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  1. RIP Rob Beautiful and fitting gesture from the club Thoughts with family and loved ones at this sad time
  2. So pleased you are doing well Tinkerbell Look forward to seeing you posting regularly again Big love from me
  3. I think Watford will be decent now They have kept Sarr, Deeney and Capoue at least until the next transfer window Best squad in the champs by a distance Let's hope they fall out and crash n burn
  4. There is something more boring That's going into a thread you're not interested in just to say how boring it is...
  5. RIP Ritchie Fabulous memories of those times of which he was a huge part. Thoughts with his loved ones
  6. Football as a business is absolutely hateful - totally and utterly
  7. As important as this round of utter nonsense masquerading as some sort of qualifying which i reckon even Einstein would struggle with
  8. Ok Both played well below full strength teams and both will qualify for the euros with ease I'd put more emphasis on La Tournoi tbh
  9. England have always been world class in friendlies Absolute shitters in tournaments Even losing to an extremely mediocre Croatia side in the WC semi's - but roundly applauded as a great effort... You younger fans will begin to rue that day the same as i have since 1970
  10. I know a lot of people are not interested in academy football but i've long said that it won't be long before the requirement to have an academy is dropped Even more power to the big and wealthy to stockpile just about any player they want Coupled with the drive to allow the loan situation to be way more flexible it just confirms my initial thoughts This is entirely 100% about making it easy for the big and powerful to run the game at every level unimpeded The academy system is hopelessly broken but this is no fix whatsoever
  11. Academy products Where trivialities like being able to actually defend are seen as old fashioned and irrelevant - players need to be able to pick a pass and do a stepover these days... I've always thought Maquire was a useless lump - similarly Stones. Both are atrocious defenders If a defender cannot defend (and neither of the aforementioned can) then they are a burden on their own team Similarly with England - i'm still f*cked off about us losing to an extremely mediocre Croatia team in the WC - and i said then(got negged to death for it) that a
  12. They don't to football Or anything classed as "elite sport" That includes u18 academy teams Not sure how long a lot of clubs can keep playing without an income Madness...
  13. That would be fantastic! The ref just says were kicking off in 30 seconds whether you're there or not It would happen once only when a team were allowed to kick off and run through to score - then there would never be an instance of a team trying to delay the kick off - or playing juvenile mind games I've worked with Warburton Not a fan...
  14. TBF if playing with wing backs it's not necessarily width that is needed/desirable because the system sacrifices a teams ability to stay compact - so making the pitch a bit smaller helps to offset that
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