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  1. I think a lot of people are gonna be disappointed next season if they think we are gonna hit the transfer market with multi millions. We should just leave Bruce to it and hope he can get some bargains. Some of the academy players are gonna have to step up as well.
  2. After watching that, i'm scared FF has lost his bottle. I hope he just needs some games time. Some positives today.
  3. I doubt Hooper will be the player we remember after all this time.
  4. Mr Chansiri is learning. A proven manager is what is needed, can't get more proven that SB. The questions were poor, very poor. The only way is up, unless we get relegated.
  5. Chansiri said someone offered 170 million, wow. I heard him at the fans forum and he didn't say he was selling, the guys english lets him down. All he has to do is say NO, it's not for sale.
  6. Jos not even explaining to the players why they were dropped , worst manager ever.
  7. Why are we still getting linked with players? Why have we paid 2m for Bruce? Why haven't we sold any players? Whats the long term plan? Have we sold the ground? So many things to potentially go wrong it's scary times.
  8. Leeds are getting a lot of stick for cheating. To me it seems our chairman just sits in his office trying to work out how to get around the rules too. We are in the poo Mr Chansiri, lets start again and do it right, we will be all behind you.
  9. If this is true, Chansiri needs his head screwing back on. All he talks about is FFP, it would probably be best to write this season off. We are so far behind now, we may as well have a clear out and start again.
  10. i have a few, they have both said the same.
  11. Unfortunately the ifollow service on IPTV will be going soon. I've been told it's getting too expensive to keep going.
  12. He didn't mean the club is for sale, the language barrier has caused a poo storm. I would think most people who buy football clubs have zero experience, who would buy a second club? He said if there was anyway to get around FFP, he's done it. I believe him. Lets be fair, it was always gonna take a while to sort out. I doubt he will go for it again.
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