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  1. Before the match people were saying if Sunderland beat us they hope Sunderland smash Wycombe in the final because of their tactics and I did to. after last nights performance from Sunderland, timewasting, feigning injury, diving, trying to get our players booked or sent off etc I’m not even bothered about who wins the final now
  2. I was on the North for a change and I think in most part it was pretty good. It went a bit quiet around the hour mark. the ref I was on the North for a change and I think in most part it was pretty good. It went a bit quiet around the hour mark when I think the nerves kicked in . the ref was getting stick all game. Our home form this season was the best we have had in years so your point about Hillsborough being a hard place to play is a bit mute regarding this
  3. Wasn’t just the ref. Plenty of things going off right in front of the linesman’s “assistant referees’” and I don’t think they made a single decision other than the usual throw ins, offsides etc
  4. Need an early goal on Monday otherwise we will see a lot of shithousery from Sunderland
  5. We must take our chances, (which sometimes we don't) and no silly mistakes (which we quite often do) and all will be fine
  6. i don't subscribe to sky sports but just got a months Now tv sports package for £20.00 so can watch tonight and the F1 over the weekend. Probably watch the 2nd leg of MKD and the timewasters
  7. Even though I was at the game v Portsmouth, I watched the highlights and you don’t realise how many fans are wearing the shirts and colours, the whole ground is pretty much in blue and white. whatever happened to the big flag that used to surf the kop?
  8. I just hope we don’t have a similar approach to the game(s) and definitely an overall result as we did against Huddersfield. I can’t go through that again.
  9. don’t want to appear pedantic but Spot the deliberate mistake or are Sunderland doing a Huddersfield in being on an unbeaten run
  10. interestingly i have just checked MK Dons prices against Wycombe and they are £22.00 and £30.00 so it must have been an agreement between us and Sunderland for the £20.00. Well done both clubs.
  11. Apparently I was ok to purchase from 1pm but still not allowing me access even though logged in. refresh,refresh,refresh……….
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