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  1. I’d give them all 5 year contracts after that stunning win last night. They deserve it.
  2. About time we give these players the respect they deserve. None. They're all a bunch of bottleless failures. We’re too nice as a fan base. Fuuck em.
  3. About time this serial failure got some stick. Its all too comfortable at Wednesday, sprints 30 hards to close down the keeper and fans love it. Get rid.
  4. Defeat. Finally put any play off talk to bed.
  5. Safe bet. All round 5 ties are midweek.
  6. Monk doesn’t learn from his own mistakes. never mind another teams.
  7. Sh!te tie. Gonna bounce a 20p off Peps shiny head.
  8. Theres no apparently about it. Round 5 ties are midweek.
  9. At a guess I’d say something to do with finishing early for the euros
  10. Ties to be played midweek. Sh!te
  11. Hutchinson has been well below par for me.
  12. This result and performance completely sums this squad and club up. Much of a muchness.
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