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  1. mattitheowl

    Matias wants to stay..

    I've never been impressed by him. He's had the odd good moment, but rarely a great game and even rarer a run of good ones. I can't even think of a time where he's started 3 games in a row. In the time he's been here that's just not good enough.
  2. mattitheowl

    25 years ago tonight !

    The Saturday game was my first ever game, it was absolutely amazing. Then the replay we couldn't go. I watched it up until full time and then my dad (not a football fan at the time) made me go to bed as I had school the next day. I remember sitting at the top of the stairs listening as hard as I could, only to hear what I dreaded the most. I went to bed and cried myself to sleep. Some 20 years later my dad apologised for not letting me stop up and listen (I was only 7 like). He's a huge Wednesday fan now too and I think he's since realised what it all means. As a 7 year old I was captivated on that Saturday at Wembley. It was love at first site.
  3. mattitheowl

    Anyone ITK about pre season tour yet?

    Weird coincidence of the day.
  4. mattitheowl

    Bannan - with and without

    I'm not going to say he's irreplaceable, but I can't think of anyone who does what he does better.
  5. mattitheowl

    Anyone ITK about pre season tour yet?

    The guy behind me said that today. And his name is Rich. You don't sit on row 27 of the north do you?
  6. mattitheowl

    Norwich keeper

    That would be the son of a Gunner.
  7. mattitheowl

    Anyone remember this guy

    The day I asked my dad for his name on my shirt for my birthday I'll never forget his face. I had it on the yellow, black and white horizontal bars away shirt.
  8. mattitheowl

    Programs would you miss them?

    Not bought one for years. All the news and articles are posted online anyway so you don't need to bother. And £3 isn't exactly cheap is it.
  9. mattitheowl

    What signed #SWFC stuff do you own?

    One that's not signed but a sponsor's presentation shirt that I handed to Matt Clarke. Would have been the season we had the shirt with the massive white stripe down the middle. Got that signed by a few of the players in the dressing room. Des Walker, Dejan Stefanovic, Kevin Pressman. Can't remember who else.
  10. mattitheowl

    What signed #SWFC stuff do you own?

    I've got 2 signed balls from about 1995 (different seasons) Birthday card from Chris Waddle Birthday card signed by the team from about 1995 Jack Hunt match worn, signed poppy shirt from last season.
  11. mattitheowl

    Jos Lucky lucky Man

    I'd take Pep...
  12. mattitheowl

    Surely not the new #SWFC kits?

    And if you follow the link you'll find out its just fan concepts. http://fanbanter.co.uk/concept-kits-sheffield-wednesday/
  13. mattitheowl

    Surely not the new #SWFC kits?

    Wasn't that Lacatoni brand the stuff we had from Carlos to fill the gap at the start of last season? I'm calling fake news.
  14. I'm in row A. If it rains I'll not be happy!
  15. mattitheowl

    Wolves ticket details

    Just bought 4. Hopefully we can spoil their party and have a bit of a laugh at the last away game of the season. Only down side is weather looks pants (and we'll likely get hammered)