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  1. If the price isn't reduced we can forget about promotion.
  2. Glad to hear Berahino looked good. He looked rusty and off the pace during his debut. Clearly he has ability and could be amazing if he stays on the straight and narrow.
  3. 3 place penalty for verstappen. Didn't expect that.
  4. Plenty if cars go through there side by side. All the time. He was alongside. I agree about the last bit but that's not the style of him. He can be wreckless. I am a Lewis fan by the way. But I don't think max is to blame for this.
  5. That's on Hamilton. He didn't give him enough room (,just like max did to Lewis on lap 1). But it meant max got airborne and they collided. Hard racing but Lewis knows Max won't give an inch and he was going onto the faster tyre he should have given a bit more room.
  6. He's touched the ball about 5 times and all 5 times either miscontrolled it or given it away.
  7. Not even had a meaningful chance nevermind a shot. I don't think I can ever remember that happening. It's abysmal.
  8. Cracking start ffs. Plymouth look way more up for this.
  9. This is good. Goes out and gets competitive game time. It's only a month. If he does well he probably goes somewhere else in a higher league. Good development.
  10. Probably one of our top earners and barely plays. If someone is willing to take him and it saves us money we need to let him go. We can't afford not to. He's not worth the money he gets every week.
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