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  1. Proper effing half that. Effort galore and running their nads off. Look decent in possession too. Class!!!
  2. Why have they muted the sound?? Christ. I'm glad I don't pay for sky sports. Even for free it's seeming a bit pricey.
  3. Wow...of all the things Maradonna did in his career/life....the star thinks him once being a target for sheff utd is the thing he should be remembered for????
  4. Had a decent record for CSKA Moscow. Only 28. But smacks of another Urby Emannuelson signing. Won't be cheap.
  5. Stupid mistake but he is one player we can see always puts in 100%. Which is all we can ask really. At least the messiah Mr Rhodes now gets a game. Every cloud huh?
  6. Gonna be a looooong 50 mins. Operation time waste and shithousery needed.
  7. Rhodes to score 4 this weekend...nailed on.
  8. Whoever came up with the £10 per match price clearly didn't think it through. I can see why they said £10 as it's probably half the price at least of actually attending matches (lower league clubs). Obviously for us it's like a third or quarter. So they probably thought yeah that seems fair. But you are simply not getting the same experience as being in person. You don't get the same sense of excitement and adrenalin. It's simply crap compared to being at the match (talking generally here for all clubs not just us). They
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