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    Clare rejected us??

    He was excellent in his first 2 games, but the next 2 he was lost. You you could say this about all our players. Wish he would stay here, could be great.
  2. The young players coming through has been the only good thing about this season. Watching a player develop is a lot more enjoyable than watching one get to the end of his career and fall to bits.
  3. bobowl

    anyone on I Follow ?

    i can't make many games because of work, so has been great. I'd pay more than 6 euros(would need to get better)if needed. Sometimes the cameraman nods off. The second half missed the kick off on sat. It needs commentary and replays as well.
  4. bobowl

    anyone on I Follow ?

    Looks like our days could be numbered, shame.
  5. bobowl

    anyone on I Follow ?

    Are the people who have been banned using a free VPN? Can't you use a different VPN in another location? I've had a look on other forums and can't see anyone else having problems. I hope they don't have a clampdown on using a VPN.
  6. bobowl

    End of season clear out

    I don't know if i've got this wrong, but didn't i read that even if we sell most of our players it wouldn't now count against FFP?. So it's either go for broke, or just accept that we are going to be punished for a few years and prepair to start again. Why does everyone keep saying we are gonna sell players when our chairman hasn't sold anyone in nearly 3 years?. Big Dave needs to be kept. After all the abuse he's taken over the years he really has shown what a pro he is. Has anyone else noticed how much fitter he looks? under Carlos he had a massive gut.
  7. bobowl


    it does seem rather strange not having the audio mixed with the video.
  8. bobowl


    Does anyone know where i can get the ifollow commentary? It's very annoying that you can't watch and listen at the same time. I pay for the video but can't use both at the same time.
  9. I'm a pay on the day customer. Can't go Saturdays because of work. If there was a midweek game me and the other half used to love going. But at 42 quid each to go has really put us off, and as stated before we have got out of the habbit. Ifollow stream has probably affected the attendence too.
  10. 2 of CC's teams boring each other to death
  11. bobowl


    The 2 previous season have seen us nearly make it to the promise land. I'm not sure how we can blame Mr Chansiri for the injury problems we have. The club have even asked us all if we would like to play less.
  12. How can we have so many young stars and under carlos never saw 1 of them?
  13. bobowl


    Whats everyone else's excuse? all had an off day today. These young kids need encouragement. We've not got anything to lose by giving them a chance, some will shine and some will fall. I have a good feeling about him.
  14. bobowl


    Leave him alone. I though he was ok, probably nervous.
  15. bobowl

    What are our striker options?

    I think Big Dave would play even if he had a broken leg, he is all we need.
  16. bobowl

    Almen Abdi back playing

    I'm not sure what Abdi can bring to this squad from what i've seen when he has played. The season is pretty much over and the only thing that is keeping me interested is the youngsters coming through. Abdi coming back will keep one of the kids out,so not getting to excited.
  17. at least there could be a few players back for a replay
  18. Carlos has dyed his hair but looks older
  19. because we are going for the draw?
  20. He's going to have to put Joao on.
  21. Jos is very limited by who he can pick, but no Joao?
  22. bobowl

    Sean Clare

    He's give us a bit of hope, if it doesn't work out he can join the rest of the 1st team. I really hope he shines.
  23. bobowl

    Team (3-5-2) if fully fit Squad

    I think Joao has taken Fletchers place now.
  24. bobowl

    Sean Clare first league start

    What a difference the midfield was tonite. Instead of Jones and Butterfield passing it sideways and back, we had Clare and Reach tearing them to bits.
  25. We need someone who can manage these young men. Carlos has proven that instead of managing players he just freezes them out. I know it's a broken record but for example, i was over the moon when McGuigan signed. Never played again. I wish Carlos all the best but we need someone these guys are going to respect.