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  1. cowl

    Matias wants to stay..

    Matias won player of the month in his first month at the club. I think what mostly went against him was CC ditching the 4-2-3-1 once September rolled round. The injuries have also been a major issue, of course, particularly the timing of them. CC quite simply didn't see Matias in a 4-4-2 (or even a 4-4-1-1), and I can actually understand that, and certainly once we signed Forestieri, accommodating them both in that formation was something that he didn't seem remotely interested in exploring.
  2. cowl

    Clare rejected us??

    I remember that too, but I think this was before he made his full debut for us. I'd be extremely surprised if the offer we've made him is still only for 1 year.
  3. cowl

    Matias wants to stay..

    Yeah, I'm planning to. Well, at least bear it in mind anyway. Mind you, I'm not sure it would apply with Matias anyway - beyond his first few months at the club after which he picked up an injury anyway, Carlos barely ever looked towards Matias anyway, whether he was fit or not - and actually, a lot of the time he was fit.
  4. cowl

    Matias wants to stay..

    If we get the benefit of him having performed next season, I think we have to consider that some kind of win even if he were then to leave for nothing. And if we were to offer him a new contract and he signs it then I can only hope it's because the club feels confident that his injury issues are a thing of the past.
  5. cowl

    Matias wants to stay..

    Fit for all but two months of this last season. CC just wouldn't pick him. He wouldn't pick Joao and he wouldn't pick Nuhiu either.
  6. cowl

    Matias wants to stay..

    He's got another year anyway, but even if he was out of contract now it's obvious that we'd have let him go without offering him another contract. But with his 12 months he's got the chance to deliver something even if only to set up a move for himself in January. He's been a poor signing and his injury record has been, yes, woeful, but also so badly timed each time it's happened - there's no getting away from that - I do think there's a talent there though. We've mostly seen it in mere flashes (although his performances against Reading and Carlisle at home in the cup were both excellent), and he has to do a heck of a lot better than that. I'm not going to hold my breath, but I think he'll get a chance next season so I reckon we'll find out one way or another.
  7. cowl

    Clare rejected us??

    I don't doubt this member of staff said this to you, but I'd have to question this member of staff's version of events. The transfer window shuts on the last day of August, and yet Hirst didn't play another game at any level for Wednesday after August 5th, despite the fact that the U23s had games on the 14th, 21st, and 29th - none of which Hirst was selected for. He wasn't injured. And, in fact, on the day following the window shutting he represents England U19s against Poland and scores a hat-trick. We know DC stopped Hirst from playing for Wednesday because he's said so himself, and it would appear that this happened between August 5th and August 14th. So why didn't Hirst play for Wednesday again after August 5th if all was rosy, the contract agreed and only the loan deal left to be sorted? It would still have been important for him to maintain match-fitness by playing those games, and in any case I'm sure any potential loan-suitors would've wanted to see him in action. There was clearly bad blood there already by the 14th at the latest. This isn't 'a couple of days' before the window shut. The impasse clearly occurred long before whatever transpired in the couple of days leading up to the window shutting.
  8. cowl

    Clare rejected us??

    Let's be right about this though: according to Chansiri, he was only going to be allowed out on loan if he signed the new contract. Source And this all happened way back in August. Others were allowed out on loan without signing a new contract first, but not Hirst, and then of course, not only does Chansiri prevent him going out on loan but he also prevents him from playing for the U23s. I've no problem with Chansiri putting a limit to what he's prepared to pay players. And the notion that Hirst's people are asking for more money than is reasonable would hardly be a shock, but his decision to make the loan contingent upon him signing a new contract and then block him from playing for the U23s was an utterly ridiculous thing to do in August with 10 months still to run on his contract. The club may never have been able to come to an agreement with Hirst on a new contract, but this act practically guaranteed they wouldn't. My only hope is that Chansiri's learnt a thing or two from his handling of this situation.
  9. cowl

    George Hirst

    I'd be delighted if he stayed, and I'd be surprised if the vast majority of posts greeting such news wouldn't reflect that.
  10. cowl

    Sean Clare

    I think he'll leave now, and if he does sign with Palace (or any other Prem club) then I imagine he'd spend next season out on loan at a Championship club (probably lower end) anyway. One way or another the lad just needs games at this level, and signing for a Prem club and getting loaned out to a lower end Championship club may well be a more certain way to get those games than by being at a club like Wednesday whereby competition for places might well be greater. Even so, I'll be very happy if he still signs with us. He's got genuine talent.
  11. Last nine games he improved game by game. Before that the pace just seemed too much and he seemed to be mostly chasing shadows. There's always that concern with players coming from foreign leagues whether they'll adapt to the specific requirements of the Championship, and to be fair to the lad, he's shown that he does have the ability to adapt his game. Whether or not he'll continue his progression and give us what we really need in that deep midfield role remains to be seen. Of course, I'm hopeful, but I'm not convinced - and it's such an important role. I'd still like us to bring in a player with a little more physical presence. Pelupessy does get stuck in, and he doesn't make it easy for the opponent, but I've not seen him dominate yet. Ideally we could really do with such a player - can't imagine they'd be cheap though.
  12. We've started three seasons slowly under CC - the third slow start was unforgivable, but I don't doubt that had CC still been managing us we'd have started next season slowly; the fitness of the squad isn't a priority for him, and he'll proudly never change. So it's great that JL really seems to mean business about addressing the fitness of the squad by cutting out the unnecessary from the preparations. I suppose we'll find out during August just how much JL's changed things at the club, but I really like this leave-nothing-to-chance approach.
  13. This is the concern. I'd like us to give it next season to see though - but even then, there's an issue with regards to the fact that he's out of contract at the end of next season anyway. Earlier this season, only Bannan and Hooper were performing at anything like the level required, and Hooper's link play was fantastic at times. It was a side of his game that started to emerge in his second season with us, and it often felt like our strongest weapon. I also wonder whether he could fit into Jos's way of playing, but I hope we'll find out.
  14. Could you stay fit then please?
  15. Nuhiu scored more goals than Hooper and in fewer minutes. I've certainly not forgotten about Hooper but I don't think he'll simply walk back into this side because even João's minutes-per-goal stats were almost the same as Hooper's.