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  1. Lazaar is back quite early considering his injury, hamstring wasn't it? This international break really could be pivotal to our slim playoff hopes. Getting a few players back could make all the difference.
  2. Whatever fee the club's agree can effectively be deferred until the next summer. That's all I'm saying. To try and get around ffp restrictions as we will hopefully be in a better position by then....maybe....i dunno.
  3. Is it possible to get him on a season long loan with a fee which we pay at the end of the season? To swerve ffp restrictions for this summer? I know he's out of contract at the end of next season but it's a way of buying him but deferring payment until the next year's accounts?
  4. Hutch will be fine. So will Fletch. Thank God international football.
  5. So only 2 defeats in our last 22 games? That's class.
  6. It's ok he had his holiday before he joined us :)
  7. Agreed with the above 2 posts. Because we have the teams around us I actually think it gives us more chance. They will be looking at us and thinking...oh shizzle.
  8. Be reet....hard as nails our Sam.
  9. He will be ok the man is hard as nails.
  10. I'm just glad the season has some relevance again. Our remaining fixtures are horrendous..but..those teams won't fancy facing us either. It's going to be interesting!!!
  11. Hold on preston is away isn't it? We don't finish with 3 home games do We?
  12. Can imagine the South stand tearing that one up. :) love it!!
  13. Good results tonight all things considered. 2 places up for grabs now instead of 1.
  14. https://www.google.co.uk/url?sa=i&source=web&cd=&ved=2ahUKEwjYi5Wek__gAhUM2eAKHaJIBtcQzPwBegQIARAC&url=https%3A%2F%2Fwww.chroniclelive.co.uk%2Fsport%2Ffootball%2Ftransfer-news%2Fnewcastle-utd-rolando-aarons-benitez-15956245&psig=AOvVaw2LBaxjzD2gNFf1dYo0e_FN&ust=1552567622224045
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