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  1. Need to be patient because from the looks of it we are probably going to struggle a but until the embargo goes and we can buy a few decent strikers.... I think it's at best a 50/50 we could do well if Patterson and Windass are on fire or we could struggle. So we need to see this as a partial re build with a second stage once we can buy. Looks like fast skillfull wingers and lumps of wood up front. The question will be if they shut our wings down do we have another option.... But let's see a few games and see what we have got in and how we play.
  2. Are we opening a donkey sanctuary.......
  3. I don't think we are relegation candidates atm. If we did get the points deduction possibly but just now without a good striker at least one coming in we are not going to have a great season. Mid table to lower mid as it stands..... The squad had to be fees and loans.... Our long experience of loans has been rubbish. Don't come good or not till end of the season. Chansiri entirely to blame for this because of his running of the club causing the embargo..... I really hope we do incredibly well. But I think a lot on hear are going to get a shock.....
  4. To start with we have to accept the embargo in place and only frees and loans. So.... As it stands right now without any decent striker coming in. Mid table may be below..... GOALS !!!! Should have put more of the money in to a goal scorer. Right now (unless we go on to bring in some goal scoring pedigree) we have not learn the lessons of last season! Windows when fit again and Patterson are streaky strikers that's all we have. New guys are wingers and a new striker who doesn't score. Finishers not fancy wingers who don't put it in the back of the net regularly. You can defend well you can be good in midfield but if you don't score you draw.... You draw too many you loose you loose too many you go down! That was last season. If kept fit windass and Patterson can keep us up because of the level but we need real quality to do anything...... You can play exciting football you can play beautiful football but if you can't score goals it all goes bad. Who knows we might get a suprise and that would make a huge difference in combination with the other new players. Just worried we struggle and don't get in someone until last minute or not at all..... If this league is like last time they bite and scratch and like any league to play beautiful football you need real quality all the way through! We will see....... I hope the budget we have left has a big chunk left for more up front
  5. Need strikers who score goals...... Deadwood yet again! Come on!
  6. Wildsmith would have been good enough for this league. Should have spent more on the strikers we are going to need. With out 3 strikers now.... Two needing to be the very best possible we can get then we will be going nowhere! Right now not saying business hasn't been good tbf I don't know anything about most of them. However the next bit of work in the transfer market will probably mean the difference between promotion push.... Possibly or relegation battle..... Let's see what happens but we need to be prepared for a few years down here by the looks so far. I know I know I really need to be less stupidly optimistic!!!!
  7. No stripes on the back spoil home and pink just looks crap who ever has it! Look thin and cheap. Besides that they are great! Won't be buying any of them Could have been worse like that shirt we have been playing in. And with the no stripes it's also that without a number on they look stupid with a big blank space.......
  8. Firstly you have to look at recruitment and WHO chose the players but..... after that look at those who came in... Jos, Monk and Pulis all shown else where they are not good enough! So they have some input. Let's be clear.... CHANSIRI is to blame over all yes but part of that failure is the manager's too.... Bruce doing well with Newcastle despite the issues up there... who else has gone on to do well after us! It's been a huge cluster f@@k but you can't only blame the manager's because it's not them alone but you certainly cannot ignore them.
  9. With friendlies I'd be more concerned about over all improvement but sometimes it needs patience but some times a kick up the bum to show concern it's not going to be good enough..... Depends on how it was bad..... As for the Monk crap.... He destroyed things he COULD control himself. Awful manager and lost the team. Chansiri is ultimately to blame and must go ASAP in part too for bringing in Jos, Monk and Pulis...... We are in a crisis and some how need to find a way to escape league 1 to try to get Chansiri to go! I'm very worried with how things are looking on the pitch and I'm not yet Impress by Moore but I want to see the new signings myself and once they have had a chance to bed in. With Moore it's just he seems a great guy but I feel he has been trying to play a style I want but without the quality to do it. That has held him back. Doesn't mean he won't be a great manager for us but not sure so far
  10. He was crap but got better then we slid him. We are in league 1 and can't pay out anything so why not.... as long as not on silly wages or we should go with youth
  11. Boycott any crap like that pathetic attempt!!!! (After the charity thing) We will see.... but crap like that omg
  12. Good supporting charities but that shirts SHOCKINGLY HIDEOUS!!!!!! PLEASE PLEASE LETS NOT HAVE HORRIBLE CRAP LIKE THAT EEEWWWWW! I want to buy a new shirt not be embarrassed by it!
  13. Yes it is..... they just left and signed for them you think that's doesn't matter. No wonder we are in such a mess when people so quickly gloss over things. It's a stupid idea.
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