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  1. Great OMDT as ever M'Lud. So Luton haven't won at home this year and have only scored 4 goals this year. Hmmm, think we all know how this traditionally plays out..... Sod tradition, keep the faith - 1-0 Wednesday win - Hutch playing like the Dutch...
  2. Great OMDT as ever M'Lud. Not feeling too optimistic about tonight, but hey ho, it's sunny here so I'll go for a back's to the wall, fighting, 1-0 Wednesday win - Bannan with a cannon.
  3. Great OMDT as ever M'Lud. Hmm - the two worst attacks in the league go head to head - 42 goals in 59 games - I'll stick my neck out and say it won't be a 7 goal thriller... Despite that negativity, I'll go with a back to basics, slightly nervy 1-0 Wednesday win - Reach with a peach.
  4. Found out a few days ago that there's a gritting lorry called Gritney Spears in Scotland, can't stop watching the website where you can follow what they've all up to... Currently parked up North of Carlisle.
  5. Just seen an advert for the forthcoming Deutschland 89 on C4. Had to break out the Deutschland 83 & 86 box sets to refresh my memory - brilliant series, cracking soundtracks - can't recommend highly enough.
  6. Great OMDT as ever M'Lud. Stoke away - horrible match, but they're pants at the mo and we've got a decent defence, so 1-0 Wednesday win - Harris in off his arris...
  7. Thought this was a proposal for a new forum 'BOILER ROOM' where pro and anti Chansiri posters can gather to 'discuss' the Chairman and let off steam...
  8. Great OMDT as ever M'Lud. Gives us all a much needed break from all the off-field shenanigans... Start of another run of 3 games in 8 days - who knows what the team will be, could even be playing in a blizzard with an orange ball - got to keep the faith, so I'll go for a battling, nervy 1-0 win - Oddjob in off his knob...
  9. Gillingham's 'temporary'* away stand - made of scaffolding - remember nearly freezing to death on it in 2003 when we lost in the FA Cup - non-existent facilities, only redeeming feature is it's good view of the pitch (and I can walk to it from home). * amazingly the 'temporary' stand is there in all its glory 18 years later. Wouldn't go on it again if you paid me...
  10. Well, we've won 4 of the last 6, carrying on like that would mean us winning another ~12 With 57 points still to play for, it's in our own hands.
  11. Hutchinson's 4th start in 11 days! Did he actually play in Cyprus or did he go to have double knee replacement surgery?
  12. Excellent listen. Top Tip - if you work in retail, never, ever, ever let Guy Branston pay for something with pound coins...
  13. Great OMDT as ever M'Lud. Two of the Championship's better defences against two of the Championship's worst attacks involving draw specialists Millwall - got 0-0 written all over it. However, I'll go for a TTM (Thompson Tactical Masterclass) resulting in a 1-0 Wednesday win - Callum P in off his knee. With Barnsley v Derby off, got a chance to make a big stride towards safety and move up the table.
  14. And those 5 games in 15 days! Given that, really hard to predict the starting line ups, let alone the results, if the squad can stay relatively fit and injury free then 10 points would be a really good return.
  15. Panic, doesn't have to be the normal reaction though. I'm sure many of us on here, through their jobs don't panic in situations where members of the general public might. Think of paramedics, doctors, nurses when presented with a bad car accident, police when presented with a violent criminal, the armed forces when presented with pretty much anything. They've all been trained to respond positively to sh!tty situations and each time they experience one and deal with it, it adds to their resilience. Given the number of sh!tty situations we've endured over the
  16. Was at this match - never seen anything like Frankie's goal. Also remember it for a group of Wednesday fans chanting 'Where's your whale gone' - a couple of weeks earlier a whale had been sighted in the Thames for a few days then disappeared.
  17. Whilst the above is true, players who became free agents last summer, may have priced themselves (wage demands) out of a move in last summer's window. Now another window has gone and they've not been signed, maybe after 7 months 'out of the game' they'll be re-evaluating their worth and wage demands and would now be affordable to us when previously they weren't?
  18. Good question, I've not scanned the free agent market, but if there was the striker equivalent of an Andre Green, I'd be happy to see them in the door. Just not an old washed up has been.
  19. What is a tad concerning is that 5 of the bottom 8 have all won 3 or more of their last 5 games, looks like the bottom 3rd of the table are all digging in a bit. Given that Cardiif and Hudds are in free fall at the mo, it could start to look very different come Saturday week.
  20. Doesn't really make any difference though - we need to finish above 3 teams not just Rotherham. As we were last night, we are still within 3 points of safety (with a game in hand). Given there are 60 points still to play for our fate is in our own hands and at this stage we don't need to worry about the results of others - just concentrate on our own performances and results which are improving.
  21. Very interesting question. Lots of comments about how I-follow could reduce crowd numbers once crowds return. Whilst I expect crowds to reduce when they return, I expect that'll be more down to an individual's finances than whether or not a game is on I-follow. Live football in the ground is a completely different 'product' to football on a screen. However, if you look at it from another viewpoint there is potentially a huge opportunity for us, broadly at Wembley we could have sold 60,000 tickets, whilst averaging a home gate of 25,000 - so we've got 35,000
  22. I know it looks bad, but could be a text from their Chairman saying 9am tomorrow my office and therefore work related?
  23. That's nothing - it's not as though he walked over and gave Tommo a high five after Rhodes scored the winner is it???
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