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  1. Aren't there rules around minimum ticket prices for cup games based on each round?
  2. By all accounts Wigan are very interested but can't afford his wages. Surely even if they only pay a fraction it's better than just having him hanging around here stinking up the place?
  3. So it's OK to turn up just for a moan at the left back then?
  4. Am I the only one that feels like a part of that is aimed at us the fans? He isn't talking about the squad, he's talking about the whole club. Why are we so good away from Hillsborough? Maybe the garbage atmosphere has a part to play. Maybe he's suggesting the fans create a more positive atmosphere (yeah yeah you can't cheer if the players don't turn up etc. etc.)?
  5. He's inherited an ageing (and well past it's best) squad. He hasn't yet signed a single player. We are in play-off contention (after 2 years of not being). Our only half decent striker (and goal threat) is out injured. Which bits of all that is he failing so badly on? He can't be blamed for terrible refereeing decisions and abject player performances. Last week he was the messiah!
  6. It's not though is it. Would you rather be us or Barnsley right now? And to be honest, if you offered me an eternity of top half Championship, or 2 years in the Premier League followed by years of up and down, I'd probably take the former. Who wants to get schooled by Man City and Liverpool every week? Followed by Bournemouth and Brighton away.
  7. Tell that to my mate who just spent £11k on a second hand car, only for the engine to seize after 4 months! But the point is that nothing in football is certain, or every club would be selling tickets to the title parade. There are 24 teams every year with a chance of going up. You buy your ticket hoping it's us. People seem to have short memories. The season ticket prices under DC have barely increased (not at all for 4 years now). In that time we've gone from relegation fodder to promotion hopefulls most years. It might not be pretty off the field but you know what, of the 25000 people that turn up every week, I'd be amazed if more than 2000 actually gave a sh*t about what DC is doing behind the scenes. They just want to go watch their team play and hope they can win the game. Owlstalk / Twitter / Facebook is not a barometer of the fanbase, it's a microcosm.
  8. It says they are available but they aren't anywhere on the website to buy that I can see.
  9. That's what I was just trying to work out. If you buy the ten year season ticket and we don't get promoted you basically never have to buy another ticket! Have I read that right?
  10. Wolves didn't. They would have done had they not got promoted but their losses spanned 2 years before they got promoted so no bother.
  11. The rules have changed since QPR (mainly because of them). And it would be hard going suing someone for enforcing rules that you signed up to and then broke!
  12. Yes, it's in their rules. There was a good article in The Athletic about it.
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