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  1. I think he's even worse with the ball at his feet than Lees. Awesome.
  2. Genuinely think we could be the basis of a football club sitcom similar to The Office.
  3. Lockdown certainly has made things worse. People can't go out or socialise so are more inclined to drink/gamble at home. Far too many chase loses or get greedy. It's a fine line though and doesn't take much to get addicted.
  4. If we go down we can't keep him. If we stay up we shouldn't keep him.
  5. I wish I had a Sunday league belly
  6. After the lofty 9th position finish they all probably got hefty wage hikes. Bet the average is double now. Bargain for those 14 points.
  7. Quality signings. Well done Garry.
  8. Would they?? Lol. Only the numpties on here who think he's our biggest problem. The sane ones with eyes know he's our best player.
  9. How much does a 31 year old top level championship midfielder go for these days? Never gets injured too. Gotta be at least 5 million surely?
  10. Nah. It's the type of forward those managers want. Some want a big strong player who runs about and is a nuisance. Plays up top in their own and just holds up the ball (Fletcher). Some like quick mobile players to run the channels. (Windass). Some like poachers who are there to score and link up play (Hooper). Rhodes is the last one and Moore is the first manager since he's been here which likes his striker to be a striker and actually plays him in a 2 up front. Rhodes probably needs 3 decent chances a game and will score at least 1.
  11. Was it Rhodes who got subbed as a sub?
  12. Fully expecting to get a hammering with the players sulking about because they didnt get paid again. Hutch to be sent off. Bazza to sit 3 yards in front if the defence. Rhodes to not touch the ball all game. Wildsmith to make at least 3 howlers. Reach to nesh every challenge. Windass not to pass to anyone. Paterson to have 9 long throws straight to their keeper. Then a statement from Chansiri blaming the fans. WAWAW..... Only joking!!! 0-9
  13. Yep. All his performances from now on will be compared to today's match. He was insane today. So so good. He was premier league quality today without a doubt.
  14. Looks like we actually... finally...eventually..are starting to play with a game plan, an identity. Playing out from the back is of course dangerous, but it has huge benefits too. I've always said id rather watch us try to play attacking football and stick to it. Even if it takes a while to see the results. Hopefully Moore can be the manager to get us playing good football.
  15. It seems fans do know a thing or two about football after all. Give this lad chances and game time he scores. Simple really.
  16. Yeah but it's all his fault. We should sell him. He doesn't care...blah blah blah.
  17. Can't believe he just said it's not a last chance saloon game tonight lol. Are they really thinking that? Wow.
  18. Jordan Rhodes....anyone else scored 4 against us?
  19. You are not allowed to just pump money in anymore. It is on the shirts and stadium because those are the most expensive sponsorship areas and he wanted to pump as much money in as possible. He can't just sponsor the ticket office for £100 million. Every sponsorship/income is assessed and if it's not "a reasonable amount" it can be rejected for ffp reasoning/accounting purposes. I think that's how it works anyways....
  20. Yup. Nobody else wins that race. Masterful drive and paced if perfectly. Max still should have won though but he was too desperate. That's the sort of pressure that Lewis puts on the other drivers. They know that they have to do something exceptional to beat him. Well done Sir Lewis. Still think Red Bull and Max win it this year though. Their pace is sector 2 was ominous.
  21. So the manager was on more a week than all or at least most of the players. Bet that went down well.
  22. Ouch, thats a tough draw. Yup second round seems likely, we may scrape past Portugal but France and Germany beat us.
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