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  1. farlego

    Let off lightly

    Even if he isn't allowed to select those players his tactics and ever changing line ups are enough for him to be ousted. And sticking with Dawson is doing the lad no good and Wildsmith must be fuming he is not been given a go between the sticks
  2. Just said on soccer am that he has submitted his managerial cv into some clubs. Could we be one of them and could he do a job for us?
  3. Hmmm . Was thinking maybe Bruce is part of a consortium takeover and that DC will be announcing this at the fans forum?
  4. farlego

    Nuhiu’s Warm Up Today ...

    Not saying comments about Him this season are wrong but to condemn him for wearing a bobble hat is ridiculous. I went to see Brazil v Cameroon in the week and all Brazil’s subs had bobble hats on. I don’t see the problem.
  5. farlego


    Can’t help himself with his snide remarks
  6. farlego

    Villa want Bannan

    Selling Bannan, Reach, FF in the short term will satisfy the financial requirements of the league short term but how much of that could be spent on new players? Lets face it, if we do sell our better players it will be below their true value due to our financial predicament and there is no way we would be able to replace them with better or even equal players for the same money even if we were allowed to spend it, so assuming we have learned our lesson of not buying over the hill crocks looking for a last pay day we would be buying lower league/ younger players and rebuilding for probably the next 3-5 years.
  7. farlego

    Adam Reach WINS

    and desrevedly so!
  8. farlego

    Las Vegas for Boro Game

    Yep, timed it to include sunset. Spectacular!
  9. farlego

    Las Vegas for Boro Game

    Bloody resort tax is just a massive rip-off. Unfortunately if one gets away with it they all do. Got married in the Valley of fire last year, and was their at the same time as the shooting. A couple of last minute decisions otherwise we would have been in the middle of it all.
  10. farlego

    Bottom of the pile

    There is playing experience there but what is required leadership experience.we don’t have anyone who will give the necessary leadership and advice to the youngsters during the game
  11. The substitutions were bizarre in a game like this. In the past we have only had a 1-0 lead and defended it for the whole of the second half with only 1 up front. Although knackered Nuhiu was still causing problems and holding the ball up relieving pressure. Jaou is never a target man ( needs to play off someone)and didn’t win anything after coming on and bringing on a young inexperienced kid on was the last thing we should have done. Shut up shop, as I said earlier we have done it with just a one goal lead for 45 minutes so why not 10 minutes
  12. Take that you dirty scrubbers
  13. Grew up in Kent but my mothers family were from Sheffield and I was taken to a Wednesday match by my elderly relative (can't remember who against) and sat in the upper West stand with him. He was a pensioner with a S/T so I guess at some point this was designated a home area. Most kids either supported Chelsea or dirty L**ds and wore their such ties with numbers on but I became a proud owl and still am today!
  14. Barnsley v luton subject to international call ups ????