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  1. Cancelled mine rather than suspend it Won't be reactivating it either
  2. I know exactly what would happen People would get fed up of finishing around 12th in the premier every year - they'd be pining for an exciting promotion race in the championship or people sayimng the owner had taken as far as he can so he needs to sell up so we can move to the next level
  3. Expected the PL will be allowed to do full contact training within a week...
  4. I don't think he'd raise his head above the parapet for something so trivial It's pretty much a compliment compared to a lot of what he is openly being accused of currently
  5. The problem is if a player contracts the virus between tests 3-4 days of potentially infecting others
  6. Th PL tests are to see if a player has it t the time of testing - 24 hour turnaround for results
  7. Not to mention there are vaccines to help prevent and anti- viral drugs to help treat seasonal flu
  8. Went to the Rangers game We toyed with them until we made a load of changes Thought Di Canio was going to get lynched - he was really goading them I think he was subbed off for his own protection
  9. They didn't do it for altruistic or ethical reasons They cancelled the weekends fixtures because too many teams couldn't play Then events overtook and the football leagues had no option but to cancel
  10. Under the same conditions in which they started
  11. Absolutely Well done Grandad - really loved your energy to initiate and then push this Give yourself a pat on the back buddy (even though i know it's not why you did this) Awesome stuff
  12. The WSL hasn't been cancelled Personally I don't see how (or why) it should carry on. But no decision yet
  13. Here's somebody that has never watched Sky....
  14. I don't see how you can have unearned promotion without unwarranted relegation That's why the season should be voided
  15. Added to that is the "fit young footballers" will be entering an unknown zone when pushed to their exertional limits It is why the Dr's are still unhappy - literally nobody knows how everybody will react Another risk category is black players - who are vastly over represented in football relative to their population ratio Why do people think nobody wants to take ownership of the decision to restart football - nobody will take responsibility for adverse events But pleasing that some people are very willing for the players to take the risk on their behalf...
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