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  1. Yup...decent place to wind down tbh. May even get himself a coaching role out there afterwards. Cracking place to live.
  2. We ain't gonna win games this season by out playing teams in beautiful football. We don't have the players. We need to be tough, committed and play smart. Grind out wins and points. It won't be pretty but for this season we need to just tough it out.
  3. Great addition. Proper footballer. Smashing balls too.
  4. Back to his brick wall best today. Even played some cracking long range passes. Well done Tom.
  5. Good half. The Boys are working hard for each other and are not afraid to give some rough treatment. Just need to find that break through. Watford look a little low on confidence and we can't afford to let them feel like they are getting on top. Keep it up lads.
  6. That's crazy...even if we were in the prem we couldn't even dream of signing a player like that. Just makes you realise how much of a coup it was back then.
  7. If we tried to convert it to today's players and money, who would be of similar standing/ability and how much would he cost?
  8. I see the sky leeds bumming is carrying on. Cool.
  9. Waheeey. Don't care if it wasn't pretty. We need to get wins by hook or by crook ASAP. Great confidence booster for the team.
  10. I bet the Abdi signing thread has some corkers
  11. I would have done the same...but....thats why I would have never survived as a footballer. That and I'm crap. And ugly.
  12. 22 is no age at all. Got plenty of time ahead of him and could be a real gem. I remember people talking about him 5 or 6 years ago when in the youth teams. But he seemed to be in the development team for a long time....maybe it was related to the Carlos/DC era coming along at the wrong time? Youth was not given a chance as we went into SPENDAGEDDON. Good luck Matt, this could be your year.
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