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  1. Serfs

    We're closer to the play off sports than relegation (points wise). Why is everyone losing the plot? Don't get me wrong it's not good enough but anyone would think we're at the bottom of league 2, 10 points adrift. Abusing and moaning at the chairman is going to do nothing constructive other than p!ss him off and make him wonder why he's bothering. He's not stupid, but is a knee jerk reaction to sack the manager the best thing to do? We've tried that god knows how many times and it's very rarely shown an improvement. How about we try and make this one work his way out of the slump? Or we could all just cry and stamp our feet about every little thing we don't like about the running of the club.
  2. A Simple Message To Our Chairman

    Put down whatever you're sniffing and go for a walk.
  3. Chansiri and son

    Think he's got a house there. Can't imagine he'd want to live in Sheffield.
  4. In fairness we have no idea when the next deliveries are coming so your first statement is just daft.
  5. The thing I don't quite get is, why not put it on sale at the game next weekend? I know it's half term but I'm sure there will be plenty of people not making a special trip just to buy this. Maybe if people do want to buy it and are feeling flush (they'd have to be after all) they'd go to the game as well.
  6. get the frigging kits on sale !!

    First rule of life is don't believe every rumour you hear. Second is don't spout off about it when you have no facts to back it up.
  7. Michael Vaughan

    He's the cricket version of Robbie Savage. Not a lot of time for the guy any more. He's an attention seeking media *****.
  8. Not bothered

    Yeah, being 4 points off the Championship play offs after 2 seasons in the top 6 really feels like languishing at the bottom of League 1.
  9. Could you be a linesman?

    I got exactly the same. And you're right about the last one. The guy's studs were playing him on! That's offside in my world.
  10. Could you be a linesman?

    You only have to put your name and email address in to get the others. Just put a fake one in.
  11. https://www.thetimes.co.uk/article/assistant-referee-offside-game-0gjxrnfg6 I got 13 of 15 (got 2 in the last one wrong). They are so tight you're just guessing.
  12. Gary Hooper Wanted by Premier Clubs

    What would you rather have, £15m and no Hooper or £0 and a player who doesn't want to play (not saying Hooper would do that but still)?
  13. Gary Hooper Wanted by Premier Clubs

    What's Wallace and Reach done wrong?
  14. Gary Hooper Wanted by Premier Clubs

    With the greatest will in the world, he doesn't necessarily have a choice. If Hooper wants to go then DC has to name a price. And if that price is too high you end up with a player who isn't happy and won't score goals.