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  1. Still looks short on fitness to me. Did alright in patches though. A few breaking runs forward with the ball I hope will be a herald of what we can expect from him when firing on all cylinders.
  2. Inept. But further exacerbated by the fact he seems to blow for everything but also seems to have a disturbingly annoying manner about him.
  3. Between this and the penalty we should have been given up at Hull, that's 3 points from just the last two away games. Still, I thought we got away with one when Palmer had hold of Flint.
  4. To be fair, that was in his first season with us - almost 6 years ago now; I think he's come on appreciably since then. Actually the game at their place sticks in my memory better because he was well and truly abysmal in that game. Still, I'm a fan of Nuhiu - or, at least, I can see his continued value as a member of the squad. There are still games when we are just crying out for him to come on and do his thing, and far more-so now than earlier in his time with us can he reliably come on and do it. If anything his true value to us has increased. He's out of contract this summer along with Fletcher and Winnall. I wouldn't be entirely surprised if he's the only one of the three still in our squad for next season.
  5. The average age of the players we've been signing has unquestionably come down since CC left, and by an appreciable amount. Under him we signed multiple players who were 30+ (or close) at the time of signing; Wallace, Abdi, David Jones, Pudil, Sougou, Turner, McGeady, Fletcher, Boyd, and Emanuelson. And since CC left we've not signed one player over 30, with the single exception of Paul Jones as cover for a 3rd choice keeper, and otherwise, Börner at 28 has been the oldest. Of the other signings, that in 3 years, “they too will be pushing 30” is only relevant from the viewpoint of resale value and DC still seems to need to get comfortable with the idea of selling players anyway. When he does, then signing players at 26, developing them for 2 seasons and selling them on at 28 before they enter the final year of their contract ought to be reasonable model to follow while ever generating money from player-sales is a necessity (which it clearly is for us).
  6. I agree with this. Though it's understandable because Odubajo's been quite erratic, I'd rather we let Odubajo put a run of games together and hopefully develop his confidence a bit more. We've not really seen much from him getting forward, which was one thing I was really looking forward to with him. 2nd half though there were a few moments where he got forward really well, and even almost scored (and probably should have) when Luongo put him through.
  7. Without doubt. They used to carve out so many chances each game in their promotion season, but it wasn't until they acquired Mitrovic in the Jan transfer window that they had someone that would consistently put them away. And the crazy thing is that not only have they still got Mitrovic, but they've added the likes of Cavaleiro and Knockaert too. Not to mention the likes of Bryan, Mawson, and Arter (who, when he's not being a grade-A tool, is a good player); collectively, the additions they've made since last they were in the division more than make up for the losses of Sessegnon and Kalas. And yet, for all that, they didn't really threaten our goal anything like as much as they ought to be with that squad. I can't see Parker lasting long if he continues to set them up the way he is doing. Scandalous misuse of such a talented squad.
  8. You think the 'outrage' players generally show when they don't win a throw in they think is theirs is the same as the reaction our players showed in the face of Fulham's antics on Saturday? Give over.
  9. Hyperbolic nonsense. It's no where close to being morally bankrupt, as evidenced by the reaction of our players to what they perceived as cheating. They wouldn't have been so outraged if moral value wasn't still alive and kicking in the game.
  10. Quit while you're behind, mate. Less embarrassing for you that way.
  11. They can't spell a foreign footballer's name correctly but that's a pretty shocking error to make if you're going to set yourself up as a smart arse.
  12. This. I'm certain Rhodes signed for four years.
  13. It'll be a big night for Thorniley should he play.
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