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  1. Got a season ticket just got one for next year. Not going tonight again! Decades I've gone thick and mostly thin but I can't travel miles and get home late to watch such crap. Players trying to get him out. Not good but Monk is shocking. Sack him and get a manager currently on the up. Don't care if he's got a job. We have been done over with Bruce. Just get the right guy. And he can sort out this squad. Monks done just waiting for the end............................
  2. I think Chansiri has his heart in the right place don't slag him off just maybe advisors have let him down. Don't want him to go just get better advice
  3. It's all too late for Monk, the last few games shows he's lost the players now. Need someone to come in and sort things put maybe shake things up, hopefully play football worth paying to see would be nice. There does seem to be something wrong with the squad and needs sorting but Monk unfortunately is now just holding a place for the next guy.
  4. Okay not players fault = tactics ie one up front at home, negative play ie Blackburn waiting till last 20mins to attack, substitutions ie taking off your strikers when one nil up to then lose 2-1. Attitude, never sounds anything than dull, slightly sulky and uninspiring. Finally says playoffs were never realistic when even playing sh#t we were 6 points off. Also after selling me a season ticket this time last year with Mr C saying top two was the aim as he did sat next to monk. Squad needs sorting and needs someone to be tough but inspiring with tactical nouse who plays attractive money (given the price we pay to watch) SACK HIM. Sorry but we didn't get what we paid for.
  5. Chansiri said top two in press conference so...... I wonder what he thinks of these comments. Nobody thinks we have a top two squad, and the fact the squad needs freshening up but you can't escape that it's been horrible to watch and very very poor. His tactics and admiration at Blackburn that his tactics were to wait until the last 20mins. He's treated the tactics as if we are in the bottom three and now the quality has gone that was and we are playing like that. He sounds depressing the football is depressing and people are trying to defend him! Come on freshen up the squad yes but let's get someone in who plays football and can actually enthuse the players. Not good enough going in the wrong direction and I'm paying yet again for a season of this next year NO THANK YOU. Please Mr Chansiri unfortunately it's not worked
  6. Don't see what you can defend about monk other than to make an argument for giving him more time. However he's shown nothing but complain about the players. His job is to manage what he has and have a strategy for the future. We play crap football tactics are shocking one up front at home FFS. There is no improvement under him at all. You cannot see anything changing under him. It was the same under Jos. Dross with no vision. If your struggling but you can see it will be worth it in the end once the manager has got them playing right you put up with it. This is not what we have here. Getting lower and lower. Utter crap. Change is needed because this has no future. Complaining about players is pathetic. Sort things out behind close doors in private if needs be but coming running to fans about it every time.... Do your job get the best out of what you have which did pretty well under Bruce last season. If he did that I'd say give him time but there is nothing to see in way of improvement. I'm for goodness sake his interviews and pressconfrences as as depressing as when we had Chris Turner in charge. Motivation no wonder there not playing well. But if you don't like what I'm saying fine give him more time give him money and we end up same as Jos waste of time money and stuck while them across the city get all the glory in Premiership. I'm sick of being stuck with poor manager's who can't get us up. Look what Wilder did with clumps
  7. Sack him. Can't change all the players and he has shown NOTHING since he came in. Crap to watch boring and negative. Just stupidly baught another season ticket ! Look for new manager NOW take your time over next few months and get them in so they can have a full pre season. This season is over and he needs to be over. Mistake unfortunately but cut losses n move on. I want to be challenging and entertained that's why I've paid a lot of money YET AGAIN. Don't take us for granted.
  8. Weirdly more underwhelmed than when we were lower half of league 1. Season ticket renewal........ am I that much a gluten for punishment I know I should walk away.... I've said it many many many many times......grrrrrr
  9. Playing staff might need freshening up but let's start with a proper manager please not some responsibility Dodger! Monk Failure end Unfortunately we have bought season tickets and or match tickets expecting entertainment and a manager who gets the best out of our players. Not getting that and he hides behind the players. Does he send them out with no clue and they have to decide everything themselves do they decide the line up and substitutions, tactics NO so get rid of him now. Season ticket depends on this now. No money to throw away on more of this after Jos waste before. Not Chansiri out but need better proven winner like Bruce (one with honour though please)
  10. What about a manager who talks about 'them' and 'their mentality ' weak weak manager. It's us and we its pathetic. Detaching himself. Get rid he plays crap football and takes some responsibility after 5 put past us to then go back to them . Some players do need to move on but he should go with them we are Wednesday we win we lose not them
  11. No problem with Chansiri but Monk was a mistake. Horrible crap to watch how many times under Monk do the players look lost during games makes major tactical f ups and most of all it's like paying a lot of money to watch your car get crushed. Yeah we score goals but against the run of play usually. In football that tends to come to an end and you drop down under Jos it did and we are repeating Jos just with (when he was) a fully fit Fletcher who has scored most of our goals. Not good enough and horrible to watch. If Monk can't sort this then YES he should go. Stop wasting time and our money (Remember the club is wanting us to renew our season tickets, if we are lucky enough to afford one ) 10 year plus season tickets ffs more money than sense only takers
  12. He get the players we have to play horrible crap what's he going to do with his own players. No money just loans anyway. Time he took some responsibility too. Hate it when manager's detach themselves from players saying they all the time instead of we. It's pathetic.
  13. Why do you think boring is going to get us anywhere. We leak goals late on so not even tight at the back. Idiots you'll watch sh@t get knowhere no wonder we have been in this mess for 20 years. Clueless
  14. Monk has been a let down boring depressing football. No Fletcher and we are clueless. Comes on the radio spouting crap last night. We were awful they were crap and we made them look not bad. Utter crap falling back down the league dross expensive dross. Get rid we have Jos mk2 same as him dross trying to do everything through bannan works for a bit then all goes bad. Crap but scoring goals to just utter depressing and expensive crap. No season ticket next year now. We will keep him till this time next year and why waste money on such horrible clueless dross can't pass finish or even defend now. We are in a false position for the way we playing. Bruce got a lot more out of them and was good to watch. This depressing disspationate crap I wouldn't be paid to watch. Get a grip and stop accepting expensive ticket process for so call football you can't wait to end. If you say don't get rid then your the reason no doubt we kept Jos for so long and Carlos so more wasted time and money.... sick of this crap. All we want is decent football to watch and to work our way to promotion. I said this old crap wouldn't work. 2020 day after tomorrow ffs not 1980's
  15. Great now how's about something enjoyable to watch. Effective as in score goals tighter at the back. Let's have Bannan pull the strings but have others doing something too. All going through Bannan too much. Don't count our chickens yet Jos had us in play offs playing this style but didn't last. We have been lucky so many times this year yesterday too. That's okay but you need to learn and improve or it falls apart. Been here before, need to take control of games need to score earlier more often and go for more plus holding possession more. Change things up not all through Bannan. Keep Fletcher and Rhodes together as much as possible. Don't get too excited if Monk is going to get us up there is a lot to improve still. We have had great results yes but not reflecting most of the games. We have been boring and slow most games punctuated with goals. Let's improve out of the effective dross please..... So we actually can go up.
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