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  1. Try making 'good' decisions when your whole world is crushed by depression. You can't. Even if you logically know what might be good for you, bringing yourself to do it is often impossible. The idea that you can 'mitigate' your way out of depression fundamentally misunderstands the condition.
  2. Perfect opportunity for the EFL to ditch the ridiculous p&s rules and replace with something fit for purpose. You simply cannot have a situation where millionaire owners are not allowed to refund fans for cancelled matches because of p&s implications.
  3. Yeah I did go to Leeds. Which was why I was so surprised that people were raving about him. Maybe we should keep him but as a minimum he needs significant experience at a lower level before he could be championship ready. Ideal scenario would be a season long loan to a league 2 side and see how he gets on.
  4. Everyone was raving about him after the Leeds game but he looked very raw to me. Leeds targeted him as much as they could as he was our obvious weak point. Certainly not ready for championship football at this stage in his career.
  5. Newcastle are a much bigger club than us. Comparing the positions of the 2 clubs is ridiculous.
  6. So you think playing no games at all is somehow better for clubs financially? Streaming games will bring in some money. Playing no games will mean zero income. Lots of clubs futures are at stake here. Those not wanting behind closed doors games may not have a club to come back to.
  7. Why is behind closed doors football putting fans down the priority list? It will be essential in stopping clubs folding on mass. No benefit in saying we should only resume in front of fans if theres no clubs left to go back too.
  8. A contract means nothing if a club goes bust though does it. The reality is its closed doors or nothing and most clubs cant keep solvent if they honour current contracts on the reduced incomes they inevitably face.
  9. Streaming income and massively reduced wages. Players will have to accept much lower pay if it's a case of that or nothing.
  10. The difference is between the culture of the clubs rather than individual players. Players will adapt to the norms of the clubs they play at. If as people say our players are only interested in money and not the club then the blame for that lies with management.
  11. And to be fair why should they? They are soon out of a job and entering a market where wages will be massively reduced. Why would they put a club that doesn't want them above their own financial security. Would you?
  12. Football in front of fans won't be happening for a long time. Probably 18 months at least and that's if we find a vaccine. Football behind closed doors will surely return much sooner but as others have highlighted that brings challenges of its own. I know football is unimportant in the grand scheme of things but it's scary to think how many clubs could well go to the wall before this is all over. Maybe it will benefit the sport in the long run but at the cost of lots of short term pain.
  13. Not something we have to worry about with Monk as no chance anyone else would want him. If you have a good manager then they are in demand, it's the risk you run.
  14. Not how I would describe him at all. But hey there always some desperate to have a pop at our best players.
  15. Yes but the problem is the chances of games being able to take place in front of fans by August is extremely low. Complete normality is unlikely to resume until the end of the year at the earliest. And big gatherings of people at things such as football matches will be one of the last things that is reinstated. I can't see next season not being disrupted irregardless of what happens to this one. I think the only way the new season will start in August is behind closed doors. So I think 2 seasons of disruption is inevitable. Still we simply don't know do we......so we can only guess!
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