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  1. Probably because he's in contract to a team in the league above who have said they want to keep him. Realistically it's unlikely to happen.
  2. Yeah and Flint is even worse at it that Dunkely. Hence why we should stay well clear.
  3. Fair enough. I personally have my doubts thay anyone we could attract as a bench warming keeper would have past experience of performing in front of big crowds. We would likely be looking at a youngster with minimal experience. Which would be at least as risky as having wildsmith as backup.
  4. Why? Do you think we could attract a better keeper who is happy to sit on the bench at a league 1 club?
  5. Probably the worst CB in the entire football league at playing it out from the back. Not sure he suits Moores style at all.
  6. No I'm off to watch York in the national league north playoff final. Pleased to see my 2nd team in a final just a shame its not Wednesday.
  7. Not sure why people are so surprised about Wildsmith. It's not like there are a load of decent keepers out there just happy to sit on the bench at a league 1 club. It wouldn't be easy to find a better back up at this level. Dawson has just played a full season of games he will want to be a starter either here or elsewhere.
  8. Why? It's a good thread with some interesting discussion being had.
  9. Not sure why you interpret that as me telling anyone how to feel. It's just how I see it from a personal perspective. I also don't say anywhere that I don't want to be promoted. And I'm certainly indifferent to what a blade might think about it.
  10. Anyone dreaming of us becoming a successful premier league club will forever be disappointed though. I think if you can just enjoy every game/ season as it comes and not worry too much about the league you are in you'll have a lot more fun along the way. At least that's what I find anyway.
  11. Personally I don't see it that way. You might say I have low expectations but I've really enjoyed this season. Wheras I see lots of threads from people with high expectations moaning and complaining and getting angry. To me it doesn't look like those people are having fun, or getting much from the experience of following Wednesday. If I felt the same way I'd probably find something else to do with my time.
  12. No but I think the point is the journey is generally more enjoyable than the destination. Winning league 1 is probably more fun than finishing 18th in the championship. Winning the championship is probably more enjoyable than finshing 16th in the Premier league every year. Of course be ambitious and try to do as well as possible but don't sweat it if you don't quite make it. There is alway next season.
  13. Well yeah the fact is he's done well with us and Doncaster. So I'm with you there.
  14. Can hardly be blamed for that given the situation he came into. Improved their form massively. An underachievement but he was still 4th which was hardly a disaster. Pretty impressive and definitely overachieving here. Whilst fighting for his life from covid. And with a squad of unmotivated players who weren't being paid. Turned around a basket case club and achieved 85 points. Not exactly a terrible performance. If you post was a little less biased it might be somewhat more convincing.
  15. Well as others have pointed out we are in no way a defensively minded team. If you question is why don't we go all out attack then the answer is obvious. It simply leaves you too open and vulnerable at the back. Teams can easily exploit this on the counterattack. There's a reason very few teams adopt this approach - I.e. it's a extremely difficult tactic to get right.
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