 4/5 years 🤣🤣🤣

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1 hour ago, S36 OWL said:


How many times have we made the mistake of letting players contracts run out and see them walk away for nothing? If we can get a decent amount for a 30 year old who is out of contract at the end of the season we need to take the money. 


We need to start learning from our mistakes 


I'm not sure selling our best player and ending up in league 1 would count as learning from our mistakes.


We wouldn't get more than a million for Bannan and it would make relegation even more likely.


If we were not in a relegation dogfight or we were talking about big bucks for a younger player it might be a different story.

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1 minute ago, Inspector Lestrade said:


 Now you're just talking balls 

You're the one spouted the usual cliche ridden bollix about knocking on the chairman's door...you can't educate pork


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2 minutes ago, Mr Farrell said:

Anything over 2 million bite their hand off.


Not suited to League 1 anyway.

Nothing less...how much will it cost us if we don't manage to stop up? BTW Bannan would be suited to any level of football.



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Just now, The_Limit_Owl said:

If it's £2m you rag their arm off!!


Bannan is a good player but hes in the last year if his contract....


£3m and I'll piggy back him there myself!


You realize you don't get to pocket any of that money, right?

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Bannan's the best ball-playing midfielder we've had at the club since we left the Prem.


Do some of you think we'll replace him with just 48 hours of this window to go?

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