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  1. Yeah I agree though I wonder if we would actually be in a better position right now if we had gone up. I feel like it would just have postponed the inevitable - if you mismanage a club the end result is always the same eventually. Plus as Hull showed, getting up is only half the battle. If you come straight back down then you don't actually gain all that much.
  2. Logic says a draw is the most likely outcome and that wouldn't be a bad result. I do however have a sneaky feeling that we will edge it and take all 3 points.
  3. Really struggled to think of anything good about living in Sheffield
  4. Yeah we've hardly had any injuries whatsoever since he left. Amazing really.
  5. Unfinished business. He will return and take us to the premier league.
  6. Yeah sure and to a certain extent I think this is always true. Most managers are only ever a bad run away from getting the boot. My guess is that Chansiri will be expecting promotion this season and Moore will need to deliver playoffs as a minimum to keep him happy. I don't feel that Moore is under any immediate threat of being sacked though. Unless we really start to drop away from the playoffs he will get the season as a minimum.
  7. In Lukhays defence he was given an almost impossible task. Get rid of the high earners and bring through the youth. Sounds simple but the high earners were very influential in the dressing room and clearly didn't take kindly to not being played. They definitely helped to undermine him to the wider squad. The young players he had to bring through were clearly not up to the task either. I think they have all pretty much all disappeared into obscurity now.
  8. I really don't think this brings Moore back under scrutiny. He will be judged solely on what we do in the league and rightly so.
  9. One of the earlier criticisms against Moore was that he didn't know his best 11 and kept chopping and changing. Having a clear idea of his best 17 may be no bad thing assuming most of them can stay fit most of the time.
  10. Presumably you would agree that the reverse is also true. That all of our good recent league performances are also down to the manager?
  11. Agree with much of this and these are all points that speak in DMs favour. A willingness to be adaptable and to go for a formation and style of play that delivers results. Rather than dogmatically sticking to a preconceived idea of what might work. As for last season I'd say DM was way, way down the list of people who were culpable for our relegation.
  12. Well I respectfully disagree. Both were in very similar situations to us when they first went down. They retained many of their 'championship' squad as well. They face the same issue as us in that smaller teams see us as a cup final and raise their game. Sure we would have finished 4th bottom without the sanction. Hardly a ringing endorsement of a quality squad, especially since several of our better players have since left. Yes we recruited players who have had to drop down a level to find a club. I'm not sure what that is supposed to tell us. Given how most of them have performed its very clear why they couldn't cut the mustard at championship level. As for DM I'm pretty sure he wouldn't be happy with 7th place at the end of the season. Nor would I. The point is that our performances are very clearly improving as the squad gels. That was always going to take time. The expectation now is that the second half of the season will be stronger than the first.
  13. 3 of which came on at half time when we were already 2 down. Anything but a first choice 11.
  14. Sure it was a poor performance, I'm not defending it. I just thought the idea that it was one of the most embarrassing defeats we have ever suffered was rather silly. No reason why it should affect the next league game. It should just remind the players that 100% is needed every game if we want to get results.
  15. Massive overreaction. It's a completely meaningless game. I can think of many, many more embarrassing performances in recent times. Honestly why does anyone care how the reserves did in a joke cup.
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