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  1. Get a grip... open your eyes and stop this rubbish. Look what that handsome vhaps done at Forest! The fact is Monk fell out with the players and NEVER took real responsibility, Pulis was dinosaur who thought everyone sitting on our goal line would keep us up.... and Moore is not getting the basics right!!! None where/are good enough. Its really not that difficult to see that.... Monk was only any good when Fletchers form ment we were punching above our weight once his goal streak stopped we were done. Monk had no answer. Pulis would have took us down with bore draws and Moore can't inspire or teach how to defend in a really really poor league. It's time to move on because nothing is changing. Burying you head in the sand isn't working is it! Our problem is we lack ambition and put up with crap year in year out. You can't improve something in they can't even get the basics right!
  2. Chansiri will have to be forced out by supporters calling for him to go throughout games and demonstrations..... even then it may take a while.... he's not going to give up and go away. We are in the worst possible situation with him ATM... he's incharge and sulking on the other side of the planet.... so basically a screw you lot I've never do anything wrong and get blamed for you ALL not respecting my immense footballing knowledge!!!! He went missing months before covid and we have hardly had anything from him since early in the 2019-20 season..... If we want rid we are going to have to stop moaning and REALLY rachet things up.... or things will just stay the same.... There was a chance he was trying to stabilise the finances once expensive players were off the books.... I think he does know the only way to the premiership is spending BIG but now has no stomach to do that and feels we are ungrateful... so for now the club is just like the team under Moore.... going nowhere.....
  3. You cannot be a real true supporter of a club and follow another..... end of. You can like another club to do well.... maybe and you can follow more than one club but your not a real supporter of any club if you support more than one. You can like Real Madrid or Barca but if Wednesday play them only Wednesday winning is in your mind (weather its possible to win doesn't come in to it)
  4. I thought he already was in charge......
  5. You give a manager time when you CAN see he is working to a PLAN and knows what he's doing but maybe players are out injured or he's getting the best out of what he's got but would do better with more money to bring in players......... Since Chansiri took over ONLY Bruce could you possibly say that.... Carlos if he dropped his dumb philosophy.
  6. In such a very poor league with very little quality we are outdoing ourselves to help the score goals.... over halfway ghrough the season and not seen any team with any quality or on TV. The fact Moore can't organise the team well enough against such poor opposition is so bad. That alone should have already got him the sack by now!!! Even worse is knowing his lack of ability to sort us out defensively you are determined to play out from the back!!! Chansiri yet yet yet again showing he has NOT learned the basics of football..... or he just doesn't give a f@@k and is sulking.....
  7. So.... we show how we cam play and its some sort of evidence Moore should get support..... its January mid January.... and the quality we have played week in week out has been shocking.... Plymouth were crap what Rayan Lowe must have done is work miracles looking at them. Lest see then because when we DO have a performance he usually changes things and drops players who played well... Good performance yes very good to see but unless your blind and have no clue about football the you have to say he's not been good enough a d in all likely hood we will hover around where we are... I'm here saying the same after a good performance only because it just keeps the thing dragging on.... He wasn't good enough with these players before and he won't be again.... if the players play better good they should be giving there all but enough time shows his own many man mistakes..... same old Happy clappers who emerge after A good performance..... The truth IS a fit Windass will help, a CB fit will help but if you look at our squad (which I did complain about in the summer for not having enough goals...) even though I said that... seeing the absolute lack of quality opposition in this league.... any decent manager just managing to organise us defensively and have some motivational ability would have us in the top two... that's looking at the fact he changes to counter act all those very poor opposition every game and still failing to win so many games.... Just not good enough, try to KEEP IGNORING THAT AND YOU GARRANTEE this league next season with someone else coming in next season part way through to try change things...... good performance in a game very poor performance all season....
  8. Neither!!! Obviously... Bruce fine but Ashley would be like wanting to hurt yourself... Vote for dumb or dumber...... yeah that'll cheer us all up! Lol
  9. My expectations are.... bring in no one or last minute a loan who can't get a game because they are crap or good who can stay in the bench may be..... or a never has been who will never make it.... he really likes them.... Then if it still looks like we are not going to get in the play offs and window closed then Moore will get the sack.... (once window closed so no chance of improving squad for next manager) Previous history repeating itself really....
  10. I think for wolves it was quite simple... they said so in review.... he played well and was one of your best players when he did play.... and yet you hardly played him..... Thank you Darren.... Yeah that makes perfect sense..... (who decided to send him here, sack them immediately) Darren we will get back to you.... (find another club for him NOW!!!)
  11. It says something about our situation when some on here are talking up Ashley as a decent owner when he is hated by the fans of Newcastle and took years for them to hound out!!! How messed up is it that someone like him is looking palatable to some!!!
  12. ENOUGH WITH THE ATTEMPTS AT EXCUSES.... Look around us the squads of ALL the other reams are far poorer. I was disappointed in our recruitment in the summer because I thought the league would be closer to the championship. Its a huge gulf between. The fact is he fails to organise, motivate, entertain or win enough. His job is promotion and even with are players back we haven't been good enough. Watching games this season over all is watching two sides fail to score. Any decent manager with our squad would transform us given what we have to play against. It shouldn't be so hard to manage to get A decent manager to get us out of Legue 1 there is no team to fear.
  13. Blah blah blah... the only blip we have had is a good performance at home against Sunderland..... when anyone who will know that Sunderland were awful, ghe couldn't do anyghing right ball don't bounce for them.... Moore has to go.... now is the ONLY chance to save the season... wait longer and it will be too late. No doubt chansiri will wait until the end of the window and then sack him. We need to get out of this league ASAP... and it's a very very very poor league and he can't get us above where we are now.... I have 0 confidence in him because there is nothing to see.... he is simply not good enough. Showed it at the end of last season and nothing has changed. He had Doncaster flying but the crashed them and they are going down.... He was not good but when Williams left its got even worse.... END IT NOW or we stay here and have ghe financial impact on next season.... sorry Darren but your not the right man
  14. No to keep more is to drift.... that's just burying you head in the sand hoping for better. He's peaked and he's done this is his peak, we must have better. So we should SHOULD already be sounding new managers out. In fact be signing them up by now.
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