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  1. With all the players that have left us at the end of the season (or before had finished) have any of them got new clubs yet? Fletcher rumoured to Celtic FF? Fox? Hutch? Winnall?
  2. I think ( hope) that if we win the case the EFL have an easy get out of further ramifications by not appealing the decision. Season finishes, bottom 3 relegated and they can’t really take the EFL to court over the decision as it was made by an independent panel
  3. I didn’t think Wigan could appeal . Going into administration is automatic 12 points isn’t it?
  4. I think we will need some new players first, that would help!
  5. I’m sure I saw the ref celebrate the goal
  6. It’s the fans I feel sorry for. I wonder if the season ticket holders have had their refunds. If not I guess they have been shafted and won’t get them
  7. Surely there needs to be a decision and penalty imposed if applicable before any appeals etc can be lodged
  8. Let’s hope we don’t go defensive and just sit back
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