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  1. Woah, steady on, let's not get all carried away, a Monk "hater" will always be, regardless, got no choice after nailing their colours to the mast.
  2. Nah mate, he's stood next to pepper. Retreats from thread with embarrassment.
  3. I tend to focus on the team as a whole, not individuals, mistakes happen all over the pitch, just seems defenders get the brunt of fans frustration.
  4. Makes you wonder how he won player of the year with us, what with all those mistakes he made.
  5. Fans of former player,dissing said former player,what a surprise,don't take any notice of any other clubs fans and their opinions. Wait till he's played for us,then decide.
  6. There's an "issue" with his medical,not failed it,they are still trying to get the deal done.
  7. Think you're doing Bannan a bit if disservice there, he even had to quantify what he meant after admiring Brentfords style of play.
  8. How to jump to conclusions on a turned down bid, quite funny really.
  9. No, it was The EFL who pursued the punishment, they ballsed it up, that's why the IDC gave us it this season, ya didn't need a "very good source" it was in the statement.
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