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  1. Happy days...just hope they can stay fit now.
  2. trev


    That's really impressive considering he is a sub. His goals per minute stats must be really good.
  3. trev

    IPTV..... ifollow

    Mine not working. None of the iptv ifollow links are working.
  4. trev

    End of weekend derby's??

    Think about it....would you rather work overtime and get paid extra for working on a weekday evening or a weekend? Not daft those bobbies. But seriously, this is bloody stupid. Not like Sheffield clubs are notorious for causing trouble. Crowds are not even that big on comparison to other derby games around the country.
  5. Hopefully gets a loan if Bruce gets another left back in. He may even get a move to another championship club on loan
  6. trev

    3 Year Plan

    This and next season rebuild. Year after - spendagedon. Sorted.
  7. trev

    George Boyd.

    Yup he looked like a player who wanted to prove a point. He certainly did that today. Every player seemed to have bags of confidence today which was great to see. Just a shame we couldn't get the win.
  8. trev


  9. Maybe his bike got a puncture?
  10. Got a better idea. His dad/brother/cousin or whoever can buy a club in Thailand. Buy Abdi of us for £50 million and that's us sorted. Once we get promoted we buy him back for £51 million. Everybody wins. Easy this FFP avoidance stuff.
  11. trev

    3 Wise Men!

    Every chance. All aboooooard!!!!!
  12. trev

    forestieri fit next week

    Always good news to have FF possibly back. Hope he stays fit now. We need him if we want to have a solid second half of the season.
  13. trev


    He played well against Swansea too until he was subbed at ht.