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  1. If Ashley would have just paid the release fee, i think we would have all understood and wished Bruce all the best. What a mess.
  2. Carlos and Jos were loyal, results are everything. Perhaps this has put Chansiri off appointing another English manager.
  3. Perhaps Bruce just doesn't want to work for Mr Chansiri? He is a very unique individual. Or he thinks the team will struggle and is getting out before he's boo'd out. Maybe it is the chance to manage his boyhood team, we may never know. I hope Mr Chansiri has learned something from having such a seasoned manager in charge for a while. Feels like the season is over before it has started but I wish the 3 Steve's all the best and thank them for hopefully showing our chairman what is needed to get out of this league.
  4. this can't be good. So now we will never get a loan player from Newcastle and have a manager who doesn't want to be here.
  5. Yes he must feel betrayed, and the players too. Lets all get behind our Chairman, he may do things wrong at times but his heart is Wednesday.
  6. People saying Ashley is a nightmare to work with, i could imagine the same could be said with Chansiri.
  7. Don't get me wrong, i feel Bruce is the most clued in manager we've had in a long time. I really hope he can assemble a squad that can challenge, but we don't even know what the team is gonna look like next season.
  8. They are really rubbing it in now, please Mr Bruce get us into the premier league so we can pretend to buy there best players.
  9. The thing that scares me is this is very similar to last season. Jos had a great end to the season and then, oh dear. Managers come in and ease in gradually. Once the players got to know Jos and his way of doing things it all went to crap. If theres no money for new players and lots of players are leaving i fear the worst.
  10. i would love to keep Hooper and Fletcher. Great experience to pass on to the younger lads. Why is no one talking about Fletcher? been very consistant and leads the front line well.
  11. I think a lot of people are gonna be disappointed next season if they think we are gonna hit the transfer market with multi millions. We should just leave Bruce to it and hope he can get some bargains. Some of the academy players are gonna have to step up as well.
  12. After watching that, i'm scared FF has lost his bottle. I hope he just needs some games time. Some positives today.
  13. I doubt Hooper will be the player we remember after all this time.
  14. Mr Chansiri is learning. A proven manager is what is needed, can't get more proven that SB. The questions were poor, very poor. The only way is up, unless we get relegated.
  15. Chansiri said someone offered 170 million, wow. I heard him at the fans forum and he didn't say he was selling, the guys english lets him down. All he has to do is say NO, it's not for sale.
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