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  1. His confidence is low that's all. He never has been a ball playing defender and he is being forced to do it. He can step out with the ball OK into space but anything more than an easy 20 yard pass and he's giving it away. Which is frankly astonishing for a professional footballer. But he is what he is. He needs a proper leader beside him who can pass a bit and who talks to him. Basically Hutch.
  2. Some big clubs in league 1. Its a decent league and anyone who thinks we should steamroller it with a bunch of freebies and loans are deluded.
  3. Swallowed the standard football manager replies dictionary. All those coaching badges clearly money well spent.
  4. 0-0 2 shots all game, 0 on target. Red card for Bannan.
  5. Will end up going to somewhere like Sunderland and be amazing. Anyone with eyes can see the talent this lad has. Its insane that he isn't getting games tbh.
  6. Yeah...in an "emergency" meeting...apparently.
  7. Was really hoping this was going to say they have won their last 4 at home. We all know how this goes now.
  8. Just me who thinks this ban on sponsorship agreed by the Premier league clubs is all a bit...ya know...salty?
  9. Lampard. I'm sure he would be reet up for it. Probably.....
  10. Let's effing go for it. May as well try and get something decent in rounds 2 or hopefully 3.
  11. It's things like that which makes you realise we are not going anywhere. I genuinely don't think our team have a clue. They seem a bit dim.
  12. I've not given up on him yet. But he needs to get a grip soon as so far he's struggled.
  13. Id be happy with 8/9 points tbh
  14. Just wondering if the players we signed were purely because of the league we are now in or were they players earmarked by DM regardless if we went down.
  15. There was no point taking an engine penalty to reduce risk of a DNF if they are then going to risk a DNF due to tyre failure. They made the right call but Lewis forced them to do it too late.
  16. Imagine if we had stayed up with DM in charge. Do we think the signings would have been very different?
  17. trev


    Amazing fight. Wilder has some real heart fair play to him. But if Fury can take those punches and get up and just carry on like it was nothing.....Jesus...he's immortal.
  18. trev


    What's the actual expected start time?? Don't wanna get up at 4am just to wait about for an hour.
  19. Stop having fun in training and get runnin up some hills or sommat ffs
  20. We are just too scared to attack in numbers. We play football I'm such a negative way it's actually embarrassing. Moore needs to go and we need a manager who is willing to have a go.
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