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  1. I watched on a 55" TV no problems. From an Android TV box so nothing special.
  2. Since the debacle in the first 15 mins of the Forest match iFollow's been bulletproof for me. I'd certainly take it for the foreseeable.
  3. Got to love Colin. Clearly a p*ss take as those managers would all get us relegated. Love or hate the guy, he's the king of the trolls!
  4. 28 is certainly not the right age. That's slap bang in the ball park of WRONG age. He would have zero residual value down the line, he's not going to improve and his next contract would be north of 30. NOPE. 25/26 should be oldest we're looking at unless it's an absolute marquee signing.
  5. I can't help but feel like at some point, they're going to need a 4th kit as they are all quite similar!
  6. Some penalty though that! A fine and 2 players less. Yet in EFL you get a points deduction that can relegate you.
  7. And that won't change. But like most businesses, they will have a budget. All this is suggesting is that the budget is fixed for everyone (at the top end).
  8. They do, but they suffer with issues around keeping the best players (and thus the value of the product to TV audiences). In Rugby, players who are in the international set ups are basically banned from playing for the national team if they play abroad (although they are centrally contracted). It's a real catch 22 situation IMO. With COVID you have 2 leagues of clubs who have no source of income and are wanting to protect themselves. £2.5m is a lot of cash when you've got no income! But ultimately no player signed a contract with this in mind. If you've negotiated a decent contract at a "bigger" club at that level who are managing to pay the wages (rich chairman or whatever), where does this leave you? If your current wage bill is £5m, does that mean you have to offload half your players? How do you do that when nobody wants to buy them and they have 3 years left on their contract. It's an absolute clusterf*ck.
  9. Fine and 2 players less to be registered in UEFA competitions for next 2 years. Seems fair. 🙄
  10. How can you change the colour of the badge when it contains a f*cking regional flag for goodness sake!
  11. You'd have thought they would have been able to find somewhere closer like York or Farsley. I guess if it's behind closed doors it won't matter in the slightest anyway.
  12. You're missing my point. Everyone is lauding Brentford for "doing it the right way" which to an extent they are. They sell really well to make money. But they have spent £30m on their starting 11 as it stands. That to me doesn't say you're finding hidden gems as much as, you've sold a few gems in the past and are now reaping the rewards. Building a team costing £30m isn't a fairy story regardless of if the owner gave the club the £30m or they "earned" it through smart trading. You can't argue that Brentford's business model is smart and they are making it work. But you also can't claim they are a team of unknown nobodies IMO. Just because the journo's covering the Championship haven't heard of them they make out they've unearthed the next Lionel Messi for 50p from the Israeli 3rd division.
  13. No I understand all that. But it doesn't address my point in any way. £30m is not a sum of money that a Championship club should be looking at as a figure described as "only". It's great that they generate their revenue through savvy management and player trading, but £30m is still a lot of money when you consider the P&S limit is £39m over 3 years!
  14. Is it just me, or when the commentators keep wistfully saying that Brentford's team was put together for "only" £30m does that not sound like a lot for the Championship? I'd be amazed if when we got to the play-off final we had paid anywhere near that!
  15. I don't really care how. The more the better! You'd have to think there will be others close to admin and a few on the P&S bubble.
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