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  1. Tbh I am not bothered if we have stripes or not although I understand there are a lot of people who it appears to be a big deal. One thing I can’t see happening is changing the badge again, there has been too many things already gone on with rebranding merchandise, signage etc.
  2. farlego

    Championship Table

    If Barnsley won their game in hand they would go above Birmingham on GD
  3. Snowballs v Arsenal
  4. farlego

    Optical Illusion

    Big Fat arm on JJ?
  5. farlego

    From the horses mouth

    Think I passed Hooper heading down the M1 after Saturdays match. I presume it was anyway in a white Range Rover GH60PER Any news on him anyway? After Fernando I think he’s one we really need on the pitch
  6. Just throwing something out there! Maybe there has been a back door deal done with another club to take him at the end of the season and they want GH to be training and playing under 23's to keep his fitness and so he can be monitored at the games by said team?
  7. He did just that at his last club didn't he? TBH I wish he would
  8. Travelling from Milton Keynes, With the time off work, getting home late while questioning why I bother to make the effort when the players can't and the cost I have given up going to evening matches, will still be going Saturdays when I can, but will not be renewing my season ticket for next season
  9. All the major sponsorship opportunities have been linked to DC, shirts, stands etc. I presume this was a short term approach in anticipation of getting to the premier league and then being able to obtain much more lucrative sponsorship deals from outside companies along with offsetting some of the money against FFP Now our short term plan has failed and looks to be going to take a few years of consolidation surely we should be looking at gaining sponsorship from external sources rather than purely through DC. I know it looks dreadful and given a choice I wouldn't want it and It may not pay a great deal in relative terms but a lot of clubs have additional sponsors on the back of the shirts and shorts.
  10. Losing and we’re knocking it around at the back ffs
  11. farlego

    BBC pundits tonight

    How the hell ml gets the job of commentating is beyond me, and to say our license fee goes towards paying his wages!
  12. farlego

    Relegation battle

    if ULL win their game in hand we are only 5 point off the 3rd drop spot. Then i might start to worry especially if they beat the pigs Friday night and we don't beat villa
  13. farlego

    Lego Hillsborough