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  1. Man to man marking for the corner but why was odubajo marking tomey!
  2. If he does go I think we already have a replacement for Bannan only more attacking minded in Luongo
  3. If its only £1 or 2m then no, don't sell. its worth more than that if it helps keep us in the league. 3m or more then we need to considerate very carefully
  4. And what will happen to that money? Would the chairman/owners See the opportunity to jump from a sinking ship, take the money to repay their loans or whatever and then let the clubs go bust anyway?
  5. Good job! even stilt the Presto stand on LL roof. Beat me to it Bobness
  6. And at what point could our points deduction be changed. I would have thought that had to be before the season started but obviously that won’t be the case. we win our first 4 games, still bottom of the league and suddenly we get our points deduction rescinded and we’re top! If only carlsberg did appeals
  7. Why just give Rhodes 12 minutes? Should have had a half or at least 30 mins surely
  8. I know it’s for charity but I find it really hard to distinguish some of the numbers very easily with this new font
  9. Sky sports Football V Walsall Saturday 5th September
  10. Tell em to order a D-Taxi. fizz em!
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