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  1. Exactly. Prime location for it to kick off. Will be all ticket.
  2. Grimsby? Be similiar this.
  3. Love that. i assume it'll be an increased allocation for us being a friendly?
  4. 442

    New Spirit

    It's probably not true but Christ I just love Gary Hooper.
  5. 442


    The comments on that jheeeeez
  6. 442


    I'd be happy with the 500K back.
  7. Can see us doing some early business for once
  8. 442

    Ross wallace

    All the best Ross
  9. Im going. However, stating that if we win our last two we'll finish behind United but by less places is a reason to go is clutching at straws to say the least.
  10. Westwood Buxton Lees Bougherra Pudil Antonio Bannan Hutchinson Brunt Forestieri Wickham
  11. 442

    Leeds info

    I went last year and got cracked by a Wednesday fan Not going this year as I'm in Amsterdam next week watching England with Leeds and Wednesday.
  12. Nuhiu was utter throw again. If we start next season with him anywhere near the squad we deserve to be deducted points.