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  1. It did, no goalie on the bench so Bullen got the No 1 shirt, after which Millwall shot on sight, somehow LB kept them out, even getting IIRC a yellow for time wasting. Highlight was Frankie Simek's breakaway goal scored while 7 or 8 Millwall players were celebrating at the corner flag for a goal which was disallowed - got the home fans more angrymad than normal...
  2. Great OMDT as ever M'Lud Heart says 1-0 win, head says 1-1 - time for the heart to rule the head.
  3. Yes But unless we start scoring more it could get very nervy, we can't hang on to 1-0's every week.
  4. I live in Kent and have a couple of mates who are long term Gills season ticket holders, will ask them when I see them.
  5. Scoring goals has been a real problem for us for some time, I couldn't remember the last time we scored 2 goals (not including pens) in consecutive league games, so I looked it up - last time was the first two games of last season (Reading 1-3 SWFC / SWFC 2-0 Barnsley) - so over a season's worth of games without scoring 2 goals in consecutive games, God knows how we got to 3rd last Christmas...
  6. Great OP M'Lord Given the ale situation in the Nun's, can I suggest you ask the landlord to get a couple of barrels of Bishop's Finger in? Although from a Southern brewery 'tis a goodly drop and then you could have a Bishop's Finger in the Nun's Chuff... 2-0 Owls btw
  7. Don't pay it! For the same money, get off the sofa and go and watch your local non-league football whilst enjoying a couple of pints.
  8. Over the years there's been some debate on here whether Michael Palin is an Owl or if he'd gone over to 'the dark side'. Just seen 'Around the World in 80 days' where on day 2 he's helping the Venice rubbish collectors, when he finds an old trophy in the rubbish he holds it aloft and exclaims 'Sheffield Wednesday' - so there it is, proof Michael Palin IS an Owl! WAWAW
  9. Brilliant OP as ever M'Lud Big test of Wednesday's bouncebackability today, hope Paterson starts and Plan B isn't needed because Plan A works - goals in each half, standard 2-0 Wednesday win.
  10. Brilliant OP M'Lud. Optimistic for today, playing away suits us, back to the 'league team', - 2-0 Wednesday if we take our chances, 0-0 if we don't...
  11. I'm optimistic for tomorrow (it's probably the drink) but, we're playing away, which suits us, with a consistant team and formation. We've already made up 3 points (of the -12) so tomorrow is a bit of a 'free hit' - hoping for a win, expecting a draw at least, but a loss won't be a disaster.
  12. Tin hat firmly on - what is Reach's realistic price? Given my previous posts, I don't think any other club will pay us anything to take Reach because they don't want to match the salary he's on here (and he I suspect won't accept a pay cut). I don't know his salary, but if I didn't think he'd contribute this season and if I really wanted him gone, I'd offer to give him £390k to leave now (if he's on £20k per week he'd earn £780k before he leaves in June - so I'd offer him half now).
  13. I share your frustration, as I suspect a lot of us do, but imo Reach is in the same boat as Westwood and Rhodes. As a club we 'overvalued' in a variety of ways, price paid, contract length and salaries. Recruitment of the last ~18 months suggests we've learnt the lessons and the are the last 3 (not counting BB) that we're 'stuck' with.
  14. I suspect Reach and Westwood are in the same situation. Both will leave for free next June, both are available for transfer, both are currently on salaries with us no other club will meet, both don't want to take a pay cut - therefore neither will leave unless we pay up their contract. The big difference is Reach's attitude, despite all the above and his loss of form and being played in various positions, he's prepared to fight for his place and play a part for the team - Westwood isn't. Simply put, he's not going anywhere imo because other clubs don't think
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