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  1. Football agents in football

    Whoever the agent is working on behalf of is supposed to pay the agent But the complex way deals are structured these days means it's likely the club will pay for the big deals. I think Neymar's dad got around £100m for his move to PSG
  2. Football agents in football

    Who ever the agent is working on behalf of is supposed to collar the fee Lots of fans neglect to remember that clubs also ask agents to source players for them - therefore in that instance the club should pay the agent For example - PSG made a definitive decision they wanted Neymar - therefore they needed to speak to his reps - and thus were the ones that had to front up the fee because they were the instigators of the deal But the waters do get muddy
  3. Football agents in football

    Not really relevant to this thread but i too adore this country - it has so many stunning places Maybe start a new thread in the dressing room section? And i'm not being facetious - i reckon it'd be a good topic and well received. Back to agents - the Neymar and Pogba transfers (and probably all the mega deals) saw more money going to the player and reps than it did to the selling club Just to contextualise - imagine we developed a player who we were able to sell for £100m - and we actually received £40m while the players reps got £60m...
  4. He may have been But he's got muscle wastage too Double whammy for the poor thing
  5. Football agents in football

    Loads of stuff has been doing the rounds - whether true or not.... Clandestine meetings in hotels, pubs and even motorway service stations where the old brown paper envelopes stuffed full of £20's changed hands... That kind of skimming isn't really dissimilar to what agents started to do - except the agents had to be much more overt about their activity - but the agents also had to act on behalf of their players and not just themselves Football is corrupt - 100% If any authority did a real forensic investigation into the financial chicanery of clubs i'm sure the fans would be shocked and sickened
  6. Football agents in football

    And agents are now the tip of the iceberg at the upper levels of the game A player could have an agent, a financial advisor, a lawyer (or 2), a personal assistant and his family member(s) all represent him in a transaction And they all need their cut of the deal
  7. Football agents in football

    I love Cloughy - but i think the way managers of his era skimmed so much of the players earnings and/or fees is probably what opened the door for agents to flood in
  8. Football agents in football

    I do have some sympathy with the general theme - and there are definitely some parasitic agents out there - as well as some good ones But some players just don't have the character type to deal with these things themselves and definitely need an ally who will strongly advocate for them
  9. Bit of muscle wastage
  10. So... he has a manager that either plays him in a position he doesn't play, or the manager just wont play him - or he is genuinely injured.... Yet he should ignore specialist advice and potentially risk his sight?!?
  11. Time for Moneyball?

    Not strictly true as they have just given 29 years and 8 months Etienne Capoue a 4 year deal
  12. Obviously he should have ignored doctors advice and risked his sight All he needed to do was come on here with the myriad ophthalmologists to tell him to crack on
  13. Time for Moneyball?

    Clubs have access to the stats on every player throughout the league I'm surprised the biggest exponent of this kind of system hasn't been mentioned - Sean Dyche He's been doing it for years Even going back in the day Fergie would know just about everything there was to know about potential signings
  14. Nowhere near as startling as my analysis We have never won when kicking off at 10pm on a Sunday I think the star should investigate
  15. andy pearce

    I remember seeing him at Luton away - i think it was the day we lost 3-2 - and he was immensely awful But we were able to celebrate stopping in league one because Rushden and Diamonds had failed to get the result they needed Thats how bad it was then - Turner was an absolute car crash