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  1. Mid-table mediocrity

    Even more galling is that I reckon Stu would have taken us up by now.
  2. Paint thinner and gasoline.
  3. Yep. U23s matches were too pedestrian for him, and now his brain is half a yard out of sync with his feet.
  4. How much to watch em on ifollow? Actually, nevermind. Rather not have "ifollow", "under-10 girls" and "online" in the same sentence about me.
  5. Bannan wrestled to the ground in the box. No penalty.
  6. Another frustrating performance so far. We occasionally look brilliant when we try to pull off something special, but we make frequent mistakes when doing the simplest of things. Get it together and maul them, Wednesday! FFS!
  7. Well worked corner. Bannan's cross was excellent.
  8. Might be worth a shot. We've tried pretty much everything else.
  9. How is that not a free kick? Hunt was shoved to the ground with no attempt made to play the ball.
  10. Adam Reach needs intensive first touch coaching. I don't think I've ever seen him control a ball played over his shoulder, but that describes 50% of the passes to him.
  11. If Carlos and the boys are going to win me over, it starts wtih another strong showing and 3 points this weekend. Smash em off the park, Wednesday! UTO!
  12. It's getting close to Matchday

    We expecting an extinction level threat from space tonight?
  13. Could it be that...

    Oh, and...