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  1. Looks pink to me,zoomed in or not,find it totally acceptable.
  2. Time to move on then isn't it, if the Manager of our team thinks he can be an asset, then I will trust him to do the right thing.
  3. Didn't say you had, just that you've admired most if not all of their signings, I only knew of their transfers thru you, we are better than them.
  4. It's funny reading threads like these, it's like the "whiter than white, never ever ever dropped a b---ock, made a mistake" brigade come out all holier than thou........ Made me smile anyway.
  5. You've been saying that all summer with regards to Ipswich signings, we are better than them.
  6. "I'm OK with it if Moore is" the only bit that matters.
  7. Whatever happened to being given a second chance,not specifically aimed at you,but fans dismiss players quite quickly with regards to "off field" issues,if his "questionable" attitude rears its head,i've every confidence Moore would bin him off.
  8. easy for folks to say that tho isn't it,Moore wants/gets him,that'll do for me.
  9. Throwing more players at it for the same position just makes it a tad harder to get strikers to gel/understand each others strengths,its cool,if Moore brings one in its possibly for the reason you said.................lets see what today brings.
  10. That's not that bad really is it considering we've won three of em.
  11. here's the latest https://whttps://the72.co.uk/248784/sheffield-united-luton-town-preston-north-end-monitoring-middlesbrough-man-sam-morsy/ww.deepdaledigest.com/transfers/report-preston-interested-in-late-move-for-sam-morsy/
  12. Bring it on, that's what I say,but hey, that's just me.
  13. No, not since last season, you.? Defense is strong enough to cope.
  14. I'd have thought with the new found optimism amongst the fans and it would seem the players, we (fans and players) alike would have been busting a gut to get this game played against Sunderland, but it would appear that some folk have lost their nerve just because BPF has been called up internationally, bit cowardly as I see it. Hey ho.
  15. That's the thing, if he wants to get back into the game, and SWFC are showing an interest I would assume the wages would be befitting his status, this isn't the spendthrift to hell with the consequences SWFC anymore, Moore wants him I'll go with that.
  16. Oh aye, proper funny is that, he doesn't have a club at the moment, so won't be on good wages. You knew that anyway.
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