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Wednesday - V - Watford OMDT

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I have forked out a tenner for iPlayer. I like it.


In terms of our performance, I am really encouraged.


We look like we have the making of a side I have been dreaming of. Young, Hungry, quick, energetic, well organised, playing for each other.

I think Monk is doing well. We won’t win every week and we might not be the best team. However, I think we will be the best we can be and that is fine by me.

Windass excites me and I am hopeful about Rhodes and Brown.


Up the Owls!! Come on Wednesday.

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Good half. The Boys are working hard for each other and are not afraid to give some rough treatment.


Just need to find that break through. Watford look a little low on confidence and we can't afford to let them feel like they are getting on top.


Keep it up lads.

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Good half that, plenty of work rate from the players,


Watford look like they are there for the taking.  We need to try and create more chances in the final third and take advantage and finish them off.



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Just now, adifferentgame said:


False. The roots of the sprouting butterlfy can actually be traced to nearby Ghent, but they migrated to Brussels due to pollution from the Ghent chemical plant.

Never heard of Ghent Sprouts

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