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  1. Given the time Chansiri has now been in charge.... Chansiri has to take 100% of the blame. Monk Jos and Pulis were abysmal Carlos lost the plot Bruce did one and Moore has been nieve. Some players have been of quality but failed to show that regularly or some have had no quality. Very poor player recruitment. Disastrous management appointments Failure to get to the premiership Failure to keep us in championship We have paid what we could as supporters..... more than they deserved. Failure to change and adapt, to take on advice and take a different approach.
  2. As the next few weeks go by and we officially go down we need to not allow the pressure for Chansiri to go as people start trying to focus on next season. IF we don't have change we repeat again. Has to be entire change. Look at it just going down but he's been absent for last 28 month, that's before Covid. Not convinced by Moore, can be very nieve but Is trying to play good football. So hopefully he gets well soon and is fit enough to be given a chance.... as for Board room and playing staff..... clear out no one safe if money for them builds a squad. The scale of the overhaul is as big as y
  3. Main thing, only thing in this is he gets well. Football is football and wherever we are when the season kicks off next season it will happen and the story of Wednesday will carry on. A person's health is more important than football.
  4. Whatever Moore does or doesn't do...... Pulis was an abject failure! Let it go ffs! Didn't work Moore is ATM too far the other way need to not mess around at the back. However one tries to score goals the other tried to brick up the goals. The LACK OF GOALS is why we are going down so Pulis was a disaster. Moore is disappointing nieve and it hasn't helped but at least with him you can see a way forward maybe not this season but an idea of a style I'd want to actually pay to watch. Pulis was painful ineffective dross.
  5. When Darren Moore came in the press who covered Doncaster said he just ignored the crap in the game when his team's loose and talk up the next game....... If he wants to be given a chance and time he really really needs to learn here we want to be treated like grown ups and talk straight to us. We value being real. You need to try be positive about the future but if he get caught week after week talking fake positive bullcrap he will just anger supporters and lose credibility...... We know what we see and side stepping the crap and peddling crap will shorten his time here not lengthen it. Noth
  6. We talked of getting rid of the deadwood this time last season..... Then we bought more deadwood........ Darren Moore apparently likes getting in players who have lost their way........... Very worrying. That's what we did last summer! The Whole club needs change not just playing staff...... Until that we will bring in mixture of failures and loans next season.... I love when we play good football under Moore but I'm worried he's the type who sets up for plan A and everything is aimed at that..... This can work with the right management AND recruitment..... Without the latter I think we will d
  7. Could we do a petition to get rid of the bias BBC radio Sheffield commentators! Utterly ridiculous the negative bais! Tonight "well there down" next picking through our players saying they will want to go to better clubs !!! I know we are cooked but it's about time we all complained been the same for years so ultra negative and loving it! It's bad enough as it is!
  8. Back to playing like we have all season to go! URGENCY!!!!!! could tell just one team had nothing to play for! Never seen a side play games like they are in mistake mediocrity at end of the season when we SHOULD be playing like it's win or we are DOWN! utterly CRAZY
  9. What about having the kit available BEFORE the season starts! Marketing Genius ALL CLUBS but ours has been aware of for ever (us too pre Chansiri) need money.... Sell at super high price and don't make available till half way through season! Sorry my mistake we have it made already! Lol
  10. Let it go he failed because he sabotaged everything with his philosophy. He manages a season of so then things fall apart. He caused a huge injury list and failure to understand playing negative football will work. A top draw version of Carlos philosophy is Marino he is now starting to fail and never manages more than a couple of years, that's with top top players..... Carlos COULD be a top manager but his own philosophy always rooms him..... If he played like we did in his first season yes but his actual style is stop the opposition until last 20mins then attack.... It fails
  11. Sadly showed Moore is neive, trying to play the football I want us to play right now! We are in the relegation zone! You can't start playing it out from the back and playing a passing game with players struggling with confidence. You do that in preseason. Should have spent the two weeks working on the style we played a Barnsley. No messing at the back and try to get the ball in the box. It wasn't like Pulis ultra negative crap. Instead we looked like a mid table team swing out the season. The lack of urgency and attack was pathetic... we are supposed to be in a relegation FIGHT!!!!!!!!!! hope
  12. What we didn't know there were problems before Monk arrived.... OF COURSE WE DID!!!! BUT getting Monk in was the final piece of the puzzle to really f things up! He did plenty to help things go the way they have.... you can he might have had a bad hand but after that stoke game he lit it on fire! And not and destroyed any good he has to work with.... manager trys to pass the buck.... nothing new really. A manager who can't talk to players and just blames them for their mentality won't keep his job for long anywhere.....
  13. Whatever happens we have to have a serious post mortem with huge changes this calamitous missmanagement has to end. We cannot afford to once again say let's be positive and just hope things turn out okay...........
  14. I think he's a nice lad who's needed a manager to put his arm round him and trust him. Look at the managers he's had here.... Monk, Jos and Pulis ...... Three Arrogant stubborn failure s who like to be dictators. Carlos depends if your in his clique...... Bruce and Moore look to be good man managers and Moore knows him from playing well at Blackburn. I hope he has clicked back in to his old self and if we have Moore next season he could do very well.... So if he continues to now do well I'd hope her sign a new contract (not on the same terms) I'd would be nice if he thought after the money he'
  15. We've done too much ingnoreing the past! We need to sort things out and finally make change happen THEN we can focus on the future. Otherwise we will just repeat again just like the PAST almost 30 YEARS!!!
  16. Shouldn't play for us again.... end of.
  17. Desperation!!! Got to be said Moore is trying to trall the depths to find anything.... what the f00k were we doing before now! Like in January. Right now it is worth trying anything but we need to start seriously organising to get new owners.... the shocking way Mr C has neglected the club this past year... it's just gone from bad to worse....
  18. Not sacking Monk at this time LAST SEASON IS what caused this on top of Chansiri miss handling everything!
  19. I've seen some positives but some nieveity too.... not happy with the gutless performance tonight. 50/50 right now..... but if he is it will be next season we se it with no impact it's doomed us so we have 9 pointless games now. Can't see them turning up now! It is a worry when a manager can't increase intensity in games. Like Jos and his I've prepared them before the game and now I'm going to sit on my hands all game.... (at least Moore doesn't go home without seeing players after the game though....)
  20. No passion no urgency no fight.... utter doggy doo! Gone down with not even a wimper... disgraceful gutless pathetic squad. None deserve to play for Wednesday on how they have preformed this season. I've had issues with Monk and Pulis both awful appointments but as professional footballers they have let themselves down. Moore..... it's early days still but if he does come good it looks like it will only be with a preseason and slowly Improving over time because it doesn't look like he has any fire in him... Mr nice guy who can't kick them up the backside. Gone from two clowns who can't talk to
  21. The transformation of how we looked on the ball, passing and movement was amazing especially in first half. Given the runs both teams were on before the game the result isn't as important if we build from that first half. Really just shows up FFP and the difference in those who have come down can afford to keep premiership players. Football in premiership and soon in championship is all money and the gulf between top few. Man city wining 5-0 every week not football unless your a man city supporter it just ruins the game. Just protects those who bought a team a few years back.
  22. Sorry I thought being a Wednesdayite was for life..... If you think he's not really then fair enough.....
  23. Sorry but he has chosen to do us over, you can be prod of him for it if you like.... He has chosen to leave and go to Celtic..... Think about it..... Makes sense to him maybe to you BUT what has he given for all those years and he's a lifelong Wednesdayite.... Let's just not give any players contracts and applaud them on their way out...... That's two probably one more soon. Say he's shrewd say he's agent has done us over cos it's the best thing for HIM but why the f@#k are some of you so proud of this! SHEFFIELD WEDNESDAY have been used and we have NOTHI
  24. Remember the club is not a current team. If you were around early 90's then Chelsea got bought for a pound and Man city seemed to be the very very poor neighbors to Man United. Lecister city were a lower league club. We were on a par with Tottenham, Everton Villa and Chelsea and we disappeared after being the only one out if those teams who had in early 90's had a chance of winning the premiership. Now decades later and the huge money in the premiership we need to catch up..... Put us back in the premiership for a few years and we would be back. We are massive because that's an historical meas
  25. I don't think we will go straight through. At BEST.... 1st season trying to acclimatize 2nd season play offs at best 3rd season proper go for promotion...... That's at best. Depends on what players we get in, them gelling and luck.....that we get some! Please don't try turn an utter disaster in to 'lets make this a positive!' we will need to do that in time but if we don't act NOW to change things it will be operation paper over the cracks AGAIN!!!!!! THIS NEEDS TO STOP NOW!!!!!!! PULL YOUR HEADS OUT OF THE POSITIVE SAND AND WAKE UP PLEASE!!!!!! one and a half go
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