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  1. Me too. Agreed about the Cowley rumour and timings. If we had appointed Monk a week after Bruce left I would have felt quite positive....ish. Like the bit he says about wanting "thinkers". I've always said that we are missing that in our team. I'm not too fussed about style of play, I just want to see us create chances and score goals. Don't care If we only have 35% possession tbh. I'm boarding the monk train....i just wanted to have a brew in Cowley station for a bit first.
  2. And if Monk loses his first 5? Way way worse. Because a lot of fans don't like or want him. Plus his previous experience in this league would automatically get rid of the argument that he needs time to get up to speed in this league etc. Maybe I'm wrong. But I just feel like Monk won't get a honeymoon period with our fans.
  3. Would be great being a secretary or something at a decent level club. You could make a fortune during manager hiring times. Some people made an absolute fortune last night when Monk was 20-1. Imagine KNOWING he had agreed and having odds like that. U could put bets on at 100 betting sites over and over and over. And ur family and friends. Cha-ching.
  4. I have a feeling they will be in the Prem before us. Not Lincoln City...but the Cowleys themselves.
  5. Nah...not having it. Monk won't be given the time to turn the whole club around. Which we need. His appointment has divided the fan base. The Cowleys would have been afforded more time. They had the vast majority of fans supporting them and excited about them. Fans can be fickle I know and it's a results based business. But I just think a few bad results and fans will be on his back early doors. He has a very tough job winning over a lot of people. I hope he does, but I just have a feeling he will be sacked within 18 months.
  6. Bruce. That's it I think. Which just sums up why this club has been out of the prem for 20 years.
  7. Let's be honest....this is essentially us as a club just accepting mid table nothingness. He's not an awful manager, sure, but he's not going to galvanize the fan base and players and give the whole club a lift. It's a meh appointment.
  8. https://twitter.com/RyanTbooth/status/1169940907296268290?s=19
  9. Best kept secret in world football. Explains the 7 week wait for a new manager. I'm in.
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