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  1. ashley8


    The FFP will be difficult to get over when trying to get someone in. All clubs have a high turn over of managers so that's not relevant neither is it to say we don't back managers and club this club has held itself back all through the 90's because we didn't do more to get things changed. We have a decent squad to create a base to then add to once FFP is sorted. So scare stories of nobody wants us is unrealistic. Jos should have gone already and Chansiri has caused himself unnecessary add grief by not getting rid and holding the crazy meeting the other night. A caretaker would be better than keeping him in charge.
  2. ashley8

    Fans forum match day thread

    DC says Jos doesn't speak to the players after the game when we loose. Jos said in that article that he doesn't speak to the players before a game. What kind of manager does this!!!!!! So he must say a hell of a lot in training to fall out with so many players then.
  3. ashley8

    Fans forum match day thread

    No, go to game and shout Jos out all game if you have not got a ticket shout it from outside. This madness needs to end
  4. ashley8

    Jos and outcome of tonight

    Chansiri is wrong or has no understanding of football still. Jos should be sacked for starting at the press on its own. Besides the fact we have been poor all season early on we had a very very faulse position which soon disappeared. If you have a team that you can see what can come right that's ok you persiver and hope it clicks. Jos has played crap football since day one he has failed to improve things he has caused rifts with players and him and the supporters don't want him! Show you can ACTUALLY LISTEN Chansiri and sack him immediately. Who ever is going tonight needs to make this know vocally (not violently in any way) It will be a Donald Trump style exercise at telling the "Truth" tonight and a frustrating attempt to use unity as a way to distract us supporters from Chansiri making more mistakes. You cannot find any sports commentator or journalist who thinks Jos is the right man and that it isn't now time to get rid. Making a mistake is ok if you correct it. Being stubborn on that mistake only undermines people's confidence in your leadership. Talking to players is undermining to Jos and future managers too
  5. ashley8

    Fans Forum Cancelled

    Security ..... All depends what Chansiri has to say. As long as its all good positive honest (no delusional crap) what we all want need to hear. It will all go swimmingly
  6. ashley8


    The side may need freshening up to become a real playoff or top 2 side not to survive!!! All squads need changes every season. The fact is our side is far better than its current situation. The same players have proven they can defend properly and we have a better set of defenders now including the young players yet they defend at the moment like a bottom placed Sunday league side. Jos has two ways to defend 1 absolute without being able to attack or 2 open the flood gates and that doesn't even come with a king Kev Newcastle style attack (which would at least be entertaining). Jos has failed from day one. Carlos should have been sacked sooner so we would have had real options. Then moved comfortably away from danger. Instead he ended up having to gamble on a guy who admits he had never seen an English game. Unbelievably he must be the only person on the planet who had never watched a Premiership game! If the club don't act now we risk being caught short again and being left with no real options. Chansiri has made a lot of bad choices, I do feel he wants the best for the club and for success. Just need him to learn quickly.
  7. ashley8

    Alan Nixon

    If he had signed a 1 year contract and they wanted to wait for it to expire why not put him on gardening leave
  8. ashley8

    To the Jos supporters

    Jos is a poor manager end of. Just how long Chansiri waits until he gets rid of the shambolic appointment. Hopefully the next manager will have actually seen a game in England before we offer him the job. Last night Bolton worked very hard to look worse than us! Some how they just managed it. Will the other 22 clubs do this? NOPE Change while there are there possibilities of wait like last time until nobody is available. Simples
  9. ashley8

    On standby as we speak

    Not sure on Holloway as manager but id like to see him employed by the club to do all interviews. It would be comic relief mixed with honesty and a nice change from the dull dissolutinal drawl we have had with both Carlos and now Jos
  10. Jos first game against pigs all out defence. At the time loads of injuries and lack of confidence. Now almost a year later almost all available introduction of good young prospects and we go there and have to play all out defense as they... THEY! Play attractive attacking football. How embarrassing!!! Jos has never been the right man and wasting time with him is a waste of all our time and ticket money. Loosing to Norwich and he didn't move from his seat was the last straw. Give the right man time yes. But let's get on with finding him and stop this pointless waste of time.
  11. So reputation for being hard task master shows he is a tin God who picks kids not because they are better (which he's been lucky that they have done well) but because they will not challenge. His own ego is helping his demise
  12. ashley8

    I think Jos is doing a good job

    Average position 12th average manager more players fit so bit better than under him last year. Now he seems to have learned waiting till halftime to attack is stupid we are much better. This squad now with more players back and the young players are better than mud table. Would be playoffs with a manager with tactical awareness. With Jos we will be mid table. No dramas wasted year. Would love to be proven wrong. We could be so much better. So far the top teams we have faced are not firing on all cylinders yet. Good we played them now but made us look better
  13. Never to early to find the right man. So as quickly as possible let's get him in ! Hiring a man with a reputation in Germany as Jo's is dross was always a home goal
  14. ashley8

    Its Jos not working

    Since Carlos 2nd season we have not started until part way through 2nd half. Jos came in with the same idea. Over the past three years we have dynamically changed once we have scored a goal. We need someone who sees we play better once we have scored so try to do it from the start ! Passion desire energy drive let's have some of that put in to the players. You can't play attractive football on your heals.
  15. ashley8

    You might think im being harsh

    Does anyone know if Jos has brought young players through at his previous clubs. At the moment he seems to be getting credit for doing something he has little choice over. He has to play the your lads and if nobody is coming in and we did have injuries he will as he said after the game. He's right to bring them through but the credit if faulse if it's only because he has no other option.