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  1. We’re really not that soft as a fan base. Ive heard our own fans singing about how shiiit we are on many occasion.
  2. Think he’s probably my favourite ever Wednesday player. Really hope he’s going to the MLS. I’ll miss you Gazza
  3. Iorfa overlap sending the owls to the premier league.
  4. Gives us another great excuse to not travel to Leeds.
  5. I’d say a decent percentage have done something daft at a football match that they’ve regretted. It happens, just hope they learn their lesson for next time. Throwing a plastic bottle doesn’t deserve a ban and criminal record.
  6. Watched on my phone in Isla Grande, an island off Colombia.
  7. Why on earth were some doubting this would sell out? We’ve been desperate for a tie like this for years.
  8. 2,400 remaining. On sale to 500 TPP’s or over this afternoon.
  9. Anyone who doesn’t think this will sell out is a clown. ser ya there
  10. Not owning Hillsborough will be a disaster.
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