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  1. One of my favourite things as a kid (late '90's) was walking out on to Penistone Road after a game that we'd won and it was closed to traffic and just buzzing with people all moving in one direction. I couldn't see over the heads of people but just the mass of people all moving and celebrating used to really make me happy. When we got relegated and they stopped closing it I really lost something.
  2. The pitch

    The lad I was talking too was telling me they are redoing Villa Park this summer too. That last got done 14 years ago so it's been in need of doing for a while.
  3. The pitch

    I was speaking to one of the guys who built it the other week (distant relative) and I asked about the state of it. Basically it's down to upkeep. He was telling me that he's currently working on the new White Hart Lane and last year did their training grounds. They have 15 full time grounds staff just looking after pitches and completely reseed it every season. They have a full pitch of grow lamps for the stadium pitch. I think we have about 1/4 pitch of grow lamps and one groundsman. He said the pitch itself will last 10 years but the state of the grass is purely down to upkeep. With them training on it due to frozen pitches at Middlewood that will add excess wear.
  4. Crowd, keepers and Reach

    What even is one of these? It was on TV, why would you pay £20 and fanny about on a Saturday morning when you can just switch on the box?
  5. People sat near you at matches

    It's decent where I sit but a few weeks ago a guy decided he wanted to fight me for no good reason. He spent about 10 minutes turning round having a right go at me. At first it wound me up and I gave him plenty back but after 2 minutes I realised he was just a p*ssed up idiot who wanted a fight so just agreed with him. He's sat there for years (as have I) and I've noticed before that he disagrees with everything I say (regardless of facts and figures) but clearly he'd had enough. It's fun how two people can see the game so differently.
  6. How would this manifest itself in a SWFC version? A pink shirt that looks like Tuna?
  7. Play-off final at Wembley cost a fair bit. 2 tickets at about £80 each, night in a hotel on Wembley way and parking. Some of the games when we were in League one were decent. Seem to remember MK Dons away when Mellor scored a hat-trick was a great day out and didn't cost the earth. Also had a laugh at a pre-season friendly against Hull that would have cost about £10, sat right behind the away bench and gave Phil Brown dog's abuse (all relatively good natured) for 90 minutes. At the end he turned around and clapped me and gave a thumbs up with a wink.
  8. I know where my money will be come saturday...
  9. Why would them losing their manager be a blow? They haven't won since 1978 with him in charge! Nailed on they'll get a bounce now.
  10. Season ticket renewals...

    WOW. What short memories we have.
  11. No more of the Nuhiu nonsense

    Lets play Rhodes instead, what with all the good work we've seen from him recently... What are the other options? Matias has been given a chance and shown he can't be trusted to not get sent off. Joao has been as inconsistent as ever. You know what you get with Atdhe, like it or not he always gives 100% and will run himself into the ground. He occupies defenders like no other player we have and is always dangerous for an assist. He doesn't score enough no, but we've spent £8m on a player who's scored less this season!
  12. Was it fixed?

    If you were going to fix a game you'd at least make it look like you were trying to win.
  13. Butterfield

    I've taken to calling him Buttercup. It feels more apt. He's so light weight it's unbelievable. He ran 30 yards to close down one of their players, got there and the guy just stuck out his hand and knocked him over. It was comical. The second goal was his fault with yet another hospital ball to a defender. He's had one good game since he signed at Villa and that's it. The rest has been utterly utterly abject.
  14. Bradford offered tiered pricing based on sales. Not refunds based on performance.