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  1. Awful striker and keeper It's not only us that have beaten Leeds recently Crap keeper and crap frontline striker is not a good mix for a team expecting promotion
  2. Who is clamouring to employ him?
  3. Well it's not a continuous line that holds true for all situations Suarez was rumoured to be disruptive at Liverpool - however Steven Gerrard has said that he's the best and most influence player he's ever played alongside and a pivotal player for Liverpool It generally takes a strong manager with a firm character that sorts this - and it's very often not about ostracising players but including the m or the good of the team and the club That isn't a free pass for the players in question to take the pee - but an olive branch to bring them into the fold and recognise they have to fall into line. If not then a big manager will deal with it appropriately - if the split is terminal then players have to be moved on - contracts paid up whatever... The ultimate problem is that players have a huge amount of power - they are wealthy at upper levels and have an army of advisors Not easy but it's what the best teams have to deal with at all times
  4. This Totally Anybody that had spent even 5 minutes in the ecosystem of a football club will know this is true ^what happens in Vegas stays in Vegas"
  5. On the one hand we want to lay claim to being a big club On the other we list one of our Achievements as beating the mighty Hartlepool in a 3rd tier play off game Yes. it was a top day out as is any final - but not an achievement and we need to bury this We mock the pigs for claiming all and everything as an achievement - glass houses and all that
  6. Clubs like Wimbledon live hand to mouth - they simply cannot afford to pay wages to players who are out long term They have a tiny first team squad and need everybody to contribute At times such clubs will release players - but their finances cannot allow them to keep players who aren't contributing 99.9% of the time the players they release will drift out of the game maybe for once we have struck lucky at their misfortune
  7. I'm not sure he was at Wimbledon for too long Fair enough they scouted and recruited him But then so did we Not many players go through the academy system at one club any more - recruitment is the biggest part of the academy system and fair do's to us if we picked up a gem for nothing Who cares what system he developed at - looks like CB Hounslow FC in the Combined Counties League (about 5 divisions below league 2) was his grounding in the game Wimbledon didn't develop him but they did give him a chance
  8. My input initially was about whether the shot was unstoppable I thought it was a cheap goal for a keeper to concede Doesn't matter who hit the shot - in this case it was JM I'm absolutely not about criticising the goal - it's about whether it was such a shot that would be too much for most keepers I don't think it was - whether it was Murphy, Bannan, Ronaldo or Maradona hitting the shot And cannot quite believe how little kudos has been given to Nuhui for what is one of the best passes at any level i've seen all season
  9. Is that why the ball went ninja-like through the keeper... The shot was so powerful it transported through the keepers body Spock would have approved
  10. We'll have to agree to disagree. Loads of players have played in CL and La Liga who we wouldn't want anywhere near our team... Back to the goal He was a couple of yards off his line and at an angle. This gives JM very little to aim for which the keeper cannot cover The fact the shot went through the keeper is the sin If the shot had been arrowed to the far post and went in then maybe... But not through the keeper at a poor angle for the striker at the near post Keeper error no doubt
  11. Johnson was decent for us imo Very good centre back but made some silly career moves - the Wolves one being the worst
  12. TBF is Wednesday had a quid for every time Turner said something utterly nonsensical we would be bidding for Messi in this transfer window...
  13. Nothing against the guy - i often used to get on the same train back from Sheffield as his family and friends that always went to watch him - his brother was top, top laugh and always chatted away about how much Dean loved playing for Wednesday and how proud his family were for him to be playing at such a great club They were all mad keen Villa fans but came to watch us while he was playing for us I really hope it will work out for him at Villa because it would mean so much to them all But sadly he was a poor player in a poor team
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