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  1. All they wanted was a little taste of the cheese...
  2. What a difference 3 weeks make.

    Competent manager syndrome.
  3. We are going up this season!

    Don't mistake pessimism for realism, nor optimism for its absence. If you think those who are excited by the promising signs that our new gaffer might just have a clue aren't aware of the scale of the task, I'm afraid you're the one being delusional. By all means lower your expectations - as I think we all have after the godawful first half of the season - but don't think for a minute that being a miserable bugger will in any way impact the hopes and dreams of football supporters. And besides. We're Sheffield Wednesday. We'll do what we want!
  4. And the players frozen out. "The identification of both an external enemy – the football authorities, referees, pundits, whoever – and “rats”, club figures who for offences real or imagined find themselves outside the inner circle, helps strengthen those bonds." Horrendous way to treat professionals trying to forge a career.
  5. Vitor Fraud. If you want to see an example of coaching done right, of philosophies applied from top to bottom that breed success, look at the German revolution. How many trophies has Portugal won applying periodisation? How many Portuguese teams have won the CL?
  6. We are going up this season!

    It's a 12 point gap between us and 6th. Hardly insurmountable, but we'd need to go on one hell of a run just to get into contention. Over to you, Jos. Win a few on the trot, get us within striking distance and we'll see what the other teams can do about sabotaging each other. HMS Longshot is underway at full steam!