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  1. Season Ticket Renewal

    Which is exactly why away games are more attractive.
  2. Season Ticket Renewal

    If I give money to watch Wednesday or to Reading to watch Wednesday there. Doesn't make a difference to my pockets, I'm still spending. I'll have a. Enter day at reading though, as the whole day will be better.
  3. Season Ticket Renewal

    Where did I say that?
  4. Updated Graphs

    Are you telling me it's over Adam?
  5. Season Ticket Renewal

    Still no. Keep finding myself wanting to do other things on Saturdays instead of saving them for football.
  6. Season Ticket Renewal

    I don't give a fuuuck about giving money to Wednesday or any other football club as long as I have a good day. Away days are better days.
  7. Season Ticket Renewal

    Ive not enjoyed going to Hillsborough at all this year. I'll pick and choose a few away days next year. And the £75 a month can be spent elsewhere.
  8. Season Ticket Renewal

    There's absolutely no way I'll be renewing next year.
  9. I'd find jack hunt a weeks wages for that effort then
  10. We've seen enough

    Speak for yourself. Carlos is a Wednesday legend. Best manager in our history. And a REALLY NICE BLOKE BECAUSE APPARENTLY THAT MATTERS. Carlos in.
  11. Did you not see the defending for their second? Actually hilarious.