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  1. I have a horrid feeling you could be right. We could be going the same way as Derby.
  2. Unfortunately both Wednesday and United are in trouble. We are linked together in history. Let's hope we can both stay in business.
  3. I'm past caring. I doubt Chansiri is going to splash the cash again. The players are poor, i doubt any manager can get promoted with this lot. Unfortunately i think we are in league 1 for a long time.
  4. Can someone explain to him how the counter attack works please. We play the slowest football in the league.
  5. I hope i'm wrong, but i doubt we are getting out of this league with these players.
  6. We have got 14 players in who we haven't payed anything for (because of the embargo). There's a reason they didn't cost anything. Bannan hasn't left because no one will pay him the 30k a week we will. The team is poor, but I think its as good as we could have hoped for. A few more poor games and a can see the fans not bothering turning up. No point sacking Moore, the team is just poor.
  7. Wednesday go up, pigs go down. Could it really happen?
  8. I'm sorry, but i fear the worst. Nearly same team as last year without Windass up front.
  9. They need to change something so teams attack each other, sick of the teams setting up not to lose.
  10. 2 sides trying not to lose. They need to change the rules so teams attack each other.
  11. Chansiri only listens to agents. They keep having his pants down yet he still listens to them. Agents are never gonna tell you anything negative about a player. We needs experienced scouts. Lets face it, we are stuffed.
  12. I'm amazed in the current climate that anyone wants our players. They must be a hard sell for the agents.
  13. It worked pretty well for the pigs. Ferguson and Wenger could go out and buy all the best players and no other team could compete. It's fine margins in today's game. If the players like a manager, it can click and your off on a journey. I'm 100% certain that you could have given Monk 10 years and we would still be awful.
  14. You need to keep changing the manager until something clicks, why would you stick with the same manager who is going nowhere? Watching the team under Monk was torture, pulis was worse and Moore is a little better. After watching all of Monks games, I am pretty certain we were going nowhere. Even if he had kept us up we would still be garbage next season. If Moore fails to impress, try someone else.
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