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  1. Ya know summat,i've never had that with my old fella,sure we talk and stuff but that one thing,that one special bond between us that could have been SWFC,has never ever brought us to the hugging scenario,don't know why,just aint happened.................sad to some but hey,i have the comfort that he's still here,best wishes to Dan Knight and the memories of Hillsborough and his old man.
  2. Your postings with regards to the finances of swfc and more specifically Chansiri and the "Ahem" getting away with it,just like when the misconduct charges against the 3 individuals were dropped,would lead me to believe that your "hope i'm wrong" should be "I can't wait to rip chansiri a new one,because i told you so".
  3. League one and two teams " skymoney/worldwide tv money"don't think so fella,they'll go "bust" for wants of a better word because they are paying out,without anything coming in,that should be of concern for all EFL supporting teams fans,theres more of em,theres more fans go to those games than the £8 billion out of control premier league monster.
  4. Whats even more Baffling is those stating he should be part of the "clear out/reset" but none have yet really,really stated as to the why,other than the he's the one "constant/part of the wider problem" spiel.
  5. Might just be me,but i've never heard Bullen flim flam in post match interviews,either as the Temporary/first team manager or when asked to do post match by Monk,he's a Hands up "we weren't very good/we were awful today" kind of fella,thats him accepting accountability....................................But hey thats just me.
  6. Perhaps this,Perhaps that,means nowt really does it,A job out of Sympathy.......................Don't think thats how it works TBH.
  7. How come,if Bullen is part of the wider problem,has he been kept on the coaching staff by different Managers,and taken the Helm during our search for a new Manger ?
  8. But,you also said "Reset button" needed at the end of your post......................what exactly are/were you implying with regards to bullen then ?
  9. Aye,but if he or Monk had said "we want to repay the fans" he/they would have been torn a new one for coming out with Platitudes,lose,lose situation.
  10. https://www.thesun.co.uk/sport/football/11695277/premier-league-efl-cash-bailout/
  11. I've posted the article fella,the "something back" is a repayment of sorts of the money given out by them,either thru a club being sold or a player transfer.
  12. OK then,if what has been alluded to with regards to swfc going into Administration by peeps on here (that and us being the next Bury/Stockport),i'll look forward to seeing the "Well played,Done the right thing,Masterstroke" posts/threads,rather than the "He's clueless,doesn't know how to run a business,the sooner he leaves the better"...............You being main cheerleader.....................Deal ?
  13. Was a bit lazy asking ya,have just found the "piece" in the sun https://www.thesun.co.uk/sport/football/11695277/premier-league-efl-cash-bailout/
  14. Is it a column piece or twitter that he's saying that ? Do we know what the "something back" is ?
  15. Oh for crying out loud,something allowed within the rules gets done for P&S reasons for "ADVANTAGE" yes,now,you're not really saying that that is even close to what that cheating git Bates did are ya ?
  16. Yes,Yes we are,Blue fella called admistration a masterstroke,thats cheating,you know it,anyone with an ounce of morals knows it,lets not pretend that Chansiri's swfc is even close to that stage of cheating.
  17. Explain how "WE" have cheated,that means everybody externally gets shafted.................thats what you called a masterstroke,swfc are not even close to doing that.
  18. Woah,hang on a minute,Bates's cheating meant shafting everybody externally,Swfc are not even close to doing that.
  19. Yeh,but you'd be all over Chansiri if he were to do it,.................Masterstoke my @ss,cheats way of dealing with things.
  20. So it would have been ok for you,if swfc had called in the administrators prior to kick off,of the last game of the season like he did ?
  21. Maybe it has, I just think this mindset of "he's gotta go" after no time at all really is just one of them throw away, easy to say comments. The one thing I would say is, there is an inevitability about all who manage wednesday, they all leave at some point. We are on our 14th manager since the turn of the century,not exactly a stable job is it.
  22. Ya see, this is the problem I have with statements like that, Just because you and maybe others think it /post it, doesn't mean it's true,with regards to the players trusting/supporting him. I've yet To go through a season reading Owlstalk where there has been 100% support respect for any Manager. Its a "myth". Bearing in mind I've been on here since Feb 2010,don’t be a smart arse, coming back with Big Ron or anyone prior.
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