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  1. Talk radio just said Tottenham are 600 million in debt, well all the 6 teams that are planning to leave have massive debts. Perhaps they have no choice because of bad management and the Covid crisis. If the players really want to help, they need to take pay cuts.
  2. The worldwide TV rights probably dwarf anything the uk based fans can generate, so the home grown fans are stuffed.
  3. The more I think about this, the more I think it will fail. Just the travel restrictions for years will kill it. Nearing the end of the season who is going to watch the lower half teams play with nothing to play for?
  4. Probably agent talk. I wanted him to do well but it's not looking like he's good enough.
  5. With half the championship under an embargo, does that mean some of our players are finding it difficult so find new clubs? perhaps thats the motivation that was needed to get them playing.
  6. I'm still not convinced we will win this, but great up to now.
  7. The only thing you can be certain about today is the second half will be pants.
  8. if 2 clubs go into administration we might have a chance. Only covid can save us.
  9. 10 out of 10 Wednesday for the first half, shall we go hide for the second half?
  10. I can't believe this is Wednesday, If Moore get them playing like this all the time i will buy a season ticket.
  11. The players have just realised they could be out of a job at the end of the season?
  12. i knew this team couldn't be that bad, looks like they have woken up.
  13. It's very funny. Recruitment has been a disaster for him in the premier league. I think they are nuts for getting rid of him but it's made me chuckle.
  14. Chansiri may have put a lot of money in, but his incompetence in running the club means he has to pump tons of more money in now.
  15. I can't believe i'm going to say this, but Leeds are great to watch. I think a lot of teams have forgot we want to be entertained.
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