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  1. We all know that given our losses Chansiri funds the club out of his own pocket, we also know thousands of us are owed money in refunds, whilst the squad desperately needs investment in new players. One can argue there's a moral choice - spend money refunding fans or spend money on new players. If it was your money what would you do?
  2. It has been reported that clubs are seeking 'covid clauses' in all new contracts to protect themselves financially - probably adding to delays.
  3. I don't disagree with anything you've said - only saying what I think will happen, not what I want to happen.
  4. Me too, I suspect if Chansiri hadn't come along and bought us that MM would have sold us to someone else, MM always said he wasn't here for the long term. Who knows what the alternative purchaser would've done, could have been better, hard to imagine it being worse...
  5. Calm down... There have only been 11 transfers / loans in to Championship clubs this window so far (from BBC website) so we're not exactly lagging behind our rivals.
  6. I think we all underestimate the impact covid has had on all EFL clubs - I think most simply don't have the money to commit to multiple transfers this window, especially when so many (~500) footballers are still out of contract from the summer and presumably available cheaply. So far there have only been 11 transfers / loans in to Championship clubs (from BBC website), so I don't think we're exactly lagging behind our rivals. I don't think anybody will leave this window (don't think anybody will pay what DC wants). I think we'll be limited to a few contract
  7. Defender 27th January Tom Lee's contract extension and nothing else...
  8. It's a tricky one, senior football benefits from elite sports status - which have mental health benefits for their followers, whilst a totally different sport snooker (The Masters) is on at the mo show exactly how it's possible. Unfortunately footballers are their own worst enemies, celebrating on the pitch and in the dressing room and a few on social media like normal when these are not normal times, all seemingly without punishment. I do wonder if the BBC contributed to all this by broadcasting scenes of the dressing room celebrations and the crowd greeting the coach
  9. Too true, unfortunately sport is littered with such characters: Best, Maradona, Higgins, Tyson etc etc
  10. You mean Matti Nykanen - who lived an 'eventful' life. 4 x Olympic Golds Best ski jumper in the world - possibly ever Alcoholic Married 6 times Jobs post ski jumping include - singer, call centre operator, stripper and ppornstar. Sold all this medals as he was skint. Jailed for stabbing a friend when drunk. Now dead.
  11. Great debut, really impressed after a shaky start. Not sure we've enough depth in our U23's to start loaning some out this window, but hope he gets some 1st team minutes towards the end of the season once we're safe.
  12. Shaw should and will win this. But I voted for Galvin, professional debut in a very inexperienced defence, following a disrupted build up. After a shaky start, he could have gone either way, but he grew into the game and played with confidence - by the end he didn't look like a 19 year old debutant. Hope to see more of both Galvin & Brennan (we already know we'll see more of Shaw) this season and hope all three sign multi year deals with us.
  13. Who needs a box to box midfielder, when you've got a box to box centre half!
  14. Given only 4 subs and presuming our remaining 1st team and U23's are either covid +ve or isolating surely the Cov match has to be in doubt?
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