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  1. 9/10 when you look at your rear view mirror it's absolutely glorious in Sheffield and pitch black ahead. The amount of times I've considered swerving in front of a wagon is absurd.
  2. No chance. They’ll have travelled last night/this morning.
  3. Plod are directing coaches away from the centre of accy so they clearly don’t want us to have a pint together!
  4. Was contemplating going to my first game in two and a half years but realised it’s champions league week.
  5. Pep wouldn't manage England. I reckon Peps bored of living in England.
  6. Yep, always has been. Past few years hasn’t been ‘cool’ to follow England. Club over country lot are odd.
  7. Remember how many of you slagged Sterling before the Euros?
  8. Right forum. My last game was Leeds away, Murphy and Nuhiu. Lump in my throat reference was more for hearing a crowd in a long long time. Electric.
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