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  1. Great first 45 Wednesday. Should really be going in 1 up.
  2. He’s not made anything up. He’s merely speculating about who Bournemouth may turn their attention to.
  3. Giggs. Terry could’ve played on with England for another 3/4 years before he was cast aside. Best English centre back of my time.
  4. We are also desperately short in the holding role that Phillips plays. Dier as much as I like him isn’t a world beater and the jury’s still out on Rice.
  5. He’s England’s best attacking outlet. Hands down.
  6. I really hope sterling has more about him than me. That miss would ruin me as a footballer. It’s all I’d ever think about.
  7. Raheem Sterling is a rolls Royce of a footballer.
  8. Sterling’s made that same run a few times tonight. Finally paid off.
  9. Gundogan instead of both Silva’s is baffling me.
  10. Not having a no mark from Brentford and hull tell me how to support my club. They’ve been an absolute embarrassment since Christmas.
  11. Don’t forget Rhys McCabe. I’ve never know anyone judge footballers abilities so badly.
  12. They finally have an excuse for misplacing passes.
  13. Nice kits. Though I just kept thinking this to myself.
  14. He’s played less than 50 games and scored 4 goals..
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