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  1. Lampard had plenty of kudos in the dressing room due to his own achievements as a player - that's always a factor early on It was a smart move by Chelsea when they were in a bind due to the embargo They knew they couldn't attract a top level manager and knew it would be a tough transitional season So get an absolute club legend to buy time and keep the fans on side until they can properly regroup Lampard was nothing more than their useful idiot to buy them time
  2. Interestingly Hallam FC were founded 7 years before Wednesday - but share the same birthday - 4th September (as does meadowhall - and my daughter...)
  3. This is ridiculous Totally lost control and ran away
  4. Yes agreed If anything was gonna happen it was most likely from Grealish Unless injured or some prior arrangement with his club (it can happen!) then it's unfathomable why Englands best player by a distance was taken off
  5. Agreed - too many players had an off-night - it happens But can't say you were impressed with Hungary because they didn't win a game they had very little chance of winniing Apparently...
  6. We deserve to play behind closed doors for the Euro's tbf It was shameful
  7. I don't know the full level of the police response but if that was the sum total then it was pretty pathetic tbh I understand a few coppers cannot take on an entire section of fans and they probably had to retreat - but to let that be the end of the matter is ridiculous and were that the case then another real dagger into the rotting corpse of the already utterly discredited Met I'm hoping a real operation did occur behind the scenes and the racists and thugs dealt with Bit from the few scenes i saw it reflected dreadfully on our police
  8. I've been a critic of Southgate but he was perfect through the turbulence of the Euro's - especially with the off-pitch nonsense which needed firm handling and addressing and he was very statesmanlike I do think he messed up the final somewhat but we've got to give him a pass I mean - a semi-final and a final in consecutive tournaments (and yes i appreciate the context but the outcome matters) That's as good as we've achieved in our entire previous football history Just missing that final step But he's more than earned the right to carry on and talk of replacing him is absurd And i'll reiterate i've never been a big fan of him as a manager but facts are facts
  9. Awful news Hopefully he makes a speedy and full recovery and picks up his playing career as if nothing happened Get well soon David
  10. Said last night that a steward had been racially abused and an arrest made - so probably the fall out around that
  11. Hungary were excellent Really impressed with them and the way they were playing between our lines and finding gaps must be the only reason we brought Henderson on - it was a compliment to them really Can kind of see Southgate's reasoning at that point of the match - protect the point rather than risk it while going for the win Ultimately it's all about qualifying - nobody cares how it's done really as long as we get there And you don't get style points for the way you play Very nearly job done so can't really complain
  12. Just watched the game after recording it and avoiding the result Quite impressed with Hungary tbh As for us - very disjointed other than a brief period after they scored up until half time - second half was as poor as i've seen us since probably the Croatia semi final - absolute rubbish with no cohesion and looked like we had no game plan at all I'm another one that doesn't see the love in with Foden at England level - i'd have taken him off way before Grealish Kane was awful I suppose we can put it down to too many players just having a poor night But those subs.... WTF?!?!
  13. They'll be able to get a lot of data from analysing matches with appropriate software - things like top speed, acceleration, deceleration, distance run, distance of high speed running, average speed All PL clubs have pretty much every data point on players in all other PL teams already I suppose the moot point is who owns the data? If a tech company analyses a televised match for eg and manages to harvest data from it - who (if anyone) owns that data - the player? Club? TV company? Tech company who analysed and extracted the data? Is it freely available as it is at a public event? Legal eagles could be getting quite busy with this
  14. I know a PL player that this season refused to even get weighed at his club Which is his right unless its specifically written into a signed contract which he signed - may or not have been Same as any other data that is not anonymised - it's up to the individual whether that information should be used and if it is then explicit consent for the use of that persons data should be available So it's not straightforward - i suspect there are paragraphs in contracts that kind of imply consent - but how watertight and specific they are and whether they would stand up to legal scrutiny is another matter Football (maybe all sport) has long been very lax around issues of confidentiality tbh - it's something that medical professionals in particular have regularly tried to address The general public can't get their head around how a player has the right to withold his medical information from everybody else in the club including coaches and managers - it hardly ever happens and tbh footballers generally seem very relaxed about the world knowing their medical history That may change if theres money to be made though
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