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  1. He was great. Didn't he used to go training with the lads, then got to the gym on his own after?
  2. Mr Chasiri, lets get spending again. You can do it this time.
  3. I'm hoping he hates to fail and plough loads of money into us.
  4. I was gutted when Hooper left. Not really bothered about any of the others who have left. But Big Dave, you will be missed.
  5. He's a merry go round manager. Can't manage big ego's. If we just get mediocre players who are just glad to be playing at this lvl and give everything he will be ok. If we want to win anything he needs to go.
  6. What if we win, no points deducted and Chansiri is going for it again next season?
  7. He's there to manage the team, he's failed.
  8. I cant see Mr Chansiri dropping the prices, league 1 at this price structure is going to be a disaster.
  9. He was terrible for a long while, every time he got the ball i was nervous. The abuse he got has pushed him to be half decent. He should be thanking us.
  10. Tell the players if they start doing better they will get a 4 year deal on double wages.
  11. The way we buy players who are in there prime or on the decline, there's no point in giving a manager time to build a team. Monk seems like a nice guy, and i'm sure he knows what he's doing but if he can't motivate the team he may as well go. You need to change things around until something clicks, just look at United.
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