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  1. adifferentgame

    Jos trimming the squad

    Shocked it took 4 pages for someone to do that. This place just isn't the same during the off-season.
  2. adifferentgame

    Jos trimming the squad

    He's renowned for giving youth a crack, so presumably that's where he'd look for cover.
  3. adifferentgame

    #SWFC Manager Jos Luhukay Interview

    Jos quietly getting on with the job, preparing the players and taking a good long look at the youth setup with an eye to developing some of them into the first team. Can we give him a 20 year contract?
  4. adifferentgame

    How do you rate the new kit overall?

    Happily. The Universe is not a solipsistic extension of your subconscious will. It is populated by other beings, independent and with their own minds, desires and tastes. Hope that's cleared it up.
  5. adifferentgame

    How do you rate the new kit overall?

    It's a 9 from me. Like everything about it but the socks.
  6. adifferentgame

    It's a goddamned beauty!

    Very much works for me!
  7. adifferentgame

    World Cup question.

    Actually, nvm, it was shortly after.
  8. adifferentgame

    World Cup question.

    I'll get it rolling with Dan Petrescu. Pretty sure we signed him prior to his goal vs the USA in 94.
  9. adifferentgame

    Atdhe Nuhiu - His goals for #SWFC

    Who's this "Nerhooey" guy they keep mentioning? New signing?
  10. adifferentgame

    Jos: DC got it right.

    Was very satisfied with the Jos appointment after watching his first few games in charge. You could see the foundations of what he was trying to do tactically, albeit through the fog of the vast number of problems he inherited. If he has a free hand in recruitment, with reasonable and sensible financial support, I fancy our chances to go up under the quiet wee fella.
  11. adifferentgame

    Highlights From Sky

    That first goal really had everything. Great team goal.
  12. adifferentgame

    Ash Baker

    He's more a defender than an attacker, but there's always room for improvement!
  13. adifferentgame

    Reach At Left Wingback

    Agreed. It's been repeated ad nauseum on here over the past few months. Though it has to be said, his spell in the middle has improved his game. He's come along massively this season.
  14. adifferentgame

    Ash Baker

    Could have forgiven him for being nervous, but he slotted right in like he was a first team regular. Pleased for the lad.
  15. Carlos was a snake oil salesman. Jos is the real deal. The way he's revitalised the team is reminiscent of the effect Gray had after Dour Dave. Looking forward to the next campaign!