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  1. Michael hefele

    Is he out of contract?
  2. We did it under carlos in season one, when the players were fit and not constantly getting injured.
  3. Preslav Borukov

    Whats his record this season? Just out of curiosity?
  4. Will there be a time...

    Yes...absolutely. E sports and online gaming is growing so so fast whilst regular sport is seen as a pain in the backside and uncool to most kids growing up. Sports stars of the future will be online. So so sad.
  5. Nuhiu: Player of the month

    Erm, I've never slagged off Nuhiu. Always been supportive of him as he does work hard and he is a trier. I was just commenting on the post above mine, as a joke, maybe I should have quoted it to make it more clear. Sorry for any offence or anger caused.
  6. Nuhiu: Player of the month

    It's the JJ phenomenon.
  7. Great pics. Hope his mind is on it...if he is feeling up for it he could still finish top scorer lol.
  8. Team for Preston

    Need fully fit players against Preston. Need to work hard to get anything. They are a good team. Play the same team as against Leeds.
  9. Can see him ending up at Sunderland next season on loan. Scoring 30+ for them and getting them promoted from league one.
  10. Yay. Just don't get a setback.