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  1. We were top after 4 games last season, 2nd after 5 with 10 points. It was the next 10 games that were costly - after 15 games we were 8th with 22 points, we only got 12 points from those 10 games. 4 from 2 is solid, but we need to carry this on to 20 from 10, then 40 from 20 etc etc...
  2. Agreed - the first half of the second half was horrible - like Brighton away in the playoffs
  3. Think the subs today were spot on and swung momentum our way. Fizz can definitely do a comeo up top. Only question for me is should DM have made the Byers and Bakinson subs earlier?
  4. Not pressed that button, but pressed many like it - has the box got a serrated 'nipple' on the bottom that goes round and round when the green man lights up? It's so deaf and blind people know it's safe to cross.
  5. Great thread - be good to have an equivalent for every awayday. Ticket arrived this morning, so driving up from down south, being an old git who likes military history, parking at Bletchley train station, walk and visit Bletchley Park, walk to match, enjoy our first 3 points of the season, before heading home via IKEA... because according to Mrs LTH "you'll be driving past it anyway and I've got a bit of a list" - every day of freedom has it's price...
  6. Thoroughly enjoyed watching the Euros - Great sport and great to see English success for a change... I think the growth of women's football will be interesting to see over the next few years, I don't think it's guaranteed to 'explode' unless managed very carefully. Whether we like it or not, football is a business and like any business, profitable clubs succeed and grow, loss making clubs (without a wealthy benefactor) will fail and fold. To my mind there are two key factors in any potential growth: 1 - Keep women's football on terrestrial free to air television - without the coverage the BBC has given the Euros, we probably wouldn't be discussing this. By reaching the biggest audience possible, the game can attract more players and fans. Compare this to cricket, which took the Sky dollar in the 90's and (at non test counties) has frankly been in slow decline ever since. 2 - Bums on seats - without the cash generated by increased attendances the game won't generate the profits to succeed and grow. Should Wednesday get involved properly in the women's game - Absolutely yes, should it be with SWFC ladies - I don't know enough about the situation, or the thinking and wishes of those in charge to say.
  7. For this league, good team, brilliant bench. Will be interesting to see how DM manages the 5 subs.
  8. Great OMDT as ever M'Lud. Always hard to predict early season fixtures, so I'll go with a 2-0 Wednesday win - Hunt with a punt and Bannan with a cannon. Come on you owls.
  9. Missed the game tonight (at a non league pre season friendly), but thoroughly enjoyed the whole tournament. I don't watch football on the telly, I listen on the radio, the women's euros has given great excitement, great drama and great standout moments - take the sport for what it is. Is it men's football - no, is it great sport - yes. Long may women's football continue to prosper.
  10. Whilst we are in Portugal, this week was always going to be quiet transfer wise - hopefully things pick up once we're back. Our transfers before the Portugal trip we're great, no reason to believe those after it won't be too.
  11. Great idea - the only question in my mind is if the Owls flag should fly at half mast until we return to the prem...
  12. Not sure a Salvador Dali designed logo 'ruined' the shirt - more added a subtle touch of culture.
  13. So, getting there, just NML to replace / improve on, arguably we've got a better squad than last year already. Just need to make sure we fend off any interest in BB and Gregory, if we could sell Sow and Brown and invest in a young pacy striker that would be a bonus!
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