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  1. Alan Rogers Little Bircham Outstanding.
  2. The lad loves a tackle. Class.
  3. Some of the Chansiri sympathisers are showing a bit of back bone and fight. There might be hope yet.
  4. Have a look mate, there are still people giving him the benefit of the doubt. The ones that can’t look beyond a managers run of form and can’t look deeper. It’s painful to see.
  5. Need outing and banning. While ever the lunatic thinks he’s got some sort of backing we’ve no chance of getting rid. Anyone still backing Chansiri is harming our club.
  6. 442


    Second season we walked the championship, broke the points record and finished on around 110 points. Only Dawson, Iorfa, Paterson & Luongo survived the clear out. Paterson finished top scorer playing in the target man role. Jack roles and josh Sims notable stand out players. First season in the prem I finished 6th and qualified for the europa. Won the europa and qualified for the champions league. 6th is still the highest I’ve finished in 4 seasons in the top division. Finished 9th last year but won the carabao cup so maintained playing in Europe every year since we
  7. Unfit, overweight and needs a shave.
  8. 442


    Champions after 41 games 2nd season, sat on 100 points. Dawson, Luongo & Paterson left of the old guard. Paterson played as a TM is a beast. He’s the top scorer in the league.
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