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  1. Bruce may have told all his manager friends that DC is hard work.
  2. I have an awful feeling he's losing interest. He's put millions in and we havn't really got anywhere. When Bruce left I think he probably hurt as much as us.
  3. Anyone got the feeling Moses Odubajo could be getting boo'd instead of Fox from now on?
  4. It's so difficult not to be negative, but this is pants.
  5. Liam Palmer used to get boo'd, he stepped up and i'm suprised when he's not in the team.
  6. Just chill. Leave everything as it is and when we have a bad patch bring in a new manager and bounce on. We all want Bullen here forever.
  7. Losing to the blunts was Carlos's downfall.
  8. I hope i'm wrong, but without Hector the defence looks weak.
  9. If Ashley would have just paid the release fee, i think we would have all understood and wished Bruce all the best. What a mess.
  10. Carlos and Jos were loyal, results are everything. Perhaps this has put Chansiri off appointing another English manager.
  11. Perhaps Bruce just doesn't want to work for Mr Chansiri? He is a very unique individual. Or he thinks the team will struggle and is getting out before he's boo'd out. Maybe it is the chance to manage his boyhood team, we may never know. I hope Mr Chansiri has learned something from having such a seasoned manager in charge for a while. Feels like the season is over before it has started but I wish the 3 Steve's all the best and thank them for hopefully showing our chairman what is needed to get out of this league.
  12. this can't be good. So now we will never get a loan player from Newcastle and have a manager who doesn't want to be here.
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