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  1. Twitter and whatever else, they can have. But if they come on Owlstalk the club ought to be doing everything they can to stop them.
  2. I was expecting you to argue for why what we say on here makes any difference to how the team does. Even a feeble argument would at least have been something. But you can't even do that, you just ‘disagree’.
  3. Are the fans at the games in either scenario?
  4. I'll try again... The read my first line as “What difference does it make whether we keep calm or not?”, and my point still stands.
  5. Then read it my first line as “What difference does it make whether we're behind the team or not?”, and my point still stands.
  6. The irony being that though his favourite put-down is to accuse everyone else of being a Blade, in so far as his relentless hate of our fans goes, he's actually indistinguishable from most Blades.
  7. What difference does it make whether we're behind the team or not? Surely not to the team's performances on the pitch since we're not even at the games. Beating Birmingham and our fans are excessively buoyant, lose to Brentford and we're excessively critical again. It's easy to predict how fans will generally react in fact, so much so that it's normal.
  8. For those that are defending Dawson against what they consider to be excessive criticism, fine, but come on, even if more times than not a shot parried back into play doesn't result in a goal, still, I fail to see how parrying the ball centrally can't be seen as being a clear and obvious error. And not an error just because it resulted in a goal, but generally speaking, it's coached into keepers that this is an error, and that you parry to the side, and in any case out of danger. It's all part of a keeper's situational awareness. Besides, that an opposition striker highlights this
  9. I've said it before and I'll say it again: you utterly hate our fans. Baseless accusations of racism now? When I think of players our fans would criticize for perceived laziness the names that immediately spring to mind are all white players (Brunt, Rudi, Sheridan...), in fact, I can't think of any black players we've had that our fans would habitually call lazy.
  10. Unless one of the centre backs that have been out are going to be fit, I'd expect Monk to go with the team and formation that he employed against Birmingham, but perhaps with Brown coming into the team somewhere if he's fit. Personally though, I'd rather see us revert to 3-5-2 again (especially if Brown is fit), and put Odubajo on the right of the three. Major reservations about his tackling in the box and his potential to give penalties away, but we need some modicum of pace at the back in the absence of Iorfa. Otherwise though, I much prefer 3-5-2, and would like to see Reach at
  11. Far from confident still. I was actually more confident after the Watford game than I was after Saturday's. We have made a decent start though in terms of the points we've taken, and ultimately the number of points we total is what will matter. Performances haven't really been enough for me consider myself confident though, and the home performances (well, certainly the last one) continue to be poor. Still, we've only had five league games. Far too little to go on really. For example, we've yet to see a front pairing that has established itself y
  12. And for any of those teams, just how was being in League One ‘the making’ of them? You could possibly make an argument for the Pigs—but I would say it's far more likely that the appointment of Wilder is what made the real difference. Were it not for that, there's every reason to think they would still be down there. Relegation—especially with the current financial uncertainties in the game—would be an absolute disaster. We must stay up this season.
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