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  1. Borner was starting to worry me last season. Not sure if some of the coaching staff could look at the Norman Wisdom running style he seems to be perfecting by the week.
  2. Guess it depends on which scientist you ask. Any how enjoy the match.
  3. The test is unreliable for this current situation. I disagree with you. Mortality rate less than 1%. I’ll go to the game you watch it on I follow. Ill bet ya when they reckon this all up in 6 months that more people died of the ‘cure’ rather than Covid-19. I’ll also bet ya that come this autumn, vulnerable people’s immune systems will have been surpressed to an extent they could get very poorly from a normal flu season.
  4. Nah, you still intentionally misquoted me. Covid-19 belongs to the Coronavirus family. As I say that’s why the majority of people who test positive aren’t ill.
  5. The PCR test doesn’t specifically test for Covid 19, it highlights traces of Coronavirus. That’s why the vast majority of people who test positive aren’t ill.
  6. I’m afraid you’ll have to stay indoors if you’re hoping for politicians, Imperial College and the public to control a virus. I’ve been amazed how compliant the vast majority of people have been. Exercise, eat healthy, take some supplements maybe, use common sense and let’s get going again....IMO
  7. I respect your decision to shield yourself and stay indoors. Those that want to will crack on with life practically and logically. Cant wait to get back.
  8. Spraying the crossbar with Mr Muscle....what’s all that about
  9. A second lockdown might not be the end of the world
  10. Brilliant stuff. F eck the whinging. Let’s get behind the massive, siege mentality n all that. Let’s crowdfund mr chairman a proper Motty sheepskin
  11. This lad is a reyt player although I’m at a loss sometimes to understand why there can be spells where it appears his brain stops sending signals to his feet. Maybe making him skipper of the football club would be the making of him? Seems a top candidate for captain imo?
  12. Imperial College London has crunched the numbers and predict a top six finish. Lump on.
  13. Fletcher is a proper footballer but let's face it he wasn't value for money. It did irk a little when he jumped into the first lifeboat going and abandoned HMS FUBAR after 4 years dining in 1st class. When we got him we knew we were getting a dozen goals a season man. I think Celtic are notoriously hard nosed when it comes to contracts......quite right too.
  14. Exactly this. Difficult to envisage an extension to his current deal so let's at least get a fee of some sorts.
  15. Perfect opportunity for handshakes all-around and wish them all the best in their future carrears.
  16. Would be interesting to know how much the club owes in terms of the double yer money merchandise offer that was on last autumn.
  17. Takes me back to my mate buying £10k worth of Northern Rock shares weeks before the bread queues started. Personally I don’t think they’ll let us get back to ‘normal ‘ for some time yet. Anyone has a rebate call?
  18. Being in L1 next season considering Plandemic would have being disastrous. We must move on as a club together. Let’s face it there’s another lockdown coming in the winter. There’s a few twists and turns yet. Personally I think professional sport in its current state is f u cee kd UTO
  19. The loss at Blackburn way back in November sticks with me. I somehow knew then that this team wasn’t good enough
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