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  1. Adam Reach

    Yup he's settled now and believing in himself. One of the few good points about this season.
  2. Villa derby wolves

  3. Matias and Joao have the elusive attribute we lack....pace. Both need to stay injury free and they could be just what we need.
  4. Venancio

    Wish he would have shot after that rampaging run. But yeah he's a solid defender...reminds me of Sasso but better.
  5. It's great but probably temporary due to injuries. Unless Jos has a history of bringing through youth?
  6. I thought the same. He will make a good coach I think. Talks Well, passionate and commands respect. Also a top bloke with great hair.
  7. Jones

    He basically played in midfield by himself and still did a great job. He broke up their play countless times. I recommend anyone who thinks he played badly to watch that game again.
  8. Jordan Thorniley

    Could tell he was nervous but made some important tackles and blocks. We are at bare bones right now so it's good that he got a game and we didn't concede.
  9. I thought he did ok. Could have scored two and got an assist. Getting on his back won't help things.
  10. Well played Lucas. Would him and Hooper work up top?
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