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  1. Everywhere we go 40 yards or 50 yards Reach scores a goal Anyone know of any remedies so I can stop playing this on a loop on my head.
  2. And so it has. Buzzing now.
  3. Heading to the Harley again. Won’t be participating in the voluntary escort though.
  4. As it stands in the home end. Unless an an away ticket comes my way.
  5. 442

    Chansiri kicking off

    He hasn’t. If people say it enough it’ll make em feel better though.
  6. Nothing else matters now. Get behind em. Lets have em.
  7. 442


    WIthin an hour of Megson in charge we’d have clarity on the ongoing ‘injury’ situation and for that reason it will never happen.
  8. 442

    Sheff u info

    I’m 10 points shy than what I thought. CAN ANYONE HELP ME?
  9. 442

    Sheff u info

    640. Fingers firmly crossed
  10. 1995. Still got a man crush on Buxton. Should have been a prem player.
  11. 442

    Half time track

    It’s a great tune. Should come out to another tune by milburn though, ‘What will you do when the money goes’.
  12. 442

    So Wednesday then

    IF we’re serious about pushing for the top 6 two draws from two home games isn’t good enough. This is is the type of game Wednesday will go out and win though. 3-1 Wednesday.
  13. Yes. You’re the first person to be controversial on the internet.