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  1. trev

    Team for Derby

    Team I Expect: Dawson Baker Lees Hector Thorniley Fox Pelupessy Bannan Penney Reach Fletcher Team I want: Dawson Lees Thorniley Pudil Palmer Penney Hector Bannan Reach Forestieri Fletcher
  2. Good luck Fletch. Has Rhodes been called up too?
  3. trev

    Must read

    That's how I read it. No way has a professional football manager never watched a premier league match.
  4. trev

    Jokanovic Anyone.

    Would be a fantastic appointment for lots of reasons...the main one being it would be a sign to the fans that the chairman wants us to play Good, attacking football. People may say we don't have the squad to play like that, of course we do!! Look at the pigs, their players are journeyman and league one fodder. Look what a good manager can do. Same as Leeds and Derby. It shows that a manager is the MAIN reason a team plays good football. Risk and reward, he who dares, Kevin Keegan football. Would be bloody great to watch!!
  5. trev


    Yeah happy with him tonight. Let's hope he actually keeps his place.
  6. Agree with the OP. Absolutely embarrassing to be honest. You can see with United, Leeds and Derby what a manager with a no fear attitude can do. I'm sick of having defensive negative tactics it's boring. FOR GOD'S SAKE JUST HAVE A BLOODY GO AT TEAMS!!!
  7. Correct they will be planning for us to play super defensive. They will be literally playing 2 defenders and the other 8 will just attack us until we break....which won't take long. We need to be brave and go for it...its the last thing they will expect.
  8. trev

    5-4-1 for United?

    Nah...if we go too defensive they can just push their entire team into our half and we won't last long under constant pressure. I'd rather go 433 and at least give them something to think about. Go down swinging rather than with a whimper. Attaaaack!!!!
  9. trev


    Cowley bros at Lincoln City Gamble...yes...but one with at least some common sense. Give them rest of this season and next season and they will turn this squad around im sure of it. They have so much potential and their record (yes I know in the lower leagues) is brilliant.
  10. trev

    Team for Blades

    Westwood Rwb - Palmer Hector Lees Thorniley Lwb - Penney Dm- Hutch Cm - Bannan Cm - Reach Cam - Forestieri - if fit? St - Fletcher
  11. trev

    Chansiri kicking off

    Not going to end well. Bad bad times ahead.
  12. trev

    Wednesday -V-Norwich OMDT

    Let's be honest...he was never a good choice.
  13. trev

    Taking two others up

    Forest and WBA. Pigs and Leeds to both lose in the play-off final....somehow.