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  1. So, basically you have an agenda. You believe generally that managers should be given a minimum of four or five years, so therefore CC should get four or five years. And so how CC's doing after two and a half years is irrelevant for you - and it is this that makes your view irrelevant right now.
  2. Performance

    How we've managed to amass a squad of players with barely a yard of pace between them, I'll never know.
  3. Also noteworthy that out of the top 12 best away teams over the last seven games, we've only played 2 at Hillsborough (and won neither of them). There's a lot of good teams still to come at home.
  4. So you're objecting to the use of the word 'tactical'? It hardly affects the main point which is that whatever formation and tactical changes (those that don't involve substitutions) that are being made at half time, ought to be made by the players during the first half.
  5. I do want CC out, and he shouldn't be needing to say this now after being here for 2 and a half years and slow starts being a problem in all that time (yes, even his first season), but I actually agree with him on this - we need someone out there on the pitch that's able to have the mind of a coach and recognize when things aren't working and reorganize the players. In all fairness to CC, though he often loses the tactical battle of the first half by not pre-empting the opposition, he does tend to win the tactical battles of the second half. It's not good enough, of course, and having to wait until half time before we get our act together is killing our chances of amounting to anything this season. We need the most tactically astute player out there to be working directly with CC in preparation for games on various what-if scenarios so we can make better use of these first 45 minutes of games.
  6. As far as I'm aware, we've never shown any inclination whatsoever towards selling FF. I'd also say we probably need him as much now as we've ever done. FF is precisely the sort of player that is the difference between a defeat and a draw, or a draw and a win. In any case, his stock will be lower having just come back from injury, so even if we do see his ultimate value to us as a highly-saleable asset, I think we need to get him back playing and in form first to take best advantage of that. I'd be very surprised if we just sell him without him even kicking another ball for us.
  7. Yep, he still thinks it's a penalty.
  8. Just attack from the first f*king second. That's all that needs to be done.
  9. Time for a Truce

    If you discount the 'nuclear' option of no longer going to games and showing your feelings indirectly in that way, then making our discontent heard at games is all we've got left.
  10. I think that remains to be seen. Poor performances don't seem to have much effect on DC, but we'll go one way or the other with these draws; we turn them to wins and we're stuck with CC, but we turn them to defeats and slip further down the league, then I have no doubts DC will sack him.
  11. Can't argue with that, Ian, and I'm a fan of Nuhiu. I actually wouldn't start Nuhiu unless we're going to replicate the set-up that saw out the Hull game. If it's going to be Nuhiu up top by himself or Nuhiu with Hooper, then it'll fail and he'll inevitably get subbed at half-time. If it's Nuhiu with Rhodes or Fletcher, and Hooper playing either alongside them or (as is more likely) at the tip of a midfield diamond, and we play on the front foot then it might just work.
  12. There still seems to be something the wrong way round with CC's attitude towards the crowd - as though it's all about us geeing up the team, and not the team geeing up the crowd. When we start games slowly, CC knows that he'll end up playing against the crowd too. Now an obvious solution here would be to just start games on the front foot - get the crowd on your side, let them be the 12th man - but CC won't do this because he thinks it's more important to spend the first half containing sides. Of our 10 league home games, we've conceded first 5 times, all in the first half, and of those 5 the record is: W1 D3 L1. And of the other 5: W3 D2 L0. I would mind far less if we were actually good at controlling home games, but we clearly aren't. Those 5 drawn home games should all have been easy wins for us, and we'd have been on 37 points and sitting moderately content in 3rd place. CC seems to see the home crowd as getting in the way of his plan to contain teams in the first half. His call to arms last week basically came down to him asking us to not stand in the way of his first half tactics. I also think it affects the minds of the players when their coaching staff are talking in the media about the crowd. I can't help thinking it creates an attitude that there's something unusual and especially fierce about our crowd.
  13. Yeah, Ferguson's the example that immediately springs to mind. Their crowd had pretty much given up on him, but more importantly they say that were it not for Mark Robins goal in the cup against Forest that he'd have been sacked. That was the season we were relegated - 1990.
  14. "Mental anguish" No-one can even bear to make eye contact. Still, the only plates I see are clean plates, and the young lady there's just about to neck a very healthy glass of Chardonnay. "Sheffield Wednesday - it's better than home life (more-or-less)"