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  1. I remember when being a supporter actually meant supporting the team. These days it apparently means booing and calling for the managers head if we don't win every game 4-0.
  2. Although the Moore haters were out in force last week despite winning. Today was much better but obviously poor to throw it away from such a string position. Still think we will get there given time.
  3. Everyone's previous 'saviour' Paul Cooke also threw away a 2 goal lead today and is below us in the table. Moores not pulling up any trees at the moment but I suspect changing the manager won't be the quick fix that many think it will.
  4. Let's sack him and finish midtbale with some other average manager instead
  5. It's odd isn't it. Seems to go beyond players and managers. Can't understand it.
  6. Yes it's interesting to see the vote suggests most people don't want Moore sacked. There's certainly not the impression you get when reading most threads on here. As usual in life its those that shout loudest that get heard but they rarely represent the majority viewpoint.
  7. Do we? People keep saying this but based on what?
  8. We have a decent squad for this level. But I think some people are definitely overestimating how good it is. Lots of players with plenty to prove imo.
  9. Well I think he's overcomplicating it a bit and probably chopping and changing too much. But I can see what he's trying to do. There's nothing wrong with adapting to the oppositions tactics (worked well in the Wigan game). But I definitely think we'd be better off trying to dictate games more at home with our own game plan.
  10. Hi mate. How you doing? Didn't enjoy my tactics today?
  11. I certainly enjoyed the 3 points yes. The football hasn't been great but we are in league 1 after all. Of course I'd prefer to win and play well but I'm a Wednesday fan so I've learnt not to be greedy
  12. Several other games where we could have gained additional points but for individual errors. 18 points so far is fair. Yes I'm an optimist and yes I think we'll finish in the playoffs.
  13. Clubs will drop off. 75 points is nearly always enough for a playoff finish. Sure of course there is. But we've won today, our points haul so far is decent. I just don't understand why they is so much negativity all the time.
  14. We are on course at the moment to finish on 75 points. How is that not being competitive?
  15. Indeed. I suspect few have much understanding as to how our squad stacks up against the competition. How many have watched other teams in this league with any regularity? I certainly haven't.
  16. Some fans are only happy when they are moaning. Another good 3 points today and our current ppg would see us finish in the playoffs. Enjoy the win.
  17. We would have finished mid table that season and fans would have hounded him out for 'underachieving'
  18. Put it this way our current squad would be relegation favourites if they were in the championship. Sure we have the odd player like bannan and iorfa who could be considered championship level but the overall standard is very much league 1. As for corbeanu and bpf I think it's obvious that being contracted at a premier league club doesn't mean premier league standard. Premier league clubs are full of youngsters who never make the grade. I would put money on the fact that neither will ever become premier league regulars. At the moment it isn't clear that either are even good league 1 players.
  19. Our 'championship' players were mostly relegated last season or at best released because they were deemed surplus to requirements at that level. As for our PL player I'm pretty sure he has never played a single game at that level. In fact he's only made a handful of senior appearances in his career.
  20. I think fans expectations are rarely aligned with reality. Objectively speaking Carlos did a good job with us and showed he is a decent manager. Just because we didn't go up doesn't change that. You see it this year with people thinking we should be in the automatics. Objectively speaking there is no reason to expect that but its still the benchmark for some.
  21. Perhaps, no one knows how that season would have gone with Bruce in charge. But I suspect his willingness to leave suggests he had his own doubts. Anyone it's one thing sacking a manager to replace them with someone of Bruce's quality and another to go out and just replace with whoever is available. Obviously if a quality proven manager is available then sure make a change. I'm just very anti change for changes sake.
  22. Worked out really well for Monk when he tried this approach.
  23. This us what people have been saying about every manager since Carlos left. Unless you are pretty damn sure the replacement is going to be better than the incumbent making a change is expensive, pointless and counterproductive.
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