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  1. Looking back on yesterdays postings,i should have understood the point a little better in regards to your Luton thing. But,and it may only be me,i can't abide some of the reckless,underhanded,absolute f--kwittery thats been posted this last 2 days. Don't know whats more annoying,reading and posting to shybo,or seeing a notification that someone has either quoted it or in that f-cker farrell's case,some crappy smiley.
  2. That question has been asked numerous times since the EFL charge,now,no one in the past couple of days has said it is,but there are those like me who will absolutely without second thought defend mr chairman from some of the absolute gash that has been posted about the situation swfc finds itself in,like it,lump it,makes no odds,(not aimed at you specifically by the way )whats funny is,ever since this charge came to light,we've in two days gone from a 9 or 10 points deduction,to a 21 to 25 point deduction,being thrown out of the league,administration,new clubs being formed in the eleventieth tier of football,its bullshyte.
  3. Not true that tho is it,ya can think it,ya can even post it,don't make it a fact.
  4. No link to it actually,but doesn't stop people thinking it.
  5. Here ya go chap,have a read https://www.efl.com/-more/all-about-the-efl/efl-board/
  6. I was trying to take a step back from this,but for crying out loud,where's this going to the wall come from ?
  7. It took them 7 months to instigate the final punishment on Birmingham,they were charged in August 2018,punishment given March 2019.
  8. Reyt dufus,can't even remember how old i was,13 is the answer,wasn't 14 till august.
  9. 1982 14 years old,my first ever game. A wednesday win 2 - 1 v Norwich - division 2 Can't remember who scored the goals,first or last. Was that the game Norwich went up ?
  10. This That's how to criticise,not throw underhanded,uncalled for potentially litigious comments about him.
  11. No one nationally gives swfc a thought. Its taken dem blavdes 8 years to pass us,not 3.
  12. 5 minutes you say,took me 35 seconds to copy and paste,and claim i drew it.
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