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  1. But he also said that CC had him training pretty much all the time, and that hitherto he was probably guilty of erring too much on the side of caution when it came to how much he could push himself, which he said was due to his history and experiences with injury. He said he was glad that CC did this. I guess the ‘agreement’ between them came as a result of that tacit trust that developed between them (I'm going on Hutchinson's words here).
  2. Not so much his ‘training hours’ as a certain flexibility about when he was able to train properly. The implication being absolutely not that he was on some kind of skive.
  3. @Andrew6666 still waiting for you to provide evidence of Hutchinson setting his own hours...
  4. Before DC spoke today, I would've said almost certainly not, but it's not obvious now. At least on what I've read of DC's comments on Hutchinson. It sounded before as though it was entirely down to Pulis, but when DC talks about some offers having been put in for some players then it's possible I suppose that Hutchinson might still be one of them? I mean DC didn't sound as though he was against Hutchinson coming back in principle. Still, you'd think that with Pulis' sacking that it will be far, far less likely now.
  5. No problem. I said this many posts ago, of course, and repeated it more than once since. Still waiting for you to prove that you're not a dupe.
  6. I keep telling you that I can't possibly prove that. I mean, just how dense are you? How can I be any clearer about it? I CANNOT PROVE YOU WERE DUPED BY MONK. Even though it's clear that you were. Now, once again, provide evidence for your claim that Hutchinson sets his own hours.
  7. When he talks about the fans it's just an absolute car wreck. If ever there was an owner that needed a PR person talking him through, it's DC. Not that he'd listen, of course.
  8. WTF? No one at the club—and not Monk either—ever made any concrete accusations against Hutchinson. Not once, not ever. So where are you getting your view from? Who are these ‘club sources’? Monk did make insinuations though. And evidently (your views being exemplary) many fans filled in the rest. You keep asking me to prove you've been duped. That makes no sense! But the best way to put me in my place is to merely support your assertions about Hutchinson that he sets his own hours.
  9. That's pretty hard to swallow. He was always going to go to Newcastle when they came calling. I don't entirely hold that against him, of course, because it was understandable. But it really did drop us right in it.
  10. But Monk never said this about Hutchinson. He merely insinuated very generally about Hutchinson and Westwood when repeatedly asked about why they were no longer in the squad. The rest comes from the imaginations of folk who are all to ready and willing to fill in from the hints and insinuations (‘imaginative’ people such as yourself).
  11. I'd be embarrassed too if I'd been caught believing someone else's lies and insinuations without any circumspection. You were duped, and you weren't the only one. If you think by pointing out the obvious—that the above is an opinion only—that you've somehow relieved yourself of the need to support what you're saying about Hutchinson, then you're clearly very much mistaken.
  12. What's that got to do with it? Are you mental? Of course it's an opinion that many swallowed Monk's insinuations! How could it ever possibly the case that it wasn't an opinion. And surely you're only supporting the grounds for my opinion anyway when you just go ahead and make unsupported claims about Hutchinson.
  13. I would say the best way for you to clear that up is to simply explain how you arrived at the conclusion that Hutchinson was able to set his own working hours. This was your assertion that you made. And I didn't prompt you for it, and in any case it obviously (and logically) precedes me calling you a dupe. I know you're trying to wriggle out of this but doing so while also trying to keep face. It won't work.
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