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  1. Never to early to find the right man. So as quickly as possible let's get him in ! Hiring a man with a reputation in Germany as Jo's is dross was always a home goal
  2. ashley8

    Its Jos not working

    Since Carlos 2nd season we have not started until part way through 2nd half. Jos came in with the same idea. Over the past three years we have dynamically changed once we have scored a goal. We need someone who sees we play better once we have scored so try to do it from the start ! Passion desire energy drive let's have some of that put in to the players. You can't play attractive football on your heals.
  3. ashley8

    You might think im being harsh

    Does anyone know if Jos has brought young players through at his previous clubs. At the moment he seems to be getting credit for doing something he has little choice over. He has to play the your lads and if nobody is coming in and we did have injuries he will as he said after the game. He's right to bring them through but the credit if faulse if it's only because he has no other option.
  4. Stupidity again. Just say Dawson has the shirt and the other two have to get it from him. Created all this by poor management of situation. Also looks stupid saying he hasn't seen one of the best and most experienced keeper in the championship. Insulting a very well loved player by making him 3rd choice. Stop kicking yourselves in the goolies Wednesday and opening yourselves to controversy.
  5. Terrible strategy over last few years wasting money on some players and short sighted on a Manager who wrecks the squad. Now screw the supporters totry correct this while we watch dross once are best players have gone. £90 what a bargain !
  6. Never mind this season now.... We can all just look forward to WASTING next season under woeful JOS. Happy clap your way out of that reality
  7. Great manager he failed to get us promotion and caused a injury crisis because he allows his favourite players not to train hard enough neglecting all those who are not favourites. From what has been said since he left. Swansea were better than their place suggested. Next season at some point they will find him out just as happened in his second season here. His inability to adapt will show itself. He's always been good at self promotion. As for us now, he was never going to change so had to go. Unfortunately we made a terrible choice in Jos. Even though I don't think he is right for the job it does seem as an impact manager he is totally useless but with a full preseason and his own players and own control of them he would have his best chance. I can't see him getting all those things.
  8. He's out of his depth. Search needs to be underway for at least end of the season if not before. We may stay up due to the points tally we had before he came and the fact those below us can't seem to get a win either. He unfortunately is clueless and tactically very poor. Instilled no confidence in the players or fans. Gone from defensive draws to shambolic defending and loses. Hope we manage to stay up and Chansiri gets some advisors who are not using him or just useless. Then he can get the right man early for next season.
  9. ashley8

    Luhukay out.

    Jos has inherited an awful situation yes. What has he done though? Been intra negative at first and has shown he is tactically useless. He just is not good enough for the championship. You need to attack score goals and try to hold the ball up. None of these he has managed. When we were 2-0 up against villa when we did play well Bruce changed things to shut us down and Jos did nothing. As for today going all out defensive against a side who press high up the pitch shows he is simply not good enough. Resting players against Millwall which in this run of games was our most likely to be able to win. Chansiri I believe does want us to do well, does care but has to recognise he has to get in real experience at board room level and manager now and let them make decisions. Not convinced by his choice for CEO, did she have an input in choosing Jos? She went through a load of crap unknown foreign managers at Charlton. Needs a clear out top to bottom. An experienced manager would get much more from our squad both now and when the others are back. He took too long to sack Carlos totally caught out by him leaving, should always have a man ready. Ended up with a shocking choice. If he takes his time now I fear we could go down. We must not go down ! Not a Megson fan but he would put passion and fight back in to which ever players were out on the pitch. I can't see how Jos can turn things around playing so defensive or conservative tactics.
  10. ashley8

    Jos Has Been First Class

    He's got nobody else he can play! Good to see them getting a chance but it's hardly the time to say he had chosen to do this. We are skint due to ffp so loans not easy and a team out. Let's see what happens with a full squad of players fit. Unfortunately I think he will have them all stuck defending all game when they all get back fit anyway.
  11. ashley8

    Rate jos so far?

    Wrong man for this league and era of football. Got a sports car that needs fixing and instead of injecting new spark plugs and more fuel he has slapped wheel clamps on. Not likely to go down now because of the points we already had before he came but if the possible scare stories were true and we sell all our best (currently injured players) in the summer it will be Jos and the current crop. Negativity on hear gets slated yet they support his negative style..... You don't get success with everyone stood in front of your own goal all game.
  12. ashley8

    Luhukay Out

    He is a disastrous choice, unfortunately I fear it is looking like the concerns I had were valid! We were warned he was negative. Before all of you neg me... To hold a defensive display in first game yes against pigs. Other than that in the Championship there is a pretty simple rule. If you have no people scoring you are at the bottom, one you are bottom half lower two mid table to playoffs and more 6th and above. So 5 at the back with hardly any time attacking means very few goals. Add to that, in the Championship teams like to attack so a defensive formation like ours invites pressure. Without pace you can't get out (we have little or no pace) also cannot make it stick up front with attackers always out numbered! Then you have most of the game defending add a lack off defensive confidence and near constant pressure = mistakes which destroys confidence! Individually and in each other. The defence need breaks in pressure. Ultra defensive play trying to grab a goal from a set piece given the amount of pressure we put ourselves under is not going to result in winning a lot of games 1-0. His tactics and style is depressingly out dated because it doesn't work in our game and we pay too much to have to endure it if it did! The huge amount of injuries is disastrous yes, we still have a squad left that if we actually play a more balanced system between attack and defence we shouldn't be where we are or are going! I think with Jos's philosophy our attacking talent when they do come back would be given limitations to fit I to his negative style. If he doesn't dramatically change things we will grow less confident and it might not be draws we have to worry about. I hope I couldn't be more wrong, be honest negatively has been the blight of our season from Carlos to Jos. You must take pressure of a defence lacking in confidence, you must try to keep the ball further up the pitch and need to be having as much time in THEIR half as you can to give you the best chance of score goals. Scoring goals gives a team confidence and knocks the opposition. Not all out attack... But some attack!!!
  13. ashley8


    We had wingbacks vertically wingers under Carlos. Jos is tactically having them stay back. Negative horrible style where everyone pushes the ball to top to and expect them to create and score the goals on their own. 5 at the back invites pressure the two creating on there own get snuffed out leads to all pressure causing mistakes lowering confidence. You have to attack and keep possession in their half. We needed work on attacking from the start and scoring goals. Jos so far has totally got it wrong I'm afraid. The defensive display against United being his first game and the Burton game made sense. After that we seem to be set up as gotten of the table side. Not a side of attacking talent who need confidence instilling in them. Shore up the defence bring in a defensive midfielder yes but you have to attack to give defence a breather. He must change things or we will drop lower and lower due to all the constant pressure. Goals create confidence faster than clean sheets in a 0-0 draws.
  14. ashley8

    Jordan Rhodes - Disaster

    He can score and will score for us or somebody else. He has the best goals tally over his career and we have so far not played to his strengths. His confidence will be down, with this goingon so long. We needed him an Sam Winall up front together and plenty different crosses in to the box. Sadly his best strike partner is now unavailable due to stupidity.
  15. ashley8

    Reality Check

    We had a bad patch where we had lots of injuries and let more goals in yes. Short memories, most of the season we were playing too negatively and not scoring enough goals so too many draws! Jos has come in and been overly defective, understandable given recent results. Now we have to hope his plan is to stop having 5 at the back for large periods and score the goals Carlos couldn't get us to. If not we won't conced many but will draw a lot which continues our previous problem and we would slip further down. Hopefully he will address this and when players comeback it will really help. As long as we have more than just the strikers creating everything on there own. if teams snuff out our top two atm we are stuffed and will draw. Not saying he won't change and be successful at all but his style is that way. Let's hope this leopard changes his spots. Then we can get back up the league.