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Community Answers

  1. And half the tennis players are now in isolation because some on their flights tested positive!
  2. Because it's easier to bring in and isolate individuals rather than massive teams of people and all their kit! This is pretty much the first tennis of the year, the F1 teams will go straight from winter testing to the race. No time for a 2 week quarantine for everyone.
  3. Renewables, it's in the name!
  4. Not 6 months before they end they don't. Brown will be leaving Chelsea in the summer.
  5. His contract's up at the end of the season isn't it? Unless they sell him next week he's worth nothing to them.
  6. Agreed. I thought they'd try for Mugello again over Imola.
  7. That red card incident was brutal! You just don't get challenges like that in England any more.
  8. It's just waiting sign off from the WMC, F1 have confirmed it.
  9. Imola's already on the calendar (that you posted)
  10. Not as yet. They are the favourites for the gap though.
  11. My mum got a phone call to do hers last monday. The woman on the phone said she could see my dad on the list too so could do that at the same time. My mum asked if she had my wife on her list (which she did) and asked if she could do that one too. She said she couldn't as the bank details were different but she'd speak to her manager and see what she could do. She sorted my parents and then rang back within the hour to get the relevant info to sort my wife's. All paid within the week. It just seems like the people at Wednesday are trying to do a good job but are just so swamped it's taking forever. I feel sorry for them.
  12. Portugal seems to be the hot bet.
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