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  1. Don’t care. 3 points. Top of the league. We go again.
  2. Fox getting pelters for no reason is one of many reasons why I’d rather stay home and watch it on the box.
  3. I totally agree. I just don’t think Bullen wants the job permanently. He’s just moved into a new house and has his business in Sheffield. If he takes the head coach role he has two years max left at Sheffield Wednesday. Whereas doing what he was doing before he could have a decade. It’s not in his best interests to take the job so It needs sorting quickly.
  4. No thanks. 10 games is a lot of points to gamble with.
  5. I’ve not felt this positive about a Wednesday side in a long long time. Can’t wait for the positivity to come crashing back down today.
  6. I can't remember it kicking off with blades last year at Hillsborough.
  7. I need 25 spare ID’s for the promotion party. Cheers
  8. Espanyol seem to have brought a decent contingent from Asia
  9. 32 year old Steven Fletcher on the other hand looks fitter than ever.
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