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  1. Perhaps Doyen can get rid of a few of our players to some unsuspecting clubs. They have had our pants down enough times now they owe us.
  2. If we get promoted i will be amazed. I really hope he can do it.
  3. We all know it was the Sheffield United that has cost him his job. All confidence in him has gone since that game.
  4. I Finally Lost Confidence In Carlos Today

    I've lost faith in the team now. Anyone else get the feeling the other teams are thinking that if they have a player they want to get rid of they call us?
  5. Bolton vs SWFC “Highlights”

    I'm starting to think the team is not good enough. I cant think of 1 player at the minute who is exciting to watch. We have always had someone like Mcgeady or Mcmanaman knocking about who had something different. It's time to start again and plan for the 160th anniversary. Carlos's autobiography will be a good read, he may shed some light on who is actually bringing these players in.
  6. I've lost interest in this season now, there really is nothing to get excited about now
  7. Perhaps the players are afraid of who the next manager will be and have finally started playing.
  8. Exorbitant wage bill

    It feels like we went for it and have failed. Saying we are going to be promoted within 2 years and putting the ticket prices up to as much as you can get away with hasn't helped Carlos.
  9. Carlos Press Conference LIVE NOW

    After watching this team for 2 years now, i'm not too confident they are going to get promoted. The Sheffield derby will be your downfall. I hope i'm wrong.
  10. The only good thing to come out of Saturday will be tonites praise or grumble
  11. We need to buy Brooks

    I didn't say anything about playing him, just need to shut these blades up.
  12. We need to buy Brooks

    90 minutes we are never gonna hear the end of
  13. We need to buy Brooks

    i thought there entire team was only worth 9 million?
  14. Imagine how pissed off united fans would be if we took there golden boy. Barnsley nearly had a meltdown with Winnall.
  15. if this was the first season he would have put 5 strikers on by now