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  1. By the default logic about state of the art facilities then surely every lower level team should be inundated with multiple injuries? Strange that some people put some leverage on the comments of the font off all football knowledge - Chris Turner The man with the reverse Midas Touch as a coach/manager/football director - but somehow expert at forensic scientific evaluation of turf technology...
  2. Any player can feign injury - nobody can deny another persons symptoms Even if a player is suspected of over reporting their symptoms no medical professional can prove it The onus is on the player to accurately report - not the medic to try to 2nd guess what they "really" mean
  3. Arsenal have long been one of the few clubs to have a UEFA 5 Star medical facility at their training ground - their pitches are as good as it gets and exactly replicate their stadium pitch. They are dripping with highly qualified and experienced staff - they have acres of space and every piece of recovery, prevention, fitness and rehab equipment known to man So why do they get so many injuries - and so many long term ones?
  4. He's a shining example of humanity A humble guy who selflessly gave so much with no reward and no recognition for so long A true inspiration
  5. RIP Mark Thoughts with family and friends at this devastating time
  6. Wouldn't just give the job to Pressy cos he's an ex player (of some repute i might add) I'd give it to him because he's an ex player that's also a damn fine GK coach as he's demonstrated since hanging up his playing gloves
  7. Using VAR in the cup is only to iron out the glitches and test it real-time for the introduction full time into their beloved premier league It's impossible to have all the cup games with VAR therefore none should have it
  8. Barnsley are Cat 2 Some Cat 1 academies have portacabins for changing rooms, canteen and gym etc. I fully understand why we focus recruitment on older players. No mileage in recruiting at younger age groups
  9. It's not so much the technical detail - it's the author's total narcissism that put me off He makes out that he invented the game! Then put it back on a stable path whenever it veered off You'd honestly get the impression that football would have ceased to exist were it not for him Pity really because as you say - there is a story in there about deals, agents and the dark arts
  10. Got to say this book is barely readable imo. In fact I had to take a break from reading it because it's so horrendous. Garbage
  11. Not true at all Time and again we see so called vaunted young professional teams of the likes of Arsenal (among the best u23 teams in europe) struggle and lose to league 1&2 B teams
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