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  1. Agreed. He would want easy double what he paid for us. No chance of us getting sold unless he's willing to write off his losses.
  2. I'm sure he would like to get out too...as long as someone is willing to buy the club for enough money to get most of his money back. Which would be how much do we think??
  3. For refs....yeah lol. The thing is it's all subjective. One person's clear and obvious is another's dubious decision. There is no defined boundary between and there can never be. But I see your point. Id rather we just left it at goal line tech.
  4. Why? Because he sold the ground to himself and for 60 million. It's blatantly underhand, shady, bending the rules or whatever you want to call it.
  5. Yeah but we have no chance of providing any of that evidence. Due to the fact the deal was shady at best and the valuation was pure pie in the sky. So when we can't provide the evidence....where does that leave us? League one?
  6. So they could give us a points deduction rather than just a transfer ban. Hence making an example out of us and making themselves look like they have teeth.
  7. It's too difficult to decide what is clear and obvious though...thats the problem. The only way I can see it working is if the ref is the only one who makes a decision based on using the screen by the pitch. If he's unsure on something he asks to use the screen. Only he can make the final decision though. But I suppose then he would just get hounded by players constantly to look at the screen after every single thing.
  8. Don't suppose the "wiping the slate clean" bs that was flying around when Birmingham got done turned out to be true did it? Clutching at straws...
  9. That's the thing though. If it can't be 100% accurate due to so many decisions being opinion based. What's the point? Just leave it up to the ref to decide as before.
  10. Get him in the bloody team. He's class and if fully fit is our best player. What a waste to have him on the bench.
  11. Absolutely. Especially if we play 3 midfielders. We can accommodate a purely creative goalscoring midfielder who can support Fletch. None of our midfielders have that in their locker...not really. Reach is a winger really. Bannan is more suited to the deep midfielder role. Luongo is a box to boxer...like Lee. Hitch and Pelupessy are purely tacklers. Maybe Fessi could do it but he seems a bit too selfish. I also think this is why Winnall was tried in an attacking midfield role, but he didn't cut the mustard.
  12. It's fine the way it is. As we have found out with VAR...its easy to ruin the game if ideas are not thought out properly.
  13. Yep he would. Bruce owes us a favour...the swine.
  14. This is 100% what I expected to see. Nuhiu was doing really well and Harris did nothing. He ended up putting FF out wide anyway once Rhodes came on.
  15. Maybe this will be the kick up the backside he needed.
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