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  1. You're probably right But most seasons a team seems to drop from nowhere and end up in a fight they didn't expect to be in I'd put Newcastle in that mix too
  2. They're getting beaten virtually every game I remember last season saying i thought they would suffer this season because they don't have good players and 2nd season syndrome would see them found out They will have a shout for promotion if they get relegated - just as the bottom 3 from last season are in the top 5 now I also think that Wilder has been massively over rated by many - a very average managerial career with a couple of very good seasons I don't think he's all that tbh - and their team definitely isn't all that And although
  3. TBF i'd rather have the squads of either Norwich and Watford, possibly Bournemouth, than the pigs squad
  4. Fear a bit for Palace Although they look in a comfortable position they have the look of the type of team that could go on a wretched run and out of nowhere end up fighting for their lives
  5. Probably the worst team in PL history Quite why that qualifies them as better than any team in the championship is pretty baffling tbf
  6. "Football" thinks it's the most important thing in the world The sense of entitlement is sickening
  7. Football should never have even tried to attempted to carry on as if nothing had happened - the governance is shocking ALL football outside domestic football should have been cancelled imo - no international breaks - no euros - no european football Utterly ridiculous they tried to shoehorn everything into a shortened season with a f*cking pandemic raging Not at all surprising though with the utter bellends who run the game at all levels
  8. This is going to get farcical There is very little option to extend the season due to the euros - so the already insane fixture calendar is only going to get worse with all the risks it brings IMO if football is going to carry on then every fixture has to be fulfilled as per the calendar - or forfeited as a 3-0 loss Utter shambles
  9. Firstly - it will be cold! make sure you're prepared for that Got one of the longest shopping streets in the world - lots of bars/restaurants Royal Palace - you can literally wander right up and peer through the windows Tivoli Gardens likely to be shut that time of year but otherwise have a wander Christiana is a must imo - it's a hippie community that lives more or less by its own rules - well worth a visit -https://theculturetrip.com/europe/denmark/copenhagen/articles/christiania-13-things-to-know-about-copenhagens-hippie-free-town/
  10. How embarrassing for Newcastle They'll never live it down
  11. Unbelievable u23 and u18 football in academies carries on as normal The PL really are not fit for purpose - where the f*ck is their sense of responsibility and ability to take the temperature of the current crisis facing this country?
  12. First team professional football will continue However the rationale for continuing u23 and u18 is???
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