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  1. TBF Sky have shafted us for a ;long time No tears will be shed for them
  2. I think whatever happens is the great thing about this is that many people have reflected on the game and how it is governed Fans have accepted so much shyte it is untrue - and yet they never get a say Football does need a reboot - whether it's with or without the 6 breakaway clubs There has been a lot of hypocrisy too Many fans were utterly disparaging about the PL - now it seemns it's vital for life It isn't The PL is a company set up to rinse fans/people/corps to the absolute maximum - and it has not been godd for the
  3. The coaches and players are the actual embodiment of the club they represent Sounds a bit like somebody higher in the club has collared him t rein it in a bit
  4. I completely disagree - football was always hugely popular worldwide The TV coverage and popularity of our game grew out of the PL TV exposure for sure People didn't subscrube to it just because players were getting big wages And yes, i understand that the big wage attracted the big players - but rarely what could be considered the worlds best But the wages have put clubs into hock to such an extent that clubs are barely getting by - way too much money IN football goes OUT of football in wages and agent fees It's almost like some comi
  5. I have been quite a defender of the PL - especially when so many have disapraged it due to it not having a different title winner every year And one of those reasons it is defendable is because it does have a variety of winners - not just one or 2 - but every season we have between 3-5 teams that can viably win it But the amoutn of times i have seen it mocked on here with the ubiquitous "best league in the world" trotted out when Brighton play out a boring 0-0 v Burnley for eg But the points you have stated are exactly why it probably IS the best league in t
  6. The PL popuylarity has exploded worldwide - but the game itself has always been hugely popular globally I suppose regarding TV audience then the PL has been the benchmark globally it's true But the cost has been clubs dripping in debt to finance players they really cannot afford
  7. You're talking about the PL global popularity i guess? Well, yes. But it doesn't help when clubs are in such financial difficulty due to bowing to the demands of the players/agents which threatens the very existence of many clubs
  8. Clubs generally cannot afford it though That's the issue as to why so many clubs are flirting with bankruptcy Rather than mess around with arcane and ridiculous FFP rules - the authorities shgould be putting caps on wages of say 50% of income Clubs are in dire positions due to financing wages - at all levels
  9. And he immediately owns up to it Even though if his pit crew hadn't f*cked up his pit stop he'd have retained the lead and wouldn't have been in the position he found himself He didn't blame them for their poor display (althougb privately i've no doubt the Merc hierarchy were less than happy) - he got on with his job Dunno what's going on with Bottas - they will need to yank him out of that car if it carries on though
  10. Not Neville in isolation but the issue of player wages is a massive reason why the game has become so incredibly monetised
  11. I really like Neville But part of the conversion absolutely needs tpo be how many top players and their agents have held clubs to ransom Maybe not Neville himself but hardly a week goes by without some player or other threatening to leave The constant saga around Pogba, Suarez and Coutinho at Liverpool etc This has been the biggest problem facing clubs - and it has dripped down through all levels - even into non league The players have rarely looked out for the health of the clubs or indeed the game They've leeched every l
  12. I was thinking that the rest of the world would play off against the Euro league in a Champions League style cup tournament So the best of Sth America, Nth America, Japan, China, Australasia etc This is where i have seen football headed for a long time The numbers will be ridiculous And it's why they're so determined to do it
  13. Yep, definitely blotted his copy book by getting involved with UEFA Vut an utterly imperious player As was ZZ too - but i think Platini shades it
  14. Nobody likes to be obsolete This new world doesn't include us traditional football fans - they cannot rinse any more out of us so they need to go elsewhere It's about new markets who do not have the traditional ties and bonds that we have - it's responding to a new demand Do you honestly think that the market research hasn't gone into this? We might hate it but it's not for us And they do not care one iota
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