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  1. Westwood Uroghide Hutch Borner Palmer Pelupessy Paterson Bannan Reach Windass Rhodes That's what I would do. We need to attack.
  2. Yes. Id play him. He seems like he cares and has ability and mobility and can score a goal.
  3. Was ironic when Darren Bent was saying how the Wednesday players looked gutted at the end blah blah blah and the camera was on Westwood laughing his head off. Ugh. Paterson showed some disappointment, Bannan looked gutted at the end in his interview. The rest literally just fist bumped the Forest players and trotted off without a care in the world.
  4. Is he out of contract?? The guy is a joke of a footballer. Pathetic goals and assists record for a winger.
  5. Literally only Bannan. Correct. He didn't have a good game but you could see he was at least trying. The rest were absolutely embarrassing. Harris and Reach made Bothroyd look hungry and up for it. Horrific.
  6. Absolutely unbelievable. I've never seen a team play like that. It was a preseason friendly. I'm actually shaking with rage. I couldn't believe my eyes.
  7. Yeah will be in the squad for sure. We won't be signing much better in league one.
  8. Sell him and Bannan and we may scrape together 5 million. Woohoo. Ugh.
  9. These players are lucky. We all know what an angry, hostile Hillsborough can be like. The amount of tutting would have been deafening.
  10. I actyally thought he was playing well after high-five gate. His pace was useful. What happened to him anyway? Injured?
  11. Iorfa is a bigger miss than either of them. If he had been fit this season we wouldn't be in the bottom 3. The amount of times he saves us with his pace is scary.
  12. Swanseas back up players are still good. Derby are mega crap. It won't matter when we lose to Forest anyway
  13. The outrage from sky makes me laugh. If they had been offered the tv rights they would be bugging it up. The fact they knew they wouldn't get the rights and it would ruin their golden goose (premier league) made them go crazy. They don't love football...they love money.
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