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  1. Nobody better than him or Sturrock since Big Ron
  2. What planet are you living on to think that wasn't sarcastic.
  3. I'd be absolutely stunned if Reach doesn't leave at the end of his contract. Same goes for Bannan.
  4. i cannot disagree! It was very much following a trend rather than trend setting.
  5. Having to go to the bar on 38 mins otherwise missing the start of the 2nd half if any later. Not just our place but our all round catering experience is particularly atrocious
  6. Just had a call from a Sheffield number (I don't live in Sheffield or have any connection other than SWFC) and after getting my hopes up it turns out it was a free energy survey...
  7. only once (not in my seat but in the bog) when Norwich beat us 4-0 and I was criticising Dawson. Got told in no uncertain terms it wasn't his fault, despite that being one of the worst goalkeeping performances I had seen in a long time.
  8. So we need to overtake Birmingham and QPR or we are down? It is that black and white?
  9. Nonsense. Why not Coventry? Only 3 points ahead of Birmingham and more likely to get dragged into it. It's not as black and white as just looking at the 4 clubs round us. Coventry definitely in the dog fight and Luton could find it tough going, Cardiff also in free-fall.
  10. Don't forget him bottling a penalty in the shootout, which for a striker and a top earner at the club (if not top) is absolutely criminal. Should have been shipped out immediately after that shambles.
  11. Mr Chansiri says they are working on it and I for one believe him. I also see absolutely no cause for concern that 8 first teamers are approaching the end of their contracts. Close the thread nothing of concern here.
  12. They are talking about the situation with no knowledge of the situation. 2 mins and its over. Just said we have sacked Monk and Pulis and they've had the same squad to work with. New manager will need funds to spend etc etc. No interest in anything outside of the prem as per usual
  13. By showing some form of attacking intent. By playing two up top including one recognised striker - and I say one because we only have one, Rhodes.
  14. Am I being completely whoosed here or does this make absolutely zero sense?
  15. Said it in another thread - relative to the league we are in I don't think there will be a worse goalkeeper squad in world football. Weirdly thought that's almost the least of my concerns.
  16. Atrocious. Get the ball on the half way line and pass backwards without fail. Play it out of defence and pass to a red shirt. Forward ball in the final third either under hit or miscontrolled. They are millionaire professional footballers. Absolute joke
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