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    FFP/P&S Question

    Why are we still getting linked with players? Why have we paid 2m for Bruce? Why haven't we sold any players? Whats the long term plan? Have we sold the ground? So many things to potentially go wrong it's scary times.
  2. Leeds are getting a lot of stick for cheating. To me it seems our chairman just sits in his office trying to work out how to get around the rules too. We are in the poo Mr Chansiri, lets start again and do it right, we will be all behind you.
  3. If this is true, Chansiri needs his head screwing back on. All he talks about is FFP, it would probably be best to write this season off. We are so far behind now, we may as well have a clear out and start again.
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    i have a few, they have both said the same.
  5. bobowl


    Unfortunately the ifollow service on IPTV will be going soon. I've been told it's getting too expensive to keep going.
  6. Lets get behind them, it's only 20quid.
  7. bobowl

    Fans forum match day thread

    It didn't sound like that to me.
  8. bobowl

    Fans forum match day thread

    He didn't mean the club is for sale, the language barrier has caused a poo storm. I would think most people who buy football clubs have zero experience, who would buy a second club? He said if there was anyway to get around FFP, he's done it. I believe him. Lets be fair, it was always gonna take a while to sort out. I doubt he will go for it again.
  9. bobowl

    Fans forum match day thread

    I will probably get a few negs, but i like Chansiri. He came across well and made me want to help him, (if i had 100million i would help out). I really do think if he could just blow tons of money on getting us to the premiership he would.
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    This is so true. I am a POTD "customer", i have to be really motivated to pay these crazy prices to watch such poor football. Can anyone else see the similarities with Jos and Mourinho? Instead of managing the star players, they argue with them and bench them. We really need someone coming in with a positive outlook.
  11. So Bannan now has a nice Christmas break, it's pretty obvious it's planned. Perhaps no one getting bans over the Christmas period could be the way to go?
  12. bobowl

    Bannan Injured

    Nothing to play for, Christmas coming up, expect lots of injuries in the next few weeks.
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    He's an improvement on Butterfield.
  14. bobowl

    Why is our defending so bad?

    It was Frederico Venâncio. He came in, he was a rock. We should have done anything possible to keep him.
  15. bobowl

    Player of the Month...

    How can a member of the worst defence in the league be voted POTM? It shows how bad the rest of the team have been.
  16. The fans turned on Carlos after we lost to them. I'm seeing Jos out now, so in 2 weeks Mr Chansiri will have to sack him.
  17. Friday 9th November is D day for Jos. If we lose to United(highly probable), the fans will lynch him.
  18. Winnall always gave 100%. Not sure if Abdi just can't play at this level anymore or just can't be bothered.
  19. Is it worth spending resources on Abdi, who will never play in the first team? He has never really offered anything to the team. Winnall on the other hand, hope he does well.
  20. bobowl

    Today line up

    Think you have that the wrong way around.
  21. bobowl


    I wish him the best. If he's not going to get a game here, hows he going to get better?. Seems a confident young man, nothing wrong with that.