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  1. Not sure how you separate the two to be honest. If you are happy to throw around racist terms at any time I think it suggests a mindset. Maybe there is a middle ground. Like it was said but can't be proven. That doesn't mean the person is making it up, why would you?
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  3. mattitheowl

    I like Nuhiu...

    If Atdhe carries on his scoring form from last season he can't be dropped. If he struggles the Fletcher has to come in and take his chance.
  4. mattitheowl


    Not like there are 23 other clubs trying to manage that. Let's be honest, the teams that go up are the ones that invest the best. Yes you get the odd Huddersfield or Cardiff, but on the whole it's the teams who've spent the money the best. And where do we find £13m in off field gains?
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    I'd bet my house on it.
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    As much as I don't agree with those high prices, I don't understand what the alternative is. We're deep in the mire on P&S, we've had to submit our projections to the EFL and at the minute it looks like we don't have any head room to sign players unless we ship some out. The club has a mediocre revenue stream as it is, so other than selling our very best players (which some on here seem to have forgotten we have) we've got to find a way to make more money. Could we do better off the pitch, yes but that's not going to earn us millions extra a year. Like I said, I don't like it but the alternative is we go back to being a team that occupy the bottom of the Championship or top of League 1. If that's what you want then fine, we can go back to £20 tickets I'm sure. Ultimately we can't have our cake and eat it too.
  7. mattitheowl

    Season Tickets

    Is it new cards for all or are last year's going to stay in use for renewals/multi year ones?
  8. mattitheowl

    Take a leaf SWFC...

    We need to make more money, not less. It's a great sentiment but Watford can afford to throw money away, we really really can't.
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  10. mattitheowl


    Do you also want us to come out with statements regarding how we won't be signing Messi, Mbappe and Griezeman too just to clear up any speculation?
  11. mattitheowl

    Away kit 2018/19

    Big fan. That looks great.
  12. How? Someone has to be willing to buy they, or at the very least take on their wages!
  13. This leaves us terrifyingly light at right back. Palmer has shown time and time again he's not good enough in this league. I like Hunt, I think he's a solid performer that you can, for the most part, rely on for a solid performance. And £1.6m doesn't sound like a lot for a solid Championship player, 1 year left on contract or not.
  14. mattitheowl

    Sean Clare

    Personally I don't really care either way. For a short period he was a bright light in a dark season. But that light shone very briefly. If our squad is fully fit, he's struggling to make the bench anyway.