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  1. Get the lad tied down asap. Ability in bags.
  2. 100%. More of the same please Wednesday. Get Clare signed up ASAP.
  3. Millwall ticket news

    Milwall fan with username 'moody'. Hmm.
  4. George Hirst is starting tomorrow.
  5. Kaiserslautern

    Love that Warhurst dive.
  6. Couldn't see it but a few years back, think it was palace in the cup, could hear there fans celebrating from the top of the slope at ski village
  7. Violence in the Wednesday end..

    Hope you don't get a crack or spat on at a game in the near future
  8. Violence in the Wednesday end..

    My mate thinks you're a cuunt
  9. Violence in the Wednesday end..

    Hows that the point here? Cuunt.
  10. Violence in the Wednesday end..

    I didn't see, felt it on the back of my head. Mate saw and he was a few steps back, it was after the game and he was coming out. Dealt with it as soon as we could
  11. Violence in the Wednesday end..

    Lots round us who saw and intervened after Why the fuuck would I lie about being spat on you wet wipe?
  12. Violence in the Wednesday end..

    Cretins everywhere today. I got spat on walking down the stairs after the match for not clapping Nuhiu off. Waited for him after the match to call him a dirty Cuuunt. All he could say was 'I didn't spit at you, I spat at your mate'. Cuunt. Walked up to us like Danny dyer and one of the lads matched him up and the dirty poopydoo nearly fell over trying to retreat. its one of those that'll keep me up all night wishing I'd leathered him.
  13. Get sucked in? Make no mistake we're already in the relegation scrap. Absolute joke that Wednesday fans are already writing the season off. We're massively in free fall.