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  1. Shhhh..dont be silly. Just sell a anyone for a decent fee as soon as they hit form. That's how you build a squad with togetherness and ability. Didn't you know that?? But seriously, great post...youve nailed it.
  2. Good point indeed. Maybe we can split solicitor costs to reduce fees?? Lol
  3. Leeds sign Bowen they go up. Even Leeds couldn't mess it up with one the leagues best players up top.
  4. Twatter them back...pics or it didn't happen.
  5. Pointless having a speedboat in Leeds anyways....the likely response?
  6. Yeah but that would be graft. Why graft when u can just spew out the obvious names and sit back and say "job done". Not their fault if we can't sign them.
  7. Correct. There is no correlation between number of strikers playing and goals scored. It's all about the system and the attacking intent. Not the formation or numbers of strikers on the pitch.
  8. FF leaving? which side does Sims usually prefer??
  9. Put yourself in Adams shoes here. Why would he sign for us over Leeds? He would get in ahead of Bamford so would play every game. Same as our side he would. He would get far more chances to score every game at Leeds as the stats show. They are 6 points ahead of 3rd..so far more likely to get promoted. We are in a battle for the playoffs with about 10 other teams and potentially even face a points deduction. The only reason I can see is he wants to play for Monk...but I don't buy that is enough justification at all. Leeds made him their number one target...but Southampton are reluctant to let him go. If he does leave it won't be to us. Our only chance is if Leeds give up waiting (which it sounds like they have) and if Southampton bring in another striker during the window. We may get him then on deadline day or something. But it's all very unlikely.
  10. Lets say Fulham get him on this deal. He scores 10-15 goals. Gets them up. They pay 20 million and have a proven quality championship striker who just banged in the goals on a say 3 year deal. He is worth at least 15-20 million as is. They could easily sell him to one of the relegated prem teams or do a similar deal with an aspiring championship club to recoup the monies. It's a no brainer. We would be gutted if some other team does this and he gets them up.
  11. Was on his player profile I think but apparently it's changed back to on loan at Leeds again now. I guess the webmaster messed up and updated it early. But the fact it's been designed already makes it obvious he's going there.
  12. Cracking mentality that. It will bode well for the rest of his career.
  13. Said it before....but if he was called Banninho he would be playing in the prem. Would be crazy to sell....unless for serious serious money...not effing 4 million lol.
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