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  1. And does Nadal get hung out to try every time he faults, or Stokes every time the ball doesn't hit the boundary?
  2. I wish they'd just play background noise (generic crowd). Having songs and reactions to events doesn't add anything. As for the commentary, I thought it was OK, yes they pointed out how good Brentford were, but that was because they were. They regularly pointed out how well we were doing though and at times said how impressive we were doing to keep them quiet.
  3. By your own logic you've just said he did his job!
  4. Seriously guys, some of you need to get a grip on reality. We are a lower half Championship team, we aren't going to be signing Manuel Neuer or Alison Becker any time soon. And more to the point, you show me a keeper who doesn't make the odd mistake and I'll show you a computer game. Could Dawson have done better with that shot, perhaps a little. Was it a complete howler? No. Christ I'm old enough to remember us having the England goalkeeper and he threw one in his own net in a cup final!
  5. Yeah because Nadal never faults and Ben Stokes never finds the fielder do they...
  6. Yeah and you're taught to land a corner on the penalty spot but how many times do corner takers manage that? It's easy to say what he should have done, I'm sure Dawson didn't WANT to just drop it on a plate for Toney, but you can't always control where it goes. Christ if no keeper ever couldn't control every shot there would be no goals ever!
  7. Yeah I mean Dawson should have controlled it with his right foot, then taken a touch and played Marriot in for a break away goal...
  8. I do love the idea that from a shot hit at 60mph the keeper can fully control where he parries it in the 0.2s he has to react. Not Bannan's fault for standing like a statue instead of tracking his man. No no, hang the keeper out to dry.
  9. So a thread about Ivan Toney is actually just one to slag off Dawson. Brilliant.
  10. The refs we've had this season have all been decent so far.
  11. Brentford playing on the break with quick forwards against our fairly steady defenders and Odubajo who just wanders about like a lost lamb. Then the marking at the corner well, talk about a mismatch! It's frustrating because we've been in the game. They've just got a lot more quality than us. We're missing Luongo badly though, it's too easy for them in the middle third with the ball to slide it either right or left or straight through, nobody breaking it up.
  12. We'll have VAR checking the microsecond the ball crossed the line on 74:59.999
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