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  1. This result and performance completely sums this squad and club up. Much of a muchness.
  2. Was on show a few times during the celebrations
  3. They’ve placed it well. Every time Broad comes in it’s gets a show.
  4. What are you expecting? Only one or two clubs have done business. It’s like this every January. Have a pint or somet.
  5. Fantastic idea. I’ll be buying one. Chansiri and Wednesday leading the way yet again.
  6. Now being reported he’s staying at Southampton.
  7. Who’s he going to play with though? He can’t lead the line himself. Nuhiu is a big man but can’t play as a target man.
  8. Talksport announced we’d appointed the Cowley brothers as our manager.
  9. Bought one of these on Saturday. Very smart.
  10. To hand out a points deduction otherwise we’ll be penalised next season. If we’re found guilty of course.
  11. Sup owt, shag owt, feyt owt Wensdi’s here
  12. Leeds don’t have a pot to pi55 in
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