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  1. Obviously no mention of Wednesday or how the move came about!
  2. Does anyone know who else was interviewed before we appointed Bruce?
  3. OK been off the site for a few hours and trying to catch up on what's going on but so many contradictions. Can someone help? Bruce is going Bruce is staying? Newcastle approach Bruce? Newcastle haven't approached Bruce? Bruce asked permission to talk to Newcastle Bruce Knows nothing about it? £1million compo £5million compo etc. etc.
  4. Have we though or is it just the usual suspects posting their vitriol against the chairman on here that make it appear that way? I think back to the DA era where we didn't have a pot to wee wee in and were called cretins etc
  5. Just up the road for me. Makes a change! Edit that, just realised I'm away :-(
  6. I know it doesn’t apply in this case but it Depends how much the snickers bar cost in the first place. Sell 5 at a loss or 2 at a profit!
  7. That will do for me. a 2 mile walk. Better than a 250 mile round trip especially for midweek games! Share with the Dons
  8. Too slow in attack for me. Other players in the same position would get on to the through balls and have more chances
  9. Petulant. He’s the one that grabbed the ref after the penalty ahout
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