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  1. Pretty scathing about the decision to sack dyche and said he'd no sympathy for them and deserved what they got
  2. Yeah I agree Not many say those things though Refreshing to hear
  3. Haven't Son and Salah got the same amount of goals?
  4. Roy Keane sticking the knife into Burnley like only he can...
  5. both the title and relegation in the balance until the final whistle of the season Amazing drama
  6. End of the road for this city team Too many reinforcements needed now
  7. And this is not a decent Villa team either City look clueless - totally without any ideas of what to do
  8. Not sure i really wan. years of how Gerrard won the title for Liverpool either tbh...
  9. But can go on a ridiculous scoring run and make everybody think he's the best striker out there - before reverting to type and looking like a marginal upgrade on Kim Olsen
  10. 45 minutes of the season left and the title and relegation still in the balance - although it seems Spurs have clutched the 4th spot from Arsenals feeble grasp Been flicking between the games but f*ck me how poor have City been? Can see a last minute twist to send a team down or deliver the title
  11. Best final day in years - looking forward to it
  12. Should do in any new place which my mums uncle Joe (my great uncle obvs) used to do. He was a bit of a nutter and would go into any pub get a pint, down if and then turn his glass upside down. This meant he would fight anybody that wanted to take him on He did this in the toughest pubs around Barnsley and the pit villages and. He was extremely tough so either never lost or more usually nobody would take him on. He lied about his age to go to war and served in The Battle of Jutland at 15 and became very violent Probably now we would recognise PTSD and he may have got help. Curiously he was from a large family who otherwise were all gentle peaceful souls but because of him the family had a fearsome reputation. TL:DR Front it out. Others think you're either tough as nails or mad And they don't wanna mess with either
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