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  1. I think reckon Friday and Saturday in town before the derby will be a bit tasty
  2. David Garrido

    She really ain't special though
  3. David Garrido

    Wouldn't say no but I've banged better. I'm a 10 tho, she's beneath me (whey she wishes she was). Garridos hairline is retreating a bit, he's got no chance
  4. IFollow for tonights match

    I've just to paid the bill €6 having never been registered on I follow now it's telling me to upgrade my account, any ideas?
  5. Annoyed.

    I think you've completely missed the point as to why there will be 'empty seats'. The game will be a sell out, any seat that we're allowed to sell will be sold. The 'empty seats' will be because of SYP/SAG using it for segregation. There wont be any empty seats you mentalist
  6. 2012 home fixture was a bit of a meh game for me. I'd already given up on autos by then and thought it was pointless gloating when they were going up anyway. first fixture at their place though when Madine equalised, I've never celebrated a goal like that, literally couldn't control what my body was doing, coulda been c0ck slapping a copper and I've have been non the wiser
  7. Let's be realistic

    Don't get the love in with Winnall. Fourth choice striker, never going to be a top end championship striker. Team morale will sky rocket now he's gone, bit arrogant was our Winall, with no right to be. Heffernan all over again. Pull yourselves together you fannys.
  8. I know absolutely nothing about this transfer if that helps

    My mate will have it please pal
  10. Can get someone to meet you tomorrow though
  11. Just seen you're on holiday after too..
  12. I'm away so not at Fulham tomorrow..i can meet you in Sheff next week though?