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  1. Hopefully he finds the worksop Messi. Well done Liam, good to see this sort of stuff.
  2. I would love it if he turned into our 20 goal a season striker. However, it seems unlikely. He's expensive, the new manager needs to get this one right. We can't afford to have him as a bit part player all season.
  3. Cowley gets back from Spain with Lincoln City....interview time tomorrow? Could be. Maybe. Possibly.
  4. He seems like the sorta bloke who would fit in well at Hillsborough and Sheffield. Seems grounded, humble and a man of the people. He's had to slum it in his career with living in Monaco, London and Barcelona. So I'm sure South Yorkshire appeals. I'm in.
  5. Dawson Baker Iorfa Van Aken Fox Joao Pelupessy Lee Penney Nuhiu Winnall 442. Standard.
  6. Van Aken brace. Fox overhead kick. Nuhiu diving header from 35 yards. Winnall sent off. My predictions.
  7. God damnit. Thought it was a city fan with some inside info that we were in for Pep as our new manager. Boo!!
  8. Completely depends on the formation and style of play we intend to play. You buy/keep players to play to the system the manager wants to play...not the other way around.
  9. It's not a very forward thinking choice. Dont get me wrong he had some of his teams playing some decent stuff years ago...but I just feel like his best days are behind him. It's a no from me...but he's better than some of the other candidates being mentioned.
  10. He still has an important role to play as a player this season. But I agree he seems to be a manager in waiting.
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