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  1. Sean Clare

    Incentivised contracts are fine, good even, but a release clause and we're being played far too easily by their agents. I'm not actually so sure there's been a compromise as such anyway. A new approach perhaps with Meire, but not necessarily a different offer. In fact, it may well have been enough just to stop the nonsense about not allowing him to play or train with his colleagues.
  2. Referee aplogising

    There's a modicum of amusement involved with this thread though.
  3. Sean Clare

    That just wouldn't be funny. I'd be shocked if we allowed such a thing to find its way into a contract of a player at their age though. There's just no advantage to us to agreeing to it, and it would have to be one of those where the other side say it's this or no deal - but that just doesn't seem likely really.
  4. Sean Clare

    If we were to get anything like the amounts Charlton got for Lookman, I'd hope we'd re-invest a sizeable part of it back into the youth set-up.
  5. I remember when wind-up merchants on here were actually funny.
  6. Positive

    That was the most 'enjoyable' defeat at home since losing to Tottenham in the game with that Klinsmann header 20-odd years ago.
  7. Team vs. Swansea

    Jos reckons Palmer may well be available on Tuesday. By the way, what's happened to James Murphy?
  8. Pudil

    According to one poster?
  9. Sean Clare

    He's the real deal that kid. We've had central midfielders that have played more than 100 games for us and not in all those games together carried the ball forward as many times as he has today. We absolutely must get him signed up. He's going to be an important player for us next season.
  10. I doubt our contract with iFollow would prevent us from streaming the U23 games though. If this is something we want we should tell the club.
  11. Thought Abdi was excellent that second half. Dictated play fantastically.
  12. I'd assume so since he only played 60 minutes the other day.
  13. Team for Villa

    Same team that started against Derby but Nuhiu starting for Rhodes. Basically, Ronnie's side above.
  14. Poor old Liam Palmer - been missing the last two games and no-one ever asks where he is!
  15. His describing Stobbs as a striker takes us a step closer to explain the team he put out against Millwall, at least. I'd never call him a striker - maybe a forward, perhaps - but he's a winger really. Of course, this could very well be a language issue.