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  1. scram


    As i said before - Dawson (and Wildsmith) developed under Weaver so i can't see Rhodes leaving as being a blow to them at all
  2. scram

    Premier league 2

    Go on then...
  3. scram

    Premier league 2

    There is no appetite for the big TV companies to pay epic money for the EFL - or the championship If there was they'd be doing it If we're being honest it's not even the PL that attracts the money - it's a small handful of mega clubs
  4. 3 overage outfield players and an overage keeper can play
  5. scram


    If its on the training ground then Weaver If its the heat of a game then he has to make his own decision and it will be reviewed after with the GK coach
  6. scram


    They developed under Nicky Weaver
  7. scram

    Win Nothing with Kids

    It's not so much the right coaching as the right players I suppose the fact that the oft quoted example of that once in a lifetime team kind of proves what Hansen was saying... Same as how the freak of Leicester winning the the premier is somehow proof that you don't need to spend big to win it...
  8. scram

    Holte End

    Football fans in overrating their team shocker...
  9. scram

    Steve Bruce

    Can't believe he didn't realise FF was suspended - well, i can but it is beyond ridiculous Not only is it HIS job to come up with game plans for each opposition - but he has a raft of analysts and assistants/coaches at his disposal to call on to get this information. In fact he should be meeting with his analyst and going through this very stuff - who is suspended, who was subbed off last game injured (if applicable), who is likely back from injury, stats from last game, stats average over the last 5 games etc This smacks to me of a tired manager who isn't putting the legwork in - coupled with a talented yet hugely underperforming squad churning out unacceptable results/performances then it's looking ominous
  10. scram

    Hayley - Update

    What dreadful news Way too young with way too much to live for but cruelly not afforded that most basic of privileges that so many of us take for granted RIP Hayley Thoughts with your family - especially your children
  11. I said that Lees had a choice Defenders do play offside lines at times - they have to decide what to do and when - like when to hold a player - when to go for the ball - when to step up - when to drop off -to mark a player or to occupy the likely danger area i don't think Lees lunged at the ball intending to deflect it somewhere - he thought he could deal with - but didn't The art of defending... He made a choice and got it slightly wrong Thats football
  12. Lees did have a choice - its up to him whether he tries to block the pass or not. It's the art of defending isn't it? I might be in a minority but i hegely prefer the offside rule now (its really not that difficult) to years ago - when coaches like Graham and Venables almost killed the game off with their stifling halfway line tactics Some of the offsides back then were way more ridiculous than anything that goes on now Remember Warhurst against the pigs for eg?
  13. No way offside Some of you really need to read the rules about it The ball needs to reach a player in an offside position - the fact the ball was diverted away made him being in an offside position immaterial Its been years since merely being in an offside position as the ball is played forward means a player is offside
  14. scram

    Chuffin great game

    Not a great game for me i'm afraid It still winds me up to this day that we didn't rinse those f*ckers - even worse we let them back into the game I did have a sense of foreboding as soon as we let Canoville stroll through to score their first though
  15. scram

    RIP Oliver Rains

    RIP Oliver