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  1. Relegation battle

    if ULL win their game in hand we are only 5 point off the 3rd drop spot. Then i might start to worry especially if they beat the pigs Friday night and we don't beat villa
  2. Winnall

    Not sure if you can cancel season long loan deals but the best outcome of this is that both loan deals get cancelled and Winnals injury is not bad and he gets to play for us for the rest of the season.
  3. With reference to CC having the players thrust upon him by DC then surely DC would have had something to say about them not being played by CC
  4. Shame it wasn’t him sent off and brim down to ten men
  5. 4 Lane motorways Biggest problem is drivers that drive in the 3rd lane with nothing in lanes 1 and 2. Not so bad heading North but South is a nightmare for some reason
  6. Catering

    I know its a given that if you want serving quickly you need to go to the kiosks while the game is still in play, but should it be like that? Miss what, 5 minutes of play, disturb others going from and back to your seat?
  7. I'm the eternal optimist, christ I even thought we might get something out of the game at half time on Saturday. I have a season ticket but adding the fuel etc travelling from MK it works out an expensive and time consuming trip to watch Wednesday at home and then spend the journey home thinking WHY? With all the fixtures changing for TV etc I am only going to see around 50% of games this season so unfortunately I don't think I will be renewing next season, will pick and chose home games and maybe do a few extra away games nearer home next season
  8. Wembley semi-finals

    It does cheapen it, I think initially it was only used in the semi finals when the capacity’s at neutral grounds wasn’t large enough for the expected attendance. And with spurs playing Home games at Wembley Even Newport will be playing there this year
  9. THe FA Cup

    Exactly the same. Although the 5 games against Arsenal when we were in the old 3rd division were quite memorable
  10. love the positioning of the badge covering tango's belly!
  11. Not for us who have a 250 mile round trip they are not!
  12. As title, could he be worth a punt on loan from Derby?
  13. Wednesday chants through the years

    I never felt more like singing the blues