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  1. Should have explained earlier, apparently transition agreements in place so that all existing contracts will be met in full.
  2. I'd guess and it is only a guess that they didn't think they needed to, because they don't view the proposed changes as altering player's 'conditions'. The salary cap applies to club's as a whole not individual players, who are still able to negotiate the best possible deal for themselves.
  3. Played like Beckham - unfortunately half the time it was like Victoria...
  4. There are a couple of good articles on the guardian website expanding on this - sorry can't post links. The PFA are appealing because they weren't consulted, whereas the rules say they have to be consulted about anything that may affect a player's 'conditions'. BTW under the same proposals the EFL are also proposing to reduce squad size to 20 (22 next season) and players under 21 don't count towards squad size or salary cap.
  5. Walking down Herries Road for an evening game and the view of Hillsborough - special.
  6. It's more nuanced than that though, whether we like it or not as members of the EFL all clubs make and agree to comply with the EFL's rules and procedures, which we have been found to break. All Charlton are doing is questioning the timing of our punishment, a loophole which could see them avoid relegation.
  7. What with the coronavirus situation and the difference between the tv income in the Championship and League 1, I can fully understand why Charlton are exploring every possibility of staying in the Championship - if the situations were reversed I'd expect Wednesday to do the same. As they weren't part of the EFL's case they can't appeal the IDP's decision. As a member of the EFL they've asked for the rationale behind our punishment being applied next season not this (which presumably the EFL already has from the IDP). Whilst also garnering support from other EFL members. I'm guessing their aim is to get the backing of sufficient clubs so the EFL are effectively forced to appeal the IDP's decision as (say) 50% of their members don't agree with it.
  8. 1 - QPR away 1985 1-1 draw 2 - Mel Sterland 3 - That I've seen - Roly 4 - Cardiff play-off final - only time I've seen Wednesday win anything. 5 - Honolulu day at Norwich 6 - Amsterdam Arena - you're allowed to drink in your seat 7 - Chris Brunt at Elland Road 8 - The build up to the Hull play-off final was special, all that hope......... 9 - Roly 10 - Down the pan - premier league breakaway, sky, all seater stadiums, moving kick off times all started the slippery slope, it seems to be all about the money and vanity of owners now.
  9. I think the league have to approve any name change - recently Wimbledon changed to MK Don's, but Hull City weren't allowed to change to Hull Tigers. If asked, I think I'd vote for changing - not having a geographical name in their name doesn't seem to have done Arsenal any harm
  10. Definitely my worst 6 months being an Owl, but season 2010-11 as a season was worse for me. Lowest point for me was the journey home after losing 4-0 to Leyton Orient. Leyton Orient FFS... Got to see Harry Kane's first league goal though...
  11. Could a deal for Windass have already been done? Wigan's administrators have already sold one player and hope to sell two others by the end of the week - source bbc
  12. It should be awarded to the fans for their continued loyalty and commitment to the club in the face of a global pandemic when some died, became ill or lost their jobs - loyalty and commitment not shown by our millionaire players.
  13. Tin hat on - I quite like him Years ago Wednesday played Palace away when he managed them (it was the game Frankie Simek got that ankle injury IIRC). Back then the away fans were directly opposite the dugout, in the second half we started chanting 'Colin give us a wave, Colin, Colin give us a wave' much to the bemusement of the Palace fans, after about 10 mins the ball goes out of play and Colin walks onto the pitch towards us a gives a huge wave to us. We gave him a cheer and he responded giving us a thumbs up as he retreated to the dugout. Fair play to him, I say.
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