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  1. Bournemouth or Watford would be my guess Especially being as Watford will lose at least one (Delefeou) and possibly 2 (Sarr) wide players Pereyra is almost certainly gone too
  2. We don't get first dibs on the best Thats how it is Obviously we may get lucky on a player that isn't so rated by his parent club but goes on to be a surprise But its no recruitment strategy
  3. Plundering other clubs academies costs money I still think Norwich academy graduates are quite a bit overrated - as a team they have just proved to be one of the worst premier teams ever And their best players were not their own graduates There is a hierarchy in academy football and if any player shows decent ability you can bet that Chelsea, City or Utd will be in for them - at any age I think we need to stop surmising that academy graduates and prospects is the way out of this tbh With the current situation loads of players are out of work - there will be a knock-on effect which means that some decent players can be picked up for fees and wages way less than they may have done a year or so ago Firstly we need to decide how we want to play then recruit accordingly Straight out of the Sean Dyche playbook...
  4. I wish more people would realise this A good product of a high end academy invariably is not playing u23 games at 19/20 There are loads who will never play championship as a career and its bizarre to think that just because a player comes from city or Chelsea they are bound for glory. Most players in both those academies will not play their careers in the top 2 divisions Non league teams are brimming with players who played in decent academies. And ultimately its a flawed strategy because those players move on and have to be replaced - hitting on one gem is hard enough but then having to replace them with another? I'm not saying never have loan players but I think fans need to be a lot more realistic about it.
  5. My guess would be that by then they're expecting crowds to be allowed back. Then at least there will be an income to offset the cost of staging games
  6. Bit of a misnomer of a title really It's up to DC whether he stays or goes - not us SWFC is his - if we like it or not matters not a jot It is his toy, his plaything, maybe his passion or maybe his demon But in typical football binary fashion the myopia of fans is utterly palpable - i know i'll get shredded for this but i don't care a bit If anybody (such as myself) was urging caution while we were splashing the cash, playing sexy football and getting within an inch of the premier then they were soundly drowned out by the cacophony of adoring fans - you know, the ones that rounded on me when i merely suggested it was bizarre for us to holding a silence for the Premiere of DC's homeland - that type of thing...IN DC WE TRUST (etc) But lets park that and take it in the round - as ever in football it is either 100% success or 100% failure It has been neither I suppose the really incomprehensible fact is that we received no sanction for not paying tax and winding up in the courts - but have received a damning points penalty for the owner of the club spending money he blatantly has available! Rules are rules....i get it....nonsense and BS, but hey ho... We are not Bury, we are not Wigan who must surely feel nervous for their existence - small mercies, but lets be thankful that we still have a club The governing bodies are so inept that it's likely that twinned with the pandemic there could be lots of clubs going to the wall - we will not be one of those Again, small mercies Bottom line - fans wanted us to chuck around cash - we did. It didn't work and now we have to retreat to the cave and lick our wounds but we are still alive and can return to the ring . Sadly some can't and others will follow I'm in the small camp of minus 12 in the champ is crushingly worse that level points in league 1 - but regardless of either it is not down to us to now try to dictate who owns the club - it's been bought and sold lock stock and barrel I don't think Chansirir is the devil - far from it i think he has been used and he has been niaive - but that is not a crime The crime will be if we carry on drifting aimlessly with seemingly knee jerk reactions and poor choices He is supposed to be smart and savvy - then now is the time to prove it by either taking control and sorting things out - or appointing those that have the knowledge and insight to do so
  7. FFP/P&S whatever needs abolishing Football desperately needs resetting - and clubs should be like any other business and stand or fall on their decisions and the depth of the resources backing them If clubs over reach and go to the wall then so be it These are different times and its every man for himself I can certainly see why any club getting relegated may view this as ridiculous to observe a sanction imposed while this current season is as yet unfinished (although i can see that the normal season has ended) - yet the punishment applies in a different season I'm really not interested in arguing the minutiae of it but i can completely see how it is seen as bizarre from the outside
  8. I think this latest round of audits they were hoping to go Cat 2 But as yet still Cat 3 after 5 P years - and still in a stadium befitting Accrington
  9. Can't deny Howe's achievements at Bournemouth however they need to still hugely grow as a club League 1 stadium, crappy training ground and Cat 3 academy Castles built on sand
  10. The irony being that Watford sacked him to get promoted and appointed Zola Dyche went to Burnley and got them promoted straight away - Watford lost in play-off final... Smart move! Nto sure Dyche would have relished working in the Watford model anyway
  11. I'm not talking about any baloney ranking - i'm talking about the actuality of having to win a tournament! And my point stands that the recognition of winning the UEFA Cup led to the inception of the Champions League
  12. The level of achievement in winning the UEFA Cup has long since been recognised as greater than winning the CWC and the Champions Cup Led directly to the advent of the Champions League Along with the "saleability" value of it...
  13. Done nothing since the break-up of Wham!
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