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  1. mattitheowl

    the Bbc, they say...

    I'll let the pigs have the title if we can go up too!
  2. mattitheowl


    "Hector the protector" He's been fantastic since coming on. He's the only one of the back 3 I don't sh*t myself when Dawson rolls him the ball. Calm and composed and can find a decent pass. He's also not scared of breaking forward if the timing is right. Really enjoying watching him so far.
  3. mattitheowl

    Bottom of the pile

    Our u23s won their league and play-offs 2 years ago, then were 3rd (I think) last year. They're suffering this year because all their best players are now in the first team squad!
  4. mattitheowl

    SWFC on Sky Sports

    Bank holiday games is the same (so boxing day for e.g.).
  5. mattitheowl

    SWFC on Sky Sports

    Only Saturday 3pm are excluded (or the bank holiday equivalent).
  6. mattitheowl

    Last nights ref

    He just gave the easy decisions. He gave neither team anything in the attacking third and gave every little niggle in the middle or defensive thirds. He was a notch up on the North stand side linesman though who was running with a flag and a white stick!
  7. mattitheowl

    Fletcher form

    Talk about undermining your own point!
  8. The first 10 minutes in the second half was a bit disappointing I'd agree. But overall I think we contained the team at the top of the league well. We'll have to do the same on Wednesday again. Pelupessy was monumental in the first half. Granted he didn't get so much of a look in the second but that was because Leeds just went down the flanks. I was really impressed with Leeds last night, their pressing, energy and constant movement was as good as I've seen at Hillsborough in a long time. So to come away with a point is a massive plus in my eyes. If you're wanting us to go toe to toe with the top teams this season then you're asking for trouble. Our quality doesn't lie in out footballing teams any more.
  9. mattitheowl

    The goal

    I wish there was a better view of Reach's initial reaction because I think he thought it had missed. He stood stock still and turned away. Then I think it was Bannan pointed and went nuts and he looked back to see it in the net and went mental himself. Absolute stunner.
  10. mattitheowl


    Can you IMAGINE, it that was Wednesday!
  11. mattitheowl

    Jordan Rhodes

  12. The biggest question I have from tonight is why all the changes?
  13. We look panicked in possession too. Just smash it up to the 2 big lads up front, what have we got to lose? Playing keep ball with the back 4 hasn't worked so far, get it forwards.
  14. mattitheowl


    He's been heavily involved in both Forest goals! Both because he was lazy. I'm not one to scapegoat and it's a team but he's certainly not helped us in any way.
  15. And now the best player on the pitch is injured. What the f*ck are we doing wrong?