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  1. Agree to an extent. But the crazy prices will put walk-up fans off. Especially for non-derby games or midweek fixtures.
  2. trev

    Penney contract

    He is now the club's first choice lb. If his agents are pushing for a new contract right now id be shocked. Strike whilst the iron is hot and all that. It will be getting discussed and I'd be surprised if he doesn't get signed up by Xmas.
  3. trev


    To be fair the bin was looking at them funny and pointing quite a bit.
  4. Every team needs a Pelupessy. He does the dirty work well and he positions himself in the right places to cut off attacks. He just needs a bit more confidence to pass the ball forward a bit more as usually it's sideways or backwards.
  5. Hi Ryan, not sure how IT Savvy you are, but your best bet is to get an IPTV Free Trial and then upload the m3u into VLC player on a laptop. Then just use the HDMI port into your TV. Just google IPTV Free Trials and look for one which does ifollow. Good luck!
  6. trev

    Neils Totally Forgotten 11

    Francesco Sanetti Remember singing "Get Sanetti on, get Sanetti on!", after he scored on his debut I think, he came on and was awful!
  7. If I could invent a time machine, id do many things. But first on my list, is go back and stop them creating Sheff United. World peace can wait.
  8. Good team, like the look of that. Very attacking, not sure how defensively minded Onomah is but yep its good. I think it would make a very good home team, maybe for away games add Lee in midfield (if fit) and take out Hooper or FF. So a 4321. Certainly makes you see just how many options we would have if everyone was fit though, players like Hutch, Lee, Matias, Winnall, Nuhiu, Fletcher, Abdi (if fit) all on the bench. The problem is we cant get everyone fit....ugh.
  9. trev

    FF - potential ban

    Probably be made an example of, 12 game ban and we will get a 10 point deduction. Mansfield will get promotion to the Premier League and also get our 10 points to "get them going in the Prem" next season. Nailed on...probably.
  10. Dont have anything bad to say against Liam, Wednesday fan, nobody can doubt his commitment and been a very good servant. But, if we do get a bit more wages to spend after we lose some big earners in the summer, I would like us to strengthen the full back positions (even if Penney has a fantastic season). We need a RB and LB to be honest as Pudil isn't getting any younger and Fox is just not good enough. Its been an issue for years and needs addressing.
  11. trev

    Lucas Joao

    If you could design a striker...it would be Joao wouldn't it? PACE SKILL HEIGHT STRENGTH FINISHING He has the lot, it's always been about belief and confidence for him. If he can stay injury free and play all season he could be the player of the season.
  12. trev

    Adam Reach

    Worth a pretty penny this lad, same with Joao. I can see Prem offers coming in Jan if they both keep playing well.
  13. trev

    Matt penney

    I like the fact he actually tries to pick people out when crossing and just doesn't lump it in.