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  1. It would be actually ridiculous to let him go unless he just doesn't want to stay
  2. I agree it was also a much better experience as a fan Corporate football PLC may be ok for the younger fan but for older traditionalists like me it's pretty much anathema to everything that drew me to the game
  3. Well said Ronnie She is so synonymous with Wednesday and will be greatly missed Never knew her personally but like all Wednesdayites I knew of her because of her devotion to the club and it's fans
  4. And me back in the day with David Grant when England were struggling for left backs
  5. Definitely Way above anybody currently associated with the club
  6. I think it's fairly well established that Stones can't defend - or rather he can't make decisions a defender needs to make. There's definitely more hope for Keane I'd definitely put Maquire in that group too Way overrated as solid top level defenders
  7. Extremely highly rated as an emerging young player who just hasn't kicked on It happens Imo hes lucky to still be playing at this level Unfortunately not good enough for the championship imo
  8. Come on chaps Surely nobody can question the football authorities totally fair and impartial governance of the game Surely not?
  9. Don't have an issue with the Cowleys and have no will to see them fail However the gushing nonsense on here about them from some was truly nauseating Like they absolutely cannot fail on their journey to dominate world football They may succeed but the stats show they are more likely to be another Hurst, Nathan Jones et al than they are Klopp or Pep
  10. Ainsworth is working with one of the lowest budgets in the entire EFL - even though his team are in the upper reaches of league 1 What he's done is remarkable - and still up there with the much vaunted cowleys But yeah, damn him because he hasn't won national league south whatever
  11. His birthday is the day before the "birthday" of SWFC And the day before the birthday of my beloved daughter - who will be a mere 21 on Wednesday And Harry's birthday is also a day before the "birthday" of Meadowhall... But regardless it's great to hear he's doing so well Go on Harry!
  12. I'm baffled as to why so many seem to think the cowley's come with some sort of guarantee that it will be only upwards What have they achieved that say, Gareth Ainsworth hasn't? And why no clamour for him? Bizarre
  13. He's been there (Stoke) too long more like...
  14. Nathan Jones is proving that a lower league manager with a very credible record is guaranteed to succeed when taking on a job with hugely increased expectation and resources...
  15. I think it's symptomatic of Wednesday tbh I think we have long undersold ourselves and often looked "below" Danny Wilson, Paul Jewell and the ridiculous appointment of Turner stands testament - thats notwithstanding Shreeves and Yortath etc F*ck that shyte The only time we looked like having any success in this relatively modern era was when we reached out and acted serious - with BFR and the funds that The Trickster initially had then quickly had to balance the books (Warhurst for Sinton...) Somebody somewhere else (apologies for not citing) mentioned how the very much vaunted Nathan Jones has had an absolute mare compared to the relatively high expectations at Stoke Sometimes you just have to play the percentages and admit that if you want to succeed then you need to pay accordingly If those funds aren't available then just be honest and take a punt on somebody from the lower leagues whose CV is staggeringly average
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