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  1. Academy Products

    All the more reason that Cadamarteri will have been pleased that Burnley came in for him as their U18s coach just as he was to go and work at Town.
  2. U23s v QPR

    Which horse? DC?
  3. jack hunt

    Excellent from start to finish tonight, just as on Saturday. He's really come on since back end of last season and certainly this, and I won't deny I'd pretty much given up on him and was convinced we needed better. I just hope he can keep it going.
  4. Under 23s today....

    Dave Tomlinson?
  5. Under 23s today....

    I think he'd use something like kelliesleftnut
  6. Under 23s today....

    I'm not having a go at the club here, nor am I having a go at George Hirst or his advisers. I'm talking generally about the difficulties of bringing through and nurturing talent that ends up playing in the first team. Other clubs at the same level as us will no doubt be facing similar problems. Young players would have to be very good to successfully break into a team in the Championship, but if they're that good there's every chance the elite academies will already have snapped them up. I don't expect us to be producing talent for the first team until we're able to compete for the best talent in the area, and our progress in that direction will continue to be slow whilst ever we're not able to chuck more financial resources at it. I'm not having a go at DC there either because he's quite sensibly made getting the first team to progress to the Premiership his priority. Once we achieve that then hopefully there'll be more money for developing a much more successful academy.
  7. Adam Reach

    He's looked much better this season. Really wasn't impressed last season. Showed some promising signs here and there, but I found him to be a very frustrating player to watch.
  8. Frederik Fisker

    Played for the U23 team today and in their last game too.
  9. Visit Middlewood

    I don't think it's open to the public anymore. Still, the best thing is just to get in touch with club directly and ask them.
  10. Fernando who ??

    CC's comments about FF playing on the left were odd, and I do agree they were somewhat gratuitous, but I'd struggle to believe that CC is such a master of spin especially given the way he went on for five minutes in another interview passionately and persuasively defending FF on the matter - having said that, I also think it's strange that CC needed FF to tell him that playing in a role that required more defensive responsibilities would leave him with less energy to attack; seems as though this really ought to be a given. I think the club had to say something about the incident between Winnall and FF because it was already doing the rounds in social media, but it was again odd that they came so squarely down on FF in what was said publicly. If FF was felt to be at fault then you can deal with the fine and punishment internally without needing to go into details with the media.
  11. Under 23s today....

    It gets much more attention no doubt, but it doesn't change the fact that until we can compete at the same level as the top academies in the area then our own youth and development set-up is severely hamstrung, and examples such as this just go to reiterate that.
  12. Under 23s today....

    I'd care that we seem powerless in keeping John Smith (after scoring 40 goals in a season) at the club. I'd wonder what's the point of the youth and development squads when if the players show strong potential we'll just lose them to the Premier League clubs, and if they fail to show potential then they just end up leaving once they're approaching 21 (if not before).
  13. Under 23s today....

    Cheers, mate. Hope Hirst's absence is merely down to him not being fit enough or something like that.
  14. Under 23s today....

    We're 1 up at half time apparently, Borukov scoring after 40 minutes. Would also like to know whether Hirst's playing.