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  1. cowl

    Jones and Boyd

    It's actually true is this. But then JL insisted on playing 'his man' Pelupessy and yet 9 months later though I think there's been an average improvement in his performances it's not obvious that Jones couldn't have been doing the same job - if nothing else, he'd have had the nous to bring Barnes down when he went half the length of the pitch to score a few weeks back.
  2. cowl

    Jones and Boyd

    Haven't seen much from either of them in a Wednesday shirt, so I hardly think they're the answer to all our woes. It's the way we've just excluded players that shocks me though. CC did the same (but different players), and now Jos is at it too. It's weird.
  3. cowl

    Was Carlos this bad

    I want JL gone, but the performances from CC's team was far worse in my view. Didn't we go a whole month without a shot on target, after all?!
  4. Agreed. I think Preston and Kirby can be good players for us, but as extreme as CC was in picking his favourites and neither looking at the youth or even certain members of the senior squad, JL is very much the same in that there are also members of the squad that he seems to quite simply not pick as though it were on principle. CC and JL - two genuinely weird managers. Both capable of getting unexpected results, and yet both consistently frustrate in the lengths and depths they seemingly go to in order to stick to their guns. It cost CC his job, and I'm at a point now where I really hope it'll cost JL his job too. I actually belief we have a 'decent' squad still. We should be at least a very comfortable mid-table, and yet we haven't kept even a single clean sheet after a third of our games, despite the fact we have a guy sat in the stands who's been in goals for two seasons in we broke and then equalled our record number of clean sheets - and yet some still seem to think it's not related to our defensive issues.
  5. If that squad includes the likes of Westwood and Hutchinson then I wholeheartedly agree.
  6. cowl

    Chansiri - In or Out?

    Shocked it's so close. He's got no idea what he's doing.
  7. Fans are moaning about the number of changes Jos makes every game, and I generally agree, but for me, it's the fact he makes a lot of unnecessary changes at the back that frustrates the most. Mind you, whenever he's picked the same back line from one game to the next, and it's happened 3 times this season, we've not lost.
  8. I expected a physical battle tonight and it was, and in such a battle I know we're going to have our limitations against a side with so many big lads, but I always expect us to compete, and while some players certainly did tonight it was shocking to see the lethargic reactions from some of our other players. Genuinely hope those players are dropped for Tuesday.
  9. Aye, he really seemed to show his teeth after that game. First time he'd been heavily critical of the team anyway.
  10. cowl


    Yeah, he did have a good game today. I actually we'll all come to see him as a starter though even when everyone is fit. He's got a bit of everything. Agree with what you're saying about Palmer too. His forward play can still be dodgy but he seems far more solid at the back recently.
  11. cowl

    It's Jos Working Out So Well...

    Our goals-per-game ratio under JL is actually higher than it ever was under CC.
  12. cowl


    Yeah, we've moved Penney about a bit these last few games as though we're trying to find his best position despite him looking easily at his most comfortable when playing left back or left wing-back.
  13. cowl


    Yeah, that raised an eyebrow with me too. Comments on twitter suggesting Thorniley was injured though?
  14. cowl

    Bottom of the pile

    Baker's the only one of those we're seeing play regularly though, and he's up against Palmer whose performance level is higher than Baker's, in my opinion, but not by much. Preston had a start against Millwall and he's not played since. Nielsen, Hunt, Lee, and Stobbs haven't played in the league this season. I'm not sure you've got a solid concern here.
  15. cowl

    Bottom of the pile

    Who, guru? Name names.