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  1. Kieran Lee Injured

    I've got a feeling.
  2. Streams for tomorrow

    Download plexus and it installs acestream automatically.
  3. Streams for tomorrow

    Got in on a channel called dazn. Sounds German.
  4. Streams for tomorrow

    Digi sport 1 working great on live sat tv app on firestick. But looked at the tv listings and they are not showing our game?

    Reading that story about Doyen Sports and all I was thinking was how it could be turned into a good film. It seems like they are living the life. Even if they do appear to have the morals of a snake.
  6. no mate...looked great though took me a while to even notice them to be honest. I'll never consider our screen to be "big" again though that's for sure. Cheerleaders were ok too I suppose....
  7. I used an app called stubhub to buy 3 tickets for the Jacksonville Jaguars MEL game a couple of weeks ago. Bought someone's unused season tickets for just that game and they were sent to my phone. Just zapped the barcode on entry. Worked brilliantly. Great idea and should be adopted over here. If it isn't already. Oh and the facilities etc put football stadiums here to shame.
  8. Decent player...good pro. Him and Deon Burton were a good partnership at the time. Seems a bit early in his career to go to non-league tbf.
  9. Bannan

    Every team in this league would be after him if he was available. He has his flaws...mainly his shooting. But for this league he is quality. Keep it up Bazza.