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  1. Grew up in Kent but my mothers family were from Sheffield and I was taken to a Wednesday match by my elderly relative (can't remember who against) and sat in the upper West stand with him. He was a pensioner with a S/T so I guess at some point this was designated a home area. Most kids either supported Chelsea or dirty L**ds and wore their such ties with numbers on but I became a proud owl and still am today!
  2. Barnsley v luton subject to international call ups ????
  3. farlego

    Owls Launch Silver Membership

    Only going to get to 3 or 4 games this season having had s/t previously. Anyone know what the megastore vouchers actual t&C's are?
  4. farlego


    I was hoping for better news than this, like a new signing or 2 on loan, but I will take it. He really needs to show some fight and not let his head drop when things aren't going his way though
  5. Q.What do you think of Millwall Jos ? A. Everything we should be!
  6. I was hoping it was going to be six games over the season. Having given up on travelling to midweek games from MK I note that 4 of the 11 games are evening KO's and I am working away on a couple of Saturday fixtures so unfortunately it will not be worth me taking this up.
  7. Aren't the numbers, if not the lettering official contacted FL ones?
  8. A bit of a contradiction with Chansiri basically saying we have to go up this season or else and Jos saying he is planning for the future?
  9. farlego

    Our stockpile of strikers

    Easy, Play all of them as we can't defend anyway!
  10. farlego

    Membership Pricing 2018/19

    When you look into the vouchers for the megastore for example you're going to have to spend an awful lot more to achieve the savings they are offering, and you can't even use them on kits which is what most people will spend their hard earned on! Megastore voucher details All Members will receive 12 gift vouchers: 4 vouchers offering £20 off against purchases of £70 or more 4 vouchers offering £15 off against purchases of £60 or more 4 vouchers offering £10 off against purchases of £50 or more Only one voucher per transaction Vouchers cannot be used on 2018/19 replica kit or any sale items. Membership card must be present at time of purchase. So if my calculations are correct you have to spend a minimum of £720 in the shop on anything but the kit to use all the vouchers. Hope there are a lot of gnome collectors!
  11. farlego

    Membership Pricing 2018/19

    Beat me to it. £90 is ridiculous. I would normally have defended the club even remaining at £50 but for me living in MK and not going to midweek games anymore I gave up my s/t from last year and was going to get membership just can't justify £90 I will probably only get to 6 or 7 games this season and I wouldn't have minded being down £20 but no way am I going to get to earn the potential savings they are offering.
  12. farlego

    Number of pre-season fixtures...

    Friendlies are not really games to get you up to match fitness though when its strolling around against lower opposition. they will probably get more out of 11 v11 on the training pitch
  13. Tbh I am not bothered if we have stripes or not although I understand there are a lot of people who it appears to be a big deal. One thing I can’t see happening is changing the badge again, there has been too many things already gone on with rebranding merchandise, signage etc.