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  1. scram

    Sheffield Wednesday Ladies FC

    There was a Sheffield ladies team affiliated to neither club - they folded at the end of last season i believe? Not one womens team affiliated to a league club comes close to paying it's own way - they are bankrolled and a drain on the resources of the clubs Crowds are pitiful - but thats largely the fault of the FA who decided in their infinite wisdom to put the womens game calendar alongside the men... No there isn't - nor wasn't
  2. When the "warm up" consisted of players taking pot shots at the goal - and the wise old sage on the next crush barrier loudly opining "eee Blackhall. Come and stand wi us lad"
  3. It's a fair point and often the missing link regarding academy football - the clear pathway to the first team But where do you draw the line? Was Bannan blocking the path of Clare - for eg? The pathway must recognise that an upcoming player has to be good enough - its why the loan system is so beneficial for development I'd play KW and loan one of the others out tbh - fans are generally unforgiving despite what anybody tries to say about "positivity" - a couple of errors here and there leading to lost games and the patience runs thin Nobody knows how a young player will react to a crisis of confidence until it happens - and the consequences of mistakes can resonate way beyond a result here and there Young players will make mistakes - all fans have to expect it but not to many are so willing to accept it If Westwood is our player then for me he has to start
  4. The very minor flaw in that plan was that Foster was actually a West Brom player...
  5. At cat 2 their are southern and northern regional leagues. Each club plays each team in their own section home and away whilst they play each team from the other section just once Early season when the weather is more predictable is when the longer journeys are scheduled Cat 1 teams are in 2 leagues and both are national
  6. My great grandad's time had come and I went to visit him on his death bed He was a mad keen Wednesdayite and rarely missed a game - often walking the 11 miles to the stadium to watch the Wizards I was astonished to see him with his room awash with red and white whilst he was also wrapped in red and white He saw the look of horror on my face and whispered "don't worry son - i'd sooner one er theirs die than one er ours"
  7. scram


    That is always the conundrum of a back 3 It really needs to be a well drilled formation - it cant just be thrown together If the wingbacks stay high there are potentially wide big channels of green grass to exploit - if the wingbacks drop then it becomes a back 5 and the midfield often gets overwhelmed It can be a magnificent system - it can be horrific
  8. scram

    Why not.......

    Don't think you have seen the bigger picture What if the players that Mendez has advertised go on to be worth mega millions? That money doesn't go to Wolves it goes to Mendez and the various factions connected to the player So the squad could be decimated, Mendez walks away and Wolves could go into freefall - albeit with parachute payments - but that in itself is not really the answer is it? That's why half the championship get parachute payments - because they haven't been sufficient in getting the team back up What if Mendez goes on to use Wolves as shop window and the standard of player becomes increasingly "questionable" - don't forget that a handful of premiership appearances can add a few zeros to the value of a previously nondescript player Would you be happy basically being run by somebody who's main interest is increasing the value of his own players at the club? It's a doomsday scenario that may never play out of course - but it is fraught with difficulty at the very least
  9. scram

    Why not.......

    All leagues are affiliated to FIFA - through national associations and UEFA Any clubs removing themselves form that would be thrown out of the structure and have no league to play in It's fantasy to think that could happen
  10. scram

    Why not.......

    Maybe in the minutiae of the wording But basically the Wolves model is a super-agent (hate that phrase!) supplying players at a reduced rate in order to bolster the team and also putting them in the shop window It's working So far....
  11. scram

    Why not.......

    Wolves are an accident waiting to happen When the players are "owned" by an individual with a vested interest in maximising their values what on earth could go wrong...
  12. scram

    van Aken

    I wouldnt play him at all - he isn't defensively good enough - yet at least No good spraying 60 yarders around if you can't deal with simple movement of a striker and let him in on goal - or miss bread-and-butter headers - mistime tackles etc
  13. scram

    van Aken

    People can get seduced by the fact he looks technically adept on the ball, can find and deliver a pass Problem is that defenders need to be able to defend - and right from the first game it was evident that he struggles defensively It's a bit like England at the world cup - many people going overboard about how our central defenders were comfortable on the ball and were launching our attacks etc - but defensively we were poor - we were very uncomfortable at dealing with crosses/passes across our backline - this was our achilles heel which caused us many problems Ultimately defenders MUST be able to defend above all else - JVA struggles in this regard and unless he quickly gets up to speed with will always be a real weak link when we don't have the ball
  14. scram

    Quick win Clare

    For the better more established players - no chance For the ones the premier clubs want to get out on loan for experience then they may pay a percentage of wages - but probably have some criteria they need to be followed such as amount of 1st team appearances etc
  15. scram

    Memories of this guy

    Conceding against Ogrizovic Being a bit limp-wristed as Notts County scored a soft winner at a snowy Hillsborough after Mirocevic had equalised But also as a very accomplished keeper who was unlucky not to get some England recognition at senior level