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  1. I would like to get one but does they have chansiri on the front?
  2. Have these got Chansiri plasters over the front ?
  3. A bit late to this thread so apologies if already mentioned but if these players threatening to walk are ones like Bannan, and Windass that could have potentially been sold for a decent price then that’s a double whammy of losing some of the few players who are “a” our better and much needed players and “b” that are actually worth something
  4. If he can’t access funds to refund fans by now how the hell is he going to find the money for new players?
  5. “ we have tried our best but our best was not good enough” let’s hope dc now knows his best is not good enough and appoints someone who’s best is good enough
  6. It was a one off game. Blame Moore for putting him in having not played for so lone he was bound to be off the pace
  7. Dunkley made a difference in defence certainly has
  8. Oh well. At least I have a local game I can walk to, to see Wednesday at MK dons next season
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