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  1. I can see the idea of creating a clean slate.... but all you'll do is cause us to get relegated this year have no players a be not able to get anyone in and have a points deduction....... I know you mean well but no. Mr C going is the thing we need to start getting things right. New owner who knows how to run a club correctly....... only then will things start to change. DM I hope does really well but we will just have to see what support he gets and if he is ready to kick on in his career.... hopefully he is. I only mean as in delivering success. He's shown great work so far at other clubs
  2. Can't expect him after the first game to come out too strong and he seems to try to be positive.... That might get annoying if things didn't work out down the line but to be fair it was disappointing as a first game which surprised me.... But it's only first game. On the game itself we were awful! No passion looked dejected and clueless in defence... Really really bad. If we hadn't just got a new manager I'd say we were down no chance after the pathetic performance....... Just have to hope Moore can make a huge difference in the coming weeks! Also hope he actually DOES see last nig
  3. It's embarrassing he's being picked. He's taken the wee wee out if us. If we play him he's shown he doesn't want to be here he's clumsy at times risking red cards and it's pathetic that we play him showing how weak the club is. We spend money on them bring them on and the fvuk us over and some what him in the team! You want the players to show pride for the shirt! Start by mot picking a lad who's swapping it at his first opportunity! I can understand his selfishness showing zero loyalty! For him I totally understand it but as a wednesdayite it's Wednesday I care about not a kid who done us ove
  4. Firstly going down is NOT and is NEVER a good thing! So stop that silly idea. You just risk years down there! The disaster comes from not sacking Monk at this point last season and the shower we brought in last summer. We made our squad a relegation squad. Then Chansiri nuts idea of Pulis.... The final nail not bringing in a striker in January. That is why Moore doesn't change anything what ever he does. Chansiri has to go now. Was very disappointed there was no impact tonight from Moore coming in. I mean from the players not thinking Moore was to blame. I would hope though
  5. I saw that they had lost the last four out of five and thought.... Oh but the Donny fans said on FH he'd brought in 7 loanies young lads from higher up and that the bad run had let teams catch up.... So they must have been in a good position before that and he's been trying to blood the young lads in to the team.... By the looks.... Plus according to this thread he was on his way out before the game on Saturday so if players had an idea it probably effected them it's a small run club and those players came to play for him. So who knows if in time they would have kicked on.
  6. From his press conference. Delighted to hear words like free flowing football attacking front foot football. Helping players play freely.... sound full of energy and excited. FINALLY someone who at least doesn't seem to have a negative anti football philosophy!!!! Really Really Really hope it works out. One neg from it on MR C sounds like agent messed us about over Shaw. How ever Chansiri saying nobody was talking about giving him a contract before he got in the first team.... that's the whole point! We should know what we have before any body else does!!! Shows he has no
  7. Under the circumstances a good sensible appointment. Can he keep us up yes I think he can but if not he's a good choice for league 1. Plays attacking football and for once we have got someone else's manager instead of picking one off the nobody wants round about. Let's hope he's a good man manager!
  8. It made sense to keep Thompson in place as long as he was okay with that for as long as we kept doing well..... then if we got out of bottom three and decide what you want to do for next season. If things drop off bring someone in..... Right now you need options of who you can get..... you need to Give them a year contract if that's what it takes and still go with what you want for next season.... it's ruthless but if they kept you up but we're not the long term vision then sack them and move on..... wasting money is something we have done a lot of but if it kept us up it wouldn't be...
  9. I got quite a lot of abuse from some on here and a lot on fb for saying as others did that Chansiri should go when we got Pulis..... I hope those people can see that unfortunately those who have been saying that were right.... I myself still held out hope until this time last year...... My concern now is that most seem to agree now but the apathy is so strong does anyone have the right to do anything about it.......
  10. I don't know if something happens at half time that switches them off.... A lot of teams these days including us over the past few years try to hold it together first half then have a go usually in second half in our case it got to be with 20 mins to go! Maybe when we go 2 up (Well if we do) we should go back to the negative crap and shut teams out. Just to try stay up. In the summer we need a real clear out (of the failed attempt last summer plus others who should have gone....) dependent on which league we are in............ go and Chansiri MUST be gone asap.... his management sin
  11. Nobody wants the job..... Call Megson! Until end of season (no longer!) At least he might help them to fight and have a bit of passion for Wednesday. If nobody else wants to come (who could blame them) gi Meggy a shout!...........
  12. Definitely over due to do something to show how many of us have had enough NOW! However it is illegal to gather right now.... Even socially distanced so physically going there would just get you all funds and maybe those seen to have organised a £10,000 fine..... So wait for covid rules to be relaxed a bit first. Though we do need something to show enough is enough now and how many now feel that!
  13. Shaw signed a pre contract deal.... he's gone get over it. Unless he hasn't signed then it's over and shouldn't play again for us. It's a bad example for other youngsters and Celtic won't want him risking himself towards end of the season. Besides that KEEP Neil Lennon away from us can't stand him!!!!!
  14. If Neil Lennon lied and Shaw could still stay fair enough. If he has signed it then it's pathetic he's playing.... How embarrassing.
  15. Seriously become of the pathetic comments on here! The lads just done us over! Can you not see that. It makes sense for him I understand that completely but your supposed to be wednesday supporters for goodness sake. Respect! Good luck! Get a grip! The reason we have been in the state we have since early 90s is because of pathetic so call supporters who welcome getting done over and treated like crap! We develop them give them their chance and they leave without us getting anything I don't care how good an opportunity it is for him it's certainly nothing more than a slap in the face with a kic
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