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  1. The only thing you can take as gospel on here is the time and date summat was posted ffs.
  2. Piece of cake to stay up, no bother, no danger.
  3. The inception of the "premier league" had 22 teams,that was reduced to 20 in 1995,it aint going back,if the bigger than the rest boys have their way it'll be down to 18 teams.
  4. That says more about you then, we have players for the here and now, christ alive, has anyone from the club or have you heard that swfc won't be signing any players on loan/permanently in January?, no you haven't.
  5. You dissed his signing,with "commenting on something" else because he was from the Italian 3rd division.
  6. For crying out loud room, he said himself he knows he'll play for the under 23's,it wasn't announced as a first team signing, why such an issue trying to improve what may or not come thru the "ranks".............. this club has tanked at planning for the future, well that was until Chansiri came in.
  7. Was just gunna post that, strange one that, think he's better than Qatari football, but then again it may be a money thing.
  8. We've as good a chance as any of the top 8 or 9 as it stands IMO. The cavalry may well arrive, because there are still two weeks left for them to.
  9. Well, the board of the Premier league are looking into Usmanov's £30 million injection for "naming rights" of the new stadium that's not even got footings yet. Slightly away from the losses I know but are being looked at none the less.
  10. Imagine this "offer" without understanding what's on "offer"........ Madness.
  11. Ah well that's the thing, he ain't Gayle, Nketiah, Wickham, Gray or any other "name" ready to roll for action, we (swfc) couldn't possibly at last be thinking further ahead....... No, No that won't do will it.
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