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  1. The way we buy players who are in there prime or on the decline, there's no point in giving a manager time to build a team. Monk seems like a nice guy, and i'm sure he knows what he's doing but if he can't motivate the team he may as well go. You need to change things around until something clicks, just look at United.
  2. Unfortunately it looks like he's lost the dressing room. If he can't manage the players he is doomed. There's nothing to play for now so even harder to motivate them. I've lost interest now, bring on next season.
  3. 2 crap teams then. We are hoping our 3 new players will kick start our season again.
  4. I just hope for a change in tactics, lets go at em.
  5. With Fletcher we were 3rd and flying. I don't get everyone saying get rid. The guy is in amazing shape and been a game changer this season. Why pay him less if he can to do the business, just have a shorter contract.
  6. I knew we would be at the bottom, but west brom?
  7. Mr Chansiri asked us if we wanted to pay more for a better quality side, we have been scammed. Lets sue him. Also it's obvious the players are missing Tango, bring him back.
  8. Football is getting depressing, lets go to the pub.
  9. He's 1 of our lowest paid players, but something seems to have clicked with him. Should always play at the minute, done really well.
  10. It's amazing how these players start performing at the end of there contracts.
  11. I forgot how much time he spent on the floor. You can see the skill but he doesn't look fit. He needs to spend a few weeks training with Fletcher, that guy is a monster.
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