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  1. Reach,Rhodes,Westwood,Urhoghide aren't first team players out of contract. Mowatt isn't out of contact,Bristol will take up the 12 months on Eliason,
  2. Doesn't have to be "same fans necessarily" its being posted/said.
  3. "Should never have played for the club again "after refusing to travel to Norwich","Won't be sorry to see him leave""He's not done owt for two years" etc,etc,etc,agent says "he's heard nowt from the club".......................Boo Chansiri,Boo Monk,good god almighty,make ya minds up.
  4. Last time I looked at any pics of their place the pillars were still there.
  5. You don't have foresight,you have an opinion on what you think/might/may and even i dare say look forward to the "sh-t" hitting the fan just so as you can comeback with the "told ya",when you call administration a "masterstroke" by that Bates fella at Leeds,but at every opportunity stick an unfounded boot in to Chansiri who you proclaim may end up doing that at SWFC,I'm gunna laugh at every opportunity.
  6. I laugh because i think you are funny,with your doom and gloom,mark my words etc,etc
  7. See the reply he gave to me,a not unreasonable account of why.
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