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  1. You've been promised nothing,despite you paying lots of money.
  2. Bit late to the party fella, but Nevermind, there may be some who haven't heard/read/seen it.
  3. Just run that by me, "if he'd have done better last year, we'd have had the points deduction last year", how's that work then, Chansiri got SWFC the points deduction, it was the independent panel that gave SWFC the points penalty for this, nothing to what I've read in the statement release backs anything up you've posted.
  4. It's my way of looking at it, can't be doing with this twitchy curtain nonsense peeking jealously at what other clubs do. All the while immediately saying he's as good as or better than we've already got.
  5. Yes he is highly thought of, thats about it, he's unproven at any first team level.
  6. Took the liberty of looking at Garners stats for games played, goals scored etc, because of some "bigging him up" and being properly reyt good and he's what we need etc, etc............Meh. That's not to say, I would disappointed if we were to sign him, but he hasn't done a great deal as of yet.
  7. I'm as sure as i can be,that there are moves afoot to bring a someone in,and i would hazard a guess it'll be someone better.
  8. Well,you can look at it like that,or you can say,we've signed two players we know can score goals,as opposed to a young fella who may,is it a case of "what could have been",time will tell,not overly fussed to be honest fella.
  9. If he scores regularly, you'll have a point,and he'll go back to Leicester to give it a go, if he doesn't, you won't, it's as easy as that.
  10. Just had a quick look at a Miller's forum, they seem pretty convinced that young Hirstyboy will be a Miller any time soon.
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