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  1. Not having a no mark from Brentford and hull tell me how to support my club. They’ve been an absolute embarrassment since Christmas.
  2. Don’t forget Rhys McCabe. I’ve never know anyone judge footballers abilities so badly.
  3. They finally have an excuse for misplacing passes.
  4. Nice kits. Though I just kept thinking this to myself.
  5. He’s played less than 50 games and scored 4 goals..
  6. Monk has played his part though. We should have stayed up with a 12 point deduction at least. Our form is unforgivable.
  7. Who on earth would sign that contract?
  8. Absolute baller. Up there with Buxton as my all time favourite. Absolute maestro when fit. Never forget.
  9. Lee Bowyer and the rest can get fuuucked. They’ve had 45 games to accrue enough points to say in the division. They can suck a fat diick relying on a 12 points deduction to stay up. They’ve been shiiit and after 46 games if they’re in the bottom 3 they deserve the pub league. Shithouses
  10. That scenario would see us finish second bottom.
  11. Let’s say -12 is incoming this season. In order to stay up, we need Hull, Barnsley and Wigan to lose and a win for us tomorrow night. Anything else and I fear for us.
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