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  1. Reasons to be cheerful

    We don't support Sheffield United.
  2. Best...thread...ever. That's another we have....we have better threads. FACT. We also use the word FACT more. FACT.
  3. Hutch abdi loovens

    Bench when all fit of: Wildsmith Loovens Hutch Butterfield Abdi Forestieri Rhodes That's bloody insane.
  4. Kop not sold out shocker

    That's nothing....look at this cr*p:
  5. Sheff Wed - A beautiful thing

    shame the club arnt... Oh no wait...
  6. Van aken

    Interesting to hear he used to play CM and on the wing too. Certainly explains why he is so comfortable in possession. He must be pacey too which is a bonus. Will be interesting to see how he develops this season.
  7. Early Favourites

    If we can keep Hooper, Bannan, Fletcher and Lee fit...we will get top 2.
  8. Joost

    Thought he did well again today tbf. Liked the way he stepped out with the ball and played some good passes, especially second half. Won a few important headers too. I think his "diving in" is a slight issue, but overall he is a good player with bags of potential. How old is he?
  9. Jack Hunt

    Actually thought Reach was better. But he played well today fair play.
  10. Hooper and Fletcher

    I do like Rhodes....but u can't drop either of these two.
  11. Jones the quiet man

    He's bloody slow tho. Like painfully slow. Would be interested to see a race between Jones, Nuhiu and Loovens. does a job tho tbf.
  12. Too long....no complaints or moaning. Awful first post...u won't fit in here. Oh and welcome :)
  13. Kieron lee

    Quality footballer. Welcome back KL.
  14. George Hirst Off!!

    Its a fair point mate, but if thats the way he is thinking then he hasnt got the minerals to make it anyway. I think the vast majority of pro youngsters think they are going to make it big, otherwise they probably wouldnt have made it this far. If he is doing this to get a decent pay packet now and thinks its the "safe" option as he may not be good enough, I would be very surprised. More likely he is sick of not being given a chance, as everyone around him is telling him he deserves it. He thinks he will get his chance at another club.