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  1. The season-long thousand yard stare into the distance that afflicts matchday from july to may starts to happen...
  2. Bravo Just because he came through at Chelsea (although nowhere near getting a "real" contract with them) some seem to think he must have been the real deal An absolute one-paced plodder who can pick the occasional pass but generally floats around the periphery of games Nowhere near Bannan's level - not even near enough to clean his boots Wouldn't be cheap either
  3. Also it was R&D that got relegated and saved us when the hapless turner was in charge I will never forget coming out of Kenilworth Rd having lost 3-2 and hearing that R&D had also lost thereby securing our League 1 status
  4. Such a shame really Built some great facilities there and had a really vibrant academy with an enviable set up. Dunno the local dynamics how fans of Rushden and Irthlingborough felt about it but the club that grew out of those 2 was for a while a great success - and could have gone to greater things however i suspect the will and the money became short in supply
  5. Didn't DM owner build up Rushden and Diamonds (after merging them) and eventually give the club to the fans - from whence it folded? Lovely little set up at Rushden and Diamonds
  6. Carlton Palmer really, i mean, really should not be critiquing other managers after his utterly dismal showing of that particular craft
  7. I get what you're saying but i do think it's difficult to outright compare players who play in different positions ZZ of course was a better player than Beckham for the value he gave a team generally - but not in Beckham's position he wasn't One of England's problems in the past was trying to shoehorn players into positions they didn't suit - just because they were very good players - Scholes or Jope Cole wide left for England - Gerrard on the right etc No wonder they didn't have shining international careers because they were largely a waste of a shirt in those positions Ironically we had 3 world class central midfielders in Gerrard, Scholes and Lampard - yet never played a central 3 - because then that created a problem of where would Beckham play - well he he should have still been right of a midfield 5 to make the most of the players we had imo
  8. Not as a wide midfielder he wasn't - nowhere near as good out wide as Beckham
  9. I never mentioned weaker parts of his game
  10. So he demanded these clubs pay him big money and put him in their teams? They were forced to? Ok i get it You're just looking for a reaction Well done
  11. I hnestly don't get posts like this Do you think Beckham played for the worlds biggest clubs beacuse of his media hype? Why isn't Harry Stiles or James Corden playing for Barca then? Beckham was an outstandong player - mainly pulled up by the ignorant because they diodn't wanna focus on the brillienace of his strengths but preferred to dwell on the weaker parts of his game But because it's just an inane binary choice out of the 2 players then ZZ woukld be everybody's pick i guess - he is one of the best ever But if you needed a right-sided wide player to complete the puzzle then i think DB would be the pick of most football stategists
  12. Yes undoubtedly some are let go too soon - i wasn't disputing that tbf It only has to be seen how many players disappear then pop up elsewhere and make a good impression Some just do need time - unfortunately not many are prepared to give that And sometimes the players and agents themselves need to take a good look in the mirror when deals don't happen
  13. Too many are kept on too long too - to play academy football at u23... Like i said - go back to 3 year scholarships and u17/u19 age groups
  14. Vardy was released at a younger age and for different reasons Most u18's who spend their 2nd year as u18's are unlikely to have made enough of an impression unless there is a compelling reason otherwise - ie major timeloss to injury or the player is a late maturer and needs more physical development time for eg
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