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  1. I'll be on the sofa with a cup of tea approximately 2.5 miles from Hillsborough.
  2. A chance for us to go top and make a stamp on the league. Only one way it’s going I’m afraid.
  3. This. Took his goal goal well but apart from that didn’t perform.
  4. Do you really think grown blokes are gonna sing a song about how big another blokes John Thomas is without being absolutely plastered Tuesday night, lucky I even stood up for it
  5. Horrible rainy Tuesday night. Feel good factor back. Genuine chance to make a mark on the top 6. I'm going. 5-0 Hull nailed on.
  6. Just not bothered about going to Hillsborough anymore and I only live 10 minutes away. Completely fallen out the routine. Went to my first home game of the season last night and I'm not bothered about returning for a while. I'll go to a few more aways but other than that and big games it's all a bit flat to be honest.
  7. First time at Hillsborough this season for me tonight. Sitting with scousers. Can see it being a very dull affair.
  8. We’re all Leeds aren’t we? Had a mare this time Kevin
  9. The day a Lincoln City manager rejects Sheffield Wednesday is the day we should pack it all up.
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