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  1. We may spend...but...ultimately I think overall our outgoings will be less. We are losing a few big wage players. We need to cut down out squad size and wage expenditure.
  2. At some point, we will fluke a few prem young uns on loan who turn out to be amazing. We will also sign a few players who don't get injured as often and we can build a good team. We will go up. Tbh that's what happened with most teams. Some buy their way up...but most just gey lucky with loans and injuries tbh. Unfortunately for the last 5 years we have had bad luck in both areas.
  3. If he's on the average that's fine, but considering the average for us is the highest wages in league one. It's too much for a player who doesn't strengthen our starting 11. Plus he has no resale value. Doesn't matter anyway as he has one more year and nobody is going to pay him what we are even if we offered him on a free. So he's staying.
  4. But as it was stated...everyone got wages reduced. So he is STILL earning a lot in comparison. Its all relative.
  5. Maybe a slightly rusty, blunt Swiss army knife but yeah I get your point.
  6. Played a lot but didn't play very well. Plus most of those players you mentioned are abysmal value for money so not exactly much of an argument. Paterson will be on very decent money. He was bought as a championship player remember. I just don't rate him tbh.
  7. He's OK for this league but he is not value for money.
  8. Yeah...I would prefer Sunderland to go up.
  9. Anybody got his scoring stats from the last couple of seasons? Is he an England youth or anything?
  10. What a signing. They REALLY need to deliver the Champions league now. No more excuses.
  11. Naah...we all grew up fine. Agree about mendez laing.
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