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  1. Barnsley are Cat 2 Some Cat 1 academies have portacabins for changing rooms, canteen and gym etc. I fully understand why we focus recruitment on older players. No mileage in recruiting at younger age groups
  2. It's not so much the technical detail - it's the author's total narcissism that put me off He makes out that he invented the game! Then put it back on a stable path whenever it veered off You'd honestly get the impression that football would have ceased to exist were it not for him Pity really because as you say - there is a story in there about deals, agents and the dark arts
  3. Got to say this book is barely readable imo. In fact I had to take a break from reading it because it's so horrendous. Garbage
  4. scram

    Luton’s Current Form

    Not true at all Time and again we see so called vaunted young professional teams of the likes of Arsenal (among the best u23 teams in europe) struggle and lose to league 1&2 B teams
  5. scram

    Frederick Nielsen

    I've seen quite a few of his u23 games Nowhere near championship standard from what i've seen
  6. scram

    Luton’s Current Form

    Of course there will be lower teams beating higher placed teams - but the fact remains that those games are still anomalies - its why they are called "shocks" But these days they are likely to prevail more than in the past simply because too many top teams play for league position rather than cup glory and therefore field "experimental" teams in what they see as nothing games - and if Fulham didn't see their game against Oldham as a nothing game then they have a lot of explaining to do regarding their team selection - for eg But before we get too sniffy about cup shocks and the plucky lower league team - just have a quick scan of who gets to the later stages of the competition, who plays the final and who wins it And a clue - it isn't the team in top form in the 3rd tier
  7. scram

    Hutchinson injury update

    Didn't Hooper leave his last match with a bit of a sore groin?
  8. scram

    Westwood “troll” tweet

    Telling kids and young people to avoid social media if they're getting bullied is akin to telling kids back in the day to not speak to or interact with any other kids if they were getting bullied
  9. Even odder that the gimp talks about "if only people knew the real story" - but refuses to tell the story Some journo that is... "hey look everyone i've got a great scoop....but i'm not telling you..."
  10. scram

    Westwood going to leeds

    TBF Leeds desperately need a keeper. It could seriously derail their promotion/play-off bid if they stick with their current incumbent Westwood fits the bill - excellent keeper and likely to be available for free or a nominal amount
  11. Cannot believe this thread There is no way - no possible way - that a club would not manage this situation from within. They'd be all over it to ensure a player did not miss a court date and had optimal legal representation Pretty shameful the amount of adverse publicity that it's generated for Forestieri when he's done nothing wrong Also pretty telling that some people cannot hold their hands up and admit they jumped the gun and have been proven wrong
  12. That he's made the 2nd most amount of saves in the division this season Says nothing whatsoever about his quality as a player Like any stat it's meaningless without context
  13. scram

    Need your help.

    So so sorry Craig. I don't know what to say so I'll say nothing other than to wish you can get to see some light through this darkness and feel some comfort through your pain. Thoughts are with you and your loved ones
  14. scram

    Van Aken

    Imagine that line up in the championship on a regular basis In fact, 2nd thoughts don't Save yourself some nightmares...
  15. scram

    Latest farce on Westwood

    I think that's a whoosh...