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  1. Sad to hear if he's looking for a club and cant find one. Was a very good player for us for a couple of seasons. Unfortunately his injury has left him a shadow of the player he used to be. Would have thought he could still do a job at league 1 level though.
  2. Yeah but the problem is we'll get the opposite reaction when we lose a couple and it will be full panic stations. Think the people talking about top 6 are in full on dream mode!
  3. I don't think we will get anywhere near that even without the -12. Still think staying up will be a massive challenge and I'd gladly take 21st now. I do think with the business we have done though that it's more likely we will manage it than that we won't.
  4. Yes absolutely this. Whilst I'm cautiously optimistic about the season we are rarely going to outplay anyone and most of our wins will be by a single goal. That's great when you have momentum but it can easily go the other way and without individual quality it can be tough to turn around.
  5. I have family who are Boro fans and I watch many of their games. It always amazed me he'd made such a good career when he cant do the basics.
  6. I said his technical ability is non league standard. He's made a career from his aerial ability which in fairness he's great at. Not sure his transfer fees really count in his favour since he failed at both clubs that paid big money for him. I mean cardiff paid 6 mill and got 26 appearances from him before deciding he's not even worth keeping as a squad player.
  7. Just basing it on what I've seen. Try finding a cardiff or boro fan with a good word to say about him. Suspect you'll struggle.
  8. True but Flint is 31 will loads of games at this level. I think we pretty much know what we are getting.
  9. Yes to be fair he's excellent in the air and a goal threat from set pieces. Perhaps a bigger asset attacking than he is defending! The issue is with anything on the ground. His technical ability is very poor. Hopefully in a back 3 we can minimise his exposure. He will certainly get targeted by teams that dont rely on high balls into the box.
  10. Considering our circumstances it's a decent window. Not a huge amount of quality and a lot resting on Marriot up front. But enough hopefully to give us a fighting chance of staying up.
  11. Sorry I didn't realise we weren't allowed to hold opinions on players. If you haven't seen him play regularly you are in for a surprise (and not in a good way)
  12. What's amusing about that? It is possible to watch games not involving Wednesday you know.
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