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  1. This is how Rhodes was when he was at Huddersfield and Blackburn; 3 chances = 3 goals, and a negligible contribution beyond that. But he had every reason to feel confident in his abilities back then, and it's so much about confidence with strikers like Rhodes. So he'll be feeling great right now, and I just hope that he, and we as a team, can capitalize on that and really push forward with this way of playing. It's obvious we can score goals that way, so we just need to keep doing it.
  2. It's going to be absolutely gutting to get points deducted this season. We've just schooled one of our rivals for a play-off spot in their own back-yard. Utterly humiliated them. We're capable of beating any team in this division but a points deduction running into the double figures would more than likely kill the season dead. If somehow we manage to escape a points deduction then I feel very confident of our chances of making the play-offs.
  3. You've got the wrong poster, Davey. I've not said this even once before.
  4. I'd prefer to congratulate our wonderful fans on yet another successful lesson in reverse psychology.
  5. Runs out June '21, so we've got him for another season after this one.
  6. I thought he was finished, and had stated so many times over. Really hope this isn't just a flash in the pan for him. Having a reliable goalscorer in Rhodes might just be the difference for us this season (assuming the likely points deduction isn't too harsh!)
  7. Absolutely brilliant finishing - which is the only reason why any club that's ever signed him has done. Other than that his performance was similar to the other night, but that's fine whilstever he finishes like that. It's always been the same with Rhodes anyway even when he was regularly getting 30+ a season. Even the infamous 4-4 at Hillsborough. Does nothing all game but walks off with the match ball.
  8. Yes, obviously. It just shows it's a bit daft making so much of a player's win-to-start ratio in a team game. I suspect Odubajo's win-to-start ratio is probably pretty good, but it says nothing about his individual performance in any of those games.
  9. But there's ten other players on the pitch! Anyway, it's about 1 win in 3 for when he starts this season, and Iorfa's win-to-starts ratio is only marginally better.
  10. Win ratio from games Fox has started? I wasn't aware it was particularly noteworthy; fairly average, isn't it?
  11. Whatever Derby have been in other seasons, that's the poorest Derby side I've seen for a good while. But I knew that before the game anyway, and knew that the game was there for the taking. Hard to take comfort from just a point tonight then. As for not being far off it with Monk; yeah, I probably agree, and yet though we'd all agree the squad is lacking in a few areas, he can still afford to be more positive at times. I've seen this most readily with the subs - and not just tonight, but since he got here. Sadly, it looks like strengthening in January is something that he'll probably be quite limited in, and with the a very possible (and large) point deduction on the horizon, this is going to be a very frustrating season - and not least because the quality of the division this season is very even.
  12. No, and the stats back it up too. Fox puts far more crosses in per game than either Palmer or Odubajo (probably combined too).
  13. I'm a Nuhiu fan - well, in so far as I can see and appreciate his qualities - but for these last couple of games in particular that's precisely how I'd have to describe him.
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