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  1. Where exactly do these home tests go to get verified? Wherever it is...they should be doing testing for the vulnerable and nhs staff. Not for folk who wanna pay £250. Makes no sense at all.
  2. I used to call it the Fifa view bit. For anyone who had played the classic fifa games back in the 90s.
  3. Could they just deduct it from the next tv money payment? Or clubs could pay it back in instalments? Over 4 or 5 years? Who is it owed too...Sky and BT?
  4. Top stuff. Well done to them both. Nice to see them back with their patents too.
  5. One of the few proper footballers we have in the team. Can actually turn on the ball and looks comfortable receiving the ball under any circumstances. Technically very good has a great engine. Plus he rarely gets injured. Sure he has some flaws....but he's one of the few players other clubs would want. Glad we have him.
  6. If prem clubs are using government money to pay their staff if they don't need to....just out of greed...then I hope the lot of them go bust. It's an absolute pisstake. Don't they all have billionaire owners anyway?
  7. It's a good point. We could see lots of teams go under. Even at Championship level. There could well be a complete overhaul of leagues after this.
  8. China is the time machine. They are the country who are 3 months ahead and what happens there will happen everywhere in time. So essentially they have managed to stop new transmissions or cases within the country. But, as they opened borders and travel again. They had 45 new cases come in from abroad. These were mostly Chinese people returning home. So they are panicking again...as they know it's only a matter of time before it spreads again. And it will. Essentially, until a proper vaccine is found. This doesn't go away. Not unless every one catches it, recovers or dies, and thus become immune (if you recover). But then as we've seen with flu, these things mutate and change all the time hence the annual flu jab. Football is living in cloud cuckoo land if they think the season starts again this year. Unless the vaccine is developed/found really soon we are screwed. Our one hope us that existing medicines may be found to work..a few are showing promising results. If it has to be a brand new vaccine created it will take years to develop and test and get the approvals needed for mass production and dissemination worldwide. So yeah....were screwed.
  9. Imagine being a Leeds or Liverpool fan right now. Wow. Talk about the stuff of nightmares. I know football is very much secondary right now, but if it was us there would be a proper meltdown on here right now. This year will literally be a year which will go down in history for various reasons. It's absolutely mental.
  10. Hmm....that sounds right tbh. Makes sense I suppose. But as you say, for some players....its no great loss. With our squad it's quite a few.
  11. Absofuckinglutely. Are a players contracts more solid than say an accountant or lawyer?? Those professions will get £2500 per month. Even though they would probably earn far more. Why are footballers exempt?? If Sheffield Wednesday applied to the government to say they can't afford to pay the wages...due to no matches being played. Then the players get £2500. Per month. Why can't this happen? I don't understand why sports players are on different contracts to everyone else??? Can somebody explain please??
  12. I'm pretty sure we will all be saved by medicine tbh. Read this morning they are doing mass worldwide trials this week on 4 different drugs which have all (in smaller test cases) shown to be effective against covid-19. Either in slowing symptoms or stopping the virus from spreading once in a host. These drugs are all existing drugs used for other things such as SARS or MERS or HIV. So they are already known to be safe to use for humans. Which obviously speeds up the process massively. Fingers crossed this will be the silver bullet to at least slow this thing down.
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