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  1. Clubs like City don't care about resale They care about results - and they believe Kane is their best option to improve their results
  2. Marginal gains isn't it? City want proven in the PL - that costs money And one of the greatest goalscorers to play in the PL, England skipper and as close as there is to a goalscoring guarantee is going to have a premium
  3. Spurs just made the best signing they'll make this summer by getting Son to sign a new 4 year deal
  4. I love F1 but i'm not an expert (by any means) on the finer points of race craft But when literally nobody to my knowledge has come out and said it's completely Hamilton's fault then surely not only should that tell RB to shut it but also the F1 hierarchy should be telling them to do one too! Seeing the incident as a novice multiple times it is one of those occasions where one driver has to yield - on every other occasion it's been LH that has yielded It cannot be that Max being super aggressive means he is infallible at all times Lewis showed him why he is the greatest driver ever and even at his (for f1) ripe old age he's still gonna fight every inch of the way
  5. Because Charles left the track If he turned in like Max did there would inevitably have been contact RB need to stop filling their nappies and grow a pair They're embarrassing themselves now
  6. As somebody who has been to both the pigs and our training facilities a few times over the last few years i'd have a couple of observations 1, The welcome and hospitality at Wednesday was way better 2, The facilities at the pigs is way better Any pigs moaning about facilities is a little b*tch and shouldn't be taken seriously
  7. Why wasn't Lewis penalised for the overtake on Charles in pretty similar circumstances? Not even a peep from Charles or Ferrari that i'm aware of
  8. Hamilton has yielded plenty of times this season He can't keep backing out every time Max gets aggressive I can see a few more crashes this season at this rate. Great drive from Hamilton and Le Clerc - also fair play to Bottas Hope Max is fine
  9. It's just a Max procession now Fair play because he is rinsing the rest Awesome driver
  10. Saints probably most productive academy so we can forgive them a one off blip Chelsea however...
  11. Don't understand why it doesn't count as an official pole position? Same qualifying criteria as other races so it should count imo I know the sprint is the decider of grid positions for the gp but just seems odd
  12. Absolute shambolic farce Like putting farage in charge of race relations
  13. This goes deeper I accept what you say about twitter but don't agree It may have given a platform to so many racists and bigots but it's also hugely amplified the multitude voices railing against those heinous twats
  14. It serves a great purpose - you just need to engage with it how you want/need to BTW ..
  15. Removing a player exponentially increases the risk of injury of the players left on the pitch Golden goal was used and binned because football has never been about first past the post- its rubbish When you see all these nonsense ideas it shows that although never entirely satisfactory the pens are still the best way to decide a match
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