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  1. Reach is about as defensively minded as Kevin Keegan. He would be a dreadful option at LWB.
  2. I know but didn't we sell the stadium for enough to leave us in profit over the 3 year rolling totals? Not by much...but profit still. So loadsa money available for DC to waste.
  3. Erm...if we get away with fudging the books, arnt we actually in profit?
  4. I reckon we could maybe loan him out but we would have to pay probably half his wages still. No chance anyone will buy/sign him unless we pay part of his wages.
  5. Very good player for this league. But too old, too expensive and too many injuries to even consider keeping.
  6. I wanted him to stay because my son loves him. Just like I loved Waddle and Di Canio. He's the closest we've had since then to a genuine quality talent. But, he has not been the same player for 3 years now. So time for him to move on.
  7. Honestly never rated him. I've been a critic of pretty much all our full backs for years. Fox was certainly one of the ones I didn't really rate. He had some decent games but no club aiming for promotion would have him in their starting 11.
  8. Things are different now. FFP makes certain clubs much more attractive than others. If some rich bloke is looking for the riches of the prem they will buy a club who can spend. So a club which has it's accounts in order and are not already losing 20 million a year. So not us.
  9. Did you misread my post? I didn't say he could walk away. I said he can't. If he did give up, we would go straight into admin and end up like Bury.
  10. Well done Connor. Hopefully the start of things to come.
  11. Always makes me laugh when people say that he should walk away. If he walks the club dies. Simple as. Nobody is going to buy us, we are ruined for the next few years. Our only and best chance is if DC carries on funding us and we get lucky with either a new manager or some amazing cheap bargain superstars.
  12. 100% We need move toward youth. I love KL but can you imagine any other top half champ club offering him a contract? If we got a points deduction and went down then sure, but not if we remain in this league.
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