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  1. Be a good move for all concerned. I always thought he was a good player but he costs us too much for the amount of time he is on the pitch. Hope this is true.
  2. trev

    Team vs Lincoln

    Different gravy.
  3. To be honest, as I play a fair bit of 5 a side footy and attend matches, this shirt will get worn plenty of times during the next 12 months. Compare it to a shirt or polo shirt from next or something which costs 60 quid, id probably wear 3 or 4 times in a year before getting beer or kebab down it. Plus, it supports the club I love by adding vital money into the coffers, it let's me fly the flag of the team I support whenever I wear it, it's something I will keep and wear for years and years. It's not a bad price all things considered in my opinion. Meh.
  4. Gutted, really wanted him to work out here. But needs must, hopefully we can sign a decent CB and a RWB too.
  5. Be reet. See if they want Fletcher instead? Maybe throw in Abdi as well?
  6. Bonus!! I live in Lincoln! It is a decent night out too if you are planning on making a night of it.
  7. As long as we are in the hunt with 3 games to go I'll be happy.
  8. trev

    Breaking News

    Penguin would be proud of this thread.
  9. JV will be along shortly...dont worry.
  10. Massive wage cuts should be in every contract for players, 50-75% reduction in wages...every player. Then there would be no need for parachute payments and everyone has a fair chance. Plus, when clubs go down and you see players crying, for once it may actually be genuine. Bless em.
  11. They want 100 million for sessegnon. I'm not even joking.
  12. trev

    Future managers

    Hutch. Should get him into coaching now tbf.
  13. If Fulham don't go up then both sessegnon and cairney will leave for big money, Fredericks too. They will have shed loads to spend and will be cherry picking the championships best players. London club with loads of money, good manager and very good chance of promotion. They are no doubt an attractive club for players. But, the above also works for us as we can ask what we like for Fernando. 20 million plus is actually realistic and would sort our ffp problems. Still would rather sell my wife than Wednesday sell FF though.
  14. trev

    Fernando Forestieri

    If we build the team around Bannan and Fernando next season and they stay fit all season we have a great chance. Remember Fernando has been playing with an injury for a long long time. It's no wonder he didn't seem as good during Carlos second season (especially the playoffs). We will see him back to his best next season and I can't wait to see him rip the pigs apart.