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  1. One of 2 things are the issue here. Either Monk is at fault telling him to play so deep or Bannan isn’t playing to instruction. If it’s the former Bannan will get the “monk” on and not perform to the best of his ability and if it’s the latter then Monk needs to have a serious word with him or drop him. When he has not played I think our stats are pretty positive
  2. Agreed, our support should be applauded. I guess a lot of the fans going to Brighton are London/southern based. I notice you still can’t help having a sly dig at the club. Have you got a new grief or is it the same old thing you’re whinging about? It’s a shame you can’t just stick to what would have been a positive post,
  3. Why the hell cant we learn to hold a lead in stoppage tome
  4. Looking at the youtube clip he looks pretty good linking up with others as well as being an instinctive scorer. I think him and JR could work well together.
  5. sort of player we need. Even if JR starts scoring Fletch isn't going to stay fit all season
  6. I think there was a figure in the report that the holding area at LL was around 3k capacity and if the stand was full it couldn't hold that many. Surely it will only be maybe 1 or 2 games this applies to thes season so surely they can adjust the policing just for those games and the rest can resume to normal operations
  7. Let’s hope it’s just what JR needs, A couple of goals to give him confidence
  8. How about the club being able to spend a multi-percentage of income, be it from gate receipts, sponsorship, corporate, player sales etc. ?
  9. Not read the whole thread so apologies if posted before but with having the accounts signed off etc which potentially meets the law of the land with such things, but like the FF fiasco the EFL have their own rules ( made up as they go along) and have decided that SWFC need to be made an example of so others don’t follow suit, and What better example could they make other than SWFC
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