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  1. We will see this weekend. If we win people will say he's the right man if we lose they will say he's not. Typical football. Either way we will see. Btw draw will be meh
  2. Like to know if Chansiri will not go for a manager in a job. Utterly stupid if so. Hope we at least talked to Cowleys. Monk I hope will do well but thinking about it all these weeks and 48 hours he brings him in. Worries me so far only decent manager Chansiri got in any good was back stabbing bruce. That was down to the supporters demanding we get him. Let's hope this time we would have all got it wrong and Monk is a huge success!!! (That can happen at Wednesday can't it......)
  3. That's it more pressure on Monk especially if we didn't even speak to Cowleys. Could prove the right choice. Monk did well at Leeds but faded..... hopefully he's learned a lot from the jobs he's done he is still young for a manager.
  4. Could be really good or wasted year. Not a bad choice more meh give him a go. Need to be prepared before we lose or sack a manager in future the time wasted and opportunities missed are bad. Need to be better organised. So far Bruce n Carlos seem to been good choices planned at the time Jos n Monk only turkey in the shop with Jos n only half decent one we can get right now with Monk. Not good enough if we want to be seriously challenging. Hope he stuns us all with how well he can do. For me Bruce set a bench mark of what our squad can do. Monk needs time to settle in but that's what I'll expect no matter who I got the job. Good luck
  5. BullS#@t if Pulis is so good why is he not in premiership with Middlesbrough. You pay a fortune to watch crap somewhere else if you want. He's a huge disastrous choice most really don't want him at all and Middlesbrough fans complain he's messed their club up. He didn't get them promoted and why if he's so good haven't Stoke sacked Jones and got him in! PULIS OUT!!!! Out of the running please
  6. Playing poor now shows we need someone to get us back to where we were under Bruce. Not go get a man who plays appalling football and failed to get Middlesbrough promoted they tried him with the well it's crap to watch but if we get up won't matter. They made the mistake we can learn from THEIR Mistake! Good attacking football with a plan to unlock defences and be solid when under pressure. Bruce did it ! Nothing else will be acceptable. Proved our squad could do it so let's find a Bruce replacement instead of expensive has been Version of JOS! Been their done that payed enough for season tickets year in year out to deserve what we got 2nd half of last season. Simples
  7. Come on Chansiri cannot be that stupid ! Pulis is a disastrous choice will be hated by almost all fans before he's even took charge. Look at the mess he's left at Middlesbrough. He should retire. Don't want him, nobody does. Utterly crazy and stupidity to even speak to him. Unless you were trying to use him to get a deal with a decent manager then he's an absolute right off. Chansiri must know this would be a PR disaster and a footballing f up
  8. Grow up, Rhodes hasn't been given any where near the games he would have got if Carlos haven't played him wrong from the start. He went to Middlesbrough and was played one up front which is no good for him after scoring regularly for years before. He needs a striker to mix things up so he can sneak about in the box. His link up play is good but rarely gets a chance at the end of things. Our number of players and him not being a Carlos type player on top of him being played wrong at Middlesbrough has compounded his lack of confidence and edge. Now people expect him to be amazing when he gets a few minutes then slag him when he doesn't. Nuihu is loved and yet 9 times out of 10 he's poor. Rhodes has had an amazing record at this level until Middlesbrough in premiership so why does he get all the haters. Needs arm round not kick up the ar@#
  9. Can't understand why his body language might not be good..... Seeing so many have done nothing but have a go at the lad. Scored more goals in a season then anyone else we have. Scored goals to help Middlesbrough go up which people forget. Never had a decent run in the side with singers crossing the ball and a fellow striker to distract in the box. Last night it was perfect for him to score when Nuihu came bumbling in n scored (which I loved) but nudged Rhodes out of the way. Chances have always been few for him and here it was n he doesn't get it. I'd want him to be happy for the team but annoyed for himself. Strikers confidence can trigger by a goal. It must be so frustrating for him. He should be given a run in the side with winnal up front could be our best partnership, but how could you drop Fletcher right now and how long would it take for them to fire. Maybe a loan to a club where he will play with a partner week in week out unlike Norwich where they just happened to get in a guy who is now scoring goals in the premiership like a top 6 player. Don't think he's loving not scoring as he used to. Back off the guy ffs
  10. Simply put sol Campbell no thank you. Unless it's a proven manager give it to Bullen. If we taking a risk with anyone then he should be front of the que.
  11. Don't be so nieve I like Bullen but we have won one game against poor opposition. Not no but not now give him 5 games and then decide. Wrong choice and we have wasted season or worse. Don't panic
  12. Yes it does. Who decides who is brought in is now upstairs in most clubs but they will be working under the manager
  13. Over the last couple of seasons he's been one of our top scorers even with him just lolling about most of the time. Unless it's too much to turn down I'd say jog on reading
  14. Massively depends on who we get as manager but there is just one word for the ones who voted in this poll.... Morons Sky have always loved us. Other than a few weeks under Carlos they have done nothing but hate us. So this isn't really a surprise
  15. Why Middlesbrough not in premiership now then ?
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