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  1. That's neither an argument nor a rebuttal. Pulis has just stuck an emotional lever under Rhodes and found purchase. If he uses that to get Rhodes firing, it's brilliant. If we don't see Rhodes in the shirt ever again we can revisit the "scandal" talk.
  2. It really isn't, and it might give him a needed kick up the arse.
  3. We're building some momentum here. Well we were until Harris was assaulted.
  4. Brilliant play, denied a corner by the utter toerag ref.
  5. Actually, nevermind. Looks like a great defensive header from Lees.
  6. Literal playoff contenders. Are they "shyte" relative to SWFC, relative to the division average or relative to Barcelona?
  7. Sensible change that. Stoke were targeting Shaw, looking to use his naivety against him. Surprised we've swapped him for a forward though.
  8. He's nailed on to either suffer an injury or a red card as the result of terrible refereeing, because that's just how we do things.
  9. Vardy was our Vardy. Letting talented players slip through our fingers is our thing, unearthing them is Leicester's. We should model ourselves on their example.
  10. We just put 5 together and it resulted in a wonderful cross. If we can do that with some consistency we'll look a better team.
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