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  1. adifferentgame

    Forcing high earners out?

    For shame, sir! I'll have you know that I was ruminating conjecture and hypothesis regarding your speculative reflections.
  2. adifferentgame

    Forcing high earners out?

    If it's contractual issues.... For all we know they're trying to get him sacked... Stop speculating... Finding it incredibly difficult to take your post seriously. I can't imagine why that may be.
  3. adifferentgame

    Definition of support

    You gave a definition of 'support' which isn't related to the term 'supporter' as applies to followers of a sports team (i.e. the common definition when one is on a forum full of supporters), which you then used in a question which might be considered to be an antagonistic purity-test aimed at members of this board - a common conclusion, if the replies are anything to judge by. Rather than make that assumption, I applied the principle of charity, assumed that the question was either sincere or whimsical, and responded to your post in a light-hearted manner. Was I perhaps mistaken in doing so? Judging by your responses -especially the one quoted above - it would seem I that was. Regardless of your intentions in the OP of this thread, what I find most egregious is that you've chosen to borrow your relative's learning difficulties to hold up as a shield against what you incorrectly perceived to be an attack. I myself suffer from an incurable disability, and would be utterly disgusted were anyone to so much as consider using it as a stick with which to beat someone who pulled my trousers down on a forum. Their disability is not your trump card, and you should feel ashamed that you felt it appropriate to use it as one. Finally, I am not responsible for any feelings of inadequacy or inferiority that you may or may not have regarding your perception of our relative intellectual capabilities, nor does your inability to control such feelings justify your antagonism towards myself.
  4. adifferentgame

    Forcing high earners out?

    Possibly. But without definitive proof of that degree of interference taking place, I'm going to assume that the team-selection buck stops at Jos.
  5. adifferentgame

    Luhukay's Credentials

    Still appalled that this man wasn't given a chance when Chansiri arrived. A dour one trick pony who insists on playing a style of football that doesn't suit the personnel we have.
  6. adifferentgame

    Forcing high earners out?

    Looks that way. From the sounds of it, we're not going to see the likes of Hutch, Hooper, Abdi, etc unless Jos does a u-turn. Only way I can see them featuring is if the man gets sacked, in which case it would be too late for them to make much of a difference.
  7. adifferentgame

    Luhukay's Credentials

    In fairness to Jos, one of the biggest reported problems at the club is the fact that bids are being turned down by Chansiri for players who aren't in his first team plans. That said, I don't think any of us will ever be willing to accept the brand of football he's showcased so far this season. Parking the bus just isn't the Wednesday way.
  8. adifferentgame

    Definition of support

    supporter, n. A person with an enthusiasm for and active interest in a particular form of sport or a particular team or club. Maybe spend a little less time trying to reverse-engineer words there, chief.
  9. adifferentgame

    Already a txt from a blunt

    "from a blunt"
  10. Well, Jos earned his point. Resigned to mid-table obscurity this season.
  11. Game plan has been fairly obvious from the start. We were never going to go for it.
  12. Doesn't seem likely, but I'm fast losing any good will I had towards the man.
  13. Can't fault either man. Both willing to run through walls. Dawson been good too.
  14. This is anything but boring. Unfortunately.
  15. Bannan given it away 3 times in a row. Sums it up for me.