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  1. They had a decent penalty shout first half which I wouldn't have been surprised to see given. Evened itself up for me
  2. You honestly, seriously think that Paul Pogba would struggle in League 1?
  3. When it's put like that and if everyone is fit (which will never happen) we should have more than enough to get out of this league.
  4. I read that like it was transmitted on morse code during the war.
  5. My pet hate. Able bodied people who park illegally/dangerously because they can't be bothered with a short walk.
  6. Birley Carr and simply walk to the ground. Loads of parking. Unless you are too fat or can't be ars.ed with some brief exercise.
  7. What is this chippy like? Always seems to get a lot of custom but never ventured in. Any regular visitors to it on here?
  8. What on earth is this? Two defenders, feck me this is filth. If we get hammered tonight (which I'm expecting), DM needs to feck off
  9. Not seen it yet, who was the coward?
  10. I know it's been posted numerous times, but does anyone have any stats for points lost in the last 5 mins of games over the last 3 years. Criminal the amount of points we are dropping consistently
  11. Atrocious. I live in Huddersfield and a lot of my mates support Town. They couldn't believe we signed him
  12. 1. Nuhiu. Should never have let him go 2. Brown. No idea how he isn't starting
  13. On reflection it was on a par with Blackburn at home 2 years ago. I don't think anything last season was as bad as that. At least last season we had some shape and you could actually see what tactics we were trying to employ. Today (1st half especially) was an absolute disgrace. In that half we were completely outplayed by Oxford, that's where we are at the moment.
  14. Can anyone tell me what formation we were playing? I'm clueless after 90 mins
  15. Just watched the worst 90 mins I can remember. After sitting through it I still don't know what formation we were playing. Wing and Bannan doesn't work. Always been an advocate of giving Moore a chance but we seem to have no direction, style of play, tactics...the list goes on
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