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  1. Yeah it's a bit of a tough one isn't it. Crying the poor tale to fans, who may themselves be out of work, whilst paying people more in a month than most of their fans will earn in a year. I'm hugely emotionally attached to Wednesday but at the end of the day it's a business. If it can't pay it's way why should we be forced to stand the bill. I'll support where I can, but don't blackmail me.
  2. That's why I said those on long contracts.
  3. I bet there will be plenty of players on long term contracts who have some really niggling groin strains over the coming months.
  4. Depends who's keys I pull out of the bowl...
  5. Yeah I remember talk of P*ssing the league the last 2 times were relegated to it... I think those rules only apply to the admin points deductions. EFL will push for deduction this season so as to avoid legal action from the relegated clubs.
  6. If we go down we'll be the next Bolton. Chansiri doesn't want to be throwing more money at a team even further away from the premier league. The taps would be turned off and we'd be cast adrift. It would be like last time but 10x worse!
  7. Who really knows though. It comes down to the thinking of the panel on the day. Bolton basically got away with murder because the rules weren't written very well. Ours seemingly will all come down to the good faith in which the EFL (under previous stewardship) gave "permission" to do the stadium sale as we did.
  8. As opposed to voting to carry on and getting a 30 point deduction? If you're looking at 30 points you're down no matter what. I don't believe you can get that big a deduction though. I think it's 21, but still.
  9. Depends how big the deduction is. It it's north of 15 you're down from day one (and we don't have a squad for next season as it is). Less than that, get your act together and it's doable.
  10. Or we continue, the case gets heard, we get a deduction and we go down. Or we continue, lose 9 players and the manager at the end of June and go down. Or we continue, keep being sh*t and go down.
  11. The thing we don't know beyond the "sporting" bit is the financials. What would clubs lose by not playing out the season and what would it cost them to carry on. There will be some doing that maths too. For instance if it costs £2m to finish the season but they get to keep all the sponsor and TV money then it might be worth it. We don't know those figures. There's also the contract scenarios to take in to account that throw another spanner in to the works. I find it hard to see how any Championship team can afford to finish the season!
  12. So you'd have to think votes would look something like: Leeds - End it WBA - End it Fulham - Play on Brentford - End it Forest - End it Preston - End it Bristol City - Play on Millwall - Play on Cardiff - Play on Blackburn - Play on Swansea - Play on Derby - Play on QPR - Play on Reading - End it Wednesday - End it Birmingham - End it Stoke - End it Hudds - End it Boro - End it Wigan - End it Hull - End it Charlton - Play on Luton - Play on Barnsley - Play on So by that count I have Play on = 11, End it = 13. It's on a knife edge!
  13. Who would you trust more to be able to perform their own Covid test, an ICU nurse, or Leon Clarke? A man who had to be stretchered off after kicking an advertising board and breaking his own foot?
  14. If players have to do tests themselves it will all unravel quickly. Christ there have been enough examples that they can't even manage to just stay at home so expecting them to perform a medical procedure correctly on themselves seems a bit of a stretch!
  15. According to Alan Nixon we are happy to get going. I can't post his tweet though as he's blocked me.
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