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  1. I'd like Chansiri to offer the job to Martin O'Neill. He's consistently coached teams into punching well above their weight throughout his career. But, this being Wednesday, and considering the current high team spirit and seemingly good fitness levels, we'll probarberbarbly end up with a random, unknown foreign manager with daft ideas about training and a divisive approach to morale.
  2. Longest 5 minutes I've seen for some time. Utter gonads.
  3. Dunno about anyone else, but I'm feeling a raise.
  4. Iorfa has been fine, but Palmer has developed into a reyt player.
  5. We need to clone Palmer and play him in both fullback positions.
  6. Was going to criticise Fernando for that challenge, but it looked like he stumbled on the replay, so I'm blaming the pitch instead.
  7. Boyd has tracked back brilliantly tonight. That's another great bit of defending form him.
  8. Accidental. His arm is braced for landing and Krul clatters into his elbow and pops Fletcher's arm into the ball. Perfectly sound goal.
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