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  1. So is it just him that's banned or his whole stable?
  2. So are this year's cars basically the same as last years? No major rule changes etc? Did Mercedes have to stop using that weird steering gizmo?
  3. Playing reach on the right and windass on the left makes no sense.
  4. Time for Moore to start planning for next season. Play whichever players will still be here...or he plans to keep. Use the rest of this season as an extended pre-season.
  5. What do you propose we...as fans (customers)..do about this? We all know the chairman is the overriding problem here. But he ain't leaving. So what choices or options do we have?? Protests? Stop buying stuff? Attack him on social media? What?
  6. Genuinely think if any of our other strikers were up front ...they would have scored today. Even Marriott.
  7. Need to attack these now. No going back. I'd rather lose 1-3 going for it than 0-1 meekly like a group of scared children. Grow some balls!!!
  8. I'm chuffed with the 42321 formation too. I reckon we have a HUGE chance if we play that.....
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