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  1. I would imagine those without contract offers will be those most likely to be putting in 100%. At least they would be mad not too if they want to find a new club in the summer.
  2. NorthernOwl

    FF looks ready

    I don't agree with this I think most of us love FF and like nothing better than seeing him in full flow. However if we are being honest he is a bit of a troublemaker. The number of incidents involving him during his time here have really mounted up. Sure some of them may have been blown out of proportion but he hardly helps himself does he. As to his ability yes he is great on his day and he's certainly a big asset when he's available to us. But the reality is he's nearly 29 and he's had one great season in his career. He's been a bit part player for the rest of the time. I would like nothing more than for him to recreate his first season under Carlos and maybe Bruce can get that out of him. But given his recent injury record if a decent offer comes in we would be silly not to consider it very carefully.
  3. NorthernOwl

    Westwood - 2 Games 2 Clean Sheets

    This will just be reminding everyone that there is a top championship keeper available for free in January. Dawson may well be back between the sticks sooner rather than later.
  4. NorthernOwl

    Westwood Starts

    Yep it's good to know Chansiri wasn't to blame for freezing players out. Sacking Jos and bringing in Bruce has to be applauded too. Fingers crossed this is the beginning of the club starting to make some sensible decisions.
  5. NorthernOwl

    Bullen taking the presser.

    Sure they do but this is particularly poor timing. Jos complains about people questioning his job then adds fuel to the fire by dodging the conference at the time he's most under pressure. Poor move on his part however you look at it
  6. NorthernOwl

    Reasons we should keep Jos

    The only 2 things I can think of are: 1) We financially have no choice - remove him and appoint someone else could tip us into more P&S sanctions. 2) We are in the process of searching for a replacement and want a quick transition.
  7. NorthernOwl

    Jos storms out

    Even Jos knows he can't retrieve the situation from here. I get the impression he wants out of here as much as we want him gone. I'm sure he'd just walk away if it didn't mean passing up a bit fat payout for his retirement. Chansiri needs to act as it really is in no ones interest to continue this farce.
  8. NorthernOwl


    Jos is the worst manager I've seen during my time watching Wednesday and I don't say that lightly. I'm usually the one calling for managers to be given more time but Jos has no redeeming features whatsoever. He falls short in every attribute you want in a manager.
  9. NorthernOwl


    Presumably we'll have to replace some of the out of contract players in the summer. So a new manager will be able to bring in the type of player that suits the system they want to play even if they have to make do with freebies and loans to do it.
  10. NorthernOwl


    It's funny isn't it. Everyone bangs on about how we need a british manager with experience of success in the championship. When we are finally linked to one with 4 promotions to his name suddenly we can do better. I think some people live in a total fantasy land. Who exactly do they think we can get.
  11. NorthernOwl


    For all those who think Bruce isn't good enough I fear you are going to be very, very disappointed with whoever our next manager is.
  12. NorthernOwl

    Alan Nixon

    I refuse to acknowledge any success that Colin has had
  13. NorthernOwl

    Alan Nixon

    He's been promoted from this league 4 times. More than any other manager. If he'll come here it's a no brainer. We won't do better.
  14. NorthernOwl

    Isn't it obvious?

    The more I think about this the morning it annoys me. We all know our shortcomings and problems but Jos needs to take responsibility for our performances. We have the worst defensive record in the league. We've conceded 38 goals in 21 games. How can Jos possibly consider this acceptable. This is not down to the players we have available but Jos' complete and utter incompetence. With the squad we have available we should be doing far better than we are and that is the blimmin reality.
  15. NorthernOwl

    Isn't it obvious?

    We see the reality all too clearly. That is the issue.