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  1. Not using ST next Friday

    I don't get that people who claim to have sat through 40 years at Hillsborough are NOW throwing in the towel. I could have understood it when we were at our lowest ebb, about to go out of business, fans being sued, fans groups being played off against normal fans and the board. I could understand it when the football was horrible in division 3 and we were at the wrong end of it under Chris Turner. But I don't get it now. I'm not a huge fan of the way things are going but equally I don't see an alternative. It's modern football. Every club out there is now a dictatorship. The fans are punters who for many clubs are an annoyance. Football is all about cash today. Do I like it, no. Will I carry on supporting my team, of course. I'm sure there'll come a point when I can't afford it any more, but until then I'll still go and give my support for 90 minutes. I've been going to Hillsborough for about 25 years, I've had nothing but flat coke! That's always the way it's been. I don't remember Dave Allen being a particularly forthcoming chap with the fans. Chantiri, IMO, seems to WANT to do the right thing but hasn't quite worked out what that looks like yet. He wants to deliver Premier League football (no doubt because it will make him a quid or two) and he seems to think the only way to do that is invest massively in the playing squad. With that comes the pitfalls of FFP. So far he's seemed willing to put his (or whoever's) money where his mouth is. But it literally is HIS club now. He's put more money in to it than you me and the rest of this board combined in all our lives. Like it or not he CAN do what he wants with it. But what is the alternative? We've tried the local business man route and that ended in tears. What is a genuine alternative? There are plenty of clubs out there who have far FAR worse foreign owners. Is it perfect? No. Could it be worse? It absolutely has been in the not too distant past. It seems that no matter who is in charge our fan base is split. I think the only thing that will appease the fans is us sat at the top of the Premier League and paying £250 for a season ticket.
  2. Not using ST next Friday

    So you sat through Danny Wilson, Peter Shreeves, Paul Jewel, Chris Turner, Alan Irvine and Dave Jones. But mid table Championship is too much to take! WOW.
  3. Nixon’s latest tweet reply

    Well yeah. Maybe we could get Guardiolla too. I'm sure if we offered him £1 billion a week he'd come...
  4. Carlos Sacked...............?..

    If he's going to get sacked after Wolves the decision has already been made, result or not.
  5. Where are you buying 4 season tickets for £1000 from? I'm assuming you're not meaning Hillsborough!
  6. Carlos Sacked...............?..

    I bet Sunderland thought that yesterday too...
  7. Not quite sure you understand what a bigot is mate.
  8. Nixon’s latest tweet reply

    How well could you give an interview in Portuguese? I don't have trouble understanding what he means. Maybe it's not spoken in the Queen's English, but then again, I'm not sure you'd understand that either by the sounds of it.
  9. Nixon’s latest tweet reply

    There was literally no chance of Allardyce coming here. None what so ever. I don't know why people think there was.
  10. Nixon’s latest tweet reply

    And Glen Loovens runs like he is!
  11. Nixon’s latest tweet reply

    Did I say he was? I meant that we got an unknown and it nearly worked. It's so easy in hindsight to say that something is rubbish after 2 years of relative success and 4 months of poor performances. Why would no young manager come here? There would be loads of managers who'd jump at the chance to take on a club like ours. Why can't a young manager make tough decisions?
  12. Nixon’s latest tweet reply

    Brilliant, let's bring back Des Walker then! He's had his time. I like the guy but the signs have been there for 18 months now that his legs are gone. He's never been quick but he can barely run now. His heading is atrocious and his marking at set pieces is an absolute travesty. My biggest worry this year is that Tom Lees seems to be learning from him! Previously Loovens was the brains and Lees the brawn, Loovens could out think opposition players and be in the right places just through experience and knowledge, Lees could recover using his pace and power. Now the pair just seem to have lost the plot. JVA is still learning his trade and IMO looks like he could be a very good player. But playing in a failing defence won't help him in any way. And in front of the fans at Hillsborough who seem to be baying for his blood from the outset won't help at all!
  13. Not using ST next Friday

    But you've already bought it... And I'm not being funny, but we've been treated like that by Chairmen for as long as I can remember. The only difference now is that we've clearly reached a bit of a breaking point at the top end of the financial scale. My only question would be, if we were top of the league would people still be moaning?
  14. Nixon’s latest tweet reply

    Yeah his tackles on McGoldrick and the lad yesterday who's still searching Carrow Road for his left nut definitely back that up!