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  1. We might average more than 0.84 goals per game. Hell we might even win more than we lose! It's even possible we could mount a challenge for the playoffs. And that would be way more fun than this disastrous season.
  2. I simply cannot take posts like this seriously. Please tell me you are on the wind up? Ps - there are times when I really miss the neg button.
  3. Yep his multiyear tickets have locked in ultra high prices. POTG will be virtually non existent next season. Think our average attendances will be the lowest for many a year.
  4. Some absolutely cringeworthy posts on this thread. Anyone criticising Moore after one game should be embarrassed at themselves. He's soon going to wish he stayed at Doncaster if he doesn't already.
  5. Yeah but apparently Joao was lightweight and lazy and not committed enough. Everyone wanted a hardworking, trier instead.
  6. Why? He always gives 100% every game. Hes not a striker and hes not very good. Neither of which are his fault. If anyone should be ashamed it should be the person responsible for recruiting him as our main 'striker'.
  7. Weren't all the players Monk brought in suppose to be mentally strong triers? How many of those signings have been a success? People need to realise the problem we face isnt the mental attitude of individual players. It's the whole structure of the club and the way its run. We can clear out all the current players but I can guarantee we will face exactly the same problems. Until we fix the fundamental, structural failings at the club nothing will change.
  8. I'd put money on Reach getting a championship move and having a really good season next year, used in his proper position. Meanwhile we will be languishing in the lower reaches of league 1 with his replacement being a 'trier' with half his ability.
  9. Completely agree. Its certainly the case that the squad is devoid of confidence. I think however, that many people interpret that lack of confidence as players not caring when I genuinely dont think that is the case.
  10. How do people expect the playing squad to be successful when the whole club is set up to fail. - We've been fighting a points deduction all season - Players haven't been paid properly - We've had 4 managers all asking players to play with different set ups, tactics etc - We have a hugely unbalanced squad without a proper striker in it It really isnt surprising that we are performing so badly given the above. Saying the players dont care is an easy answer to a big problem. We'll probably have a very different looking squad next season given a
  11. There is nothing Wednesday fans like better than laying into their own players. For years now every time we lose you can guarantee thread after thread saying the players dont try, dont care, are stealing a wage etc etc. It's always time for a clear out. And when the new players come in, they are soon on the clear out list too. The truth is we have a mismatched squad of poor players who have been passed from manager to manager. Is it any wonder they haven't got a clue what they are doing. This is the 4th manager of the season, with new instructions, tactics etc. We would
  12. 3 of todays starters were involved in the playoff seasons. Its hardly the same group of players.
  13. Easy to say, difficult to achieve. As the last few seasons have illustrated. Fresh isnt always better. If you have good players that want to stay, keep them. We'll have plenty of space in the squad for new recruits as well.
  14. It's the best thing we've achieved over the last 20 years and we probably won't better it over the next 20 either.
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