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  1. I thought I read someone posted that some or all of them are obliged to respond and could be brought to task if they didn't?
  2. If it is Monk then lets give him a chance. From all accounts has had teams playing well with decent football. Everyone wanted the Cowleys but who's to say they could have taken the step up to managing us and our players. At least Monk has had some big jobs in this league.
  3. This has prompted me to question if SWFC have CCTV outside the ground which monitors the crowds and therefore the police and how they handle the egress of supporters. If they do surely this could be used as evidence to support the case of the police methods. If they don't have cameras covering this then perhaps they should.
  4. It makes me laugh saying we are not offering the same terms/money as Bruce. Has he been shouting from the rooftops what he was getting or is it the same as “this man wants the job, this man has turned us down, DC is sat on his hands doing nothing” etc. that someone on here without a clue says something and all of a sudden it becomes gospel.
  5. By the sound of it, that’s still better than sitting in Hillsborough
  6. Been sitting on the fence with regards Bullen but I think today is the day that we need a new manager to come in and freshen things up. Bullen has been influenced by the previous managers stiles and with his naturally defensive attitude means we just can’t play positive enough
  7. Bannan replacing hutch with the obligatory yellow card a game
  8. Having to pick and choose matches now due to financial circumstances so not bad for me to get a NOW TV sports month pass
  9. Win tomorrow and we average 2 points a game. Over the season that would more than likely get automatic promotion.
  10. I have a feeling a decision may be made on LB's position during this international break.
  11. Smooths is back but 2 wins without him. If we drop points today it will be his fault!
  12. Better training= more efficiency= more people being served= more prrrrrofffit, Whoever provide the staff
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