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3 minutes ago, One De Bilde said:

RIP Mr Walker. I truly wish we still had that badge

Sad news.

Truly iconic. I loved that badge too.


Doesn't make any sense why it was ditched. It was in the DNA of the Club, for me.

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Just now, Dronfield Blue said:


Nice to see you back mate.


Never been away. Just cautious where I post. I like a hassle free life.




Had it all today. Glorious weather too.


But thanks for the sentiment.

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3 minutes ago, Grassy knoll said:

Love that owl, it’s the owl I grew up with, had it tattooed on my leg 20 years ago.

Absolutely crackers, ditching it.


Can you imagine Coca Cola changing their bottle shape? The badge was similarly iconic IMO.

How much must the re-branding have cost throughout the stadium? To what end?

A complete vanity project.


Sums the club at the moment I’m afraid.

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I remember perfecting my drawing of the owl as a kid. I loved drawing the bloody thing. It was everywhere at home.


Went to Cambodia a few years ago and stoped at a cafe which had a blackboard for its visitors to write messages on. Even we’ll into my forties I just had to....


RIP Mr Walker.

Edited by Pablo Bonvin
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Adore that Owl


I tried to make one as part of my woodwork project at school


I don't think i did it much justice however...


RIP Robert

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