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  1. Having seen football focus at Swansea and their training facilities which include altitude and chryo chambers aiding recovery which I presume we don’t have it just shows what a few seasons in the premiership can give you, building infrastructure etc. Maybe if we had all these state of the art facilities we wouldn’t have all the injuries we have had over recent years. So clubs coming down don’t just have the advantages of parachute payments but also facilities.
  2. If only he had miss hit it we would have been celebrating a win
  3. If only he had miss hit that chance we would have been celebrating a win
  4. Piggy sharp foot chest high on Westwood ffs
  5. It would help if Iorfa played it forward to Reach. Has he actually made a forward pass?
  6. Unless that businessman was going to move his business to new premises
  7. He might not be the quickest of players but whenever I have seen him play on the left he appears to have a knack to get good crosses in from tight situations hooking the ball round the defender
  8. But with all the players we have out of contract and not hamstrung the elf re ffp or whatever its called DC could spend all that spare cash he has to invest but isn't allowed on buying a team for the pl
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