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  1. mattitheowl

    2nd half - 442

    First half we were playing 6-0-4 and it was woeful. Once Joao came on (and it wasn't really anything he did) it gave Reach and Boyd the freedom to get out on the touchlines and actually run forwards. The first time in the whole game we ran directly at them, they backed off and we scored. And every time we did it we created a chance. 4-2-3-1 doesn't suite Boyd, Reach Matias or Bannan. We end up split in two with a gaping chasm between the front and back for the opposition to fill and take control of.
  2. mattitheowl

    DC and Hillsborough

    If we spend money on the stadium, surely that counts towards P&S? So would actually just make our issue worse, for no tangible benefit?
  3. I've booked a space 5 mins walk from the ground with this.
  4. mattitheowl

    Chairman’s statement

    I've been accused of being a clapper a million times on here for backing the Chairman on various things in the past. But this statement is just nuts. "I've spent all the family savings so now you need to go out and earn some more" is what I take from that. Yes most of the family savings was his, but ultimately he was the one spending it, not us. I've coughed up for 2 three year season tickets, merchandise, cup tickets, as much as I could. I'd have loved to have done the club 1867 thing but it just wasn't an option. At no point have I signed a player, or extended a contract, or agreed a wage package. No I've turned up, cheered the team and mostly kept shtum. To then read a lengthy diatribe like that, which is clearly putting the fiscal responsibility of the club squarely back at the door of the fanbase is frankly a kick in the balls! He has no plan, no idea and worst of all no inclination to seek help. It appears to me that Katrien Meir has the knowledge and wherewithal to be able to steady the ship, but is currently being locked below decks in the mess! Why can he not see that the only way to plug the assumed £15m hole we supposedly have is to sell players and cut the wage budget? He can't rely on 15000 fans to each stump up £1000, it's just never going to happen. He'll do amazingly well to get that many season tickets sold for next season if the prices I'm assuming will soon be announced are as mad and inflated as everything else around the club seems to be going. You Mr Chairman, and only you have the key to the success of this club in your hands. We as fans are merely the most loyal customers you could possibly ask for. You have to invest your and our money correctly to make the club work, we can't do it for you!
  5. mattitheowl


    You were sat on row FF seat 57 weren't you. Because I heard this about 75849206502 times from that person yesterday, said in exactly the same way. Along with an hour of abuse for every single one of our players on the pitch, bench, in the stands and at the club.
  6. mattitheowl

    Man of the Match - Player ratings

    So because they are Hull, that means they can't play us off the park? You don't play against the history of a team, you play against the 11 men put in front of you. Wednesday fans need to realise that.
  7. Of course it's effort, but it's more than simply "wanting it". It's drilled in to teams and players in training week on week. It doesn't just happen. We haven't done that for about 2 years. It's clearly not been one of our tactics. Adkins has realised he's not got the greatest players at his disposal so he's drilled discipline and work rate in to them. You have to be really fit too which clearly Hull were. My biggest issue with 99% of the comments about the game yesterday that I've seen is the implication that we lost it and just didn't turn up and giving Hull no credit. They were great. I didn't come away angry because Hull were actually decent to watch and we were never in the game. If we played Barcelona would people come on here making the same comments about us being lazy? Why does it matter that Hull aren't Barcelona, if they are clearly better than us!
  8. mattitheowl

    Man of the Match - Player ratings

    I'm not sure I saw 1 player out there not trying. I saw plenty who didn't have a clue what to do when after 10 minutes they realised they couldn't get out of their own third with anything other than a lumped ball straight to their defence. "Pashun and guts" will get you so far, but 99% of the time it won't overcome quality. Today we were outclassed. Swallow it and move on. The best things we can take out of today is a lesson in how we should be going about things. Watch the video back as a team, identify how you could do what Hull did and then go and execute. Oh and buy the way, it's by not buy!
  9. mattitheowl

    Man of the Match - Player ratings

    It doesn't matter if they aren't Barca, if they play like them. Every time one of ours did try to take someone on, they got crowded out by 3 Hull players. I agree that we didn't move the ball quick enough, but Hull absolutely flooded the middle of the park whenever we had the ball.
  10. mattitheowl

    Man of the Match - Player ratings

    It would have been 15-0 if we'd played our u23's. Senior pros couldn't get to grips with it. Why would a load of kids?
  11. mattitheowl

    Man of the Match - Player ratings

    It's not that simple though is it. Hutch spend 90 minutes "working hard" but he did it all without the ball. Where did it get him? Hull had a plan, a philosophy and knew how to execute it. We didn't have the individuals skilled enough to combat it today. I'm not sure many in this league will. I fully expect them to rise up this league rapidly.
  12. mattitheowl

    Man of the Match - Player ratings

    Watch it back and you'll see that those negative backwards passes were literally the only option. Hull were really clever in their play without the ball. They closed all the gaps leaving 2 options, easy backwards pass so we'd work it back to the keeper, or a hollywood ball with minimum % chance of success. Either way they would recover the ball within 30 seconds. At which point they would start an attack from within 10 yards of our half. We were shell shocked after 10 minutes, you could see it. We didn't have a clue what was happening or what to do about it. I still can't figure out how you play against that. It's like Liverpool, the intensity is incredible. The only way I can think to beat it is to simply have better individuals who can make a moment of magic.
  13. mattitheowl

    Man of the Match - Player ratings

    Because we don't have Nigel Adkins as manager for the last 6 months?
  14. mattitheowl

    Man of the Match - Player ratings

    That's true, but not a single time did he have more than 3 seconds on the ball. Their wingers must have run 12Km each today, they never stopped. At one point they had the ball at the back and they had a front line of 5! Within 3 passes they were on the edge of our 18 yard box. We were absolutely chasing shadows.
  15. After 10 minutes I turned to the Mrs and said "we're going to get beat 3 or 4 today, this lot look great". We never had an easy pass option, an easy out ball, nothing. Hull filled every gap, chased every man and doubled up on the player with the ball every single time. It was quite incredible to watch. Serious credit to Adkins for the job he's done there. Chris Martin is a complete sh*thouse but he played the ref like a fiddle. We had precisely no ideas at all in how to combat them, and to be frank I'm still not sure what I would have done any differently today. Ultimately it feels like we have come up against a team who are bang in form and playing a game that nobody has yet worked out. The speed at which they transitioned was phenomenal, their wingers were direct and they flooded the forward areas with men every time they went forwards. It was seriously impressive to watch. We simply didn't have a clue how to combat it. For me you put it down to experience and move on. If they keep playing like that they'll get in the play-offs no trouble.