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  1. Can't emphasize this enough.The reason we didn't go up under Carlos was because our best players kept getting injured. Thankfully a few of our crocks will be gone this summer. Hopefully we don't end up relying on the likes of Hutch and FF next year or we will inevitably fall short again.
  2. The standard is poor if you are comparing it to the premier league. It's getting harder and harder for teams to go up and stay up. I'd say whoever goes up this year will be straight back down. Well Villa might stay up if they win playoffs I suppose. I know what you are saying about the teams coming down. But I think that is more a mentality thing than a quality thing. It's so hard going from losing every week in the prem to suddenly being in a position where you are expected to win week in week out.
  3. Love Nuhiu's strength for that last goal. Just pushing the defenders out the way
  4. 27th April is my birthday. Got to be a good omen right?
  5. Agree but same is true of virtually all clubs in this league. Anyone going up will need probably 6 or 7 new players in the first 11 alone. Even then the chances of staying up will still be slim.
  6. Two very winnable games coming up as well. Take 6 points and we will close the gap. Realistically we all know the playoffs have never really been on but we can certainly keep the dream alive for a few more games yet.
  7. Frustrating but no goal for me. Although its tough to see from that angle it does look like Carson has hold of it.
  8. It remains hugely unlikely that we will make the top 6. But at least the season suddenly feels meaningful again. Fingers crossed that results go our way at the weekend. Imagine going into the pigs game knowing a win would take us to within 3 points of the playoffs.
  9. I look at that lineup and think if Bruce could play that 11 week in week out next year we wouldn't be far off top 6. Of course some of those players won't be here next year and some you can't really on injury wise. But with some wheeling and dealing over the summer I think we'd have every reason to be optomistic. Of course we will probably get hammered tonight now I've said this
  10. Possibly but that's 5 players out of our entire squad that are up to top 6 level. Even then Bannan and Reach are constantly slated on here and Forestieri is rarely available for selection.
  11. Compare our squad to others in the league and we simply don't come close. Yes we have the odd decent player but the squad as a whole is one dimensional with weaknesses all over the pitch. Should we be doing better? Probably yes in terms of performances but our league position is about right. We are simply a mid table side. Most of the players you outline above wouldn't get into the sides of the better teams in this league.
  12. Absolutely this. Bannan has contributed more than any other player in our squad over the last few seasons. But he cannot do it on his own. He needs players making intelligent forward runs so he has someone to pass to. This rarely happens these days which is why he has to play if backwards or try a hollywood pass. Hutch and Bannan do not work as a pairing as no one is driving forward. Even Carlos knew this which is why he insisted playing Bannan wide left.
  13. Guess you don't understand how university fees are paid for now
  14. Compare this to your average owlstalk post - chalk and cheese
  15. I think most of us area realistic enough to know that top 6 isn't going to happen. But we have a competent manager now, some good fixtures and most of our best players available for selection. We should certainly be looking up rather than down.
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