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  1. Don't worry there is 0 chance. He plays football....
  2. As it is it's stupid! If your in teir 3 you have no fans but if your in the other tiers will how's that fair! Utterly ridiculous. Shows they have no idea. Will clubs who go down be wanting to take action if they have had no fans when the others around them have or the same for promotion.
  3. All depends on if they manage to score. If they don't we may knick a goal. If they score more than one we fooked. Might manage a 0-0 but with how we will play plus injuries and suspensions this is why Monk needed to go last season. We HAD to win the games we have just lost (Rotherham, Wycombe etc). We just have to hope they all have a bad day in front of goal and we get a corner and score or they score on og..... looks like 4 losses but football never follows what you expect all the time.....
  4. Well we will see if Pulis has man management skills. His football is appalling but he might be a good manager... This idea of blaming players all the time isn't good enough. In the time before big money clubs could change many players very often so a manager had to get the most out of them. That's man management. If your just tough on them I bet they will just think..... fine if we keep being poor you'll get sacked anyway. That's probably a sad reality that having owners with money has created in the game. So it's down to the manager Chairman/owner and coaching staff to get the best out of the
  5. This is what happens when you buy several players who have failed elsewhere.... better to buy a couple of better strikers than several never has beens.... poor management of the club yet again. (Never mind employing a manager most don't want) Mr C doesn't like negativity I know but he's so good at creating it (unfortunately) I did back him until Pulis btw hoped he could learn.....
  6. Showed the awful negative football we can expect before sending off. Blaming Westwood...... what about not closing down! Yet again players letting people walk in to space.
  7. Get a grip! He's by far the best player we've had for many years. He hasn't been at his best yes but look at the crap we have. I said giving him the captaincy was a big mistake. When he moans his game goes off. I've complained about a lot of players we've had who have been awful and I have Said we brought in players who were not good enough in the summer. However Bannan IS a top player in this league and if he does go....(likely with Mr Poolis and his poo football) you will all be complaining of having no players who can pass a ball. Also how much would someone like Bannan cost to replace! Ge
  8. Be interesting to see now if the way we played before Windass got sent off. Basically all behind the ball like we were playing Man City. Will need to stop doing that at least some of the time or we will never score and win games. I'm worried not how many we will lose now but how many draws. The loses my get less but the draws would send us down. With this squad we need loads of shots to score a goal. Can't do that hiding in our own half.
  9. Everyone behind the ball. That's Pulis tactics. Couldn't tell we had a player sent off. Need to score goals, draws will relegate us. Lost today but without sending off might have drawn but if you defend so much and get caught out it's hard to change to attack. That's been our problem over past few years. We might end up defending better under Pulis but there is no time to waste. Goals goals goals. Or relegation.
  10. 0-0 bore draw. Scrape up and this time next year mid table but people getting fed up of his style. This league all depends on how many you score. We will be very very defensive but if we score lots we could be up there but it won't be pretty. I just can't see him managing the number of goals we would need to get up there with his style. Let's face it at best it'll be hard to watch but could.... possibly get us up but he'll need to do it pretty quick because if he doesn't the supporters will get fed up. Or we hover around the middle giving him transfer windows and get
  11. To be fair it's not Pulis personal age it's how aged his football is that's my concern.
  12. He has to get us scoring goals, defence this season has not been that bad, with a bit of organisations it will be solid. If he doesn't get goals we will have draws and that's the real relegation threat under him. It really isn't likely to be pretty at all. He has never changed. If he can get us scoring goals and we win fairly regularly people will put up with it. If not like everywhere else people will remember the price of their ticket and want him out. Staying up and getting to a clean slate where we can spend money again then sack him and let new guy spend money but with top DOF to make sur
  13. Well he's have to be an idiot to not say things he thinjs people will like in his first press conference. I was just commenting on how many seem to be 'buzzing' over a manager most supporters in football would at they would choose. I can understand people saying we have him now we just have to see but some on here have reacted like he's Pep or Klopp. Yes I'm not happy that is obvious but my point was this is due to me looking at Jos and Monk when we were getting them and feeling the same. I want us to be successful and it's like here we go again.... I did also so we wil
  14. I'm not going to rant but I don't get it.... I really don't...... it's like you all don't know Tony Pulis and he's a manager from abroad nobody knows.... It's so weird. Really really weird. It's nice to see your all happy but..... This is like people historically saying "I can't wait to watch paid dry!" "I remember watching paint dry, was so exiting!" "He going to create a squad to fit paid drying! And that's AWSOME!" The best seems to be Pulis "Will make us great again!!!" I REALLY REALLY wish I felt the same but..... he's Tony Pulis.... an
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