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  1. Stick a few clauses and add ons in. Sorted.
  2. Maybe it's some sort of charity thing? Run everyday for a year?
  3. Good player of course, but always likely to get another long term injury and for the amount of money he will command...its just not smart to keep him.
  4. Top stuff. Think he will blend perfectly with Byers and Bannan. I did like Luongo but I think this lad could bring a little bit more creativity and goal threat.
  5. I miss the thread with the timelapse pitch video. Owlstalk spent the summer literally watching the grass grow. Good Times.
  6. Wow...Good stuff. Very good player.
  7. Thank the lord. The guy is a poor man's Jermaine Johnson. Those 2 wingers Sunderland had are what's needed. They were both class.
  8. Don't. Mind the seeding for qualifiers. But once the tournaments proper start. Should just be picked out at random.
  9. £10 a month Yes. Sky are an absolute rip off.
  10. Are they going to arrest everyone who breaks any of their barbaric rules?? It could be absolute mayhem. Hope they have big prisons.
  11. Good stuff. Hopefully he keeps on improving and gets in or around the first team at some point.
  12. Germany played well. But we hung in there...and probably deserved something in the end. Saka, Sterling and Mount were awful.
  13. Some serious production value gone into that. Amazing.
  14. He will get 180 hours of youth football coaching or something else really cushy. Doubt it will be litter picking next to a busy A road.
  15. No resale value...no party.
  16. Usually disappointed if the English team doesn't win.... Not so much tonight though. Ah well.
  17. Hmmmm...not sure I agree with that offside.
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