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  1. If we'd started with Nuhiu like I said we'd have won 7-1!
  2. Nuhiu. Did better at Bolton than Boyd or Matias have managed up their in their recent performances.
  3. No Nando in the squad and he turns up with a broken nose and a face mask. 2+2=????
  4. This is painful. I just checked and every other iFollow channel is working fine.
  5. What an odd first half. We never really looked in trouble and conceded from a soft header. Reach should have scored/pulled back for an open goal just before that too. But we seem to be passing everything at waist height. And Iorfa seems to have only been introduced to the concept of a throw in about an hour ago. Frustrating more than anything!
  6. Mine's on and off like a tart's knickers too. It's driving me nuts. I'm not sure what's worse, the crap football or not being able to watch it!
  7. I love football fans. New manager comes in "it's so refreshing to hear someone talk sense for a change" fast forwards 12 months "he just says the same thing every week he hasn't got a clue". Manager gets sacked, new man comes in "it's so refreshing to hear someone talk sense for a change" and repeat.
  8. I come from Bradford every game. I drive over an hour in each direction, so forgive me for wanting to ride around on a match day figuring out which residential streets are OK and which aren't. I've parked in the same place for 20 years with (until this year) no bother. I park at the side of the ground from which I approach and know. I'm not from Sheffield or spent much time there at all, other than coming to Hillsborough. You'll obviously be fine when the parking is yet further reduced for games so I wouldn't expect you to give a sh!t anyway. Or perhaps you could have suggested some alternative for people who don't know the ins and outs of the residential parking in S6!
  9. Parking at Hillsborough is soon going to be impossible. Once that has gone I dread to think what it's going to be like. I already arrive 90 minutes before the game and park over a mile away just to get a space (and even then it's sometimes tight). With the Wednesdayite carpark going and no new alternatives it's going to be manic, particularly for night games!
  10. The Rotherham iFollow coverage today was one of the single worst commentaries I've ever had to sit through. The main comms guy was wildly myopic and the two colour guys were just absolutely useless. You expect a bit of bias but it was a joke at times. Moaning about Fernando being a cheat even after he'd just been absolutely demolished.
  11. P&S will dictate who stays and goes as much as anything else. Palmer will be cheap and is good enough, but potentially it could be the EFL telling us who we can sign and for how much.
  12. I know the guy who installed our pitch, he told me it's basically down to the grounds staff who maintain it as to the quality and longevity of the product. He told me Spurs have about 20 grounds staff just for first team pitch and training pitches, I'd imagine we don't have many which leads to the current rate of deterioration.
  13. Seriously, chill out will you! And for the love of god will you type on a keyboard with all the keys on it!
  14. I'm not saying it isn't beneficial. I'm simply asking what the pay back is.
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