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  1. How does it affect the welfare of the club? The bookmakers don't decide who goes down!
  2. The other thing bubbling away in the background to all this is that a number of Championship clubs are really unhappy with the EFL over the last TV deal and have already sounded out people about a potential breakaway. There will be plenty of clubs facing a similar issue over the next year or so who might just think, you know what, screw this lets go. This could be the straw that breaks the EFL's back!
  3. I don't understand where that fits in with the sanctions available other than "whatever we so choose".
  4. To me this whole things seems like a case of the old guy at the EFL was OK to turn a blind eye but the new guy is putting his foot down. I'm sure it has nothing to do with him being from Liverpool and the ground we play at. #tinfoilhat
  5. Is this our scouting policy from now on, just sign players who do alright against us? We'd have a squad bigger than under Carlos if we did.
  6. Well by your logic Reach was the man of the match then. You can be poor for the majority of a half/game and do one piece of magic. It doesn't mean you are absolved. 1 good thing does not completely undo 10 bad things.
  7. You weren't there on Wednesday were you. He spent plenty of time hiding.
  8. It is possible for a good player to have a bad game and it be pointed out you know. That he had a better second half today doesn't hide the fact his previous 3 halves were poor. He has a get out of jail free card in his left boot but too often he doesn't put in the hard yards he needs to in the position he plays. He improved once Hutch went off and generally in the second half. But he was still garbage against Brum.
  9. The one Harris should have had was more of a foul for me so that we got 1 at all was a bonus.
  10. Thank christ for that. We made it look hard work but 3-1 didn't even nearly flatter us. Nuhiu pops up with another goal in stoppage time.
  11. People slagging the strikers off make me laugh. If you want them to drop deep to get the ball they'd have to be in our own 18 yard box Hutch and Bannan are that deep. We're crying out for a midfielder to make a straight run forwards.
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